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As Ned Salter, arguably the most successful manager of the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, we see deals worth billions on a weekly basis, as every single pay-per-view event is popular enough to attract UFOs to out solar system just so they can get a better signal.

Let me know as you pop in, guys. I didint think I was gonna run today, flu got me
File: 1391517647733.jpg-(152 KB, 850x1020, Rohan glance.jpg)
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152 KB JPG
Sup, I don't know if you ran on Monady, but I didn't show up because some jackass tried to break into some kind of medical lab or whatever during the nicght, and the alarm was blaring for 3 freaking hours.
File: 1391518484457.gif-(242 KB, 250x145, Mako is being lewd.gif)
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242 KB GIF
yesterday? yeah, we had the "new semester deals" with Ned renovating the sporstwear franchises for the fighters and getting sponsors for the new guys.
Ned for 59 total exp from that, and I mentioned "this exp is his once-a-semester bonus, don't think we'll get this much every time"


Oh, we also got milk and cookies and watched tv with Mako, and she held your hand at one point. Was lewd like pic related
Yeah, we can almost max out all of Ned's mega socials from that XP alone
File: 1391519601607.png-(100 KB, 450x350, nyo ho ho.png)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Just checking out the previous thread, and Holy Corpse Parts, that's a lot of successes/xp.
I was thinking lastnight while the fucking flu kept me awake. I think it should be okay to raise his quantum and such as long as we do it through Qui Meng (which is the most expensive way to do it, but also of course the safest) since it is all about controlling your body growth very carefully. What do you think?
Makes sense to me.
I'm making the rolls to see how well the guys and girls actually represent the brands. After thinking about it, we had been rolling for how good a deal we get for them and us, but not for how good they actually are at it. It should probably affect how much companies want to work with them in the future, so I think I should roll it, and use it as a mod for future deals.

Want me to post all the rolls here (rolling in OPENrpg so is just a few big posts showing a shitstorm of dice) or just the results? was also thinking in screenshooting it so its just one image
either way works
sounds good to me. The other option I came up with basically involves abusing quantum supremacy
Yeah, I have no objections to you rolling it.
File: 1391522516362.jpg-(467 KB, 1280x768, They see me rollin they hatin.jpg)
467 KB
467 KB JPG

1-3 successes: Campaign was worth the money
4-6 successes: Campaign greatly helped the company's positioning
7-9 successes: People will think of the brand when thinking of the product, automatically
10+ successes: Legendary. Malboro Man, Coca-Cola bears, Cool-aid Man. People actually love to watch this advertisement, possibly MORE than the shows it graces with its presence.

Ami Sportswear 5 successes // Highly Successful Campaign
Ami Surfing Line 8 successes // Very Successful Campaign

Aura Evening Wear 8 successes // Very Successful Campaign
Aura Fantasy Underwear 13 successes // Legendary Campaign
Aura Sportswear 13 successes // Legendary Campaign

Brass Sportswear 5 successes // Highly Successful Campaign
Brass Gym Accesories 3 successes // Successful Campaign

Python Sportswear 4 successes // Successful Campaign
Python Clothes 4 successes //Successful Campaign

Eldric Jeans 12 successes //Legendary Campaign
Eldric Work Clothes 14 successes //Legendary Campaign

Okaba's Gentlemen Fashion 12 successes //Legendary Campaign
Okaba Sportswear 11 successes //Legendary Campaign
Aura, Okaba and Eldric's campaign were SO good for the companies they represented, that people will forever associate the brand with the product in the future, and minor subculture/fan circles appear around the ads. Large (+3) bonus for Ned when negotiating ads/sponsorship involving them in the future. Every company wants to work with them.

Brass and Python had very good ads, and the companies they worked with will be happy to work with them again. Small (+1) bonus for Ned when negotiating with those companies in the future.

Ami helped a lot with positioning for the companies she represented. Medium (+2) bonus for Ned when negotiating with companies involving those products in the future.
And that's it for the ads business. Now let's see. A new day begins, want to...
1) Start training on Qui Meng with Lyann?
2) Chek on Euprhy? (only band member we haven't checked on yet)
3) Start a charity company to help children everywhere?
4) Go talk with the detective team

Pick two. That's what we'll do today

Which power is Quantuy Supremacy?

