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File: 1392646602189.jpg-(289 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image.jpg)
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289 KB JPG
Hey guys, sorry for starting late. Still struggling with my cold and was hard getting out of bed
Hi, sorry for starting so late. Its hard to get out of bed when you have a cold.

So, want to start with the new Omega Season already, or want to do something else first?

I favour New Season. Maybe a few Rapport rolls to keep the band from imploding in the background, but otherwise, Ned is an XWF manager first and foremost. We need to get back to the Day Job.

BTW, King, did we ever get around to buying lots of nice Ability Enhancements for Ned?
No, not really. Not that I remember.

Typing the season beginning now.

OK. Well, I just figured Enhancements were a good way to boost Ned's power level without going full! superpower. Maybe something to discuss later.
Johnny Gomez: "The fans are going crazy tonight! they expected to see the typical grand season opening for the Omega League, but management truly splurged this year, Nick!"

Nick Diamond: "That's right, Johnny. The newly assembled XWF band is a collection of supernovas from every corner of the earth, and it's given the fans their ticket's worth before the fights even begin. I think th-"

Johnny Gomez: "Sorry to interrupt you Nick, but it looks like the scenario is done shifting again!"

The scenario changes every two songs. Moving platforms and pillars rearrange the way the band presents itself as lead switches back and forth between its member. Instruments rise and fall as the band's style shifts yet again, and Euphrosyne Zaytseva, russia's icon of rebellion, takes center stage.

Euphry: -asks something in russian- "Oh, right, english." -the crowd laughs a little bit- "You ready to trash this place?!"

She takes off her thick leather jacket, getting comfortable. Now she's wearing high heel, ankle-height boots with a tattered long skirt that does an absolutely miserable job at hiding her gorgeous legs, and a small, tight shirt with spaghetti straps.

Euphry: "Now that we are all comfortable and intimate, you don't mind if I violate your skulls, do you!?"

The band starts playing after her opening shout. The Krew has been hanging out at Euphry's place just long enough for her to draft them into her plans, and they gladly built her the sound system of her dreams and everyone else's nightmares.

******** High on Orbit, the space shuttle ********
Cpt. Johnsonn: "Houston, is California sinking into the sea? it looks like it's liquefying from up here!"

>Facemelters that can melt the face of a planet

File: 1392651190802.png-(181 KB, 721x1020, aura stage clothes 001.png)
181 KB
181 KB PNG

******** In Mexico city, a priest slams opens the windows of his capilla as he shouts at the children down the street ********

Padre Juan: "Les dije que no tocaran esa musica!" (I told you not to play that music)
Kids: "No somos nosotros, padre" (It's not us, father)

******* Back at the XWF *********




Still, the concert will live in legend as the day the St. Andrea fault line finally settled down, massaged into submission by the tender hands of russian deconstructive metal.

The band keeps rearranging and shifting as their sound goes around the full spectrum of musical styles. On her turn, Lyann's song uses Mako as main voice to cure chronical headaches for miles around, raise the IQ of unborn children, and stimulate young people to go into science at the tune of a perfect song.

Aura: "That's it, folks, we only had room for four songs tonight. Please stand by for your scheduled dosis of super violence coming on!"

Euphry: "Why, they coming to my place later?"

Aura: "The fight, Euphry"

The russian stares. That still sounds like her place.

Aura: "The XWF fights!"

The russian goes "Aaaah, those!" as the platforms sink back into the ground and the musicians dissapear from sight.

As she is dissapearing, Euphry shouts at the crowd

Euphry: "Still, if any of you manage to find my place, you better bring your own liquor, you hear me!? or I'll punch your teeth in!"


Johnny Gomez: "Well, that was new"

Nick Diamond: "It certainly was, Johnny. You think they will start playing on every omega event from now on?"

Johnny Gomez: "I have no idea, Nick. but remember, Omega fight night tickets have always sold weeks in advance, I imagine that -he checks on his datapad- Yep, that's the whole season sold already."

Nick: "Well, I'm ready for my dosis of Omega Violence now, Johnny, and what a line-up!"
Oh dear god.

Johnny: "Indeed, Nick! We have The Thunderer versus The Negator, Maximus versus The Defiler, and the return of fan-favorite, The Brass Reaper, versus Kremlin."

Nick: "It already is a night for legends, Johnny, and it only looks like it will get better! ...here comes The Thunderer into the arena!"

Ned catches up with the band as they come offstage

"Great stuff tonight. Superb. Amazing. Fantastic."

How easily could we get the band into the VIP box? I get the feeling Ric would love to meet Euphry for Ultimate Party Times
I imagine it wouldn't be a problem for Ned.

Aura probably has tickets so she can sit with Ami and Python to watch the fights together, tho.

Lyann is studying the way the sound system is built as the elevator has her descend in between its guts. She never reaches ground level. At some point, she skipped off the platform into the guts of it.

Aura: "Lyann, what are you doing? You'll miss the fights and the food!"

Lyann: "I'm quite sure I can fix this!"

Aura: "What do you want to fix, I'd say it's working fine!"

