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  • File :1225357632.jpg-(12 KB, 360x254, announce.jpg)
    12 KB AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:07 No.2907801  
    Attn: High Lord [EXPUNGED], Lord Commander Militant of the Imperial Guard
    From: Marshal [EXPUNGED]
    Subject: [EYES ONLY] Ongoing campaign at Sol-3 [EYES ONLY]
    Origin: Sol-3 (Orbit), Segmentum Tempestus
    Destination: Holy Terra
    Thought For The Day: A good soldier obeys without question.
    As per your request and the immortal Emperor's will, our Lord General [EXPUNGED] brought us into this system a total of six months ago. We exited the Warp by the guidance of the Astronomicon at the edge of the system, and all scans showed no life except for the third planet in this system. By the grace of the Emperor, we suffered no mishaps during the transport, and our full compliment of two regiments arrived without mishap; these consisted of the recommended diverse collection of companies, ranging from Cadian shock troopers
    to Armageddon mechanized infantry to Elysian drop soldiers, as well as a handful of Titans that your lordship saw fit to provide us with as well.

    As we arrived insystem at the system your lordship identified as Sol, Lord General [EXPUNGED] of course expressed his desire to have more intelligence data as he spoke with the commissars of each company in conference, but viewed it as an opportunity to test the skills of himself and his men against an unknown enemy. He passed along your orders to us all, that we take pains to avoid unnecessary damage to this world, including forbidding us from orbital bombardment.
    >> richtgambler 10/30/08(Thu)05:10 No.2907815
    bump, want to see something CRAZY going on.... like say bullshit TTTWWWWEEEESSSSTTTTTT
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:10 No.2907818
    I see what you do here.

    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:11 No.2907821
         File :1225357901.gif-(89 KB, 495x361, MegaApes.gif)
    89 KB
    Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home.
    All the time, it was... We finally really did it.
    You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:14 No.2907826
    Our initial assessment of this system was that the planet in question seemed to be as a sparsely populated civilized world - though much of the population seemed concentrated in urban areas, we estimated there were no more than eight billion on the surface, less than the majority of imperial worlds. No wide scale mining seemed to be taking place, however, and there was certainly not enough agriculture visible from our initial surveys to designate it as an agri-world. It seemed barely self-sufficient, with no indication that the inhabitants were using space travel beyond this single planet. Still, there appeared to be a few proto-hive cities on the surface of the planet, but even those were sadly small.

    Curiously, despite that there was no data available on this planet to our cartographers, within hours of our ships attaining orbit we began receiving vox transmissions from the surface of the planet in a large number of languages. While this in itself would normally not be an issue, two of them showed great resemblance to Low Gothic. A third shocked the techpriests who were monitoring the vox traffic -- they stated it was, startlingly, almost identical to High Gothic and easily understandable to them.

    As such, when they identified their wishes as peaceful (which was not unsurprising, as our fleet of several light cruisers and a grand cruiser must have shocked them at the time), a meeting place was determined at one of the capitols, a hive city they designated Moskvá, on one of the larger continents. Even for a capitol this was small, by Imperial standards, barely fifteen million citizens. The residents of the planet had no unified government at this point.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:19 No.2907842
    Lord General [EXPUNGED] stated he would attempt to negotiate personally for the absorption of this system, and would take a cadre of sanctioned psykers with him along with a platoon of Cadia's finest. Up until that point, none of the Astropaths had noted anything unusual to anyone, and had no problems seeing the light of the Astronomicon at all. As the Lord General spoke with the psykers, however, they noted something very unusual to them -- they had not felt the presence of any daemons, which was in fact quite the relief to them. As we all know, sanctioned psykers are used to being on their guard at all times, as daemons are always lurking about waiting for an opportunity; still, they were warned not to let their guard down.

    The Lord General landed at the spaceport in Moskvá ... but it truly cannot be called a spaceport, as it had likely never seen spaceborne traffic until our transports landed. Still, it was large enough to accommodate us. We departed from the spaceport, Sentinels and Basilisks escorting the Lord General as he was in a Leman Russ battle tank, looking the part. They came to a halt in a central square in the city, and there were what appeared to be several dignitaries guarded by a token military force - no vehicles, but a number of men on foot that seemed to be carrying autoguns and light flak armor.

