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Hey guys sorry im so late, RL got int he way. Anyone around?
No worries boss.
Eh, I'm on spring break with my car in the shop. Have at it.
Hi guys, I didint think anyone was still around
Well we are. Now what were we doing anyway? IIRC our next even was the unscheduled rock concert.
Think we were meeting Aritsu's "little" sister and peeping the launch of a comic publishing house. Then quicking heading to Lyann's for another Tai Chi lesson and possibly movie night. Tomorrow or thursday should be the street concert, so we should probadly tell the rest of the band to make sure everyone's in town for it.
Alright lets see...

You are still placing things where you want them to be while Aritsu keeps herself busy cleaning the floor. And in your spacious new office, there is a lot of floor to clean, furniture to move, and even the fishtank special glass needs to be cleaned before the fish are introduced tomorrow.

Aritsu: "My sister should be here soon."

Ned: "Aren't you worried about letting her come on her own, with, you know, her condition?"

Aritsu: "Not really. Well, I was, but then I saw this documentary on a small child that took the subway alone, and on how parents worry way too much, and finally let her move around on her own. At least that's what she thinks she's doing, but I know someone that owns a cab company and I've told her to use that company whenever she needs to go anywhere she can't go within walking distance, and-"

Ned: "You are actually quite worried, aren't you?"

Aritsu: "Oh God, sir. I could die from it!"

You finish placing a bookcase back against the wall after Aritsu is done moping the area, and start replacing the books into it. Your jacket is off, first buttons open, sleeves rolled up and your tie loosened up, you look like an old time journalist or a movie character.


Aritsu: "For the holo memories folder." -she says after taking your holo with her datapad, while you are holding a box full of books.

Ned: "I should take your holo too, but you are cheating, aren't you?"

Aritsu is still the picture-perfect sexy and professional secretary. Her tiny micro mini skirt is perfectly clean, her small shirt has not a speck of dust on it while buttoned all the way up (about as much modesty as the figure-hugging shirt allows her- and her hair is still on the tight professional bum on top of her head she keeps it at all times. She is even wearing a pair of tiny glasses to complete the idealized image of the XWF secretary while moping the floor still on her ballet heel shoes.

Ned: "Shouldn't you at least take your shoes off to do that, or are you worried your stockings will get dirty?"

Aritsu: "I don't wear." -it really seemed like she would, with how smooth and glossy her long (made to look even longer on those heels) legs look. "Do you want me to add them as part of my uniform? it is a bit too warm here for those, I think."

Ned: "Oh? you are actually worried about the heat? I have never even seen you sweat, however."

Aritsu: "The only thing I like about this contraption the office calls a uniform is that it keeps me fresh. But perhaps some net stockings wouldnt be too bad."

The mental image is a bit too much, but you don't have time to linger on such fun thoughts as there is a knock on the open door.

Sinoe: "Is this a bad moment?" -the "little sister" is a perfect copy of your secretary, albeit on casual street clothes. She is wearing a jersey with the hood pulled back, tattered, aged jeans, and high heel boots that poke under the end of her jeans. She has a backpack strapped on her back and keeps her long hair loose, reaching almost to her heels behind her. Her blue eyes shine with innocence, and you get a rather clear image of why Aritsu is so worried whenever she goes out alone. It is easy to imagine she should get hit on a lot. Or perhaps she gives that "out of your league" feel to everyday Joe, who knows?

Aritsu: "Come in. We just moved into the new office. Was it hard to find?"

Sinoe shakes her head and trots happily to smooch her sister as she throws her backpack into one of the waiting room chairs.

Aritsu: "Sino, this is mister Salter, my boss. Sir, Sinoe Windsong."

"A pleasure, Miss Windsong."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Windsong."

I really want to tease Aritsu a bit and maybe comment on how she tends to gush on about her sister and every opportunity, but I can see that back firing...

