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And we are back for more rampant capitalism, ho!

Monday morning, got a meeting with Ric Flair in a few hours, then seeing Brass to check on his state and his next opponent's as soon as it is decided who it will be.
Hi. While waiting for you and the guys I was checking The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and laughing a bit as a guy entered my castle and ran into all my traps.

Then the asshole went in again, skipped the first room full of traps since he knew where they were, and moved to the 2nd and died on the traps there... then entered again and died to the monsters in the throne room. Then went in again and finally won after figuring where everything was.

I don't understand some people. You only get resources if you win on the first try
'Moring King.
Are you sure his brain wasn't replaced by a *really* bad AI?
Maybe he has a friend who will use the knowledge to get the loot
Uhg I really hope its not something as cheap as that.
It's sad how that phrase is a good answer to both comments.

For a change, you run into Aritsu instead of finding her waiting for you in the lobby. She was just coming down on the (glass) elevator when you spotted her. She is finishing to fix her hair into the very tight and professional bum you usually see her sporting. She does not look bad at all with her long hair loose, either.

Aritsu: "Sir, I'm sorry for not meeting you at the door."

Ned: "That has never been a part of your obligations, Ritsu. You could just wait for me at your desk outside my office and greet me there like any normal secretary."

Aritsu: "I like to get you updated as soon as possible. Speaking of which, your meeting with mister Flair is in 2 hours, you have 29 messages. Your mother's birthday is in 15 days, 16 messages are from various companies that want to work with mister Wolfside, Samuel, or Eldric for different men's adds, and 13 want either Ami, Aura, or the band to show up on their ads."

Ned: "Anything else?" -the elevator reaches your floor

You walk along with Aritsu as the super efficient beauty holds her wider-than-average datapad against the underside of her chest with an arm so she can use the other with its old fashioned digital pen. She seems taller, her chin almost at the height of your shoulder, for a change.

Aritsu: "There were two attempts to access your XWF executive account over the weekend. Only low priority areas, however. Someone tried to use the parking lot with your old password, and then the elevator, unsuccessfully. Do you want me to change them again?" -she did change your passwords on friday, just 3 days ago-

Ned: "That's... odd."

1) Keep security as it is (she changes your passwords once a week)
2) Tighten things up. She'll start changing them every 3 days, and install a fingerprint scanner to access your office's holo and personal processors.
>Tighten security
Might as well make use of our quick learning speed, after all.
>Thighten it up
No reason not to.
Aritsu: "A miss Jenn Pratt called for an appointment. She says she is an !E reporter and that you are acquainted with her. Playboy wants a exclusive with the band"

Ned: "That is all?"

Aritsu: "Well, it's still only 8 in the morning. I'm sure more will pop up."

Ned: "You look taller."

Aritsu: "Yes! thankyou for noticing. I thought I should try higher heels so you wouldnt have to look down so much when talking to me... I was shopping this weekend when I noticed on a .. well, I just wanted to be a bit taller."

Looking down, she is now using heels so tall she is not only on tiptoes, the heel is actually -in front- of her toes. She seems to have no problem keeping up with you, however.

Ned: "As great as that makes your legs look, doesn't it hurts?"

Aritsu: "Not really. I'm actually quite light, and have excellent balance."

Ned: "Well, just try not to get a pair of tiny spectacles or you'll be the definition of the sexy secretary cliche"

Aritsu: "If I thought that would help you, I wouldnt hesitate, sir."

Ned: "I doubt it would be necessary for your work."

You arrive at the office, and start checking on the reports. As usual, Aritsu printed them all nicely and has them waiting on your desk. She claims that old-fashioned paper is better for the mind to process information, as it gives that extre sensation of touching it with your own hands rather than just looking at a virtual screen floating on top of your desk's holo.

Is it to late to request that Lyann invent a completely foolproof biometric reader that responds ONLY to Ned?

A triple-lock that reads his DNA, his Quantum signature *and* scans his mind for partitions?

If it has to be one of those devices that needs a quantum infusion every so often, so be it, she could send clone for maintenance....

>Implying Hugh Hefner didn't undergo the Superior-ification process
>Implying Flux couldn't become the first people in history to actually destroy the mansion by partying too hard
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ugh, fucking captcha changed just as i was erasing something and it made me lose the post

Im pointing this out because I felt you guys missed it when I did so the 1st time. Mako decreases the effect of taint on social rolls on baselines within 10 meters of her. This effect can be turned on/off

Pros: Huge bonus to 1st impressions, lowers the social effect of taint on baselines from any novas in the area, instantly projects an aura of, well, friendliness that requires a willpower roll DC+3 to bypass (so baselines automatically fail)

Can be spread through recorded media thanks to her other enhancements, so people within 10 meters of a tv or holo would also be less impacted by taint, socially.

