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It started with a message that spread across every electronic device on the planet. Glowing words that declared that humanity needed to prepare for a coming change. Three days later, the skies lit up with auroras of seemingly impossible colors. And echoing across the globe was a voice that no man could make. It declared that all those who had visited the website known as 4chan in the past three months were to be vacated from the planet as punishment for a crime that humanity had committed. The poor fools were given the option of carrying two hundred pounds of gear or, as an act of mercy, were allowed to take one person(and only one) and one hundred pounds of supplies for the both of them.

Those dogged survivors were given ten minutes as a wave roared across the world, swallowing them up in a curtain of light, never to be seen again...Only to seemingly in the next instant wake up upon another world.

Now exiled to a world so far from home that nothing remains the same, they are forced to scrape out a living upon a wild, untamed planet under an alien star.

(last thread: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/29674169/#29724958)
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Lenore is an ancient collective writing thread. It isn't a Quest thread; it predates them. You join with the premise that you've been dumped on an alien world given only ten minutes to prepare beforehand. Though we're all kidnapped at the same time we do not arrive at the same time. Seven previous waves have appeared before you, lived, died, and built civilizations. You arrive fresh and new to this place.

Attached is the Newbie Guide PDF. There's also a LOT of additional information, collected in this file:

Consider those a reference, not required reading. Skim the newbie guide first, but after that just have fun!

We do have an IRC for you to ask questions or discuss events where writers cross over.

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This is the /tg/ region of this new world. Feel free to start your own city in it. Although it may look like there are a lot of cities our area is the size of Brazil; there's plenty of jungle for you to get lost in.

/tg/ is divided into two major civilizations. The Confederacy, a powerful unified group of city-states that respect human rights, and the Fedorans, a small empire that definitely do not.

You needn't join either should you decide to write a settlement (keep in mind the Fedorans WILL lose, so it's best not to join them), and you can write for other regions. Just remember, what alien artifacts exist are alien high tech; there is no magic. Try to keep things grounded in gritty (though not grim) realism.


For existing writers: Some new guidelines have been implemented.

1: One major Ethereal artifact per writer. I.E. builder lances, alchemists, the Postmod's Hammer, etc. A city might have a mechsuit or two (with their usual limitations) and of course some dwarves and/or gnomes. No human artifacts, new major artifacts should be discussed in the IRC prior to implementing them to be sure they work in and do not break the setting.

2: Please discuss fights with other writers in the IRC, decide on the outcome you want between the two of you and then write up a one or two post summary. Some of the fights have been dragging on entirely too long.
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so is there going to be anymore writefaggotry?
or did you just post this for the hell of it?
Im working on my own piece right now but I wanted to put this up in case any of the others involved had some new stuff
awesome, Lenore!

so how many writefags are there involved with this now?
We’ve slowly been moving towards the Ruins of Tesla city. Leave it to a bunch of /sci/ folks to build it in the center of where everyone pops in. It still baffles me how they managed that.

Oh well, I’m not supposed to think, just secure the eggheads and make sure we get enough of the ones from the 8th wave to reinforce Reservoir’s population.

Not like that’s a problem. Last time we radioed back to central HQ we had reported that we had recovered 300 people. It’s only been a few days and that number has almost doubled. Partly because we keep finding people, and partly because the nomads keep dropping people off with us.

Word was spread that we were recovering people and the nomads just started bringing them in. It’s a blessing and a curse, we have about 500 people now and my squads are stretched thin covering them all. We never expected this many and we were not supplied for over 200 people.

Our last transmission window HQ reported that they were making preparations for extraction. We’ve got another window coming up and I’ve sent ahead a squad to find a good spot to radio back to HQ to update them. I’m not sure how we’re going to transport 500 plus people back to Reservoir but I’m sure that General Latoyan is working with the board on a solution.

10 actively i think, plus people who stop in here and there.

Check out the welcome doc i'm working on.

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Camp Abaddon spends most of the year standing empty with just the staff sitting around keeping the place from being reclaimed by the jungle but now its possibly the most busy place in the Confederacy short of Kog itself.

This does mean that we have had to establish another five camps alongside Abaddon and those are already pushing full capacity. It seems our success in rounding up the new wavers is coming back to bite us in the arse.

We compensate by having new batches get basic aclimatization in Abaddon before rotating out of the original camp to establish new ones and complete their training there. But new wavers arrive before we can graduate the last batch. Im not about to send a bunch of untrained newbies out into the jungle, especially since this wave will mostly be sent to start new settlements out in the wilderness, but I can see the strain its putting on our system.

While Camp Helbrecht, Tycho, Lysander, Shrike and Sammael all progress well and have already graduated several batches of new wavers they will soon be going over capacity before we can organize and establish the next camp. But even if we can get a group ready to move out and establish a new camp we still need more staff to oversee it, we simply arent getting enough volunteers from the cities.

On a side note, it seems its also become a bit of a tradition to identify oneself by which Camp you graduate from and some have even requested specifically requested batches from certain Camps. Tycho for instance has been producing great sailors and fisheren due to its location on the Lake while Shrikes position deeper in the jungle has produces candidates for pioneers.
Helbrecht and Lysander seem ot have taken on a rivalry since they sit on opposite river banks and constantly try to outdo one another either with their large rice fields or the size of their camp housing.
Not all is good news though and Sammael despite its ideal position in a clearing next to the north river is proving troublesome.
After putting the finishing touches on her we launched the Harbinger Comerica today. Her design was sampled from the design of the LZ 10 a German airship, and in Lenore’s atmosphere it should have close to the same lift capacity even with the protective additions such as Nightmare wood skin.

The gondola was designed with shipping in mind, the first level is completely for command and control; with crew quarters and other vital systems built in. When she’s at altitude she should be able to maintain a strong connection to EMC HQ’s wireless systems via tracking dish antenna that we whipped up out of a satellite dish and battle bot parts.

The second level is made of tapered, modular cargo bays; five on each side for a total of ten. The middle six cargo bays are removable with a quick release built into the first level systems. The four cargo bays on the ends are formed into the ship for better aerodynamics and cannot be removed without refitting the ship. The idea is to give the ability to adapt as the need arises.

Her first use will be for Operation Extraction to bring our /sci/ brethren back home. From the reports it seems like it would have been ideal to launch sooner but we’ve done what we can. The HC is loaded with some basic supplies and the board is meeting later this evening to discuss what to do about the growing refugee group. While we will use the Harbinger Comerica to extract a large portion of the refugees it’s beginning to appear that we might run out of space if the current trend keeps up.
Sammael has so far had the highest incidence of rule breakers and fights and the latest report from the camp is that three refugees even assaulted a lone staff member when they were told they would not be receiving full rations after they had failed to show up for farm duty.

I realize that they are angry about the situation, displaced on an alien world and suddenly forced into camps, but its either that or we leave them to run wild in the wilderness, to possibly die or turn raider and we cant allow that.

So everybody works, because if they dont then the camps cant feed themselves and everyone will starve. And they get trained because as much as the Confederacy wants to help the new waves they arent going to send supplies for them to just sit around the Camps and no one wants new wavers who dont know anything useful and are just gonna get themselves killed. Which means that if you decide to leave the Camp without 'graduating' your choices are limited to those desperate for people, like the Dagoth settlement, or those looking for cheap labour, like Mine City. No one else is interested in taking in fresh blood that they dont belive they can trust.

So im making sure they know their options, either they stay, work and learn, they take the first offer they get at ship out there or they get escorted to Cadia and told to piss off up north. I dont have time to waste on people who dont want to play ball, life here is already hard enough.
File: 1390686012238.jpg-(75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)
75 KB

At the very least we have found a way to relieve tension on the camps though, a number of new wavers have been picked out and from the graduating batches and have recruited them straight into the DWA. These new recruits are going to be used to help staff the newest camp alongside recruits from Resevoir and River City. Its a bit of an experiment, since only a handfull of the head staff will have experience working at Camp Abaddon but if it works we should be able to start new Camps with each graduating batch, using the latest graduates to staff them.

The newest camp is located further into the jungle near camp Corax, its not a natural clearing but its located on a raised hill with fewer trees than usual, leaving us just enough room to set up the camp and start some terraced farms to grow bread moss and the Lenoran citrus fruits.The only major downside seems to be a local lice like parasite that infests the hair and causes rapid hair loss, we arent quite sure how just yet but several samples have already been collected and are being shipped to Kog and Resevoir to examine.

The parasite isnt to much of an issue however, so long as distance is kept from the local Imp population but it seems the new camp populace likes to prank one another by causing these little parasites to infest each others hair at night. For this reason we have a large number of completely bald fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls walking about our newest camp. Its rather silly really but instead of being called Camp Grimnar like it was supposed to be it has gained the moniker of Camp Boreale in honour of its baldness.

Camp Boreale, well, so long as they dont actually start stealing everything it should be fine.
And hell, it could of been worse, at least they arent Camp Pappa Smurf.
“Maybe.” I reply, taking a seat on one of the deceased raiders. Not all that comfortable, but better then the ground. Barely.

“Reeds is by far more intelligent that his predecessor, and has shown a willingness to talk, unlike Brutus. First thing the man did was search me out, to make a truce.” I looked around and then whispered ,”I was killing Skullz at that time on a daily basis. Good thing he called for a truce though, I was running low on ammo.”

“So ya, its possible he might be willing to take, but the rest of his men are…unpredictable at best. He’s been gathering loyalist, people smart enough to want something more then just raiding, but at the moment they make up a minority to the raiding majority.” Pulling out the silver flask again, a dare to take another sip of the Holy Earth Stuff.
“So, two, no scratch that, three last bits of advice, before you go running off. One,” A scarred hand rose, with the index finger extended, “I don’t like guests. ‘Specially the unannounced and the unwanted kind. I’ve let you and your people walk around my front lawn, cause unlike the Skullz, you all seem to be…mildly competent, and you aren’t killing and raping everyone you see. If any of those things change, well,” I nod over to the now thoroughly mauled raider.

“Two,” A second finger went up, “ This is about that whole “Western Warlords’ thing. Keep in mind that you guys are the 8th wave. Now I just want you to think about that. 8th out of 8 waves. Most of the Skullz are 6th and 7th wavers themselves. Just food for thought.” I wasn’t about to let on anymore. The Confederacy was a secret that they would learn on their own. He wasn’t here to babysit these new wavers.

“And finally, Three.” A finally finger rose. “More of a question then anything, but how many of your fellow scouts are out there, yelling for me at this very moment? And how many do you think are gonna run into a similar if not identical situation as the one you found yourself in not a few minutes ago?” I smiled, and a started waving at him.

“You might wanna get a move on.”
There are lots of reports about the 8th wave detailing the quality of the translocated. Initially there were lots of scattered reports but over time we confirmed with various sources. This wave seems composed of adults and children. When we were able to verify those reports with information from Camp Abaddon and the Tower we shared the info with the gen pop. There was a lot of discussion and we’ve had a 72% consensus on importing all we can to Reservoir. Since then we’ve been importing children from anyone who will release them to EMC custody. In response to any queries regarding our acquisition of children is met with a deadpan response of “Children are the future, naturally.”

I’ve coined the term Reverse Adoption to refer to the process we’ve developed. On the parent side adoption of a child is highly conditional: interested parties must have an established relationship of over a year; recommended by their neighbors, friends, and coworker; both adults must attend parenting classes; and finally must consent to biweekly check-ins from my department.

These stipulations are regardless of whether they have raised children in the past or not. If the child is found to be in any detriment or danger they are pulled from the hosting family and pending review the family could be banned from adopting or in extreme cases banned rearing children of their own. Finally if the child’s original parents are discovered the child is given the option to return to them. Adoption is considered a luxury and the adoptive family must be able to support the child on their own as no government aid will be given.
On the children’s end they are given the option to join a family 3 weeks after they arrive. The first three weeks are spent in a group home and they are educated on basic concepts of Lenore and living in Reservoir. We teach them that everyone is expected to work for the greater good of their families and the EMC Corporation. They are educated and given hands on experience with the different jobs around Reservoir to help them define their interests.

At the end of the three weeks children who are beyond the age of 13 and haven’t been sourced from /sci/ are given two choices. They have the option to live in Reservoir or be returned to Camp Abaddon for processing by the DWA. Almost all of the children we have relocated have decided to stay so far. Any children under the age of 13 are not allowed to this choice, instead they have the option of adopting a family or remaining in the group home until they are of age.

The children who stay are then taken to central tower and processed, given identification and returned to their group home. From there they decide their future; they are given the option of interviewing adoptive families, or joining up with the EMC’s Junior Core.

Children who decide to meet adoptive families are given the option to interview them and choose a family that fits their work interest. Adoptive families are expected to ensure the child attends school and to continue educating the child on their interest as well as supporting them and helping them grow.

Children who join the EMC’s Junior Core are taken to the barracks and assigned a unit and usually they are grouped with other members of their group home who have taken this option. They are then to be groomed for eventual graduation into the EMC’s military through two years mandatory training. Most of programs graduates will be used for light duty work and assigned to town watch or transferred to the Air Core.

I’m sure we’ll have to make changes to the program as we go along. While the board has adopted this plan, I expect opposition from the other city states. I’m prepared to tell them to mind their own business if that’s what it takes. Most of these kids wouldn’t have a future beyond dock work if we didn’t bring them here wholesale.

The other cities will be welcome to attempt critique on our program once their own adoption programs are active and shown to be successful. However, from what I understand there isn’t a group who is working on this scale to safely place children in homes.
make sure all of those guys get diction lessons otherwise theyll start talking like Boreale as well as looking like him
argh, no, never gonna happen
I'll have them all speaking BBC english before I let them talk like that cotton mouthed slack jaw
and I thought the Bowler hats were bad enough
we have brits in the Confed? how does that work?
pulled people from allover the world probably how that happened
Where do you think Warhammer 40k came from?

There are plenty of Brits on /tg/, and they end up arriving in Confederate territory.
Jeezus, its like this guy doesn't /tg/
sure but 4chan is an american website
Dude, at least three of our writers are coming from the U.K. and Europe
I have a few doubts about the setting, and I figure they are so obvious some writefag already wrote down answers to them, so I am curious:

-4chan users are hardly balanced between male and females. Would'nt this mean Lenore would have a very low population growth with a maybe 4-1 or bigger male to female ratio? Remembering. 1 male can impregnate hundreds of women in one year, but one female can only get pregnant once every 10 months or so. Wouldnt this mean that population would be very low after the first Gen dies?

-4chan users are far from being adapted to survival situations in general. How come a sufficient number of male and female users of each board made through the first week, let alone build a civilization?

-Judging by any thread discussion military technology on /tg/ (pratical armor, katana vs longsword, how efficient fullplates are), this board has absolutely know little to nothing, as a majority, about how medieval and iron age technology weapons work. Let alone how to craft and use it. How did this guys manage to build armies?

-A sizeable portion of 4chan is of people that, in a minor or major degree, dont appreciate much social contact. Has this being taken into consideration?

I dont mean to say the setting must be realistic. Just curious if this issues have being adressed and how, or if they were conviniently ignored.
All of these questions and more can be answered by reading previous threads friend. Here's the link.
you could always read the archives (:

or ya know the irc would be faster.
Just a bit discouraging. Threads are quite big and disorganized. And there are several of them. Its like reading a book as you find pages from the ground...

