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As Ned Salter, we work for the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, managing a stable of super human fighters and a band of super talented musicians to bring top quality entertainment to the whole of the solar system and beyond.

Ever since the XWF improved its signal security, aliens are considering a peaceful first contact, solely so they too can sign up for our premium package, and who can blame them?

The XWF is the most popular entertainment juggernaut in the history of mankind, with billions made every other day on keychains and posters alone.
IIRC we were talking with Euphry about teaching her to fight to get her into the silver league, and still had to go to Lyann and Mako for our regularly scheduled training and movies, respectively
Sounds about right OP.
sounds right.

Lyann: "And what did she say?"

The gorgeous young woman stretches her arms to attack and block with a slow and graceful motion as she shows you the Tai Chi form again, then repeats it together with you.

Ned: "She said she'd do it. Should we really talk during this? I mean, shouldn't I be focusing or something? wax in wax out?"

Lyann: "Sorry, I forget not everyone can compartmentalize their brain functio--- do you want me to teach you how to compartmentalize yours? No, you are stretching too much. Good thing you are taller than me, here, hold on."

The redhead moves over to stand right in front of you, pressing her back against you and positioning herself to match your posture exactly.

Lyann: "Alright, try to match my movements, exactly."

Ned: "Lyann, this is hardly helping me concentrate. Don't you have sports clothes?"

Lyann: "I'm normally nude at home. I just guessed you would be more comfortable if I was wearing something."

Ned: "Well, a swimsuit that size doesn't counts as wearing something when you are... you"

Lyann: "I'm flattered, but learn to deal with it. It'll be good practice. By the way,. Mai told me you were worried about mind control and other such influences, is that correct?"

She leans down and then rises gently, with her arms spreading wide. You match her movements, a bit troubled by the soft super beauty against your chest and between your arms.

Ned: "This really isin't helping"

Lyann: rubs -very briefly- against your hips. "At least it shows you are very healthy."

Ned: "Lyann! If I didin't know better, I'd call you Aura."

Lyann: "Don't flatter yourself Ned, I'm being quite serious about your training. And as I was saying, a compartmentalized consciousness would help you do more things at the same time while having a stronger defense to mind control."

Ned: "I'd think about it."

As the training continues, you consider how you'd never thought you could be both so comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.
Compartmentalized mind is splitting your intelligence between several "minds". They are all you, worried about different things. If you get mind controlled, it's just one of them, and the others "reboot" it.

They roll intelligence against the controlled mind and when they win, they "reboot" the controlled mind shard. They can keep trying until they win, with a +1 difficulty each time. Of course, you can use a willpower point to succeed, but lowering your willpower against a mind controller is probably not a good idea.

It would cost 5 exp to learn to compartmentalize your mind.
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I kinda wanna buy it if only because it sounds cool.
Hmm, as long as it doesn't have the usual draw backs our sensory deprived minds going crazy/homicidal on us I could get on board. Really wanted to avoid the willpower expenditure to avoid mental effects.

Yeah, Ned lives off his smarts. We don't want anything that might affect that, or have drawbacks.

If it's 110% safe, then let's go for it.

A bit later, you are swimming to the edge of the pool after enjoying a short splash. One of Lyann walks over to the edge and helps you up while another dries you up, and a third brings you a drink.

Ned: "This ...erh.. are you TRYING to seduce me?"

They all answer at the same time, It is still a bit disconcerting whenever you speak to the "Lyann network".

Lyann: "If I was trying to, you'd be in my bed already, Ned. I am quite confident about that. I'm done in the shower, you can come take yours now if you want."

And through the experience, one of them helps you put on your sandals.

Ned: "This reminds me, Ritsu told me a little about how your night went at Mai's. I didin't think you would go with her."

Lyann: "Why not? she seemed like she really needed me, and I am not stingy about my clones."

Ned: "You sent a clone to Mai's bbq party?"

Lyann: "Sure. As long as it is just one, it is completely indistinguishable from myself. They can access my mind to make a real-time link whenever they need to, so ..uhmm.. think of me, the original, as if I was sitting in a room with hundreds of screens connected to hundreds of cameras, with a mic in front of me" -she walks off towards you, wearing a bath robe- "The shower is free now." -the original and the three clones say at the same time- "I can speak through any of them, see through any of them, etc. It only gets weird when we are in the same room because we tend to sync up too hard. I could probably send one to work and noone would tell the difference."

