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File: 1389794727391.jpg-(321 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image 001.jpg)
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321 KB JPG
As Ned Salter, we are the succesful manager of a stable of superhuman fighters in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, the most popular pay-per-view event in the solar system, the reason there's so many UFOs as of late ("The signal is just better this close", says E.T.), and a multibillion dollar business where fortunes are made on keychains and mugs alone after every fight.

Currently, we are about to arrive at the Morgan Ranch, a good 'ol fashioned training hotspot for the super powered, to talk with our star fighter and his trainer.

Grab some popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy the fighting action, the spying action, the rock action, and the ora ora ora ora action. Bro, do you even pose!?
File: 1389794976010.jpg-(86 KB, 353x218, Joseph Grin.jpg)
86 KB
Woah, what the hell did you do to the picture?

>and the ora ora ora ora action. Bro, do you even pose!?
File: 1389795118633.jpg-(367 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image 002.jpg)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
You like it? I thought it would be good since we are trying to get Mai to go back to her spy days. You know, photo evidence and such. My tablet is out of comission but I can still edit images a little while I get a new one. (currently looking at prices and availability. The one I want wont be for sale in my region for another 6 months, ugh)
The Morgan Ranch is a discreet business. It does no advertising, but it goes along well enough by training the super powered and the elite.

A large property several miles outside the city, its only building sits on top of a low hill with nothing but flatland, fences, very noise sensitive and noisy animals, and a discreet but very, very good array of privacy devices to keep out the paparazzi and anyone who may decide to pay a surprise armed visit to its owner "for the old times".

Your car rolls uphill to the house, the large dogs (and the miniature dinosaur you gifted the ranch owner) barking, growling and running next to it all the way to the house.

Stopping in the middle of a small cloud of dust, you see the owner, Mai (a gorgeous, naturally sensual and more feminine version of her sister, one of your best fighters) is standing on the threshold of the main door, dressed in hot shorts and a white shirt, with short cowboy boots and a hat, sitting a drink as she waits for you to descend from your car.

Mai: "Guys, piss off and go play!" -she shouts to the dogs, and the mini dinosaur-

Your turn. Btw, do you remember which kind of dino it was? did we go the extra mile for the mini T-Rex, or was it a velociraptor, or something else?
I'm a luddite, this new image frightens and confuses me, therefore I hate it!

Shit I don't really remember the dinosaur, is this a Hollywood/Jurrassic Park dinosaur, that is just scaly, or is this a Dinosaur with actual feathers?
I think we gave her the T rex
You dont like either of the pics, or just the 2nd one?

Honestly I don't know. Since it's meant to be made with Novatech SCIENCE!! I imagine it would be the more correct version, but then again the scaly version may be more popular/marketeable so I dont know what a megacorporation would choose to put out on the market.
Both! New things frighten and confuse me, I still live in a world with desktop computers and phones with cables!

Okay, I lied about the phone part, but I still do use a desktop over a laptop.
File: 1389797249883.jpg-(324 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image 003.jpg)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
Im saving this one for if we ever do a beach special. Because you know the fans want swimsuits. Python won't really notice any difference. He fights in boxing trunks, anyway.

Which reminds me, I was thinking of hitching Python with Stella. It first came to me as a whimsical thing, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. So what if he doubles her age? they are both going to live 800+ years. 22 years difference won't meant shit when they are both 70+ and looking the same as they are now.

Anyway, waiting for you guys to post. Just arrived at the ranch.

Also, I don't do laptops either. What do you need laptops for? today theres tablets. You just need a good computer at home and/or the office, and if you need to carry any info around, there's perfectly good tablets. Seriously, what could you possibly need a laptop nowadays that you cant do better with a desktop computer + a tablet.

And dont say gaming. I fucking hate the assholes that try to play LoL or other online games from their fucking laptop and keep losing the game for their teammates.
Bah, I don't use tablets either!
I don't really care either way about Python and Stella hooking up, so whatever floats your boat.

"Hey Mai, how are the new recruits coming along?"
File: 1389798374205.jpg-(310 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image 004.jpg)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Well, if you ever consider buying a laptop to carry info, watch movies elsewhere, do presentations or whatever, just get a better computer and a cheap tablet.

Mai: "Hey Ned. It's been a grab bag with them. Some are great, some whine and cry until I drag them back into training. Michael was in the army right? he seems good at following instructions and complains the least." -she offers you a drink as you come in- "I think I could make him into a powerhouse with enough time."

She steps in ahead of you, which is quite the lovely sight. As you follow her through her house to "the backyard", you are greeted by quite the different sight from the one you had driving up.

The training area is one you are quite familiar with, but the obstacle course has been modified for nova difficulty, and you see your silver fighters trying to run through it while wearing tracksuits which tell a story of suffering and mud.