I take from this responses folks dont actually like discussing the setting with others?
Well for the first point the ratio is actually likely closer to 1-3 but the end answer was that women are more likely to be protected from lethal situations, less likely to be forced to try something risky and basically considered 'precious' because, like you said, there are less of them then men, but yes, after the first gen, growth will be slow

as for survival well, the first wave of channers were basically those most likely to survive, picked for their mentality, skills or training etc. these were the ones least likely to lie down and die
and still most of them didnt make it, the majority of the first wave did not in fact survive. civilization has been built off of the sacrifices of the earlier waves and those unable to link up with settlements built by earlier waves generally dont last long

and yeah you are right, most people arent military or have knowledge of military weapons modern or ancient, but that doesnt really matter when the people you are fighting dont either, the first 'wars' werent exactly great epic battles as much as two forces clobbering each other over a wall
enough exist though to teach others and if they survive they usually set up quite nicely as an important member of a community

the last point can be a big deal but jsut as many people on 4chan are just normal people on a computer
plus social anxiety and general dislike of others people is usually put on the back burner when survival is more important
Very fair points. Thank you...Gonna give the first archived thread (which according to the archive is number 4) a read.
These have been addressed to some extent, but the fact that they're problems has been acknowledged in-setting.

1: Men die in the jungles in greater proportions than women do. There are a lot of reasons for it - women exist in lower numbers and are more likely to see a guy eat something lethal before eating it herself, women are generally going to be more protected, and raiders that kill men aren't likely to kill women, even if those women aren't exactly going to get good treatment. New births will also be 50/50. However, it IS a major problem that absolutely everyone faces. Different groups deal with it in different ways. The Confederacy of /tg/ deals with it by enforcing strict laws protecting people, women included, and has a lot of wars. Other places like the Fedoran Empire have established centralized rape camps, while the /y/kings are led by women. So treatment varies between civilization.

2: People come through in different waves. The first few waves were absolute massacres, but some people managed to survive and build settlements which took in people from later waves. Now that civilizations are being established newbies are rescued in and taught survival skills. In /b/ they enslave newbies. In the /trv/ empire they have a sort of Roman conquest arrangement. In the Confederacy of /tg/ the government has established refugee camps and regular patrols through the jungles. They rescue survivors, train them in survival skills and then ship them to various cities. It isn't a perfect system anywhere however.

3: You don't need to have everyone know how to make stuff. You need a few people who know how to make stuff make it to a city and then teach others. That's precisely what most civilizations are trying to do. /b/ has scholars recording knowledge. The Confederacy has a college and education programs. /tg/ is actually uniquely well suited for this; there are actually some hobbyist blacksmiths here. A little bit of expertise adds up. One person is a chemist, one is a doctor, one knows a bit about smithing, one knows how to make clay pottery. As long as they can pass on their skills everyone gains that knowledge. Certain communities are good at different things as a result. Butterroot Keep makes great pottery and copper, Kog makes Iron, The Tower makes clothing, etc. Knowledge loves to spread.

4: Sure. They don't like social contact in the real world, but in a survival situation they need it. The especially capable can fuck off and do whatever they like. Some become raiders or come into existing communities and try to take them over. Considering that they're soft newbies and the people who have been around a while have probably already had to kill people, this almost always ends with them getting shot or clubbed and tossed in jail.

If you have other questions don't hesitate to ask, I'm happy to answer.
Well, thank you for the very complete answers. This is all very interesting... I do have a few more, so let's see.
1. This things about what other boards are doing, are mostly based on /tg/ views on other boards, right? It's easy to see how boards like /tg/ and /fit/ or /k/ would form their own factions and civilizations...But boards like /h/ and /d/ (specially d), seems that they would be, at the very least, quite odd considering whats the denominator that brough them up together. Any fluff has being written about the porny boards? And incidentaly are any of them extinct? Or one of the non porny?

2. Reading the PDFs and some random posts there is a lot of stuff about dwarves, elves and gnomes. Is this a /tg/ mutation of roamers?

3. Eletricity and communication technology, whats their status? One would thing building computers would be priority 1 for folks joined together by being on 4chan, aye?

4. How much freedom should I writer take when writting world affecting events like wars or stablishing settlements and cultures? Is there a judgment to see what goes and what not goes?
1. this is almost invariably true, but we do have people, from crossboards who write on them so its not all warped /tg/ vision, but yeah the prony boards has been written /y/ is basically vikings who use their predilections to have a slave caste to support them, /d/ is actually pretty fine but a few messed up people turned one of their cities REALLY bad until it was conquested by /trv/, other pron boards are unfluffed, heh, as far as I know

2. dwarves are weird automatons left by aliens, gnomes are the same,but ironically bigger, elves are humans with a symbiotic fungus infection

3. this is case by case, generators have been built or rebuilt but are not anywhere close to standardized or mass produced, each one is an undertaking, usually powered by solar panels(from earth), water wheels, ethanol or windmills, we do have some communication via radio and small scale wifi areas

4. usually this is determined by writefag consensus, if you step out of line you will be notified of such but the IRC is a good place to sound out ideas
1. yeah, /d/ turned into a nightmarish place that was wiped out by the traveler empire. There's /y/ which became ass pirates since their population was too low to sustain and they had a port city.

2. Elves are humans that wandered into the nightmare woods and became infected by alien fungi. They're brain damaged and believe that they are slowly turning into fantasy elves. Most likely they are going to die slowly. Dwarves and Gnomes are robots dug up, out of place artifacts if you will. They're remnants of the aliens (that brought humanity to Lenore) messing with the nearly extinct indigenous population, the builders.

3. Some people brought methods of power generation, they were put to use. Generators dissembled, solar panels put to use and so on. Communication is only just starting to come around since there are nearly enough cb radios for most major cities in /tg/. Can't say for the other board nations. Everything else, well we need the infrastructure to be able to build anything advanced and we're only on the 5th year.

4. Take it to the chat, we're all in this together.
Ill try to short answer the Mayor is much faster at typing.

Only reason I suggest the IRC is because you get realtime answers rather than waiting for one of us to type.

1) some of the other boards are fleshed out by the current writers of Lenore, for example the /a/mpire has become it's own area that occasionaly has developments. And the /trv/ crusade is another that one of our writers updates occasionaly. We have a player writing for /b/ exclusively and he has developed the region close to what /b/ is actually like. There is also another author working on writing for /v/

Myself I write for /sci/

The main reason that people write for /tg/ is because its where a lot of the other authors are writing and it makes it fun to interact with other people.

2) Short list (this is mostly meta knowledge):
Elves - fungus infected humans that are supposed to be controlled via fungus hivemind

Dwarves - alien tech sent down by dick aliens to help uplift pervious race (see builders) to higher tech level.

Gnomes - sent down by dick aliens to uplift humans tech level

both gnomes and dwarves are capable of manual labor and have quirks.

3) While electricity and computers is important it's not the endall-beall at this time. A lot of focus is on basic survival with only a few groups (the boards /g/ and /v/, the EMC) being heavily tech focused.

There are wifi networks present in cities, however service is not really centralized yet. (I'm working on something for that)

4) The freedom to control your character and civ is yours, HOWEVER if you intend to have large scale effects (e.g. wars between cities or boards controlled by other players) then talking in chat is your best bet. As well as that it's better to bounce off ideas in chat as to what would be acceptable for major changes (example the EMC building an airship) that would potentially destabilize the game.
Sure. Let's go over them.

1: Lenore is very old, and there have been writers for a lot of boards. So the state of certain boards doesn't have to do with /tg/'s view of them (perhaps initially only) but rather an in-game evolution of where they are and what's happening around them.

- /k/ is a big part of the pseudo-roman /trv/ empire. Yes, they still have and like their guns. They weren't conquered, they joined willingly because the empire basically represented a stable government in their area. Many are still INNAWOODS, of course, or have splintered and joined other factions.

-/h/ has little written on it. /d/ started well and was a promising (if perverse) fledgling civilization, but was shattered by the refugees driven into their area by the /trv/ crusade. If someone wants to take up writing for it, they can build it into something different.

-/mlp/ spawns in the middle of the ocean to comply with the 'don't talk about that board' rule. I'm sure they have a thriving inflatable pony blow doll island civilization, but we don't talk about it.

2: No; people were brought to this world by aliens. This world was once inhabited by a primitive Bronze-age species they gifted robot servants to in return for worship (among other things). These are Gnomes and Dwarves. They aren't very smart and exist to do labor. There aren't many of them, but they do exist.

Elves are actually normal humans dropped in a region called the "Nightmare Forest". Imagine a redwood forest where the sun never shines and the trees grow to the size of the Chrysler Building. The place is full of fungus which infects humans and causes severe brain damage and physical abnormalities. They believe themselves to be reincarnated elves (they're fa/tg/uys and some /sci/ducks) but the most sane of them are members of the Confederacy.
There are also two nonhuman species which are sentient. One was native to the planet, the Builders. The others were aliens transported to the planet, which fa/tg/uys call Cutebolds (but aren't much like cutebolds from Dwarf Fortress except vaguely in terms of appearance). Both are extremely rare and neither is very technologically advanced. There are only one settlement of each species, both in places you don't really want to go. (You probably shouldn't mess with writing these, they're rare and kept so for good reason.)

3: Some cities have electricity; the Confederacy has limited electricity production in most cities. These are primarily from people who brought small solar or wind generators with them. People also locally produce waterwheels and wind generators in very limited quantities.

Communications wise, the Confederacy has a radio network. Several civilizations have radios brought in; no one has built radios yet. Some areas in the Confederacy have limited wifi working on smartphones and computers people brought with them on ad-hoc servers.

As Shen-ji-Yang said, "One does not simply take sand from the beach and make a dataprobe". The confederacy is working on getting an industrial base set up, like most semi-stable civilizations by this point.

4: This is one area you should ask about in the IRC. Basically, don't do anything to other writers characters without permission. If you're running a villain understand that you should be playing to lose in the long run. People are polite and will work with you on whatever it is you want to do, so long as you ask and take care in regards to how your actions affect others.
Super Trivia Answer Force Agogo!
File: 1390697929119.jpg-(131 KB, 1000x668, dyr.jpg)
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131 KB JPG
Okay, true, I am exploited. Not unlike my part-time job back on earth. At least I get to lift huge wooden beams, maybe it will make me swole. Not everything is bad, it's less boring than working at McDonald's and even if the pay is shit, it's better than starving. I could be forgetting that I'm actually on an alien planet.

I'm living in a dormitory not far from the docks. It's cheap, my room is like 10 square meter big, there is no shower and you have to shit in a hole. I am assuming that leather is cheap because the bed is in leather. I'm actually surprised that the roof doesn't leak when it rains, it turns out it's because it is coated in beeswax. That's rather clever.

At the drydocks, we've nearly finished with the hull. Due to the scarcity of iron, the ship nearly entirely made out of wood, bones and beeswax. The whole thing is coated with a thick layer of beeswax to make it waterproof. Seriously, how big are the apiaries to provide all that wax ?

During my free time, I walk a lot around the town. I guess I'm becoming a native here, I've already the leather trousers (with the suspenders), the boots to shield against all the mud and the cap. Seriously, people here are dressed like Mad Max. If Mad Max happened in Bavaria, that is.

Apart of that, this place is a cesspool. It's muddy, it reeks, crime is so rampant that my first decision was to save enough for a firearm. In a week or so, I'll maybe be able to buy one of those small bugger stubbers they are selling in the armoury on Groove Street.

So far, what surprised me the most is the daycare system. The lack of contraception methods has led to a lot of births, and it was really putting a strain on the economy as one of the parents had to stop working to take care of the babies. It was kinda awkward as daycare was valuable for the economy, but nobody was really willing nor able to pay for it. Now, the Syndic decided to create a public daycare service, free for everyone.
Well, thanks everyone for clearing this stuff out. I've being meaning to write something as both a way to pratice my english and pratice my writting and I have an idea for something to write on Lenore. I will join the IRC channel to brainstorm with the fellow anons.

Thank you again.
File: 1390708217752.png-(528 KB, 549x1137, derprobe.png)
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528 KB PNG
The first explosive to go off was small. Barely more then a grenade, but its placement couldn’t have been more perfect. Placed by one of the ‘guards’ the explosion ripped through the checkpoint, killing a few and wounding several more.

The Fedorans came, rushing to the scene, predictable as could be. Then the second explosion, a much larger cousin of the ‘grenade’ blows up almost as soon as the response team arrived.

This scene was replaying all across Monstergirlopolis’ Perimeter Wall. The work of weeks of planning, and the near exhaustion of the priests resources. But this assault was far from over, for the explosives were a threefold signal. First, to the Red Priest outside the City, who would release their charges. The un-mutilated yowlers. Second, to the teams of Red-Robed Individuals armed with everything from Builder swords, terran firearms, and fire-oil bombs broke from their cover and began assaulting every target of opportunity they could see. Military or civilian, the Priest of Judas would attack anyone on the streets. All would feel the burn.

And finally, to the men fighting underneath the city, setting lose one of the /d/m’s most precious of commodities. A prayer to those brave men of St. Cuthbert, and a hope that they would use this diversion to their advantage.

The Final Dance had begun.
We were reinforced today. Not with manpower but supplies at least. HQ had radioed ahead to let us know to expect an airship and to prep the people in worst condition for immediate departure. They also mentioned that children were a priority. What’s weird about that is that we haven’t seen any children yet. We haven’t had a chance to radio HQ since they broadcasted about the airship and told us to set the locator beacon. We set the beacon 3km south according to plan and waited in place for 2 days. On noon of the third day the Airship descended from the heavens with the EMC insignia on the side of the envelope and the name Harbinger Comerica painted underneath in red. She touched down just outside camp and her Capitan and I exchanged greetings. After having my crews offload the supplies we packed each cargo bay as full of as many people as we could manage to fit in them. About a hundred and twenty people we managed to get in. I was afraid the airship wouldn’t be able to take off but it made it just fine and started out north. As it disappeared into the sky the 8th wavers started asking a bunch of questions. After providing vague answers to satisfy their curiosity about where and what it was doing I set a crew to retrieve the beacon and made perpetrations to start the group moving again.
oh gods its the nuters again
What? I never seen this guy before.
its the guys who think they are an army made of Judas Priest, they showed up in a thread or two ago
Oh. That's a bit scary. What are they doing, being terrorists?
they seem to be a resistance group fighting against basically the Fedoran kingdom, a place run by the worst of the worst of /tg/
By blowing people up. Ya, makes me want to start rooting for them
I think thats kinda the poiint, they aint supposed to actually be the 'good' guys, just the 'pissed off at being oppressed' guys
Robert nodded as the hermit began to give him advice from his seat on one of the dead raiders. This bearded man was definitely at least a little crazy; whether that was a good or bad thing was yet to be seen. In any case his advice wouldn't definitely be useful. The Skullz were dangerous, some of them could be reasoned with it seemed but the rest would want to kill on sight for the shit they had in their back pockets. That and the story about them being the eight lot of people to come here was confirmed. Brilliant, that means that those people to the west were probably both better armed and better trained than them. The last question had Robert hesitate.

"Maybe 10 people out there looking for you, we've already lost four people to the same kind of situation. I get where you're coming from, I'll get back and tell the guys in charge about this conversation. Then we won't be getting in your way again, sir."

Robert turned to look behind him, fidgeting with his hands as he did so. Before he could think about what he was doing he pulled his pack from his back and unzipped it, pulling out an unopened packet of Cadburies. He threw them to the hermit as he zipped the pack up.

"I've been hoarding them, chocolates that is, there all your's as a thank you," The hunter spoke quickly and with a slight choke in his voice.

And with that he heeded the hermit's advice and "got a move on". He had information that needed to get to Redwood, and to be perfectly honest the bearded man and his friend terrified him.
make sure to build Camp Diomedes right next to it
is this still alive?
yes, although most writefags are currently afk, it wil likely pick up in a bit when more are online
god damn it they're vj pirates not ass pirates
>how 2 summon up motivation to write
pls respond internet
You must prepare the sweet meats and incense in preparation for a twelve hour ritual to appease the writing spirits.

You do have the blood of a virgin and a stockpile of candles made from the tallow of an orangutan, don't you?
i have my own blood and bunch of cheap candles my mom bought at the flea market, is that good enough?
The candles are a modifier. Orangutan tallow connects you to libraryspace, allowing you to tap into any book ever written.