Sinoe: "Nice to meet you, sir" -she says softly. She seems like an exact copy of her sister, if perhaps a little timid with strangers. It's fun to see what Ritsu would look like with casual wear, and you can guess they probably shop for both of them at the same time, based on the shoes.

Aritsu: "Aren't you hot with that thing o-- oh, Sino! I've told you to wear more than just..." -sigh-

Sinoe: "It's nice and fresh!"

Aritsu: "We are almost done fixing this place now. Why don't you play something on the holo meanwhile? I'm sure you can access your OPNet account from it... ah hold on." -she introduces her password so Sino can use her account- "Just don't browse any of those teen boy bands with my account, please."

Sinoe: "'Kay" -she sits on her sister's chair, and somehow >exactly< copies the way Aritsu sits at the desk, legs pulled back and entwined with the support of the chair, back straight as she works on the floating keyboard.

You continue arranging things, and are finished a little under an hour later. Sinoe was humming away while she listened to some Flux! themes (specifically, Mako and Euphry's on loop play)

Aritsu: "Well, looks like we are finally done, sir. Sino, do you want to see the other floor before we go?"

Sinoe: "You said the fish tank is empty until tomorrow, right? I'd rather see it with the fish on it"

Aritsu: "Alright. Sir, anything else I can do for you?"
"No, I'm good for now, thank you."
"I think that's everything for the day. Thank you again Aritsu, I don't know what I would do without you. It was nice meeting my assistants beloved sister Sinoe, feel free to use the entertainment suite next time you stop by."

Aritsu: "Sino, close that, we are leaving. Mister Salter, you don't have to do that, she'll go straight for it next time!"

Sinoe: "But your boss said I could. Five more minutes?"

Aritsu: "No, you have five more seconds, c'mon, I want to go to the mall section before it gets flooded with visitors. We are shopping for summer, remember?"

The XWF complex is so big that it has its own luxury mall, which starts running at 2, albeit the doors arent open for visitors until 3. As a XWF employee, of course, Ritsu can go in before the general public.

Sinoe: "It was nice meeting you, mister Salter."

Aritsu: "Why are you carrying that around, anyway?" -she asks when Sino grabs her backpack

Sinoe: "I have mi violin inside!"

Aritsu: "Sino! that's grampa's Dorelli, keep it in its case, please!"

Sinoe: "It's alright, it doesn't likes the case, it's small and dark. It likes my backpack and how my extra clothes feel!"

Aritsu: "There is no "I talk to things" power!"

Sinoe: "There is!"

Aritsu: "No, there is not."

Sinoe: "Is, too!"

Aritsu: "Let's just go, I don't want to argue about this again. See you tomorrow, sir."

Ned: "Take care, you two." -yes, you can definitively see they are sisters, beyond just the looks.

A little under an hour later...

Ned: "Hi Lyann, I'm sorry to be so late."

Lyann(?): -at her building's lobby- "Long day, mister Salter?"

Ned: "Finished moving into the new office. Can you let her know I'm here?"

Lyann(?): "Of course, just give me a minute..." -she synchs up, and soon you are talking to Lyann through the clone- "Hi Ned. I thought you weren't going to make it, so I'm on the pool with Mako. Come on u-- Mako it's fine, it's a swimsuit, it's what you are meant to wear, really! Ned, come on up."

Obviously, she was talking to Mako who must have been in her immediate vicinity.
"I'm heading right up"
Heading up. Reassure Mako through Lyann that it's fine, but off she wants to throw a tee-shirt or rash guard on over her swimsuit we understand. Though she should probably check with Lyann that that's ok first.

Mako: "Eeep!" -she cries out softly as she blushes apple red when you walk out of the elevator. She was floating while holding from the edge of the pool, and sinks to lips depth when you appear.

Lyann: "I told you I wasn't joking." -the redhead is wearing a microkini, albeit knowing about her allergy as you do now, you can guess it's less about showing off (and she has the body for it if she wants to), and more about making sure there's as little artificial fabric against her as possible.

Still, her figure, barely covered at the most essential bits, would surely cause car crashes if she was down on the beach's veranda.

