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Hey folks, this post is really short to make up for starting so late
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No kidding.
to be perfectly honest, I got here on time but got distracted watching Tonari-No Seki-Kun
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Hmm, is it any diffrent from the manga?
As for /tg/ type series, I've been reading Quick Start and The Gamer, myself.
Wait, are there actually colour versions of the books available?
As regards the next XWF season, at what point does Brass have to give up the belt if he's not going to defend it?

And were we going to have Python move up to Omega along with Brass?
That's just from Rohan at the Louvre.
oh I forgot The Gamer. I read it all in one sitting a couple of weeks ago. How often does it update?

And i havent heard about quick start.

Seki Kun is pretty much exactly as the manga. Also, the ending is god tier

Honestly I dont remember
File: 1390832182063.png-(285 KB, 510x730, Quick Start, the manga tr(...).png)
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The Gamer updates once a week, pretty much like clockwork.

Quick Start is basically a series about a club in of girls playing japanese ttrpg's and is translated by /tg/.

For anyone else, The Gamer, is a series where the MC wakes up, only to find out that everything in his life seems to run on RPG logic.

>Man I fucking loved that thread that spawned the dialogue for the image.
whats that? is it on a website or should I look for it on suptg?
So no then?

Well from what I recall, We chose not to have Brass use his Gold win to go after Bomber straight away. So we do the season, batter everyone, then get Bomber in the tourney final (possible No-DQ match IN SPAAAAAACE)

Meantime, Ami will be dominating in Gold.

That leaves Python (who could actually beat Ami easily, because his zillion punches a round would burn through her Quantum as Force Field triggers repeatedly) who could probably handle Omega, but we promised him a tilt at the Gold belt this time out
Table-Top Role Playing Game.

You know, like D&D, Pathfinder, WHFB, Dark Heresy, White Wolf games, ect.

Don't think so.

Sounds good to me.
I never thought of calling them TT

So, we moving Brass to Omega without having him challenge BL yet?
Yes, let's have him challenge Bomber, later. Brass has already proved his worthiness of the Omega league in the past, we don't really need to do it again.

Also the ttrpg helps differentiate it from video game rpg's and MMO's.
aha! finally found the ending
weird format tho

So he's going to just fight in the Omega for now and challenge him at the end of the Season after winning his way up the normal way?
I think that was the initial plan.
alright brb

So, wanna get started with the new season, check on the band, the videogame, or something else?
Well, I'd prefer to start with a status update for the video game then check on the band to get that squared away for a few days so we can dive into the new season without coming up for air for awhile. But that's me front loading things.
Alrighty then

Checking on the gaming studios, you find Ami is there at the moment as they take her biometrics. She is wearing a black, skin tight sensor suit so they can record her movements, having her wrestle a mannequin covered in pressure sensors.

The technitians greet you as you enter. Ami is facing back from you and hasn't noticed you yet.

Technitian: "We are having a bit of trouble finding proper targets. The fighters tend to break them in minutes."
your turn guys, and btw, are you reading 12 beast?
I dunno, maybe we should look into using another one of our fighters as target practice?

Nope, not that big a fan of monstergirls, really.
Hmm, had you considered double booking these sessions? Yeah it'd be a bit more of a pain to coordinate motion capture for two fighters at once, but that way you can record offense and defense of varying degrees of success or failure simultaneously, and you won't have to worry about broken targets. You might also want to switch out the sensor suits for passive capture, spay the model with some fluorescent dye, run a low level UB light in the room and set up a few dozen cameras that selectively record in the dye's emission spectrum. Then create a composite from the overlapped images. Of course, that would be fairly unnecessary if your sensors can hold up to my guys abuse.
Not yet.
well, its about a guy that plays a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea type games that gets sucked unto a fantasy world and the fantasy races become his troops as he tries to defeat giant robots

"I have an idea about that"

Remember our Silver fighter? The one who ISTR has a plasticine-ish body? Whose power set is wholly defensive? Whose fundamental ability is that he can't be hurt? I think we have a side-job for him.

