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Good morning folks. I'll be back in 10 minutes, need to do something really quick-like first.

I was thinking in doing the girl's night, to get some info on their backgrounds, today, and tomorrow have brass fight again, this time against Shockwave.
good with me
Hey man. And to think I rushed so much. I'll just start typing right away since the others may or may not show up, and if they dont I suspect they plan on reading the archive later to catch up
Aura: "Why here? we could have used the pool on the penthouse".

Mai: "Some of us don't want to appear on the OPnet. And I doubt you could have gotten Mako into one of your swimsuits, or Bella for that matter. And what would that have done to your rating?"

Aura: "We have a mature rating anyway"

Mai: "Yeah, but the americans idea of nudity is hot pants and MAYBE underwear. Actual nudity would get you in trouble."

The girls are sitting in Mai's living room. The furniture has been moved to the walls to make room in the middle. Ami is wearing a pair of white cottom and silk shorts and shirt. Stella is wearing long sports pants and a valiant, heroic shirt (which struggles valiantly to contain her healthy bossom). Bella is... well she's Bella, which is causing Mako to blush so bright, her full body blush is visible through her pink pajamas. Aura is actually wearing a simple pair of panties and a large sports shirt, while Euphry is still on jean pants and a matching jacket (open but for its bottom button, with nothing underneath).

Aritsu is wearing a long, elegant white chemise, and Lyann is wearing a small white robem her glory spilling all over out of it.

They had drinks, and a BBQ, and eventually went indoors. The doors of the cabin are open at both sides, but there are no bugs. Mai has a laser anti-mosquitoe system that pops them out of the air if they approach within 3 feet of the house.

((its a thing. Not even sci fi. I imagine they arent even that rare in the year 2028 http://youtu.be/0C5vkbtpdN4 ))

Euphry: "I agreed to this because you promised booze."

Aritsu: "You had booze."

Euphry: "I expected constant booze." -the blonde's hair stands up around the middle, naturally. giving her a soft-looking mohawk. She thinks it looks fierce, but looks really kind of caressable. Noone has the guts to tell her so, tho.

Mai: "I have a fridge full of all sort of beers. What did your last servant die of?"

Euphry: "Exhaustion. It was a decent party. Died happy, th-"
Mai: "I don't... forget it. Go grab a beer"

Stella sits down on the floor with the rest of the girls, carrying a bowl with snacks. She offers some around and adjust her position to sit lotus style.

Mako: "It's my first time staying overnight with friends, this is so exciting! and the water taste funny."

Ami: "That's called beer."

Mako: "It tastes funny."

Ami: "Yeah, don't worry about it. With your metabolism, it won't do anything to you even if you were to drink enough to fill a bath tub. We also have cool aid and mineral water if you want some."

Mako: "Yes please" -she is hugging a rag doll, full of patches. It looks like it has been loved a lot, clean and mended perfectly.

Aritsu: "Well, let's skip the cliches please. So spin the bottle and strip poker are out. Would you like to pin Euphry to the ground and give her a makeover when she comes back from the fridge?"

Mako: "But miss Euphry already wears makeup."

Mai: "A bit too much., this isin't a trance party."

Aritsu: "That's my point"

Ami: "I can do it."

Mako: -leans over towards Mai- "How do you play with a bottle?" -she asks softly-

Mai: -stares at the chinese beauty.- "Wait, let's not ditch the classics so fast. Someone here has never tried them, yet."

Fast forward a bit and get to the truth or dare to get background info on the girls? go with the classics? trash the place trying to clean Euphry up? something else?
go with the classics
Spin the bottle, twister, strip poker, other?
File: 1393340526054.png-(80 KB, 625x489, pompadour.png)
80 KB
I for one would like the background info.

Also, sorry I wasn't here earlier, my internet connection's been spotty since last night.
Truth or dare.
Seems fine, that way we can also get background info.

Euphry: "Problem with that is, we can't possibly get drunk enough for it with what we have at hand."

Ami: "How CAN you get drunk, to begin with? your metabolis-"

Euprhy: "Trust me, is doable."

Bella: "Ugh, I don't care about getting drunk. Why would I want to lose braincells, anyway?"

Lyann: "Ah, I can refine that beer for you if you want. Mai, do you have any oranges?"

Mai: "Sure, help yourself, red."

Lyann: "You are a redhead too, how come you call me red."

Mai: "I'm an adorable soft red. Your hair looks like your mom was a cherry and your dad a tomatoe. If I am ever going to call someone red, that's going to be you."

Lyann grabs a beer out of the fridge, an apple off the kitchen table and... does something to them.

