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As Ned Salter, we work for the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, managing a stable of super human fighters and a band of super talented musicians to bring top quality entertainment to the whole of the solar system and beyond.

Ever since the XWF improved its signal security, aliens are considering a peaceful first contact, solely so they too can sign up for our premium package, and who can blame them?

The XWF is the most popular entertainment juggernaut in the history of mankind, with billions made every other day on keychains and posters alone.

Today, we start with a Omega League fight between Rob "Brass Reaper" Wolfside and Andres "Shockwave" Stravinkzy. The XWF arena is full to capacity, hosting over 90,000 people, finally beating the Roman Colosseum 80,000 people capacity as the largest stage in human history!
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Uhh, are you typing up a follow up post, or are you waiting for us to say something, because I can't really tell.
Waiting, really. You know I like to wait for 2+ people to show up before starting as such
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Oh, I try to wait until there's actually something to say, but I figured since it's been half an hour, it was good a enough time to ask.
Well, while we wait.
I've been thinking on how to make the sheets for the band members.
Lyann im focusing 100% towards arts & sciences, She COULD take enhancements to help her cope with her taint, but then that would be one less SCIENCE! or art enhancement so... no.
Mako is going to be FRIENDSHIP POWER. I found lots of enhancements for it. So much so it feels silly. She's geared towards making people happy, plain and simple. Singing is just a byproduct of making people happy. Another means to that end.
Bella is going to be more balanced between art and social skills.
Stella is oriented towards social works and science.
Euphry is going to be a party animal who is just too charming to get mad at. She should have been arrested pretty much every single day since she became a public figure, but she's just so damn charming any officers dispatched to get her end up in the party with her.
Aleksander is about art and cooperation.

Interesting enough, only Euphry has mega manipulation (to deal with the police). Everyone else is wits (for art), appearance and charisma (for perform) with splashes of whatever else they need to achieve their goals... which explains why Euphry has manipulation I guess.
Aura we already know is all about whatever she finds fun, with a balanced attitude between social activities and combat.

In the end, they work relatively well together. For example I was noticing that Mako's (and Euphry probably has it too) Amiable enhancement can help cover for Lyann's taint if Ned does manages to get her into a interview someday.
This one seemed good to Mako since she's used to handling groups of children and people in general.

Amiable Charisma Cost 0 (passive) or 1 (active)
Mega-Charismatic novas excel at befriending other people, but the appeal of a nova with this enhancement is truly a wonder to behold. Aside from being able to befriend all but the most antisocial people, these novas can temporarily defuse the rage and hatred of hundreds of baselines by their charm alone.
System: The nova gets +3 automatic successes on all Social rolls involving friendly interaction with other people. The nova can also charm entire raging mobs with a Charisma roll: 1 success turns hostility into cautious neutrality, while 2 or more indicates increasing degrees of friendliness on the part of the erstwhile rioters for up to [the nova’s Mega-Charisma] days.
Note that the nova MUST behave in a friendly and non-hostile manner for either function of this enhancement to function – it doesn’t supersede common sense, just prejudice and bigotry.
If the nova has 5 or more dots of Mega-Charisma, she can purchase a second level of this enhancement (granting +6 automatic successes instead of only +3). The automatic successes provided by this require no quantum points to use. Charming masses of rioting people costs 1 quantum point, and lasts for the duration of the scene.
And this one helps to make people deal with Taint in people nearby

Soothe Charisma 1
The Nova is a natural at soothing others jangled nerves. Just being around her has a calming effect. She even makes it easier for normal humans to cope with novas.
System: When the player spends a quantum point and makes a Charisma roll, the character and everyone within 10 meters of her becomes calm. Stress drains away, leavingpeople happier and calmer. No oneaffected by Soothe (including the nova using it) can attack or take any other hostile action unless the person either makes a Wits roll and scores more successes than the nova achieveed on her Soothe roll, or spends a point of Willpower to overcome Soothe's effects.
Additionally, Soothe can help to overcome the effects of taint. For each success achieved on the Charisma roll, one point of Taint possessed by any novas within the radius of effect is temporarily negated as regards interaction with baselines within the affected area.
The power lasts for a scene. All effects of this enhancement dissappear if an affected person wanders beyond the 10-meter radius.

Also, hi guys
Go Go Hippie Singing Power!
I'm reminded of Macross (robotech in the us)

Anyway, typing the fight
Johnny gomez: "And for the final fight of the night, we have the Brass Reaper, who has become a fan-favorite since his return to the Omega League, against Andres "Shockwave" Stravinkzy. These two are both veteran fighters and have clashed many times in the past. What do you think, Nick?"

Nick Diamond: "Firstly, Johnny, I think you are only partially right. The Reaper's return to the public eye definitively began last year. We are just experiencing it on a grander scale now that he's back into Omega. Second, these two men have history, almost as old as the XWF itself. They have fought 32 times in seven years, 4 of those fights have been for the Omega belt, and they have each won about half of those fights. The fans expect much from tonight, with a match between former Omega champions and long time rivals about to shatter the stage."