Lyann: "Hi Ned, how was your day?"

Ned: "ah... thank you, it was nice."

Lyann: "Shouldnt it be >it was nice, thankyou<?"

Ned: "No... I think thanking you and then answering is the right order, with you looking like that."

Lyann: -blushes a little- "It's not like I'm dressed like this to show off to you, you know!?" -as red as her hair, almost

Ned: "I know. Mako, it's nice to see you...r eyes and nose?"

Mako doesn't looks like she is coming out of the water to greet you.
Welp, that means you have to go in and join her!

Cannon b-Now we should just change into some trunks.

Why doesnt Lyann just get an Eufiber swimsuit?
Ask Lyann and Mako if they're stil up for a Tai Chi lesson today, and if so suggest a dip in her jacuzzi/hot pool afterwards to relax since we might not have time for a movie. If they'd rather stay in the pool see if Lyann can loan us a swimsuit and just enjoy their company.
>Eufiber swimsuit
Because im a dumbass and didint think of that. But to be fair, with her weave skill, she could mentally reshape her eufiber clothes into anything from a lab coat to a dress to a swimsuit... and wouldnt it be bad to wear the same thing all the time every time forever? i mean, I dont know how quickly it gets dirty, but that too must be an issue, I think.


Lyann: "Well, I was teaching Mako how to swim. She grew up in mainland china and hadn't had the chance to."

Mako: "..." -still nose deep in the water-

Lyann: "For goodness sake, Mako! I swear, it's fine, it's called a swimsuit and you look pretty with it!"

Mako: "..." -sinks even deeper, now just her eyes are above water.

Lyann: "Ned, you can swim with your workout pants if you want. The fabric repels water so it doesn't get soaked with sweat. It'll be fine in the pool, practically frictionless and won't get any heavier. Besides, I think you in swimming trunks would be a bit much for Mako, you know?"

Ned: "Alright, it will be a few minutes."

Lyann: "You can change in my bedroom, that way."

As it turns out, Lyann's bedroom is surprisingly spartan. She has a one-and-a-half sized bed with white silk sheets, a few furniture in wood, a full body mirror and two doors. One leads to the bathroom and the other to a walk-in closet.

There is a teddy bear on the bed, wrapped in a silk dress. It looks very old, but well taken care of.. which must be hard on its owner, because it also looks like it's stock, old-factory made, which means its probably very close to 100% polyester.
Ok, make a note of the teddy bear, I'm guessing that's where Lyann got the idea for Mako to hide behind one for the playboy photoshoot.

Change and head back, help Lyann teach Mako to swim. I'd suggest holding Mako's hands stretched out in front of her for support while she's learning to kick. Meanwhile have Lyann supporting her abdomen. After she has the kicking down work on the arm movements and finish up with the intermittent breathing. (I have been forced to help a surprising number for friends and family learn to swim, just be patient and explain everything calmly and you're golden.)
Oh, and whenever we're teaching her a new stroke or mechanic have Ned gently hold Lyann in place at the surface of the pool so she can slowly demonstrate exactly what motions we want Mako to copy.
My godfather taught me how to swim when I was 6. He took me to the city's olympic pool and threw me as far in as he could.

"Now swim!"

It was a fast process.

Anyway, I seriously think you should roll Ned's diplomacy (13d10) so Mako lets you see her in a swimsuit, let alone teach her to swim.
Rolled 5, 2, 5, 8, 9, 6, 8, 5, 2, 8, 1, 2, 4 = 65

I like the way you think
use the persuader enchantment for 3 auto successes. I doubt the other one works though.
Yeah, that strategy tends to work best on kids that weigh less than 50 pounds (~22 kilos). My dad did roughly the same thing to me when I was 3 (there's video evidence of it working and me later failing miserably at pushing him into the pool for vengeance) I have a cousin that nearly drowned when his dad tried that when he was five. That said it never really works with adults since they're less buoyant.
Oh My God. fucking captcha. Hold on, typing it again
Do we know what kind of swimsuit Lyann put Mako in yet?
I had typed a long post where it was mentioned but captcha killed it. Now that I think about it, I had it be a one piece athletic competition one. You know, modest, but I just realized that the more coverage it gives her, the less area Lyann can hold her from, and that's probably bad for teaching someone to swim. What if she had to be carried out?

