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As Ned Salter, we are the successful manager of a stable of fighters in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, the greatest show on earth, where each pay per view event is the only event people still watch live on the OPnet, and billions are made on mugs and keychains alone.

After a very lucrative first few days on Japan, we are about to assist to a dinner party with our japanese counterparts to discuss about the show for the Big On Japan event.

We are going to a very japanese (formal) event at a traditional restaurant, reserved solely for the occasion.
I'm gonna go get breakfast while everyone arrives.

A short resume. Last time we got Brass and Python to sponsor japanese brands of energy drinks (Brass), rehydrating drinks (Pythin), gym machines (Brass) and boxing equipment (Python) to great success, to the point the brands they now sponsor are likely to grow into the only brands taken "seriously" by health and boxing fans in japan for years to come.

The beauties of the team, Ami and Aura, did some gravure shots (which defined the market for future gravure idols), and sponsored Accura and Toyota bikes, starting a fashion that switched the interest of youngsters from sport cars to bikes, and inspired a coming generation of young girls to grow into the ace drivers of the future.
Repostan from the previous thread.

I have a proposal, I remember that you can buy a second level of Dormancy to hide your Quantum signature. Since Ned has no outward manifestation of his powers, and since he's 'merely' a Superior instead of a Nova, he should be allowed to buy Dormancy the first time to suppress his Quantum signature. As it stands right now, he'd have to buy a level of Dormancy that would do *nothing* to get it, and changing it makes sense, since his quantum signature is lesser than your typical Nova.
That seems fine to me. By the way, don't we want to buy him any powers? I think the ability to directly interface with electronics would be low key and useful enough.

Currently eating cake while waiting. Going to repost (as just one liners) the list of musicians and candidates for the band again.

Aleksander Reilly - Bass prodigy, very good work ethic and creativity. The company wants him in, and so does everyone else, apparently

Aritsu Windsong - Your beautiful executive assistant is actually a very well rounded and talented violinist and singer (classics, of course). If you got her on board, you could trust her to oversee things whenever you are busy

Asmund Morgan - A very talented musician, the young man from California can ride the waves and sounds just as well, play any instrument, copy any power, learn any skill. Only drawbacks are his reputation as a sleek womanizer and his tendency to just "update" other people's songs rather than create his own.

Aura Accussa - We have been working with Aura for a long enough time to automatically understand that her power to manipulate emotions, even through recorded media, could be a massive boost to a musical group of any genre. She also has a powerful and very flexible singing voice, and her style and panachea are second to none.

Bella Avdeyeva - This chestnut-haired scandinavian beauty is known for her wild drums, delivering a primal and powerful experience, and has a reputation for ending every concert on the nude. Critically acclaimed, she "cannot bear the constraints of civilization, and must break free"
Those are just the musicians that we're seriously considering, right? I remember there was a jazz guy nobody cared about, and some Polish dude with an ego problem.

Checking back, we should only take our Executive Assistant and her sister together, or not at all. The Indian chick is a key to one of the largest makets to the world, and has a godly level Work Ethic, both of which could be very valuable.
File: 1388667989607.jpg-(119 KB, 991x816, Asmund Morgan.jpg)
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Euphrosyne Zaytseva - Euphry for her friends, this fiery young woman from russia carried a tradition of powerful and rebellious metal. Russian rock artists had to literally fight the KGB solely to be able to perform, and their metal shows this, being anti-stablishment, loud, powerful and purposefuly offensive. She is idolized as "the daugther of metal" in Russia, and if you want to enter that market through the main door, she is your key to that door.

Kirsti Rannikko - His singing and guitar-playing skills is equal to god-like figures of the past, but the problem is, in the current age of super talented humans, that only comes out as mediocre when compared to his contemporaneous. Still, the man knows how to put up a show, and his voice is recognized as a top seller all across europe.
The biggest problem to work with him is his ego, which previous managers have described as "classical" of primma donnas of legend.

Lyann Porteleger - "Too good to be true" and "Fake" are labels this greek goddess of beauty and the arts has had to carry her whole life. Rejected by both fans and critics alike as "fake", this fiery social crusader is, however "the real deal". She is desperately looking for a chance to prove herself to the world, and is a personal college friend of your executive assistant.

