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Welcome to the Xtreme Warfare Federation, where super powered beings beat the daylights out of eachother in the most popular pay-per-view event on the planet, and billions are made from selling keychains alone!

In a great east vs west fight, so far the western fighters have won two steady, hard fought wins against their eastern counterparts, but now the bets get higher as the former world champion of seven different boxing weight classes goes against the current grandmaster of nova kyokushin karate!
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Lets wait for one more person to show up. Also, I wish I could have come up with text for this pic
Wat, I've been waiting for you to finish your opening post!
Uh? do I usually make it much larger than that?

Anyway, I have been thinking on the musicians and each of their intros, so to speak. Are we flying over the world to meet them in their natural habitat, so to speak? I sort of doubt that, with their egos, we could summon them to the office, except for 2
I guess we'd be flying to them.
Aura is dressed in her street clothes again, a black microskirt with a matching shirt under a long, flowing black overcoat of incredibly soft fabric. She's sitting crosslegged to your left, leaning back on her chair with her back straight as she sips on the straw of a nova-sized soda.

Ned: "Are you sure you should be up and moving already?"

Aura: "Why not? I drained enough medical staff to last me a couple of day--"

Ned: "Nevermind, I believe you. What about you?"

Ami is sitting next to Aura, holding their nova sized popcorn, dressed in cowgirl boots, long blue jeans and matching jacket with a white shirt and a matching white hat.

Ami: "I'm alright! I didin't really took any damage to begin with. I just won't be using any powers for a couple of hours" -she says flexing an arm, showing her mega strenght is just fine, regardless

Aura: "Oh? no quantum defenses, barriers, forcefields, or immolation?" -leans over towards Ami's ear- "So I could just jump you?"

Ami: "I can still punch you through the roof, you know?"

Aura: "Aww..."

One has no quantum left, the other is at 2 hp

Ami: "Mister Salters -she still hasn't even tried to call you Ned despite almost all your other fighters doing so-, can't you trade seats with her?"

Ned: "Well, see, you are next to the hallway."

Ami: "Oh, you don't like the hallway?"

Ned: "No when the breeze goes that way. I don't want to have Aura's pheromones all over me for the rest of the night..."

Aura: "What am I, a monster or something?"

Ami: "If you act like it, don't complain about it. -then to you- But it's fine if it's me?"

Ned: "You are a tough girl, you'll be fine"

Ami sighs and trades drink for popcorn with Aura so she can have a sip of soda as well.

Aura: "Now, my (passive, natural) scent maybe, but what about sharing the same straw? that's a direct intake inside you"

Ami takes half a second before she starts coughing.

Ami: "You didin't!"

Aura: "Of course I didin't, now just sip your soda."

Ami: "...fine"
Johnny: "And welcome back to the XWF Big In Japan event! I'm your host, Johnny Gomez, and next to me is my colleague, Nick Diamond!"

Nick: "It has been quite a night, Johnny! We have already seen two fights which, by themselves, justify the trip to Japan already! On the opening bout, we had fire versus ice go all out in a fight where nothing was held back"

Johnny: "And then we had quite a show, when the war lady of the east fought the luring demoness of the west in a fight that left everyone at the edge of their seats. Certainly, these girls know how to put up a show!"

Nick: "That's right Johnny, but now it is time for the big boys to come out, and that's why you can see The Krew rising the forcefield barriers around the area right now"

Indeed, the members of The Krew, the "low power" (everything is relative) novas specialized in construction that assemble and keep the XWF arenas in perfect condition are hanging from cables, swinging around massive equipment, and nailing humming generators to the ground around the ring to erect a forcefield bubble around it.

Johnny: "The Krew as usual, making sure the audience enjoys their work in a safe and entertaining manner"

Nick: "Aaand they're done! it looks like everything has been prepared, and they are beginning to evacuate the arena as the lights begin dimming down for the fighter's entrance"
Do you want to roll or freeform the fight?
I dunno, on one hand, I want to roll because it's more exciting, on the other hand, I have a terrifying fear of making bad rolls myself...
Eh, we can free form it. Rolls are just "Python activates time warp, punches enemy in the face 10 times and stuns them for three turns, giving him enough time to kill Divas Mal 3 times over. "
We may have minmaxed him a bit too much, haven't we?