Also, if we do go Qui Meng with Ned (though I wasn't sure we could, what with him being a Superior, rather than a full-blooded Nova) picking up a version of the Shut Down Powers power would be good once his Quantum goes up
level 5 power that allows you to break the XP system

Also, I vote check on Euphry then start Menging it up; Once the XWF season restarts, we'll be surrounded by people whose Power Level is Goku to our Hercule. We need to get up to Krillin-level at least
>Chek on Euprhy? (only band member we haven't checked on yet)
>Start training on Qui Meng with Lyann?
I wanna try new thiiiiiiiiings.

Never! Long live Ned Salter and his Yamcha-like prowess!

2 votes for Qi Meng and Euphry. Anyone else?
I'm cool with it.
File: 1391525164950.jpg-(976 KB, 1340x1436, 6a830450726b5cb9bdd36fc71(...).jpg)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
Alright, going with that, then. Typing
We look around for Lyann in the XWF studios, but find she's not there at the moment. We do find one of her clones, however, and it points us to her address.

As it turns out, she owns several properties around the world. Industries, labs, and whatever interests her at the time, since her attention tends to wander around a lot. This particular building is simply an apartment complex, but you find that she's using its entirety, together with her clones, one of which is even working the lobby desk.

Clone: “Just go right up, Mister Salter. Twelfth floor.”

Ned: “Thanks”

The twelfth floor is a large, single apartment. There are very few walls, with most of the floor being completely open, except for a bath and the dormitory. There's every modern comfort without entering into decadency, and you see clones working on marble sculptures, paintings, associated designing and even cooking, tho they don't give you a “person” vibe. It's more as if they were moving, talking furniture, somehow.

As it turns out, she is out in the terrace, by the poolside. You find her lying down on a beach chair as she writes on a notepad and takes the sun, dressed in a white slingshot swimsuit with small room.darkening shades hanging at the tip of her nose.

Lyann: “Hey Ned. Came to check how I was doing, again? Just writing down some song ideas. Would you like to stay for lunch? I even have swimsuits and robes for guests if you want to enjoy the pool meanwhile”

You explain to her about your special situation, and your interest in exploring Qin Meng as a way to expand your abilities. She is surprisingly understanding and friendly, if you can easily see how the souless clones tend to freak people out, but out here by the pool, it is just you, her, and the sun.

Lyann: “Well, do you want to start right now?” -she looks at you from the chair, her bright blue eyes staring at you over the edge of her shades.

"I can go for that" Ned takes off his jacket "In life, as in business, you take your opportunities."

As it turns out, the redhead has a gift for teaching. She asks you to change into something as comfortable as possible, so you change into one of the swimsuits she offers you and sit with her as she starts explaining Qui Meng theory to you.

Qui Meng, it turns out, is a martial art evolving from Tai' Chi, and is a very soft style that builds on ability over strenght. She guides you through some basical forms, gently correcting your posture and giving you examples for the movements as many times as it takes, sometimes using one or more clones to show you what she means.

Lyann: “We won't do any sparring at first. I want you to get used to the forms first, then we can work on meditation and diet, alright?”

Ned: “Diet, too?”

Lyann: “Of course, you need to watch your body and learn to listen to it. Part of that is watching what you put inside of it, isin't it?”

You stay with her all morning, then enjoy a meal by the poolside while the clones (dressed in casual clothes) attend the two of you.

Lyann: “We should set a time for exercising and practicing. I doubt you could come every morning, right? Why don't you stay here after work for a few hours, instead? I could set up a guest room for you if you want. It is important that we build a master and student relationship if this is going to work.”


Do you want to move in with her? or do you have another idea?

"Actually, mornings might be better. Most of the people I negotiate with have only recovered from the night before after midday"

"And we can keep the Master/Student thing separate from the Musician/Manager dynamic. The last thing our band needs is for people to think you're trying to exert undue influence on me. Professional Ethics will be the watchword"
>Move in with her?
I'd rather not (I like our place for socializing and getting work done away from the office). But having a guest room available for our potentially frequent use would be nice.
This, I guess.