Cons: -WARNING- Every 3 hours of exposure to this aura can cause addiction on baselines AND on nearby high-taint novas benefitting from the effect. Suddenly people just stops treating you like a freak, plus they are suddenly friendly towards you.

On the plus side, if someone does get addicted to it, since the effect can be broadcasted by any recorded media, just having a Mako picture, holo, poster, etc, can be enough to count as your weekly "fix".

Also, this would look great on Euphry, and with her mega dex and stamina, she certainly wouldnt need a chair to support herself,
Seems useful.
File: 1394116575995.jpg-(61 KB, 940x357, leather and latex collect(...).jpg)
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1) Jenn from !E wants you to give her a call. Go about that now?
2) Playboy wants -everyone- in the band to pose together for them, and interviews, one member at a time, so we are talking 6 different interviews. A whole magazine issue dedicated only to Flux!
3) Rolling Stones wants an interview with Bella.
4) Several companies want to have Brass, Python and Okaba advertise their products. Some are well known companies, some are small, and some look suspicious or particularly interesting (Aritsu marked those for your attention)

This us actually a full body suit, btw

So lewd, Captcha: Analhit completed
Lets do Jenn first
>Is it to late to request that Lyann invent a completely foolproof biometric reader that responds ONLY to Ned?
I don't think it would be. Do you intend to pay her for it or ask it as a favor?

>A triple-lock that reads his DNA, his Quantum signature *and* scans his mind for partitions?
Let me see...
ok, she does have at least one point on intrusion so it would be pretty fast to make such a lock, actually, If she didint, she would have to hire someone who did to show her how it works and help her for the entire process

>If it has to be one of those devices that needs a quantum infusion every so often, so be it, she could send clone for maintenance....
Let me calculate for both a version with and without quantum...

Ranks in Intrusion, you say?

If that's an issue, we ask Mai to help

Weren't the two of them planning on getting together to discuss security anyway?

That's probably what she's hoping for, IYKWIM
File: 1394117940991.jpg-(71 KB, 969x492, leather and latex collect(...).jpg)
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Without Quantum
5 dots on intelligence
5 dots on intrusion (used as counter-intrusion on this case)
success level 10
The electronic lock would roll 10d10 against anyone's intrusion roll, and it can get up to 10 successes. It would take 82 Lyann hours to complete. It is a very very good lock that can actually be replicated and mass produced for other computers

To the max!
Same as above, so already have a need for 82 Lyann hours and successes on engineering, plus

1 Quantum of its own (+1 successes)
2 dot on perception (+2)
2 dot on mega perception (+6)
2 enhancements (+6)
*Synesthesia - the lock can "see" Ned's scent and flavour.
* Electromagnetic Sight - the lock can see Ned's molecular structure, ADN, bone structure, organ structure
0 free uses per scene. This actually would normally be bad, but here it works as extra safety since you HAVE to supply it with 1 Quantum to even try to open it, so non-novas just cant even try

97 Lyann hours as a minimum. Do you want it to call the police after X number of failed attempts to bypass it? call you? call your mom? Aritsu? Mai?
Thankfully Lyann has 1 dot on intrusion, so she knows "something" about electronic safety, and the rules just say you need to have at least 1 dot on an ability before it counts as you having that ability.

Lyann: "Do you want it to restrict access to your office, or just your desk's holo and datapad?" -she is wearing a white overall with splats of color that you guess is oil paint. She has a cutesy looking blue splat on her chin that you suspect she doesn't know about.
The police and building security. And we can of course offer to pay Lyann.
Lyann: "Should I add a feature so you can authorize other people to open it as well? or do you want authorized people to be defined here at the lab?"
Sure she can add that feature
Go with the Max version. Our security is going to face greater challenges moving forwards, so we might as well post it as much as we can for now.

Have it notify Ned, Aritsu and building security after three failed attempts, the cops after four. If anyone attempts to force the lock or trips a sensor while trying to crack it, have it notify the cops, security, Ned and Aritsu simultaneously.

Note: Depending on Aritsu's combat proficiency (can't view the google doc from my mobile) she may need to be instructed not to engage any intruder. We should also see about building a concealed but easily accessible saferoom into our office, and maybe hers. Just in case.