>Then we include him in the game as the Practice Mode Dummy
The tecnitians are impressed and take note of your suggestions. They would like to get two fighters at the same time, but they are somewhat worried that someone's ego may get in the way if they get two super stars at the same time on the studio.

Or "super easy" mode. Sure, it will be slow, but being invulnerable has always been god mode. His character can just pick up and use the bad guys weapons as he goes along... actually if instead of invulnerable he just regens really fast it could still be a fair method of play. You remember his name?
Assure them all our guys are consummate professionals, but offer them use of Defense Guy if they feel the need to pre-empt an out of control ego or some fighters have personal problems with working together.
File: 1390836812554.png-(22 KB, 278x242, mai slips away.png)
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I think its a good plan. Just need to get Mister Immortal to cooperate, maybe by offering him a huge bonus. Since this is going to be the official XWF game, I assume we are booking more than just our guys, right? we are getting pretty much every fighter from gold upwards, so he may be "the only silver guy to appear" and that may be incentive enough
File: 1390837036533.gif-(1.32 MB, 500x281, Jesus holiday decorating.gif)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF
Dammit, that summary sounds so rediciously stupid, now I *have* to read it!

I thought he was a jobber?
I'd say offer him standard rates as a motion capture actor for his time, the opportunity to be a unlockable starting character in the game (he is Silver League at the moment), and a performance based bonus for his work (which we'll make sure he reaches because we're probably going to want him to comeback for the sequel and any DLC that requires motion capture). I think that should be fair and sufficient incentive.
Maybe, I dont remember. Its been a long time

That sounds fair. I dont think you even need to roll anything to convince him.

Having solved the problems at the game studios, and since Ami obviously greeted you when she saw you, want to go check her new place with her before going back to the XWF site, or do something else, like checking on the band, Mako, the XWF doctor, the PIs, or something else?
Sure, check out her new diggs (and get Aritsu to send over a housewarming gift for us). Then check in on the band and Mako if nothing comes up when we get to her place.
File: 1390838029924.png-(280 KB, 840x1200, it is delicious minotaur,(...).png)
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You know Ami has enough money by now to buy herself a penthouse in a luxury high.security super modern apartment building by now, but... Ami being Ami, she just bought a comfortable apartment in a regular building close to the XWF's studio. It is currently almost empty except for the kitchen stove, a brand new fridge, and a bed.

It faces the beach on one side, and lets you see the XWF on the other direction. It even has an old fashioned fire escape stair by the window, and while the building seems quite solid, it probably is pre-nova architects.

It would have been considered a high class place before the novas, but now it just seems like a homely place for a kid going to college or someone on their first job-

Ami: "What do you think? I'm going to go see furniture later. Eldric insisted on helping me choose, tho I just wanted to get a closet and a bed"
"I think it's a pretty good choice for you. And I have to say, the views are amazing. I'm slightly concerned that the building might not be sturdy enough for you to get in any kind of a work out at home, but the XWF gym is only a quick run away so I suppose that's fine. I assume you're going furniture shopping with Mai? Because is she's busy I'd recommend taking Eldric with you since it seems he has your style dialed in."
Ami: "Yes! Eldric already insister in going with me. But I am not planning on using this place all that much. It's just to keep my clothes on weekdays so I just need the bed and a wardrobe, right?"

She still totally sees the ranch as her home. Took at face value our "you just need somewhere to keep your things for convenience" speech, It seems obvious she has every intention of going back to the ranch to dine, exercise, sleep whenever she leaves work early enough.
Sorry for the lack of response, but I just don't see any problem with that arrangement for the moment. Ami's incredibly close with her sister and we aren't trying to separate them completely, just to give them a little more space. Besides, now that Ami doesn't have the excuse of a long drive home we're probably going to ramp up her on site training during the week.
File: 1390840966464.jpg-(151 KB, 1166x792, omg party pls.jpg)
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151 KB JPG
Seems fine, then

Having checked on the studio and gone with Ami to her new place, she invites us to have lunch with her on the pizza shop of the building's first floor.

People seems to stare at her a lot, tho she doesnt seems to notice, at all. Then again she is very attractive and charming so maybe she's just used to it.