So, large, modest and practical competition swimwear, or a tiny microkini like Lyann's? or something else?
Slingshot Bikini? I kid, probably a reasonably modest bikini.
Just give her a standard string bikini. That way Lyann can legitimately claim it's more modest than her own swimwear, so Mako shouldn't worry to much.
Well, it was meant to be just them so I don't think modestly was an issue when Lyann was picking one for Mako. Her allergy to polyester probably was, tho. It should be as tiny a thing as possible. Heck, it may even be some bits of silk wrapped fundoshi style.

Actually that was a joke, but come think of it, it's an actual feasible option. All silk, no polyester, can wrap it around Mako's breasts for as much coverage as she wants, and if she needs to be rescued it wouldnt end with Lyann in the mergency room next to her,
Lyann: "It's like five times larger than mine."

Seems good
Fundoshi would be so funny. I read HSDK so I immediately thought of Shigure.

So, bikini, one piece... fundoshi?

Lyann: "Mako, it's fine. It really is."

Mako: "It's improper."

Ned: "Mako, I don't think you have it in you to be improper. no matter what. If anything, it's other's people fault for having dirty thoughts about such a nice girl."

Mako: "R-really?"

Ned: "I swear."

Mako: "A-alright..."

You help her out of the water for a little bit so you can all have a snack. She is wearing a small but very old fashioned bikini in the style of beginnings of the century. She is gorgeous, and now that you get a good look at her, you can tell most nova girls seem to be something out of an comic artist's imagination. She looks soft and huggable, without being chubby in any possible way. Just curvy and soft in every way a girl should be, much like the softer girls amongst those you work with,

More Like Lyann or Bella than Stella or Ami. A more "classical" feminine beauty. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with the healthy beauty type, either.

Ned: -manages not to stare- "You look fine."

Mako nods softly, but still blushes quite red the whole time while you all have a snack by the pool side.

Lyann: "I feel much better now with you here, Ned. If I had to pull her out during a emergency, I think we would both have ended up needing medical attention."

Ned: "Well, I certainly am happy to be here, now."

Both girls blush at that comment.

After some snacks, you help Mako by holding her hands while Lyann holds her waist and torso, slowly teaching her to kick, then demonstrating with Lyann how she should try and swing her arms during strokes.

A smart girl, Mako learns quickly, and by sunset she is at least swimming about freely. She is no mermaid, but she is well beyond the doggy paddle now.

Ned: "You are doing great, Mako."

Lyann: "Sunset soon. Do you guys want to have a warm drink and watch it from the poolside? we can go shower and watch a movie afterwards."

Ned: "That sounds great, but just so you know, I can't stay tonight. I really shouldn't make a thing out of staying at your place."

Mako: "And Mao Mao is tired. We played with him lots today, so he needs his bed, too."

You enjoy a nice warm drink by the poolside, watching the sunset over the LA horizont in the company of two of the most beautiful women on the planet.
Ned is living the dream

Movie time is two comedies in a row. Both girls enjoy them thoroughly, and afterwards Lyann kisses both you and Mako goodnight as you drive the chinese beauty home.

Mako: "I'm sorry about this, mister Salter." -she says on the elevator, while holding her pup in her arms, the little thing cuddles up against her breasts

Ned: "Ned. Please say Ned."

Mako: "I-I couldn't!"

Ned: "Say Ned, please."

Mako: "N-ned" -very softly

Ned: "Thank you."

Mako is quite happy about learning to swim, and you get the feeling she will probably buy her own swimsuit soon. Albeit you are just as sure she won't find something as covering as she would like that won't make her friend erupt into boils on sight.

