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Aaaand we are ready! some cool relaxing with the boys and girls of our superhuman business, seeing how they cool down after the explosive events of the last few days. Brass won on his return match to the Omega Division, and the band released their album without anyone dying.
File: 1393247137403.png-(974 KB, 800x600, Rance Jojo refrence.png)
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I was thinking in having a card game with the boys and then checking on the band. Not sure but I think it should be all the boys at the card game. They are all working with Ned so there's a large chance they are at least eachother's acquaintances, and inviting eachother to stuff like that would be good policy, so I think it should be Brass, Python, Eldric, Okaba and maybe Aleks(ander).

Also, I found a non-asshole mega manipulation enhancement. I don't remember the name off-hand, but it basically lets you add your mega manipulation dice to any attempts to resist mind control or influence, and you can spend a quantum point to extend that bonus to those around you in a wide area after making a statement against the attempt to mind control or influence you.
It also lets you guess at the true intent behind a lie. It does not however automatically tells you when someone is lying.
You know, Im the kind of person that enjoys leveling up, so the only thing I didint like about Rance was that even in sandbox mode, it has a definitive end at some point.

Is why I wasted so much time on Disgaea and all the FFT games.

Oh, and I am running an aberrant game online on mirc on sundays. It starts 2 hours from right after the time of this post.

Decided to go with a MIB + Hellboy vs the supernatural approach on it, if you guys want to join. Just had our first game yesterday. They went to the amazon to recover a lost agent and found his body, attacked by strangely strong humans infected with a unknown disease.
I don't know what that means.
Aso for Rance's level cap, that's only really in Sengoku Rance due to a engine limitation, and even then, trying to get him to level 99 takes a ridiculous amount of effort, and is pretty much useless.

In the other Rance games, he doesn't really have a limit, since he's a glitch in the system created by the gods. (who purposely made the world run on rpg mechanics for fun) It's becomes a plot point in Rance 8 as his daughter is also born without a level cap implying it's genetic.

That said, in the Rance verse, level caps past a certain point are largely useless, leveling becomes incresingly tedious, due to the fact you're trying to grind enemies much lower level than you.

As a Demon Lord, Kayblis is undoubtebly the strongest, not because he has the highest cap, but because he's spent 5000 years grinding. Also when you get to a certain point, your innate skills are more useful than a handful of levels. (Having say Magic 3, is much more useful than Baking 2)

Furthermore levelling in the Ranceverse is largely depenant on your growth rate, which is both good and bad. When you go for long periods of time without fighting, you actually de-level, and your levelling speed also affects how fast you de-level. Rance, who has an incredibly quck leveling speed, also loses it incredibly fast, which is why he always manages to start at a lowish level every game.

The Rance series has a suprisingly amount of lore for a porn game.
File: 1393249016257.jpg-(185 KB, 850x1133, Taint 6 Aura.jpg)
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Aritsu: "That should take care of everything, sir"

As usual, your super efficient secretary has all the tedious bits under control, and is going to stay a bit after you leave to finish tidying up documents. With long golden hair, a flawless figure and a seemingly boundless source of energy, you have long suspected she's a nova, now.

Aritsu: "Please remember to buy the cigar brand that mister Wolfside likes. And don't forget to show up with your share of the pizza and beer."

Ned: "Yes, I- how did you know it is poker night?"

Aritsu: "Mister Rodriguez asked me for mister Okaba's phone number for it."

Ned: "I guess you are just the go-to person, after all"

Aritsu: "I am, so give me a raise." -she says jokingly- "Have a fun night."
File: 1393249193854.jpg-(175 KB, 732x850, security.jpg)
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175 KB JPG
I really wanna play Rance 8. How far goes the translation, is it done?

I saw bleach lastnight, and liked the brown cat girl(?) as Stella. Are you familiar with the character?
Your turn btw.