See how much Lysnn would charge us, if only to get a better idea of how she does business. If we can't afford it see about an install ment plan.

Add a password too, just for the hell of it

Additional users to be added at The Lab.
Authorize us and Aritsu. That's it. If anyone else wants to get in, then either Ned or his secretary have to be there.
File: 1394119799797.jpg-(91 KB, 625x442, leather and latex collect(...).jpg)
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>easily accessible saferoom into our office, and maybe hers.

Well, as long as you are willing to splurge, maybe a quick escape portal? would need maintenance at least once every 10 months. The lock will need maintenance at least once every 11 months, btw.

Also, Aritsu doesn't has an office, she has a desk outside of your office.

She would probably give you the friends discount together with the "Oh boy i've never tried it before!" discount, so probably about 9k for the lock with all the extras, including lifetime warranty and maintenance.

>Aritsu's combat proficiency

She has a stun gun and isin't afraid to use it. That's the extent of her combat proficiency.

It would be funny if the password is that there is no password. You just ignore that and press your finger against the screen so it scans you. Attempting to enter a password counts as a failed attempt to enter. Add +1 Lyann hours to completion time

Sounds good

I like this one a lot, actually. Makes me think of Mai in eufiber
Lyann: "Alright, I can do all that. When do you want to come pick it up?"

"Call me when it's ready. Will one of you be able to oversee installation, or will I need to hire someone?"
Lyann: "I need to go to the studio to record a new theme with everyone else tomorrow evening, so I will install it after that, if that is alright with you. You can come tomorrow morning with whoever else you want the device to authorize"

Ned: "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow, then."

So, back to the business at hand

1) Jenn from !E wants you to give her a call. Go about that now?
2) Playboy wants -everyone- in the band to pose together for them, and interviews, one member at a time, so we are talking 6 different interviews. A whole magazine issue dedicated only to Flux!
3) Rolling Stones wants an interview with Bella.
4) Several companies want to have Brass, Python and Okaba advertise their products. Some are well known companies, some are small, and some look suspicious or particularly interesting (Aritsu marked those for your attention)

You said you wanted to call Jenn. Nothing else?
>Aritsu has a desk outside your office.
Ok, maybe I've been thinking of this wrong or describing it wrong so let be back up. Ned's office consists of a single room with an adjoined restroom or is it in fact a small suite of rooms? Because I haven't thought that Aritsu's desk was located in the hallway for awhile now. Then again, could be totally wrong about that.

This >>30672229 is good.
File: 1394121363957.jpg-(33 KB, 345x448, leather and latex collect(...).jpg)
33 KB
You have a large office, with a private restroom. It is a very nice office with a private bar, space for a couch and a few loveseats, a low table for informal meetings, etc. You share the floor (but not the office or the bathroom) with two other executives. The offices are organized so that they naturally make three hallways to each executive's door and Aritsu shares a long, U shaped desk with two other secretaries. There is a waiting room for all three offices. I didint want to spoil it, but Ric wanted to see you about moving you to your own floor, actually. And to congratulate you on buying MTV, of course. And other stuff, but lets leave something to the meeting, alright?

So, what do you want to do before the meeting? call Jenn at !E, playboy, rolling stones, or check the companies that want to work with your guys?
Im not a fan of the whole bodysuit, but I think any of the girls on the band (most specifically Lyann, Lyann(?), Euphry or Bella, would look awesome with the pants/shoes/corst in the pic, plus a really soft and fluffy-looking shirt.
>nothing else?
I'm fine with Belle doing an interview with Rolling Stone as long as we get final say on photography and conduct the interview at her place, sp her inevitable nudity during the interview is less socially unacceptable.

Playboy I'm a little leery of since I doubt we'd be able to rope too much control away from the Heff, but if they'd be willing to do the interviews in pairs, with the exception of Euphry (she gets to fly solo) I could be convinced. At minimum we need Lyann to be interviewed with Mako happening to show up...but then would the discomfort people feel towards her bleed over onto Mako?

So not sure about playboy, but at least hear them out.

Take a look at the interesting endorsement offers. Well, look them all over, but focus on the interesting ones.

And get to calling Jenn now.
Thanks for the info and the spoiler! I have a much better idea for what we're working with now.
>would the discomfort people feel towards her bleed over onto Mako?

No, its individual, and if Mako turns on her aura, she would dampen the effect from Lyann, instead.

Roll 17d10 to see how much control you can get on the Rollingstones interview. It would be DC3 to get them to let you pick final pictures.