Also, I get this feeling Python may be a stand (The World) user at this point. Do you think he poses?
File: 1389109951871.jpg-(393 KB, 1920x1080, DO YOU EVEN POSE.jpg)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
Why would someone *not* pose? Next you're going to tell me that he doesn't wear 3 hats at the same time.
Eh, he still doesn't hold a candle to Mal. His "can shut down any nova at will" power kinda makes him invincible. One of the reasons I tend to make Psiad's more powerful in my games is so that Aeon actually has a weapon that could work against him.
Fair enough.
Let's just roll to see how believable his fight is, then. To be honest, the part he's selling may be more believable than the fight itself because of muda muda muda! you know?

Roll 15d10 + 5d10
Rolled 7, 1, 4, 10, 3, 5, 4, 9, 5, 1, 10, 8, 4, 5, 4, 9, 10, 3, 5, 8 = 115

12 successes and 2 explodey dice (the last 5 are mega dice and cant explode)
Also, you are running a game in the setting, online or live? I always hated running games in official settings. Just feel too constrained about it
It was live. It was sorta in the official setting, but a bunch of things were changed. The power disparity between Trinity and Aberrant was smoothed out a lot, Divas Mal was weakened such that he was beatable, and the tech rules from the players guide were told to fuck off. Also added a large variety of non-nova foes.
Rolled 3, 3 = 6

13 successes. As 3 successes is considered the peak of human achievement, normally, this is more than good enough to convince all the fights that they are seeing a thrilling fight with both fighters pride on the line.


Johnny: "Nick, can you... can you follow the fight down there?"

Nick: "I'm looking at it on the screens, Johnny. Got to love those super high speed cameras"

Indeed, almost everyone in the arena is looking up. There is a small delay, of course, as the fight is broadcasted in real time 1/2 the time, then in "slow motion" so people can just barely follow what happens, then skips forth again to catch up.

It looks as if the martial arts master is attacking and defending with fists and elbows while the boxer does likewise, both leaning into eachother and holding straight sorely due to the power of their punches.

Then they leap back apart from eachother and stalk eachother for any real or imaginary weak spots before jumping back in again.

Johnny: "An amazing blow from master Yuito Nui sends Python off the arena for a second, giving the eastern master all the time he needed while Python was unable to react, landing three more blows on his left ribcage and bending the boxer as a sidewise U!"

Nick: "I don't think people is meant to bend that way, Johnny, but it looks like Python manages to recover and... what, Yutio is on the floor! the fight is over. Yuito is down!"

Everyone goes quiet as they look up at the giant screens for a slow-motion replay. It takes a full minute for the action of the last second to come out.

Python supports himself on his left arms, using his fists as feet to spin himself upright, and apply two right hooks to Yuito's chin. The martial arts master successfully blocks them and counters with a kick, which Python dodges, and then counters with a hook as he gets straight on the arena once more.
Ah, Im using pretty much nothing from the core setting, myself. I had the aliens attack right away as they find humanity and realize its potential, thus unnifying novas and baselines. Its a big war of the worlds right now.

The rest of the minute is Python using corkscrew punches against Yuito's metal form, slowly but surely beginning to dent the near-invulnerable man before beggining a dempsey roll with 4 arms at super speed until Yuito spins in the air and falls down hard on the arena.

Which leads us to the present, where the medical staff is busy extracting the armored form of the martial arts master from the reinforced concrete and plasteel floor.

Now that the last second of the fight is understood, Python raises his arms as he cries victory.

Aura: "..uhmmm that piston action"

Ami: "I know, right, it was amazing. I could do that at normal speed, but..."

Aura: "Oh, could you?" .she says as she leans towards the innocent redhead

Ned: "I'm going to go check on Brass for the last fight. You girls will be fine by your--- you know what, Ami you should come with me"

Ami: "sure!"

Aura: "Aww..."
Python and Aura "collapsed" after the match according to the plan right?
(how long can you guys stay/continue?)

Backstage, Brass and his counterpart for the event are chatting as they enjoy a local beer and some food. They make quite the odd sight as they stand before a couple of massive, sci-fi-like generators that send sparks and arcs of electricity into the air on a constant basis.

Some Krew members are wandering about, carrying massive cables, one of them stopping to share a beer with the fighters.

Brass: "Hey Ned, is it time already?"

Ned: "We still have 15 minutes, the fight is just over now."

Ami: "Mr wolfside, should you be eating before the fight?" -she couldnt possibly call him on a first name basis

Brass reaches forth and takes Ami's hat off so he can mess her hair a bit.

Brass: "It's alright kid, who's the pro here?"