Your cheaper candles will only allow you to access a small portion of that.

In any event, you do have a good book to burn to stimulate the humors?

And mind you, you DO need to burn a good one; none of this "oh, I'm burning this CS Goto novel because I don't need it" crap. That'll only give you bad writing inspiration on the level of CS Goto.

Do you want to be Goto? Do you? HUH? HUH?!?
god forbid, i never want to be Goto but most of my books are in my old place, I do have a collection of Salvatore novels and my sisters Twilight books
God cannot help you now.
Only a matter of time, before the descendants of Terra recreate the holy war engine.
With no less than eleven barrels of hell.
Major incident at Camp Sammael last night. Ten individuals from different house groups got collaborated and broke into the local guard barracks and attempted to steal weapons and supplies so they could make a break for it in the wild. The actual break in, Im sad to say, was a lot easier than it sounds when you realize that the 'barracks' are nothing more than a set of long log houses without even proper door or window fixtures. They snuck in at dusk when only two guards we in their barracks house, knocked them out and tried to break into the wooden lockbox that held the mars pattern rifles and swords with a pair of work axes. We were fortunate that one Constable was going off duty and heard the racket before he entered the building. He quickly gathered other on duty Constables and led them back to the scene of the crime where they arrested the group of thieves just before they broke open the lock box.

Eight were apprehended in the fight that broke out but two managed to escape out into the jungle after they injured a couple of Constables. The others have been confined to the stocks for the night and still reside there now as we try to decide what to do with them. As a result of their action we have two constables in the infirmary with axe wounds and another who are badly beaten with concussions.

In any other location in the confederacy they would get a good period of hard labour, a good thump on the back of the head and expected to act decently from then on. But here? They were already being forced to work and this was beyond latrine or some other punishment duty, and a few days in the stocks would only harden them. But I cant very well shoot them, they havent killed anyone, yet, and with how tense the environment has gotten in the Camp I fear it could set something off.
Ship them all to /b/. Your area, but that's my suggestion.

So in the end we have decided to grant them their wish. they are going to get to leave Camp Abaddon early. They are even getting some free supplies, im giving them thwo weeks worth of bread moss, some water and some jerky, along with a couple of hunting bows and some very basic survival tools.
Then they will be sent off, in front of everyone, we will put them on a caravan to Cadia with an escort, from there they are going to Bastion and from there they will be let loose into /b/.

Let them see how things are amongst the /b/arbarians, I give them a month at most before they either get themselves killed or come back asking for a second chance.
File: 1390766786876.jpg-(1022 KB, 1197x904, medieval_city_by_Geistig_(...).jpg)
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1022 KB JPG
I talked a bit with the girls at the daycare. To be honest they don't have any formation nor technical support to back them and their pay is as bad as mine, but they do provide a valuable service to the community. Kids there aren't older than 3 years old, and they have been given cubes, straw puppets and all the crude toys our society is able to create. There is even fist-sized wooden die, hand-carved with a beeswax varnish. The kids were playing dice. I think I dropped a tear, it was way too hearth-warming. There is even a makeshift Teddy Bear made of leather, feathers and bone. On a planet where bears don't exist.

I also encountered a handful of nurglite priests near their coven, those plagues masks are a bit scary. However, I've heard that they take care of the sick for free. That's really generous of them. There is actually a handful of religious organizations in the city along with the nurglites : the Church of the Emperor's Light, a lesser Skull Throne of Khorne, the temple of the Lisan Al-Gaib, and a church of the Order of the Paladins. As long as they don't disturb the public order, Bap seems to be ready to accept everyone, even the most silly beliefs. But after all, who knows, maybe they are right all along.

About public order, I've ran into my first squad of Watchmen today. Like most public workers, they have those long coats looking exactly like a french 60's movie and hats. Seriously, with all the fog and their attire you could feel like in an old pulp noir novel. While their job is to enforce laws, they are more realistically tasked to make sure contracts are enforced, I don't think law is that much of a big deal here. However, trade and property are.

I think I should try to save as much cash as I can from my job as I can to start my own business. I've heard that it was totally possible to buy a plot of land and create his own farm near the town. It tends to be especially profitable since traders have brought hemp and sugar seeds.
shoulda just hung em infront of the lot
teach them a lesson and keep them in line with fear
its the only way to run an effecitve work camp

That'll work just fine till they start slashing your men's throats at night.

A fearful people are a resentful people. It wouldn't take much to turn resentment into outright hate. And then Hate to Rebellion.
and Rebellion leads....to the DARK SIDE!
That's why you take them out on the lake to "deliver them to another camp" and drown them once out of sight of shore. Tie them to a boulder and toss it overboard. Takes care of the problem and the kelpies will do away with the evidence.
Excellent, it feeds the local fishing industry.
And then you have people who are utterly terrified of being transferred to camps.

Still ends up with the same result.

But what does it matter to me? I've got my own newbie problems, and my methods of dealing with them are rather effective.
Yes but it doesn't feed the local fishing industry, only the local yowler.

Think sustainability, old man.
And we need to sustain the local yowlers so as to keep making that damn yowler cure. Or at least till we find a better means.
How much time since each wave arrived in the planet?

I don't understand your question, so i'll answer it as best as I can.

The 1st wave arrived about 4 years ago, and each wave since has arrived every 6 months.

And there have been 8 waves.
That answer's it pretty well. So there has never being a new generation yet
The oldest Lenoran native is probably 3 years and 3 months old by now, if he survived.
Oh, kids have been born on Lenore, and I guess you could call that the 'New' Generation. Though the oldest would probably be 4 years old so ya.

4 year olds are toddlers...Almost kids.
There was a first waver birth that survived. She was named Eve. Her mother didn't survive due to lack of medical anything at the time. The situation has since improved though.
Journal Log 102

Reconstruction of Fort Dunmer continues. A second boat from River City arrived, unloaded supplies and then loaded up with newbies and took off. Currently we have the innermost wall set up. It's stone and wood, using the supplies and what stone was left of the original fort.

According to the architect, the next step is building several buildings inside the walls such as a barracks, supply house and command center and so on. Then the Earthworks begin. Star-forts have massive, thick and angled walls filled with dirt to reflect artillery. That's going to take a lot of work to manage. We're supposed to start getting cement mix in from Kog soon.

The builders find our designs intriguing but not..stylized enough? They like their giant walls covered in lifelike carvings I guess. That and I don't think they understand the concept of artillery like we do. They're weird like that.

In the meantime, however, building construction and I get to oversee it. Being in charge has its perks but it's also an endless stream of annoyances. People want your attention for everything because they're afraid of doing it wrong or just can't think for themselves or just don't know what they're doing. I highly prize the people under me who are the exception to this and have been organizing them into command roles for fort operations once this place is completed.

The beast is bored with the busy work, but it is at least kept at bay.
Oh well I suppose if a girl was 9 month pregnant during the 1st wave the oldest baby could be 4yo.
Motherboard, for all of its humming machines and glowing monitors, is a rather unpleasant place to be. The city is rather crowded for its size, with many people crowded amongst the stack shanty like buildings. The only pleasant and open spaces are saved for the farms and a number of wild orchards, but these are cordoned off by guards as they are also the place where most of the slaves work. It seems the cities of /g/ utilize most of their slaves for food production while the free citizens spend their time either tending to their gadgets or taking up actually useful crafts.

Also, I have since learned that it is considered 'rude' to call them slaves, they are referred to as indentured servants because they earn their citizenship and freedom through five years of service to the city, its all bullshit of course since there are a number of caveats that can increase your term of service and most of them were taken through force or from purchase from slavers. At the very least /g/ knows enough to take care of their slaves, they live in devent conditions, are fed as well as most people in the city and arent treated like shit.
But in my eyes that just keeps the assholes running the city barely above /y/king and Fedoran levels, it still doesnt make them decent people.

Dont believe me? Spend a couple days at the court of a Free City of /g/ and you will quickly come to understand that they are filled with a bunch of silver tongued, backstabbing cuthroats masquerading as politicians and regents. I remember one particular fop who made the mistake of dropping an unflattering story about the prince, a day later they found his corpse half-buried in the castles cess-pit. They arent as subtle as theyd like to think either, but they have certainty and conviction in their words, every veiled threat and insult is meant by the issuer but also any deal or contract is considered to be fact once it is spoken. The courts of /g/ are a dangerous place.

Which is why, once the transactions were completed, along with the purchase of a number of the contracts of the 'indentured servants' who will be freed once we are back in the Confederacy, we loaded the boats and shipped off. I did not want to expose ourselves to any more of their politics than I had to, so far from the Confederacy without support, there was to much of chance wed become some Princes expendable pawn.

I plan to be back one day though, with a bigger fleet and more goods to sell. For all of its downsides, the Cities of /g/ offer a great profit to be made and they are to busy fighting each other to notice a snake amongst them. We will need to do something about the slavery though, we cant let that continue unabated if we can help it.

Stanley, Director of the WTTC
so its run by a bunch of /g/erks?
the idea seems a little harsh on /g/ though, why would they turn to slavery?
Dunno, maybe it has to do with the fact that they border /b/ and /v/
Journal Log 103

I took a break from running the fort and went off on one of the patrols. I've had reports of Fedoran bandits wandering the wilds nearby but they've actively been avoiding us and snatching newbies wandering around. The wave is pretty much over and the pickings are starting to get thin; it's only a matter of time before they become even more of a problem than they already are or they just move and start bothering some other, smaller allied group, possibly even our own logistical supply routes. So, they must be destroyed as is the fate of all raiders. Not all in the Confed agree with this methodology and some of the citystates even had a background in banditry before getting their shit together, but this is how Kog does it and that's how I do it.

Well, we found their trail around noon and judging by the direction, they were camping out near one of the tunnel exits. It provides limited shelter and there's water nearby. The tunnel provides a quick escape if need be. It was midnight by the time we got there and sure enough, there was a camp. About 40 or so of them. I had fifteen people with me, all rangers. The camp was a little more permanent that I had expected. They had a shitty palisade wall, some lean-tos, a load of old world camping tents and some lights running off a car battery. There was sign of construction on an A-frame house.

Something smelled wrong. No sign of the typical Fedoran atrocities, too much old world tech still running. Hell, one of the guards had an mp3 player with power still. These weren't Fedorans.

This is a newbie settlement. I hate newbie settlements. They tend to grow up into a huge pain in the ass or just turn into a raider civilization. We're camping in the jungle under blackout conditions until morning and then we'll make first contact. Maybe convince these people to vacate the area back to the Fort where they can be shipped off to Abaddon.
We do generally, there's working being done to build material in a coherent manner. The PDF's though a little outdated up top summarize a lot of it and give a taste. You're more than welcome to post and ask and contemplate.
Journal Log 104

First contact went as well as expected. Luckily only one of them had a firearm and was about out of ammo. Now I may still wear the old Ranger Tortolo Mk3 body armor, but I keep it upgraded with the best in defensive technologies, namely builder chain and layered silk backing from the Keep. Upon seeing a group of heavily armed cloaked men suddenly appear out of the deadly jungle of death, the guard panicked and fired. I got hit. Another ranger got hit. Either way, it was a small caliber weapon. I've been shot by worse and this didn't even make it past the armor, though it hurt like a bitch. Didn't show it though, got an image to uphold. The other ranger came out about the same.

So once everyone stopped panicking, we all had a nice little talk. Turns out they did know about us and were avoiding us as best they could. They thought we were a rival civilization and got wind of our executing Fedorans and then the newbies we've been taking in vanishing suddenly (apparently they missed the boat coming and going) and figured we were vile raiders out to eat them or worse. They haven't had any run ins with real bandits or Fedorans but have had problems with yowlers and other things that stalk the jungle.

So I set them straight. Told them about Kog, the Confed, the Fedorans and so on. Some of them want to stay where they are and carve out their own little hovel in the jungle away from it all and some want a taste of civilization again.

We're going to stay the night here and let them fully decide. I'm hoping we can convince all of them to come. I don't want to come back out here next month and kill the ones that wanted to stay behind because they turned to cannibalism and I know it will come to that with out a doubt.

We already stripped the jungle of most edibles maintaining the Fort, same as the Fedorans before us and Sixth Column before that.
bumping this most ancient of beasts
She is a pretty old one isn't she. Since 2011.

Dear god, what a magnificent thing to watch.
there's tons of area/boards which are really sketchy, just pick an outlying settlement on one of the boards - start small
>tfw when you want to write and even have a good idea but is too self conscious about it
dude..its 4chan self consciousnesses is nothing to worry about. Embrace the anon, anon.
Embrace it, either fail or win, the Anon protects.
But ya, if your having problems writing something or have questions, come to the IRC #Lenore, some of us are still here, and are willing to help as best we can.
sorta curious to see how that might impact the culture of the people on Lenore honestly.
And thus the culture of /h/ was fluffed
Day 98:
I was on guard on the wall when one of our hunters came back today, looking somewhat shaken up and demanding to speak to the Pentumvirate. I went down to meet him at the gates and asked him what was up. The sunnovabitch had met the Yowler Man, a guy with a beard who looked like he could kill the entire fort with a fart. Apparently he like us though and gave the kid some pointers to pass on.

The Skullz were lead by a group of somewhat intelligent people but the rest of the raiders were crazy and brutal. The story about us being the eighth lot of people to come here was apparently confirmed by the hermit; not sure what to make of that. But it means those guys to the west were dangerous. He also pretty much told us to stop looking for him, lest the Skullz kill some more of our hunters or he gets fed up with people on his lawn.

Information was passed on to the rest of the council and we've pretty much agreed, call off all search parties for the hermit. The Skullz will have to be dealt with, probably involving more killing then we would've hoped. Such is life in Redwood.

Skullz are now all kill on site, you see them before they see you. You put an arrow through their eyes and an axe through their neck. That and we've also decided to follow the hermit's advice. Work on slings has begun, as well as some designs for local bows. Redwood's on the war path, and I'm not sure if I like it.
I grinned as I impaled my opponent. He coughed up blood from behind his mask as I twisted the sword inside of him. Yet another duel one, glorious. The masked men and women who formed the circle around us cheered and clapped. I laughed too, the anons amongst us made for a great crowd. All of us wore the same mask of bone, plain and boring. Nothing to differentiate us from each other we were anonymous amongst the public. Masks only came off for sex, so that one would know who they would be indulging in that night.

I strolled over to his woman grabbed her arm and raised it up, her expression hidden by her white mask.

"I claim this femanon as my right by defeating her lover!" I called to the crowd.

The resulting cheers from the crowd elated me as I screamed once more, "Come now! For tonight we shall orgasm with the fury of a thousand suns!"

I laughed as I lead her back to my house. I love this city. Of all of the cities and nations of /h/, the free city ofDebauchery was definitely the best.
Day 99:
Apparently the imps finally got to fucking each other. We have our first pregnant imp, the lady in charge took the two most docile of the beasts and had them make sweet loving in a separate cage. Still not the best news we've had animal wise, someone found a dog. A pregnant dog at that, it was just running through the woods no owner in sight. This is by far the best news we've had in God knows how long. We've also got people working on making slings, while some other people have been looking up on ideas to make bows. Lisa seems to be invested in the idea of making a working sloop. We really need some fabric, if anyone brought sheep with them it would be a God send.

Skullz are still causing some trouble. A group of Barbarians came back from patrol with three dead comrades and two wounded raiders. We put them to work on the walls with the other prisoner. It's easy to see who amongst us are the captured raiders, the only ones without body paint. Our justice system is simple. Murder and rape get you executed. Banditry gets you hard labor for a while depending on how bad it is and bread moss rations. Thievery hard labor for about a week depending on severity and bread moss. It's not perfect but it works. We haven't executed any Skullz yet, we've just put them all to work for banditry. No matter how many of us they kill we make them work to make sure they can kill less in the future. They complain and threaten us but we ignore it, they're raiders, they're nothing.