As it turns out, the companies are new, and can't offer much, but Aritsu suggests you should buy stock on them and maybe offer them a deal based on a 2-3% of their earnings for the next year instead of directly charging them for the guy's work.

Remember you work for the XWF, so that 2-3% goes to their treasure chests, not yours. You get a 7% of whatever the XWF makes out of those deals, tho.

Jenn: "Hey Ned!" -she appears to be walking down a busy hallway, as she is shown walking on the holo, crossing paths with people that go away almost instantly- "It's about those interviews I asked you about last time. I still haven't met miss Porteleger, miss Tsun or miss Zaytseva. Can we arrange a date for an interview with any of them or all of them at the same time?"
Rolled 9, 1, 1, 8, 8, 6, 10, 1, 4, 3, 2, 3, 6, 5, 7, 3, 3 = 80

Hmm, gang, what are you're thoughts on having her interview Euphry right after the unannounced street concert?

Also, since I never remember how it works, could we burn two megadice to drop the DC to 1?
yes, you can, but that roll was successful enough anyway.
You get veto power on any pictures.

Now roll for Penthouse. It would be DC 7 to get them to agree to you picking the final pictures. 7 is pretty much impossible for a human, but you roll 17d10, and 4 of those are mega dice so its actually doable. Plus you can burn up to 4 mega dice to lower the DC to 4 and need 4 successes on 13d10
Rolled 3, 6, 8, 3, 7, 2, 2, 1, 10, 3, 6, 4, 4 = 59

Pretty sure you mean Playboy instead of Penthouse. Knowing my luck this will be Ned's first real failure

Plus autosuccesses from the negotiation and persuasion Enhancements
yep. sorry not familiar with USian magazines, really

4 successes and a explodey dice, tho its not required to roll.

You manage the impossible (barely) and get playboy to let you ok the pictures before they are used.

Aritsu: "Sir, your meeting with mister Flair is in 15 minutes. Do you want me to go with you?"
"Certainly Aritsu."
Aritsu: "Sir, you know you can call me Ritsu"

Ned: "I've told you to call me Ned. We can't have everything, can we?"

Aritsu: "No, sir"

She walks with you with zero difficulty despite her outrageous shoes. making it all the way across the building complex towards Ric Flair's office.

Flair's secretary is definitively a nova beauty. A ebony beauty with short, tightly braided hair, she looks like she was sculpted to wear the secretarial uniform. She greets you and invites you in.

Secretary: "He is expecting you."

As you go in, you find Flair shouting at a holo about wanting a new satellite.

R. Flair: "I don't care if the OPNet is faster, I want to be sure to have worldwide cover, you hear me?! WORLD WIDE COVER. Regular customers can enjoy our OPNet feed and remote presence premium packages, but I want the most remote and piranha infested fishing village in the amazon to be able to cuddle up around an old fashion tv and enjoy the show every week just as well, got it? WORLD WIDE, MAKE IT HAPPEN, DAMMIT!"

He notices you and Aritsu, and cuts the holo.

R. Flair: "Hey, how's our golden boy? I heard you are making waves and taking names out there!"
Probably too late, but tell her to bring the relevant figures for the current status of the XWF game and the current build we have access to, in case Rick wants an update and demonstration. That should justify us bringing her, if that's necessary.
That sounds good. Let's assume it happens
Goddam Ric is awesome.

Have to step out for 30-45min. See ya when I get back guys.
Ric is the true hero of this quest, and Ned is merely his hypercompetent sidekick,

Im waiting for you guys to say something to him

"Life in business, Sir. Grab every opportunity, and make a few of your own."

Also, activate Natural Empath, Trusyworthy, and any other relevant enhancements

R. Flair: "Ain't that true, son. So, you nave your own company now. You aren't planning on leaving us, are you? I had an office cleaned up and prettied-up for you. Im sure it's nothing compared to your own building, but you can't deny that here's where the action is!"

Ned: "I'm not jumping ship, if you are worried about that. I'm here to stay, sir."

R. Flair: "Yeeha, son. The XWF is more than ready to make it worth your while. I'm ready to make it worth your while. After all, loyalty deserves to be rewarded, so, what do you dream of that you think we could give you? A two floor office with a second secretary, so you have one for each floor, your own action figure? that reminds me, I've been told you have a quantum signature nowadays. You weren't a nova when you came in, were you?"
"Morning Boss, life and business are good." Launch into a brief summary our our XWF related deals ending with the game, offering him both a status update and demo of the most recent build. After that mention that the restructuring of MTV is underway, and we think we can build something both profitable and beneficial out of the festering wound on society it had become.
Crap. This is me. Also, just got back.