Also, I really didint think of it as a porn game. Tho Ive only ever played the Sengoku Rance, I saw it as a fun and purposefully silly strategy game, that clearly did not take itself seriously, and I liked that
File: 1393249623597.jpg-(192 KB, 850x638, Rance Reset.jpg)
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192 KB JPG
Fuck, I say give her a raise, we already make oodles of money, and she's efficent as hell.

Rance 8's translation will continue after Rance 6 is completed. I'm kinda torn, on one hand Rance 6 has the person with the best name *ever* Ragnarok Super Gandhi, and on the other hand Rance Quest/Magnum has Sharktooth moe daughter ugyuuu.

Yeah, and there's *tonnes* of refrences and lore that you'll never notice just from paying SR. For example, the monk faction the Tenshi Sect was founded by a Devil to recruit souls to hell (and also to piss off Xavier). That said, Hell, ruled by the Devil King, is pretty much a son who's pissed off at his 'father' the overgod and wants to take control. That said, it's heavily implied that he'd actaully be a much better ruler, since he didn't create some sick RPG crapsack world for his own amusement, and likely won't destroy the world if he becomes bored.
Oh yeah, and the other Demon Lords consider Xavier to be a fucking joke, since he is constantly getting sealed into gourds by the Tenshi sect.

I didn't see a thread on Friday; Did I miss it?
If you did it must've started later, I didn't see it either and eventually went to sleep.

I've been arguing for ages that we should poach her from the XWF and employ her directly. Make her a VP in Ned's holding company
Make it so number Bischoff!
File: 1393250806749.jpg-(204 KB, 850x1133, Stella home.jpg)
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204 KB JPG

You decide to give her a substantial raise, but to surprise her with a bigger check at the end of the month.

Driving to Rob's (Brass) place is a rather enjoyable experience at this time of the day. There are few cars on the street, and Brass' place is in a rather quiet neighborhood to begin with. His actual place, that is. Not the small manor (which is mostly for show) he has in the exclusive area of town. You see two more cars outside, both high specs, high quality cars, so you easily guess you are the last one to arrive.

Brass has a female bully pitbull in his garden, a very friendly grey and white one. He told you to let her sniff you and the bitch doesn't bothers you at all on your way to the door.

Okaba opens the door for you, and you can see the inside is about what you expected. Furniture is high quality, but practical, with things usually being thick and resistant. The floor is mostly open, and the guys greet you from the table as you enter.

Want to do some social combat/poker with them, or just leave it as something that happens in the background and chat about work and stuff?

(Shit, I forgot to mention I wanted us to pick up some more snacks to bring with us to the party, I didn't want Ned to appear cheap or anything.)

Will do


"A raise? Why settle for that? We both know you're worth twice what you're paid here in the XWF. So why not come work for me directly? VP (Operations) sounds like a good title, and you wouldn't have to wear the Official XWF Secretary Uniform... Unless you wanted to"

>Test your wits
A bit late for that right now, isin't it? should I wait longer beteen posts? we can say that to her next time we see her at the office (tomorrow I guess).

Well, now that we are there, we can order some pizzas, no? Six Nova males, four of which are sportsmen, must eat a LOT of pizza on poker night. Maybe some chinese. On my experience, you want something on a container that you can fish out with fork (or sticks if you know how to use them) so your fingers dont get greasy.

Also what do you think of the pics?

As for social combat, it is actually pretty simple once you get to it. Maneuvers are pretty much the same as in physical combat, but all attacks are verbal, mega app works exactly like mega strength, mega manipulation works exactly like mega dex, and mega charisma works exactly like mega stamina (giving you soak and hp).

You sit down with the guys and start chatting for a while, about everything and nothing in specific.

Samuel (Python): "Ned, I heard you are going to train at a super beautiful redhead's place every day. How's that going?"

your turn, brb
>>Also what do you think of the pics?

I'm looking forward to social combat, since it's the type of combat Ned actually preforms well in.

"Pretty well, say, how are you and that chick from Utopia doing? I'm suprised Aura isn't putting up a fight."