Ami: "You are!" -she says with a huge smile as her idol pampers her

Osan: "That's quite the adorable junior you have there, Rob-san. I'm much jealous of you, now"

Brass: "Eh, she's like my daughter, man!"

Osan: "Oh, I apologize."

Brass: "Aye? are you sorry?"

Osan: "I'm still going to beat you, of course"

Ami: "N-no you won't. Mister Wolfside will win!" -she says as she bows with a perfect japanese bow and stretches a tablet for the japanese figther to sign.

Osan: "Your japanese is very good. Better than my english"

Brass: "Ami grew up here, then migrated to the states"

Osan: "Oooh, I hope you are enjoying your time back, then!" -he signs it for Ami

Ami: "Thankyou"
of course

Johnny: "Well, it is just about time for the main e-"

Nick: "Is that an earthquake?!"

Johnny: "It can't be an earthquake Nick, we are on a floating isl-- oh my God!"

Osan Tenge is making his entrance into the arena. The gallery breaks apart over rails that were previously invisible to make a large enough hallway for the 35 feet tall warrior god to step into the arena. There is complete silence. No special effects, no music, no smoke. Just the japanese titan standing on the arena.

Nick: "Oh God"

Meanwhile, Brass decides to take a bite out of a thick power cable, and starts draining the generator as he begins growing, growing taller and stronger, until he, too, is like a living god.

Ami: "Go get him!"

It is unlikely Brass was able to hear her all the way up there, but the veteran knows his number 1 fan, and looks down with a smile and a thumbs up as he says "you got it, kid"
I'm going to be here for a few more hours, like it or not, I've got a meeting in 3 hours.
Rolled 3, 7, 8, 9, 6, 4, 10, 9, 6, 10, 3, 9, 5 = 89


Nick: "Johnny...?"

Johnny: "Yes, Nick?"

Nick: "Are you sure the island is going to survive this?"

Johnny: "Of course it will" -he says, wearing a hardhat, just in case

The giant screens are being removed, and the galleries are being moved further back to make a large enough arena. Both colosus were standing face to face, but now with a large enough ring, they prepare to lunge at eachother.

A giant holo shows a countdown floating between them...


roll 15d10 + 6d10, then 12d10 for initiative. Im rolling Osan's Initiative
Rolled 6, 10, 2, 7, 7, 7, 5, 3, 3, 9, 3, 3, 8, 2, 6, 5, 3, 3, 8, 2, 3 = 105

Rolled 7, 4, 8, 1, 5, 9, 2, 9, 9, 4, 5, 5 = 68

Rolled 5

8 successes with 1 explodey dice. It is of course a masterpiece in how realistic it looks, but I think the fact is not "as high" as other fights is perfectly redeemable considering that we have 35 feet tall colossi beating the crap out of eachother.


At the agreed-upon-signal, both fighters let of of eachother and walk around the ring, each of them declaring victory as they get ready to start things "for real" now.

Osan goes first.

Im having trouble starting open to roll the dice there. Which is why I just freeformed Python's fight. Hold on a few minutes, I'd like to at least roll properly for this one
...I thought the agreed upon signal was them collapsing in exhaustion, only to be helped up by their teammates? That was sort of the whole plan.
Ok got it to work, rolling
But not until the very end. I thought they would fight until deciding who the winner was, THEN everyone else would jump in and win or lose depending on who won/lost that final fight.

Or how do you want to decide the winner side? then again is not a tournament or title, so they can "sell" the final fight if you want.

The idea as I understood it was thus:
The three previous fights are their own thing
These two have their own fight
When they figure out who wins or loses, they signal the others, and they all jump in and sell a big final fight

Or fo you want to have a 4v4 teams fight? because I dont think we can roll that in the time we have left, really... would probably have enough time if we do it tomorrow first thing, tho
I do want to see a 4v4 fight, and I was kinda worried when you said we wouldn't have enough time. For some strange reason when you said when might not have enough time, I thought you meant at the event rather than in real life.
I thought it was: they sell a big fight for about 15 minutes, then they collapse in exhaustion, their friends help them up and they finish it 1 on 1.

>Just popping by

Didn't we agree we were going to end the fight with Brass Reaper doing the Mario 64 Bowser Tail-spin, followed by suplexing a mountain-sized Kaiju?
Ah, so you want them to get up on the power of friendship and WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!? that's okay, sure

It just ocurred to me that maybe as a courtesy, the western side should lose the last fight to help the hosts save face since they already lost 3 fights, you know? would be good to help more events in the future
...not really?

