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QM Twitter @Enforcerkun
Previous threads: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=TSAB%20QUEST
Dramatis Personae: pastebin.com/BgpaHst8

Warning, I do not know how late I can go, but let's try to get something done today.

You are Moriyama Takato, trainee mage and expert archer and mathematician. You have been voluntarily recruited to the Time and Space Administration Bureau, or the TSAB, to be trained in magic and assist as needed.

And at 0540 you find yourself gearing up to scout out a possible enemy location, or at least find an unstable...something. You are currently on a helicopter with your squads, and the vets of Stars and Lightning squads. Do to the amount of mana flight can take, it has been recommended that everyone on the newbie squads would take to the ground for now. While you know you can fly for an hour in a practice dogfight, you don't know how long you could with something trying to kill you.

One in reasonable walking range, Nanoha and her team, introduced as Vita, call sign Stars 2 and the angry sort redhead from earlier; Subaru, a hyperactive ground fighter with odd eyes and call sign Stars 3; and Teana, Stars 4, gunner and illusions specialist. The lay two will be accompanying your squads on the ground route.

> Anything to ask before you jump out?
> Other suggestions
Forgot my subject. Sorry.
The plan seemed simple enough. We'll adapt as we go along.
You grip Raijin tight, the etched surface reassuring you as the rest of Stars and Lightning leave, a large Dragon appearing to carry two of them. Subaru smiles and nods to you. All too soon, the signal is given, and you jump.

"Raijin!" Yo call, the watch flaming in hand as the air whistles by.

<Stand by...Ready.> you hear in her calm voice, giving you a sense of courage.

"Set. Up!"

With those words, you feel and see the magic cover you, binding red lightning covering you in a coat as metal forms from nowhere and nothing to fit itself onto your arm and legs, a plate over your chest. Raijin's true bow form materializes, soon gripped in your right hand. <Sengoku Form complete. Deploying Flyer Fin.> you hear, small wings appearing from your boats, your descent now controlled.

To your right you see everyone coming out of their own transformations, all giving thumbs up and all clears over the radio. To your right you see Teana hanging onto Subaru's back, a translucent blue path under her and extending forwards.

"Stars 3 and 4, Squads Garuda and Beowulf all accounted for and headed to the landing zone." You report. They nod and head down as well.

You soon touch down, the wing spell dissipating as you wait for everyone else to land. Mentally you check your list of spells..

> Flyer Fin
> Sonic Shooter
> Blitz Arrow
> Lightning Spear
> Defenser
> Panzer Shield
> Thunder Cracker
> Area Search Wide and Normal
> ?¿?¿?¿?¿?

You swear you will figure out that last one...our a name for it. Yo do know it takes more mana then you can usually output.

Now that everyone is on the ground, Teana asks for your plan of attack, letting you choose how to approach the target area the buildings away.

> Take it slow and steady
> Get there fast, then use cover if needed
> Write in
>Take it slow and steady
And use cover on our approach.
"Good call, rookie." Subaru says, her skates whining softly as she starts forward. "I'll scour ahead and signal if there is trouble." She says before rocketing off.

Teana sighs, hand on head. "Yeah, by being thrown through a building, or throwing something through a building. Idiot."

You raise an eyebrow but say nothing as you continue on foot.

> Roll 1d100 please.
Rolled 65

Someone needs to scout ahead, and it may as well be the person who's fastest and can therefore run if there's trouble.
Rolled 30


Wow I keep missing your threads for some reason
As you continue forward, sticking to cover as was taught to you, you think you hear a high pitched whine as you hit cover. Good timing to, as a shot sails over head. "Sniper! Everyone down!" You hear, just before you hear the crashing of walls.

"Got him. Sorry about the wait, didn't want to alert him." You hear on the comm unit in your ear. "Or not. Get moving, units ahead." Subaru finished before you hear some shots on her end right before the comm shut off.

> Options, suggestions
Bump to prevent pruning
Begin moving up, using cover and leapfrogging; one squad provides cover/overwatch while the other moves up, then vice versa.
You signal to Justin and Peter to move forward and stick to rubble and cover as they can. They both acknowledge you, hauling ass forward as you and Lisa pop up to watch and cover them.

You hear Lisa take some shots, forcing a masked man under cover again as you spot one pop around a corner, aiming for Peter. You pull the ethereal string back, a large arrow forming. <Sonic Shooter> you hear Raijin reply as toy form the spell in your head.