Mako Tsun - She has been granted the titles of "National Treasure" and "Diva" (Heavenly Queen) on China by her god-tier opera singing. Ever since her nova power to alter reality through song manifested, however, she has been banned from performing. Known as a sweet and simple person (she has the lowest ego from all the artist on this list), her only real worry is helping homeless children everywhere, beginning with those of the orphanage she grew up on.
Nevermind, it just seens like you're going in through alphabetical order, so I'm gonna go make some soup.
Im posting all. I noticed I actually skipped a couple of the guys. I KNEW there were too few guys somehow
Matthew S. Fried - This dashing afroamerican young man is a miracle of jazz with his piano and singing, looking for a break into a new musical field. He was approached by the XWF scouts and he agreed to signing with them if the final job offer looks interesting enough. His technique is godly, but he only knows how to sing and play the piano/keyboard.

Ralf Bach is a "complete entertainer" in the classical sense. An actor, dancer, singer and musician, he has always been critically acclaimed on every task he's tried. His performaces have been quoted as having "a vibrant human feeling" and "honesty" to them.

He has constantly beaten Lyann in pretty much every festival, show, and endeavor she has tried to break into, tho if asked about it, he will simply say it is a "friendly rivalry"

Sinoe Windsong - The younger twin of your executive assistant, Sinoe has a condition which means her mental development is much slower than her physical one, tho scientists and doctors feel this is a condition which may not be a disease as much as a coping mechanism, something "natural and expected" in a nova with a life expectancy of a thousand years or more. She is a cheerful bundle of happiness, a fantastic violin player, and excellent dancer with a faery-like appearance that effortlessly gives her an ethereal quality .

Stella Crownguard - Stella is a wild girl from India, spearheading a crusade to restore the indian jungles to their primal majesty. Drums, dance, film making, living with tigers, swimming with great whites. She is considered a primal force in her country, and has a rather sizeable cult which considers her a legitimate goddess (she does not approve, but it does nothing to convince them otherwise).

Those are all the candidates, I believe
File: 1388671108822.png-(35 KB, 1280x354, this post is apprently spam.png)
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Fuck off 4chan, my post isn't fucking spam.

With Alex's insane levels of creativity and work ethic, he makes pretty much the perfect songwriter. That, combined with his low ego and zero personal problems makes him a human Black Lotus, he can be added into pretty much any band, and will cause a net gain. The fact he's also a fantastical bass player is just icing on the cake.

Kirsti's large ego is pretty much a major deciding factor against hiring him. Mediocre techical skills aside, I don't want to hire a guy who's a major hassle in our side and cause of conflict between his fellow preformers.

Morgan and Matthew, honestly, nothing about either of them really jumps out at me. I guess other people could try to make an arguement from them, but I'm not really felling anything from them.

As for Aura, I'm a little leery of having one of our wrestlers work in the band, due to time constraints, but it could be a major tie-in to the stable.
Still interested in Sinoe (She can be molded into anything), Lyann (once we work on her she'll be god tier), Aura, Aleksander and Mako
Well, I guess we'll have to wait until personal interviews with each of them to fully decide. The only thing we are clear on so far, I think is that Kirsty is likely to be a douchebag we wouldnt touch with a 11 foot pole.

For now, lets continue with the meeting between our guys and the japanese fighters.

Hey, hey, hey. I think another thing we can agree on is Alek is pretty much Do Want.jpg
It just ocurred to me

Ned: "Lyann, how did you handle Kirsty?"
Lyann: "I left him a clone to listen to how great he is. He's not likely to notice. She's instructed to just poof into thin air if he tries a move on her, tho"


Rob (Bass), Samuel (python) and Eldric (paladin) are wearing their business suits. Aura is wearing a micro dress with a long but light overcoat, which somehow gives her a flashy and sensual, yet still very elegant look. Ami looks rather adorable in a very traditional pink and white kimono with flowers and birds, it's only nod to her current profession being a large XWF logo over her left hip. She has her hair done in a matching style, and even wearing wooden sandals.

It turns out she did some tea ceremony club activities in highschool. You would have expected her to do some sports club instead, but she was actually the mouse type before blooming, it seems.