You explain your idea to her, and she seems alright with it.

Lyann: "That is fine. I'll prepare a room for you so you can change and keep a few changes of clothes here."

You enjoy lunch, and thank her for her time before leaving. The clones seem a little more endurable to you now.

It will take at least a month for you to have your first Qui Meng and Tai' Chi dots, since she's teaching you both things.

Want to go see Euphry now?

Also, IIRC, didint someone offer to make Ned's sheet? what happened to that?
Yes, let's check in on the crazy Russian, but start by getting the hotel bill from Aritsu. Also, if we having roped our secretary into finding technicians for Stella/Belle with a higher professional tolerance for naked novas, might want to get on that.
>if we /haven't/ roped our secretary into...
Clearly I need to get some coffee.
Hmmm, I think that everyone assumed somebody else was making the sheet, and because of that assumption, nobody actually did.

>LyannCat is now an in-game meme
Alright I'll work on it. Im thinking in taking the rest of the week off the thread unless this fucking flu goes away soon, so that should give me plenty of time for it.

Aritsu lets you know that Euphry's hotel bill is at 489.240 dollars and rising, right now, through a mix of furniture bashing/burning, vandalism (there's not a morning the walls in the party hall haven't appeared covered in graffiti) and renting of the hotel party hall and pool on a daily basis for parties.

While not an astronomical amount of money, it is well beyond the scope of common sense, and you are not in the best of moods when you knock at her door.

Euphry: "Pri-Vet, Ned!"

She is wearing a pair of cut off black leather jeans with multiple slits down to her heels, barefoot, and wearing a open, flowing silk shirt with its buttons all ripped off. How she manages to do so while still looking like a goddess come down to favour mortals with her presence it's probably her super power.

Ned: "Jesus, Euphry, what have you been doing here?" -the room has a burnt furniture in the middle, and you see youngsters passed out everywhere.

Euphry: "Marshmallows! and a blonde, and two brunettes, and ... no, make that four brunettes, ya?" -she says with a radiant smile

The room stinks of alcohol and other substances, tho you know none of it is likely to affect her in the least.

Euphry: "It's all part of the creative process!"

Some repairmen crews start going in through the door, greeting the russian beauty with a casual nod as they go in, apparently already well acquainted with her by now.

Ned: "Did you had to burn the furniture, really?"

Euprhy: "Campfire! it adds realism, right?"

She shows you her work and ideas, calming you down some. Actually it is quite good. Excellent, even. Out of everyone except Aleksander, she's the one that seems to be furthest ahead on her two songs.

She already has everyone's parts figured out, down to the tenth of the second.
File: 1391530269519.jpg-(100 KB, 670x503, pri-VET.jpg)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

She scratches her head and pulls off her shirt as she talks to you, going into the bath without bothering to close the door behind her, starting a shower and talking to you through the shower glass. She doesn't bothers taking her pants off, and comes out dripping wet with a towel accidentally giving her some cover.

Euphry: "Need the chinese princess to be the sweet voice here and here, see?" -she even has a chart painted over the northwen wall, showing the times she wants each singer to enter-ecit the tune.

The repairmen already know not to touch that wall.

Euphry: "I do the opposite voice, with the horny blonde acting as moderator, see? back and forth. Of course I crush princess in the end, but good fun first, right?"

The way she describes it, and the parts she sings for you (in russian) are... actually pretty awesome and get you excited about the finished product.

Ned: "And Lyann is going to just play orchesta?"

Euphry: "On the first theme, yes. Want her to duel me on guitar and voice on second theme."

Her behavior and attitude are terrible, but she does deliver. Still, you probably should find her a more... enduring, place to stay and work at.