Ned: "Why don't you, then?"

Lyann: "I enjoy the company."

Ned: "But didin't you just say you can experience everything to them.. they,, them?"

Lyann: "I can, but I'm not THAT cold and detached yet. Just like I am sure you prefer talking to me directly" -she sends the clones away- "There is just something unconscious that makes me enjoy things more when I am doing them myself."
this a wat do?
Ned: "I guess you are right... sorry, I do prefer knowing I'm talking to the original you. I AM talking to the original you, right?"

Lyann: "You'll have to trust I enjoy your company enough to be here in person, I guess. Honestly, I could still be back at Greece for all you know."

Ned: "You aren't, are you?"

Lyann: "No, I'm not, this is the real me. The original me" -She caresses your hair- "Can you tell the difference?"

Ned: "I... don't think I can, sorry."

Lyann: -sighs- "Don't worry, only my mom was able to. Have you decided about my offer?"

Ned: "Compartmentalized mind? what does it implies? my separate mind won't go crazy or anything, right?"

Lyann: "Not the way I do it. Your extras will be able to see and experiment whatever you are doing, talk between them, and worry about different things. You can fuse them all back whenever you want, or split them again at will. You will also learn to split automatically in case someone tries to mind control you, tho that won't be quite as strong. It would be a emergency split, after all, and like every mental process, doing things in a rush is never quite as good as having prep time."

Ned: "Alright, let me take a shower and you can show me."

Lyann: "No, we are done for today. I'll show you tomorrow. You have a date, right?" - smiles

Ned: "Is not a date. Is just some movies a-"

Lyann: "And corn of the pop? She's sweet, isin't she?"

Ned: "Yeah, she's a nice girl."

You have your shower, and afterwards Lyann gives you a good bye peck on the cheek. As you reach the parking lot under the building, you notice fresh red graffiti reading "Go back to freakland!" and other colorful remarks on the walls.

Driving out, you see some middle-age women standing by the entrance, obviously harassing one of the clones while the girl(?) washes off yet more graffiti. It(?) sees your car, and waves with a smile.
No, now this is a "what do?" Do you help the clone to deal with the angry neighbors? she doesn't seems concerned. Perhaps you should try to keep your concern at a moderate level, unless you want to risk rising a "flag" with the greek beauty.
Double back and talk (whatever rolls required) the middle aged woman into apologizing to Lyann's clone for her behavior, preferably by making her feel guilt fo her behavior.
works for me
women. It s a small group. People is always braver (ie more inclined to be a bully) in groups.

While waiting for the others so say what they think, brb
Whoops. Name. My bad.

Also, call ahead to Mako and let her know we might be a little late since we have a small situation to deal with.
Sounds good.

Man, just imagine the looks on their faces if Lyann wanted to fight fire with fire, and just surrounded them with a group of clones.

Well, isn't it lucky Ned has a talent for calming down groups?

Best to activate Incognito, Natural Empath, and whatever enhancements we might need first, though. Is Persuader always on?
Right, forgot Incognito. Do that.
Nah, just activate Subtle. Its better anyway.

You park your car on the street and step down, walking over to the angry women.

Woman 1: "Why do you have to strut all over the place like that!?"

Lyann: "I'm sorry?" -the clone is dressed in overalls with a large, baggy white shirt, her long hair braided into a ponytail and then curled up on top of her head.

It is the quintessential "working clothes" look, but this is Lyann we are talking about...

(0) Lyann: Style [12d10] => [2,6,4,5,8,6,9,3,3,10,8,8] result of (5) success + [7d10] => [9,3,1,5,7,7,5] result of (3) success
(0) Lyann: [1d10] => [1] result of a (-1) botch
(0) Lyann: 12 successes

She looks beautiful enough to give heart attacks, stop traffic and rouse jealousy, and with her huge penalties specifically to cause jealousy, the local women can feel the poison rising to their throats. She basically has a -13 penalty to social rolls whenever she could cause jealousy on baselines.

...so she looks more like a dreamed young wife, and the local men can't be bothered to be discreet about their interest, arousing the jealousy of every wife within stone.throw distance.

Woman 2: "What is this, some sort of whorehouse? are you a whore?"