Samuel: "Why should she care? I think Okaba keeps her interest well enough, after she's done showering affection and pranks on everyone else. As for Stella and I... oh that reminds me, one of the girls in the band is called Stella as well, right? I wonder if it's a common name in that part of the world"

Okaba: "It is in Egypt. Not so much elsewhere, but it's not rare either."

Brass answers the door as the ring ball goes off, and comes back to the table with the first batch of chinese food.

Rob (Brass): "Eldric, you deal the cards. I learnt not to let Samuel do it."

Eldric shuffles and spreads the cards for everyone.

Okaba: "I haven't played this game before. Are we playing for money?"

Aleksander: "I guess we could as long as we keep it small, but how about the first to pull off each round has to answer a question, then the next one, and so on?"

Eldric: "Seems like something the gils would do. Let's just bet with chips and the winner of each round doesn't has to add money to the snacks and drinks pool."

As you get your cards, do you want to try social fu against anyone in particular, or just rely on luck for now?
You got three jacks (spades, diamond, hearts), an ace of spades, and a seven of hearts.
We have empathic awareness. Its pretty leathal in poker. Using that + mega int should allow us to play pretty close to a mathematically perfect game.
File: 1393254297860.jpg-(463 KB, 724x1024, Mid Taint Stella.jpg)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
It's still somewhat random, tho

Anyway, thinking about it, roll 10d10 since we have gambling
Want to make a social attack against someone to try to throw them off?
Sorry I'm a little late boss, but I've actually been wondering how competitively we pay Aritsu and whether we can afford to give her a pay/title bump. As far as I can tell she's been doing the work af a ten person staff efficiently and with ease. I don't want someone poaching her from us.
Whoops, never mind.
Rolled 5, 3, 10, 2, 1, 1, 8, 5, 3, 1 = 39

File: 1393254525305.jpg-(210 KB, 850x1133, Mid Taint Aura Fashionable.jpg)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Well, Ric Flair assigned her to us personally, actually. He saw we were doing good work and wanted to see that continue. We never asked about how they knew eachother, by the way.
Rolled 10

4 successes and rolling exploding dice

Brass got 2
Python got 2
Eldric got 5 (he's pretty fucking smart, too)
Okaba for 3
Aleksander got a botch (no successes and a 1, so a critical failure in this system. He got nothing and Ned can tell)

Right now Eldric is the one with the best hand at the table. Want to use a social attack to hurt his dice pool, trying to out position him?
Rolled 1

nm, you got 6 successes, so you got the best hand at the table, and rolling again for explosive dice
Rolled 3

Want to play your cards as you are or try to get a better hand (by rolling gamble again)?
play them as they are
Fucking crap, I'm going senile.
Welp, I'm going to bed, I cleary need more sleep if I can mix up Okaba with Samuel.
File: 1393255260349.jpg-(213 KB, 850x1203, Ninja Stella.jpg)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
You switch the two odd cards (you keep the three jacks, of course) and get another jack and an ace, upgrading to a four of a kind, the second best hand in poker.

You win the first round with ease.

As the first round winner, do you want to go with the question or do you want out of the money pool for food and drinks? i think that as the boss, you should try to not make it about money.
Not really sure what to ask. Maybe ask Aleksander how its like being the only guy in the locker room.

Aleks: "Well, I get to be the only guy around some of the most beautiful, fun and interesting women on the planet, so, I can confidently say it is pretty fucking nice, you know? besides, most of them have no privacy or shame issues, so I really can't complain without my penis license being revoked."

Eldric: "They're treating you like one of the girls, eh? that got to hurt, man."

Aleks: "You have no idea. They are giving me the gay friend treatment" -tries to smile-

Brass: "Just get a girlfriend, but not one of them. It could get weird really fast. You are a musician, surely all the stories can't all be false. I bet you could get fans to wait in line by your bedroom door if you wanted to."

Aleks: "Probably, but I need someone I can enjoy more than sex with."


