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Hey guys, sorry about not showing up yesterday, had a power blackout that lasted like 5 hours and by the time power was back I just felt it wasn't worth it to show up at all.

Let's try to rush over what's left of Ned's saturday since we have spent such a long time on it already.
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Okay, for the Euphry thing, why don't we make it appear like we're just another annoying suit trying to tie her down into a stable job, and she decides to rebel and lash out by holding an impromptu preformance at a location we've coincedently booked before hand.

We can make her seem more 'legit' by us appearing to be 'the man.'
I fine with it as long as Euphry approves, and I'm honestly torn about whether whe would of us faking our disapproval for the sake of marketing her legitimacy as a Chaos Guitar God.

(sorry, still mostly asleep so I may have sptrouble writing coherently)

Does it even need to be that involved? We could get Lyann clones to shill on OPnet if promoting stuff was all we wanted.

Everybody knows so-called spontaneous gigs are planned.
I like your idea, but... ugh I hate suggesting stuff to players, always makes me feel like im taking something from them, but... maybe this one, and you can tell me if i should stop doing it

The police could make it much more believable if we work with them, like having "spotters" warn the concert goers about when the police approach, while also "delaying them". Dropping to the floor in front of police cars and stuff like that. We have Aritsu, that is very good at computer safety, and coule probably try to hide it was us, and Mai, that is definitively good at hiding computer trails.

Also i had been checking the thread every 3 minutes, where did all the answers suddenly spawn all together from?
Nah, we need to handle the logistics and legal issues surrounding this. We need to get our permits for this shindig, hire enough EMTs to be on hand for when a medical emergency pops up in the crowd, and redirect and ever expanding ring of traffic around the event. And we need to take out insurgence against the incidental destruction of property by our fans, because otherwise Euphry's stunt will bankrupt us. Plus we need to air this thing live on EuroMTV and with the minimum sufficient delay to blur the naughty bits and censor the profanity for standard broadcast in North America and Asia (still broadcast it unedited and uncut through premium channels).

Yay, we need to be that involved...
So we bascially have the police around for security, but have tthem appear as if they're trying to shut it down? I like it!

Also I think that everyone showed up is probably because it was nearing 8:00am east coast.

Clever Anon is clever...
Oh, those are actually very good points.

Be right back, going to get a sandwich. Also, is anyone here playing The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot? I just have problems getting my minions to fucking fight instead of running away all the time
Unfortunately I got lured in by an Ancient China Quest, and have pretty much devided all my video gameing time into Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, Legend of Cao Cao, and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.
Back. Let me remember... where were we...? I think we had finished talking with Euphry and I cant remember if we went to Lyann's already.

I do remember we were going to ask her to go on a walk to the national part nearby with us, tho, so lets leave that for later.

You take Mako out shopping, mostly to have her practice her english with actual people.

She is dressed in a light but long dress with spaghetti straps, as she has grown used enough to the fashion here to at least show her shoulders, albeit she goes beet red whenever she thinks you are staring at them.

On her defense, she does have a very feminine figure, and that includes a princess-like neck and shoulders, soft and caressable, tho you are sure that if you tried to do so she would probably freak out a little bit. She has a wide wing summer hat, but her black hair still cascades behind her and tends to float as she moves, seemingly weightless behind her.

Mako: "Thank yhou for helping my english, mister Salter."

Ned: "That was mostly correct, but I am helping you with your english, not your english directly. And you are welcome, Mako."

As you chat, walking down the mall's bright, spacious hallways, people tend to turn and stare, but you try to make it seem as if they are staring at you because of the screaming pink tie you are wearing (on purpose and just for that) instead of to the beautiful girl next to you.

The mall is built like circle, with a large plaza in the middle, and an ascending, long spiral surrounding it, so that people can walk from floor to floor without ever having to take a stair. The floors are engraved ceramic with a yellow and white color theme, and while it looks like it should be slippery, the engravings offer a very good grip to the visiting shoppers.

Ned: "Here, try the icecream."

Mako: "Thankyou." -she says softly, and grabs the cone with a hand-stitched white handkerchief.

The medium size cone looks huge in her hand, and it obviously feels huge for the modest chinese orphan girl.

Mako: "This is delicious, it makes me all happy!" -she says with a beaming expression as she holds her face with her hands, getting a tiny spot of icecream on her cheek

Ned: "Here, allow me." -a proper gentleman, Ned always carries a handkerchief to offer to a lady in need. You wipe out the small icecream bit, and give it a little nibble before putting your handkerchief away.

Mako goes quiet for a bit, until she spots a clown handing baloons to the visiting children. She comments on his bright clothes and enourmous shoes, and you talk for a bit about how different chinese and american circuses are.

Ned: "Some children are afraid of clowns, however. See?" -Ned points out a child looking at the clown from a "safe distance" to Mako.

She walks over and talks to the small boy, then offers him her hand and helps him talk to the clown to get a balloon.

Want to take the chance to take a short video of it on your datapad? maybe some picture? (cellphones are gone by now since the datapad can perform all of the same functions with far greater power, as well as project a screen of adjustable size thanks to holoprojector tech) It could be good promotional material, or just a nice memory.

Also, I found what I think is a nice aberration for Mako. Soft Touch. The character will, for example, give a bill to peddlers instead of coins, always try to help people in need (even if she has urgent business elsewhere) and yes, she will rescue kittens too scared to climb off trees.

I like the idea of using aberrations that are the character, "just more so"
Hmm, I'd go with taking a picture. Video from us would make this seem more likely to have been staged. Now, if someone else at the mall recognized Mako and posted a video of her helping s child overcome its fear of clowns to get a ballon animal, that would work well for boosting Mako's image.
Im curious, how would someone know the video is from us? well, she is extremely beautiful with no taint social penalty so it's not unlikely that she already has fans taking video and pictures at the mall, I supposse.

Also, now that I read more (splat)books for aberrant, I'm thinking in changing Aura's aberration from "MUST flirt or take damage from psychological trauma based on self-steem issues" to "Cannot turn off the Seduce skill/ability". It just seems funnier.

As it turns out, the child is lost. Mako and you help him to one of the guards, and a message goes over the mall's broadcast system. In a few minutes, the child is reunited with his parents.

Mako cries a little bit. Want to assume she is just naturally happy to see the child find his parents, or ask her about it?
Ask her. I'm betting she wants more hands on involvement working with children.

>How would people know we took the video?
Probably paranoia on my part, but I assume in that public a setting we wouldn't be able to fully cover our trail and some die hard fan with the right skillset would trace it back to us. Like I said,probably paranoia.

>Aura power revision
I like it.
>>Aura power revision
>I like it.

Is an Aberration revision, really. It seemed more interesting, and also has more quantifiable effects.To begin with, she would have a large bonus to seducing anyone interested in her gender, but she would also get a -3 penalty on anyone who could consider her a romantic rival. Also, since she CAN'T turn it off, she would quickly start racking up a number of admirers, and that could be interesting by itself.


As it turns out, Mako (as a 3 years old child) was found after wandering alone for hours on top of the Great Wall of China. The story was used fairly often by her producers in China to promote the "Daugher of China" image they went with, for her. The image of the child finding his parents, and the way they were so relived and happy to see him well, and hold him in their arms, touched her deeply.

You escort her to a bench and let her rest against your shoulder for a bit.

When she feels better, she excuses herself and goes to the restroom to freshen up.

Do you want to try to cheer her up somehow when she comes back, or offer to drive her home already?
Knowing Mako, she'd probably like something cute, like a stuffed animal. I'm not sure how well she'd handle a real dog and a cat would walk all over her.
>She (Aura) can't turn it off
Yeah, basically the idea that Aura just can't turn her swag off just fits perfectly with how I'd imagined her from the beginning.

If I had any idea how to cheer her up I'd go for it, but honestly I think she probably just needs some quiet time to herself, so make the offer to drive her home and just try to be supportive without prying too deeply.
>cat would walk all over he
This made me laugh so much. I can totally see it, too.

I liked the puppy idea. Anything against it? also, what breed? Somehow a really fierce and protective dog (which would be of course called Fluffy in chinese, as soon as my connection stops being a bitch and "how to say fluffy in chinese" throws me a result other than "wow, google chrome cant access your internet!" comes up) seems fun. I just DONT want to see her with a miniature toy breed she carries everywhere in her bag like an airhead or crazy person.
I would think like a soft coated wheaten terrier. They're medium sized, tend to bark rather aggressively but are actually total softies.
I was suggesting we get her an extremely fluffy Mai-dog sized pet, but a mid-sized dog is probably the better idea.
Adopted mixed breed!

It seems like the most in-character option, as well as the option with the minimal amount of genetic inbreeding.
Wait, before we get her a puppy, are any of the Flux members allergic to dogs? Might not want to create band friction if someone is.
Weatons are hypoallergenic
Is that a dominant trait? Because I'd expect it to be recessive and suppressed in a mix breed.
Ah, finally... MaoMao RongRong
So, a huge ass, very very protective dog everyone else calls Maou

Alright, let's go with that, then. As long as it's called Fluffy.

The idea of adopting a pet from a shelter makes absolute sense to me!