I could have sworn the whole idea for the event was to match Brass Reaper up against the Nova who transforms into Godzilla...
No, that was its biggest selling point. At least imho

So what do you want to do?
1) Sell the fight until it starts for reals, with both fighters falling down, then their friends coming in to help them stand and then it starts for real? I think thats what you meant, right?

2) Have a 4v4

Not a bad idea... Brass is so over he spins on his own axis, so he could take a loss to Japan's top guy. Future rematch, in the US, for the title...
Yeah, I could see that, just have the Godzilla wannabee toss him out into the ocean or something, brass maybe strong, but he doesn't seem all that heavy for a 35 ft tall guy.

Then have him be declared loser by ringout or something.
I like that idea. Start a yearly tradition of east vs west or a true world title belt event. It always amuses me when in any sport, only those within a small region of the world duke it out and then they say they are the "world champions"
Hey, don't forget how many of the Miss Universe winners come from planet Earth.

So fucking racist.

>"World Series Baseball"
>Two rival wrestling promotions which both have World Champions

Anyway, we can end it with MASSIVE ring destruction. Brass does the tailspin, send Osan *through* the ring, but Osan comes back before the Ten Count. Happy to writefag the finish.
Alright, I like the way this is shaping out. Wasnt the original idea, but if we can organize a event with fighters from different branches from around the world, we could have a real "world title" belt involved at the end!

I'm all for it. Sell this fight now to build good relationships (in a spectacular fight, of course), and then work on it as well?

Oh yes. Ned could sell Ric Flair on a true International tournament.... National Federation champions brawling it out for a unique Champion of Champions belt.

To be held IN SPAAAAACE! (Literally. A custom-built Battledome in High Earth Orbit)

Of course, Rob has to beat Bomber first... Only the Omega champ could claim the right to compete there...
This makes perfect sense. I support it wholeheartedly. Lets go with it. A description of a great fight ending with the local team win on the final fight, then we can go back to the US, start the conversation with the musicians, keep negotiating to go somewhere else next to get more international leagues interested into a true world title, then take down bomber lord, and while crying victory, announce to the world that a true world title is coming soon.

I like it
>To be held IN SPAAAAACE!
Guys, follow me on this, Zero-G Wrestling.
I don't know... how do you slam someone if there's no gravity? I think it should either be at the north pole, or the K2, the everest (top of the world), or hell, the moon
Maybe Zero-G cage wrestling, where they can push themselves off the cage?
anyway, someone wanted to write the fight?
hello, guys?
Man, I have no freaking clue how to write wrestling, or even how it basically works,

I dunno, Godzilla picks up Brass and tries to bite him, only for Bass to headbutt him right in the snout or something.
Pretty sure that was Eric's plan.
Oh alright, I'll write it then. Just need to be sure how it's going to work. The idea is to sell the fight to build up good relationships with the japanese guys, right?
right. with
>Ah, so you want them to get up on the power of friendship and WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!? that's okay, sure
as the finally thingy.
File: 1389122918318.jpg-(328 KB, 926x704, DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH HATS JOSEPH.jpg)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
Have the guy win by using his larger size to his advantage. Stregth or nor, Bass's size and weight don't really change that much outside of using immovable object.

Have Bass struggle to try and defeat him God of War style or whatever, then have Godzilla get pissed and try to eat him. Bass then proceeds to headbutt him, whereupon he's swiftly tossed out of the ring, into the water. Brass then loses to a ringout or something.

If somebody has some better suggestions, please post them.

Nick: "This is amazing, Johnny. This platform was said to be solid enough to endure a cruise missile!"

Johnny: "It only goes to show the level of power being unleashed here tonight, Nick. The audience has felt every impact as these titans literally made us jump out of out seats with every other blow."

Nick: "It looks like they are at the end of their ropes, however."

Johnny: "That may very well be true, Nick. It looks like both the Brass Reaper and the Heavenly Warrior are about to collapse any minute now..."

Nick: "Johnny, Johnny, look at that!"

Johnny: "What is i--- the fighters, all the fighters are making their way to the ring, and they are helping their friends to stand. This can be no mean feat, even for people with super strenght."

The fighters cry out to their friends, and the audience joins in. Everyone cheers them on and they get up...!

Nick: "It looks like mr Tenge is ready for more, Johnny. He's moving towards the Reaper, but the Brass Reaper is still busy making sure his friends are out of harm's way..."