> Roll 1d100 + 30 to hit. +40 for Doing The Math, - 10 for corner cover
Rolled 31 + 60

So that's a +60 on that shot.
The part after the period was explaining the plus. So just a plus30
Rolled 90 + 30

Writing in five minutes.
Rolled 86 + 30

Rolled 44 + 30

You can FEEL when the spell has its course, releasing it with only a soft echo of your device, the lightning bolt like arrow launching from your bow. The hostile barely had a chance to see it before it visibly lifts him of his feet and back around the corner. You see Justin flank the one Lisa was pinning down, the gunman hitting a wall when hit by his hammer. "Instructor Vita would be proud." You vox over the comm, letting the close combat group keep watch as you catch up.

You hear him chuckle as Beowulf catches up, reporting the enemies down. "Garuda 1 to Longarch, do you copy?" You send, wanting to report to Hayate as soon as possible.

«...barely...ing you. Interference is stro..report?» you hear back, static cracking in your ear. Wincing a little, toy report as best as you can.

"Repeating, light hostile resistance encountered. Send reinforcement asap. Possible long range jamming, over." You finish, hoping it go through as you press on, finally hearing battle from where Nanoha and the others were engaged.

Lisa comes up to you. "I have a suggestion, as that is the building we are supposed to go to," she says, pointing at the second floor. "We should have one of our squads head in, or art least to the roof, while the other heads to the ground floor."

Teana congress over as well. "I wouldn't go up personally. Sounds like a lot of anti-air fire and a battle we don't need to be in. We may be better off going across the street while our close combat members go inside."

> Go with Lisa's plan
> Go with Teana's plan
> come up with one
> Go with Teana's plan
We're trainee's; no way can we evade anti-air fire.
And wait; the gunmen are using actual guns? We definitely don't want to see if they've got a heavy machinegun set up on the roof. Yes, being Japanese and not a military otaku, we don't know too much about guns. But even we should be able to tell when we're about to get into trouble.
You shake your head. "They are using solid rounds, Lisa. Even if there is only a mage up there, we can't guarantee that our shields can handle it. Justin, Peter, head to the ground floor and get ready to clear it. Lisa, go with them to provide covering fire. Subaru, if you could go with them?" You ask, getting a nod from the blue haired girl. "Me and Teana will check out the building across the street. You don't go until you see us in the window." You say.

Toshiiro finished giving his own orders, he and Kyou joining up with you as the others head to your own entry group. "Looks like we had the same idea." He says, getting a smile and a nod as you head into the ruined building.

> Please roll 1d100 and describe the order of advance.
Rolled 37

We go in with Teana right behind us, Toshiiro and Kyou standing outside the doorway until we confirm the room is clear. Then they clear the next room while we wait.
Rolled 61

Rolled 50

Rolled 80

Let's go with this, then.
You breach the first room, which turns out to be empty. Giving the signal, your team moves up as Toshiiro and Kyou breach the next. So far, it seems the opposing force didn't Bobby trap the building. Soon you reach the stairs, everything clear so far.

> Roll again, and how many floors up do you go?
Rolled 14

Go up 3 floors.
Rolled 97

Up 3 floors.
Rolled 6

Three floors sounds good.
Rolled 13

Three floors.
Back, writing
You all go up the floors, properly clearing the stairwell as was taught to you. Thankfully there's nothing to hinder you, making you won't if maybe, something is wrong.

You get your answer as you open the door to the third floor, and are met by two people, both looking bored.

"About time you got here, eh Gretel?" The one in the left asks [his?] Companion, who was almost indistinguishable from the other.

"Indeed, Hansel. The professor said some of them would come here." [She?] replies. One had a pair of blades, the other a large cylinder like object.

"I hope the don't die to quickly, brother. This is our first outing after all..."

> Save Point

Going to food. Had to run t to the office earlier. Going to archive this in case I don't get back in time.

Also, meet your new worst enemies. Dun dun dunn!
>Hansel and Gretel
>androgynous twins
Welp. I wish we had learned some kind of mass area effect flash bang spell.
File: 1392164610376.jpg-(59 KB, 410x543, Fairly stylish for a coup(...).jpg)
59 KB
Well this won't end well.
My question is, are these THOSE twins, or just a convieniently similar pair?
If the former, are we actually in a Crossover Event?
Option two. The style fit my needs. Think closer to twenty, and kinda like Eins and Drei from Vesperia (Yeager's minions).
Now we find out they are Eclipse Drivers.

Best believe I'd jump on a chance to bone the Lutece twins at the same time, too.

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