Ned: "Alright, we are just five minutes away now"

Your group is riding together in a bus/limousine you purchased and sent to have fixed for business in Japan as soon as you knew you were going, so it is more than ready and functional by now. It is black and gold with the XWF logo in red and white on the side.

There's surprisingly few press, but that is because they were selected and invited by your japanese counterpart, and each news crew is only allowed a single person, so everyone is from a different channel or magazine, and they are all scorted by small, floating camera drones.
Rather than swarming your group as the vehicle stops, they wait until you descend and raise their hands from the sides of the red carpet to try to get you and yours to answer their questions. You notice Aura is getting ready to move in and bask in the light of the press.

Do you want to let her, or do you prefer to ask someone else to do it, or do it yourself?
"Have fun."
Huh, I would've thought Ami would be the type to appeal to the Japanese audience with her demeanor and nationality, but whatever. We should still try to push her a bit here.
You know, Aura reminds me of I-No, style/wardrobe wise. Ever played Guilty Gear?


You unleash the succubi-like girl on the unsuspecting japanese press.

Brass smirks a little as the group moves along. The carpet leads to a golden wooden door and to a large restaurant, the main floor sligthly lower than the street level.

The restaurant has a long history, going back hundreds of years, with the main wooden pillars near the middle of the floor being part of the original construction, now holding a gazebo for the most VIP meetings.

Your counterparts are already there, as the hosts, and move towards your group to greet you.

Their manager is a tall, broad shouldered gentleman of the third age, with a parched face and dark eyes. He greets your group in turn, and introduces himself and his figthers.

Japanese Manager: "It is an honor to finally meet you face to face. Gentlemen, young lady. I am Amano Wazushi, glad to make your acquaintance" -he says in near-perfect english

Amano: "These are Osan Tenge, our titan for the main event..."

Osan Tenge appears as a small man of barely 5 foot, sligthly chubby, and wearing small round glasses which make him look more like a senior citizen or a very aged martial arts former master, but you know him to be able to transform into a 30 foot tall colossus with concrete-hard skin and the figure of a four-armed fighting god. In short, he is using his Dormancy right now.

Osan bows respectfully

Amano: "Yuito Nii, our iron man and martial arts experts. He is most eager to measure his arts against the sport science of mister Rodriguez"

Yuito offers a handshake to Python. He seems like a polite but strong man.

Amano: "Rumika Sakuma and miss Ritsuko Furukawa are the beauties who will be in charge of beautifying the stage together with your american flowers before the main events."

Rumika bows to Ami. She is a tall young woman with long, dark hair and eyes on a beautiful round face.
She has wide, but not unfeminine shoulders and long legs, showcased by a microskirt + heel boots combo.

Ritsuko would be Aura's counterpart. She is dressed much like Ami, in a traditional kimono, complete down to a decorative short sword handle poking out from under her kimono, as if she was a samurai bride on her way to marriage. Her petite height, long black hair, and traditional demeanor reminds you that she is marketed as a "lady of war" in Japan.

Your hosts invite you to sit with them. Except for Rumika and mister Amano, they don't speak english, but they are using small broochs with built in translators on the neck of their clothes.

Ritsuko offers and helps your group to install theirs, and then everyone takes a seat.
Do you want to sell (arrange) any fight, or keep them all real? in the second case, do you want to have the fighters make their own arrangements for making a show of the first few minutes, or do you want to have a elaborate, over arching plan, perhaps something like having some fighters interfer with eachother's fights or such?
I thought we were going to treat this as a trip to a new land, while some music from the 80's was constantly played in the background as the theme for our vacation.
Most of our guys are faces, which limits the amount of dirty deeds we can pull. One idea would be to make the Sell part of the fight a bit longer than usual, then have the winner "collapse in exhaustion" and have to be carried out as well. Then when Bass and Osan fight we have a double knock down where both sides are "too exhausted to continue" at which point the winners and losers of both teams show up to help them to his feet for one final round. Naturally, the people who already fought have had "emergency medical care" which involves lots of highly visible bandages (some clearly red with blood) and possibly a cast or two.
Oh, and this care is obviously incomplete since they "Broke out" to help their buddy
Uhmm? I thought I explained it was a event with the local fighters.. then again was was almost a literal year ago. A fight between brass and the local titan on an artificial island-arena built specially for it off shore on tokyo bay will be the grand finale, with our other figthers having various fights before then.