Lyann: "I really am not, I'm sorry that you feel that way." -she says while continuing to mop the street before her building

Woman 3: "It must be nice having all the money to get "fixed" so nicely, uh? bet your clothes costed a pretty penny, too!"

Lyann: "Madam, I assure you these are all discount and regular, stock clothes."


As you approach with natural empath, you can tell the women are boiling with jealousy. There's nothing pleasant you could do to calm it down, either. Perhaps you should just shoo them away?

Trying to calm down their jealousy would take a diplomacy roll with a +7 difficulty! (the social equivalent of jumping through the spinning blades of a helicopter)
Ned can use Mega manipulation to lower the difficulty to +4, then activate that new mega manipulation enhancement to get three automatic successes on his diplomacy roll. SO a 10d10 roll needing 2 successes essentially.
Well, subtle would give you +3 auto successes, and mediator +3, so out of your diplomacy roll of 10d10+3d10 you would just need 1 success on 4d10+3d10. So roll 7d10. Your last 3 dice are mega dice

Now that's smooth talking

>Implying Ned can't handle +7 difficulty

Extra successes from Persuader will help


Whichever one means Ned will be forgotten about a few minutes after. This will serve as an insurance policy in case things go awry.

Of maybe both?

And I'm sure we have him the Start and/or Quell A Riot enhancement....
Rolled 9, 5, 7, 9, 3, 8, 3 = 44

Here I go, I guess.
Rolled 9, 3, 1, 4 = 17


Or drop the 3 Mega Dice to lower the difficulty first

Difficulty 7 down to 4, with a 10d10 dice pool and 6 auto successes. Free win!
I figure, with all my shitty rolls, I'm bound to get something decent, eventually.

You know just what to say, and are prepared for everything they could say. As impossible as it seemed, you manage to disarm a mob of jealous middle aged women through the power of SOUND ARGUMENT and LOGIC, sending them away embarrassed about their behaviour.

The Lyann clones stares at you for a moment, blushing a beautiful bright pink.

Lyann: "Ned, you should stop rescuing me, or I really will try to seduce you, soon."

Ned: "Uh... this is really you im talking to, right?"

Lyann: "Yes. Think of it as a holo call,"

Ned: "Are you having this kind of problem every day? there's some graffitti in the parking lot, as well."

Lyann: "This much is nothing. They are just venting their frustrations. I'm fine" -as smart, beautiful and talented as the girl is, she is a terrible liar. You can tell these things affect her greatly.

If "it was nothing" she wouldnt have spent 3 months meditating just to ease the impact of her presence on others, nor would she be shivering even now after that mob left.

Ned: "Maybe I should have you move to the XWF apartments."

Lyann shakes her head, softly. She looks so delicate with a tear hanging off her left eye. She manages to smile and refuse your offer.

Ned: "But..."

Lyann: "I will be fine. Really. Now, don't you have another girl to go be a gentleman for?"

Ned: "Right... I'll see you tomorrow at the studios, then."

Lyann: "See you tomorrow."
So, after TV time with Mako, we go to see Stella to talk about environmentalism, then crash the party at Brass' mansion?
i woulde totalty fuc that chick/dude in op pic but aus so ftw
Still a bit worried, you drive away. Lyann watches your car go until it disapppears behind a corner, then gives control back to the clone as she keeps going about whatever she was doing before.

...half an hour later, you are in Mako's couch, as the black haired girl eeps and covers her eyes while the Sesame Street Count does a "creepy evil laugh".

Mako: "This can't really be a children's show, right?"

Ned: "Mako, c'mon."

Mako: "But it's a vampire!"

Ned: "I didin't know you had those on china."

Mako: "Well, we do! can we watch something else, please?"

Ned: "Yes, hold on a second..." -you plain out discard the old B terror movies you had brought over so you could laugh together at the paper mache monsters and the bad acting- "...have you seen many disney movies?"

Mako: "I saw The Little Mermaid."

Ned: "Was that scary?"

Mako: "Don't be silly, those are drawings, Ned!"

Ned: "You were just scared by a muppet."

Mako: "But muppets are real things! you can touch them!"

Ned: "..welll... yes, but..." -she does have a point

You finish watching Big Bird play hide and seek with the children, together, and Mako gives you some extra, hand.made cookies to take with you. Her pastry is first class.