Five minutes later Euphry holds a tiny glass in her fingers. Looking at it with a dismissive look, she gulps it up and coughs, shivers all over, tears up and declares her undying love for Lyann.

Euphry: "It's like vodka was for sissies. Can I move in with you?"

Lyann: "I don't m-"

Aritsu: "She does about 13.000 worth in damages each night." -coughs-

Lyann: "Don't think there's enough room, you know? I recently upgraded my clones so now there's 200 hundred of us in a building for 60. Is not a problem when you get along perfectly well with eachother, but you may resent having a person every 4 feet"

Euphry: "Eh, I has had parties with a person every 4 minutes, if you know what I mean!" -she says in a good mood after her drink- "Can I get more of this?"

Lyann: "More could blind an ox."

Euphry: "Good thing I'm not one"

Stella: "I'll try some, too."

Lyann: "Doesn't hinduism forbids liquor?"

Stella: "Don't know, I'm not a religious person."

Mai: "Actually, I haven't had a real drink in 5 years. If you can make something like that, I wouldn't mind finally teaching my little sister to drink."

Ami: "I know how to drink, thankyou very much."

Mai: "Oh, sweetie. With your metabolism, you could drink a small fuel truck worth of beer and it wouldn't count. Is why I never had to worry about you in that sense."

Mako: "I'll pass, please?"

Euphry: "No, no, you are the one I want to see drunk the most!" -grabs the black haired beauty and pulls her over into her lap, then grabs her by a breast and forces her to drink the remaining cocktail glass.

Mako is much too sweet to fight back.

Mako: "Tish tashtes awfhul." -she says, her tongue numb

Euphry: "Isin't it great?"

After a few minutes, They decide to mix things up, so the bottle will come with the option of truth.

First, Aritsu spins and gets Bella

What do you want to ask of her? if you cant think of anything, I can just type some random bit of her background. If you want to just skip quickly to someone else, we have them kiss and Bella takes her turn at spinning it.
Well, while you guys pick, I'll be back in 10 minutes
hmm.... "What was the most embarrassing thing you ever said by accident."
Hmmm, this might be more useful if I knew what to pick.....
You know, even when I try to think of what it would be for me, I have troubles remembering anything.

Bella: "Probably this one time when I was at a family party and said a bit too loud that me and my sister had caught crabs after our weekend out? You have to understand, we grew up on a fishing village so it was a perfectly innocent remark."

Ami and Mako clearly don't see the problem, while Euphry snorts out her drink through her nose and immediately starts tearing up. It really is a hard drink. Mako takes the chance to slip away, but Euphry just grabs her by the waist and sits her back in her lap.

Euphry: "Oh God my nose is on fire! what do you call this stuff?"

Lyann: "I hadn't think about it, b-"

Euphry: "Never mind. From now on, it's the A-Bomb"

Bella taker her turn, and it comes around to Euphry and Mako.

Ami: "It's not gonna work so well unless you let her go"

Euphry: "Nu hu. Princess here is my bottle deflector."

Bella: "That's fine, but if you come again, it'll be your turn."

Alright then, some options I guess?
How about about growing up in communist china?
What did she had to do when she was escorting those businessmen to parties?
About her powers
Her obvious "thing" for Ned
What's with the doll?
>Her obvious "thing" for Ned
China isn't communist anymore anyway.
Those are good round two questions door her, but let's start off soft with "So what's the weirdest thing you've had to deal with in America or far?"
>Her obvious "thing" for Ned
This ought to be good
>Her obvious "thing" for Ned
Yeah, it'd be a stretch to call modern China communist.
What? since when? you mean in the aberrant setting? because if you do, i missed that.
They are still run by the communist party, no?
Mako: "Not having to share a bed with my little brothers and sisters"

Bella: "Weirdest, not cutest, dear. The thing that seems the most strange to you"

Mako: "Television? ah! The night of last, people with cardboard sign outside government palace, shouting. And nothing happened."

Mai: -quickly processes it- "She means lastnight there was a protest on tv and noone died or got hit or sprayed with a water hose or anything."

Euphry: "You shared your bed?"

Mako: "Yes, I-"

Euphry: "I was sure you were a single child" -she says while idly squeezing Mako's breasts and making her squirm and wiggle like it's no big thing.

Mai: "Could you stop molesting her long enough for her to spin the bottle?"

Mako gets Stella

Mai: "And let her ask her question, for fuck's sake!"

Mako hardly knows anything about Stella.
What is your country like?
What is your family like?
Why do you like drums?
Why do you cut your hair so short?
Others (suggestions welcome.)
I just cant imagine Mako making any hard questions.
>They are still run by the communist party, no?
they are functionally a capitalist country though.
>Why do you like drums?
>what's your family like
I'm sure she'll learn to ask the right questions over the course of the night.