We're not some righteous warriors, hell we're not even that smart. But our enemies are scum. Scum who have to either be assimilated or disappear if we want to survive in these woods. They prey on newbies, newbies who deserve better. Hell, we are newbies. But we're newbies who're taking revenge. God help me, what have I become?
Journal Log 105

I let one of the “younger” rangers do the convincing today, as he thought I might be a bit too harsh for them. Maybe I am. So he managed to convince the lot of them to move.

We packed up everything and made our way back to the fort. We arrived after dawn, a lot of the newbies aren't used to walking that far so we had to take numerous breaks. They are situated at the fort in with the other newbies. Some of them want to settle the area. They have the river port and a supply line and we're building the fort. They should go to Camp Abaddon but they were doing alright on their own. I'll think about it. The thought that this could be their new home has at least got them into helping with the construction. I assigned a Ranger to instruct them in their off times on wilderness survivability.

That leaves Sixth Column. I'm about to kick them out of the fort. When I left on the patrol, they decided that they were now the ranking officials here and tried taking over and bossing around my charges. Now the Hunters, Rangers and Cadians didn't much care for that and several fistfights had broken out in my absence.

These assholes eat our supplies and take up bed space but won't take orders while expecting theirs to be listened to since they come from some asshole named Virgil who is supposed to be in charge of the region.

Well he can go in a sewage ditch and fuck himself and take the rest of his sixth with him. He's not Confed, he hasn't even made diplomatic contact with the Confed. He's just sending his dipshit freedom fighters to annoy the crap out of me and use up our supplies so now we have even less to feed the stupid newbies.

At least order at the fort has been reestablished.

For now.
File: 1390806430709.jpg-(93 KB, 600x900, joshua_graham_sketch_by_j(...).jpg)
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“Statues on Damsel?

The Catachan sniper named ‘Alpha’ looked up from the scope of his rifle. “Sighted sir, along with her about 30 “guardian angels”. The Inquisition is out in force.”

“Good, keep up the work soldier. We can’t afford for this to go off badly.” Manx walked off, the dilapidated building now serving as an observation post echoing with his cane and boot steps. Down a flight of rickety stairs, to what could only be described as an organized mess. A radio here, folders and papers everywhere, a working laptop even flickering in one corner, and men and women wearing armbands of black with a white six on them. And a cutebold…with a similar armband on as well, waiting by the radio.

How things have changed in the last few weeks.

“Rhom, statues?” His haggard lieutenant looked up from his busy work, almost looking relieved. Muttering to one of the staffers, he walked away from the table to Manx, a sheaf of papers in one hand.

“Nice to see you joining us sir,” The ever loyal sub-commander said as he closed the gap. “Bravo and Charlie have been placed, and we have teams in and around the Square. We’ve left the Inquisition the ‘honor’ of actually having their people in the crowd and on the stage.” He then handed the papers over, and continued. “Messages back from those we could get a hold of sir, some of what we got back was as we expected, others not so much.” Manx poured over the documents for a time before replying.
File: 1390806950392.jpg-(78 KB, 500x665, 2415540-tumblr_m26gaiuuas(...).jpg)
78 KB

“Indeed. Seems as if Commander Azariah has taken up the banner for the Vergil Loyalists. Not unexpected, unfortunate though, his proximity to Fort Dunmer might make diplomacy with the Confederacy difficult. Any word out of that area?”

“Some sir,” Rhombus was quick to reply, “Deserters mostly, men from his unit and others moving into the area. The Confeds seem to remaking Dunmer into a star fort, and Azariah is keen on taking it back. His persistence has made him a pest to the Confeds there.”

“Maybe if we’re lucky, the Confeds might throw him into the river.”

Rhombus smiled, and quickly walks back, pushing some of the debris away to reveal a rather decent map of the Fedoran Territories. “ The Dunmer Camp isn’t the only Loyalist stronghold sir,” Motioning to the South he went on, “Boulder’s Fall and Blackrun, both freed slave settlements have been taken over by Vergil Loyalist, survivors out of Catan. The only Catan Commander actually to send a positive message to us was a Commander Larkin of the United Taskforce; He’s at Armageddon now with Captain Toby. Then we have word that the Loyalists tried to rough up the Mayor of Concord for control of the town.” A rye smile light up on the man’s face. “
File: 1390807133484.png-(1.08 MB, 707x1130, fallout__the_burned_man_b(...).png)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG

“They obviously didn’t expect him to put up a fight. Town Guard and some of ‘Radicals’ forced the Loyalists out into the swamp, and Concord is still free.”

Manx was silent, digesting this information before moving on. “So, no contact from Vergil at all then?”

“None sir, not to us, or the Loyalists.” Vergil’s disappearance during the rise of the “Decaying Empire” did not bode well at all. That and most of the senior commanders in Catan had been confirmed KIA by the survivors coming out of the City. Now those most senior were scrambling to maintain control of what they had, and without Vergil’s constant micro managing the 6th was starting to fall apart.

For some anyway. Some places were doing just fine, Like Armageddon and the Iron Twins. Toby was Catachan and most of the men under his command where likewise. As for the Twins, The Preacher Donovan had his unique way of keeping his men’s loyalty.

“Which brings us to this last bit of news. The Preacher is coming here?” Manx queried, slightly taken aback by that last bit of information. Rhombus nodded. “Aye, and he’s coming with the Calipso delegate too.” The Preacher was a curious man, who believes that god had chosen him to help guide the wayward flock here on Lenore. On top of that, he believes that he can hear the words of God himself. A troubling problem waiting to happen. “Then I suppose we will just have to see what he thinks of us ‘traitors’ then, right Rhom?”
File: 1390807212202.jpg-(69 KB, 891x897, joshua_graham_by_0_xcheek(...).jpg)
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“I guess so sir. The Calispo/Iron Twins Delegates should arrive soon as well, Diana of Jonathan’s Landing is already here, and the joint Delegation from Armageddon and Concord should be arriving within the week sir.” Rhombus looked up at a small wall clock placed on the table. Probably the last one in all of KC now, thought Manx. “Looks like Fortune should be starting her speech soon, I best get our people ready, pardon sir.” Rhombus went back to work, mumbling and ordering his fellow staffers.

Manx found himself walking back up the stairs, picking a window, and just stood there, watching the display unfold before him.

Should be quite the show.
Jesus, its a superpost
nah, not jesus, just Joshua Graham
that is....better than I feared but worse than I hoped
is the rest of /h/ that bad?
I would rather not know. Let them do what they do, and let sleeping dogs lie.
you're typical lenoran.
Pretty much. Lets hope they don't go Sub-Lenoran Type: Fedoran
I doubt it, they seem to be on the path of righteous pissed offedness that is the Confed.
Al least they won't be Sub Type: Beard

That would be awful
Half Fedoran half Beard maybe?
File: 1390815840091.png-(272 KB, 518x381, hi sweetie.png)
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272 KB PNG
Hi, Im Lenore~
no..no one deserves that.
File: 1390815876552.jpg-(8 KB, 350x262, 3031925363_burrito_answer(...).jpg)
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My Horror Face...isn't enough.
File: 1390816417059.jpg-(11 KB, 251x201, bill.jpg)
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Bill, we've been over this. You're not Lenore, you're not a planet. Now come here and get some of these tortolo Burgers cooked properly with Propane.
damn it now I want a burrito.
Can I get mine chargrilled?
File: 1390822952326.jpg-(6 KB, 268x188, didyoujustsaycharcoal.jpg)
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no, you may not. Do we look like River City here?
I sit at the edge of the the meadow, the sun's rising and I realize something very few people have I believe yet to.
I've come home. I watch as a pair of young racing deer play amongst the sprawling masses of Green Tuber plants, their orange vines curling and dabbed with bright blue blossoms. I listen to a species of 'flird' make its croaking whistling calls into the morning air and get answered in kind. The sun isn't up quite yet, just barely filtering through the trees and the world is peaceful. I sip at my cup of orange spice and coffee listening and taking it all in from this small cabin I've made for myself. Out beyond this I see the steady rise of hills covered in scarlet vegetation and the culmination into those mist shrouded peaks.

And for a brief second I spot a speck against them, a black shadow. Likely a rapedactyl making its rounds for the morning. This is home now for me, and I'm fine with this.
that..actually sounds really fucking peaceful and a nice way to wake up in the morning.
File: 1390826568322.jpg-(9 KB, 275x183, leopold.jpg)
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So how long till we have men such as pic related working to save the wilds of Lenore?
Today, I was ashamed. While resting with my talon-kin we were learning about the way these Other's commit to war. One trouble we are having is learning about these 'gunpowder weapons'. Machines such as the 'puckle gun' are simple and prideful a weapon fit for the People as it roars thunder and tears away the foe with no mercy. But these...artillery pieces and Mortar. They are different.

I asked again and again of the Others to explain their nature and why we should be worried about something so far away from the battleline. And they obliged...we played once more the Game Battle that is called Warhammer. I, as many of The People do, played the Kroot, a race not unlike ours. Though perhaps not as skilled with blades. We would like to wage war with these Kroot. They seem audacious and grand. Whilst my Opponent played these Imperial Guard, and had...Artillery. The word is like Poison, it tastes bad upon the mouth and leaves us upset to think about. We have come to be aware of the word Pie Plate now.
the wilds of lenore really don't need protection from humans
>cont from about a billion threads ago two and a half weeks ago

All the marvellous machining here is not a local innovation. While the environment in the southlands is discouraging to travel in general, particularly enthusiastic caravans occasionally come up from the south from a place called “New Babel” seeking cooler climes, political exodus or new trade partners. As with any travellers in Lenore, they’ll inevitably bring with them innovative knick knacks and the like that humans have produced since origination. From somewhere in New Babel came all of the clockwork magic that turned Erstone into a treehouse of wonders. Casual inquiry turned up someone called R2 who visited on a seasonal caravan to bring in the latest innovations that would make everyone’s lives [seemingly] more complex. As an extremely active participant in the artificer community in New Babel, he had been one of the most enthusiastic proponents of setting up a system to enable fast travel up and down the trunk which eventually turned into the tramline system it is today. Envisioned as a system of automated lifts to enable cargo transfer up to the bole where the main settlement was located, the initial resistance to the idea was based on the principle that the harder it was for anyone to reach them, the easier time the inhabitants of Erstone would have of keeping out unwanted visitors.
The initial brave caravan that had brought the necessary know-how and materials had setup the precursor of the system, and subsequent visitors had improved and expanded it until it was the giant, unwieldy behemoth that was a perfect complement to the tree itself. As the joke went, it was just like public transport systems back on Earth – “faster” and “cheaper” travel when the lines weren’t down for maintenance. These days, maintenance was the only work that really went into it as the caravans from the coast had petered out and most of the artificers stopped coming although occasionally someone would step up to duplicate existing systems into covering new areas. It seemed like whenever some keen new hotshot turned up all they ended up doing was setting up an extra kilometre or two of tram line down one of the gullies. The machinists had got a good trade for when their work proved useful though, taking sap brew and bark as well as samples of the local weaponry which they seemed quite excited about. I resolved to retrace their steps as the next leg of my journey.
The final part of my stay involved an indepth deconstruction of their weapons. As well as javelins smeared with sticky sap (which seemed inimical to some of the predators, deterring others) some of the locals had developed a crude, single shot rifle. Composed of a barrel formed from a dried hollow plant stem, a “charge” consisting of a sac of highly compressed gases that was actually a pod grown on the subterranean fungi and a “firing pin” that was one of many redundant organs harvested from the giant larvae that thrived in the roots of the tree. When the slimy tube was squeezed it emitted a viscous, bitter smelling purple liquid which reacted violently to the skin of the pod, forcing it to expel the gas down the barrel along with anything wedged in the outer end. Sometimes a wicked looking thorn which caused instant muscle cramps and harvested from a plant growing wild nearby was used as projectile, but more commonly a dart coated in a melange of toxins harvested from various animals (a slimy creature vaguely similar to a skinned otter was one, and I’ll never forget when they demonstrated to me how the poison was extracted, or where it came from on the creature). As neither of these things were particularly easy or safe to harvest and neither had any use beyond rebuffing violent predators or hostile humans, such weapons were rare and saved for the unpleasant occurrences they were most necessary.
start of this chapter http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29201755/#p29252317

start of part 2 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29322950/#p29359632
>an unspecified amount of time in the future

Although the warm climate of the south coast forced me to travel at night more often than sleep, I’ve left that behind now and can rest at night. The change is almost as refreshing as having a climate which doesn’t make me want to curl up inside a fridge for the rest of my life. In fact, it’s quite nice here if you put aside the almost monotone bleakness of the bare grey rock that I’ve been travelling over for the past few days. Food is scarcer than I’d like, but then isn’t it always?
Lying here on the hard, hilly ground as I am, I like to think of the people I’ve seen over the past stretch of my travels and how funny it is to see people clinging onto old Earth cultures while forming new ones. Over the short few years I’ve been on Lenore I must have seen a hundred and one variants of the Church of Staying Humbly Real Under God, a cult of personality which mirrored itself under a single dominating individual and preached the values of X and Y while banning everyone from Z. Without fail these cults eventuated into a Lord of the Flies-esque breakdown of whatever semblance of law and order they’d crafted when the converts realised it was just another form of exploitation. I suppose there were parallels in old Earth religions as well, but it’s too late to make a commentary on that. Or at least, one that would have an effect there – we can still try and build a utopian world here. Efforts are definitely ongoing, but the most successful ones I’ve seen so far can really only be described as feudal so I guess there’s that.
File: 1390833306522.png-(811 KB, 1000x675, Dragonfire keep.png)
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811 KB PNG
Here in Dragonfire Keep, we know little of what's happening in the outside world. In the rest of the savage Lenore. When I was first brought to live in the Shadow of the huge Baobab, I must admit I was sure I was found and taken by one of the crazy bunches one could assume would be living here. I was rescued by a man carrying a sword that looked strangely medieval and alien compared to his Terran worn down and damage clothes. Just as strange and medieval as the black tabard he was wearing above them with a crude leather belt holding it on the waist. He them brought me to this village. Several houses laid in the margin of a river, and a waterwheel mill running using the the force of the stream. In a hill nearby, a huge Baobab tree was surrounded by a palisade, and several hollows in the trunk had balconies build just below them, as at wooden battlements on top. Folks who had being here for much longer than me sought ways to survive and build places so they didn't had survive the orange jungle by themselves. Dragonfire Keep started with a man in the third wave, a old dude in his mid or late thirties who happened to be a hobbyist armourer and medieval enthusiast, like many on /tg/ I assumed. Thing is, he knew how to forge metal and how to produce coal. And he had the sense of bringing tools. He found a group of survivors, and with them, he migrate along a river until they found this place near the coast. The hollow Baobab served as shelter as they built the palisade. As more survivors found them by following the river, they grew in numbers. Currently, the population on the keep is no more than three hundred people, and the smith is our lord, Forge Master Rodrigo. The initial group of survivors that build the keep earned the right to live in the tree, that was pretty much serving as a castle. They called themselves Order of the Dragon, and with Rodrigo as leader, the other were named Ordained Knights. The others that arrived late, as I do, have two options:
Yes, /hm/ was a weird place to visit. I’d never even known of the board’s existence four years ago, but in Lenore it was all built up around fetishized body images which were exemplified in a handful of people adored as super celebrities by the rest. Sounded extremely similar to what I’d learnt of /fit/ from Reddit and other such sites (editor’s note: when I found out just how different /fit/ and /hm/ had turned out, I was almost glad for the sake of my homelands that /hm/ was the way it was). My stay there was (thankfully) brief, and I was now hoping to hire a ship from one of the seafaring boards along the east coast to continue my journey. The few travellers I had met in New Babel and the East Coast Amps that had made it this far into the Middle Belt didn’t have anything flattering to say about it, and as far as I had gleaned it only got worse the further I got. I decided to hedge my bets and find an armed (and reasonably sane) party which I could hire to escort me back along the coast so that I could properly document it. Checking my tradeable goods (which were looking disappointingly low) I realised I would have to spend some time earning whatever the local currency was before I could carry out that plan of action, but I guess that was just all part of the adventure.
Bend the knee and swear loyalty to the order and the Forge Master, and work as serfs, living inside the palisade, or be given lands outside around the keep, and be called Yeoman. Serfs and Yeoman work the fields or building projects in equal manner, the difference comes about their civic duties. Serfs keep nothing of what they produce to themselves, instead they give it all to the Order, who in turn provides them with food, clothes and shelter. They get to live on the palisade which is much safer than the village agaisnt raiding parties, although admitedly we don't get as many. Yeomen live outside the palisade, and can keep two thirds of what they produce on their lands. They are also required to attend two sessions of weekly training inside the keep, where they are trained with the Quarterstaff and the bow, the two simplest and easier to make weapons we can get access too.