Johnny Gomez: "Wow, I'm... I'm impressed, Nick. I didin't know you had been keeping tracks and stadistics."

Nick Diamond: "I haven't. I just got this new *beep* datapad and it shows all kinds of usef... what, did I just got censored? what did I say?"

Johnny Gomez: "You mentioned the *beep* brand, and you can't do that unless it's officially approved, Nick."

Nick Diamond: "Well... whatever. Is not important, right? anyway, the fans expect a Belt-level fight, and these men are ready to give them what they came for tonight!"

Johnny Gomez: "They sure are... and here comes The Reaper!"

Standing next to Brass as he prepares to go on stage, Ned gives him final advice

"Okay, you know what he's like, but he's picked up a new trick or two since your last bout. He can spam those shockwaves forever, so at a distance, you lose. You can't absorb it all, either. Get in close ASAP; Absorb some energy, soak the rest, and don't be afraid to take a hit if you have to. Get him in a submission and it's all over. Go get him!"
The lights go up to a blinding glow and then fade into obscurity. Their eyes still affected by the lights, the fans are pushed into the most absolute darkness before the spotlights turn on and the light beams swim over the crowd and finally all together gather on the southern entrance!

Johnny Gomez: "Rob "Brass Reaper" Wolfside is making his entry into the arena. The last time The Reaper and Shockwave fought, was 3 years ago during a championship match, and The Reaper won. Now, he is walking in first, making it clear to shockwave that he is the challenger tonight!"

The crowd cries their support for the former champ, and signs of "Welcome back, champ!" can be seen appearing here and there on the crowd. Some children manage to slip past security and run to the champ, who takes the time and signs autographs and pretend fight them on his way to the arena.

He drops his robe and leaps into the area through the unidireccional forcefield, landing in the middle of the "Ocean Floor" theme arena The Krew has prepared for the fight.

The massive coral reefs and sea bottom rocks provide a natural looking labyrinth for the rivals to hunt each other tonight, as well as plenty of rock hard walls to throw each other through, and massive boulders to throw and use as weapons.

Brass: "Are you ready for a fight?" -he asks to the crowd, and gets a loud YEAH as response- "Are you ready for a real fight!?" -YEAH shouts the crowd- "Are.you.ready.for.a.championship.fight!?" -HELL YEAH shouts the crowd as they pop for their idol.

Mako: "Why is mister Wolfside shouting so much? he seemed so nice when we meet him!" -Mako asks Euphry softly as they watch from the VIP room with Ric Flair

Euphry: "It's just part of the show, princess, don't worry. He shouts less than I do when i'm mic, right?"

Mako: "Alright"

A labyrinth favours Brass. Fewer open spaces for Shockwave to exploit


The Arena seems to shake from north to south


A sonic boom sends the doors of the northern door flying across the air all the way to the arena, where they sink into the rocks like knives through butter. The reflectors follow them the entire way, making sure the audience sees them fly without fault.


Fans had been evacuated from the immediate vicinity of the northern gate, and just in time, as Shockwave makes his entry and sends chairs and any loose objects flying away into the darkness. His theme song starts playing out of nowhere, loud enough to make teeth tremble with the power of its bass.


Shockwave loses no time, and propels himself all the way from the gate straight to the arena, losing the robe as he flies on the explosion of his own power and lands in the sand, making a deep crater that reveals the plasteel floor deep under the stage. He walks out and the "undersea currents" start refilling the hole with sand.

Shockwave: "BRASS, I CAN'T SEE YOU, BUT THAT STENCH CAN'T BE MISSED! YOU THERE, OLD MAN!?" -his voice travels all across the arena without the need for a microphone, flying away the cups closest to the arena.

Brass: "You are damn right I'm here! I knew it was you when I heard all those farts you blew coming in, then I had no choice but to smell you, we all did!"

Shockwave: "KEEP TALKING, I JUST NEED TO HEAR YOU TO SEND YOU A WELCOME BACK PRESENT!" -he says as he grabs one of the massive rocks and gets ready to throw it

Brass: "Well, that's mighty nice of you, stinky. All I brought you was my fist."

The fans go "Look out!" and "He's throwing you a rock!" as Shockwave aims and throws the massive boulder at Brass. The fight begins without the need for a call!

Ami: "Hey, you can't do that!" -she jumpss off her seat, dressed in boots and her wrestling suit with a large jacket in brown leather, old aviator style.

Aura: "It never gets old seeing her like this."

Mai: "I know. Popcorn?"
The two men hunt eachother through the labyrinth, tho it seems clear to everyone that Shockwave can somehow locate Brass without error. He throws rocks at Brass before the Reaper finds him, and then they start throwing eachother through walls and pounding into eachother hard enough to make the arena tremble all over!

Ami: "Hit him with a rock mister Wolfside! Hit him again!"

Mai takes a picture of Ami as she stands in front of her seat with her hands made into fists, The aviator's coat reaches down to the sides of her hips and lets her shapely legs exposed. She looks adorably tomboyish with the thick fluffy-neck climbing boots on her.

