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And we're back guys!
'Morning King
Hey man. Do you know if this came out and if it was good?

Alrighty then.

When, in-game, does the Gold season kick off? Ami has yet to debut in a regular-season match, after all...
No idea, sorry.
1 month from now

Omega starts in February
Gold starts in March
Silver starts in April

Also I honestly did not like ANY of the enhancements for mega manipulation for Ned so lets just take 3 points since it helps us detect when we are being lied to and be done with it. Seriously, for a stat that helps you tell when you are being lied to, almost all its enhancements are dickery itself
Well, according to IMDB its already been released in Japan, but I'm not sure they've done the official international dubs yet.

Bummer, but the works. You sure there's nothing in manipulation that just works by adding our charisma to make us really persuasive without the dickery?
No, im not sure. I didint read everything. Honestly I spent a lot of time finishing to read on the rules for social combat in aberrant, introduced in the personalities book. Also, I definitively prefer the aberrations in that book to the ones in Core, because they are less vague and give specific game effects.

For example, there's one that makes the nova smell incredibly good (but still like no human can possibly smell) or bad (it depends on if your mega appearance is positive or negative. Yes you can be mega ugly for intimidation purposes) and it basically gives you penalties to stealth because the scent is so recognizable, animals can easily track you, and people may be allergic to the scent, giving you a -2 to social rolls.

So, you know, colorful, but with measurable game effects.
File: 1392905442173.pdf-(1.06 MB, PDF, Forceful_Personalities.pdf)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PDF
Speaking of which, this is the personalities book
Anyway, today's the launch of the album. Shall we get into it or wait a bit for someone else to show up?
Might want to wait. I'm going to have a lot of suddden absences today.

There really isn't. It's all about Hypnosis and low-level Domination powers. The kind of dickery that Ned's really uncomfortable with

We took Persuader for free, because that's a legit businessman skill to close the deal


Whatever's good


More shovelling?
Thankfully no. Just everything I was supposed to do yesterday got kicked to this morning. Fun.
Sould be back inna 1/2 hour
Well, I hope the guys get here soon. Meanwhile...


And unrelated, I have been thinking about a lot of new game ideas. Some are related to our current game, like having spy shenannigans with Mai, or a X-Files kind of thing with Aura and Okaba.

Other is its own thing, with a flash gordon-like theme. Sci fi world with swords and laser pistols, and laser swords, and pistols that shoot swords. And amazons with laser spears, and maybe a bad guy with a chinese sounding name
Back for a bit.
wb. I guess we should just start
The idea of playing Okaba's Scully against Aura's Mulder is pretty entertaining, but I think we should wait for a relative down moment before adding any more secondary storylines.
Reporter: "We are here at the XWF main building, and it is almost the witche's hour. When asked about why the album of their new project, the multi-style music band, Flux, be released at their main branch office, Ned Salter, the producer of the band and one of the most successful business men in the last 10 years, according to Fortune 500, had this to say"

Ned: "The facilities here at the XWF are more than capable of dealing with however many people come to the album release. We are used to dealing with crowds of tens of thousands. We have medical teams, security teams, and the infraestructure neccesary to handle any and all problems that could probably arise during this event."

Reporter: "Mister Salter also reminded us that the album would be available on monday morning all across the western hemisphere, and a day later across the rest of the world. The XWF fans were treated to a sample of the band this weekend, when Flux opened up the new Omega Season of the XWF with two themes, and became instant media icons... and it looks like the doors are opening right now!"

The XWF doors open up for the public. The security staff struts around, keeping order while the people is reorganized into five lines instead of one, to service them faster.

The XWF is used to handling thousands of fans, and before long, there are fifteen lines side by side, moving at regular speed as the fans acquire their holos of the band. First edition holos also come with a retro BR-disc and a life-sized poster (buyer's choice) of one of the band members.

Reporter: "There have been three heart strokes, two epilepsia attacks, twenty one panic attacks, and fourty anxiety attacks, but no casualties yet. Back to the studio."

N! Studio: "And here tonight with us are some of the members of Flux to tell us a little more about the album, together with mister Ned Salter, the producer and driving force that got all of these stars together."

Ned: "It is a pleasure to be here, Jen"

Liking the sound of this. Waiting for a 'Mark'
File: 1392911070817.jpg-(455 KB, 1492x1931, Ned Sheet 003.jpg)
455 KB
455 KB JPG

With Ned there is Aura, Aleksander, Mako and Stella. Euphry said she would rather eat glass than to appear in a cheap mass media channel aiming at the lowest common denominator, Lyann is against public appearances, Bella was too big a risk on a live interview being broadcasted all across the OPNet, and the interview was after Mako's bed time. But she will watch the interview from her bed, she promised.

N! (Jen): "Mister Salter, some say this was a natural extension of your talents as manager, while others feel you are spreading too thin. Would you care to comment? and how did you manage to gather all this talent into a single group? aren't their personalities too conflictive with one another?"

Your turn. You may want to roll diplomacy or another ability you feel appropiate.

Renember to name your rolls, for example say "Im rolling diplomacy" please
Agreed. Also, how much do you want to bet that Euphry spikes the reporter's drink?
She's not at the interview. But it would be fun to see a reporter with the balls to enter her lai--- I mean, the guts to visit her for an interview
Rolled 10, 5, 5, 7, 4, 7, 7, 9, 1 = 55


"Jen, the simple truth is that my guys'n'gals love to perform. And if you're one of the best in the world at what you do, you have to test yourself against the best. That's what the XWF is all about, and that's what the band is doing."