If she wants to put on a show, put her in The Show, so the network execs can share the damage tab (and she can engage in a Flirt War with Aura)

Failing that, the XWF Krew would represent our best bet to make Nova-proof modifications to an apartment
>enduring place to stay and work
Yeah, that clearly needs to happen if only because it'll pay for itself in under two months. Start looking for penthouses relatively near our appartment (so if we need to show up to talk the cops out of arresting her we opefuly can get there in less than a half hour, an hour at most) and see if we can hire some XWF construction crew guys for a day to sound proof it from the rest of the building, reinforce the hell out of the structure and add some safety features to the place (anything that would prevent drowning in the pool would be appreciated, as would a large safety net around the building to catch anyone that happens to leap from the building for any reason). Also, hire a live in paramedic to make sure non of Euphry's guests OD or go unattended if they break a bone or something.
I feel life Euphry deserves her own show already. Also, supporting asking her about it.
>flirt war

Aura is actually much more innocent and inexperienced than Euphry is. Aura just teases, Euphry goes through with it. The difference is very important. I've been waiting for a long time until someone wants to ask Okaba how he deals with it, so he can say "she's actually a maiden. Just playful"

Still, getting her in the show could be either awesome or terrible... I... genuinely have no idea. Personally I think we shouldn't

And yeah, having the Krew build/reinforce her a place is actually a very good idea.

You know, for just a moment, I thought maybe we could get all the musicians in the same building, but it was just a moment before I realized they would all clash with eachother, albeit for different reasons.

That's... not a bad idea, actually
Yeah, had no intention of bunking the entire band together, I just tend to think that if you're living with most of the people you work with, you're probably seeing too much of them. No need to cause problems. I mainly wanted Euphry to have a penthouse because of her tendencies to start fires and her need for a pool. Also, if she gets her own show I can just see her holding a needle or whatnot, then looking at the camera, smiling and saying "Is ok, still legal, I invented (insert name in slurred Russian) this morning, should still have few weeks before FDA raids my place and bans it". A Euphry show could be very fun, but they might need to create a new rating to air it if Aura's is rated "Mature".
I liked it, but needs more heavily accented russian

Euphry: "This okay. I invent earlier today. Still 8 hours before FDA and courthouses working times, so can't ban it just yet"

Also, For some reason I think she would use one of those injection pistols instead of needles.

Rated N for Nobody is allowed to watch this show alone. Nobody

Also I decided to give her points in science with a specialty in chemistry, and medicine with a specialization on drugs.

...somehow I think that could also be pretty fun, if she also comes up with a cure for hang over for when she has human guests.

Euphry: "Prevent hang over? easy. Never.stop.drinking"

"Cooking with Euprhy" involves replacing 100% of any liquid ingredients with booze, and 30% of all solid ingredients with stronger booze.
Actually I am suddenly curious. If you can't get drunk, or have booze affect your body chemistry, would you still drink? the taste is actually an "acquired taste" that is only enjoyable because your body learns to associate it with the state of mild (or stronger) euphoria that comes from it.

Then again, it would be interesting if she somehow hears about whatever it is the Space Wolves use to get drunk and goes "I can cook that"
Oh god, I can see the promo now: scene opens on a well lit white room with a couple amps in the foreground. You here footsteps and Euphry, in black shorts and a well worn white collard shirt held closed by two buttons with a guitar slung across her back and a half smoked cigarette tucked in the corner of her mouth walks into view. She swings her guitar forward, reaches down grabbing a coiled chord from the floor and pluging it into her instrument (slight sound of feed back from the amp). Taking a pull from her cigarette, she slams her hand down and starts shredding as the view instantly switches to a fast paced montage of highlights from the season: partying, destruction, some actually work on her album, etc. the music ends in a power chord as the view snaps back on Euphry's face, slowly pulling back as the chord fades to reveal the white room the promo began with, now covered in graffiti, littered with naked and semi naked bodies, with holes punched through the walks and a sea of smoke pooling along the ceiling. Suddenly the camera pulls back in on Euphry's face, the woman for the first time looking directly at her audience. "Let's be honest here, you couldn't survive my life."
She uses Dwarven ale. Its 240 Proof.
Remind me, Dwarven all accesses extra spatial dimensions to pack the puch, or it utilizes some molecule that breaks down into multiple ethanols once introduced to a person's system?
File: 1391533352850.jpg-(275 KB, 1081x913, culebra.jpg)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
I am 101% behind this project idea. Also, it has to be a culebra cigar, because nothing says "excessive" like smoking three cigars at the same time.