Mako: "W-whats so-a-aah!"

Mai: "Euphry, but it out or I'll have Ami hold you down."

Ami: "I totally could, too!"

Euphry: "Fine... just so she can make her question. I'm sure it'll be what's her favorite icecream or something like that."

Mako: "O...oooh...!"

Mai: "Don't ask that!"

Mako: "O-okay... miss Stella. What is your family like?"

Stella: "Well, to begin with, dad worked at a tannery. My mom was the 1st generation nova in the family, but she was a very dutiful wife. Her ability to speak with animals got them in trouble for a long while. The people in the indian countryside are quite superstitious, you see? Besides, they were untouchables, so that was troublesome already..."

Mako nods and listens or tries to (with Euphry molesting her) as Stella explains to her what an untouchable is.

Stella: "...still, overall they were very traditional. Dad worked and mom took care of us and the house. She was a good wife and mother, but it didin't help any when the mobs came. That is why I decided I will change any stupid traditions and do whatever I feel is right!"

Euphry: "Yeah! fuck traditions up the ass!" -drinks another shot-

Stella spins the bottle and gets Euphry. The blonde tries to play the "Mako is my shield" card but when it fails she just shrugs, puts Mako down, and pounces on Stella.

Stella: "What are you do--!?"

Euphry wrestles her wildly (neither girl uses any powers, tho. They have enough self control to keep from it, at least) and eventually pins Stella down under her.

Euphry: "The answers are optional, right? I'll go with kiss."

Stella: "You didin't had to pin me down!"

Euphry: "Of course I had. You'll see, my policy is that I am Always.On.Top"

The russian sips a shot of booze, and gives the caramel-skinned, short haired beauty a wet and passionate enough kiss to share it with her.

Mako: "That's not..."

Ami: -eventually pulls Euphry off with ease.- "Let her spin the bottle, already."

Stella sits up, bright red, which is no mean feat for her.

Stella: "Don't do that again!"

Euphry: "Aww, but you taste so good! Besides red, it's MY turn to spin the bottle, not hers, remember?"

Ami: "Oh, right" -puts her down-

Euphry spins the bottle and gets Lyann

Do you really need suggestions? also maybe I should post some bulletpoint bits about them. It's kind of getting late for this thread.
I've been waiting for this. Instead of a question I see Euphry making a declaration.

"You fix my amps, provide me with booze and do not have vacant guest room. I am taking you home with me!"

Lyann's turn.
Oh, right. Forgot my name. Sorry OP.
Sounds good. Side note: I kinda thought we voted 3 to 1 for teasing Mako about Ned when it was her turn at bat. Could we do that after this?
Sure. Also, see? you are the only one posting anymore. The others are probably gone. That's why I said maybe I should just post bulletpoints and they can read the archive later.
Euphry: "Are you straight, bi, or lesbian?"

Lyann: "Wha? why?"

Euphry: "Because you are a beautiful amp-upgrading booze provider, so I'm taking you home with me after this and wanted to know if that was all the way to bed or if I should get guest room for you"

Lyann: "I do not mind such superficial details as whichever gender the people I love would happen to be, if you must really know. Even if it is for procreation purposes, science can help anyway, so there is no true biological imperative to-"

Euphry: "Ah, good, bed it is, then."

Lyann: "But Euphry, I'm not interested in you that way"

Euphry: "Ah, sorry, was I not clear? You are gonna get taken home"

Lyann: "...fine"

The rest of the girls seem dumbstruck by Lyann's casual acceptance.

The long haired redhead takes her turn at spinning the bottle and gets Mai.

1) What's with all the security?
2) Suggestions? Lyann knows hardly anything about Mai so the questions are limited.
>What's with the security?
Sounds good. Also, I'm pretty sure there are two of us since I didn't post >>30480094. Still, given how often I forget my name I'm not surprised we're getting lumped together.
I'm around as well
Depending on Mai's answer I think it would be appropriate for Lyann to offer to upgrade her security and start explaining how she would do it.

Lyann: "Why do you need so much security? Worried about rustler stealing your cattle or something?"

Mai: "Well, you see, I used to do government work and-"

Ami: "Big sis was a superspy, like James Bond."

Euphry: "Устрашающий!"*

Mai: -throws a pillow to Ami's face- "For the love of God, Ami!"

Euphry: "How many people did you kill?"

Mako: "I like James Bond movies"

Bella: "Did you ever surf a tsunami wave?"

Mai: "See?! see what you did!? ask when you get the bottle!"

Lyann: "Well, I could upgrade your systems if you want me to..."

Mai: "Thanks, and no offense, but I don't know you well enough to let you mess with it... what did you mean upgrade? this stuff is all the latest!