Mai: "Brass is over here" -she takes you around the house to a side of a small tools shack.

There's a >large< grill and cooler. The scent of cooking meat tickles your nose as you notice Brass doing pushups (resting) wearing a set of black eufiber pants and nothing more. It's somewhat surprising to see him actually sweating from exhaustion.

Brass: "Hey Ned, come to check on us grunts?"

Mai takes her boots off on the grass and climbs up to step on Brass' back. You can see his hand immediately sink several inches into the ground.

Brass: "Ugh...! woman, how much weight is that!?"

Mai: "You broke all the boulders I had so it's your own fault. Push, blondie!"

Brass: "Grab a beer and enjoy my torture, Ned. What brings you over here to Camp I Can Vary My Density And Weight On A Whim?"
Oh, and your turn, btw.
Brb gonna grab a ham and cheese sandwich
"Just checking up on my clients, making sure that they're ready for the new season."

We should take our Silver guys aside and basically say 'Look, the harder you train, the stronger you'll get, making your fights easier, and earning yourself more money."
I want to try and persuade them that it's in their best financial interests to train as hard as they can.

Also the army guy is the Uber-buff looking who's not really that strong, or the earth user?
Wait, don't we have *two* ex-army guys?

Can we get a refresher of the Silver League fighters, so we know who's who?

Aren't we actually here to discuss everyone's least favorite Omega fighter?
I don't remember!
We had the discussion with the PIs last thread and got loads of evidence, so yeah.
Michael is the super buff looking guy that only has mega strenght 1. So, you know, he DOES have super strenght, but its somewhat lower than spiderman's. Well, was. Im thinking hes probably at mega strenght 2 by now, at least, so spiderman level now.

And I honestly forgot the names of the other guys. They werent that memorable and it HAS been a long time. I guess we can just remake them?

Just to be sure
* Okaba - Flight, endurance, speed, projectiles, nearly immune to mental attacks (thus immune to Aura, thus the object of her attention)
* Aura - Pheromones, attributes drain, confuse and domination mental powers.
* Eldric - Wind Elemental Mastery. Can create and control air/wind. Also ex-military

* Michael - Super buff, xboxhueg-looking architect who is also ex-military
* I honestly forgot the others, sorry.

And yeah, we had come over to discuss Bomber Lord with Brass, work on a strategy for taking him down, maybe try to get Mai to infiltrate his house and plant some bugs (I think that was the idea?).
I recall one being a somewhat niave girl who was in it for the money, and a college student you wanted to do a few seasons to pay for his masters or whatever.
that was michael. And yes I remember the girl but not her "theme" or attributes.
We had 3 silvers.
Michael, the girl, and one more which i completely forgot (sorry). Want to just remake them? Lets see... should they have something special or just be "average supers". You know, some super strenght, some high endurance, great looks.

I think everyone likes/remembers michael, what else?
File: 1389800329710.jpg-(59 KB, 500x380, carlos!.jpg)
59 KB
I was digging through the archives, and found them!

>Mana Mollyneux is a light manipulator. Her powers don´t deal physical damage (at the moment) but she can dazzle and confuse her opponents. The XWF medical staff has given her a three out of five, power-wise. She is a blonde beauty with a dancer´s figure and a triathlete´s stamina. She is currently in the XWF gym

>Carlos Geros is a geo manipulator, which fortunately for him stretches into things such as concrete as well as rock or earth. He has long black hair and a bodybuilder´s physique, but the XWF medical staff gave him a two out of five since despite his appearance he is somewhat low in the "mega strong" scale. He too, is currently in the gym

>Michael Killmaster is a exceedingly tall (7+ feet tall) young man with surprising strength and the physique to match, but his endurance is low enough that the XWF medical staff gave him a two out of five. He is currently in the lobby.

I find it hilarious that you managed to remember micheal's first name, but forgot his last name is *Killmaster*.

ah, im gonna copy that to a text file and make their stats pic later, at least. Anyway, should we talk with Brass and maybe Mai now?
Also, it looks like Michael actually does have a lot of mega strenght but nearly no mega stamina so I'll try to remember that in the future.
File: 1389801031659.jpg-(79 KB, 850x637, WATASHI WA KIDDO.jpg)
79 KB

Also, just for fun.
Mana Mollyneux: Builds increidibly hype by giving out fantastical promises, but always fails to live up to people's expectations.

Carlod Geros: Will not stop making terrible puns, all the damn time.

Micheal Killmaster: Trained by the legendary warrior, Dan Hibiki himself!
>Dan Hibiki
so his eufiber suit is pink?Heh,

Brass: "You are damn right I am! more weight, woman!"