Wits roll for Natural Empath, shortly to be followed by a Rapport roll
That's enough to know that the reporter is curious but would love to hear something scandalous. You could change her mood if you wanted, but what do you want to change it to, if anything? her nature is Attention Seeker.
Rolled 7, 7, 2, 1, 5, 1, 5, 8, 8, 1, 3, 2, 6, 4, 1, 6, 9 = 76


"My interest is in bringing out the best in people; Sure, I've made a buck or two in the process, but in a very real sense, the achievement is the primary reward. Challenging the limits of what can be done . Changing the world

>Trustworthy aura working overtime
>Dice are a Rapport roll aimed not just at her, but at the entire TV audience


Could we do something to convince her to buy into "the dream" that Ned has been pitching to the band?
I don't know about scandalous, but is she wants a scoop we might want to mention Euphry's documentary project.

Uhmm... you could probably mention how everyone is here for different reasons, but they are all compatible.

Stella is here to draw attention to the untouchables on India, and to help improve their situation. We will shortly be releasing a limited edition of the album with extras including a documentary on the untouchables, and a series of ways in which normal people can help, as well as the classical goodies like a (really) signed copy of the holo and such.

Aleksander simply wants to create music, and this is the best possible band on the planet. He believes so, and wants to work to make sure everyone KNOWS so.

Aura is having fun, and a large part of her profits, beyond the part the band as a whole was already going to detour to charity, are again going to charity organizations, as well as human right groups in the middle east.

(You never asked her story, but she has one)

The rest of the band members are not present for a reason or another, and they should tell their own stories when and if they feel like it.


You successfully convince the reporter of the honesty of the group. Everyone is there for what they say. They are all upfront about their motivations, and they want the fans to enjoy their work as much as they themselves do.


Jen: "I realize the band is not whole right now, but is there any chance you could tell me about your incoming projects? how long will we have to wait until your next album?"

Aleksander: "It is complete. We are simply going to wait a couple of weeks before release, to let the fans get used to the first album and familiarize themselves with out work."

Stella: "All in all, I believe it would be fair to say we have six full albums ready to go."

N! Jen: "That is amazing, I am used to seeing Nova creativity spurring the media along, but six albums already!?"
Stella: "There's nothing strange about it. Ned scouted us because we are all creative forces, and when you get a group of people where everyone is bursting with ideas, and agree to make all of them into a reality, this is the least you could expect."

N! Jen: "All of them?"

Aleksander: "Yes, we all agreed that we would all listen to whoever was in charge of a specific theme and follow his or her suggestions and direction. When Aura wants to write a theme, it is her theme and we are her band. We all do what she wants us to do. When I have an idea for a theme, it is my band. We were very clear about it. Flux is not just one band, it is six bands in one, thus, it is only logical that for our debut, we debut with six albums."

N! Jen: "Ned, I have a question for you. Are you paying them six times the salary?" -laughs from the audience-

Your turn
guys? the heck happened?
They only have one salary I'm afraid, it is a quite nice one though
I was about to get up and go get lunch... now I wish I went a few minutes ago.

N! Jen: "Well, the album is being released now in the XWF main building. Is there a risk it will run out?"

Ned: "No, we have over a million copies in site. Theres dozens of thousands of fans, but they are only allowed to get a copy each. The rest of the holos will sail tomorrow morning to the rest of the country."

N! Jen: "Are you planning on releasing music videos?"

Aleksander: "It would be redundant. Holos are after all a visual experience, and we don't feel the need to appeal with shiny special effects. The girls are special and shiny enough."

Aura: "Also, we each would get to keep creative control on the videos for our songs, and they are afraid of letting me choose their wardrobe. Except Euphry and Bella. But even I am worried about letting THEM choose our wardrobe."

N! Jen: "that reminds me, mister Salter... can I call you Ned? how did you manage to control the "glaciar faery", miss Bella Avdeyeva?"

Ned: "You can, and we didin't. She is as raw and primal as always. That was the compromise we did with every band member, they each have complete control of their own creative process. At most, we just went over the very best designers in the world and finally managed to get clothes that are unobtrusive enough for even her discriminating tastes. You can expect a fashion line to come out soon."

N! Jen: "I honestly can't wait. Thank you so much for your time, everyone."


Let's stop here. I got hungry (skipped lunch yesterday after all, since the thread was so long) and most people seem away anyway. I'll be back in a couple of hours if you wanna talk about anything else on the game.

Oh, and I found this...
Fashion Disaster
Bella has lost all appreciation for the importance of being dressed well (or of being dressed at all). While she can still understand why baselines place such emphasis on fashionable clothing in an intellectual, abstract manner, she will feel that engaging in such displays herself is pointless and/or ridiculous. From Bella's viewpoint, for her to indulge in such behavior would be the equivalent of an adult dressing and acting like a small child – and since when do adults take the opinions of little children on how (or if) they should dress, anyway?
In game terms, Bella's taint-derived penalty on Social rolls for interactions with baselines is doubled for all rolls where wearing appropriate clothing is a factor. If someone (not necessarily another nova) whose opinion she respects attempts to convince her that she should wear appropriate clothing to an event, Bella must make a Willpower roll (with a penalty equal to her permanent Taint) in order to follow that person's advice for the duration of the event. (The nova will get himself out of that “ridiculous get-up” ASAP once the event is over, however!)
Current difficulty penalties to social rolls with baselines is +3. With this aberration, they are doubled to +6, The Willpower roll difficulty is her permanent taint, which is currently 7.

See? I love the new aberrations, just so much more fun, yet crunchy

Sorry I had to vanish there
Well, I'm going to get lunch. See you tomorrow guys. Im thinking in doing some shenannigans with Lyann, Mako, and Euphry. Then on monday we can fast forward a bit to Brass' next fight.

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