Let me check.
Lyann: Allergic to Polyester
Aura: Can't turn her swag off.
Mako: Just loves to help
Stella: Not enough taint for an aberration (yet)
Bella: Hates clothes in general
Aleksander: Workaholic
Euphry: I can't decide between the "Party Animal" and the "Allergic to Sobriety" Aberrations. The party animal thing is rather funny. If a party is within sight of her, she HAS TO go to it and party for at least one hour unless she succeeds a willpower roll. After the hour, she can roll willpower again, and again every hour. She must also do her best to liven things up at any party she is in.
That sucks. I'm allergic to cats, but as it turns out, both dogs and cats have hypoallergenic breeds.


We give the sweet girl a surprise, taking a small detour on our way back, and driving her to an animal shelter

About an hour later, you drive a much, much happier Mako back to her place. She is completely absorted by her "Ball of Fluff". You managed to slip a hundred to the man in charge of the shelter so Mako could take her puppy home right away instead of having to fill all the forms such places ask for nowadays.

Ned: "I'll see you on monday, alright?"

Mako. "Yes. Thankyou mister Salter!" -she is actually so happy she gives you a kiss on the cheek without thinking about it.

Ned: "Please call me Ned, Mako. There's a minimarket half a block from here, so you can buy it some food and toys later, alright?"

Mako assures you everything will be fine, and you are on your way to Mai's place.

Do you want to give Mai's section its time, or do you want to fast forward over it and assume you just bro it for movie and pizza night with her?
To be fair, this is aberrant. I'm sure Lyann could fix any genetic issues that pop up. She probably already has really.
>Euphry: Party Animal or Allergic to Sobriety?

>Mai time?
I'm fine with writing out the scene but I don't really have an agenda for it so I'd also be fine with skipping it.
Forgot name
Let's go chill out with my, cause she's a pretty cool bro.

(I wanted to make a portmanteau of bro and girl, and I either got Gro from girl/bro or Fro from female-bro, neither of which sound right.)
Mai is wearing a white cowboy hat, way-too-big sports shirt, a single-sleeve jean with a high cut on the missing leg that makes it seem almost thong-like, and a colorfully patch-infested long left sleeve, carefully hand-stitched to give it a stylish but informal feeling. She's actually taking care of the animals when we drive into her ranch, and she greets us from horseback across the fence, her high-heel cowboy boots firmly in the stirrups. With the cows mooing as her dogs bark and direct them against the background of the bright red sun setting behind the scene in the far distance, the dust of the horse's sudden stop and her bright red hair flying in the wind, she looks like the ultimately cliched westerns movie girl. Except for the impossibly hot bod and the fact she is real, of course.

Mai: "Howdy"

Ned: "How long have you been waiting to say that, Mai?"

Mai: "Long enough. Get comfortable in the house, I will finish here and join you in a little while, alright? There's beer in the fridge so just make yourself at home."

Ned: "You know, I doubt actual cowgirls would wear high-heeled boots on a horse."

Mai: "I could wear high heels to a ball and be perfectly steady and comfortable with them. Just got too used after years of being a femme fatale, you know?"

Ned: "I bet you were amazing at it, too. So I just let myself in?"

Mai: "Sure, go ahead."
*I am aware sleeve is probably not the right word for it, I just can't think of a better one and saying "leg on her left leg" seems wrong somehow
Remind me, didin't we give her a miniature T-rex? or was it a raptor? just thought of that "no Dino, no!" scene from every flintstones episode ever
Let ourselves in I suppose.
Well, since noone seems to remember I'm gonna go with a miniature t-rex. Female, so it can be called Queen, because King would be too obvious.

You go up to the door and change into a pair of the guest sandals by the door. The house is the same as always, with a roural but comfortable feeling, and both doors open, directly facing eachother across the living room and the open kitchen/bar.

You find Queen, Mai's NewGen pet T-rex sleeping on the wooden floor as it enjoys the sunrays coming, and step over it with a bit of effort.

Ned: "Some guard you turned out to be."

The lizard ignores you as it rolls over to chase the fading sunlight. You head over to the fridge and grab a sixpack, then call for a dozen pizzas while unpacking the black and white B horror movies you brought tonight and lie down on the couch.

After a while, Mai walks in and asks you to make room on the couch.

Mai: "I'll shower and be right back. You either move or I'll use you as a pillow, Ned."

Ned: "I know that's meant as a threat, but I don't see how that would make me WANT to move"

a) Move, probably sit up
b) Stay vegetating as you are, enjoying your leisure time to the max
c) Other
>a) Move, probably sit up
I'm so damn torn. Mai was my original waifu, but Lyann's rapidly won me over.
>a) make room for her on the couch
What can I say? Lyann had me the moment she sung Sonata Arctica for Ned.
Actually, speaking of Sonata Arctica it looks like they might be on tour in your neck of the woods King. Assuming I'm remembering correctly what continent you're on.

You move over and wait for Mai to come over.

Mai: -coming down from the shower on the second floor- "So how has work been? I had some mercenaries over this week."

Ned: "What did you teach them?" -you turn around to look at her

Mai: "Teach...? ah! right, no, I- Uhmm... the importance of proper intel, I guess."

She is wearing some shorts and a long silk shirt without a bra. It almost looks like a micro dress except for the texture of the shorts being noticeable through the shirt. Her hair is braided up and then curled into a bun near the top of her hair, exposing her very feminine neck, for a change.

Mai: "Uhmm... bit of a pity" -she says as she moves to the couch and sits in a very lady-like posture with her back straight and her knees together. "Give me a beer."

You start making small talk. She's curious about your purchase of MTV, and teases you about it for a bit, then stands up as she somehow seems to know the pizza delivery is about to reach the door.

The delivery boy looks as if he had been in a fight recently, but still had time to fix his appearance a little bit.

Delivery boy: "H-here's your pizza, m-miss Morgan. We knew it was you when we checked the address." -the lovestruck young man says as he stutters a little bit, obviously nervous as Mai meets him at the door. "I made sure it had extra everything!" -he adds in a hurry"

Mai: "Thankyou, Jason"

Jason: "Y-you know my name!?" -Mai thinks about it and decides not to mention she just saw it on his uniform tag

Mai: "Uh hu... now you just hold on a little, alright?" -she can tell you are looking from the couch, and makes a point of giving the both of you a little show as she checks herself for a wallet that isin't there. "Right... " -she reaches into a flask by the door and grabs the money for the pizzas.

Ned: -once the kid left- "Was that neccesary?"

Mai: "I didin't lose anything. He is happy, I secured really fast deliveries and pizza with extra everything in the future"

Ned: "I can't tell if that was mean of you or not. Which kind of agent were you, again?"

Mai: "I wasn't a honey trap, if that's what you are asking, but I did enough odd missions to pick up the strangest skills. Someday if you get married, I'll either poledance or lapdance for you at the bachelor party"

Ned: "That almost makes me want to get married, now."

Mai: "Oh, that reminds me, how is it going with Samuel and Stella?"

Ned: "You mean your friend from Utopia, right?"

Mai: "Of course."

Ned: "As far as I know, they seem to be enduring their long-distance relationship rather well."

Mai walks back and places the pizza on the low table, then goes to grab more beer off the fridge.

Ned: "So, what was that about a lap dance?"

Mai: "If you get married. But you can rest your head on my lap now if you want."

Ned: "Tempting, but I suspect you are only offering it to hog all the pizza and beer."

Mai: "Smart man."

You enjoy B-Movie night, and do end up sleeping on her lap by the end. In the morning, you are covered with a blanket and resting shoeless on the couch while Mai cooks breakfast wrapped up on a small robe.
Mai: "Good morning. Orange juice, or milk?"

Ned: "Juice. No beer for breakfast?"

Mai: "I only drink during movie night with you."

Ned: "I'm honored. So how are you enjoying your new single lifestyle."

Mai: "I miss Ami a lot, but it's about time she gets used to being on her own. This weekend she didin't even show up."

Ned: "I saw her with Eldric yesterday, you don't think...?"

Mai: "No, that seems very unlikely... which reminds me, are you really fine with this?"

Ned: "This being...?"

Mai: "Hanging out at a girl's place for beer, movie and pizza, and really only having beer, movie and pizza?"


1) Aren't you?
2) I actually am, somehow
3) Other
File: 1394040360865.jpg-(39 KB, 649x536, explain further.jpg)
39 KB
>1) Aren't you?
Yah, this is a no win situation we've boxed Ned into. Sorry Mai.

>3) Friendzone her.
Forgot name due to feeling terrible about betraying mah Mai.
2) I actually am, somehow

Ned: "Who wouldn't enjoy being friends with as hot a babe as you?"

Mai: "Hot babe, eh?"

Ned: "This IS california."

Mai: "So just friends, definitively, and you are sure?"

Ned: "Definitively, and absolutely. You are an awesome girl, but I need an awesome friend more than I need a girlfriend, right now"

Mai: "Alright, but I would have been fine being a friend with benefits, you know? I'm a big girl, Ned" -she says as you sit at the table with her and have a sip of juice

You choke on your orange juice. Your bitter, bitter orange juice.

Ned: "We can still cuddle on the couch, tho, right?"

Mai: "Oh, definitely and absolutely. What, are we made of stone or something?"

Ned: "Oh thanks God."

Mai: -laughs and bites into her toast.- "Finish breakfast and we could even have a 10 minutes cuddle session before I have to go and feed the animals."

