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As Ned Salter, young and successful manager at the XWF, we manage a stable of fighters in the most popular pay-ér-view event in the history of the solar system, with superhuman fighters beating the daylights out of eachother in wholesome family entertainment!
The fucking flu was awful last week but im better now. Hope you guys show up soon
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Sorry, about that, I was surfing random crap.
I usually check the archives about an hour ago, if I don't see the thread, I surf around before checking the thread about now. If I don't see the thread by now, I assume that you're not running today, and go back to sleep.

Hey, how you doing? You know, I found this group called Van Canto, a rock group which uses no instrument, only human voices, except for the drums. They said it isint humanly possible to do drums because people kept fainting when trying (put of breath. exhausted, etc) but hey, if we can get rid of the "human" weakness, I think it would be a interesting concept track. I could see Euphry coming up with at least one track like that.
Check these two and tell me what you think


I dunno, to me it just seems like the band just has a bunch of slightly strange sounding instruments. I'm sure it'd be cool to see live, but it seems a bit... strange listening to it without the video.

It'd probably work better with people who can manipulate their vocal chords in ways that aren't humanly possible, but to me, the music sounded... not quite right, kinda like the theramin, but to a much lesser extent.
Ouch, that sucks. Glad to hear your feeling better though.
>in ways that aren't humanly possible

That seems about right, but if you dont like it, I guess we should drop it since I want everyone to laugh and/or enjoy imagining it

Anyway, where were we...

Checked on Euphry, need to move her to "her" own place (she's surprisingly(?) less destructive when it is "her" place, tho still somewhat destructive)

Check on the game progress...

Ah we havent checked on Okaba or Eldric, then we can fast forward a few weeks if you want either to the launch of the album or the beginning of the omea league season this year,
Just listened to Seller of Souls (first embedded video), not quite my sub genre of metal but not bad. I do think that their heavily relying on the drums to cover for the a cappella instruments. Anyway, if we were going to do something like that I think we'd need 50 or so Lyann clones coordinating the drums between themselves to get enough power and speed behind them, actually, it probably take more than 50...So something to think about but probably not for the first album, maybe do it as a live performance only song?
Actually I like that idea. Doing it as a live special event someday. Maybe at a charity event?

Anyway, options for today

Check on the videogame progress
Check with our PI team
Check with Aleksander to see how his songs are coming along
Check on Okaba
Check on Eldric
Fast forward 3 weeks to launch the album, OR ff 4 weeks to the start of the omega league new season

pick 2
>Check on Aleksander
>Check on Okaba

Tough choices, but I think those are my two.
Sure, I'll second that. I really want to meet Aleksander, considering how damn useful he is.

Aritsu tells you Aleksander has taken over one of the holoconference rooms in the XWF main building, so it's just a 5 minutes walk from your office to "his".

You knock and as he invites you in, notice the room has been rearranged. The long conference table has been removed, and replaced with a wide, low platform where he placed the holoprojectors.

His bass is plugged and on a pedestal, and looks as if it was just being used.

Hovering over the platform in the middle of the room, you see Mako, Euphry, Stella and Bella's figures as they talk to eachother.

They haven't noticed you entering the room (and won't be able to until you approach the proyector in the room).

Aleksander: "Hey mr Salter, nice to see you. What are you up to?"

Ned: "Call me Ned, don't worry about formalities."

Aleksander: "In that case, call me Alek or Alex, however it is more comfortable."

He invites you closer to the platform, and you greet the ladies.

Aleksander arranged this little setup so they could talk and argue all they wanted without getting physical or shouting past a certain level. So far they have actually done three songs already (both of Bella's and one of Mako's) and are discussing about what Euphry wants to do with hers.

Euphry: "Hey, Ned" -she sips her beer. She's wearing jeans and a tshirt and holding her guitar in her left hand-
Mako: "G-good morning, sir" -is wearing a long, light summer dress-
Bella: "Morning boss" -is wearing a miniskirt and a light blue shirt buttoned at the last two buttons-
Stella: "Good morning" -is eating a donut, dressed in a white sports bra and black thighs, barefoot-

You greet everyone and sit nearby to watch them practice and discuss for a little bit. After a while, Aleksander manages to get Lyann on another projector. She's wearing long silk pants with a skintight top, all in white.

Lyann: "Morning, everyone."