Lyann: "It can't be. With this setup, I bet I could make it sound four to seven times clearer and about three times louder." -she's still wearing the torn jeans and shirt and long white overcoat of silk she wears on stage-

Aura: "If you make it any louder, we'll sink into the sea!"

Euphry: "You think you'll make it louder!?"

Lyann: "I'm sure I can, yes."

Euphry: "You do that and I'll do things to you. Wonderful, illegal things!"

Aura: "I don't think she's listening any more... I can't even see her in between all those wires and stuff."

Stella: "Lyann, come down here right now, someone is saying energy CAN be destroyed!"

Lyann: "Oh God I'll be right down!"

Stella: "You just need to know how to geek talk, see?"

Euphry: "Eh, I still would like a more powerful system."

Bella: "Maybe when we are not on top of a seismic area, alright?" -the beauty is taking off her shirt as she speaks. It was something of a miracle she kept everything on for as long as she did.

A Krew member "rescues" Lyann from the maze of hardware. The petite, impossibly beautiful redhead makes the burly Krew member looks almost comical as he carries her down to the floor.

Euphry: "You tell me all about these changes you were speaking about. Ok?"

Lyann: "I could design you one, if you want"

Euphry: "Do want"

I fucking love Euphry!

>dfnnow Scotch
Yes captcha, she's more than earn her liquor.
File: 1392652897509.jpg-(207 KB, 720x960, XWF Security.jpg)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Upstairs, the Thunderer and the Negator are going at it. The Negator uses pure kinetic force as blasts to knock his enemy around and deflect damage to himself, while the Thunderer continuously releases sonic booms around himself, slowly turning The Krew's nearly indestructible stage to dust around him.

Johnny: "My teeth are trembling!"

Nick: "I dhont have anhy teeth lefth!"

Johnny: "Good thing the stage's forcefields are holding."


Want to fast forward to Brass' fight? Im a bit worried about the time, you guys tend to dissapear without warning about this time.
We better have a film crew following them right now. These conversations would make for excellent bonus features for the Limited Edition XWF Openning Megaevent Holo I'm sure we'll be selling next week. Or would make good footage for the Euphry ongoing documentary.
I just got here and don't have any conflicts for once, so I'm happy to let you take your time (I love this kind of content). But if anyone else is in a rush I'm fine with speeding things along.

I'm good for a few hours yet.

The only thing I think to do is for Ned to meet up with Brass backstage for a pep-talk, and possibly get within view of Kremlin to see if we can Analyse Weakness on him

Ned will have that covered
Why do I get the feeling Aura's going to be wearing the uniform next time they perform for the XWF?
I'm good for a bit
Well, I think we should do all the backstage shenannigans now and start with the fight tomorrow. You guys agree with that?

Euphry: "You know, I never saw your wrestling before" -she's looking at the fight as she walks with everyone else in the tunnels under the stage, thanks to her datapad.

Stella: "I didin't know you had one of those."

Euphry: "I'm anti-establishment, not anti-tech, you know? I love technology. Makes me louder. I love louder."

Mako: "Mister Salter, can we have a drink?" -she eyes a soda machine as the group walks past one.

Ned: "Of course, you can! hold on everyone."

You get water bottles for everyone. You had some ready for them as they came down from the stage, but they already burnt through those.

Euphry: "What am I meant to do with this? this un-alcohol thing?"

Stella: "Just drink it, it's not going to kill you to drink something without an alcoholic grade from time to time." -the caramel skinned beauty drinks half her bottle and pours the other half on top of herself (and a little bit on top of Bella, as a joke)

Bella: "Hey!" -they seem to get along just fine

Aura: "Alright, this way to the changing rooms. I'm gonna check on Brass and the gang. Aleks, you going with everyone else to the VIP cabin? I think mister Wolfside would like to meet you"

Aleksander: -had been quietly planning light and effects for next concert, already- "Oh? sure, I'd like to meet him, as well. Ned, I'm sure mister Flair wouldn't even miss me as long as you bring the girls to him, right?"

Captcha so lew: Phallus submission
I believe it's thinking on Euphry's party, later
File: 1392655100300.jpg-(81 KB, 277x410, lyann lab.jpg)
81 KB
Your turn to respond guys. And do you want to go to the VIP room with the girls or go to check on Brass?


Let's see how well the backstage stuff goes before committing to a plan

"Don't sell yourself short, Aleks. You're a key part of this band, and Mr Flair will definitely want to meet you. But if Brass wants a word, we should see him first"
Damn, as much as I want to follow the gang, I think we should head over to check in with Brass one last time before he big return match.
File: 1392656430259.jpg-(1.56 MB, 2809x1923, teragen throws the best p(...).jpg)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG

You find Brass is chilling (which means working out with some ridiculously heavy weights) while waiting for his turn, watching the fight on a big screen in the southern wall of his changing room.

Brass: "Hey Ned! Aura"

Aura walks over and gives him a light kiss as greeting, then sits on his stomach in a completely casual manner. Of course, Brass barely even registers her "weight" if at all.

Aura: "This is Aleksander. Alek for friends, the gentleman I had been telling you about."

Brass: "Aura, I can't get up with you there..."