Although Lord Rodrigo knows how to work metal, we don't have iron or bronze in our lands, so we trade our excess food, specially theyellow flour produced in our mills for metal, either mined or scrapped. Ordained knights most precious commodities are iron swords, masterfully crafted by Lord Rodrigo. According to him, back when he lived on Terra, he had just some time to spend on his blacksmithing. Here, he did nothing else besides working. Most of the metal was not used to produce weapons, thought. The Order depended on having tools, both so the serfs could work, but also to sell them to Yeomen and traders for others resources, such as more grain (that as basically our currency), terran technology, books or even hours of work when the serfs weren't enough.

Currently we have three fletchers, busy everyday making arrows and bows, making strings from Bark of nearby trees, fifty ordained knights, two beastmasters and other four scribes like myself. I worked as a serf myself for seven months before they noticed I knew how to properly carve makeshift pencils out of coal.
join IRC, fellow stalker. it gets lonely on my side of the world
Something twinkled on the corner of my vision, pulling me back out of my thoughts. I turned my head, and saw it again – one of the stars was showing visible activity, letting of bursts of light and steadily growing larger. I re-established my bearings and calculated that, as it was quite low in the sky must have only been visible below the Middle Belt, whatever it was. Over the next half an hour it steadily faded in and out, and occasionally smaller stars would wink into existence around it before disappearing again. Something detached off it and rocketed down towards the horizon. This was exciting! It must have been an artificial satellite having a meltdown or something. Maybe UFOs? I knew there were aliens on Lenore, there was always talk of them. More shooting stars started coming down, at first one or two a minute but then more. Finally, the satellite flashed bright enough to drown out part of the sky and when it faded I saw that several more meteors were coming down. And after a few seconds I realised one was getting noticeably bigger. In fact, it’s trajectory seemed to curve right towards me!
hmm the first witness to how newbies arrive?
The others squabble but it doesn't matter. Sixth column, Confederate, loyalist - none of that crap matters to me.

Right now we just want to kill the /d/m.

He's done better than we thought he would. He's gathered up a lot of newbies from the last wave and is using them as slave soldiers. Unreliable, but hell, they don't need to be. He's got enough.

It's fun to slice them with our claws; crush them and stomp them and rip them apart with fungal tendril.

He's good against our human forces. As good as an amateur could be, anyway. What worries me is that he has managed to kill six of us - permanently. Their absence is like a hole in my mind.

We're fast and deadly. But send a hundred slaves with thermite tipped spears at us and some might get through. We've had to become careful with our engagements; strike from below whenever possible.

Still, we are not concerned. He flanks, he tricks, he tries - but in the end, he doesn't have the strength to stand up to us in a straight fight and he knows it. All the clever tricks the Whizzard and the Wizard's guild devised are just that - tricks.

With the breach in his walls that he cannot repair we will flood inside and slaughter every man, woman, and child. It is only a matter of time.

The river of blood will flow from five thousand slit throats.
After serving as a serf within the palisades for a long time, I was noticed when the knight that rescued me from the wilds, and that was a good friend, learned about my journals. I had brought plenty of paper and writing material, but I knew it wouldn't last forever, so I started to make makeshift pencils with coal, a pretty abundant material here in the keep. Later I learned that by drying some leaves of the Baobab tree, they could be made into good writing paper. This was enough to catch Sir Luke attention. I was brought to Lord Rodrigo, who named my a member of the order as a Scribe.

He then start telling me all about his own experience in Lenore, and how he hoped to keep registers of it within the Keep so that, in times to come, the Order members that read it could learn where it all came from. He also wanted me to keep ledgers keeping track of our transactions and inventory, the tribute we received and all this bureaucratic work.

Although I have more detailed records of the history of the Order of the Dragon beliefs, the important bit here is that Lord Rodrigo founded it not just so we can survive on Lenore, but also so we can make this world better, even if just a tiny bit. He rejects some of Terran technology, and he has traded away all firearms that came into possession of the orders through donations or looting dead raiders, and did the same with electronics, believing firmly that those things will soon be a thing of the past, and that Lenore will be built by blades and arrows, after the thunderous sounds of the guns grows silent. But he also believes firmly in honour and all those romantic ideals of chivalry. He said it didn't quite work on earth, specially on our time, but that this planet was our chance to start a culture, a civilization with the right foot. The ordained Knights are trained daily in sword fight and also made recite their code of conduct. Lord Rodrigo believes he can start inside this hollow tree and fire to warm Lenore.
File: 1390835547523.jpg-(328 KB, 1600x1066, USGS_aerial-417_sml.jpg)
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328 KB JPG
After a few terrified moments of watching a giant ball of fire streak down from the sky I realised it was going to overshoot and if I ducked into the lee of a rocky hill I could hopefully ride out the impact if it was nearby. It wasn’t, but the noise and effect of the collision shook the ground almost like an earthquake all the same. I resolved to follow the rapidly dissipating trail it left in the darked sky to see if I could find the impact site. Travelling through the night, I arrived at its crater just as the sun started to come up. It was about ten metres in diameter and smelt of sulphur, and in the middle was a vaguely egg shaped pod (except it was symmetrical at both ends). It was made of a seamless white material and although the base was embedded into the rock and slightly blackened, the top part was almost spotless and glowing faintly. As I examined it more closely, I realised there were faint glowing lines criss-crossing it in angular, geometric patterns. They were pulsing faintly and seemed to be indicating a particular section of the pod that was roughly the size of my thumb and appeared indistinguishable from the rest of the pod. Doing what any sane ufologist would do, I approached and pressed the indicated section with a finger.
that poor poor man, I wonder what he'll think of the Confed.
i think consensus is that newbies just pop into existence on the ground
ah right, I forgot that. Then this must be the Aliens doing something dickish then.
The end is coming, but there are ways to prevent it. Hold it off, at least.

That is why I'm at the radio today on the Confederate frequency.

"My name is Arnold Smith and I am the leader of the once Fedoran city of Monstergirlopolis. We are now independent and seek the aid of the Confederacy of /tg/."

I stopped, and considered.

"Our city is home to many refugees from the Fedoran empire. The rumors are true. The Decaying Empire is led by a former general of the Fedoran Empire, a man called Lord John. He has learned how to control the robotic creatures you call Fomori using ancient cutebold technology. I had hoped to contain him and spare you his wrath, but terrorists have recently struck us and devastated our walls and removed the last of the cutebolds from our borders. Any hope of our containing this threat is beyond us.

I have always tried to fight against the excesses of King John and protect the women and citizens of our empire. I was the first to free slaves, to withdraw women to a safe location and even now, I work to protect people lost by the new wave.

I am prepared to surrender Monstergirlopolis to the Confederacy in its entirety. In return, I ask for personal amnesty for doing what I had to do to protect those I could. I ask that my people be allowed to practice their religion freely, and I ask that you protect my city. In return I am willing to place this entire city under confederate control in compliance with Confederate human rights agreements - which I have always secretly agreed with - and step down as governor.

To show my sincerity, I have three female volunteers, any of whom are ready to take my place. Nowhere in the Fedoran empire would this be possible other than here. But the women here are not abused. They are healthy and have been well treated.

With those volunteers aside, the women of this city have been removed to a remote location for their own protection. I am willing to release them to the Confederacy with conditions agreed."

I pause, muster all my vocal sincerity, and give a final message.

"Please help. Whatever you think of me, please don't let my people die. There are still innocents here."

I pause, stand aside the radio, and turn to face my fourth female 'volunteer'. In case things fall through with the Confederacy - a dicey chance at best - she is willing to follow my backup plan.

"My god alive," She says reverently. "I am prepared to go back to the /y/kings and meet with Fleet Queen Izumi. The others in her fleet work on her. Soon, she will be ready for you to break her. For now, I will carry your offer of personal surrender."

All was going just as planned.
My husbands voice on the radio was a beautiful comfort.

It is nice to be free again.

They spent so long trying to break me. Trying to tell me that I've been brainwashed. Sometimes, much to my shame, I doubted myself. I used to have a life on earth where I thought I knew the answers - where I would have thought of my love and master as a cult leader.

But I know now that is not true. That cannot be true. If it were - if it were it would mean it was all for nothing. I can't let that be true. I WONT let that be true!

And thanks to a guard falling to the techniques my husband taught me, I am no longer imprisoned.

I pretended to break. Pretended to doubt, without true sincerity. I never doubted you, my love, my god alive, my precious /d/m!

I led a guard to believe I had fallen in love with him. That I had turned. And I slept with him, never letting his filthy seed spill inside of me.

And so he helped me escape. He believed we would live a secret life apart. But the blessed crazy eight appeared and helped me dispose of him. He is nothing but food for the dragons now.

My lord gave me a purpose on this new world; to spread his light. And as one of my god's chosen messengers I will spread faith in him in secret to every corner of this heathen Confederacy.

Tonight, I seduce some recruits.
Our routine often included me sitting down in Lord Rodrigo quarters, a bigger irregular hollow section near the top of the Baobab, roughly over 50 meters from the ground. He would sent his wife he met in his days as a wanderer to the other room so he could talk in private, and I would write down as he explained stuff. One of this days, as he finished setting a fire inside a metal bowl to keep us warm in the night, we both sat on the pelts on the floor to talk, and I asked him about his views on the Confederacy.

It took him a while to reply, really weighting on his answer. He picked a knife to peal away a bit of a dark red fruit with black sour juices inside, something he had bought from a Salt City travelling merchant, and took a bite before telling me:

"They are doing what they believe is right. But they are tied up to old world beliefs and old world traditions. I think they would make this place a new Terra if they could. Maybe the will in time. The good and the bad of it. They sent envoys here before, asking us to join in." And I must have raised my eyebrows in surprised as he added "I never made a big deal of it to the men. I know some of them would see us joining in. They have some of it right, the Confeds. I never closed the door definetelly in joining them. But I think they still carry the stench of the old world. The world were Sir Luke was piloting a grill in McDonalds instead of being a master swordsman. The world were Sir Wander was stuck in a deskjob rather than being our best marksman and scout. They frowns on our ideals as unrealistic. I frown on their realism as less than ideal." He offered the conclusion with a smile.
agreeing to disagree is fine with us.
just what we need
someone call the Arbites and get this woman some valium and a padded cell
settle for jitterbugs or opium?
File: 1390843415090.jpg-(612 KB, 1280x960, village.jpg)
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612 KB JPG
The inside of the tree, or how we call it, the Keep, is a huge hollow chamber that we use as main hall. Ladders are build so we can climb to the several other natural forming chambers inside that the Ordained knights use as their private chambers. The biggest of them is Lord Rodrigo's quarters. Of the fifty knights that reside in the keep, twelve have wives they met in Lenore. Two have husbands. Yes, I probably should have mentioned five of the knights are women. The non-knighted consorts working with housekeeping, cooking and most have jobs as scribes or crafters in the keep. Everybody works. Non knighted members of the orders that aren't married to a knight sleep in a big collective dorm on the underground below the tree. Compared to my hut in the palisade before I became a scribe, the keep is dry, even underground. There is not as much of that wet and cold wind that blows from the sea since the thick trunk keep it away.

The serfs within the palisade don't have it so bad either. They work all the time, but they have the safety of our walls and they can count on the order to provide them with everything they need, from clothes to food. Their housing is frequently improved when we have the means, and some of them are already forming families. Women feel particulary safe under Lord Rodrigo's watch and prefer to sworn themselves as serfs to be closer to the knights and their protective ways. Lord Rodrigo doesn't tolerate violence, specially against women. Part of his chilvaric beliefs. He is the law in the settlement, and trials consist of both parts pledging his case to him. The only two times he had someone executed, I was told, it was due to charges of rape. He is respect by the generality of the serfs and a great part of the Yeoman, and those that don't usually leave and their plots of lands and houses are given to the next survivor that always stumble upon us. The location by the river makes sure we have a steady, even if slow, flow of people.
File: 1390844389391.jpg-(59 KB, 540x405, hut.jpg)
59 KB
The Yeoman living conditiosn vary greatly. They are given their own plots of lands and they can build whatever they see fit for a home, as well as plant whatever they want. Lord Rodrigo always give freely a sack of seed for Red Wheat, whose grains can be processed in a yellow or orange flour, mixed with fresh water and baked, it makes the closest thing we have to bread, a bitter-sweet, dense bread that has a slight resemblance in taste to earwax. Every seventh day, the Knights do volunteer work helping Yeoman building their homes or helping serfs repair theirs as part of Lord Rodrigo code: Charity being important part of their training. Most prefer simple residences where they can sleep and keep food stored and dried, but rather spend their time working the fields and training. The more they produce, the more they keep to themselves. A few have tried alternative ways of living, instead of working crops, some trade services in woodworking from grains the use to pay tributes, and a couple friends we found together engineered the watermill, which process grains much faster than the man powered one. They take a portion of other people's flour when they let them use their mill, and we get one third of whatever they collect. It's a good deal. Yeoman have to come twice a week to the keep for weapons training, and we separate them in two groups, so the knights can teach better to smaller crowds. Yeoman are trained with the improvised survival bows, both in aiming and how to craft arrows, and also taught self defence with the quarterstaff. This is so in case of an attack, they can be used to repel raiders. There has being two attacks on the community since I am here. First group of five raiders, all had firearms, but they were unprepared to find a settlement with a hundred mediocre but still functional archers and were killed before the knights could be mobilized. The second band had no guns and was repelled by the knights in melee. It was a massacre.
File: 1390846055896.jpg-(114 KB, 1024x673, chocobos.jpg)
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114 KB JPG
have a critter
Goddamn Chocobos.

I really need to start writing for them /V/idya Clans
Implying /v/idya didn't had a 100% kill rate on day 1.
Ya, day one.

Its been 4 years, man and 8 waves. And /v/ is a wasteland.

No, the /V/dya clans are to be a different beast from the raiding /v/ermin of the south.

A much different creature indeed.
My name is Jannis, Champion of Cuthbert.

And myself and my three brothers and sisters, Rynfold, Chardrin, and Mez are all of what's left of the Order.

Our mission was successful, and the Cutebolds, as the /D/m called them, are free. We, both Paladin and Bold, are currently resting at Calipso. We arrived via the tunnels, to a much surprised 6th Cell, who had thought us all dead or worse.

And we are dead. The Order is gone, we are gone. The Grand Master, the Senior Paladins. They told us few to go secure the tunnel exit. To make sure the way out was ready for the fallback. Me and my people went, for it was an order from our highest. The tunnel run back was dark and we we’re not alone, the Bolds were running along with us.

We reached the end of the tunnel, the exit hidden by a large rock formation. It was dark, and from where we were we could see the fires raging with MGP. Soon the stream of Cutebolds died to a trickle, and then when the last one came through a rumbling was heard. Then a roar, and then a great cloud of dust and earth blow out of the exit.