Tenge slams into Brass with a impact that is felt through the bones and teeth of everyone on the island, and both giants cling unto eachother as they get ready for more.

Were this a regular ring, it would have been a push of almost a feet, but at this scale, Brass is pushed all the way back to the edge of the platform.

The Reaper smashes open Tenge's arms, and tries to start a lock... they go down to the floor once more as they start a series of holds and locks, but as the tide comes in, the waves begin washing on the edges of the platform...

It looks as if the waves have made Brass slip, and that's the window of opportunity that Tenge needs, as he picks up the american fighter... Tenge has him trapped with both hands, but Brass breaks three of his fingers... the horrible sound of bones as thick as a building's support beams snapping washes over the arena!

Brass takes his chance as Tenge struggles through the pain for a moment, climbs unto his rival and, supporting himself against the main beams of the platform, pushes down against Tenge to slam him unto the arena.

Tenge reacts naturally, trying to roll to steady himself, yet getting slammed face first into the floor, leaving a crater with a perfect impression of his face on the ultra hard floor, while the violence of his gesture throws Brass over into the sea!

Nick: "That's it, Johnny. The rules of the match equal that to a ring out, and Tenge wins!"

Johnny: "We'd like to remind our audience that the Brass Reaper has more than superhuman endurance, and a little water is not going to affect him all that much. I am sure the XWF boats are already looking for him, but one way or the other, this fight has ended with Tenge's win."

Nick: "I can feel the roar of the audience dwarfing Tenge's own victory cry as he holds up his fellow fighters. It can't be an easy thing to do with broken fingers, Johnny"

Johnny: "It only goes to show you the size of that man's heart, and I am not talking on a physical sense, Nick."

A few minutes later, Brass climbs up using one of the island's pillars as a staircase. He looks like an ancient sea monster covered in seaweed and other detritus, which he shakes off as his friends and the medical staff hurry up towards him.

A few moments later, the event ends for the night as the fighters greet the audience, and shake hands. Tenge has gone back to his small, unnassuming human form, and is shown with both hands encased as he cheerfully exchanges handshakes with the western team.

Osan: "It was a honor to share the ring with your group"

Ami: "The honor was ours. You were one of the heroes of my childhood, Tenge-san. But mister Wolfside is still number one!"

Osan: "With such a cute fan, it is obvious who lost, here!" -the small man laughs, and wishes your group the very best

A few days later

Brass: "What, you are changing planes in Hawaii?"

Ned: "Yes, I have somewhere else I need to be. I have someone I want to talk to"

Brass: "Well, if you say so. When can we expect you back in the states, then?"

Ned: "It should be two weeks, top"

You are chatting with Brass as you sip wine and eat some snacks in the XWF Jet taking your group back to the states.

Who do you want to interview first? are you going by alphabetical order, or geographical closeness?
File: 1389124497923.png-(685 KB, 936x445, Yare Yare Daze combo.png)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
I'd find it hilarious if Tenge's real form was that of a small, mousy guy.

Also, I can never tell when you're finished posting or not, so if you could, would you please have
After posts that are going to be followed up?

Also, let's interview Brass first, I would think all the hype would be with him fighting Godzilla and all.
geographical closeness.
It is. I said that on his intro. He's barely 5 feet tall.

Also, I meant of the musicians. Which of the musicians are you going to meet now.

That would be either Mako, I think, since from Japan, obviously China is the closest, then probably...
Euphrosyne Zaytseva (Russia)
Stella Crownguard (India)
Kirsti Rannikko (Polonia)
File: 1389125210298.png-(460 KB, 1302x1050, Rohan takes the phrase Re(...).png)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
Whoops, anyways.

Yeah, I guess Mako Euphy and Stella would be high on the list.

Nope, nope, nope, nope, AllOfMyNope.jpg.png.bmp.tff.gif
>Nope, nope, nope, nope, AllOfMyNope.jpg.png.bmp.tff.gif

I chuckled

Think we have enough time to meet Mako today, or should we leave it for tomorrow? how long until you guys have to go? it's way, way after the time we usually end
I'm still up for it, but I am kinda missing Brass Champ and Bishoff.
Me too, honestly. The rest of the guys can continue, or should we stop for now? where are we at post count? is the thread going to autosage or get purged soon? maybe I should save it and stop for today
File: 1389127438719.jpg-(179 KB, 772x1100, Meet Mako's Manager.jpg)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Well, I guess you're gone too, so I'll save the thread, and this delicious delicious reference will sort of go unnoticed.

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