So far, the day is off to a great start. You wave bye to Mai and drive off while she walks off to the barn, dressed in a set of work clothes much like yesterday's, her awesome figure making true everything pin up girls have promised for decades from their calendars, and feminists and critics have continuously called fake and "catering to horny men". Women CAN be strong, friendly, intelligent, and look like they came out of your dreams, at the same time.

You drive back to your place in a very, very good mood. A shower and a fresh set of clothes later, you do some exercise and catch yourself doing a series of martial art movements shirtless and in your pants after a short but intense workout.

Looking at your penthouse in the most exclusive area of town, fresh from cuddling with a impossibly hot, former secret agent redhead, and working in the most successful business in the world, owner of your very own multinational corporation, with a future that only promises good things, you have to punch yourself to make sure that yes, this is your life now.

Your phone rings. Lyann wants to know if you are going to pick her up before or after lunch, so she can either prepare a meal for two or just have something light after doing her sunday morning rituals.

Let's stop here for today, I just noticed the time. Or do you want to continue?
Well, I think we were planning for a picnic/hiking lunch in the national park, so I'd say we're getting her before lunch.

Also, I'm still good to go.
Alright, after this we go to business week again (tomorrow tho), do some stuff with the band, and check on Brass' training and status. Then(probably the day after, I mean in real time btw) check on Ami, Aura, Eldric, Okaba and Samuel, then skip if needed to another Brass fight. He's had two fights so theres only 2 weeks left until the start of the Gold division season this year.

By the way, when we get back the money from the video, don't you think maybe you should buy a house instead of living at an apartment, as luxurious as it may be? or do you enjoy living a single guy's dream?

Oh, and other than "In California, did we ever say WHERE in California we are? to know how far to the closest national park. And if you could name it for me, I would be thankful, since im not a US citizen so I dont know that info off the top of my head. Goggle doesn't quite helps. It mentions three, but since I dont know where in California they are, I cant quite say which one are we going to
Give me a minute. I've been assuming the XWF is centered in LA, but I'm pretty sure it was never stated so it'd be nice to have that confirmed. Though that would probably make it a bit difficult to make the trip to a park in a reasonable time...
Going to go with Angeles National Forest because of its proximity to the city and the fact that it looks like it should have good hiking trails and decent views. Then again, I'm from the other side of the country, so this suggestion is pretty much a shot in the dark.
>House vs. Apartment
After a lot of thought I think Ned would want to stay in the heart of the city. It's convenient for work, gives us instant access to all the amenities of urban life (restaurants, theaters, cultural events...) and I really just can't see him living in the burbs. Maybe having a second home in Malibu, but always living in the center of the action. At said, I could see need getting a larger and more family friendly multi level penthouse at some point, but not quite yet.
Okay, Sorry in advance if it seems strange, time-wise, but I have no idea how long it would be from the city to it, so let's say a couple of hours to have a time, alright?

After closing the trunk with the lunch basket into it, you open the door for Lyann and then go around the car to the driver's seat.

Ned: "A picnic basket, really?"

Lyann: "Let us hope we do not run into a smarter than average bear"

Ned: "What is that you are wearing, anyway?"

Lyann: "You like it? I used just a tiny, tiny bit of eufiber to make the elastic bits, and cotton for everything else."

She is wearing white high cut thighs with super low-waist long brown pants and hiking shoes, with a thick, and warm looking jacket getting tossed into the backseat for the length of the trip there.

Ned: "I forgot you do tailoring as well."

Lyann: "I have your sportswear ready, by the way. You can change into them next time you come to work out. I made four sets."

Ned: "That many?"

Lyann: "One is in our lunch basket so you can take it home after our walk, or change into it if you want. The others are just in case. They are all white now, but I can dye them any color you want."

Ned: "Thankyou, you didint had to do so much."

Lyann: "I'm the allergic one, remember? you are the one bothering because of me. Shall we go?"

The drive is quite enjoyable. Lyann knows about pretty much everything EXCEPT business, so you can always show off how proficient you are in your own field to her. Speaking of which, as she tells you about what sort of jobs she does, you can't help but be amazed she only owns one private island instead of a small country, but as she keeps telling you about how she does business, you decide that's not so big a mistery after all.

Ned: "You should let me handle you as more than a musician. You are really have been getting the short end of things pretty much on every deal you have told me about."
This should probably be a showy purchase though, We need to play it up for the execs at the XWF. Big manor, a couple of cars in a big garage, a number of guest bedrooms.
true. Unless Lyann whips up a SCIENCE portal.
I dont know if that's legitimate or not. she'd probably need to give some on a deal to make people want to ok it.
If Lyann whips up a science portal I'm voting we build a mansion into the side of Olypmus Mons.

Just imagine the vistas.
Or have us be her negotiator. Pretty sure we could help her our when dealing with any baseline.
>Ned: "You should let me handle you as more than a musician. You are really have been getting the short end of things pretty much on every deal you have told me about."
Ned's going to need the clone power at this rate. Unless Lyann can create some sort of Ned duplication device.

Lyann: "That would probably be too much work for a single person, Ned. I'm basically a small-town worth of people at the same time, remember?"

You give her some advice, at least. She listens to you with an interested expression, and before you know it, you are already at Angel's forest.

Ned: "Let me open the door for you."

Once you are both off the car, you stop by one of the the guard's cabins and get some brochures and maps, as well as advice and of course, notify the guard on about how long you are planning on staying, just in case you end up needing a rescue. (I was a scout, is just the right way to go about it)

There's clearly marked picnic areas, and you look around for a empty one, finding a nice glade to enjoy your meal in.

Lyann: "Thanks for inviting me, Ned. I dont actually go out that much. I mean... me, the original, you know?"

Ned: "I know. It's alright, you are a very enjoyable person to spend time with. I enjoy our workouts as well as our actual work."

Lyann: "...me too."

You eat in a somewhat awkward silence for a little bit, until a small bird lands on the table, somewhat close to her.

Ned: "He seems to have the same opinion as I do."

Lyann stretches her arm to it, holding a little bit of bread and feeding it.

Ned: "You don't have a problem with animals?"

Lyann: "No, just people... well, just normal people, I guess. Animals like me well enough."

Ned: "You aren't going to start singing, Disney-princess like to gather birds, rabbits and deers, are you?"

Lyann: "Would you like me to?" -then after a moment- "No, I very much doubt that would actually happen, but I could sing for you if you want me to. I have an idea for a song and would like some feedback about it..."

1) Ask her to sing
2) Pass on it (other people could hear her, and average humans dont react well to her. On the other side, you seem to be alone right now)
Also, i had a thought.

Ritsu, we've suspected she's a Nova but never asked her, her Sister is a Nova, yet we still havent asked her. What if she's Deeply has dormancy that we dont even question her abilities to hardly sleep and eat?

>Implying she hasnt already made a Ned body pillow
>And one for Mako
First let's get that mental partitioning think under our belt. Not sure if I'd actually be in favor of clone, I don't really want need stepping on Lyann's toes in terms of build, but I'm sure we can come up with something as effective. And if not I'll get off my high horse when the time comes, I just think there's gotta be a cooler way than borrowing someone else's shtick.
1) "Please." Ned Tier Smile.

"People, they just need to give you the time. You find your way into people."
We can talk our way out of any trouble that comes of it.
>Implying she hasnt already made a Ned body pillow
>And one for Mako
I could see that. I'm actually curious as to how many of her clones are interested in us as well.
Even though Ami can do it too?

Have we told Lyann that we've been popped up by SCIENCE? She'd probably like to hear the story about it
Now that i think about it, we're lucky we havent been jumped by Euyphy yet. Aura has given the teasing trys only because she cant help it.
Ami can't do it at the scale I think Ned would need to in order to stay ontop of Lyann's affairs. Add his XWF stable, Flux and MTV onto that...

Ned would need 10-20 Neds, or something else.
Euhry subconsciously understands that Ned would somehow talk his way into being "ON TOP!" And as we all know, Euphry is always on Top. So she's desired not to fight that losing battle, yet.
File: 1394048288277.jpg-(29 KB, 282x345, Waybetterthanabow.jpg)
29 KB
If she goes to the Silver league, she could power up enough to change that battle!
Ned's going to need to change the playing field...
I think Mako is more of the plushie, rag-doll type, tho.
>Rag Dolls of the Flux band members
Marketable as fuck

She actually does manage to attract another bird when she starts singing, but no deers or bunnies. Her voice sounds quite clear in the quietness of the forest, and right before she is done, the forest does indeed goes quiet, as if even the animals wanted to listen.

The song is a rock ballad, and she couldn't help herself, and had to do a few dance gestures (at least with her hands) while singing. It was a very beautiful and enjoyable sight.

Lyann: "At around the middle, I think Stella could use some deep sounding drums to match up with Bella's, then... Ned, are you listening?"

Ned: "Of course I am. You just looked so beautiful I was enraptured for a little bit."

The redhead blushes slightly, and acts upset because of you "teasing her like that".

Ned: "It was true, tho."

Lyann: "Well, we should go if we want to actually get to any of the most attractive spots in the park. Is why we came here, right?"

Ned: "Right."