Having had a good day. You kiss her fingers as you leave her at her door.

You are about to reach your car, when your datapad buzzes softly, letting you know you have a call. It's your PI team.

I think we should stop here for today. We have been going way too long with the threads lately. I know we started super late today, but we really shouldnt get used to ending this late. Maybe an hour before right now would be a good ending time, regularly?
I really hope one of the Lyann(?)s took a few candid holos of zoned and Lyann teaching Mako to swim.

Hmm, enjoy their company until its time to go and make sure to find a way to work in a comment about how divine they look in their suits before we leave.

Street show's tomorrow right? We should also put together a Flux world tour sometime soon. 2-3 shows a week, every inhabited continent and as many major population centers as is reasonable given all the other projects the group has to work around.
Seems like a good stopping point.

I think that the end point for any given thread should be up to you King. If that 14:00 board time, that fine, if it's earlier or later, that's also fine. Whatever works for you the rest of us'll be fine with.
Huge Charity and enviromental lessons abound during them as well, Stella would love it
Im sure her security system has tons of footage of it, if Ned ever thinks about asking. With how much hate she gets, I'm sure Lyann's security is ever present in her building, really.

Anyway, you really want to try going for both, uh? well, I guess it is possible since its them, specifically. It sure as hell wouldn't be if it was Euphry or Bella.

Meanwhile, Aritsu is driving back home, the backseat full of bags while Sinoe sits on the passenger's seat with her backpack on her lap, open.

Sinoe: "Don't worry grampa Dorelli, I won't let sis lock you in that cramped up case!"

Violin: "Thanks. I really hate how stuffy it is. I think it's hermetic."

Aritsu: "Sino! we have been over this already! there's no "I talk to thngs" power!"

Sinoe: "It's not a nova power. The faeries gave it to me!"

Aritsu: "...fine, the faeries." -she says as she pays attention to the traffic.

Faery: "I don't think your sister can see me."

Sinoe: "Sis, can you see the faery?"

Aritsu: "Yes, she's very pretty" -as she steers through traffic

Sinoe smiles as she huggles the violin, her faery friend lying down on top of her head.
Sinoe is adorable! I worry that her fiery friend might be a bad influence though.

(I will die laughing if Lyann takes her seriously and builds a faery communication device that not only works, but proves the existence of faeries)
Honestly I was thinking in Aura findint the faery if they ever meet, since on her latest upgrade I gave her electric senses so she can feel creatures around her based on electrical activity, like a shark.

I was thinking it would be a interesting piece of fluff for her. Is not very mechanically useful for her, but seems to fit. It lets her see creatures as if they were white light, and "tag" up to 5 creatures individual electric signals, then track them unfailingly to anywhere in the universe with a precise sense of direction and distance.

Right now I imagine she has Okaba "tagged" and maybe her mom, so she can feel both of them at all times.
Well im back, anyone still here? any ideas? for the PI team thing, I have some ideas already, but not much for the rest of the day. Maybe we should get Mako some more experience with swimsuits before she goes to the Playboy photoshoot?
Comic: Grab some old intelectual property to various played out superheroes. When we have our opening team up make can sing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsOqb6yQA8o to bail them out
Next comic has a humorous cut away of Comic Ned fending off DC lawyers so the team can finish the fight
Releasing next album.
Bomber paying us a visit in person.
Hmm, is the street show today or tomorrow? We should mention to Jenn (that reporter that's trying to get interviews with Euphry, Lyann and someone else) that she should be in the general area of the show without giving away what we're upto.

Swimsuits with Mako could be fun. We should also check out the rest of the finished flux albums and try laying the ground work for a world tour. Instead of a tour bus lets take a page out of Iron Maiden's play book and convert a commercial airliner.

I'd rather not pay Bomber a visit yet. I want us more or less under his radar until its time for the Title Match with Brass.
>Bomber paying us a visit in person

I thought about it but decided against it for now, at least.

Tomorrow, and thats a pretty good idea

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