Roll Gambling again. 10d10
Rolled 1, 8, 3, 10, 7, 10, 3, 3, 2, 3 = 50

Rolled 9, 1, 2, 6, 1, 3, 2, 4, 2, 1 = 31

Let's see how bad my luck is today.
roll bookie's exploding dice. 2d10

Eldric (Paladin) [6d10] => [4,2,9,10,5,2] result of (2) success + [6d10] => [10,2,7,5,3,6] result of (2) success
Samuel (Python) [2d10] => [3,4] result of a failure
Rob (Brass) [5d10] => [3,9,8,9,5] result of (3) success
Aleks (ander) [8d10] => [2,6,4,3,7,6,10,9] result of (3) success + [1d10] => [8] result of (1) success
Okaba [4d10] => [2,10,4,3] result of (1) success + [1d10] => [4] result of a failure
(0) .: Eldric [2d10] => [6,5] result of a failure
(0) .: Aleks [1d10] => [9] result of (1) success
(0) .: Okaba [1d10] => [4] result of a failure

Aleks 5 successes
Eldric 8 successes
Brass 3 successes
Python Failed
Okaba 2 successes

So far Ned has 6 successes and 2 exploding dice
File: 1393256789329.jpg-(61 KB, 457x472, Galactic Ned.jpg)
61 KB
BTW the reason im showing you their rolls is because with your empathy enhancement you probably can tell how good their hands are.

Want to use social fu against anyone to try and lower their dice pool in the future?
Rolled 6, 7 = 13

7 successes total. Eldric comes up with an unbeatable straight flush and wins the round.

Eldric: "So, Okaba, when are you going to leash Aura, for real? tie the knot, so to speak."

Okaba: "Problem with that is, I want a traditional home, like what my parents have. Do you see Aura as the housewife type?"

Eldric: "Fair point. Still, you are both novas, and you have what, three hundred plus years ahead of you? priorities will change for the both of you over time, you know?"

Okaba: "I hope so."

Ned: "Eldric, should you really be asking about other people's relationships? how are things going with Ami? you got Brass' approval and support, and that's as close as it gets to the help of her father figure, there. I think Mai likes you, too."

(0) .: Ned's Soacial Fu Attack [13d10] => [10,1,10,9,4,5,2,3,10,5,10,6,5] result of (5) success + [3d10] => [9,5,9] result of (2) success
(0) .: Eldric's Social Fu Dodge [4d10] => [7,7,6,1] result of (2) success + [4d10] => [4,6,5,1] result of a (-1) botch
(0) .: Soak [8d10] => [9,3,2,2,10,2,8,4] result of (3) success
(0) .: Ned's damage [14] => 14

Eldric is basically unconscious, socially speaking. Im gonna give him a -4 to dice pools, which is the max
Roll Gambling for the next round. 10d10 again
Rolled 8, 6, 9, 8, 7, 8, 9, 5, 10, 9 = 79

we win
...mother of monster rolls...
Nicely done!
Ned has 12 successes

Eldric (Paladin) [2d10] => [5,1] result of a (-1) botch + [6d10] => [5,2,9,3,7,3] result of (2) success
Samuel (Python) [2d10] => [2,3] result of a failure
Rob (Brass) [5d10] => [2,9,6,5,7] result of (2) success
Aleks (ander) [8d10] => [4,5,5,10,7,7,3,4] result of (3) success + [1d10] => [3] result of a failure
Okaba [4d10] => [8,3,9,9] result of (3) success + [1d10] => [5] result of a failure
(0) .: Aleks [1d10] => [10] result of (1) success
(0) .: Aleks [1d10] => [8] result of (1) success
(0) .: Eldric 4 successes
(0) .: Python has a dead hand
(0) .: Brass has 2 successes
(0) .: Aleks has 6 successes
(0) .: Okaba has 3 successes

Eldric: "Is not that easy, you know? I mean, she's fun, beautiful, athletic obviously, we work together and see each other often. I just feel like it's too good to be true and don't want to make any wrong moves, you know?"