    From what I am told, the psykers identified one of the leaders as a latent psyker himself, but certainly he was not above a lambda rating. Curiously, most of the other individuals were given a quick assessment of phi or chi, a far cry from the average Imperial citizen's rating of pi -- enough that it was feared some of them might even be dampened against the psyker's talents.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:22 No.2907851
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:26 No.2907858
    The Lord General stood away from the Leman Russ, advancing to stand near the heads of state that had been wise enough to gather to speak with him. Before he impressed upon them the situation they were in, he asked what they knew of the galaxy at large. Clearly they were all surprised to find that they were speaking to humans, and they explained they called this planet Earth -- heresy, to be certain! -- and they were located in what they called the Orion arm of the galaxy. By their reckoning they were early in their third millennium of recorded history, and most interestingly, they had no idea what an STC was, giving a brief purview of how they had built their society up over the last several thousand years from being a feral world to this civilized one now.

    How they could have forgotten the Immortal Emperor? Throne save us all, they seemed polite but regarded it as little more than a myth if the psykers were any indication.

    The Lord General then expressed to them the truth. Earth, Holy Terra, was nearly a third of the way across the galaxy, and clearly they must have forgotten their past and their birthplace. But all was well, and they were to be welcomed into the Imperium. They seemed somewhat interested in this, though as the Emperor's sacrifice was told to them, they seemed to increasingly act disturbed. As the Lord General mentioned in an offhand way that, if they refused, they would be brought to heel if such an action had to be done, the latent psyker among them looked at the other leaders, then leaned forward in his seat toward the Lord General and said something translated roughly as 'fuck you and the grox you rode in on' before standing abruptly and walking away.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:28 No.2907861
    I lol'ed.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:29 No.2907863
    Only Putin would have the balls to insult an invading army from space.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:30 No.2907870
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:31 No.2907871
    The only race bad-arse enough to tell future Humanity to go fuck itself.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:31 No.2907873
    My money is on TR. Or possibly Stalin.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:33 No.2907879
    Fuck yeah, Humanity!
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:34 No.2907886
    HUMANITY! Fuck... yeah?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:34 No.2907887
    Clearly they were not pleased about this, and an example had to be made. The man's words were translated in a matter of moments, but he was already walking away; as the Lord General unholstered his bolter pistol, intending to give the dissident the Emperor's peace. As he fired, the soldiers raised their weapons and opened fire on our soldiers, concentrating their fire on the Lord General. Even that man, with the luck of the Emperor's blessed, couldn't survive so many autoguns firing on him and the Emperor granted him peace quickly. The Lord General wasn't able to hit his target, either -- somehow the latent psyker detected the attack as it was happening and dove to the side.

    The other leaders scattered quickly, though two were felled by the lasguns of the brave Cadians who had accompanied the Lord General, and the psykers reached out through the Warp to do what they could, but the square rapidly emptied. The dead were recovered, and the Guardsmen quickly fell back to the transports to return to the cruisers and determine what the next appropriate action to take would be.

    Unfortunately, it seemed that this sort of situation had been considered -- while the shuttles had been stationary, several soldiers with strangely colored uniforms, carrying autoguns and shotguns, surrounded and advanced on the spaceport. They suffered many casualties, but were able to capture the shuttles, sparing the lives only of the techpriests, and even they were seriously injured.

    Our tactics were superior. Our weapons were superior. But they knew the battleground, and had strength in numbers.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:38 No.2907896
    As the Cadians came upon the field, it was seen that perhaps the lack of STCs hadn't harmed these men, for vehicles that looked not a bit like a Leman Russ STC save for an elongated version of the main cannon advanced on the Guardsman. Their guns fired to brutal effect, the tanks' main cannons firing some sort of high explosive. Over successive shots, the armor of the Leman Russ and the Basilisks being destroyed and the vehicles destroyed; foot soldiers with RPGs targeted the Sentinels, some crippled and abandoned, others destroyed outright.