We realized what had happened the second after the back blast hit us, what had happened. Our Brother and Sisters in arms had detonated the explosives meant to collapse the Cavern the Cutebolds where in, to seal the exit tunnel so that the /d/m’s men couldn’t easily follow.

Tears were shed, but we couldn’t stay, we couldn’t wait. We were still too close too MGP, and we still had our charges to protect. So we made haste to another tunnel, an already planned route to Calipso. There we met with a few survivors of the Red Priest. Men that had been outside the walls, who had released the Yowlers, and had escaped their fury. Together, we ran the tunnels, till we finally reached Calipso.

Now, we are here, mourning our lost, and remembering their names.
We are the last.
And I do not know what to do now.
File: 1390852813626.jpg-(11 KB, 200x226, Avic.jpg)
11 KB
Lady S'ndra has been happier as of late and I suppose she cant be blamed the nation does well even as the thaw has barely begun.
The cold was harsh and the weakest of us did not make it. The stockpiles of wood and, at least in the major forts, of charcoal saved the majority of our people but some places were hit to hard and to suddenly by the cold, caught unprepared the sick and the very young did not make it. This does not bother the Lady though as the total lost is blessedly low and with the newest wave the numbers were quickly recouped with new recruits, and it seems we are have a large percentage of additions to the Scholars, enough to start assigning some to the major forts.

What really has the Lady pleased though is that the first baronies of the Bordelands have sworn themselves to the banner of Bubonicus, trading their titals of Barons for Overlords and furthering our borders once again beyond the great wall that protects us. Whats more the trade road west is proving profitable and she seems particularly please with the honey, mixed with our caramel they have become a favourite treat of hers.
But more than those reasons, the prospect of peace with /tg/ has her positively tickled.

So she ordered and envoy to be sent to consist of one of her personal acolytes and a scholar as well as a Warrior escort, she specifically didnt want one of the Overlords handling these talks. I happen to agree but I also think that most of the scholars are idiots with egos bigger than their actual brains so I convinced her to send me as an envoy, I fear for what might happen in my absence but I trust my students to keep the newest experiments underway and to keep the others from burning the nation to the ground. Joining me will be Jenna White-eye, one of S'ndras most trusted acolytes and a very skilled orator, named for the her one blind eye. So atleast shes competent.
But now I have to travel all the way to /tg/ on an aurochs howdah.
Have I ever mentioned I hate traveling?
We were eating in the main hall, sitting in pelts inside the Tree-Keep, divided in several circles. As members of the Order, we had the privilege of having some meat to eat with our Bitterbread, and we sat in small circles, several of them spread across the hall, eating from the plates in front of us with our hands. Barbaric maybe, but who could spend good metal on forks? Knights used daggers to cute the biggest chunks of meats in something smaller, us scribes waited for them to take their pick at the cuts and took the rest.

That's when Lord Rodrigo walked in and clap for our attention. It was odd, for he often ate his meals alone in his chambers. Dressing in his official business cloak made of Dogoath pelts, the same goat like beast we herded from the woods and found to be edible, he announced we would for now on direct the serfs to build a ship yard. More specifically he told us to send knights to accompany men to the jungle as they take their pick on large threes, and for us to build a large depot and get the rope makers busy extracting bark and making long ropes. We were going to build a boat. Or even, a very big raft with a sail.

Many questions were raised about the reasons of this sudden decision. It was not good to take that many serfs from the crops near harvest season without a good reason behind it. He explained he had receive a envoy a couple nights ago. A merchant who told them about a city far away that was thriving in medicine and knowledge of the medicinal herbs. And from that point on, not further objections were raised. We lost a knight to the Yellow cough a month ago. And several serfs and yeoman to that desease and some others we didn't even knew about.

When the others departed at the end of the meal, Lord Rodrigo called me, explaining that I was to supervise the boat construction, and make sure it had room for six people and supplies of food and water enough to sustain them for at least two months. This won't be easy. To the granary we go.
File: 1390855938578.jpg-(36 KB, 680x433, 7MSB2UOGK2D3VVAEO7A63ECVH(...).jpg)
36 KB
When I first started I hadn't expected that it would come to this. Me - the leader of an empire.

I'm not really a leader. The hammer won't let me stop and just lead. But if nothing else, I'm the mascot.

Not long ago a bunch of FBI agents dropped in my region. And they decided that they were the only legal authorities around. So they set up their "United States" in my area.

We had it out at first. They subdued my janitors easily - stun guns and basic armor are no match for armed federal agents. Soon my towns were under their rule.

It was a police state. Nothing more or less. They couldn't really run it any other way. They're police, not politicians.

So we had it out - and they found their guns are worthless against my hammer's power.

The voice loves them. It saw them as perfect acolytes and I agree. None were killed - but they were shown the error of their ways and brought to the bargaining table. In return for agreeing to work with me I'll let them run things however they want and provide them equipment.

The truth is they run the empire. I cannot build anything; I cannot create, I cannot change. I can only punish. That is the only power the hammer and cube gives me.

But they can bring order. They can punish the guilty. They can do so much more. They are not shackled by the voice as I am. Now we work together, they and I.

The common man calls it the Party Van empire.
File: 1390856580482.jpg-(94 KB, 680x510, 4L2ZCSOR2GVE2O2UNWDKOENWV(...).jpg)
94 KB
The cube allows me to create things. There are simply two provisos. First, I must personally know and understand the construction of what I make, how it is made, and what it is made of. Second, I must have exact materials - no exceptions.

They brought me the artists; they brought me mechanics. They brought me many men to explain each piece. It has taken me months to begin to understand it all. It has been mentally and physically exhausting in a way that nothing else I have ever done has been.

But I have succeeded at last. From the scrap they have brought me, from their pictures and endless lectures, I have created something of incredible power; something that places us above any other force in the world. It is something that might well kill me if I tried to do it again.

It is the reason for our name.

It is the armored van, and it runs on biodiesel.

The Partyvan is ready to roll.
oh god its the Feds! everybody scarper!
is /tg/ really going to parley with /b/? that doesnt strike me as a smart move
File: 1390864111953.jpg-(409 KB, 800x1200, SarisvataConcept.jpg)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
The Queens finally made the decision to parley with the Confederacy of /tg/, at the very least it would make sense to hear them out and use the opportunity to scope out their territory further inland.
So we sail under the white flag up along the long river that is supposed to lead the centre of their land, to a massive lake from where we can contact their leaders and meet under a more equal setting.

I wouldnt call myself the perfect diplomat for this situation but Im probablly the only one who can handle themselves if things were to go sour and still smart enough not to be outright belligerent. You see the optimist hopes and prays for more chances to cross blades with worthy adversaries and then to return to bathe in the attentions of my precious manservants, but then the realist inside of me tells me it will have to come to an end one day. Which means that we can either continue on as we are and eventually face all out war with all the people we have pissed off, an eventual slave revolution or we run out of people to harvest and rip each other apart for those that we can get our hands on. In none of those situations do we come out faring well. So we have one other option, we control the change and we attempt to step away from the /y/king ways gracefully. The first step towards that is to stop pissing off all of our neighbours and eventually to start legitimate trading relationships, and not simply taking what we want. At least that is how Queen Cassandra has explained it to me during our talks in Haven. I'll be the first to admit I dont have much of a head for politics but I know good sense when I hear it.

I will see how this ceasefire or truce pans out with these Confederates and gauge their thoughts on the /y/kings as a whole. It will likely only be temporary but if the Rainbow Alliance means anything, it could just be the first step of many. I just hope we can trust the other Queens not to ruin it for everyone.
what and /y/ as well now?
I thought we were better than this /tg/
Quite frankly, I hope we just ambush them and kill them all. We've got proper cannon, and enough resources to fortify our costal settlements. We can pick them apart by pulling their non-slaver allies away and whittling down their strength with our industrial superiority. They deserve death, just like all other slavers.
Diplomacy is diplomacy. If we get a reputation for killing diplomats we won't be able to expect anything other than death for OUR diplomats.

Not that I expect everyone to understand the long view, but I'm going to have some ships sent out to escort them - with armament.

Same for the /b/ diplomat. A detachment of soldiers for their protection.
there is a difference between official diplomats and creepy spys/preachers after all
Yes. I personally killed a diplomat from /b/ - because he wasn't a diplomat. He was there to spread cultism and weaken Cadia from the inside. He had no authority or desire to end any conflict if he wanted to.

These are actual diplomats. Probably. Should they prove to be otherwise we can just send them home, same as any old-earth government did.

Or kill them, worst case. But I'd rather not do that again.

How else will we get our spy- er, diplomats into their territories, after all?
same way that Britain has always done it, through business and trade
>kills diplomats
>sends trade caravan into enemy territory
>surprised when everyone in the caravan is killed and all the stuff is taken
but its /b/ their idea of diplomacy is calling us fags and then spouting offensive gibberish
How is that supposed to be different than regular diplomacy?
>It isn't a Quest thread; it predates them
This seems quite unlikely. The earliest mention of Lenore that I can find is from 2010, and the first threads seem to have been in 2011. This is years after quests started.
Classified Field Action

We have reached our deployment area a few miles south of what the locals call "Mostergirlopolis", the last surviving bastion of Fedorans. Our analyst was correct in expecting the Decaying King to attack here first. We have observed battles leading up to the walls of the city, particularly the Fomori formations and strategies. They do in fact fight with strategies, out maneuvering, flanking, setting ambushes and so forth. They are most certainly using Old World tactics, not Builder tactics, which are rather blunt and straight forward. They must have some form of communication amongst them, possibly a direct line with the Decaying King who may be individually controlling them if this is true.

Our science team believes it to be some sort of wireless transmission. We advise discovering a way to jam this signal and begin deploying it, if it is in any way within our capability to do so. It would certainly shift the odds in our favor.

Secondly, while most of the Fomori are capable of repairing themselves, we have observed what we believe to be the permanent deaths of these machines, put down by the Fedoran forces armed with thermite lances. They can be killed.

Lastly, we believe the Fedoran forces will soon fold and the massacre of the entire city will be the result. I do not believe we should interfere, it is removing just another obstacle in the way of Confederacy dominance in the region.

Video of our observations will be provided at the next meeting.
it started before quests were near as common as they are now.
Yeah, I suppose the truth doesn't sound as good. Plus it doesn't have the same self-aggrandizing quality.
It's a continuation of the "4chan islands" threads. Those are older.
>4chan islands
You mean this is based on the original Island threads, which were at best concurrent with the beginning of quests. Plus, the creator of Islands isn't involved with this.
I feel like theres going to be a demand for buckets.
Incidentally, I wrote for the island threads too.
File: 1390881613683.jpg-(8 KB, 190x265, thefarmer.jpg)
8 KB
second, I was the first to list prehistoric megafauna and plants as well as suggest the rating system. Now bounce along little newfag. Perhaps it doesn't predate quests but it certainly predates the modern interpretation as well as the create your own awesome style as well. This is writefags fagging it up, in a way only /tg/ does it.
yeah, i mean why pick threads anyway? we're all enjoying ourselves
Journal Log 106

It was just another normal day. One or two newbies stumbling out of the woods lost and scared, having been walking in circles for weeks. More construction. More complaints. More Sixth Column assholery. More strange radio broadcasts. Then as the sun was going down, something happened that changed everything.

Something came up out of the tunnel. Something not human nor builder. A short fuzzy thing. I've heard talk of these things. Fedorans called them Cutebolds. It seemed kind of surprised to emerge in the middle of an active camp gearing down for the night. Luckily someone grabbed it before it could run back into the tunnel. It promptly passed out. The builders on site called it a slave, a tunnel builder. I wasn't entirely aware the builders were slavers. I may have to do some reevaluating.

Anyways, we stuck the thing in a cage. It woke up an hour or so later. It apparently wasn't too keen on all the torch light we had around. We did what we could but made it clear we weren't going to hurt it unless it was up to nefarious activities.

The fucking thing speaks English. Its voice changed modulation a few times, sometimes male, sometimes female. It wanted out, wanted to escape back into the tunnel, it took a wrong turn somewhere apparently and got lost. It bargained, tried gambling its way out with a magic tourney to offering sexual favors which only raises more questions as to what the fuck was going on in the Fedoran cities.

The builder leader talked to it for awhile in its own language, its body language seemed to be mocking it. I gave it a blanket and some food for the night but I'm keeping it in the cage.

I'll figure out what to do with it in the morning and have three guards on it. I have no idea what these things are capable of.
cutebolds incoming?
Some, maybe.

But there already some in K.C. and more at Calipso on they're way to K.C. I imagine.
Oh lord, we're gonna need to explain to Builders that even Cutebolds have rights aren't we?
cutebolds have rights? next youre gonna tell me we arent exploiting the builderes for all they are worth

Either with word or with force.

And if the try pulling the same shit in Alliance Territory, they're liable to get shot.
given how we first made contact with them, force is likely our best bet. How do we rig a fight between the two?
Midget in a fursuit?
...they might by it. That or ask for challenage by proxy?
Alliance wouldn't give two shits. Cutebolds where first, and have earned their place.

These 'Builder' fucks can go jump into a river.
nah, thatll just mean they will think they are the volus to our turian, not their own people
Might work, but you need some crazy enough to fight a Builder. Hard to come by.
where's thomas when you need him. And really, First Wavers man, by this point they might? hold their own in a fight?
yes well the Confederacy doesnt recognize the alliance as a legitimate government as it is a government formed out of ex-terrorists and war-criminals
true, they might have trouble buying it. Though they've also never played Mass Effect. We might be able to wiggle it as the right to 'rule' over the Cutebolds?
thats if they even care enough anymore
good point, though judging by things there's some racial animosity still. Wonder what the hell The builder told it?
Suit yourself.

Not gonna stop us from trying. And we've been fighting for our freedoms all lot longer then you've been fighting the Feds.

Just a word of advice: Some of us ain't complete dicks, but fuck with the people we consider friends and allies, and your gonna have yourself another war on your hands.
in all fairness you people also have had at least one confirmed blue on blue. And its weird to say but I trust the Warhammer playing Alien Birdman over you right now.
What the fuck does blue on blue mean.

And what about that disaperance up north past KC of some Radio Hunters, at the same time a bunch of Confed 'Rangers' where in the area?

Care to explain that?
its means friendly fire and im pretty sure the incident where those radio hunters attacked a bunch of rangers is the exact incident anon is referring to
friendly fire, and fuck all if I know. You're lot tend to do that from what we've seen though. I mean how many have you had desert on you?
None so far actually, we've been getting a lot of people form those guys still loyal to Vergil actually. Without him micro managing everything, the 6th is falling apart.

But because of it, the Alliance is rising. Kinda poetic actually.

Bases such as KC, Armageddon, and the Iron Twins are seeing steady trickle of former 6th constantly, same with Concord and Calipso.
Well ain't that just peachy. Glad to hear you lot are capitalizing on this whole 'decaying empire thing'. That said no hard feelings really, we are allies and frankly you bastards can have down here. I just want to go back home in one piece.

Course, you bother our alien birdmen and you'll understand why we're called Cadians, savvy?
Sorry that we don't wanna see or homes fall apart. So sorry that we don't want the Fedorans or the 'Crons killing our people and destroying everything we've tried to build down here. But ya. I guess we are "Allies".

And let me make this clear. You fuck with our cutebolds, and you won't have to worry about me.

You'll be dealing with Sly Marbo.
Day 100:
100 days since we first arrived on this shit hole. 100 days of surviving, killing and fighting. A day of celebration. We cracked open the attempts at berry wine early. The results were pleasant, the alcohol was weak to be sure and you'd have to drink a lot to get shit faced but the natural properties of the berries seemed to increase with fermenting. Basically people were getting knocked out without getting drunk. Unconsciousness with no hangover, seems pretty good to me. Of course it's a damn pain because some of us want to get drunk. Despite my best efforts I've chalked up an addiction to the berries. They're seem to be no real side effects but it's the only way I seem to be able to cope with the fact my left hand is missing two fingers. It's a sign of weakness to be sure, but it's a better coping method then rape or banditry to be damn sure.