He sinks so deep Mai is standing at ground level now

Brass: "Ohkha nhot sho dheep"

Mai: "Don't call me woman. I'm your trainer, so call me miss Morgan or Sir!" -she steps off and Brass climbs up and moves to the side to resume.

Brass: "So what were you saying, Ned?"
"Oh, I was just checking in on you and our new recruits over their. I also have a some papers on everyone's least favorite wrestler. It makes for truly fascinating reading.
It's amazing how Mai manages to just gracefully land on the grass rather than get tossed off when Brass just suddenly stands up.

Brass: "Does it now?"

Mai: "Alright, I guess that's it for now. The meat is about ready anyway." -she grabs a beer, and tosses one over to Brass and you while slipping back into her boots-

Actually may as well be a can of mineral water for all the effect a human's beer is going to have on any of them, but it would just seem weird to have tough super humans drink pepsi,

Note: See about getting them to do Pepsi ads.
clearly they need dwarven brew
or whatever it is space wolves drink

Anyway your turn guys
eat some food, show documents when we get an opening.
File: 1389802847151.jpg-(9 KB, 300x243, pepsiman.jpg)
9 KB
>superhumans advertising pepsi
Eh, it's been done already.
File: 1389803192372.png-(279 KB, 956x1400, Aiki S.png)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
Hey, reaction face the manga got a 2nd series. Not bad


Mai: "Is it okay if I stay around or is this a theme you'd rather be alone for?"
"You can stay."
Wait, what the fuck? Aiki lives?
File: 1389804195278.png-(209 KB, 967x1400, AIKI S 002.png)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
it's a new series, it's AIKI - S!! Yeah wtf right? may as well call it AIKI Z or AIKI GT or something... actually GT would work well for it

Honestly im a little pissed they sort of dropped the highschooler and the two teachers. I was hoping the new series would center around them or something


Mai: "My, how generous." -she smiles and sits next to you to get a peek at the folders in your hands.

Brass: "So what do you have?"
"Well, lets see. Bomber Lord has 53 attractive females as his employees at his ranch and manor. Oddly enough, there are no records of him filing any social security paperwork or paying them. In addition, the have behavioral patterns that indicate he is controlling them in some fashion. He also seems to act as the Terragen legal defense fund, and some of his financial records indicate that he is bribing large numbers of people, but I haven't run that down yet."
File: 1389804610616.png-(1.78 MB, 1024x803, Kitano and his gang.png)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Intel on our old friend Bomber Lord.

When you said Reactionface: The Manga got a 2nd series, I thought you meant a sequel to Angel Densetsu.

Now I'm disappointed as fuck.
I liked the highschooler
You know how, these days, you can buy special gel that burns at very low temperatures (low enough temps to not actually burn skin)?

If there's a super-equivalent of that in this world, that has to be exploitable in terms of fucking with Bomber
So you could have shit like flaming hair gel?
Fuck, even if it wasn't to fuck with Bomber, I'd still say we try that shit out.
File: 1389805477071.png-(239 KB, 961x1400, AIKI S 003.png)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
Oh fuck I want that so hard. But I always thought AIKI was my reaction face goldmine.

I know, right? I thought they would at least skip forward a couple of years so she could join the main cast or something.

Mai: "Alright, the sex slaves cliché is not that rare, sadly. I know for a fact the Teragen has its financial backers in Chile, so maybe he helps them locally only... what bothers me is, how is he afraid of fire, yet fights using explosions?"

She is sitting crosslegged, back straight as she looks at the folders.

Brass: "I remember someone explaining me once his explosions are not technically fire... blood... fat... no, wait. Plasma, I think"

Mai: "I could have sworn plasma was a type of fire..."

Brass: "Well, I want to crush him on the ring, but helping these girls should be priority. Did you already call the police?"

Totally Unrelated, but this song made me think "Ami"

It's the stuff stuntmen use when they need to be on fire

"Not yet. If he's using some kind of power to control these women, the police won't necessarily be able to do anything because they'll appear to be there of their own free will"
"I'd prefer to run down those he is bribing first. Last thing those girls need is for me to report it to someone under his thumb. Plus, arresting him without bystanders dieing won't be easy. Ironically, the best way to do that might be to have your match, as the XWF has very good provisions for Audience safety. That ring is better secured than most Nova Prisons."
Man, I just want to have wrestlers with their heads on fire.

Kinda like an Azer, but with less heat involved.

This, follow the money.
File: 1389806617529.png-(259 KB, 980x1400, aiki s 004.png)
259 KB
259 KB PNG

Brass: "Leaves me a bad taste to abandond those girls, tho." -he pours the rest of the can down on the grass-

Mai: "Why dont we kidnap slash rescue one of them and see what she has to say once she's back into her senses?"