Ami: "This place has a great cheese and pineapple pizza!" -she starts talking happily as she orders. It seems to be the usual tomboy under her new lessons on "girlyness"

Ami: "Mister Salter, can I ask you something?"

Ned: "Sure"

Ami: "I get the feeling everyone is hiding something from me. Sometimes when I walk in on mister Brass and mister Rodriguez at the cafeteria, they obviously change topic, and you do it too when I walk into you. I even think my sister is, sometimes. Would you mind letting me in on it?" -she stares at you intensely

Do you want to tell her about the whole business with Bomber Lord?
Make her promise to keep it secret and not to overreact. Then tell her.
Everyone agrees?
Yeah sure.
Also, pineapple on pizza? Ami needs to learn how to pizza ASAP. It's time for Ned to book a first-class flight to Naples for the gang.
You heathen, its called hawaiian pizza and its delicious. Lots of cheese, cream, and pineapple

Ami: "WHAT!?" -she cries out while burning up (literally) and 2 clones fall off the hair to the floor looking surprised- "I'm going to kill that guy!"

Ned: "Ami, calm down, you said you wouldnt overreact"

Ami: "This isint overreacting, this is a measured and proper response!" -she says as she crushes the table between her fingers

Roll 10d10+3d10 to try to calm her down. You need 3 successes to keep her from going after Bomber Lord right now. She is a fire user so she actually has a pretty fair chance of success, anyway
Rolled 5, 1, 8, 5, 2, 7, 3, 6, 8, 5, 3, 7, 6 = 66

Gack! You're the heathen, for thinking that pineapple on pizza is good! (Doubly so, if you're from a region that has to import it like the continental USA, and settle for a substandard fruit!)
Alright, success. You explain the plan to her and she calms down, but only because she wants to see Brass beating the crap out of bomber lord

You pay the damages, but are asked to leave, so the both of you finish earing the pizza on the balcony of her floor.

Ami: "How did you keep mister Brass from going to beat him when you told him?"

I'm from southamerica
"Fast Talking. Really fast talking."
"By reminding him that LB is a mind controller and that going in without a plan and adequate mental defenses would be suicide for him and paint targets on the rest of the team. Which reminds me, now that you know we're going to have to do some work on your mental resistance, and we're going to have to keep that a secret so we don't tip Bomber off."

Why did you guys have to tell her in a public place...
Well, I need to go in under 1/2 an hour, so im going to stop for today. I'll see you tomorrow guys

Any other manga you can recommend me?
Oh, just had a completely unrelated thought. We should totally pitch the idea of basing a DLC for our game on those Japanese fighters we had an exhibition match with. Talk it over with them first of course, but I can see that doing very well (especially if it includes a new finishing move for Aura, the attack she used to take down whatshername).
Sounds reasonable. Going to save the thread now
Doesn't bomber have a crippling fear of fire, which is why he kept her out of the Omega league in the first place?

I kinda figured the fire would spook him too much or something.

Other than Quick Start!! I can't really think of any off the top of my head. I mean you could check out Team Medical Dragon, or Silver Spoon if you're interested in Surgery or Farming respectively. I'd also reccomend Nobunaga's Chef, (A series where a guy goes back in time to become, suprise, suprise, Nobunaga's Chef) but I think I already mentioned it.
Err Nobunaga no Chef, whatever, stupid search engines not picking it up.

Oh yeah, Bartender is good if you're into cocktails.
reading Nobunaga No Chef already, also reading Shokugki No Soma. And Berserk when/if it updates
Will check Bartender, thanks
Probably been on your radar for awhile, but how about Hajime no Ippo?
Isn't that series like rediciously long? I mean last time I checked, it's roughly the length of Jojo, and I can only read *THAT* without fatigue, because they manage to change the setting and characters around a lot.
already reading it since years ago.
same as Jojo, so what? if its good, its better if its long. Ippo is going too slow, tho
Also reading Vinland saga and Musashi
Ugh, I just can't read something that long before losing interest, it's the reason why I gave up on Detective Conan.

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