It is a nice evening. You walk, laugh and enjoy eachother's company for several hours. It becomes apparent to you that while she is physically weaker than an average person, she is above human in both grace and endurance, easily balancing herself on top of a free-floating log while you follow her from the river's shore, then jumping off to some rocks and rejoining you.

Ned: "You could have been hurt. I thought your clones liked risks because they thought themselves temporary and expendable, but now I'm thinking it's your fault."

Lyann: "I was perfectly safe, see?" -she does a little spin to show you she's uninjured.- "But you can hold my hand if you are worried."

You sign and decide you better do, taking her hand with a firm but careful grip. As you chide her a bit on the walk back to the car, you miss how red and quiet she is the whole time.

She is back in control by the time you sit behind the wheel, tho

Double D'aww and d'oh for me failing to think of that. Well played OP.
Anon, were all those comment, yours?

The drive back is nice, but you arrive back to the city a couple of hours after sunset.

Ned: "We spent the whole day away"

Lyann: "It was rather nice. Perhaps next sunday we could do something again. Maybe the beach?"

Ned: "Isin't that too populous for you?"

Lyann: "I was thinking on renting a yatch and sailing, to be honest. I'm from a little island, remember? I can captain a small yatch just fine."

Ned: "That sounds rather interesting. I've never sailed before."

Lyann: "You'll like it, I'm sure. Do you know how to dive? I could teach you."

Ned: "I'll think about it. Don't rent the boat yet, tho. Let me see if anything pops up between here and wednesday, first."

You drive her back to her building and leave her at the elevator. She thanks you and kisses your cheek before you leave.

A few moments later, her day is uploaded into the "Lyann network".

Lyann(?): "The host had quite a day, too"

Euphry: "Did she?" -she says as she applies some baby oil-

Lyann: "Ah! that's cold!"

Euphry: "Trust me, the lube will make it better, what did she do?" -kisses her on the neck and then the shoulder

Lyann(?): "She actually dated Ned. They went for a hike on the woods and had lunch and such. And not every thick liquid is lube! For goodness sake, Euphry!" -blushing furiously-

Euphry: "It's fun more this way."

Lyann(?): "You mean funnier, and no it is not."

Euphry: "Yes it is, you blush more beautifully."

Lyann: "I think you meant most... and I do not!"

Euphry: "Does it still hurts?" -pulls back juuust a little bit

Lyann(?): "Aah! of course it hurts, I knew this was a bad idea!"

Euphry: "It'll go better soon, and you look great like that, all sweaty with my toy in you."

Lyann(?): "You mean it will get better. And I really want it out now, Euphry!"

Euphry: "Nope. It's staying. I even got you a solid gold one. No infection this way." -wipes the oil off Lyann's brand new septum ring- "You look gorgeous."
That was utterly hilarious. Good show.
No, as far as I can tell I only forgot to tag 2 of them. I talk a lot but I don't talk to myself that much.

Also, Lyann(?)+Euphry=D'aww!

Were me without name tags. The other anonymous posts aren't.

Lyann(?): "Let me see... It looks weird."

Euphry: "Gorgeous! besides, it's permanent?"

Lyann(?): "Hand me the pliers, I'll open it and take it out."

Euphry: "Cannot. I use that glue you made."

Lyann(?): "The soveign glue!? Euphry for fuck's sake!" -Euphry kisses her and pushes her down.- "Uhgg... fine, but you'll have to take your english lessons seriously now!"

Euphry: "Alstraight. But I give you mohawk now"

Lyann(?): "Alright, Euphry, not Alstraight."

Euphry: "What's that? alright you say? okay!"

Lyann(?): "EUPHRY! I can actually nerve strike you if you don't get off me right now!"

Euphry: "No, see. You care too much. Good person. Euphry wriggle lots and lots, something could go wrong, you could hurt Euphry, so you won't."

Lyann(?): "It's not fair to use yourself as a hostage"

Euphry: "Things happen as Euphry wants. Euphry on top, remember?"

Lyann(?): -sigh- "Fine. But I'm never going to upload this into the network."

Euphry: "That is fine. This moment just Euphry and Lyann's. Euphry likes that."

Lyann(?): "If you don't take your lessons seriously, I will get seriously angry."

Euphry: "You promise?"

Lyann(?): "..."

Euphry: "Lyann sooo beautiful when angry." -smiles and kisses her while holding her down

Anyway, I was thinking on this Euphry + Lyann(?) scene since last night, and wanted to get it done as a funny sidestory kind of thing. I think I should archive the thread for now. Do you guys want a sidestory thing for any other characters?
Ami's date?
The E+L(?) scene was excellent. Perfect balance of humor and intimacy. If we do the plushies (how am I kidding, we're doing the plushies) we're going to have to do a Lyann(?) chibi version if she ends up getting featured on Euphry's show.

I think we should tease it out of her in character myself.
I was thinking of that as well.
It would probably not be vry funny. They (Ami and Eldric) would probably go out to the beach, plazas, malls, movie theaters, then he would leave her at her apartment and they would agree to meet again next week. Eldric is quite conservative and taking things slowly since he really likes Ami and wants to ease her into a relationship at her own pace.

Euphry and Lyann(?) is a completely different situation since Euphry is all about jumping into things with both feet together and without a safety net or parachute, and the Lyann clones are all at least a little bit nihilistic, since they know that they are, well, clones. Created by the literal pack of a couple hundred at the time, at the low low price of 1 Quantum Point, so they hold on to their only purpose in life, which is learning and experiencing new things and sharing them on their Quantum Psychic Link Network. It is pretty inevitable that their relationship would move at light speed from the moment it started. Specially since Euphry has probably made it clear more than a few times (like she just did again) that she wants -her-, the Lyann that is with her, and wants to make lots of experiences that are just of the two of them, so she gives Lyann(?) a new and different sense of worth and validation. So basically they both need eachother, and with one moving things along as fast as she can all the time, and the other trying to learn/experience as many things as possible, their relationship could do nothing but move along at insane speed.

Which gives me an idea. What if one of those three Lyann(?)s living with other people, dies? say, in an airplane accident. What would the heartbroken husband(wife?)/boyfriend/etc do if there was a plentiful supply of Lyann(?)s around? not to mention the original.
I find it amusing that no one cares that we are sorta dating two woman at once. Granted, Lyann is sort of in multiple relationships, and its probably genuinely never occurred to Mako that she should be so selfish and mean as to insist that Lyann doesn't get to enjoy herself with Mister Salter as well. That would make people sad after all.
We're just lucky the tabliods have hit us yet about it.

I suppose the handy thing about Lyann being repulsive to baselines means no camera jockys want to stalk outside her home.
File: 1394052076142.jpg-(319 KB, 700x979, MaiGrowsOutHerHair.jpg)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
>Can't participate anymore because of work hours conflicting
>Guys voting to sideline Mai while I am unable to stop it.
My frustration knows no bounds.
To be fully honest, I think Mako sees Ned as a really fun friend that sometimes makes her feel funny. Between taking care of a couple hundred orphan children, her work and charity activities, she probably never had time for a relationship before. Not to mention the chinese secret service shooing away any potential suitors.

But you make a interesting point, if a triangle IS formed, I think Mako's heart is big enough to accept it.
Another interesting question is what Lyann would do. Would she try to replace the clone with another (there's a old joke in this country about parents replacing their young children's pet rodents or fish when they die to shield them from the horrors of death)? Would she or another clone attend the funeral to offer support? Would there be a body left behind for such services to begin with? Would she freak out because this has never happened before and she doesn't know how to handle it at all?

There are a lot of interesting questions you can work with on both sides of that equation. Just saying.
Kinda sucks, but this is kinda the second time we've voted to do this.
Ned would simply politely ask them to respect our privacy and not publish the story. His diplomacy skills really are that good.
Both of which I haven't been able to participate in.
Makes you feel any better, i was worried to start about starting any relationship's with the girls. Since they're effectively immortal and we were a baseline human.

Being Superior extends our life to be more like a beloved dog instead of a shortlived fish.
To begin with, the problems started when she got to the point where her clones are permanent instead of lasting a few seconds.

And it probably got worse when they got "linked" together.

It is a different thing to know you are just a quantum phantom that has a very specific single purpose and will evaporate into nothingness in a couple of seconds, and know you are a quantum phantom that can evaporate into nothingness whenever your "host" so decides, and that you are otherwise permanent.

As for Lyann, I think she would probably make another clone, but not as a "spare tire" for the relationship since she does give the clones some autonomy, and does respect them as people. BUT they are still also a tool with a purpose, so yeah, she would make another clone but it would have the same "learn and craft" single command that all the others have.

Also, I just pictured Ned and Mai cuddling on the couch... it's gonna take an iron-like willpower to keep it from going into 1st, 2nd, or maaaaaaybe even 3rd base. Tho I am fairly sure they were both clear it would never get to a home run.

It might be fun on its own right, poking fun and teasing each other.

Ami walks in and finds Mai sitting cowgirl style on Ned's lap, wearing her short bath robe, with it pulled up and Ned groping her sister's thighs and bottom.

Ami: "Wrong address, sorry" -leaves-
That is, I'm afraid the nature of the beast. Having endless revotes on this subject would be a terrible idea.
We are effectively a full Nova at this point, and in some ways an extremely powerful one. It would also cost something like 5 XP for immortality.
Actually it would be more like

Ami: "OhGodwrongaddresssorry!" -leaves-

It has been brought to my attention that what the "bases" are is not clear... anywhere, so I thought I should define them just for future reference.