I dont know... people knows that novas heal super quickly. Would that make it harder or easier to sell?
Doesn't it vary by Nova? I mean yeah they heal wounds that take weeks in days, but it still takes those days unless they have actual regen powers.
Yeah, I was just making a stupid joke and refrencing the song Vactation by the Go-Go's

Other than that, I guess we can go with The Bookie's plan.
Remember the XWF doctor developed a miracle gel tank to treat wounds and sickness, so its even faster.

Anyway, seems like we are going with your plan unless anyone wants to suggest anything different?

Osan: "I am looking forward to a memorable fight, Rob-san"
Brass: "It will take me a couple of moments to soak up enough energy to match your colossal form, mister Tenge, but the fans should remember our fight for years to come"

Amano (manager): "Mister Sanders, will you consent to having our people work together for some OPnet ads before the fight?"

Ned: "I don't see why not. What do you have in mind?"


Do you want to hire the very best crew to film the commercials, or trust in the fighters natural charisma?
Both. I trust our fighter's charisma, but there's no real reason to hire 2nd raters.
cool with me
The fighters seem to get along. Rumika and Yuito are actually very polite people, despite their characters being "heel", but right now, away from the press, they are genial, polite and considerate.

Ami has a nice conversation with Rumika, tho it seems to be about things well beyond the scope of the fight, and miss Ritsuko eagerly walks over to greet Aura when she is finally done playing with the press.

Which must have been interesting since she does not speak japanese, and thus completely based on her beastly charisma and natural sensuality.

Ami: "Is it really?"
Rumika: "You could ask your manager about it"

Ami asks you if she could work with Rumika in a sportswear add for women's gear. She wouldnt get a percentage, but that's because Rumika herself is agreeing to do it just so the company sponsoring the adds agrees to donating 10% of their profits over the next year to charity and medicine research.
"Sure." We'll just use it as an opportunity for brand building.
This works
We should probably add in a clause that use of promotional materials including our athletes (in this case only Ami) expires when they end their agreement to donate 10% of their profit to charity. If they want to extend the contract they can contact us before it expires.
With your approval, Ami starts talking about this with Rumika, while the dinner progresses.

By the end of the meal, nearly everyone has a battle plan for the first few minutes of each fight. Noone is going to sell the fight, but they generally agreed to doing about 10 minutes for the fan's benefit at the beginning of each encounter.

Brass: "Are you sure the artificial island will be able to handle the shaking and pounding?"

Aura: "...." -smirks- "Why, am I going to be staying there for the rest of our visit?"

Samuel: "Hardly, but it is a valid concern, miss. There will be massive blows going on. We are talking about quantum powered bodyblows, throws, punches and the likes, after all. If this was a normal fight, the worry would be ridiculous, but it isint"

Ned: "We have the very best people in charge of the platform. After the fight, we are thinking of donating the platform to build a stadium on top"

Ami: "That sounds good" -Well, I think I'm going back to have a shower and get into bed, what about you?" -to Aura-

Aura: "Is that an invitation?"

Ami: -blush- "A-aura!"

Aura: "Don't worry, sweet cheeks, I'm going to do much the same, except I'll keep discussing about the fight with Ritsuko over the OPnet. We both want to come up with a detailed plan for the first 20 minutes of the fight. May even go to her place, since she said she has a ring, and begin practicing for it"

Aura is fun, but she does have a rather healthy work ethic, after all. Stop here for today and continue tomorrow?
Oh, that sounds pretty good
We can stop here. Was the top gun competition going to be at this even or was that later?
Later. Going to archive the thread but keep it open, as usual
Sorry, I'd like to participate more, but I can't stop coughing for more than a few minutes.
I hope it's not chronic?
Just cought some bronchitus a few days ago. Happens every year, really.
Oh thanks goodness, we cant all be going blind or dying or such
Yeah, if I was a QM I'd probably have pneumonia or something by now.

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