    Foot soldiers swarmed, and their concentrated fire killed most of the soldiers on foot; most of the survivors who escaped and retook one of the shuttles were either armored in carapace or were psykers (who, somehow, all survived the incident). Immediately there was a suggestion that we should level Moskvá for their audacity, to show them we are not to be trifled with, but now being the ranking officer in charge of the operation, I refused to do so as it was your will that we not do any thing of the sort.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:44 No.2907907
    Shortly thereafter, we landed soldiers at several dozen locations on the planet -- having initially underestimated their ability to track where we landed, we established several zones where we had firm control. That is, until their air support arrived. Ours could not stand against theirs, and without the ability to bombard targets remotely, their aircraft bombarded our heavier forces, including several kinds in various regions that seemed designed to engage armor on the ground directly. Our tanks were, unfortunately, unable to withstand the cannons of most of these close attack craft, and while we gave respectable casualties, we received much the same.

    While the combat took place, we identified five of their regiments who seemed to be foremost in battle, and each had their own distinctions. Rossiya, host of the city of Moskvá, seemed to have taken the greatest offense to us. Bharot, also identified as India, seemed to have massive numbers that they moved with the aid of other regiments who helped equip them. Much was the same with Zhōnghuá, whose forces seemed to be more poorly equipped but who fought with a zeal that nearly matched the Cadians themselves! Another, a group that consisted of different companies united under the banner of Europäische Gemeinschaft, seemed not to fight with quite as much zeal, but like the fifth, identified as the Ian-que, their forces seemed to enjoy striking from a distance.

    All in all, were they equipped with the proper gear, any of these regiments could be formidable in the service of the Emperor. Clearly, this is one of the reasons Your Lordship sent us to this world. Unfortunately, what they lacked in some fields, they made up for in the others, and our forces were taking grievous losses at this point no matter their composition. Of course, as I noted already, we were far from letting them strike with impunity, but they seemed to adapt to our fighting methods very rapidly and used every advantage they could get.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:50 No.2907927
    We are fucked if Marines get involved.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:53 No.2907935
    As our morale began to suffer, even with the ministrations of the commissars to try to stave it off, they began sending out a vox transmission -- inviting us to surrender! The irony sickened me.

    The fact that we were taking these losses, however, meant the men increasingly took this seriously. As treasonous and heretical as it is to abandon the most holy duty a man can have, to give his life in the service of the Holy Emperor, rumors began surfacing of the survivors of our pitched battles surrendering instead of fighting to the last man.

    More disturbing was when a full company of our soldiers, preparing for an assault on Tokio-to, landed and promptly surrendered to the local forces, defecting in full view. I doubt the will of the commissars had been broken -- surely the men killed them when they least expected it. It was not an unknown situation, to be certain, and the regiments on the planet's surface had learned to target commissars first so their numbers had been depleted greatly. Only a handful remain.

    So to try and determine what the appropriate action is, loathe as I am to call for assistance as you well know, I gathered the psykers who still remained and they cast the Emperor's Tarot.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:54 No.2907938
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)05:55 No.2907942
    huh? i'm pretty sure spesh mehreens were left out for a reason...they'd assfuck any ground force.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:00 No.2907950
    Oh... I thought it was one of the trolls from the US Marines in 40k thread yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:01 No.2907952
    Exactly. Im just noting that if they did get involved we'd be fucked.

    Those Titans arent going to go down easy either.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:02 No.2907956
    Wrong marines. Beside, if you want to beat Marines with a modern day army, you need to hit them with an Abrams.

    No, I mean, HIT THEM with an Abrams.

    Swing the fucker by the barrel and aim for the muhreen like you're trying to hit a fastball.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:03 No.2907963
    For hours, the psykers debated each other, every small thing a sign, every card a grain of sand on a beach of endless possibility. Or so they said. Over the previous six months, it had become clear that Chaos seemed to be non-existent here, and that had not changed in the slightest since the beginning of our stay.

    The Emperor came up. Many times. And yet, the psykers said without the taint of Chaos, something was very different. They could see the cards clearer. And every time the Emperor came up, other cards showed corruption there. I know not what this means -- the darkest heretical whispers say that the psykers divined that the Emperor is not truly who sits on the throne, but Horus, the Betrayer himself.