Aura: "For the album?"

Mai: "Yep!" -the beautiful older sister makes a soft little "pop" sound with her lips as she says that.

The fans are loving it. Most of the central arena has been demolished by the fighters, creating an area roughly the size of a standard ring (all according to plan of course) as the twenty minutes mark approaches.

(0) .: Shockwave's Initiative [13d10] => [2,5,10,8,6,1,3,6,3,7,6,10,4] result of (4) success

Roll 12d10 for Brass' initiative
Rolled 3, 7, 7, 1, 9, 6, 1, 6, 1, 7, 4, 6 = 58

Incoming failure!
Tiied. Shockwave has slightly better Dex so he goes first.

Aura: "Ami, you -know- they are just playing around at first, so how DO you manage to get so excited?"

Ami: "I've never thrown a rock at someone!"

***** Shockwave's turn****

Shockwave tries and blast Brass away as far as possible.

(0) .: Sonic Blast: [15d10] => [10,4,10,5,4,2,7,10,4,10,4,9,7,5,2] result of (7) success vs. Dodge
(0) .: Dodge [11d10] => [7,9,6,6,4,8,6,8,9,3,10] result of (6) success
(0) .: Soak
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [1,1,2,7,8,8,1,6,4,3,4,6,7,7,1,6,7,9,4,7,6,7,10,9,10,9,9,9,1] result of (15) success
(0) .: Damage [15d10] => [3,1,7,7,2,2,2,6,8,7,4,5,10,8,3] result of (6) success
(0) .: .
(0) .: Absorb energy [15d10] => [2,6,2,10,8,6,8,6,5,2,9,5,8,2,2] result of (5) success

Brass Absorbs 5 points and rises his mega str to 10!
He takes 1 damage!

(0) .: Sonic Blast: [15d10] => [3,5,8,10,2,7,5,9,4,6,5,7,5,8,3] result of (6) success vs. Dodge
(0) .: Dodge [11d10] => [7,1,1,6,7,5,2,10,6,5,10] result of (4) success
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [3,3,8,6,1,8,5,2,6,8,10,9,9,1,7,9,9,7,5,1,9,6,5,3,5,10,5,10,7] result of (14) success
(0) .: Damage [16d10] => [8,10,2,3,6,2,2,4,9,1,7,9,5,3,3,5] result of (5) success

Brass takes 5 damage!

(0) .: Sonic Blast: [15d10] => [9,7,10,9,1,10,2,3,10,6,4,8,8,8,10] result of (10) success vs. Dodge
(0) .: Dodge [11d10] => [5,9,3,2,4,8,8,7,3,6,5] result of (4) success
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [8,4,3,10,6,7,7,4,4,5,4,3,9,9,2,4,3,8,1,5,5,7,2,6,3,10,6,5,5] result of (9) success
(0) .: Damage [25d10] => [6,5,4,8,1,8,2,8,6,10,10,2,1,6,5,1,7,8,2,1,10,7,6,1,5] result of (9) success
(0) .: Absorb energy [15d10] => [7,10,6,3,10,2,5,2,5,8,8,6,6,10,1] result of (6) success

Brass takes 9 damage! (9/20 damage)
His Mega Strength is 11!

Johnny Gomez: "It looks like shockwave is going all out tonight. Blast after blast after blast against the Reaper!"

Nick Diamond: "These two know eachother like my left hand knows my right hand, Johnny! they are doing everything in their power to knock eachother down as soon as possible!"

***** Brass Turn ********
Brass has Mega Strength 11 right now. Want to try using a shockwave of our own to knock him to the floor and then charge at him, charge/tackle him, charge/flying kick, throw him a part of the stage, or something else?

Forget immovability, optional Throw Object, main offensive is a Spear (Charging Takedown) into some Mat Work (hold/clinch/submission, whatever's going to stop Shockwave blasting).

Mega Strength 11... So, that'd be 55 auto-successes on damage rolls, then?
Dammit, we need to get Brass some more health, he always seems to run out of health way too fast.
Yes, need some way to get all those dice, tho. But at least it means he does get +11 extra damage on any physical attacks

I agree. Either more soak or more health, or both

That's more to do with the fact that Omega fighters are so overpowered.

Although possibly the best investment we ever made was giving Brass the Mega-Stamina enhancement that basically means he never takes wound penalties.

Oh, so they aren't just free successes on top of what we roll? Disappointing....
Yes, but pretty match Brass goes from max health to almost dead in a couple turns. Brass is supposed to be a tanky type character, but doesn't actually seem that capable of it.

Seems to me that Python tanks better than Brass, except that one time his opponent had Immolate.

Goddammit captcha! Stop putting long s's in the captcha, it's annoying as hell!
It is. Maybe I explained myself poorly?
+# Extra Automated successes means free successes on top of whatever

+ # Automated successes means that # number of dice will be successes
Anyway, seems like you guys want to do a spear? charge/tackle

Followed by grappling. Worth trying multiple actions via multitasking? Gives us more chances to land that grapple...