"Well, Boss, you know what they say about Continuing Professional Development... And with the access I had through the XWF, seemed silly NOT to make a genetic investment in my career."

"As far as offices go, I don't need any more help than the lovely Aritsu here. But I di recall you saying something about a seat on the board, a few months back? Because I've got a laundry list of ways to keep the money flowing, and nothing motivates a man like a share in the company he's working for..."

>Boardroon is fine, but what Ned really wants is a slice if corporate equity
Btw, anyone knows where Rohan is? haven't seen him for a few days now. Hope he's okay

R Flair: "Uhmm... I do believe I did. Tell you what, at the end of this semester, we are a friend go because of his retirement. I'll see to it that you get a shot at his chair, how does that sound?"
Hmm, Ric certainly knows how to make an offer doesn't he...

Yes. Absolutely yes. But see if we can swimpng a small (relatively) budget to have it renovated to our specifications. Pretty sure Ric would be willing to lend us a Krew team for a day to speed things along and keep costs down.

>second secretary
Look over at Aritsu "You know Ric, I've been encouraging Ritsu to bring someone new on to share her workload for awhile now, but without fail she has risen to everything I've thrown at her and simply dominated each challenge with skill, grace and speed that I scarcely believe. I trust her competence and discretion absolutely, so if there ever comes a time where I've taken on too many challenges for her to face alone, or she just wants company, I'd like her to have my hiring authority for any new secretarial staff."

>Quantum signature
"Absolutely right, when I started working for you I was just a regular young man with big dreams and some talent for negotiations, but I needed to be able to keep up with my clients and my secretary so I made a small investment in myself."
Yeah, I thought and had something like $2-3 million worth from various bonuses he'd received.
He's offering us a shot at a board seat? That sounds very enticing.

"we are letting a friend go"

I could swear i did type it, Your turn anyway unless you want me to write a scene

See the following for relevant suggestions about dealing with Ric's initial offer and the board seat opportunity:

After that, I'd say see if he wants any updates on our ongoing projects (if so show off the game's current build) and if not head back to our current office to get back to work.
Knew I forgot something...
Uh apparently auto update ceased working for a bit. Anyway.

He is fine with letting your secretary hire someone, and has no problem with letting you do some changes to your office. He invites you a drink for the future, and comments on how nice it is to have someone working even harder than he thinks they should "And I can be a a slave driver, or so i've heard".

Once you are done talking to the man (who beat the man), the two of you go to check your new office. It is, like he promised, two floors (14th and 15th) on the main building. A very spacious area, so much so that you have some trouble coming up with ideas for all the space, off hand, since your entire office and Aritsu's desk will likely only use a fifth of one of the floors.

R Flair: "Well, I don't know, you can place a living room, meeting room, waiting room, mini golf or a wall to wall jacuzzi on the extra floor if you want. I use mine as a bedroom for those days I have to stay late at the office or, you know, anything else that may require one."

Ned: "Those are fair ideas, I'll think about it."

The floors are completely empty, except for a few structural pillars- The roof is a good 15 feet tall on both floors, and only the topmost floor has direct elevator and hallway access. The 14th floor can only be accessed through a opening on the northern side of the room, through which a very firm-looking, wide flight of stairs connects it to the 15th.

R Flair: "Spacious, yes? I have to leave you to it now. I'll give The Krew guys a call and let them know they should help you for whatever."

Ned: "Thank you boss." -you look at Aritsu- "Any ideas on what to fill this place with?"

Aritsu: "I just need a corner for my desk, sir."
So, ideas?
Generic spare room with futon, to cover miscelanious issued? Maybe put a giant videophone on the wall of the meeting room or whatever.

We're still using the regular cafeteria, right? I think we can afford a private chef, now.

I dunno, I haven't seen him around in ages, I have no clue where he went.

"You need more than that, Ritsu. At least half of one of these floors should be yours. We could always get the band in to offer their advice on interior decorating..."

Crazy idea: Could we convince Lyann to assign us a clone for liaison purposes? We could give that clone their own room....
She's learning BUSINESS! its like SCIENCE! but with more money
Well, you were so quiet, and you usually post Jojo

>Band Advice

Mako: "A really nice tea room, with really comfy pillows, and some nice wide plants and I think we could even make a sand and rocks garden around it... it could be a really nice and quiet spot for exercising and meditating, and seeing the sunset..." -she says all happy-

Euphry: "Bwa- ah? uh.. she's done? Okay, first, you put big, big beanbag-like bed in middle of room, with four large brass posts around it, and convenient chains and cuffs hangin--- hey!"