We had the hunters bring back some imps and roasted them to the best of our abilities, marinated with chili and a tomato salsa and served over squash mash. Probably the best meal I've had in a long, long time. After the food we had a lot of gaming and singing. A lot of us are socially awkward fa/tg/uys so playing Rogue Trader seemed to be more fun to the guards who I was with for most of the night than dancing. Now admittedly I may have drank a wee bit too much, and my addiction may make me a little more resistant to the effects of the berries so I'm a little hungover right now. I'm writing this on the morning of day 101 of course, no time to worry about my journal last night, eh? Especially since I woke up in the guard barracks with Lisa dead asleep next to me. Not complaining of course.

Right now I'm glad I volunteered for the night shift and aren't one of the production guys stuck out checking the lines and fishing.
File: 1390913524072.jpg-(355 KB, 1000x675, teegee.jpg)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
I took a long gulp from my water bottle after pulling the tenth fish out of the water and into the canoe. Percy was laughing about the night before in one of the other boats but was cut short when one of the sea horses bumped into his boat and made it rock. That caused the rest of us to laugh. Five fishermen out on the beautiful water of our little river. No civilisation in site except for Redwood. Sure we were a bit further out from Redwood then we usually were. Laughing a bit to myself I looked back to where we'd come from, the fort wasn't even visible. Sure some people were scared of the river and other survivors, but I knew for damned shore that Skullz don't cross rivers. They keep to their forest and their slum. Give me the sun over the jungle any day of course I didn't expect what happened next. The laughter on the other boats stopped and I turned ahead. Ahead of us was a large raft. About four people standing on it, all barefoot and dressed in clothing that looked New World made. They looked at us in shock, and I realised how much like tribals we must look. Blushing a bit I turned to my companions, all of them dumbstruck.

"H-Hello!" I called out to them.

"Y-you too," One of them called back.

Of all the fucking responses... "We're from Redwood, you're not Skullz are you!?" I am not a diplomat, no sir. I'm a fisherman, just like Glasgow's a fighter and Frankie's a hunter.

"What the fuck is a skull!?" Another one replied.

I turned to Percy, who seemed to have regained some semblance of himself and shrugged.

"Where are you lot from!?" I asked.

"Shit, we're from Sarn Ford! You know, the hill dwellers!? The pot growers!? Shit, we've got apples too!" The first one called back.

His friend slapped him on the back of his head and grumbled something at him that we couldn't hear. Our first meeting with survivors who didn't want to kill us for our blue paint and they were fucking hobbits. Oh the Pentumvirs are gonna love this.

((Redwood location map included))
thats dangerously close to MGP
lets hope you guys stay undere their radar
Aye, but I have a feeling that MGP is more interested in defending against the Decaying Kingdom then looking for undiscovered towns. Although some Fedoran refugees could wander in
i wasnt worried about MGP itself as much as the Crons moving that general direction
Gentlemen and ladies: We are here today to receive two foreign delegates in council. Due to the momentous nature of this issue I am here in person and extra security has been posted to ensure the delegates are not attacked. However, as per council tradition, any wandering jackass is free to butt in.

The issues in front of us today:

First a cease fire with the /b/ nation of /b/ubonicus, represented by delegate Avic Aquinna.

Second, a cease fire with /y/, represented by Queen Cassandra.

Third, there has recently been a call for aid over the radio from the ruler of Monstergirlopolis asking for help fighting off the Decaying Empire. What shall we do?

I've requested one of these 'cutebold' creatures be brought in to discuss, but we do not seem to have any at this time. However, we are allowing a builder representative as an observer. Do not start fights with him, please.

Let's discuss.
File: 1390930329671.jpg-(20 KB, 288x200, ms_fortune__skullgirls__b(...).jpg)
20 KB
People of Kity City, once this city stood prosperous and free. We had carved a place for ourselves in an alien world that seemed to want nothing more than to see us dead.

Then the Fedorans came and though they could never break our walls and even when they tried to starve us our wills held firm. But then betrayal! Cowards in our midst, once trusted leaders turned traitor, and they opened the gate and handed it over on a silver platter to secure their own worthless hides. And for their crimes we suffered undert he Fedoran boot, even as we persevered and clawed what little freedom we could under their oppression, we slowly lost ground as King Fedoran closed his grip on the city.

Well no more!
The Whizzard and the Diaper Lord came to take both the city and myself, but instead we refused, we threw off their shackles and drove the Fedorans from our City!

But you know as well as I that they will not let this stand. The Fedorans will come once again to take the City, and they will tear it apart rather than allow it to exist free of their control. So we must stand together, everyone of us. Slaves will have their chains broken, to no longer be denigrated to less than human, Freedom fighters will forsake their commanders who would have them kill the innocent to spite the Fedorans and even the Inquisitors have rejected their Lord and chosen to stand with the people of this City.
And we are not alone! I have already sent messengers to the other groups who have stood to fight against Fedoran oppression, the Iron Twins, Calipso, Armageddon and Concord, all have chosen to stand against them and we may do so together!

We will stand together and face the Fedoran menace and like before it will break against these walls and this time we shall hold and see them driven from our lands dead or broken!
I would think any wildlife would be forced out of their natural habitat if overhunted.

I bet chocobos migrated to other provinces and are being a total nuisance.
Yep, they were overhunted by the /V/ermin swarms. And might have gone completely extinct if some enterprising individuals hadn't tried and domesticated them.

Now we have the War Riders of Vox, Colorful Hussar Clan of /V/idya

But they're in /vr/ along with the other clans, so their chocobos aren't are problem.

Perhaps somewhere there are chocobos that survived /v/, bothering passerby.

We can dream.
most likely they are all over the place. Range for a species can be quite large.
Perhaps. I am no true biofag.
File: 1390936868325.png-(91 KB, 250x281, Avicenna.png)
91 KB
The trek from the wall to Honeypot was grueling, and that was after the travel time between the Cathedral and the Wall where a bunch of highway men had tried to hold up our group, for which they were unceremoniously cut down. From what I have seen along the route I am only more certain in the need for the likes of Bubonicus, the land is wasted and barely, if at all, recovering from the marauding warbands and the 'people' live like true savages.

I suppose the trip was worth it though, if only for the chance to see the Honeypot for myself and I am pleased to report that they have managed to build themselves an impressive little city here in the mountains. The buildings look strong andspan multiple stories, a stark contrast to our mud, brick and thatch of the common housing back in Bubonicus. Its also remarkably clean if a little chaotically designed but really, after my time in /b/, it seems positively organized. Jenna naturally made a bee line for the local church of Nurgle, intent on speaking with the local priest and making keen note of the presence of other religious structures. I on the other hand concern myself with earthly matters and after organizing a place to hold and feed our Aurochs, as the trip over the mountains would not suit them, I must meet with the local leader.

I intend to cement our 'friendship' so that we have atleast one friend at the diplomatic talks and then charter a boat down south to take us to the talks.
With any luck this leader isnt a total dunderhead and I might get some intelligent discussion over a good drink for the first time since I left the Cathedral.
Bless Jennas soul but she is a little to convinced of her faith and talks of little else. Having written the damn book on the faith, and being constantly pestered on its details by the 'faithful', you are going to have to forgive me for being bored with the whole subject, its meaningless twaddle anyways.
So they are coming to discuss what exactly? Just a ceasefire?

How long do we intend this to last and how can we trust them to actually keep their side of the bargain?

Whats more how much authority do they actually command in their home territories, do they speak for all of /b/, all of /y/?
Does it really matter? Ceasefire is good right? Better than fighting or any of that.

Lets accept it their offers and be done with it.
Um, peace with the /y/kings is c-certainly better than being t-t-taken by those girls? Right?

They do - um, THINGS... with their prisoners...
Yes lets just blindly except there treaties without so much as look at them, and see if there is any wiggle room. Wise as always.


No I'm sure they don't do anything at all. Its not like they are called Ass Pirates our anything.
No! /y/ is a constant threat and are guilty of horrible crimes against our people we should not even consider diplomacy with those monsters
and /b/! the people we have had to constantly repel, and still repel from our borders!? They have always been and will always be our enemy!

And dont get me started on that asshole in Monstergirlopolis!

Kill em all, let god sort them out!
Have you considered that without peace agreements you're just going to have to KEEP repelling them from your borders?

Besides, we have Fedorans to kill. That's why we decided on any diplomacy at all. We need to be able to focus our military forces on them.

Or whatever weird thing they've become, anyway.
Aww dont be worried, I wont let those big mean women do anything to you......me on the other hand hehehe

Im with snarky here, we should at least hear them out
I for one want no quarter for any Fedoran. But not everyone joined the Fedorans willingly. I still demand to know what we're going to do about Kitycity. We've joined the Confederacy but we had ties to the 6th column first!
That sounds like you dont think we can do our damn job. Cadia has held, holds now and will forever hold and nothing will change that.

But its our people who shed blood each time some /b/tard gets funny ideas and I cannot reconcile their crimes so easily that I would sit and talk peace with one of them because they suddenly want to trade rather than kill.
Great, the only person with reason is the least dressed

And the Mayor.


And as far as I know they are crumbling. Falling apart if you will.
U-um... umm...

Why do we have s-scantily clad ladies and crazy Amazons in here again?

I thought this was the government.
Welcome to Lenore.

Home to Politicians that barely dress, and idiots who think that government was simple.
Aww, dont be like that sweetie, I dont bite and who ever said government had to be dull and boring?

Oh get over it, if everyone thought like that wed of never stopped bombing germany or russia or what have you, we have to move on eventually and the best bet for that is to at least talk to the sensible ones

honestly it just sounds like you need to get laid, you sound tense
Last I recall I lost my best friend defending your damn city and very nearly lost my own life there. Don't tell me you've lost more than I have!

Or are you some newbie that doesn't even remember the forces of Butterroot Keep immolating the last army to come down? The whole of the Confederacy supported the last defense and we barely held. We're stronger now but so is /b/.

Besides, what in the hell does it gain any of us? /b/ invaded because it was starving, we fought because they attacked. Well they're not starving now and we have other people to fight.

If you don't think you can go fight Fedorans then hell no you can't do your damn job! /b/ was full of starving desperate people, but the Fedorans are pure evil.

Your namesake sent out soldiers to fight the enemies of the Imperium, and If you think you're worthy of the title I damn well expect you to be capable of the same!
Cadians are always tense. Its their entire life style. One can't blame them for living were they are.

However it is no excuse for not looking to the future of /tg/ as a whole.
Are they? Our 6th column contacts are talking full on revolution in Kitycity. I came to Lenore there, I was part of the first city! I won't let the Fedorans get torn down just to be replaced with Anarchy and worse!

You Confederate women wouldn't last five seconds in a Fedoran city. Try that teasing act on a member of a Whizzard's guild and see how long it takes to clean up the mess.
Why I never, I am a councilor of this Confederacy and I will not be spoken to in such a manner!

Well excuse me for not forgetting my fallen comrades like yourself, maybe you should remember what your friend sacrificed before you consider peace with his murderers.
Yes well we have actual Civilization here and that means we get to dress how we like, and we know perfectly well how to handle ourselves just fine, someone had to protect the home from raiders while the military was away after all

And besides who said anything about teasing? Hehehe, I *meant* what I said.
Hmmm, not what I having been hearing from Dunmer...but, I will defer to you on this matter.
Don't presume to speak for my friend or any of the people who died for your city.

I do know what my men would say, though. They'd say it was a shame they died so a pissant like you could stand up here and tarnish the entire reputation of the city they died to defend.

I don't remember your face from the battle, councilor.

You know, you remind me of an old military phrase. "Rear Echelon Mother Fucker". Busy playing the council for war glory while your comrades are ready to die?
U-uhmn, I'm gonna go take a bathroom break now...
Right I think thats enough, shut up before you make any more enemies.

I apologize for his behaviour he was out of line.
Still I agree that we must excersize caution here, remember, these are or were our enemies, I do not believe we can trust them.
Fucking, lilly livered bleeding hearts, gonna get us all killed....fine!
Do what you like, see where it gets us!

But when Cadia falls because our people were off fighting some other war when /b/ betrays us, it wll be your fault!
Apology accepted.

Obviously we need more than just trust. We need formal embassies and intelligence on these people to see if they're even capable of holding to treaties.

But without a formal cease fire that's impossible.

I'm not saying we should drop our defenses, just that we need to get at the very least a foundation set up for basic intelligence.

I mean, we don't know ANYTHING about the governments in /b/ territory. Is /b/ubonicus large? Small? Do they have something we would want to trade for? What's their effective military strength?

We don't know anything about them. And the /y/kings are just as much of a mystery.

At the very least we need a framework for diplomacy.
File: 1390939524075.png-(3 KB, 311x143, Cadia.png)
3 KB
Hey - we've got a call over the radio. As usual we've been broadcasting council sessions and... uh... we've got two city leaders here.
File: 1390940229839.jpg-(48 KB, 635x427, Stargate-SG1-Ba'al.jpg)
48 KB
Greetings to the leaders of the Confederacy. I am Arnold Smith, once and sometimes called the /d/m by Fedoran leadership, now returned to my true name that deception is no longer necessary.

In the early days of the Fedoran empire it became clear to me that I could not defeat Catan in a direct fight. Rather than have my city face a fate like what would later befall Kitycity, I surrendered to King Fedoran. However, we were never loyalists. In secret I have worked for many years to keep my people free. The women of my city were not placed in the brutal conditions of Catan or the repugnant brothel system of Kitycity. Instead they have remained free, apart, and protected.

I have offered my citizens freedom; I could not free them all without drawing suspicion during the Fedoran era, but I was the first to create a class between slave and Free citizen where the slaves could be protected.

But now we face an enemy more terrible than any we have ever seen. I can assure you; we are not Fedorans. The Fedoran empire is utterly dead by now, and we will join with the Confederacy and give you the service of all our forces. We will adhere to all of your humanitarian requirements (which we have secretly wished to do all along) and perform whatever services you require provided that you simply save my people.

The Decaying King, once known as Lord John, does terrible things to those he captures. If he breaks in our whole city will be skinned and die. I have done my best to protect the women and children, but I fear it would only be a matter of time before they were found as well. Over a thousand women and children skinned alive. That is what we face without your help.

Please help my people.
I'm in favor of peace with /b/. Bubonicus might not be a great place to live, but they're a damn sight better than roving hordes of starving madmen raping and pillaging their way across the land.

On /y/, you know my position. Kill them all. They don't deserve to live after what they've done.

As for Monstergirlopolis, we couldn't help even if we wanted to. The last radio signal said the Fomori had already breeched the walls. Everyone there is dead, or wishes they were. I've already begun production of thermite in order to compate the Fomori. I forsee heavy casualties, but they will eventually be defeated if we stay the course.

In addition, we've begun expanding the Foundry and machine shops located in River City. The Canine Preservation Project is also going well. We've seen our first generation of puppys born. That is all the buisness I have to discuss with the Council.
File: 1390941631134.png-(92 KB, 337x405, kCXsM.png)
92 KB
Hahahahahaha, is that who I think it is on the other line? Is he still up to his usual tricks? Hahaha. God this is just rich, you do know what this sick fuck is responsible for right?

Sure he helped save the women, all for himself, ever here of his little love cult? All about breaking those women for his own use and to control men with sex. It was brilliant in a sick depraved sort of way.

Oh and the Whizzards! His wonderfull little group of scientists and sickos, not only did they have no sense of hygeine but they decided it was fun to kill the babies of their poor victims, either by tossing them out of their towers or by shooting them off with rockets. Yes, you heard me, they killed babies for shits and giggles.

Dont get me wrong, I did some nasty things in my career, I am Lord Inquisitor after all, but that was against criminals and terrorists who threatened the city.
I made sure that the Fedorans didnt reduce KC to the rape pits and depravity of Catan. And that brothel system you so despise 'Arnie' is what let women retain their rights and walk the city free and unmolested and not stuck in the pits or in your gilded cages.