Your explanation was fine. I misunderstood. My bad
(0) .: Tackle [14d10] => [5,7,9,4,6,8,1,7,8,9,4,10,9,4] result of (8) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [2,6,2,2,9,10,7,4,1,10,5,2,4,10,4] result of (5) success
(0) .: Soak [25d10] => [5,1,10,10,6,9,3,3,8,5,7,8,9,9,1,6,6,3,6,1,6,2,6,3,3] result of (8) success
(0) .: Damage [22] => 22
(0) .: Athletics [10d10] => [1,10,7,4,3,9,1,3,2,1] result of (3) success
(0) .: Knockdown Resisted
(0) .: Hold [15d10] => [7,3,10,3,8,8,5,4,4,9,3,8,3,7,9] result of (8) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [4,8,5,9,10,8,1,5,1,2,6,7,10,8,6] result of (7) success
(0) .: Hold successful, using Mat Tecnitian to switch to a Clinch
(0) .: Clinch [14d10] => [7,5,9,1,10,8,5,9,1,1,8,6,1,10] result of (7) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [7,8,5,1,4,10,6,5,3,2,1,2,4,1,2] result of (3) success
(0) .: Soak [25d10] => [9,1,2,10,6,1,2,8,4,1,2,6,3,1,4,8,2,5,6,5,1,7,8,5,3] result of (6) success
(0) .: Damage [22] => 22
Knockout, Dead. Good thing the XWF has a nova doc with resurrection powers
Wait, how much damage did we kill him by? Can we develope a power to soak some of the damage we're dealing to prevent future work place accidents?

>Killed by bashing damage


"Y'know, Johnny, I'm not sure backs are meant to bend that way...
Python doesn't tank, he dodges. Dex tends to be a god stat in storyteller

”It's the absorption, Nick. Brass Reaper literally sucked up everything Shockwave threw at him, and returned it with interest!"
"I think even *he* didn't realise just how strong he'd become"

Johnny Gomez: "Shockwave blasts the Reaper, but the Reaper simply charges through at him!"

Nick Diamond: "It's like watching a train accident. It's terrible, but you have to keep watch--Oh God!"

The arena shakes as Brass tackles Shockwave and rams him against the forcefield. Shockwave manages to keep his footing against the initial tackle, but Brass takes advantage of the unstable floor and lifts Shockwave's legs off the sand!

Nick Diamond: "That's odd, didin't Shockwave use his Anchor power to fuse with the ground?"

Johnny Gomez: "I don't think that sand is going to add much to his Anchor, Nick"

Brass slams Shockwave against the ground and immediately moves into a hold. Using years of experience, he spins around Shockwave before the veteran can tell what is going on and grabs him by the legs as he sits on top of him, pushing up the legs and forcing the spine down... down...


Nick: "And it is over at the 21 minutes mark!"

The fans cry out while Brass shouts for the medical team and to lower the forcefield.

Nick Diamond: "Don't worry folks, not only do we have the most beautiful doctor in the world, she is also the best there is!"

Ren (the doctor) walks towards the arena with quick step, her high heels going "clip clop" thanks to enhanced sound systems (for extra dramatism) while she spearheads her medical team.

Brass reaches over the edge of the arena and stretches a hand to the doctor, helping her up by picking her by the waist and lifting her into the sand. His hands are so big he can easily wrap his fingers around the beauty's wasp waist.

Ren hurries over towards shockwave with graceful steps, and kneels down with care. Her XWF medical uniform is designed for just such a thing, and does a excellent job of showcasing the doctor's long, perfect legs and create an alluring boob window as she reaches forth towards Shockwave.

With just her bare hands, she makes the body jump as she transfers Quantum from her own tanker-like reserves
Dodge tanking is still tanking.
Shit, Nova fights are too damn quick.
Its a bit better if there someone with an applicable invincibility power.

Damage output scales exponentially. Damage resistance scales linearly. This is why Omega fights have to be partly 'worked'
When it depletes bashing damage hp, the spillover goes into lethal, and his lethal soak < his bashing soak.

There's 2 enhancements that I know of that make it so you either do "exactly" as much damage as needed to knock them out without ever spilling to lethal (you can turn it off if you want), and one that lets you do exactly as much damage as you want up to your max possible damage. Useful to mock figthing. Brass could playfully use his full power against a reporter and only do 1 bashing damage after winding up and all.


...tank-like reserves into the body before her. Sockwave gasps and reaches forth with his arms into the sand, but Ren tells him to calm down and stay still.

Ren: "You'll be fine, mister Stravinkzy. Don't worry, I got you."

Andres: "You are an angel, doc."

Nick Diamond: "How much do we pay the doc, Johnny?"

Johnny Gomez: "Five million a week, Nick."

Nick Diamond: "Worth every penny"

Now that the danger is over, Brass helps Shockwave up, and the fighters do a brofist in the arena.

Shockwave: "Welcome back, old man"

Brass: "It's good to be back, man."

The crow pops as the two power houses have a brief hug, and then pick up the doctor against her will and carry her around the arena.