Lyann(?): smacked her on the head.- "No"

Euphry: "Alright... how about a nice little pool with surrounding stone floor with a fridge, and on the other side a small stage, and we could totally use some foldable bamboo courtains."

Lyann(?): "That's actually pretty nice. But I don't think it would be actually used all that often. The courtains are to filter down sunlight?"

Euphry: "Nah, they're so people can't watch when Euphry makes you cum-- hey! when did sweet apple-tasting girl start hitting Euphry so much!?" -after Lyann(?) smacks her again-

Lyann(?): "Be serious, please."

Aura: "Ric said he had a bedroom, right? why don't you do the same? it could be nice to have a little bit of home away from home. A large, firm king size bed, with a shower and a walk-in closet, and you would probably have more than enough room left for a nice living room for informal meetings."

Lyann(?): "That's ..pretty nice, really."

Aura: "Isin't it? and maybe a sauna, a little one."
We are going to need to convince Airitsu to hire a receptionist. This is going to take a bit, had to relocate from the other side of town were the power was cut for some unannounced utility work.
That sounds good. And I suppose if anyone else needs to crash at the XWF building for some reason we can let them. Except Euphry of course.
Aleksander: "Actually I liked Euphry's idea about a pool, but I think we should make it into a double tank. I mean, you have a tank to use as pool in the middle of the room, but instead of sinking into the floor and thus wasting space forcing us to have a tall floor, it stands in the middle and yuo can climb up some stairs going around it to get in. If we make it transparent, it would also be decorative, and we could have an actual fish tank surrounding it, just about 5 or 6 inches wide so when you are inside the pool, it looks like you are swimming in the middle of the tropical fish to people looking from outside. And a nice dining and rest area around it so you can have dinner with a view of the fish tank and whoever may be using the pool, and of course a small but wide kitchen and bar on a side of the room, with a bedroom area on the opposite side, making a small room with a bed and a closet and shower."

Aura: "You really gave it some thought, uh?"

Aleksander: "There was a time when I wanted a restaurant."

Lyann: "A garage. It can also have a couple of beds and a bathroom with a shower, I guess."

Euphry: "What do Lyann wants garage for on 14th floor?"

Lyann: "The flying car, of course."

Euphry: "Of course. ..Lyann have flying car!?"

Lyann: "You don't?"

Euphry looks at her Lyann

Lyann(?): "I'm just one person. It takes a lot of work to make one of those! besides im not going to get you a flying car so you can crash vertically as well as horizontally!"

Aura: "What sort of license do you need for a flying car?"

Lyann: "None. It counts as an ultralight, like a delta wing, and you don't need a license for those. Tho you would need to learn how to properly operate it. I could teach Ned if he wants to."

Aura: "Can you build me one?"

Lyann: "2 millions."

Aura: "It's pricey, but I guess I... no, my charity work wouldnt let me, nevermind."
We're going to have to use the elevator as a choke point, not sure how to do that subtly. Will work on it later.

The entrance should open into a great room. Two story windows opposite and behind the elevator shaft, our receptionist's desk opposite the elevator. The windows and wide space should make it possible to use this as the main area for work related social functions and in general impress in terms of scale. Yes, Mako, there will be potted plants here and yes Euphry, there will be a fully stocked bar hidden in one of the walls.

Scratch that, thought elevator access was on the 14 th floor instead of the 15th. That pretty much torpedoes my idea.
File: 1394133649369.jpg-(80 KB, 500x281, Kakyoin out of cherries.jpg)
80 KB
Well I also normally earlier. These threads start at 5:00 am and last until 9-10 (11 today) So I kinda gotta make something to eat. I slept in monday and missed the quest, and you didn't show up tuesday, so yesterday was the first thread I popped into this week.

>"besides im not going to get you a flying car so you can crash vertically as well as horizontally!"

But yeah, some of these things are rather iffy, that said, I kinda wanna get my hands on a fancy as fuck humidor. Also private chef with built-in top of the line kitchen! No more walking to get meals!
>This is a war do or to be continued?
Bella: "I hate to be the traditional one, but I think a meeting room surrounded by bookshelves and a bedroom with a bathroom would honestly be best."

Stella: "I liked the fish tank. Why not build the fish tank AROUND the room, and have a meeting room in the middle so you can talk business while actual sharks swim around you?"

Aura: "You just want to swim with sharks, don't you?"