Ned: "See you tomorrow."

Mako: "Until tomorrow." -she says with a luminous smile
Smile. Friendly hug. Leave to see what's up with Stella.

Stella lives together with Bella. This, you had somehow forgotten.

Stella: "...then, by doing a education campaign..." -is hard to focus with two nova-class super beauties on their birthday suits flanking you on the couch, but you've grown somewhat of a resistant to such inhumanly perfect bodies by now.

Ned: "Uh hu"

Stella: "...long term awareness, but we need something more immediate. We are losing too much jungle everyday as it is!"

Bella: "jungle ground is not good for farming. Once they clear it, they can only use it a few years before having to move on." -the norwegian beauty is at least sitting on her knees, so it's not that big a problem, tho the curves of her body and the sight she offers create interesting problems on their own.

Stella: "Maybe if we could encourage more effective farming techniques? do you think we can hire some specialists to work with the farmers and advice them for free? we would be paying them, of course, but I meant to say the farmers wouldn't have to"

The caramel skinned "goddess" however, is quite comfortable and natural sitting crosslegged and facing towards you.

Ned: "Girls, could you put on some robes, please?"

Bella: "We don't have any."

Ned: "Some clothes, a shirt?"

Bella: "I wear whatever I want to in my own home. Ned. You already make me keep all those asphyxiating layers of nonsense during work hours. I am not going to do so on my own home."

Ned: -rubs the bridge of his nose- "Right, right. Sorry about that."

Stella has the following ideas. You need to pick one or two, or come up with your own.
1) Start an awareness and education program on the villages at the edge of the jungle, as those are the ones that keep burning jungle for farming space.

2) Send experts to advice the peasants on new, modern ways to work their fields.

3) Kill the racist and uncultured peasants, replace them with her own people. She could probably be convinced to buy their lands and move them elsewhere... maybe
4) Start a campaign of terror using the jungle animals to convince the cowardly and superstitious peasants that they have angered the gods

5) Offer some monetary incentive to the farmers for working the same field year after year, coupled with technical advice and schooling.

6) Buy more jungle. Stella had been buying jungle and fencing it, then posting guards around it.
>2) Send experts to advice the peasants on new, modern ways to work their fields.
and 7) Start and advertising/pressure campaign to designate the jungle as protected land and to actually enforce it.
A combination of 1 and 2 sounds good. Remind her that 3 is guaranteed to come to light and backfire ultimately.

Also see if she thinks industrial scale urban farming would take some of the pressure of rural farmers to open new land without outright removing their only source of income.

Hmm, we need a good pitch for reforestation as well...

Doesn't Stella talk to the animals? I'm thinking she could recruit some of them to work for her, but in a good way, not like in 4.

3 is Imperialism, not ideal.

2 is a good option, as are 1 and 5.
Oh, yeah... Could Ned use his Utopia connections to get hold of some of their terraforming technology? The stuff they used in Ethiopia? That might be helpful...
Our of curiosity, what option would "Found community owned and operated AgroComplexes"? Giant glass (not real glass, some kind of indestructible transparent polymer) buildings with natural sunlight piped into the lower levels with the ability to create multiple regulated growing climates, retain good soil and growing nutrients in a way jungle soil does not, and minimize the environmental impact of farming by containing all of it in a nearly closed system.

Sure that's the long term option, but if we can break the dependence of subsistence farming on large tracks of land we've pretty much solved the issue, right?
You can offer such an option.

As for Utopia's "terraforming resources" that's less "utopia" and more "Antaeus", a nova scientists gone swamp-thing.

You could maybe get in contact with the novas in japan and antaeus if you want some sort of super future solution. The novas in japan are working into designing a super arcology to contain the entire japanese population so this sort of thing could be good practice for them.

Yes, she does, but what do you suggest she tells them?
Im going to push my idea as the natural expansion of option 5 (which seems to include 2) and combo that with option 1. We should also invite Aritsu over to help brainstorm and come up with a serious plan of action. And yes I want her to come over just so we have another clothed person feeling uncomfortable, misery loves company.

Stella can teach the animals how to be Jungle Guardians (but not in a terrorist way).