Mako: "Well, that was scary."

Euphry: "It was, wasnt it? so awesome."
Maybe we should show Mako some Silver leauge fights, to get her more acclimatised to the XWF first. Seems like we're just dumping her straight into the fire right away.
We definitely need to develop Euphry into an occasional fighter. It must happen!
Ren: "Andres, you should be resting! let me down right now and let's go to the clinic!"

Andres (Shockwave): "Relax doc, now that I'm up I'm regenerating while we speak. Wave at the crowd, c'mon."

The black haired beauty blushes as she timidly waves at the audience, and they greet her back.

Brass: "Meet you for a party at my house later?"

Andres: "Your actual house, or the manor?"

Brass: "The manor of course. Can fit more people, and I don't have to actually sleep in the mess that will come out from it."

Andres: "Sure. You coming along, doc"

Ren: "I still have work to do."

Andres: -laughs- "It wasnt a request. You are coming even if I have to kidnap you"

Ren: -sighs- "Fine"


Later, in the changing rooms.

Python: "Jesus, Rob, you DO know you are stronger now than you were 3 years ago, right?"

Brass: "Hey, shockwave was stronger too, you know?"

Your turn guys, anything you want to see happen next?
I thought that pretty much everyone in Flux except Aura was pretty much shit-tier at combat?

I want the band at The Party with Ten and Shockwave.

She and Lyann could probably figure out a way to write a song powerful enough to ACTUALLY wake the dead.

And if Euphry gets going properly, we need someone who can fix alcohol poisoning and toxoplasmosis
Let's see:
>See how the !N crew enjoyed their night off.
>Check to see if Euphry's willing to back up her enjoyment of the XWF with some training and silver league participation.
>Reassure Mako that although all the fighting and injuries are real, it's nothing the medical staff can't handle.
>See if Aritsu has anything else n the table for us to deal with and if not excuse ourself so we can go buy MTV.

*with Ren and Shockwave
They arent THAT bad. Lyann is a Qi Meng expert, and Mako is really good at Tai Chi, but both of them only practice as a healthy activity/exercise. They have human physical abilities, or very very low (for a nova) attributes. Mako for example has Str 1, Dex 5 (which would be really good, if she was human) and Stamina 4 (but not a single mega dot in any physical attribute). They are just using wishful thinking encouraged by Euphry's love of violence.

I guess we could train Euphry since she does have a good dex and monster mega stamina (from/for all that partying she does)
As far as Brass being a tank goes, is there any way to modify Absorb Energy so it could give Fast Healing as an alternative to Mega-Strength?

Or should we just buy Brass another 10 'maimed' health levels? ISTR those have a fixed cost
Oh, right, we still have to buy MTV. Someone roll business!

Rolled 10, 1, 9, 4, 5, 4, 3, 6, 9, 8, 1, 2, 4, 2, 3, 7 = 78

Here rolls nothing...
Rolled 6

7 successes and rolling explodey dice
8 successes is really good.
Brass has 24 exp from his two Omega fight wins. Thats enough 16hp more or buying regeneration (the enhancement) or several minor things.

Monday morning, on MTV, a clerk is busy wiping clean the president's office door and painting "Ned Salters" instead.

Your new Office in the MTV studios is much larger than the one on the XWF building, but the pop nova furniture, the crystal walls and the general feeling of the place make you feel as if you were sitting in some weird spaceship when you try to big chair.

Aritsu: "Sir, are we moving here? the secretaries so far look even skimpier than back home"

Ned: "I want to ask if you would still wear it, and make a comment about how you feel our old place as home, but can't quite make up my mind..."

Aritsu: "I'm your executive assistant, sir. If it was the uniform, I would come to work on a slingshot bikini for you. And yes, I guess I do think of our old office as home. I had just finally adjusted your chair at the right height, and finished a new security system for our files."

Ned: "I didin't know you were in charge of our file encryption. I did not know out files were encrypted, really."

Aritsu: "I'm your ex-"

Ned: "Executive Assistant. I know, and the best executive assistant in the world too, which is why losing you as such will be such a big blow."

Aritsu: "S-sir...?"

Ned: "How would you like to be a executive, Ritsu?"

Successful buy is successful.

Suggest we move the XWF house reality show tho *our* network as soon as the contracts can be wrangled. Its debut episode on Ned TV (not the actual channel name) will be 'guest starring Flux'

Ritsu could probably handle this entire company, and Ned's XWF and band deals, all at the same time. Maybe this offer should be about making her work for us, and paying her what she's worth, rather than an actual change in duties
Is this a "wat do?" or are we waiting on her response?
Wow, I made so many fucking typos.

Aritsu: "I'm just your secretary, sir." -the blonde beauty answers with a smile

Ned: "Fine, but with your new salary, you should hire some secretaries of your own to help you with all your new responsibilities."

Aritsu: "New salary? what responsibilities?"

Ned: "Who did you think I'm going to trust enough to help me run a multicontinental entertainment network?"