First base = kissing.
Second base = petting above the waist.
Third base = petting below the waist. A friend is insisting oral sex goes here, as well.
Home run = sexual intercourse

Man you USians really love baseball, don't you?
....ok, that has to happen at some point....

You're killing me here OP! Making it very hard not to set up a loose harem instead of sticking with Lyann.
>Also, I just pictured Ned and Mai cuddling on the couch... it's gonna take an iron-like willpower to keep it from going into 1st, 2nd, or maaaaaaybe even 3rd base. Tho I am fairly sure they were both clear it would never get to a home run.

That should only make it EASIER to get into 1st and 2nd base since both of them are clear where the limits are.
You know, over here we have one less base, then. Kissing is a very common greeting between friends of different gender, here.
>..ok, that has to happen at some point....
which part? one of the three (four? if we include Euphry's) independent clones dying? that's kind of mean...
Shit, I meant, which part, killing one of the... etc, or the Mai and Ned fooling around on the couch?
I don't, but yeah some of us do.
eh, I'm cool with it. It pretty decent sense character wise, and dodging waifu wars is generally a good thing.
We're freakishly uptight about sex while being really casual about violence. I have no idea why.
Ned and Mai fooling around. It was a comment mostly lamenting my not pushing harder for starting something with Mai before we expanded the cast of characters because, while I like Lyann more, I don't like Mai any less.

Just complaining, which is a complement to your skills at breathing life into these characters. Don't mind me.
Heh, I just got this idea...

As Ned approaches to knock at the frame of the open door, he notices the floor is covered with feathers.

Ned: "Mai, is everything alright?"

She is standing behind the kitchen/bar counter, with a expression of exasperation on her. Her hair tied up and hidden under a colorful handkerchief, tied behind her head. She is wearing working overall's and a shirt, and somehow making the simple clothes look stunning on her.

Mai: "Yes, everything is alright. Is just that Queen's teeth are coming in and she's gone through every chew toy I could think of, plus most of the pillows on the first floor. Come on in."

Ned: "Okay. So what are you doing?"

Mai: "Just having a snack before cleaning this place. I finally tied a blanket to an extra log of those I use for the fences, wrapped mash wire around it and taught her to use it as a chew toy."

Ned: "Let me give you a hand..." -he says while picking up a broom (by this point Ned is familiar enough with Mai's place to know where most things are)

Mai: "That won't work. They are much too light for that, and the vacuum cleaner would choke and die"

Ned: "You have a good piece of property, we could just blow them out either door into the "yard" and be done with it."

Mai: "No way. These are artificial feathers, I dont want any of the dogs or anything else to eat them. I even gave Queen a stomach wash."

Ned: "You gave the mini T-Rex a stomach wash? that cannot have been easy."

Mai: "Nor fun for anyone involved. Trust me on that. But at least she won't chew on the pillows ever again."

Ned: "Can I use one of your sheets? I have an idea."

Ned makes them into a loose pile and then stretches the sheet over them, letting it fall gently on them so the feathers don't get spread out again.

Ned: "There! a beanbag couch." -he says as he pulls the corners of the sheets close to eachother and ties them together- "This thing is actually pretty sturdy."
Lyann just has that tragedy thing that i like. People dont like her, hate her even, anything she's tried has been attacked by critics and reviewers overly harshly, and she cant sit down and hash it out because her presence repulses any baseline she talks to.

>Likely why she's cued into that we're a Nova, since we just accepted her easy.
>"There! A beanbag couch."
I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with Ned for coming up with that or with Mai's bed for having such large sheets.
Fuck my life I was done typing the whole post when the captcha changed,. I tried to erase the captcha to type in the new one, and it went back to the previous page and deleted the post. Hold on, rewriting a max-length post
Yeah, at this point if I have anything long to write I you whatever word processor is native to the devise I'm using, then past it into the post window. 4chan just fucks up too frequently.

That said, thanks for finishing despite the frustration. Even if I'm routing for NedxLyann I'm a pretty big fan of him and Mai.
Of course I forgot my name...

Mai: "I'm amazed, Ned. I did not know you had such useful house skills."

Ned: "You know me, Ned Salter, manager, promoter, entrepreneur, businessman, pillow maker."

Mai: "Alright, let me change out of these and we'll give it a try."

The "couch" is actually pretty nice, but you have to re-stuff it when the sheet comes undone, once. This time you tie it with your tie to keep it closed, and test it by squeezing and punching it a little bit.

Mai: "Is it a bad couch, mister Salter? why are you punishing it so?" -she says in a child-like tone, as she steps down from the second floor, her bright hair slightly humid still, the whole of her shining with that "fresh out of the shower" glow as she comes down in her short white bath robe.

Ned: "Just testing its stuffing."

Mai: "Well, let's give it a try. What did you got tonight?"

Ned: "The thing from the Black Lagoon parts one to four, the whole Jaws saga, and the attack of the 50ft tall woman, all three versions of it."

Mai: "Sound like a parade of movie disasters."

Ned: "Glorious, isin't it?"

You sit down on the impromptu couch with her, and gravity does its work to pull you together. You instinctively look to the side when she does, and when she looks back towards you the two of you are gazing into eachother.

Mai: "And they find themselves looking into eachother's eyes, their lips less than a few inches away, and the audience goes "will they? will they not?" again"

Ned: "Tnat is certainly an old cliche"

Mai: "Besides, they.always.do.in.the.end"

Indeed, you begin leaning towards eachother, both of you getting unmistakable ready for the kiss when Mai turns around. You have been her friend for a while now, but you still can't quite figure out how she does to know when someone is about to reach the house.

Mai: "Pizza is here" -she stands up and goes towards the door.

Ned: -a few minutes later- "That kid got quite the tip, uh?"

Mai: "Well, he did drive all the way out here, you know?" -she says as she walks past by you on the way to the kitchen, carrying the small tower of pizzas.

Ned: "I wasn't talking about the money."

Mai: "Oh, you know I only try to be nice to a developing young man. And... yes! the pizzas have extra everything again!" -she declares with a cutesy little cry that reminds you that yes, she and Ami ARE twins after all.-

Ned: "That, and you tend to walk on the balls of your feet."

Mai: "Right. Ami and I both do that, it's a family thing, apparently."

Ned: "And from down on the ground level, right before the steps leading to the house, one can really appreciate that."

Mai: "Uhmm? you like them leggy, Ned?"

Ned: "You do have gorgeous legs, but I was referring to how your robe is just a inch too short when looked at from a lower point of view when you walk."

Mai: "Ned!!" -she actually blushes bright red. It is the 1st time you've seen her do that in the time you've known her- "All my robes are this length!"

Ned: "I know."

Mai: "I happen to like kicking while fighting, they're this short for a reason!"

Ned: "Whatever the reason, allow me to thankyou on behalf of both myself and the pizza delivery boy."

Mai: "..."

Ned: "Besides, It's not my first time around such beautiful sights, remember?"

Mai: "But I'm not a nudist!" -she's had Bella for a sleepover already

Ned: "And..."

Mai: "What is it?" -ice dripping off her voice

Ned: "You really enjoy having a bath before movie night."

Mai: "Of course...?"

Ned: "Then you come down from t--"

Mai: "From the top of the stairs to the second floor" -she ends for you, the brightest shade of red you've seen a person get. She actually hides her face, acting surprisingly girly, for a change.- "Oh my god"

Ned: "I thought you were just being playful"

Mai: "Oh.My.God"

Ned: "You did just walk back and forth in front of me just now..."

Mai: "Earth, swallow me now!"

Ned: "C'mon, it's not so bad... I've always enjoyed astronomy... watching the stars, the planets... the moons."

Mai: "Ned! Oh my God I can't believe you! You knew, all this time and you never said anything!"

Ned: "How was I supposed to know you didin't know? I thought it was you playing your femme fatale persona as a way to tease me every time."

Mai: -sigh- "You know what, forget it, just forget it, I can't believe it, I just can't. Please never talk about it again, I'll do anything, just... don't ever mention it. Ever. EVER. Alright?"

Ned: "But it's such great material! and you look beautiful when you are blushing."

Mai: "Ned I'll do anything I swear to God just don't ever mention this again."

Ned: "Really?"

Mai: "Really."

Ned: "Don't change." -you say with a wolfish smile

Mai: "Uhmm?"

Ned: "Stay in the robe until morning, and I'll never talk about it again. Swear to God. Boyscout promise. Word of honor" -you say trying damnedest hard to stay serious-

Mai: "You will never mention this."

Ned: "Not to a soul. I swear. Not even if they torture me"

Mai: "Alright. Come get your pizza."

Ned: "But you always bring it over to the table. I said don't change. Things have to go as usual, you can't kill movie night traditions."

Mai: "Fine. But I swear I'll get even for this, somehow."

She cuts the pizzas and makes a small tower with the slices, then starts carrying them to the table as usual, except her face flinches with pain.

Ned: "You are forcing yourself to support the whole feet, aren't you?"

Mai: "..."

Ned: "If it's a family thing, it is probably physiological, don't force it or you0ll hurt yourself."