And now you mention it, Antaeus might be a good person to consult with anyway. Government Nova or not, Aberrated to the point of unrecognisably or not, I feel confident Ned could persuade him.
In before Aritsu strips down too just to troll Ned
does not seem her style. She's the loyal secretary type. I can see her teasing Lynn relentlessly though.
That would take a lot of money, and it wouldnt really give any profit (to you). Do you want to redirect Stella's profits from the music to it, tho? basically that's why she signed up with us, after all.

really, captcha? yareyare ndiomadio?
>large tracks of land



If Stella wants to use her share to fund it, she can. Ned's speciality is promoting, so he can help her raise more $$$ without spending any of his.

>XWF charity fundraiser; rematch of Ami vs Lion from the Utopia visit, Euphry's XWF debut in a match against Aura, and more
>Special live performance from Flux
>Donations pour in
Clearly. We just sunk two points worth of resources into our entertainment empire, so whatever we do Stella's on the hook. Still, that's no reason not to think long term.
I wonder what would happen if Mako figured out that Lynn had a crush on Ned?
Confusion probably. Mind you I can't even pretend to predict the effects hyper intelligence, charisma and living 1000 years would have on relationships. I do think that the 1000 years part would tend to damage the idea of lifelong monogamous marriage though I doubt it would reach Ian Douglas levels of weird.
>Euphry's XWF debut in a match against Aura
I don't think that's a good idea, could cause a lot of friction between them later

The rest all seems great

You promise Stella to get in touch with the right people to start a project towards making the semi-nomadic farmers into fully settled farmers with long-lasting infraestructure and support, as well as helping revitalize the jungle (so they get money from tourists, in order to get the "jungle = money" indea in their heads)

Stella nods quietly as you explain the ideas to her, and is perfectly fine with using her money from the band for it.

Ned: "Well, I'm glad you approve, now if you excuse me, I'm going to check on Brass"

Bella: "Mind if we go with you?"

Ned: "You'll have to dress up properly for a party, first"

Bella: "Sure, just let us take a shower and we'll put something on"

Bella leaves you alone with Stella for a bit.

Ned: "I thought you were together?"

Stella: "We -are- living together, but that's it."

Ned: "Oh, sorry. Is just that..."

Stella: "She is uncomfortable with clothes on, and I'm a naturist, Ned. That's it. By the way, you are free to step out of your clothes during future visits."

Ned: "I don't think my dignity could survive that unscathed."

Stella: "Neither of us will think badly of you for a natural biological reaction, Ned."

Ned: "Still, I don't think it would be proper."

Stella: "Then again, it would be funny if Aura heard about it" -The caramel-skinned beauty says with a devious smile

Ned: "Even chances she would want to join, just to tease me"

Stella: "I don't know, I think you misjudge the horny blonde- She's a lot purer than she wants to let people know. I can tell."

Ned: "How can you tell?"

Stella: "Enhanced animal senses, Ned. I can tell by the way she smells."

Ned: "What does sh-- no, wait, I don't want to know."

Stella: "She smells the same as Ami and Mako in all the important ways, if you know what I mean."

Ned: "I didin't want to. But, really?"

Stella: "Quite. Hold on for a bit, alright? Now that Bella cleared the shower, I'll have one and join you shortly for the party."

Ned: "Sure I'll just wait here for a bit."

Bella: -dripping wet as she walks out of the bathroom, drying up her long hair- "Feel free to use our OPNet if you want to."

Ned: "Thanks." -you check your messages, mails, and some of your stocks values while the girls dress up quickly.

When you look -that- good, makeup is not required. They are ready quickly enough. Stella is wearing a long, form fitting dress that covers her from head to toes, leaving her shapes and curves fully visible thanks to the way the light fabric hangs, without revealing a inch of skin under her neck but for her hands and the tip of her toes, her short, fluffy hair looking playfully messy.

Bella is wearing a simple tube dress with tall wooden mules, her long blonde hair tied up into a soft braid.

Bella: "Oh, should we take our car and follow you, or can you drive us both ways, Ned?"

Your turn
"Hmm, depending on who brought the drinks there's a chance I'm calling a cab..."

If our car has tinted windows, then agree, otherwise tell them to follow us.
Probably follow me. If I drive you there the paparazzi will invent some truly ridiculous rumors in 30 seconds.
Right, knew I forgot something. This is me.