You win this round, want to ask something of someone?
I don't have anything really
I guess noone else has anything else, so I'll just post some bullet points of ideas and facts that may be useful or at least colorful. Including some that have been mentioned before in previous threads for our anon new participant.

* Aura has a mental compulsion that demands she flirts around, or she actually gets harmful effects on her and the symptoms of a drug addict going cold turkey, but she's actually rather unexperienced, and romantically involved with Okaba.
* Okaba is an etiopian nova, and joined with project utopia during their efforts to terraform etiopia into the paradise it is now. He worked with them for 5 years before leaving for the XWF together with Aura, but he's still Ned's liaison with the project.

* Okaba recruited both Aura and Stella for the project. Aura is russian, but other details about her past are hidden.

* Stella was an abused young (14 years old. Can you say arranged marriage? sure you can!) housewife in Saudi Arabia before Utopia "rescued" her and gave her legal assistance, then recruited her.

* Stella is the name of Python's girlfriend, a high ranking officer in Utopia, and of one of the girls in the band. Do not confuse them.

* Eldric is an immigrant that not only bought into, and is living, the american dram. He's also making a living out of selling it to other people. Exceedingly smart, he's in the XWF to make a fortune and start a career in entertainment, while appealing to the audience as an "ideal new american".

* Brass is a long time member of the XWF. He was at one time Omega Division champion, until Bomber Lord took him down with dirty tactics and personality rewriting.

* Python was boxing champion of the world in 7 different weight classes BEFORE becoming a nova. But when it happened, the people did not believe it, and called him a cheater, stripping him of his titles. He's now in the XWF to show that boxing is the best fighting style there is, and that he is able to "take on supers his own size"
I guess we can go with teasing Brass about being back in omega. Everyone else has taken shots in one way or another.

* Eldric has romantic feelings for Ami, one of the female fighters in Ned's stable, but the young genius doesn't knows how to approach his ideal girl made flesh.

* Mai is the private trainer for Ned's fighters. She is a former "Company" agent. It is unclear exactly which "company" she worked for, just as it is unclear how she managed to retire so young. She currently has enough security systems around her ranch to make most fortresses seem like a open park. She is a genius when it comes to training and teaching, and works regularly with special forces to train elite troops.

* Since the start of the thread, it has seemed at one point or another as if Ned has relationship opportunities with Mai, Aritsu and most recently, Mako.

* Aritsu is Ned's super secretary. She is extremely efficient, and has been doing the work of a entire support staff for him while looking fantastic doing so. She has a twin sister that has been mentioned but hasn't shown up yet.

* Currently, Ned and his inner circle are planning on taking down Bomber Lord, the current Omega League champion and XWF Heel Icon, exposing him as a criminal that is not above kidnapping and brainwashing for almost any petty reason.

Does any of that gives you guys any ideas for conversation themes or questions to the guys?
Hmm, I was thinking about advising Eldric to just be more straight forward with Ami, but now I'm wondering if she's a late bloomer like Aritsu's sister. I mean, Ami's so "innocent" that she comes off borderline juvenile, so we might want to check up on that with Mai before playing any more matchmaker.

I really like Aura as she is now. I know we'll have to cure her eventually, but it's a bummer that her personality is forced and not just who she is.
Your Aberrations tend to be just you, "but more so", and your flaws are a part of who you are. I dont think she would change much, except it wouldnt be a health issue. It would just be her having fun.

Ami is definitively a late bloomer, but not in a "nova" sense. Just like any girl can be a late bloomer if she was super coddled by her twin sister. Its not gonna take hundreds of years for her to grow up. She's just innocent and unexperienced. Plus growing up, with her strenght, when she sais "no" its "no, or i'll break your hands". So "very definitively no".

For more info on the girls, I was thinking in running a similar thing to poker night, but with just the girls. Maybe get Aritsu involved as "Ned's replacement"?

