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As Ned Salter, we ride the entertainment colosus that is the Extreme Warfare Federation, wading through the industry to seal multibillion deals on a near daily basis.

With our reality show, videogame, and band projects coming along nicely, we can dedicate more time to our main job, running a stable of superhuman fighters for the most popular pay per view event in the history of mankind!
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Oh geez, you showed up an hour later than when I normally pop in, so I thought you weren't running today!
Yeah sorry I have no way to tell time around here so I just log in when I guess its the right time.

Really, its a miracle I normally guess the time sort of right

Anyway, should we start or skip today?
I'm up for it, I guess. Hopefully some more people show up.
I'm here
Well, let's start. Need to meet with the guys and the authorities now. Want to do it in your office or somewhere else?
Probably Mai's ranch. Our office in on XWF property, which means that Bomber Lord might get word of it.
Let's go somewhere else, It'd be mighty suspicious if a bunch of cops were seen near us at work.

A phonecall later, Mai informs us that while she is alright letting you meet with the agents in her property, they cannot go into the house. She's going to set up a gazebo for your meeting outside the house.

Okaba tells you he contacted the FBI instead of the police, and the agents will go with him to the meeting place.
Cool with me. I wonder what Bomber Lord will be charged with for what he did to Brass? Maybe a violation of the Chemical Weapons Treaty? I'm willing to be those nova drugs are dangerous enough...
You know, that does bring to light that in SOME way the teragen is right. There are hardly any laws applicable for what novas can do, and a different legal code or a more inclusive one is needed. Honestly? I would love it if the Teragen were less 13-years-old-philosophers-assholes and were a group making a genuine effort to police novas from outside the system because they dont think it works. Then again there's the many many factions within it. A different company (aka not WW) may have added such a group so it was less retarded, but hey, its ww


A couple of hours later, you are parking next to Mai's house. It is a bit surprising that she is nowhere in sight, but Ami is accomodating the guests, and there is a large tent set on the back with every comfort. It actually feels like a rather nice place.

Okaba: "Agents Jonaton and Ruiba, this is mister Salter." -he introduces you and the agents.

Jonaton is a very tall man with dark blonde hair (almost brown), and agent Ruiba is a short black man with a government-type haircut. They are both wearing what you figure must be the most clich├ęd possible style of suits for FBI agents.

Okaba is wearing his utopia suit, a full body eudiber suit with a good cut. Aura's is as revealing as you expected it to be, while still managing to appear official.

Aura: "Hey Ned."

Ami: "Hi there mister Salter. My sister says she had stuff to do so she can't be present for this meeting"
>My sister says she had stuff to do so she can't be present for this meeting"

"Well, I wouldn't want to keep her from her... stuff."
completely unrelated to anything, but if this was an 80's cartoon, this guy would make such a good villain, you know? makes me think of Kraven, the hunter



Agent Ruiba: "Sir, this is a rather unusual meeting, but mister Okaba is both an Utopia agent and a pillar of the community, so we agreed to this meeting on his request. It is a pleasure to meet you" -he shakes your hand

Agent Jonaton: "Can you tell us why we are here?"

Do you want to go step by step through this meeting or just say you give them all the evidence and get them in touch with your PI team, then start discussing how to take Bomber Lord down?
Lets just give them all the evidence I think.
What he said.

You thank Ami for her courtesy, but ask her to leave you guys alone (so she doesnt learns what BL did to Brass) for a while. She doesn't seems offended, and you begin explaining things to the agents.

Okaba and Aura are both hearing this for the first time. Aura doesn't seems specially affected, but Okaba is obviously getting pissed.

The agents listen to your story very calmly, and then begin making questions until they are sattisfied.

Agent Ruiba: "If this evidence holds, we still will need a special unit to arrest that man."

Okaba: "This kind of thing is why Utopia has agents. We can take him down, I am confident."

You explain how you have been arranging things so that Brass takes him down, and then they can make the arrest.


Roll 11d10 + 3d10 to convince the agents to go along with your plan. It will take 3 successes to go along with such an extravagant idea

You can instead roll 10d10+1d10 and just need 1 success
Rolled 9, 4, 7, 6, 1, 9, 9, 6, 6, 9, 6, 5 = 77

going for difficulty 1

Agent Jonaton: "Well, it will be a tough sell to our superiors after the deed, but we will keep quiet about this little meeting and check the evidence on our own. If everything checks, we'll give you a call and prepare to arrest this man once he's beaten."

Agent Ruiba: "To be honest, I'm not a wrestling fan, but I think I'm already eager for this one match."

Ned: "Of course, I'll get you both first row tickets."

The meeting over, you shake hands with the agents, and watch them leave.

Okaba: "Such unsavory character is the omega champion? I did not expect the XWF to be suffering from such rotten characters"

Aura: "We could probably take him down, you know? between the two of us. Does it really matter where he is at the time of his arrest?"

Ned: "It does. He needs to be taken down both personally and in the public's eye. His supporters need to see the truth about him, and Brass deserves a chance to be the one to take him down"

Back in 10 minutes or less
"Plus, this is the safest method when it comes to avoiding providing him hostages or causing civilian casualties."
Aura: "Ooooh! a cage match?"

Okaba: "Nowhere to run. The Krew does build good stuff. He will be trapped in there after the fight"

You get a phone call. Mai says she is sorry she couldnt be there, but she had to do something she does not want to discuss about over the phone.

Mai: "Can you wait for me at home? I will be there within the hour"
>Okaba: "Nowhere to run. The Krew does build good stuff. He will be trapped in there after the fight"
And He'll be unconscious. That will make things easier.
Sure Mai
I have to go for a while, but will probably not come back for a few hours so let's end here for today. We'll continue on mondays. Will start posting again when I come back, but by then you guys will probably be gone.

As usual, I will reply to comments and such when I come back

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