Aritsu: "Yes sir. We could easily sit a team in this office and have them report to you at your o-" *Ned clears his throat* "...report at my desk."

Ned: "Right. Well, we better get started, then. Call a executive meeting. I want to learn who's responsible for all the reality shows, so I can fire them"

Aritsu: "Yes sir!"

Ned: "And get me a proper office in this building. I'm sure we'll have to actually spend the night here working from time to time"

Aritsu: "Yes sir!"

Ned: "Make sure it has an attached room to use as bedroom."

Aritsu: "Yes sir!"

Ned: "You said the secretary uniform is skimpier here, right? better stop by human resources later and get one your size later, then."

Aritsu: "Yes s-- Ned, no!"

Ned: "It was about time you called me by my name. Cmon, move move, we dont have all day, Ritsu!"

Aritsu: "Yes sir! I mean, no, sir!" -her heels go clip clop as she follows behind you-

And if she wants to enact a change in officewear policy, she can. Ned isn't a creep, he'd rather have employees comfortable and working hard than showing themselves off.
I was watching for responses while typing.

If anyone cares, Ritsu's "build" is almost everything into Wits, then Intelligence, and then Charisma and Appearance equally.

Wits is muiltitasking, after all.
She already made clear that having a hot secretary is a status symbol/power play thing at the XWF offices so as long as she was working for you she was going to make sure you had one in her. Also, we asked about changing the uniforms and got shot down by Ric at a meeting.

Anyway, our wealth is down to 4 (for now), moving on>>30522368
>>See how the !N crew enjoyed their night off.
>>Check to see if Euphry's willing to back up her enjoyment of the XWF with some training and silver league participation.
>>Reassure Mako that although all the fighting and injuries are real, it's nothing the medical staff can't handle.
>>See if Aritsu has anything else n the table for us to deal with and if not excuse ourself so we can go buy MTV.

You send some flowers to Jenn, the anchor reporter at !N, and make SURE (with a $200 tip) that they are delivered at exactly 11:30 am.

11:31 am, in Jenn's !N office, the phone rings.

Ned: "Jenn, I was calling to hear about your night at the arena."

Jenn: "Mister Salter? Thankyou for the flowers, I was just reading your card right now."

Ned: "You are welcome. Did you enjoy the night?"

Jenn: "It was very intense. Say, do you think I could get a interview with the Flux members that couldnt make it last time?"

Ned: "I'll see what I can do, but I can't make you any promises."

Jenn: "Alright, please call me when you have news, one way or the other, dear."

Ned: "Will do, take care."

Later, while the band rests in the XWF dining hall, at the end of their lunch break. (They actually rest together now, instead of spread all over)

Euphry is walking off with Lyann back towards the studio. You greet Mako and Stella as you walk across them on the hallway.

Mako: "Mister Salter, good day" -the polite, petite beauty greets you with a charming smile

Ned: "Good morning Mako. Stella."

Stella: "Do you think we could talk about the awareness campaign for the indian jungle this evening?"

"Absolutely; or we could talk now, if you prefer"
>I want to learn who's responsible for all the reality shows, so I can fire them
I love you Ned Salter.

>Be Ned
>No TV experience
>Generate a hit reality show out of nowhere

Their board is full-on Pleb right now. MTV can still have reality on it, but only if it's good (eg the Euphry show)
>Stella: "Do you think we could talk about the awareness campaign for the indian jungle this evening?"

"Sure. Say, I just purchased MTV and am I dire need of new content, until I can scrounge up something to fill the slots, I was thinking about giving XWF and Flux members some screentime to air their issues to the public, interested?"

Ned: "I'll try to make time... no, forget that. I'll make sure we get to talk this evening, alright?"

Stella: "Thank you."

Mako: "Will you see television with me tonight, mister Salter?"

Ned: "Sure, Mako."

Mako: "Can we have corn of the pop again?"

Ned: "Yes, we can have popcorn again. Now, if you excuse me, I have to catch up to those two..."

The girls let you go, and you catch up to Euphry and Lyann.

Lyann: "Hi Ned."

Euphry: "Hey"

Ned: "Hi girls. Lyann, would you mind if I steal Euphry for a while? there's something I want to talk with her about."

Lyann: "No problem. Euphry, I'll see you at the REC room, alright? Ned, don't forget to appear at my place later for your training."

Ned: "I won't"

Lyann leaves you alone with Euphry. Or relatively alone, since you are still in the hallway at lunch hour, outside the dining room, so theres a couple hundred people going both ways around you.

Ned: "This is a bit populous for a private conversation, can we go elsewhere?"

Euphry: "I knew it was too good to be true. You'll be wanting to get in my pants, now?"

Ned: "No! what, wh-"

Euphry: "I is joking, Ned. Its fine, where do you want to talk?"

You take her to your office. You surprise Aritsu as she was laying down on your large couch, holding her datapad between her knees so she can read it while she keeps her lunch box on a hand and some chinese sticks on the other.

Aritsu: "Sir! you had lunch already?"