If you ignore anything else I have to say, you should remember that this fucker is as dangerous as he is sick, he may be more subtle but he is just as evil as any Fedoran ever was. Help Monstergirlopolis if you wish, join forces to stop Lord John from slaughtering more people, but when you do, make sure this asshole is the first to swing from the gallows for his crimes. Better yet, make him suffer for the things he's done.
Has anyone cnsidered brass tips for the cartridges? They would help with breaking any armor they have.
We're not at that point in development yet. We've got flintlock breechloaders using paper cartradges. If we ever get a chemical industry going, we can make caplocks. For now, we haven't got the proper tools or resources for chemical industries. When we get some decent steel (which we're working on), we can do something about it.
would it be to far out of the way to make lead or iron rounds with brass tips even if they are in paper cartridges?
File: 1390949975460.jpg-(22 KB, 720x480, Bitch Please.jpg)
22 KB
Ah, Ms Fortune. The mass murdering torturer who sold out the former leadership of Kitycity and sold every woman in her city into a life of forced prostitution so she could have power. I did my best to rescue women from her despotic rule, but my influence did not far extend beyond my own city.

Do not trust what this woman says. I was appalled at the thought of what members of the whizzards guild did but they were well under the control of Catan by this point. The remainder are loyal to me and willing to help our people.

As for her allegations concerning the women, I will happily place any girl here on the radio to deny any and all allegations she has made. What she misrepresents as a cult is nothing more or less than a variation of southern evangelical Christianity practiced back on Earth. Something we had to keep secret lest inquisitors like her come to slit our throat in the night. King Fedoran outlawed religion; we alone retained religious practices of all the cities in the Fedoran Empire.

I kept the people here safe when no one else could, but she was always one of Lord John's creatures. For all I know she still is! Make no mistake, ally with her and you could find a horde of robots inside your gates murdering your children.

Make no mistake; Lord John is an enemy to everyone. His Decaying Empire threatens the life of everyone on Lenore.
that's a good point, though its its sorta tricky to get the metals to stick together. Maybe a softer alloy that mushrooms?
File: 1390951605376.jpg-(41 KB, 498x420, tumblr_m3qab7DbXk1r83xxwo1_500.jpg)
41 KB
Oh yes do put on one of your brainwashed little brides, hearing their testimony will be so meaningful, how about we have an interview instead? Or better yet a psych evaluation, see how well your bullshit stands up then.

But you seem to be confused, I just a madame and not anyone important before the Fedorans took over, in fact the most I did was help keep KityCitys soldiers supplied so they could fight and my girls safe from those who got desperate. The ones who sold us out WERE the leadership of KityCity, and they turned the only loyal one amongst them, the mayor, over to the King as a plaything. The rest of us were powerless to watch as our city was handed over on a platter.

After the fedorans took over I simply made the choice to work with them to preserve my girls rights and their safety. It was not ideal, but it was necesary because it was the only way to stop the Fedorans from implimenting the pits in our city. It also protected the girls from any form of harm and made sure they had rights like any man.

When it became clear we were under attack from the 6th I decided to help root them out because not onyl were they hurting innocents, they were also causing the Fedorans to clamp down on us tighter. To much attnetion would mean the end of what little we had preserved. Eventually I got so good at it they made me head of the police to deal with them directly. We never concerned ourselves with religion, that was the Kings personal peeve, we simply hunted down those who threatened the city. We were brutal yes but so were the criminals we hunted and the consequences of their actions would mean even worse.
File: 1390952205706.jpg-(224 KB, 500x500, tumblr_m15ni5VgDI1r83xxwo1_500.jpg)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
But that ended recently when they cracked down on us even harder, specifically after the 6th kidnapped the leader of the city and after several attacks on the other two cities. They saw KC as the hub of dangerous activity and decided that it was time we conformed to their standards. So they sent people to take over.

Both times they sent this mans people to do so, firs THE Whizzard and then later the Lord Diaper, and yes they were as sick as they sound. These people abused the populace despite my efforts to stop them and then finally planted bombs all around the city, in all of the brothels, with the intention to force us to institute the Rape Pit structure. Do you honestly think there was ever a position for a woman such as myself in a city with Rape Pits? That King Fedoran, the man who mutilated every woman he subjugated and turned them into his sex toys would tolerate someone such as myself once KC was completely under his thumb?

Luckily for KityCity not all of the 6th column were the indiscriminate scum I thought they were. I was approached by one of their leaders and with his help we managed to overthrow the last remnants of Fedoran control. They would rather stand with the people and resist the decaying empire rather than burn all of Fedoran to the ground just to spite the King or Lord John. We now choose to stand together against our former oppressors.

But you will notice that no one stands with this bastard and it is because everyone here knows just what kind of a monster he is.
I dont know this guy seems a little skeevy....screw that a LOT skeevy
God they argue like a married couple.
Someone tell them to shut up, one is a creepy slimeball and the other is a scary bitch.

Cant they fight it out while we sit here and watch?
File: 1390953025575.jpg-(31 KB, 683x388, lulz.jpg)
31 KB
Sure, just dismiss any testimony that might discredit your slander about cults, knowing full well we're on the radio. What's next - want me to ask how your slaves are doing? Or how about the bloodbath you're letting the 6th column pull off in your city?

Oh sure, your forced prostitution kept girls 'safe'. Safely locked up under your thumb where you could wield all the power. I have in my possession signed documents that PROVE that this girl sold out her entire city for the sake of power!

The only person who ACTUALLY secretly worked for the good of people in the empire was me! Not you, not your filthy brothel system where any woman could be passed from hand to hand like used toilet paper. I kept my girls pure, clean, and out of the hands of mutilating scum like the King!

And he controlled the heads of the Whizzard's guild - subverted them with his own perverse ways of thinking and turned them into his creatures. Nothing was beyond King Fedoran. Nothing at all!

I offered the women of Kitycity refuge in my home where I could keep them safe. Their so-called gilded cage was and is not a prison, but a protection from the sociopaths running the Empire. Sociopaths like her!

The simple fact of the matter is that there's no one left but me, her, and the terrorists of the 6th column.

But I am not cruel. Even someone as evil as you can be forgiven. The Decaying Empire is coming. We can at least preserve the women and children of our cities if we send them up north - and you and I meet for a war meeting.

As many as our differences are, even at the cost of my own life and in spite of your horrific crimes, I'm willing to protect you.

I'm sure if you met me in person you'd find me quite charming.
wait okay what the fuck is happening and why is skullgirls involved.
Please explain what Lenore is and what these threads are.
File: 1390953363337.jpg-(66 KB, 642x482, 1449116-xanatos.jpg)
66 KB
Indeed. Of course the real question for us is: What's in it for us?

The sleaze has offered his whole city on a platter, the ca/tg/irl has offered nothing, really.

As a matter of fact, I have no idea who she even is. Last I heard KC was some crumbling ruin.

Well no matter. I say we offer to integrate both into the empire, filter their people through the camp system, and hold trials for their leadership. Then we resettle their cities with a mix of their people and ours.

Since they both claim to be secret defenders of good and truth surely that would come up at a fair trial - and putting their people through the camp system would let us both get them out of harms way and it would let us check them to see if any major harm has been done.
File: 1390954368274.jpg-(149 KB, 500x500, zz.jpg)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
I never forced prostitution on any of the girls in my city, they joined the brothels because it became clear very quickly that the only girls safe were those under the protection of the brothels security. Those that werent......well they did not last long, I will leave it at that.

I doubt any of his 'evidence' would stand up in any form of court of law and I could care less what allegations he makes towards my character, I have no regrets over what I have done because I know I did it for the right reasons, I protected my people and that is all I care about.

And I will continue to do so. If you wish to fight the Fedorans then know that my people already prepare to protect our homes from their encroachment and that we will not go quietly. Support will be welcome but we will not beg for it.
Simply know that KC stands amidst the rubble of the decaying empire, holding once more as a free city, every man, woman and cutebold equal.


I do wonder though, Arnie, it must be so very hard for you to lie through your teeth like this.
To restrain all that bile, puss and hate bubbling just under the surface. I wonder how much it must sicken you to have to bow and scrape to others, to lessers, for help, to see all your scheming made useless and reduced to running and hiding from the boogey man who is out for your skin.
File: 1390954762363.jpg-(34 KB, 750x600, posterSmile.jpg)
34 KB
Trial is not an option. I have a wife and children. I won't submit to a show trial and leave them without a father. I assure you that I will immediately step down as leader of my city if requested and never hold office again. I want nothing more or less than to retire to a quiet religious life.

So you see her true colors now. She doesn't want to give you a damn thing. I offer you everything.

She is the one who lies; she is the one whose own dictatorial pride won't let her submit to even you to save her own hide. She'd rather kill her entire city than join with you. To save my people I'd give you anything.
Oh well now I trust him competely, right Sargaism? >>29852012
Oh wait a minute. Is this who I think this is? Just throwing this out there, let's not make a deal with New Heaven Cults? I'm not into your new agey bullshit there buddy. That said you're wife says hello. She's enjoying the weather here very much, along with the utter lack of you.
I'm with Ms Fortune. Kitycity was hell for everyone but the 6th column seem to support her, so I'm with them.

And the /d/m is a vile piece of shit.
Um... sir, I'm sorry to tell you this now, but she escaped from custody just a few days ago.
File: 1390955025919.jpg-(11 KB, 259x194, thehat.jpg)
11 KB
As an aside to all this fun, does anyone know how the fuck you wear this hat? The guys at the precinct won't let me leave without it.
Lenore is a collective writefag thread. Basically imagine a society setup by fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls; this is a diplomatic meeting.

Ms Fortune was obviously a ca/tg/irl fan of Skullgirls.
as an aside pictures are mostly used to distinguish is particular viewpoint is being written from. For example Cadian writing tends to have lots of IG pics, while Fedorans have lots of hats.
File: 1390955654348.jpg-(159 KB, 500x500, tumblr_m3qbzzSEmL1r83xxwo1_500.jpg)
159 KB
159 KB JPG

Right now? I am the defacto leader of Kity City, although that is a shared title between myself and the head of the 6th here. But really I am just the voice of the city until a proper leader can be elected. Its not my style anyways.

But you want to be offered something apparantly. What exactly am I to offer you? The city? Its women? Its men? Its children?
How about my body, would that be enough? No. Kity City offers to stand with you and cooperate when fighting the Fedorans but we will not submit ourselves to you because, quite honeslty, we owe you nothing.

If my people wish to put me on trial then trial I will stand but it will be to their judgement I submit myself to not yours. Once the fighting is done the people may even choose to enter the Confederacy and maybe they will choose to remain independent. That will be their choice not mine.

Oh do come off it, I doubt anyones buying it anymore. I mean really, you are trying to bribe them by offering a city you barely even control anymore, I doubt it will even be left standing by the time you evacuate.
I agree with Wonder Woman, slimeball sounds like bad news.
Dont trust you, you sound just like every other scumbag trying to dodge justice after they lose a war.
His city sounds like a lost cause anyways. We can take his refugees and stick em in a camp until we figure out what to do with them.

Dont trust her either, sounds like shes hiding something, but fuck it shes right, we plan to fight the fuckers anyways right? Might as well work together until then.
Then we can sort out what the hell it is shes done and see if something needs to be done about her.
File: 1390956444514.jpg-(4 KB, 256x192, David_Xanatos_Close_Up.jpg)
4 KB
Well, that's a much more honest stance than his. He seems almost too eager to get us to take his city. One wonders if it's a poison gift somehow. She, on the other hand, has an attitude that any of us would have if our city were being debated over by a foreign power.

Considering the stances of the various councilors here and what I've heard today, I'm going to stand in favor of sending aid to Kitycity and taking no action in regards to Monstergirlopolis.

The aid comes with the proviso that you get the 6th column to stop friendly fire incidents in the area around your city. I really don't care how.

We can send food, metal tools, and non-gunpowder weapons to help you defend your territory. Anyone wish to modify the aid proposal or stand against?
Well I think its all a mistake. Burn em all!
Very well. One idiot stands against. Would anyone else like to stand on the same side as the idiot?
May I suggest we also make it a point to request up to date information about the state of the Fedoran territory and what areas are currently under hostile and friendly control, before we agree on anything?
Im for the proposal of giving support, but I do think it might be smart to keep any eye on our southern border for possible slip throughs.

SS has a good idea as well. What exactly are we dealing with?
An excellent modification. Up to date intelligence information.

File: 1390957514194.jpg-(211 KB, 689x1023, SG-1-S5-Baal.jpg)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Very well. You refuse my offer so I must simply find another way to save my people. But you will regret taking that snake into your confidence, and you will regret crossing me.

Do not think me impotent because this city will fall. I will not forget this outrage.

The women and children will find a better safe harbor than among you.
Dont worry, thats not why I think your'e impotent, its the gossip from your wives that made me think that.


Currently all of the Iron Twins, Calipso, Armageddon and Concord have been liberated, all under the command of different freedom fighter commanders. Dunmer is ofcourse under your peoples control still.

I will talk to the 6th column commander about dealing with the friendly fire, they are not my men to order and their command structure makes it difficult to contact them all.
If I ever find you, we're going to re-enact the end of Terminator 2.
File: 1390958714873.jpg-(44 KB, 724x286, Oh HELL Naw.jpg)
44 KB
Perhaps one day you'll earn forgiveness and find out yourself. We're done here.
File: 1390962467016.jpg-(68 KB, 548x407, starfort.jpg)
68 KB
Well, while I figured today would be another quiet day but then everyone started debating over the radio and thought I'd throw my two cents in instead of of throwing all the 6th column assholes into the river.

now then, this is the Base Ranger Commander of Fort Dunmer reporting in. Now I've been in the field the longest out here and I've heard some things about both Fedoran leaders. Now there's been lots of talk of cults and shit whenever the /d/m is brought up in conversation. Now I don't know about most of you sitting around that conference room, but I spent the better part of second and third wave killing cultists in the name of Kog so I have no love for them. That said, we don't need another cult leader running free. We have enough of them to the north.

As for this Miss fortune, all I've heard is that she's bloody hand of law in her respective city, though the conditions of living sounded the best out of all the Fedoran towns. but her inquisition sounds kind of culty as well, but then it is a branch of Fedoranism. At best, KittyCity sounds like just another RiverCity Ransom. Take that as you will.

Anyways, I've recently captured what they've been calling a Cutebold, and after a nice meal and some modified sunglasses, it has had some very interesting things to say on the matter.
Now these things, unlike our builder friends, can speak broken english. From what I've been told, they were happily minding their own business when they were found and forced into breeding pits and then used as fuck toys by the Fedorans until they've recently escaped. So the Fedorans are not only guilty of crimes against Humanity, but crimes against Cutebolds or whatever the hell we're going to call these things. No doubt they'd try for a builder if they had any as well. There's quite a bit of Mostergirlopolis gossip it has picked up as well, documented as best we can here and I'll send a copy back with the next Rivercity boat as most of it is too lurid for the Radio.

So whatever this decaying king is, is apparently a modified artifact, modified by these Cutebolds's ancestors. This one doesn't know much more about it than that, in fact it knows more about dick sucking techniques and building decks in Magic then it does its own racial history. That said, there are apparently ones who do know more and we just need to get our hands on them.

One last thing, if the leaders of KittyCity and Mostergirlopoice haven't blocked up their city tunnels, they can probably expect a flood of Fomori pouring out into the middle of their respective cities soon.

Fort Dunmer out.
This is indeed disturbing news. It makes me glad we have not decided to have anything to do with Monstergirlopolis.
Why do I feel like there was a mic drop at the end of that and the scout just walking away from the radio like a pimp.
Because it's fucking 008, man. He's the pimpest of pimps

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