She also needs to smack the camera with her guitar at the end, sidewise, knocking it down to a static-infested image of her bare feet as she walks away.

Has to be the first if we want it to affect novas. The second couldnt even make Mako drunk.

>Implying that a truly dedicated Nova couldn't find a way to make alcohol that breaks the laws of chemistry by being more than 100% pure
By the way, I haven't been able to come up with a power set for Euphry. My first idea was energy master (sonic), but there's lots of characters out there that use sonic screams so it doesn't feels like it would be a very original concept.

Also, with how prone to violence she is, just like how Aura crossed from the stable to the band, maybe we could get Euprhy to cross from the band to the stable?


Try to convince her to star her own show and move her to a place of her own? I wonder if we couldnt get her to befriend The Kew, actually. They may be "mere" construction workers, but these are Nova construction workers (low powered novas) so they have knowledge of engineering and chemistry, at the very least, on nova levels. Sure a group of super powered construction workers MUST have come up with a super booze by now? and they are rough enough to live with her, plus they can repair things every morning.

Worker: "Euphry, I was thinking in throwing down the wall here for-"

Euprhy: "I'm on it" -she proceeds to take down the wall with a sledge hammer, dressed in panties and a tough jacket.- "Done"

Worker: "Don't you want to know why I wanted to take it down for?"

Euphry: "Not really, no"

They can test each other's abilities on a daily/nightly cycle.
Yeah, I can see the Krew/Euphry dynamic being entertaining. Especially if she pays them in beer and vodka.
I suspect she would have 3 mastery dots on martial arts specialty - ass kicking. Her very own mix of the most violent and ball-busting moves from a lot of styles.

Just like Jet Kune Do was made by Bruce Lee by taking the most efficient bits of various martial arts, her own version just took the most violent ones.

Anyway, if you want to get her to host her own show, you'll need to roll diplomacy before being able to roll business. So roll 11d10 + 3d10 for diplomacy then 11d10 + 3d10 for business roll. I'll say you'll need at least 3 successes to convince her to work with a schedule. So, you know, about as hard as leaping from the top of a moving bike to another as they cross by eachother at full speed, or catching a bullet barehanded.

Want to roll the fuil 11d10 + 3d10, or sacrifice some of the 3 extra (mega) dice to lower the required number of successes? you cant lower the difficulty to 0, of course, so you can sacrifice 1-2 dice to lower the difficulty by 1-2
Rolled 5, 7, 7, 4, 8, 3, 5, 5, 10, 5, 6, 1 = 66

Rolled 5, 1, 9, 2, 4, 5, 4, 6, 3, 1, 9 = 49

Yeah, sacrifice the megadice.
Rolled 1

Sorry, missed the "can't lower to zero" bit at the end (assumed minimum difficulty of 4) so here's the extra die.
Rolled 3

5 successes is very good. Its enough to jump through the blades of a helicopter's rotors unhurt. You could even probably dictate some terms.

Not a lot of terms, but probably at least make her promise a couple of stuff...and im thinking it would be better if you do so after watching the pilot show so you can go "Hell, can't have her do that on television"

You missed on rolling one. Also the previous rol would be for convincing her to make the show in the first place. 5 successes and maybe more if the dice Im rolling on this post says so.

2 successes, so just barely. That seems very appropiate, actually, since it means you just barely convinced the XWF to support this project

Want to also ask her about joining the fighters? she could be our very first (brutally charismatic) heel
Hmm, I'd wait a bit before introducing her as a fighter. Something about Euphry screams mid season surprise to me.
Rolled 7

Well, it looks like the others dropped out of the thread, so lets stop here for today? I'll see you guys tomorrow if this fucking flu goes away.
Im still here, btw. Will restart working on Ned's sheet
See you thenKing, hope you're feeling better soon.

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