Ned: "I was wondering when exactly did you found time to eat. Go to the dining hall and have a proper lunch, Ritsu."

Aritsu: -scrambles to stand up and straighten her uniform- "I don't have time for that, we are waiting a call from the MTV offices right no-"

**As the phone rings in her desk, she leaves your office in a hurry**

Euphry: "That's some nice clothes you have her in."

Ned: "Its office policy. I swear"

Euphry: "Right. Is not as if I'm complaining, anyway. So what is it you want to talk with me?"
>Mako: "Can we have corn of the pop again?"
Oh god, when I read that, I thought she wanted to drink some corn flavoured soda.
Sounds good, Let's say so when we talk to her later.

Eh, Aura's is pretty good too. You probably mean if it's innovative.

Im trying to go in order. Lets talk to euphry, then call Stella in, then maybe Mako, then we'll finish the day with going to Lyann and then Mako.
I had a thought. If baseline wrestling is dead, what does sci-fi show instead if sci-fi shows?

"You've really taken to the XWF. And by all accounts, Mr Flair has taken to you. How would you like to let off some steam with a bout or two? You've got the stamina, I reckon we could get you up to Silver Division standard without much trouble."


Thanks to High Fructose Corn Syrup, that's what most US soda is
I dunno, I was thinking that every week we'd have an episode dedicated to one of our employees, *if they wanted to.*

So like 'Brass Fishing' 'Boxing t with Python' 'Euphry shows you how to have a party that *doesn't* suck, various humanitarian programming with Okaba, Mako and Stella.

I don't know how long it'll take to aquire programming that isn't crap, but until then, I was thinking we could have our employees host programs covering topics of their intrest. (They'll be paid, of course.)

I know that, I also know that it isn't corn *flavoured*.
Uhh, forgot to mention, how well do you think Euphry would take it, knowing that the vast portion of the fights were staged to pad time. I don't think she'd really go for that.

There's still only a few thousand Novas in the world, among a population of many billions. The Baseline market is huge, and there are still nerds out there. They probably show SF&F shows still, except fewer ones about superheroes (because IRL supers takes the shine off those stories; For a prime example, see Watchmen, and the popularity of Pirate comics)

The best shows are probably written/produced by Novas though

1) She's a performer, she'd understand
2) It's probably an Open Secret in-universe (like Kayfabe is in Pro Wrestling)
3) Silver fights, even when done for real, last longer because the power levels are lower
So, how do you want to sell the idea to Euphry. Despite appearances, she has baaaarely above-human physical stats (except stamina. Jesus christ). Her power (which is actually telekinesis) won't help much in a fight unless she trains the hell out of it, developing into (probably) quantum blast, forcefield, and maybe something else.

I imagine either retro B movies, or stuff placed in a far away future like star trek. Almost every show has a nova main character (tho the huge majority are just humans with special effects) having adventures on the stars and taking attractive green alien women to bed.


Also comedy shows, like "my wacky nova neighbor" and such? And following around team utopia teams, and maybe a series about a nova detective which makes the old sherlock holmes series and movies look like documentals.

You know, Lyann and Okaba both have lots of contacts on the Teragen and Utopia, respectively, without being members of either. They could probably arrange some pretty awesome open forums with guests from both sides.

Lyann alone could do about 200 different shows, if we manage to convince her ... no, actually it seems unlikely we could manage to convince her to loan us more than 5 clones to it. Its 5 Lyanns NOT doing science. Besides her taint would make it really hard to market the shows except to other novas. Tho Im guessing both the Teragen and Utopia would be fans.

Remember we are about 2 decades into the future of the Aberrant storyline, in a less grimderpy version, so there's no sterility serum. The population of novas is probably x3 or x4 as much now... which is still very few overall, I guess.
>Silver fights, even when done for real, last longer because the power levels are lower

This is a very good point. I remember when the fights laster 4-5 rounds, when we were starting gold. Python can finish almost everyone in 1 round within gold, and Ami in 1-3 rounds.
File: 1393523122275.jpg-(234 KB, 917x494, enhancements.jpg)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Well, roll diplomacy, I guess? 11d10

Is there another ability you think we could use? want to use a mega manipulation enhancement? we just got two earlier. Pic related
Uhh, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't one of the reasons Ami was barred from fighting because her entire style was boring, practical, and quick?
Doesn't really seem like its an open secret if a huge fan of it didn't really have a clue.

Hmm, she might actually be able to really cut loose then, instead of spending more time 'fake' fighting than actual fighting.

Hmm, I just found out that typing 'delete' in the captcha field changes said captcha. I am paticulairly slow, considering I *just* figured that out.
Rolled 6, 4, 8, 5, 6, 6, 10, 10, 5, 8, 1 = 69

Sure. Play up how much more havoc she could wreak on stage if she gave her TK a serious work out.
Rolled 8, 2 = 10

yes, for Gold, she was too wrong.
Remember she was also very very tomboyish. We had her train so she would be more girly.

Lets be honest, she has an awesome figure, and with female wrestlers, you want the fight to be showy and give fanservice to the fans. The executives werent going to "ok" a female fighter with a boring style that was going to make the guys look bad.