Aura: "don't you say?" -she seems in no hurry to move

Brass sighs and holds the weights in one hand as he stretches the other to shake Aleksander's.

Alek: "It is an honor to meet you. Aura has told me a lot about you."

Brass: "Likewise. She told me you are not only the glue holding the band, but that together with Ned, you are also the oil making it into a working machine, and a world-class stage engineer. I was wondering if you could take a look at the light plans for some of my fights later on the season...?"

Alek: "Sure, I would like that"

Ned: "So, I heard this is your old changing room?"

Brass: "Aye, most of my stuff is gone, but thanks to you, I'm back, man. Now we need to start hanging new holos and photos from fights on the walls and making it homely a fight at the time. Couldn't have made it back here without you Ned. I really mean that"
you turn, guys. Also, im thinking on using that lady as Dawn if I ever make her a sheet
"don't sell yourself short. I may have helped, but I wasn't the one who had to get in the ring and win those fights."

"It worked out for both of us, Rob. Got you back where you belong, and catapulted a rookie manager into the big time. You got the Salter Express up and running, and for that, I owe you."

"If you want the place redecorated, we can ask one of the ladies to design something. In The meantime, let's talk Kremlin. We need to make a plan; Last thing we want is for your debut tp be damp squib"
>assuming what do?
"Bah, you would have made it back eventually, you're just too well suited for this stage to stay away for too long. But I like to think I helped get your head back in the game and you back to this ring. You've reminded everyone who loved you the first time just why they had you're poster on their wall and why they cheers themselves hoarse every time you stood victorious. You've shown the Next Generation that hard work and clean play pay off bar better than shortcuts and shady business.

I'm honored, Brass, to have played my small part in that, but tonight? Tonight is your night, Brass. You're back, you're bigger than every, and none of us could be more thrilled. Now get you game face on, cuz it's time to show the world that the Champ is back, and he's Hungry."

Hopefully some of that's useful, kind of ran out of steam there.

Brass: "But I wouldnt have even done that without your help, man. Aura, could you get off, please?"

Aura: "I think this is the first time a gentleman has said that to me"

Brass: "I'm sure, but I need to stand up." -he stands and shakes your hand- "I really mean it, Ned. Thanks."

On screen, the Thunderer finally manages to throw the Negator throw one of the fake buildings. That is reinforced concrete, and the upper floor collapses on top of the Negator, ending the fight. The fans shout and celebrate as the first Omega fight of the season ends with property damage, broken bones, and a splatter of blood against the forcefield.

Brass: "Well, Kremlin is a new kid from my point of view. Never fought him before, but I did of course watch his fights when I was told of ours."

With the opening fight over, a fifteen minutes interlude starts to let the fans go buy holos, use the bathroom, get drinks and food.

Brass switches the screen image to show one of Kremlin's fights. The young man is a 7ft tall mountain of muscles, with the ability to transform into matter he comes into contact with, and able to change his size and density.

Brass: "No energy discharge type of powers, but he has limited super speed and a great deal of super strength and endurance. I contacted him and we agreed to sell the first 20 minutes of the fight for the audience. Seems like a reasonable kid, actually. Of course, we are both going to talk a lot of trash before the actual fight."

Roll now to look for weaknesses
How many dice?
Rolled 6, 2, 3, 6, 10, 7 = 34


Intelligence roll, so INT + Mega INT? 5+1, unless points have been spent
Rolled 3, 3 = 6


Forgot we boosted Mega Int. Extra 2 dice
Rolled 7, 3, 3, 3, 8, 3, 2, 7 = 36

Ok, dicing.
Rolled 10, 1, 8, 2, 10, 9, 2, 3 = 45

Rolled 2


Your dice asplode
File: 1392658967440.jpg-(28 KB, 200x352, aura succubi 002.jpg)
28 KB

When Kremlin increases his density, he gains massive strenght, but loses a great deal of speed.
Brass can probably take his blows on a trade, but if Kremlin keeps dancing in and out, he won't last long. He probably should try to make it into a floor match, at least for long enough to force the younger fighter to increase mass, then go back to a brawl (since Kremlin could probably overpower him if they stay on the floor)
excellent. We now have a plan to give to brass. Shall we roll for synergy?
Seconding mostly to show that while I don't have a better idea, I am still around and paying attention.
File: 1392659780815.jpg-(196 KB, 600x812, d337ed91b27999056f990e5bd(...).jpg)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Sure. Thats 8d10 too, right? (im pretty sure anyway)
Rolled 6, 5, 10, 6, 1, 7, 6, 1 = 42


It is, until we buff Ned's Mega Stats
9d10 actually we have wits5/mega wits 4
Rolled 6


Rolled 1, 1, 9, 5, 7, 4, 5, 9, 9 = 50

Rolled 6, 10, 7, 6, 6, 6, 3, 5 = 49

Going with the first rolls 4 successes.

I need to go now, guys. Got to cook lunch. I'll come back to answer any questions but we'll do the actual fight tomorrow, ok?
Cool. It will be interesting to see how synergy works in combat.
Sounds good. Take it easy King.

OK. Tomorrow it is.

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