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Today we are meeting with our hired team of private detectives to discuss their information on bomber lord as the first thing.
If time permits, we will also decide on new traits for our fighters.
Checking in.

How's the tablet, King?
Oh, also, anyone has a spy-like report I could take a look at? I wanna make a pseudo-report for a spy game and would like it to look somewhat realistic
dead. Turns out that someone (me, it was me) spilled chocolate milk on it a week ago and it just took all this time to actually die from it, so im gonna have to get a new tablet.
Looking for prospects online atm. And also reinstalling all my shit because I formatted the pc hoping it would help before finally opening the tablet and finding it smelled really hard of chocolate
Anyway, lets wait for one more person, or do you think I should get started?
Shit, sorry I'm late, I got help up a bit.

IMO, make a post to set the scene, and we'll wait for someone else to get here.

As an aside, I had a look in the Quest General thread, and the common suggestion for start times is to have a Twitter account on which OP postings can be announced. Worth looking at, maybe?
sure, sounds good
Also, since I formatted the pc and had to reinstall everything, i cant scroll up/down with the mouse wheel on 4chan. Anyone knows how to fix that? It works fine if I press the mouse wheel down, then holding it down, move the mouse up/down but ... well maybe im just whining? it just doesnt feels natural

Anyway, typing the escene, and like I said, anyone has something that looks like a spy/field agent's report? would like it for another project of mine. Any field report is good. I just want it to look official-like
You leave Aritsu in charge of business as we go meet with our team of investigators in their offices.

It is somewhat dissapointing to meet them in what looks like a perfectly normal office. You half expected to see a seedy office like in an old movie, or to meet them at a café outside a busy and noisy airort or the likes, but they comment they cant soundproof, mic-proof, radio proof, and magnet-proof a café, and they are actually a serious business, so they are somewhat more organized than a movie PI office.

Mr Adrian Richards (PI): "...and so we prefer to conduct interviews and meetings right here at the office unless extraordinary circumstances dictate otherwise, you see"

The office is bright, but the large windows are covered with thin cream and white-colored courtains. A closer look at the window frames reveal that the "glass" is actually 2 planks of 3 inches thick material, and it does not look like it can be opened.

The place has a large couch at either side of a low table, and both detectives sit across from you as they handle picture-holding folders and other data.

Ned: "Paper pictures on this day and age?"

Adrian: "Much harder to hack than digital copies, easy to copy, and still admissible in court."

John (his partner): "We can make you some copies if you feel you can keep them in a safe enough place"

Okay, I gotta ask, are you still typing, or are we supposed to choose stuff, now?
You are supossed to say/do stuff now. Someone said I should add "mark" at the end of a post to mark that

Secure store sounds like a good idea. Copies of all the documents buried in a box on Mai's ranch, because nobody's getting anywhere near that without a shitstorm erupting.

"Keeping it Old School. Yes, that appeals to me. Now, let's start with the executive summary
why buried? I get the impression that if you just hand her a folder with the documents, it will already be super safe if she just places it in her underwear drawer.

Note: I would salute and attend the funeral of anyone who dared try to raid her underwear drawer.


Adrian: "Well, as we mentioned before, the individual under investigation has no less than 53 females of attractive figure, ages 19 to 27 as employees in his ranch and manor. We were unable to find any traces of paperwork showing salaries or social security documents."

John: "We are quite sure he's now paying them. They also react very mechanically when confronted, and appear confused until they fall back on what seemed like pre fabricated answeres and routines."

Adrian: "His personal finances are no less shady. It seems he has personally assisted with the salary of high-key lawyers to help the defense of several Teragen members who have been charged with domestic terrorism in the US, and acts of wantom violence across the globe"

John: "Of course, you can use your money however you want, but a great deal of it simply seems to go missing. We could not find a trace of it on his bank account, expenses or lifestyle. The money is dissapearing, and we are somewhat sure it is to bribe law enforcement and politians."