Anyway, do you guys have to go soon or can we continue a bit still?
I'll be around, but you guys actually hit pretty much everything I was interested in getting out of the guys before I got here. Hmm, aside from seeing how things are going with Sam's family and giving Eldric the advice of being a more direct, but still very respectful, if he wants to get anywhere with Ami...yeah, that's all I got.

I think the idea of Aritsu running a ladies' night could be pretty entertaining, but would go off the rails quick if Euphry showed up. That would have a lot of potential though...
It would be amusibg to see them playing strip poker (cant tell if at Euphry's, Bella's or Aura's suggestion) and having Bella put on clothes wherever she lost a round. Also, Mako's first overnight stay at a friend's place/pajama party, ever.

Ned: "Samuel, how are things going on your side?"

Python: "Stella is sweet, and despite being a tough girl. she's also very traditional about our roles in the relationship. She seems proud of me for being a tough guy, but also happy with the way I treat her."

Okaba: "You show her both affection and respect. Trust me, her ex-husband was trash, and she got married at age thirteen. By contrast, you are like a god to her."

Python: "Jeez, no pressure or anything, uh? Well, she gets along fine with my family, and my mom likes her... I'm thinking of asking her to marry me."

Brass: -snorts his beer out bag on the mug- "Jesus Christ, Sam! When were you going to tell us!?"

Sam: "I just did, didin't I?"

Ned: "You sure did. I'll wait to congratulate you until after she says yes, tho. Speaking of your mom, how's the lady doing?"

Python: "Ah, her age is starting to slow her down. I keep trying to hire her a full time nurse and move her to a bigger place, but she lived there her whole marriage with my dad in that apartment, and says she's not going to get a maid, no matter how wealthy her son gets, so that's that."

Eldric: "You could probably buy an apartment just for the nurse and have her befriend your mom so she can hang out with her as a neighbor and friend instead of an official nurse, could you not?"

Python: "...I could. But that sounds somehow dishonest, and complicated."

Eldric: "There's nothing bad about a son looking after his parents."

Python: "Brass?"

Brass: "Sounds complicated to me, but a little white lie for love is not going to send you to hell or anything. Ned, tell the man, please"

Your turn
>"Just tell her that it helps you, as her son, worry less. And that you want her to be in the best health possible for when the grand kids start showing up. That's a one-two punch that ought to get her thinking. Either way, I could always try pulling a string or two to see if one of the doctors I know could give her a tune up. Something to let her enjoy her later years in physical comfort and good health. Not to over promise, but let me see if I can do anything to help."

And then Lyann wrote a song that reversed the effects of aging.
I checked. It would take 49 successes on Art (songwriting) to do that. So depending on luck, about a week (assuming extended skill checks). Would probably just increase health and cure minor diseases unless it was being played in a Quantum-powered device, tho.

Said device would take about 10 successes, so it could be designed in a couple of days (by Lyann anyway)
...lesson learned, no more jokes about Lyann's apparent omnipotence out of me. My actual suggestion was going to be to ask the head XWF doctor for a referral to a relevant specialist.

Also, holy shit Lyann is over powered. Glad we picked her.
Is why her only "super power" is multiplying herself. She needs no other powers. Need to shoot something? she can make you a super rifle. Need a forcefield? got you covered.

The only "powers" she couldnt really copy with tech are level 5+ powers which are too dangerous to replicate since it can blow up or go horribly wrong.

She has the power of BRAIN. Which beats all other powers, except hope and love.

Also, just because she can design something it doesnt means she can craft it.


Samuel: "Ah, play the grandkids card, eh? so instead of lying to her, you want me to emotionally blackmail her?"

Eldric: "In my experience, that is a card mothers play all the time on their sons. Could be a chance to turn the tables."

Samuel: "True..."

You have your share of chinese food and beer. and leave shortly after Okaba does. You do have to work the following day, after all.

End here for today, I guess? I'll save the thread and see you tomorrow, guys. Take care.

As usual, I will linger on the thread in case you wanna say/ask anything
Thanks for running and see you tomorrow OP.

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