    Nonetheless, given the utter failure of our campaign, indeed the fact that we seem to have been sent here with the intention to fail... and the fact that those on the surface have begun to copy lasguns!... I have little choice but to tender my resignation. Even the surviving commissars, after a days-long talk (and brief threats of summary execution), have begun to see the truth in the psykers' words. The corruption that seems to have spread through the Imperium itself. The fact that this world... perhaps there is something to it that keeps it from this corruption. And perhaps in time we can find out what it is and bring it outward into the Imperium.

    Emperor forgive me. But while my faith in the man on the Throne has been shaken -- my faith in the Immortal Emperor Himself, and the Imperium he built, remains absolute. It would not have been His will that we come here as we did, were it otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:04 No.2907964
    Titans will fuck us good, the onlt thing i can thing of are nuclear weapons or bunker busters
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:05 No.2907970
    You forgot SQUAD BROKEN
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:08 No.2907977
    Sweet, we have giant robots now.

    But the real question is, can Earth really stand against the Imperium? Even if it has a 100 year headstart due to the Administarium.

    Our only hope is the Resonable Marines.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:11 No.2907980
    typical retarded IG I see

    nice of writefag to so easily establish earth's air dominance considering they have passive air radar in their fighters (not interceptors) that can track >1000 targets simultaneously, plane hulls that can resist autocannon fire, and vectored-thrust dogfighting tactics
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:13 No.2907985
    Titans are possibly the most impractical weapons in WH40k after flying battle cathederals.
    Massive heavy thing with legs, mostly forward facing weaponry and giant banners=big bulls eye.
    They compensate by being totally rad.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:14 No.2907993
    The High Lord steepled his fingers, looking up at the messenger in his chambers after he had read the message. It had remained sealed. But that often meant nothing. Still, this messenger had served him faithfully for years and was one of the few worth trust. True to the catechism, he asked not why but only how he could serve.

    "And no others but the psyker that received it have seen this message?" he asked quietly, rolling the paper back up into a tube silently.

    The messenger nodded his assent. "Yes, my lord. No others." After a momentary pause, the messenger added, "Once he had received that message and scribed it, and insisted it be on the paper as you have seen, he lapsed into silence and... well... he said he had but one final duty to the Emperor, and just... died." The messenger had seen many things in his time on Holy Terra, of course, and that would not be the most strange among them. Surprised? Yes. Shaken? No.

    The High Lord nodded again, before touching the end of the parchment to a lit candle. The parchment took immediately, and it was less than ten seconds before it had burnt itself to ash. Looking up, he said to the messenger, "You may leave now."
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:17 No.2908001
    Yeah. Look up the published statistics on 40k's aircraft and its defense capabilities, I think you overestimate the usefulness of turning on a dime Macross Zero style when it comes to firing missiles at targets BVR.

    Dogfighting is how you LOSE air battles. No aircraft has been designed for dogfighting since the advent of the jet engine.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:20 No.2908008
    >>No aircraft has been designed for dogfighting since the advent of the guided missile.
    Fixed that for ya.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:21 No.2908014
    Ooh, good point, I stand corrected. Thanks!
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:25 No.2908016
    Malal relaxed the hold he held on the High Lord's mind. The incident would be forgotten about entirely, and none save the High Lord himself knew the fleet's destination. They would be written off, just another small fleet lost in space on their way to ... somewhere. He grinned to the emptiness about him. The power of the Four was growing of course, slowly, but as their strength grew so did his own. Enough to touch the mind of one of the High Lords themselves without being detected.

    "These are days when no one should rely unduly on his competence. Strength lies in improvisation... all the decisive blows are struck left-handed," he mused to the emptiness of the Void. "What is it they say... 'Stick this in your pipe and smoke it', my ancient nemesis."

    He could feel Tzeench's rage already, far on the other side of the Immaterium.