Stella: "Irrelevant. But if you build shark tank, I can use it, right, Ned?"

Aura: "Let me think... can we throw down the floor on the 15th floor and replace it with some ultra resistant glass, then there can be a shark tank floor, and share the light between both floors. The topmost floor is a perfectly normal office except for the walking on top of the sharks bit, and ..does it have to be sharks? could just be tropical fish. Anyway, the bottom floor is a meeting hall."

Euphry: "Alright, alright, I has it. Aritsu is hot, so we get her into tiny tiny bathsuit--

Lyann(?): "Swimsuit"

Euphry:"Swimsuit, and her desk and Ned's are on platforms on top of pool on the bottom floor, and the TOP floor is normal meeting room."

Mako: "I... I understand all, but just because there is pool, it does not mean miss Windsong has to wear swimsuit, right?"

Euphry: "No, she has to"

Mako: "but why?"

Euphry: "Because she's hot."

Mako: "It is not that hot this high off the street. Just an open window would.."

Lyann gently lays a hand on Mako's shoulder and shakes her head in a "don't bother, i'll explain later" kind of way.

Alright that's all the ideas I thought were crazy or fun enough to come from the band members.

JSYK, Brass suggests a gym on the lower floor, with a sauna and sure why not a bedroom too.
File: 1394134939541.jpg-(39 KB, 649x536, shirou explain further.jpg)
39 KB
"If she's hot, she can go jump into the pool, she already has the swimwear, so why would she need to be on my desk?"
Let's see if we can out-dense Mako.
Euphry: "Oh, oh, I like that. We should get rid of her desk and chair. She can just sit on top of your desk."

Mako: "Why would she do that?"

Aura: "For the view, obviously"

Mako: "I don't think the desk is tall enough to give a view"

Euphry: "You'd be surprised what a good view it would be for Ned."
I don't think we can pull that off. We could jokingly recommend swimsuit yesterdays at the office though. Anyway, I'm thinking the bedroom, a small guest room, a meeting area and a formal office. With, of course, state of the art multi layered security. I'm thinking a fake outer layer of security that locks behind you if you fail the real security.
Ok, off the top of my head.
>14th floor garage and small work shop
If that's what it takes for Ned to fly his car to work, I'm sold. We should also see if we can acquire a Lyann() as an on site technology assistant and receptionist.

>Shark tank
Sharks are cool, but let's not bring them to work

>Pool with adjacent aquarium
I like it. Stick a small sauna nearby.

>Euphry bondage bedroom ideas
No. Thank you for being the voice of reason Lyann(?)

Bedrooms, plural. We're not the only me that might need to crash at the office, so two bedrooms with small attached baths and a few couches ought to be good.

>conference room
We'll need one, it should have a lot of natural light and a view of the aquarium.

>entertainment complex
We need a holo-theater with very comfy couches that's also set up for gaming. Perfect place to test out new builds of the XWF game, future projects and have movie night for the full gang every once in a while.

That's what I got off the top of my head.
>-7 penalty with baselines
How do I keep forgetting. Scratch having a Lyann() receptionist, still, would be nice to have someone part time on staff for on site prototyping, maintanence and IT work.
Also me...
Jesus I have NO idea what happened but 4chan went crazy for a moment and I lost another long post, hold on...

There are better uses for a Lyann than reception work. On-site Tech Goddess is one of them.

We can install another one of the Superlock units as additional security if we have to, but if Ned doesn't have anything super-secret here, there's no need.

+1 for the raised pool with fishtank exterior, like Aleksander dsuggested

Four bedrooms (1 for Ned, 1 for Ritsu, 1 guest, 1 for Lyann clone if we adopt one)
>I don't think we can pull that off
We totally could. Aritsu has made it clear she is willing to do anything to support Ned. Being a showoff with the nicest office and the hottest secretary is how the execs at the XWF try to one-up eachother. Is why Ned has never been invited drinking with his colleagues, they all think hes a stick in the mud since he tried to abolish the sexy uniforms.

>We should also see if we can acquire a Lyann() as an on site technology assistant and receptionist.
1) They're not for sale
2) You could convince one to work with you, tho
3) Not as a recepcionist, however. Remember her huse social penalties towards baselines, tho I could see a Lyann working with Aritsu as secretary and letting her deal with people.

>Sharks are cool, but let's not bring them to work
But the office surrounded by sharks is the classical cliche of the business tycoon! what if the frikin sharks had, like, frikkin lasers on their heads?