Mai: "Don't worry about it" -she says between her teeth.

She places the pizzas on the table, the gesture rising the back of the robe a little as she tries to lean down by bending her knees rather than her back.

Ned: "That's really unnecessary, you are facing towards me anyway."

Mai: "Now scoot over."

Ned: "You forgot the beers."

Mai: "I had no idea you were such a sadist"

Ned: "Don't worry, I'm not even looking." -you playfully cover your eyes with your hands, leaving the typical, wide gap between your fingers.

She harrumphs and walks towards the fridge. As she is about to reach it, she gives a sharp little cry and falls over.

Of course you rush over to her. She has a pain-filled face and as you guessed, her feet cramped up.

You find her lying down on the floor and immediately pick her up and carry her to the couch, setting her down.

Ned: "I told you not to force it!"

Mai: "I'm fine, it'll go away!"

Ned: "I'm fine my ass, you are a tough girl, and you cried all the same."

Mai: "I did not cry!"

Ned: "Alright." -you sit down on the floor and grab one of her feet, starting to rub it gently.- "You have really small feet."

Mai: "Some people think that a charm point on a girl."

Ned: "It wasnt a complain." -you squeeze it firmly, then gently, repeating several times until she seems better. "Now the other one."

Mai: -more calm- "Seriously Ned, all this time, about half the time I'm wearing one of these robes during our movie night."

Ned: "Uh hu..."

Mai: "So that's why you looked so embarrased. And here I thought you were naturally shy."

Ned: "Can't be shy in my business."

Mai: "Yeah, I thought as much. Is why it seemed so weird to me... so... you were affected all that much?"

Ned: "You are quite stunning, and I thought you were teasing or punishing me after we said we'd stay as friends."

Mai: "Really? so I was punishing you with a free look at what you were missing on?" -smiles, back to her cool self

Ned: "It was working, too. It certainly filled me with regret"

Mai: "Regret, uh? my feet are fine now, thanks."

Ned: "No problem. Stay where you are and I'll fetch the beers."

You grab the beers and go back to the "couch.". Sliding in next to Mai, you hand her one and open one for yourself as the movie starts. As the night goes on, both of you place the previous events behind you...

Mai: "So, you were really..."

Ned: "Yup, kicked myself over it plenty of times. But I still think it was the right thing to do."

Mai: "I see. Raise your arm."

Ned: "Why?"

Mai: "We always cuddle during movie night. You said don't change, right?"

Ned: "...right"

Mai gets under your arm, and you enjoy JAWS (the original) like that. The couch just seems to push you together, and before you realize, she is practically on top of you, albeit not quite, just yet.

Mai: "Don't move so much."

Ned: "I'm trying to adjust"

Mai: "Why, what's wrong with things right now?" -as you look at her to answer, you both realize how close you are, again.

Only this time you are lying down together, and she has a soft, bare leg over your waist while you hold her under your arm, and this time there's no pizza coming.

By the time JAWS 3 ends, you remember nothing about the movie itself, but it will long live in Ned Salter's Movie Hits library, for personal reasons.

You are caressing the girl's flawlessly soft, pale skin while your lips meet again and again. her robe long ago having come undone, albeit neither one of you has done anything to pull it open. Your hand just naturally finds its way under its folks...

Mai: "We are still in the friendzone, right?"

Ned: "Right."

Mai: "Just checking."

Ned: "A friendzone with two bases."

Mai: "Alright"
...I'm waiting for Mai to clarify whether Ned means second base, or sloppy second...
The credits roll over, and the holo goes quiet, just the barest white glow illuminating the room as your hand slips further down along her waist.

Euphry: "Popcorn, do we have any?"

Aura: "Here, have some of mine"

Lyann(?): "For God's sake, be quiet!" -whispers-

Mai practically teleports to her feet WHILE retying her robe.

Mai: "What the hell!?"

Aura: "That's a nice friendzone you have there."

Euphry: "We're friends too, right?"

Lyann(?): "Told you to stay quiet"

Mai: "What ARE you doing here!?"

Aura: "We came to pick up something for Ami while she's in Peru again. She asked for th-"

Ned: "Jesus. How didint you notice them?"

Mai: "The system can tell friend and foe, and if there are weapons, explosives, or even edge or blunt weapons before deciding to warn me... that doesn't really matters now. Out, out the lot of you!"

Euphry: "But we are friends, too!"

Aura: "Aww...!"

Lyann(?): "Sorry we interrupted" -she says as she makes it towards the door- "I was just trying to drag them away."

Mai: "Fine, just... never say a word to Anyone. Not.A.Word. Or I'll kill you! Specially to Ami!"

Aura: "Alright, alright!"

They leave after grabbing Ami's extra baggage, which she forgot when she left for the aurport.
Poor neddy, sitting there on his magic fluff beanbag, his tie removed, Blushing to his Ears.

He may be unable to form a coherent response
Even I'm not sure what you meant. Then again im not a native english speaker.

Ned: "Well, that was unexpected."

Mai: "If they ever say anything to Ami, I'll kill them!"

Ned: "Please don't"

Mai: -sighs- "I don't mean literally, Ned."

They stare at eachother for a while, then Ned moves to program a new series of movies in the holo.

Mai: "What are you doing?"

Ned: "We still have 4 movies"

Mai: "Seriously, you want to continue where we left?"

Ned: "Not exactly where we left. I just want to finish the movies. And we have a small tower of cold pizza to go with them."

Mai: "Alright, alright, hold on, I'll heat them up."


Euphry: "We really tell noone?" -from the backseat of the car-

Lyann(?): -driving- "Of course we shouldn't. We have to respect their privacy."

Aura: "Besides, a single image is worth a thousand words" -she says with a smile as she holds up her datapad

Euphry: "So how much is a holo worth?"

Aura: "Let's ask Ned for a raise, and find out."
There are two base systems, standard and sloppy. The latter is less tame.
She'll get her raise alright.She'll also end up in some Highly outmatched Silver matches, and you can be Sure we're going to fit her in a Stifling tight and grey pantsuit, made to sit through a long, Drawn out, economic seminar over what she can do with her additional funds.

Do Not blackmail the Ned
Well, that's it. I'm not sure if it should be "canon" or not. If it is, should it be the new assumed standard for movie night in the future? And if it is, Im thinking next week Ned will find Mai replaced both loveseats and her couch with actual beanbag chairs. And she kept the robe, but neither one of them ever said anything about it ever again, except she now waits until AFTER the pizza arrives to shower
Course it should be.

We are only a man, we cannot withstand the robe, the redhead, the cuddles
I'm fine with it being cannon. Of course, when they show up with the picture they get massacred by Ned's social assault.
Implying those conferences wont end up full of love-drunk economists fighting for her favours.

But seriously, I doubt she would actually blackmail Ned. Tease him about it? most definitively
Are we able to Social Fu Aura?
I believe so. We'd win initiative and then do an absurd amount of damage with our diplomacy roll.
I'd find it more amusing that it would escalate more and more each time they get caught.

"What exactly were you doing dressed up like Corbin and Leeloo Dallas?"
that would be a bit weird. I mean, they are still just friends.
We have /all/ the unaired footage from her show, so yes we can social fu her.
Her Social Fu is stronger than Ned's, tho.

Lyann(?): "What's this?"

Euphry: "Gift"

Lyann(?): "It's not my birthday"

Euphry: "Does no matter"

Lyann(?): -opens it- "It's a bath robe." -Euphry nods- "A really short one"

Euphry: "Gift"

Lyann(?): "I already have two bathrobes."

Euphry: "Euphry burnt those"

Lyann(?): "What... why?"

Euphry: "Gift. Go take shower."

Lyann(?): -sigh- "Fine..."

By the time she comes out of the shower (the robe is actually two inches too short) she finds that Euphry managed to replace their bed with a large beanbag-like thing in black leather.

Lyann(?): "Oh for the love of...!" -facepalms- "So that's what you were thinking about. And that's why you gave me a gift robe"

Euphry: "Euphry never said it was Lyann's gift. This is Euphry's gift for Euphry. Now you cum here" -she pulls her by the robe and throws her on the beanbag bed.

Lyann(?): "Euphry! I can't believe you! and it's you come here, not you cum here!"

Euphry: "Euphry make flawless english. You cum -here-" -she says as she points at the bed with a general gesture- "Flawless english"

Lyann(?): "EUPHRY!"

Euphry: "Euphry on top!" -she cries out happily
So glad we picked Euphry. Best crazy antiestablishment Russian!
Ned's social fu is more divers tho'
>Euphry: "Euphry make flawless english. You cum -here-" -she says as she points at the bed with a general gesture- "Flawless english"

I just visualized a Mortal Kombat fight end with a bodiless voice shouting "Finish Her!" at the end of their frolicking, and then Euphry celebrating with her arms up as the voice says "Flawless, vic-- english!"
I'm just glad she found something to distract herself with.

Provided she doesnt become Yandere if we go with Lyann
That seems kinda unlikely. She was just told that Lyann and Ned went on a date. Speaking of, Lyann will certainly hear of this. In fact, can we get that reaction?
And by this I mean Ned and Mai's movie night.
Only doubt I have is if she considers the Lyann clones as sisters or as the exact same person. Im thinking sisters, tho, since she doesn't treats Lyann the same way.