    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:27 No.2908026
    Aircraft have never been built which could withstand autocannon fire, especially modern aircraft. As someone might have mentioned, dogfighting is very rare and hence there is no incentive to take up extra weight in armour, when Mr, AMRAAM busts your ass so easily.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:28 No.2908030
    And yet you underestimate them

    Only a handful of nations in the world have top-gen fighters, with our last series (F14/15/16/18) dogfighting aplenty still occurred, especially in the middle east area.

    Also, the planes have to be sortied from ground bases (or possibly carriers but the current top-gen F15c/F22 don't do so), whereas the IN is striking from low orbit. also keep in mind their planes are tough enough survive reentry

    If vector thrusting is so useless and designed for a dogfighting scenario that will never be accomplished, why is it on the su-47 or f-22, especially since the f-22 is aerodynamically designed to be the ultimate "launch missiles and leave" fighter?

    hell, their shuttles take a lascannon to the COCKPIT and there's barely a scratch

    I'm not overestimating 40k here, their tanks suck shit and will get raped. But their aircraft have quite a different showing and orbital deployment is a HUGE asset.

    tanks too have contradictory toughness (one in fluff is hit on the side and not only is the tank unpenetrated after skidding something like 20 meters from the hit, the crew isn't even stunned). but the overall designs undeniably suck shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:28 No.2908032
    Lots of armor does tend to make it harder to fly.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:35 No.2908045
    Good for a lascannon. Throw a few modern AMRAAM missiles at it and let me know how that comes out. From opponents who can fly nap of the earth, know the terrain, and how best to use it to their own advantage. Sure, orbital deployment is good but when you've got air cover enough to keep them off you (even at the cost of their own lives) while your A-10's or Su-25's are strafing the shit out of the ground armor and ruining operations, what do you expect is going to happen? And have you ever heard of SAMs?

    By the way, the Su-47 is a one-off platform for showing off. It'll crash at an airshow sooner or later, there's only one that was made, it is not and never will be a production aircraft.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:41 No.2908057
    With all due respect, i.e. none, a lascannon is way more fucking powerful than an AMRAAM. It's a giant fucking laser that shears through tank armour as though it were wet paper. Need I remind you that in 40k tanks are essentially made of INDESTRUCTIBLE and PLOTARMOURIUM? There's not a lot in any modern arsenal thats even going to put a dent in that.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:42 No.2908062
    They've been trying like fuck to get someone like China to buy them just like China has already ate up all those neat new MiG 1.42/44's.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:43 No.2908067
    That why they had to add a gun pod to the F-4 Phantom. Idiot.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:44 No.2908069
    I'm don't have a problem with the imperium losing.

    when it comes down to it, a carrier cruiser like a Mars class or Dictator class doesn't have enough fighters to conquer a world on their own unless they sacrifice their space-capable ones (furies/starhawks).

    A cruiser probably has 3-5 wings total of fighters and bombers, most of their hanger space is devoted to ship-to-ship craft that aren't atmospheric-capable. that's not enough by far to conquer earth, even if your planes are tough and fast enough to repeatedly survive orbital reentry. The Imperium will deploy their fighters to defend the landing, run into some 3rd-rate air force and basically have a field day until the AA defenses (yes, 40k has SAMs in the form of Helios pattern missiles and the like. and yes, they are guided which is why in fifteen hours they're surprised the ork SAMs aren't) and a proper 2nd or 1st world airforce shows up, after which they'll take heavy casualties in exchange and probably be reduced to rear-echelon patrol duties where they can be covered by helios and hydras.

    The writefag, though, basically wrote 'lol we kicked their asses in the air because we have guided missiles'. You think the tau and eldar haven't beaten them to the punch there? The IG may be swarmy and crappy. The Navy is damn capable for their numbers.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:44 No.2908070
    All these replies, and none even brought up the TIME PARADOX end?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:49 No.2908083
    Er, actually, I purposefully glossed over the details... because I couldn't find any fucking details about any fighters that the Guard would use in the codex. Seriously, you'd think they'd put at least SOME aircraft in a book of an army that operates on tactics of combined arms.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:52 No.2908091
    That's because imperial guard (with literally one exception) do not control aerospace assets (in 40k space control pretty much = air control).