>view of the aquarium.
The aquarium was Aleks baby. This makes him happy

>movie night
First thing I thought of was Mai going to Ned after closing hours

Ned: "How did you get in here?"
Mai: "Im a former secret agent, remember? also, part ninja"

>if we adopt one
What are they now, puppies?

Also, if you are serious about the garage/lab floor, may as well just add in a portal so you can port in from your home (or Mai's or Lyann's), keep them both just a portal away for whatever, too
"If she sat on top of my desk, how could I get any work done, wither her blocking off the work space. Besides, it'd be very unsafe, she might accidently fall off and into the tank, after all."
>what are they now, puppies?
No, but when you brought up the idea of plushies my first thought was a line of Lyann only chibi dolls in work specific dress.

>if you're serious about the garage
I'm more serious about the flying car. The mobility that give and the kind of enterence you could make with one is very appealing.

Still, if it's too impractical I'm willing to pass on it.
File: 1394138246663.jpg-(36 KB, 450x319, tail wings.jpg)
36 KB
>a line of Lyann only chibi dolls in work specific dress.
That's adorable

Well, if you really want one, I think its actually doable. Im thinking in the car having a startup checklist for safety reasons, and redundant systems, plus the ability to plane to the ground in case of catastrophic failure. If it detects something is about to go bad, it tells you to either take it to Lyann for maintenance, or land.

It could be a old fashion car, remodeled... suddenly tail wings make perfect sense.


Or possibly Phil Coulson's Lola
I think it's just the idea of Ned driving off to a weekend getaway with a beautiful woman in the passenger seat, hitting a button and fwoosh! Flying in style along the California coast instead of dealing with traffic gridlock. I mean, yes, it's utter decadence, but it's also kind of perfect wish fulfillment, you know?

Lola. You've got to go with the classic car body.
Now that's style. I can see Ric Flair wanting one, as well.

Anyway, so what do you want for the office, at the end?

A large fish tank seems like a go. Want it on the walls, on the middle, or replacing the floor?
Corner office for Ned, and adjoined work area with its own hall access for Ritsu if we need her nearby for collaborating.

I like the idea of wrapping it around the pool and portentially using it as a wall between rooms that don't require privacy/separation. Maybe get Lyan to rig it so we can selectively toggle the transparency of the glass on one side? So with the flip of a switch you can go from having a feature window to a real wall?
A lot of this depends on if Lyann wants to take on this little nova contracting job instead of just seeing if The Krew can do it.
JSYK, if you do install the kitchen, you'll be eating alone because Aritsu meets with her sister for lunch at the caffeteria every day and thats one of the few things she would not sacrifice for Ned.

Also, it seems to be a important spot to meet our friends so far.

>privacy/separation. Maybe get Lyan to rig it so
Lyann: "I could make a high quality holo of a tank inside the tank so from outside it looked like the tank was the entire space instead of having a room in the middle, if you want me to. The fact theres an actual fish tank would only make it more believable. You could even have a large bathroom inside and have a shower without anyone noticing, if you wanted to."

Aleksander: "You know, that might be pretty cool, actually."
Stella: "why not install a large double desk so you can sit across from Aritsu while you work?"

Lyann: "That sounds nice, but what if he needs privacy for a meeting or something along those lines?"

Stella: "I was under the impression Ned has no secrets for Ritsu"
I think the kitchen is good to have incase we end up living out of the office while remodeling our apartment or moving to a new penthouse. Also, it's always good to have a decent fridge and dedicated eating space, even if you're mostly ordering take out. Plus it just makes a place feel more inviting and 'homey'.

I'm sold on Lyanns idea. Still, the bathroom gets actual, opague walls. Just in case.
"There are some secrets a man cannot share with a woman, no matter how close they are."
Totally bullshit, but I'd like to see them try to puzzle out our non-existant secret.
Euphry: "It's small, isint it?"

Mako: "What is?"

Aura: "I'll tell you later"

Bella, Stella and Lyann looks at you with a expression of contained pity.

Aleksander: "I thought eruption into novahood usually "fixed" those issues"

Lyann: "Not for everyone"

Aleksander: "Shit sucks, man. You dont need to elaborate further."

Well, unless anyone has any other ideas, lets go with the hidden room/fish tank, a traditional top floor, and on the bottom floor, a hidden room inside the fisk tank, a dormitory, bathroom, meeting room and kitchen, as well as a large space for whatever.

Having finished with that, we should stop here so I can go do stuff IRL. We cant keep the thread going on so long every day.
Think I'm good on office design. Euphry continues to steal the spotlight, nicely done.

See you tomorrow King, best of luck.

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