"Let's take my convertible"


You're not wrong. If Nova sexual appetites typically match their nutritional ones, one would imagine polyamorous relationships becoming a LOT more common

If Ned used Incognito, nobody would remember him, and all the paparazzi shots would be of the girls


>Not a chauffeur-driven limo
>chauffeur-driven limo
Like I said. A cab.
>If Nova sexual appetites

It's a ww game. If it was up to them every adventure would end in sex, and start with it.

But seriously, I can imagine novas, with their truly long lifespans, would have to redefine long-term relationships at some point. Probably not for 50-90 years, tho? ...Im being naive, aren't I?

Seems like more people are for car pooling than not. Be right back

You help the young ladies into your car and drive over to Brass' manor. As you expected, a great many photographers are outside, taking everyone's picture as the nova idols and celebrities enter the manor.

You make it into the party unscathed, tho when you see Euphry walking around on tattered jeans and a shirt, you have to wonder if you'll make it back out.

Python is talking with shockwave by the entrance. He greets you and you introduce him both to Bella and Stella.

Python: "Someone had good naming taste, miss. -he kisses Bella's hand- And I see beauty seems attached to your name, as well." -he says to Stella as he extends her the same courtesy

Stella: "I'm sorry?"

Ned: "Samuel is in a relationship with a lady sharing your name"

Stella: "Oh! it is a pleasure making your acquaintance, sir."

Samuel: "The pleasure is mine. Please call me Samuel. This is Andres" .-he introduces shockwave to the girls.-

You excuse yourself and go greet your host. Brass is near the stairs, talking with Mai. He greets you and discreetly excuses himself to see to his other guests.

Do you want to keep your options open with Mai, or do you want to close that door for a merely profesional and friendly relationship in favor of exploring options with Mako and/or maybe Lyann?

Should we fast forward to the end of the party and save the thread? it's about the time when you guys dissapear everyday
Bah I forgot my captcha. Was posting in another thread so took it off for a bit
I'd imagine that informal relationships with multiple partners are substantially more common than in current day western societies. Especially since they have to deal with randy mega social nova's occasionally leading their partners astray. Look at Ned for example, not a single dot in seduction and not a single baseline in the world has any chance of stopping him in a casual setting. Most Novas don't have very good odds against 5d10+3d10+3 automatic successes from subtle either
Hell, Aura has like +12 automated successes to seduce someone.
Open relationships are probably the default simply because there is no other way to deal with the situation short of murdering every promiscuous mega social nova. Nova's probably realized that the first time someone went out to beat up that guy for seducing his wife and ended up sleeping with the guy.
Right now my vote is for Lyann. I like Mako, but she seems to innocent to date without serious drama and while I was pulling for Mai for a long time, I just feel like we missed the window there.
I'm going for Mako > Lyann > Mai, though >>30545716 probably has the right of it really.
That's completely fair. I'm in this for fun, I'm not going to throw a hissyfit over dating choices.

We did get really busy, which is why I'm saying we could reignite that now if you want to. To me, I think Mai or Lyann would be, if anyone, the best companions for Ned, followed by Aritsu.

Of them, the first two have somewhat serious pros and cons, of course.

Lyann has social issues. It would always be a problem going out with her anywhere. At least until her taint gets at least 3-4 points lower. But there's definitive advantages to a relationship with someone intelligent AND attractive/nice. Plus you know the sex would be goddamn awesome.

Mai is strong, intelligent, and would kill anyone who threatened or hurted you (or Ami) on a physical level. Plus she had her own business and her own life BEFORE she met Ned so there would be less profesional friction there.

I think we all like Mako because she is the purest, kindest of the lot, with the less personal issues and would probably make for an awesome person to share a life with. Could cause some issues for the exact same reasons it would be awesome, tho.

Still, it seems like it would be safe to keep our options open for now. Is not like this is "Life partner Quest". We will continue to see all of them for a long time, even after we compromise to a relationship, so there's no reason to hurry up with a choice.


Mai: "Ned, I haven't seen you all week. Are you bringing pizza for our movie night this weekend?"

Ned: "Alright, but its your turn to choose movies this time. Please no chick flicks."

Mai: "Ned, it's me. We'll see a series of wu xu action movies where a friend of mine is responsible for the choreography of the fights. You'll love it, I promise."