Also she has fire powers (which have never been developed beyond her immolate) and bomber lord is a control freak that freaks out about any fire hes not directly controlling.

>Hmm, I just found out that typing 'delete' in the captcha field changes said captcha. I am paticulairly slow, considering I *just* figured that out.
I just click the captcha picture and that changes it

Rolling the explosive dice

Captcha Police bottles
Yes captcha, Euphry makes sure the police parties with her when they show up, too
Hire Double Fine to do a documentary about their latest project. Brutal Legend 2: a Flux in Time.

Euphry: "Ned, I've never taken a class of martial arts in my life. I know to kick guys in the balls and girls on the throat, and that's it."

Somehow, you get the feeling one gender gets off worse than the other, but you are not sure which one.

Ned: "That's fine, Mai is a genius as a personal trainer."

Euphry: "Ma-- alright, I'll do it. I'll have to take time off the day to train, of course. About half day every day and twice on weekends?"

Ned: "And s-- why did you agree so fast?"

Euphry: "She owes me some kissing. And if she is going to be my personal fighting trainer, I'm guessing there will be many chances for me to be on top."

Ned: "Do I want to ask?"

Euphry: "Oh, definitively, but why don't we get some cameras following me through the whole thing? It will be rated M+ and the audience will love it, I promise" -she does a gesture that is both obscene and oddly endearing, perhaps because it is so out of place on such a delicate looking beauty

Love this idea... Stella would have an army of beasts... but what about Mako? would she be a cutesy sidekick for whoever the player picks as main character?
"Mai would murder me if I tried to put cameras in her house."
Mako would have angels of course, and whatever beasts her voice creates. Lynn would have Lynn clones.
Right guys, got to go.

Been fun.
Mako's the Flonne to Aura's Etna. Not sure what roll Euphry plays, probably a reoccurring villainess that turns out to be a mid boss that you automatically recruit after defeating. She becomes your personal bartender among other things.
Aritsu is the gatekeeper to the underworld's senate?

take care, see you tomorrow
Lyann faction OP. Unless they are chibi or something like that

Euphry: "Aww... such a shame. Well, at least I guess that means we get privacy. Ami did move out, right?"

Ned: "Yes?"

Euphry: "Success! But, music first, got it? If I have concert or fight, it will be concert, always. And I want to use guitar as weapon"
"Far be it for me to stand in the way of this songmistress' axe."
"According to the rules you have can't bring anything in the ring with you. You'll have to manifest your axe I'm afraid"
Bugger, forgot that. Then again, I think Euphry would be happy to suddenly have her guitar no matter where she is or what she's doing.
Euphry: "That's a thing that can be done?"

You assure her that it is so. Aritsu will schedule her a meeting at the Watanabe Quantum Labs and another with Mai, and see if either place can help her with it.

Euphry: "Well, now I am intrigues. Can I hold on to answer you until I check what they think my powers could do?"

Ned: "Of course, don't worry, you still have 2 months until the start of the Silver League. But the sooner you start training, the better."

Euphry: "I see. I'll wait for Aritsu's call, then."

Lyann with free creative control and a large budget


Next day, 1/2 the critics love it, and the other 1/2 dennounce her panic-causing giant holograms in the middle of the city
Remind the panickers and nay-sayers that her light show was announced repeatedly on national media, we made the plans publicly available at the city hall after acquiring every relevant license and permit /and/ we ran an ongoing documentary on how Lyann created her show including live coverage of the event.

It's their own fault for not paying attention.
Good points. Well, I think we should stop for the day at this point. Looks like we lost two ppl. I'll save the thread now.

Any requests for any of the girls while Im doing their sheets?
Maybe a mention of their various interests and foundations in addition to their stats and skills. A list of countries that have banned Euphry.
She's really, really charismatic and can be very manipulative tho, other than fundamendalist countries, I dunno, somehow I think it would be funny if she's banned in Spain, but britain is more realistic
Anyone knows if on the books it actually says anywhere that you cant raise abilities beyond 6? Ive found some traits that let you start with 6, but no mention about raising abilities past that with exp.
Rules for doing so are in players guide. That's where all the high level stuff is.
Could I abuse your kindness and ask you to give me a page number, please? I'm doing Lyann and Mako's sheets right now
Ah, figured it out. It costs the same, you just have to have your attribute at 5 and enough quantum to buy the dot, then you can buy the dot at normal costs. I think any additional rule would have been in either Brainwaves or Cult of Personality, if either of them were finished.
Oh, I meant abilities, not attributes, sorry man. Yes, I know that you can buy mega attributes beyond 5 as long as your attribute is 5 and you have quantum equal to your new mega attribute

You can also buy normal attributes beyond 5, they are just cost-inefficient for how expensive they are vs how good they are.
I think that's in Adventure!
Well, i'm gonna go with "yes" in absence of a rule about it
File: 1393534700925.jpg-(44 KB, 375x523, Makos Friendly Demeanor.jpg)
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