Also, would her "picking up" another clone add to the humour value (in a "Euphry got Gift, again!" way), or cheaped what is a funny AND cutesy relationship (at least I find it cutesy), but then again, people in love always seem cute to me.

,,,would the other Lyann(¿) also be given a mohawk, or maybe a spikey hair style? or a full shave, or had her air just cropped -really- short and fluffy?

What, you actually want to make this canon? because I tried to keep it worksafe and funny, but I imagine that if we were going to make it canon, a few things would be different. They would probably Go straight through first base at the beginning of each movie night in the future, and end up solidly in second (if not third) by the end of it. Also, if anyone hurts Ned. they die
>Also, if anyone hurts Ned. they die
Its not like attacking Ned was particularly safe before. We've effectively got enough firepower to take out Team Tomorrow Central rather handily.
Depends, hows it hurt our chances with LyannxMako?
Nah, I loved it, but it shouldn't be cannon. Maybe as a dream Ned had during movie night, but not as an actual happening.
Honestly I think Lyann wouldn't mind. Being with her is the very definition of a polyamorous relationship. Just wait until monday, when she "updates" the Lyann Network and exchanges memories and experiences with the clones. Next time Ned shows up, they'll all be skittish around him because they'll all have a thing for him.

I don't think Mako's heart holds things such as jealousy or greed, to be honest. It would really depend on Ned, how he presents and explains things, and if HE wants to have what type of relationship with whom.

Ugh, I really really hate the "and then you wake up, it was all a dream!" cliche.

If you want to have it as canon, I would just change the ending. But hold on, back in 5 minutes.
>Next time Ned shows up, they'll all be skittish around him because they'll all have a thing for him.

For some reason though, i feel like Lyann would feel some reservations with updating that Lyann after the first couple refreshes.

The Mako bit though? "Wait, so when you watch movies with her you do those things? C-can you d-d-d-do them with... Me?"
Uhmm... im not sure if she has it in her to be so direct, but maybe she's like to hold hands for a entire movie. I think Ned should choose GOOD romancy movies and sit through them with the stoicism of a man with purpose. You know, give her ideas.

Mako: "Why DO people kiss that way so much?"

Ned: "To show that they love and care for eachother."

Mako: "Really?"

Ned: "Yes"

****5 minutes later****

Mako: "I... I love a-and care for you, m-mister Salter" -softly

It can snowball from there. That does seem Mako.like, to me

Anyway, typing. And I still dont get what somewhat meant by sloppy second in this context
I think sloppy seconds are having sex with someone after they have already had sex with someone else.
Second base - petting above the waist
Sloppy second - kissing/suckling above the waist
Third base - petting below the waist (hand jobs)
Sloppy third - oral sex

I've never heard any consensus on what would constitute sloppy first (probably kissing with tongue, but that's just assumed in the standard system at this point) or sloppy home (I've hear anal proposed but there was not agreement with that as a definition).

Book's right about the term 'sloppy seconds' though.

Ned's hand softly caressing her curves on its way down, reaching her shapely bottom while they kiss and lay against each other in the warm comfort of the improvised beanbag. Ned's heavier frame naturally sinks further down, at the same time pushing Mai on top of him so she's lying face down against him while they playfully kiss and caress.

She moves a little bit lower, starting to lick and kiss at his chin like a kitten would, her hands insinuating under the edge of his shirt to help him take it off.

Come morning, he's still lying under Mai, wearing naught but his pants, while the beauty is completely out of her small robe, her lovely figure resting gently on top of his.

Mai: "Morning" -she says with a beautiful smile as she blushes

Ned: "Oh shit"

Mai: "Not the reaction I'm used to, I assure you."

Ned: "I'm sorry, i meant... what did we... "

Mai: "Relax Ned, we are still in the friendzone, alright?"

Ned: "This has to be the oddest definition I've ever seen of it."

Mai: "Times are changing. It can be OUR definition for it, if you want it to"

Ned: "I... I... I don't want to take advantage of you, Mai. I really love being your friend."

Mai: "Don't give yourself so much credit, Ned. As far as I'm concerned, everything according to to plan."

Ned: "Wh-?"

She lifts herself slightly, just enough to rub against him on her way to kiss him.

Mai: "Now, you can either push me off, or hug me, and we can continue where we left."

Ned: "Mai, really, i-"

Mai: "I know, friendzone, right? so let's play, friend."

Ned laughs and kisses her as he holds her. They enjoy each other for a short while, before she eventually gets off him. She does have early, morning duties and chores, after all.

She dressed back on her robe, and helps him up.

Mai: "So..."

Ned: "So...?"

Mai: "How many bases do you want to play with?"

And I think that's a more likely ending. Plus it lets you guys choose how it will go in the future,

Oh, thanks. So it breaks what I thought as just 2nd and 3rd into 2 subcategories.
Can't argue with that. Not sure how this is going to jive with timeline, but it'll be fun figuring it out.

Im thinking that, thanks to double standards being what they are, it could probably be still considered safe pretty much whatever happens as long as Ned's pants stay on, if you know what I mean.

Anyway I cant believe we went on this all day. I had stuff to do today
Never much of a baseball fan Mai, Lets, stay where we are.

For now? Lets try not to hurt anyone, either or us, Ami, anyone.
Pretty sure that wasn't a choice yet. Just a look into the future.
Mai: "I'll recalibrate the system so it has mode where it tells me whenever anyone is coming close, at all, just in case. Also, you should make sure any decent movies are the first on the holo's playlist."

Ned: "Uhmm?"

Mai: "I do actually want to watch movies, you know? But I wouldnt mind so much about missing the bad ones."

Ned: "Oh, right. Alright."

Eh, we can just assume "and now X happens" later. I see no problem with planning ahead for it. Like I was saying, I think that as long as Ned's pants stay on, it should be okay.
>I had things to do today
Um, oops? Sorry King, hopefully nothing was missed that couldn't wait til tomorrow. And thanks for putting in so much work today, it was a real blast.

9th captcha attempt and counting...
Only thing Im really worried about is that maybe I misplayed Mai's worldly experience and decisiveness as horniness. I just wanted to play her as experienced, smart, and sure of what she wants.

And I would like it if someone commented on how far you think they should go. It makes me feel pervy when noone answers, like Im the only one who could even think about such a thing.

Also, noone said anything about the idea on Euphry getting another Lyann(?).

Anyway, like I said, I was thinking that for tomorrow we should start another business day, and go about it by talking with Brass on his training. I spent his 24 exp on hp, bought 16 more hp.
>the idea on Euphry getting another Lyann(?).
Well, it keeps her from attacking us, and her from destroying grand swaths of downtown.
File: 1394069630272.gif-(1.67 MB, 193x241, NedDecidesToBecomeAStereo(...).gif)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB GIF
Eh, I don't care too much how far we go. Honestly, if we could make the whole romance bit a side thing rather than a main thing, as it distracts from my need of rampant capitalism.
> How far should it go
As long as it develops naturally as an extension of the friendship and they maintain clear boundaries, I'm fine with them getting to home base if that's appropriate. That said, I'd say somewhere around third for now.

>Euphry's expanding Lyann(X) Harem
I really like her being with just Lyann(?) for now, but I do expect her to slowly acquire more over time and for her to treat each as a unique individual. To put each into slightly (or majorly) different roles, but to care deeply about each in turn. Or for the whole situation to blow up in her face.

Those are my opinions anyway.
File: 1394070453899.jpg-(15 KB, 300x300, stylish mohawk 001.jpg)
15 KB
>I really like her being with just Lyann(?) for now, but I do expect her to slowly acquire more over time and for her to treat each as a unique individual. To put each into slightly (or majorly) different roles, but to care deeply about each in turn.

I like your ideas. That is what I was thinking, as well. Never did I saw she would just go throw pokeballs to catch them all

Also I looked for stylish mohawks for Lyann(?) since she is meant to be a exact copy of Lyann, and with app and mega app 7, that should mean her looks are off the scale, and Euphry being an artist, I imagine she actually went with the mohawk to enhance her beauty rather than just trash it. Like I said, I like them being cute to eachother
File: 1394070708592.jpg-(18 KB, 300x300, stylish mohawk 002.jpg)
18 KB
Some look really high fashion-like
File: 1394070823775.jpg-(11 KB, 236x314, stylish mohawk 003.jpg)
11 KB
That reminds me, I was thinking on expanding Lyann's powers since she has so much Quantum low level powers would be really cheap for her. For example, one (1) dot in armor. Was thinking in having her hair grow into weapons or shields as needed, Millia Rage-like
This one. Sold. Lock it in. Don't need to see any more (though you should probably still post them in case anyone else wants to chime in).

Voting for this one.
I like this one because its not shaved, just pinned up.
File: 1394071175004.jpg-(49 KB, 540x900, stylish mohawk 004.jpg)
49 KB
(This is the ugliest one Im willing to go with, and only because of the double mohawk seeming like a funny thing)

Still, maybe she shouldnt get any new stuff of the FX type and just continue to get skills/abilities instead
...forgot name...

Also, captcha's killing me tonight.
>I like this one because its not shaved, just pinned up.
I assume you've never caressed a girl's bald head. Its funny how tact and sight often do not agree on what's nice.
Oh fuzzy is nice, its a shaved girl can't put her hair down in the shower.
I'm sold. Still has enough punk.
I know, right? like I said, those are the best I found
Good point

Anyway what do you think? should Lyann get -some- self defense abilities, or just continue down the 100% academic route?