Ned: "There has to be something wrong with me, if my best bro is a hot girl like you"

Mai: "Most would envy you. Why, we could make those theoretical folk envy you even more if we cuddled together during movie night."

Ned: "I think those theoretical folk would kill me."

Mai: "No they wouldn't, I'd keep you safe."
Aura: "Oh My God, you two are worse than me, sometimes."

You chat and enjoy the party, managing to avoid drinking from Euphry's cup, and driving Bella and Stella back home.

Bella: "Ned, would you like to come in for a spot of coffee and cream?"

Okay now that's me messing with you. Disregard that last bit

Bella: "Thank you Ned. I'll see you on monday." -smooches you on the cheek-

Stella: "Thanks Ned. See you monday"

Ned: "Take care girls." -you drive home, quite tired after a truly, truly busy day.

Move on to the next day (saturday morning) or stop the thread here for today?

Anything that happens with Mako is a diplomatic incident waiting to happen, which is why I voted against.

Mai is the best choice IMO because she's not an employee or a client. Less professional conflict
I still think that's ridiculous.
I dunno, I always pictured Ned's romantic prospects being a huge room filled with gold coins that he likes to swim in, ala Scrooge McDuck.
Eh, I'll be around awhile if you want to run Saturday.
Cool with me. I've thought about it some more, and Nova Society probably is very flexible when it comes to what kind of relationships are seen as acceptable. The main rule is probably that a mega social "hunting" someone already in a serious or semi serious relationship is NOT OKAY. Competing for affection is cool, but convincing someone to do a one night stand is not. Other than that, as long as everyone's happy and no mind control shenanagins are happening I doubt most Novas care one way or the other.
I still mostly agree with this, but as I said above Lyann's been growing on me.
Remember, Nova society is still very young so there's a good chance they haven't established new norms yet.
Eh, I like Mako. I also thought we turned down Mai once already. That said, it would not particularly surprise me if Lyann and Mai started plotting something.
True, on the other hand, its got a decade or two behind it and Novas do everything faster. Not saying this is formalized mind you, but I'd honestly be surprised if strict monogamy is the norm, especially since Nova erruptions have decreased the power of countries that tend to care the most about such things (AKA the powerful christian countries like US and Europe)
This sounds pretty good, really. And the baselines love to gossip and fantasize about the nova's lives. What makes you think they wouldn't LOVE to see a nova in a polyamorous relationship, if there isin't half a dozen or more in such relationships right now?

Well, I'd like to run saturday, but it seems like its just you and me right now. Maybe it would be okay since it seems the friends that drop early read the archives later?

Let me see what would happen on saturday (and the weekend really)

Saturday morning: workday? almost certainly
Saturday early evening. Training at Lyann's
Saturday evening. Television with Mako, maybe get her out to practice her english by taking her out to the park or to a movie or restaurant
Saturday night. Movies and Pizza with Mai

Sunday morning. Lazing around at Mai's place
Sunday evening.. ????

Seems good to you?
Close to three decades I think. Also, polygamy is illegal but practiced in Eithiopia and legal in all of its neighboring countries. No idea how this affects Utopia and Novas, but something to mention.
Okay, do you mean Saturday IRL, or Saturday in the quest? If it's IRL count me out, I like to sleep in on the weekends, and by sleep in, I mean wake up at a time later than 5:00am.
>Sunday Evening: ????
Well, my vote is to hang out with Lyann since its clear she needs more real friends. We're watching a lot of movies already though, so I'm kind of out of ideas that won't involve venturing into public places and inevitably subjecting Lyann to more baseline backlash.
Question, did the Lyann clone Euphry took home with her ever make it back to Lyann's building, or is she still at Euphry's place?
polygamy is being married with multiple people. What about simply living with multiple people?>>30546266
in the quest, you know we dont do saturdays IRL
take her to Mai for BBQ? take out for a pic nic? IIRC there is a large national park nearby

That is a fun question I was waiting for someone to ask.

It is still at Euphry's place. Probably enjoying that The Krew are all novas and Euphry is very, very loud about people hurting her friends. And loud in general. Euphry is a bundle of crazy vitality and that cheers Lyann up. Plus is a clone out of 200, but its own person in many ways. If it wants to do something, Lyann doesn't minds, as long as she updates any new skills and/or meaningful knowledge back into the "Lyann Network" at the end of the day

Actually that would be a interesting point in a Lyann/Ned relationship. Pros: hundreds of Lyann's available to him 24/7 Cons: About three have their own lives. With other people
>Cons: About three have their own lives. With other people.
Not really an issue unless we figure out how to tell which Lyann is the original and she starts swapping places with her clones. At that point we'd need to have a talk.