Adria: "This could be very risky business. He clearly has a double net of people we believe he has either under his direct control, or bribed to protect him. You will find the information on this folder, but we can't yet prove he is bribing these people"


What are you direct opinions on the matter, do you think he's controlling the women?


You're the PIs, what do your instincts tell you?

"Does it really disappear? The money? There'd have to be some record of tansactions, even if it were cash withdrawls, surely?
Okay, because to me it looked like you got cut off in the middle of your post or something.

Well the obvious solution is to prepare a list of financial irregularities to the IRA or whatever. Taxmen are notoriously difficult, just ask Al Capone. And if they don't do anything, some major news agencies might recieve an anonymous scoop.

Adrian: "Yes, we are fairly certain the women are being controlled through some means. As for the money, he does a large monthly withdrawal, but we can't find where it goes. Our first thought was drugs, but we could not find anything down that path"

John: "We believe it is bribe money. As for anything else, do you want us to continue as we are? We can probably find where the money is going if you give us another two or three weeks"


"It's not unknown for Novas to have mind-control powers... I'd certainly like you to continue your investigations, following the money seems like the best bet."

"But we certainly shouldn't rule out a combination of both direct AND indirect influence in those cases.

John: "We will continue with more direct background checks on the women. Up until this point, we had been worried our efforts could be spotted"

Adrian: "We'd like to hire someone to infiltrate the manor and plant some bugs inside, but felt we should inform you before hand. It can be very risky business"


It is risky, but I'm beginning to think this is becoming a greater concern of public safety. I would defer to your professional discretion
Rolled 10, 5, 9, 2, 5, 2, 7, 5 = 45


"I would worry about any infiltrator being caught and interrogated. It would have to be arranged double- or triple-blind, no trail at all. At this point, I'd almost wonder about hiring the DeVries agency to do it, on the grounds that a Nova specialist might be the only person capable."

"But, you're the experts, what do you suggest?"

>Rolling Ned's Natural Empath to see what their general mood is
John: "I'm against it, and want to let you know, it's because of two reasons. One, it is illegal, and Two, anything we acquired would still not be admissible in court, anyway. Yes, there is a chance we could get something so damning that it would not matter how illegally we acquired it, but I am against it."

Adrian: "Other than that, we have one more thing, tho we do not agree on it."

John: "We may have a witness, someone who used to be in his ranch, but there is a possibility it may just be someone looking for money"

Meta-Note: That would depend on whether it's the same former doll we got the reports on during Season 1

If it's her, best not let on that we know. If the PIs suspect we're ahead of their game, they might get suspicious.

How did Ned do on the Empathy roll? I make that three successes...
There's nothing suspicious about them. They are doing their job as seriously as they feel they could.

You could get Mai to place mics, probably, but would she? )i mean she COULD, but WOULD she?)

Finishing the meeting with them, do you want to go back to the office, the ranch, the labs, the penthouse studio (you know, for the reality show), or back to the office to see if the musicians decided on stuff?
I say we should go back to the ranch/labs, and have Aritsu forward us anything major pops up.

She's like a bombshell version of Jurgen when it comes to usefulness.
Fenrik? Cain's aid? (yes, Jurgen is his lastname. He's called Fenrik)

Funny enough she probably would like to have tea after a fight

Anyway, I think we should stop here for today. Im still installing stuff and need to continue doing so. I'll see you guys tomorrow

Let them PIs following the money. Bomber's Mansion is a bad idea

IF they're anything else they want to say/recommend/warn, they should do so now.

Then, off to the ranch for a big-time business meeting with our top-tier talent
Sounds good. I'll see you guys tomorrow, have fun and take care!
Yeah, I knew that, but I figured if I actually used his full name, people might be *less* likely to recognize him, with how sparingly it's used.

Anyways, see you tomorrow, hopefully I can kick off this illness and be able to function at 100% soon.

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