Euphry: "Nyet! you can't have her, she's my roadie and booze provider, now!"

Lyann: "I am most certainly not a... wait, is that what you think people with technical skills are? roadies?"

Euphry: "Only the good ones."

Ami sighs and spins the bottle. She gets Euphry.

Mai: "Just so you know, I'll nerve-strike you if you try to push me down."

Euphry: "I choose kiss"

Mai: "I haven't even asked you anything yet."

Euphry: "Okay, ask."

Mai: "Wh-"

Euphry: "I choose kiss!"

Mai: "Bu-"

Euphry: "Kiss!"

Mai: "Fine! God!"

Five seconds later, Euphry is paralyzed.

Mai: "I told you!"

Euphry: "I.always.go.on.top." .she manages to say

Ami: "Sis, you have to fix her. It's her turn to spin the bottle again."

Mai: "I'll spin it for her. It'll wear off soon enough, anyway." -she gets Euphry again, so she spins again.

She gets Euphry again

Mai: "Do you have booze control powers or something?"

Euphry: "What do you think?" -paralysis wearing off

Mai: "Well, cut it off before I hit you again."

Euphry: "Fine, ask question."

Suggestions? there's just so many possibilities
How did you not kill yourself of alcohol poisoning before you erupted?
"What do you find embarrassing?"

"What is the craziest story you remember that it's legal for us to know about?"

How ever Euphry answers, I want it to be something prefaced with "Mako, close your eyes, cover your ears and start humming your national anthem!" and end with Mako, having clearly nor followed directions, passing out from the scandal.
Eh, let Mako remain conscious. We still haven't teased her about Ned yet.
Fair enough. Have her blushing, sputtering and a bit distracted then.
>"I like James Bond movies"
Oh god, that was much more hilarious than what I expected it to be.
File: 1393351659288.jpg-(55 KB, 552x552, tell me more.jpg)
55 KB
Euphry: "I was born awesome. Second generation, here"

Aritsu: "You know that people who erupt usually do so in answer to danger, right? people who are drowning typically gain the ability to breathe underwater or fly and get themselves out of the water. People crushed under a landslide get super strong and super tough... she has alcohol-controlling super powers, what do you think happened?"

Ami: "Like that old kids show? so she's a booze-bender?"

This time Euphry throws a pillow at Ami's face.

Lyann: "If she really has booze-bending, she's been controlling the bottle spin by the rests left inside it. Hold on." -Lyann grabs the bottle and goes to wash it-

Mai: "For the record, I would have accepted the kiss if you didin't insist on pushing people down.

Euphry: "Alright. Can I at least stand up so im kissing you down, next time?"

Mai: "What makes you think there will be a next time?"

Euphry: "You are too hot for me to miss on you. In my experience, that's just how my nights go."

Lyann comes back with the now clean bottle. Euphry spins it and gets Mako

Euphry: "Ah, this one is easy. You've been seeing Ned alone, right? what's he like in bed?"

Mako: "But, we ever only use the couch"

Euphry: "REALLY?"

Let's do that next time we get Euphry. It's one question per bottle spin.
File: 1393351841127.png-(568 KB, 678x612, FF pure.png)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
Goddamn, Mako's so innocent.
File: 1393352177998.gif-(2.62 MB, 320x180, Mako is too lewd.gif)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB GIF
A short-lived pandemonium follows. Plenty of "Didin't thought Ned had it in him", some "Does he push you down?" and a few "Is he good?" as well.

Mako: "M-mister Salter would never push someone! and he is really good! we watch shows and he teaches me american. We see "I dream of Genie" and "Bewitched" and "I love Lucy", and then he sometimes lets me... touch his..."

Stella: "That is not quite what we... touch his what?"

Mako: "...hand" -apple red as she says so, and she holds her head and shakes it from side to side-

Aritsu: "Well, while miss Mako calms down, I guess I'll spin it for her."

She gets Ami
This should be easy. What does she think of Eldric, really? excited about the new season? what about her new place? has she ever had a boyfriend before? Did Kodiak ever get fresh with her? others (suggestions accepted)
>What does she think of Mr. Eldric?
Sounds about right especially after she got asked about Ned. Also, is Euphry continuing her assault on poor Mako or has she moved on to a new target?
She let go of her.
I need more lew gifs like >>30480872
does anyone else find it funny that the silver fighters weren't invited?
Oh bugger, this is me.
Oh crap, sorry guys but I have to go. Tomorrow we'll do the fight between Brass and Shockwave. I'll save the thread now.
I just suck at remembering their names, sorry. See you tomorrow guys
Aw, no worries OP. see you tomorrow.

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