>Plus is still at Euphry's place.
I fully expect her to be sporting a Mohawk, new tattoos and piercingly the next time we see her. And for her to go by something other than Lyann to reflect the level of individual variance she has from the typical Lyann clone. Also, I expect to start marketing her line of Nova Fortified spirits soon. Slogan "Euphry Approves! The Authorities Do Not..."

I'm going to go with taking her to the park for a picnic, but we should try encouraging her to go to all the social events the gang are throwing.
>and she starts swapping places with her clones.
If they want to have their own lives, she would let them. All she asks is that they upload any new skills into her mental network. Expert Euphry's Lyann to update knowledge about chemistry soon

The next morning, as you walk into the office, Aritsu greets you as usual and escorts you to your desk from the entrance, telling you about your appointments for the day.

Aritsu: "Good morning, sir" -the girl is wearing the spring uniform for the XWF secretarial corps. Lighter and skimpier, of course. Enough so that you are glad she likes walking next to you rather than in front of you- "I reorganized MTVs programming using our XWF model. Instead of recording and releasing the shows on a schedule, they will begin uploading every show into the OPnet on saturday mornings so users can download them at their convenience. Of course, I updated their security to prevent illegal downloads."

Ned: "Alright, new show ideas? what are we doing with the regular, traditional air time?"

Aritsu: "It should start broadcasting music videos 24/7 as of next week, with short but frequent commercials starting randomly. I divided the signal into three. Contemporary music, classic rock, and Golden Past for all the retro and nostalgia music."

Ned: "Already? when did you do that?"

Aritsu: "Yesterday evening."

Ned: "Alright, what else?"

Aritsu: "Mister Flair wants to talk with you about your future, he said to make sure you had time for a meeting on monday morning as of 10 am."

Ned: "Please make sure that is so."

Aritsu: "Of couse, sir. You also have 16 new messages from other entertainment networks that want the rights to broadcast Flux's music video as of monday. I narrowed it down to the best 4 offers and have the data right here..."

She waves her datapad on top of yours to pass the data to you.

Aritsu: "I also reconfigured your personal mail, MTV and internal XWF networks security passwords. Please memorize them"
She hands you a handwritten note with all three passwords. Roll Intelligence (9d10) for it. you need 2 successes (which means difficulty +1) to memorize all three alphanumeric, 10-digit passwords in a moment of paying attention.
Rolled 8, 5, 3, 2, 10, 5, 10, 7, 8 = 58

And here's where I inevitably fail...
Bloody name...
10 successes, no need to roll explodey dice.

Ned: "Done." .-you hand her the note back, and she puts it back on her pocket to dispose of it safely later.- "I half expected you to eat it" -you joke

Aritsu: "I can do that if you want, sir" -she says perfectly serious without slowing down as she walks straight as an arrow next to you

Ned: "No need, thanks."

Aritsu: "I'll make sure to use digestible paper for all future safety-sensitive documents, sir."

Ned: "No, you don't need to- you are pulling my leg, aren't you?"

Aritsu: "Yes. sir"

What was the name of the other entertainment channel? the one someone guessed Ralph Bach was supporting?
Thanks, yeah.

You have offers from VH1 and three other serious channels, including of course !N, !E and Saturn Entertainment, as well as a baker's dozen other channels.

Aritsu: "Other than that, there is a meeting with the MtV executives. I arranged for it to be through holo, sir. You have 2 hours until then. Would you want me to prepare your coffee and get you some donuts?"
Hmm, we don't really need the exposure, but we probably don't want people accusing us of monopolizing Flux and starting a war within the entertainment industry. Seriously review the offers but I'm inclined to do business with them.

"That would be excellent Aritsu."

Unfortunately I have to disappear for a couple hours. Didn't expect to but nothing to be done about it. If the thread's not live when I get back just wanted to say thanks for running King and ai'll catch you Monday.
your turn. Btw do you prefer when I do long posts or short ones?
Oh, ok, I'll save the thread now, then. See you monday

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