I was thinking in four enhancements that are either complimentary, or required, skill tree style, for eachother

I dont remember the names off hand so lets call them A B C and D ok?

A Lets you remember EVERYTHING but you can only learn stuff at normal speed. For example if you look at a phonebook's page just by flipping them, you couldnt remember them, but if you took the time to actually READ the phonebook, you would

B lets you memorize huge amounts of info, but only for a short time. For example you can just flip through the phonebook's pages and memorize everything, but it would fade away after a few hours.

Obviously A and B are complimentary

C lets you fuse and upgrade them. You get a bonus to each, making them stronger, and you make them both into passive enhancements, meaning they are always "on" at no quantum cost

D asks for all the above, but gives you Quantum Memory, meaning you can rewind or fast forward through your memory as if it was a super high quality holo, pause it, and even walk inside the events, spin them, etc. It even rebuilds events behind you thanks to "chaos theory", letting you essentially "see in 360°" if with a thousandth of a second of delay, and remember events that were happening around you without your involvement as long as they were within reach of some of your senses. For example you could, in your memories, step out of your room and go into the room next door as a murder happens, and see who did it, because you heard the event so your Quantum Memory rebuilt the event.

Then there's lots and lots and looooooots of enhancements to invent stuff. Enhancements that give you more dice when inventing things, or whenever you roll engineering or science, or whenever you participate on a group's effort to design/craft something.
There was that enhancement that turns an extended action into a simple one. Good for meditating and doing SCIENCE! faster when throwing more people at the problem won't work.

But when it comes to science problems, Lyann works pretty much like the imperial guard, only that instead of throwing bodies at them until the enemy tanks get stuck on the corpses, she throws hot redheads until they SCIENCE! the problem down

Also I like the idea that the real reason Euphry gave Lyann(?) a mohawk and a septum ring was to help her stand out from the others
I think she'll probably end up getting some self defense knowledge from Lyann(?) and any other Euphry Lyanns - there's just no way Euphry could having around someone that long without making sure they knew how the throw a proper punch - but by the same token I don't think she'd be able to apply it that effectively. Bear with me.

My idea is that the longer Lyann(?) hangs out with Euphry, the further she's going to physically diverge from the baseline. Part of that's going to be the Mohawk, piercings, tattoos, alcohol and recreational drug use (unless she has the metabolism to handle that), but another part is going to be Lyann(?) putting on more muscle since Euphry's keeping her very physically active and out of the lab's sedentary environment. Also, she's a rodie now, she's going to end up schlepping heavy equipment. So Lyann's going to learn how to brawl from Lyann(?), but she might not have the body to make use of that.

If Lyann does pick up any defense abilities on her own, I'm guessing they'll be dodge/movement based. But I think she'll always prefer to focus on academics.

>Options A, B, C and D
Makes sense to me. Should be easy to implement and slowly developing a holographic memory suites the path we're leading Ned down.
Right, but there is such a thing as diminishing returns. There are situations where one person working super fast is much faster than any practical number of people working in concert.
Wait, can't the Lyann()s chose to connect and communicate thought the collective in real time? What's stopping them from forming local hive minds to boost their raw processing power or better work in parallel? Not necessarily disagreeing, just saying I can see ways around what you're arguing.
Because that would take more Lyanns and might not work at all. Plus, to activate it only costs one quantum (which she isn't short on). Also is she combos it with that recovery method Brass uses, with the condition being doing SCIENCE!, she can have the enhancement on all her clones, all the time.
>(unless she has the metabolism to handle that
Clone is a stamina-based power. Her Stamina is 5 Mega Stamina 5. Plus that way she can SCIENCE! for weeks without sleep

Also, remember Lyann IS a Tai chi/Qi Meng master. Tho she learnt them as a exercise and a way to stay healthy than as a combat style, so Im thinking she has all the healing, and self-repair abilities and nearly none of the aggressive ones.

Also I meant for Lyann, Ned cant get all those enhancements since you can only get one per mega int dot and he already has a couple.

And sadly, while Lyann does have the fast learner to make extended skill checks into normal ones, the rules on making gadgets work more or less like this
Lets say shes making a self-driving system for cars so they can finally drive themselves
Want to add an ability dot in drive? up to (Lyann's Quantum -1) it costs you one success. She has Drive btw. It is more expensive if you want to use skills or powers you dont have

Want the device to have some dexterity, I assume? same cost. So lets say she gets it dex and drive 7 each, at a cost of 14 successes.

Then she needs to give it a Success Pool. Her self driving system has a 14d10 die pool, but NONE OF ITS DICE CAN BE A SUCCESS. You need Success Levels for that.

Now, success levels cost 2 per success level up to (her Quantum -1), so it costs her 14 successes to raise it to 7. Then 4 more to go to (her Quantum) so 18 successes to get to success pool 8. Then each extra success level after that (up to her Quantum x2) DOUBLES the number of science or engineering successes you need, so to get success level 9 she needs 36... to get 10 she needs 72/ to get 11 she needs 144. That means that up to 11 dice on her steering system can be successes, out of its 14d10 dice pool

Then you add it all.
14 dice pool / 14 successes
11 success levels /144 successes
She needs 158 total successes in science or engineering to make her auto-driving device, and here's the bitch...
The problem is that the item crafting rules especifically say that you MUST spend an amount of time equal to the amount of successes needed in engineering or science to craft a device. Literally "It is assumed that the gadgeteer spends the extra time giving finishing touches to the gadget. Choosing an attractive shape, case, color, anything." So even if she manages to get the 144 engineering successes she would need for her auto driving system in a single day, the rules say she is still forced to spend 144 hours on it.

So fucking annoying. Also, its amazing how it is QUANTUM that defines how good a gadgeteer you are, rather than engineering or science by themselves.

Making things with powers or that use Quantum is very very similar, but any such thing is just a "gadget" not a "true advance of science" and they cannot be mass produced, need Quantum to run, and will eventually break down if not given proper care by a nova gadgeteer.
...That entire system needs to be murdered
That's why I went with clones. That way she can pile on man hours (well, Lyann hours) easily and quickly on any given project.

Need 158 Lyann hours? lets throw 15-16 Lyanns at it. Will be done by tomorrow

Hell, as a purely mental exercise. Lets take Ned's workout clothes.

Lyann crafts for him a personalized self defense system. You ever saw that movie where Jackie Chan was acting as a spy and his tuxedo was the one that did the fighting? he put it on and he was basically just the power source for a super combat machine.

Going like that...

Lets give Ned's exercise clothes 5 dots in martial arts, 5 in dexterity, 5 in brawl, 5 in might, 5 in strenght, 5 in endurance, 5 in resistance, and 5 in stamina.
The abilities she has at least a point on are bought at 1:1 successes. The ones she can have someone demonstrate for her, are done at 2:1 cost. The ones she only imagines or sees from afar, 3:1

5+5+10+10+10+5+5+5... 55 successes
With a dice pool of
Martial arts 10
Brawl 10
Might 10
Throw 10
Endurance 10
Resistance 10

A success Pool of 10 is 72 successes...
122 successes required on Science, and 122 Lyann hours
Lets throw 13 Lyanns at making a suit. It will be ready in about 10 hours.

Lyann: "Did you like your new gym clothes?"
Ned: "They're kind of tight on.. you know.. the crotch"
Lyann: "Sorry, feel free to throw them away and Ill make you a new one."

Ned donates it to charity

The next week, a super skillful bum saves people from a car accident, stops a bank robbery, and rescues a kitten from a house in flames!

Yeah, army of clones makes perfect sense in that context. I don't know, I just like the idea of Lyann having a few serious flaws to balance her crazy level of skill. Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with her now and haven't really considered how we can build her out. Kind of figured with her it'd be more of a narrative process of us helping her learn to communicate and interact with other people than EXP expenditures and standard mechanical growth. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter, just hadn't considered it.

Also, just saw the Ned Suit example. I think we need to teach her not of over engineer things sometimes.
I loved this movie

Yes, I too like the idea of helping her out of her oyster shell.

It will be slow, too, because on top of learning to trust you and her bandmates, it will be time consuming (not IRL but in game time) since it takes her 90 days of meditation to lower her taint by 1.

Write album
90 days vacation
Dropped ONE point of taint
Wash and repeat

So even if everything else goes perfectly, she still has to be removed from activity 1/4 of every year. I think it would be cute if she and Ned get together by then and they "vacation" together so he can take care of her for the time.
That's what the extended action perk is for. Alternatively, hyperbolic time chamber
>90 day vacation
Actually, that would be pretty useful for the band as a whole since it would give each member a substantial bit of time to work on their personal projects. Plus you know you want to see Euphry throw a three month long party.
Oh, right, I forgot, but that still means that instead of spending 90 days meditating, she has to meditate each morning for about 15 minutes, every day for 90 days, anyway, so even if she doesnt has to stop everything for 3 months every year, she still will lose taint very slowly.

Well, honestly it seems fine to me, will go hand in hand with her becoming more social
Anyway, going to bed. See you guys in the morning
G'night King. See you tomorrow.

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