They haven't been able to contact Aura, but as it turns out she's in the XWF gym so she can join you in person soon.
Mark, you guys type in
Ask them how things are going and if any problems have popped up.
Pretty much this, right now I think we're partly here to problem solve and partly here to observe.
I don't have any objections, I just had to search through the archives to remember who everyone was. (I accidently merged Euphry and Bella together in my head, and completely forgot about Stella.)

Aleksander: "Well, we could do with a room actually assigned to the team just for this. Do you think you could get us this one?"

Roll 8d10 for bureaucracy to get the room for them if you want to, or would you prefer to get them a different place? ideas?
Rolled 1, 1, 8, 9, 5, 6, 10, 3 = 43

Depending on how much dosh we have it might be a good idea to start designing a nova proof recording studio/practice space for these guys. I'd rather not borrow one of the room Lyann inevitably has since the acoustics will inevitably be too perfect or force some alternative mind set.

But for now seeing if we can finagle the room is fine.
You have no problem securing them the room. You call Aritsu and get her to do the paperwork while you call the right people to get it done in a quick manner.

Ned: "Done. It should be yours by this evening."

Aleksander: "It's nice working for someone who actually moves when he has to"

Aura arrives, freshly showered after working out at the gym, wearing street clothes and carrying a guitar strapped to her back.

Aura: "Hey Ned, you going to stay to watch us practice some?"

Want to move and check on Okaba now, or stay for a bit more?
Stay long enough to see if any problems come up and whether we get a sense that these guys are on the right track (probably not immediate fixes, so it shouldn't require a full update) then move on to Okaba. Mainly I want to see how Lyann works with the group and whether we need to step up our efforts to humanize her.
Yeah, we should also keep Aura on hand to drain off some of her excess talent until she learns to not play so damn perfectly. (Or at least fake some human inperfection)
I think the key is convincing her that some of them aren't imperfections but involuntary subconscious social cues. That way we teach them to her like a language and she can figure out how to incorporate them into her art.
File: 1392052428519.jpg-(63 KB, 744x415, non negotiable social con(...).jpg)
63 KB
That sounds pretty good. Maybe try to explain to her it is a series of non negotiable social conventions?

Also, her penalty is just with baseline humans, she probably works just fine with the rest of the band, except for Euphry, but that0s because of a musical choice thing. Lyann likes everything fitting perfectly and creating perfection, while Euphry likes to shock, conflict and make as much chaos as possible.


Euphry gets pissed enough to try and throw her guitar at the holo Lyann (without effect, of course). The band takes 10 while Euphry goes to grab another from her room.

Mako: "I liked the way it was coming along..."

Stella: "Eh, it's one of Euprhy's so I say what she wants goes, you know?"

Lyann: "I guess that makes sense"

When she returns, she's dripping wet (you can clearly imagine her wetting her head to calm down) and carrying a new guitar. Following your instructions, Lyann tries to go more "with the flow" rather than her millisecond-planned mental map of the song.

The rest of the session goes flawlessly, but Euprhy deletes the son and asks to record it again several times.

Eventually, it is Stella's turn to blow up and take 5.

Aleksander: "What was wrong with the last 6 recordings?"

Euphry: "Noone was pissed enough. I wanted them to sound pissed for this theme"

With Euprhy purposefully trying to make her bandmated angry, it seems a good idea to have them practice by holopresence. The recording gear they each have can easily record their individual instruments, and the OPnet is more than powerful enough to broadcast them in real time and live quality, albeit it feels a bit impersonal to work that way.

At least Aura and Aleksander have no problem being in the same room.


You leave them after about an hour and a half of continuously recording the same two songs, and go check on Okaba.

Any comments or ideas?
I have no idea what this theme says, I just sort of like the voice/rythm for Mako
bah i went full retard and forgot to ctrl+v


Captcha: Loving coitum
how he's getting along with the other fighters, how he likes his work. ect.
Uhh, I kinda want to tell Euprhy something along the lines of 'riling up your co-workers might be helpful for the theme you're making, but I hope you don't try pulling this when the others want to record their songs.' Or something to that effect, but I don't quite know how to put it into words, properly.

>Loving coitum
c-captcha, so lewd.
It might be easier to just tell the rest of the band (Especially Lyann) to filter all their frustration and rage into their playing when doing Euphry's numbers.

Probably best done privately

Anyway guys I need to go lunch now. since my flu is finally dying, im finally going to be able to work faster now. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Will come back in an hour os less but will archive the thread now. Oh, if any of you guys watch anime, are you watching Kill La Kill or maybe Log Horizon?

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