Brass: "Hey, Mai. Run your zipper up, your evil side is showing. We can't just grab a girl out of the streets!"

Mai: "Even if it's for her own sake? she may be getting used as a sex toy by that guy, right?"

Brass: "Ned, help me out here"
This girl has this "Aura" vibe...
"Where would we hold her and what would we do if Bomber Lord noticed that we took someone into "protective custody"
Ned: "Don't pretend that's the problem, for fuck's sake... ah, sorry to use cuss words in front of you"

Mai: "You are such a gentleman, mister Wolfside. Don't worry about me"

Brass: "C'mon Ned, it is not a problem of where would we keep a hostage. We shouldn't have a hostage to begin with!"

Mai: "I have a very deep and discreet basement, you know?"

Brass: *facepalm*
Laugh. "In all seriousness, I don't think its such a good idea. While the morality of it is... questionable, the more important issue is that it could jeopardize Bomber Lord's prosecution if it got out. Now, if we knew someone who could quickly remove the mental influence and convince her to go along with us it would be another matter."
In game terms this would probably require someone with the Psi Shield power and the shield others extra, and high persuasion/mega charisma. Though I suppose Disrupt might work.
Do we have someone like that?

"There's one girl who left/escaped Bomber's house, but she didn't have very much to say when we spoke to her."
No, but I'd bet Devris does, and we have money. Or we could use our Utopia contacts, such as Archangel and Python's girlfriend, to find someone. Or just learn it ourselves.
Mai: "Well, then what are we... I mean, what did you expect to talk about now. Just keep gathering evidence and take him down at the fight site?"

Brass: "I'm all up for taking him down with my fists before handing him over to the police"

Mai: "You probably need to work on your mental defenses some more, but I don't think I could help you much there. If it was about training your nerce centers or chakras, I could, tho"

Brass: "I like that, we should get those girls the best help possible once that asshole is down, and I intend for him to stay down when I'm done with him"
Mai: "See? that's why I trust him around my little sister."

Brass: "Aren't you two the sdame age?"

Mai: "Sure, but you know what I mean."

Brass: "Fine, I know, I know. So what now?"

your turn
"On the plus side, he's rich. He can pay for their rehabilitation, back pay, pensions, pain and suffering and punitive fines. Granted, it'll probably bankrupt him to do so, but I don't see how that's a problem."
"You train, I gather evidence and when we're ready you'll take his belt, the cops will take his freedom and his victims will take his wealth. A happy ending for everyone."
>Alright, the sex slaves cliché is not that rare, sadly.
You know, I always wondered why that was. I mean, mega charisma novas can do basically the same thing in an entirely legal fashion. No, a baseline is not going to resist 16 dice of seduction, short or long term.
Assholes are lazy.

Brass: "Alright then, I guess I'll just go back to training to crack his skull. Some mild brain damage may be a merciful thing when we are done with him"

Mai: "Alright then, let's finish the meat and go back to training"

What now? are we trying to get Mai to infiltrate and place some bugs or just going 100% the legal route about it?
depends on how risky she thinks it is.
File: 1389809383342.jpg-(273 KB, 900x652, bard family.jpg)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
I thought people who did that were just called Bards?

I say we should go full legal.
well, convincing her would be a trick by itself, plus brass would NOT like it.

So... we going legal about taking him down?

What's Python doing meanwhile, I wonder. Fighting super vampires with those techniques he learned on tibet, still?
I think he is currently sparing with one of the Guru's disciples in a ladder factory. And yeah, I suppose we can go full legal.

Alright, anyway, two things
1) I think im gonna stop the thread here for today and go get lunch
2) You guys really didint like any of the alternative op images?
File: 1389811044705.png-(218 KB, 693x1100, Zepelli in Tibet.png)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Yeah, having him train in tibet would provide excellent scenery for a training montage.

The main problem I had was that I couldn't really recognize them as the XWF image, I had to double-take to notice the thread. (Thankfully I had XWF top of my filter.)

I'm going to go to bed, and hopefully this damn cough will go away.
their fine.

Just a note...

The backup plan we have, if we can't nail Bomber legally, is to troll him into a No DQ/No Holds Barred/Extreme Rules matchup.

At that point, lethal damage becomes a legit tactic, and all bets are off.

Yeah, Ric might have a shitfit at the idea of actually losing a fighter for good, but half the XWF knows Bomber is a douchenozzle (so no tears shed there) and the other half are so greedy that they'll realise the financial draw of an ACTUAL Death-Match would be so massive that nobody would care about the loss of the revenue stream from Bomber's merch.

And before anyone says Brass wouldn't do that, remember how he had to be stopped from going after Bomber outside the ring when we told him who gave him jis addiction....

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