    That's the job of the Imperial Navy.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)06:58 No.2908098
    How would lasguns fare against our infantry? I keep thinking that the beam would simply cut through rows of so lightly armored enemies, so if only Cadians formed a line, their MOVE&SHOOT would massacre every one of their opponents.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:02 No.2908107
    Our modern infantry tactics are actually more comparable to space marines. That is, small squads of semi-autonomous surgical strike teams rather than LETS ALL FORM A NICE NEAT SQUARE AND MARCH TOWARDS THE ENEMY. WHAT HO!
    There might be a LOT of them all working together, but they're still individual squads focused on flanking the enemy and wrecking their shit rather than forming two nice neat lines and charging each other.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:03 No.2908108
    Except that modern soldiers don't tend to stand in a line to be shot. Combine fairly good marksmanship and the lack of Cadian face shields for a thorough rape.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:03 No.2908110
    modern body armor = meant to withstand ke
    lasguns = heat energy

    lasguns will work, but our infantry usually operates from longer distance. unfortunately (or fortunately?) there have been no major encounters between sufficiently advanced modern militaries so we don't know for sure how modern tactics + armor materials works against itself

    so the IG has a slower-firing but deadlier rifle and superior body armor (flak armor takes hits from heavy stubbers which are .50 cals and keeps the wearer alive). modern troops do have tactics better suited to the terrain (lol trenches) and overall are more used to mechanized warfare compared to any non-mech IG force.

    this is here before some fag comes in and says "autogun = lasgun". in siege of vraks the insurgents are using 8.25 caliber autoguns which have the same in-game stats of a lasgun. yes, it's probably a typo but even a 0.825 caliber slugthrower is a massive round.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:07 No.2908117
    lasrifles are assault rifles. They are capable of fully automatic fire. On top of which, their optics can be linked up to satellites or ships in orbit to vastly increase their range, making them essentially sniper rifles.
    Fuck, I'd hate to run up against Catachans, no matter what the theater was.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:07 No.2908119
    I thought autoguns were supposed to be slugthrowers with inferior stats. Of course, bearing in mind AP ammunition... well, I don't know how it would necessarily fare against IG armor but when you're throwing a wall of lead at someone you'll eventually end up hitting an unarmored part of them unless they're in power armor.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:09 No.2908120
    No typo. 8.25 millimetres would be roughly .316 caliber.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:14 No.2908126
    DH lasrifles have no fully automatic capability, but they can be fired in three-round semi-auto bursts (whether this means the weapon literally has a three round burst function or you're just allowed to shoot it three times in one full attack is unclear).
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:14 No.2908128
    I have never heard of a nato round (7.62x51) being referred to as 7.62 caliber. I doubt this is the case.

    large game hunting rifles are 0.8 cal and higher, it could easily apply here
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:17 No.2908131
    So the emprah is actually horus?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:17 No.2908132
    ... you what? We call it 7.62x51 "7.62 NATO" all the fucking time. Where the hell do you live?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:18 No.2908137

    Wait, sorry, I see what you meant now. Protip: Never underestimate the ineptitude of GW or their writers.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:19 No.2908138
    The Imperium is strictly metric - and roughly 38,000 in the future. There's much change in all that time, just as planned.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:20 No.2908142
    i hear "762 by 51", "762", and "762 nato" regularly

    i don't hear "762 caliber" or "seven point six two caliber". maybe it's just me

    I only hear "caliber" when referring to barrel diameter (which is in inches)
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:22 No.2908146

    someone in storm of iron mentions their bolt pistol being "0.75 caliber"

    lol at 0.75 mm diameter bullet.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:27 No.2908152
    You expect GW sources to be consistent?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:27 No.2908155
    Imperial guard wins because their guns shoot pure depleted deuterium.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:28 No.2908162
    So we're still sucking the cocks of uncoordinated GW writers? Pretty common among fags like you.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:29 No.2908164
    From their MULTILAZERS? GB2goto'scock
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:30 No.2908165
    No, I'm just laying waste to an unfounded claim of an strict wholescale Imperial adoption metric system.

    GW is british, no way in hell.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)07:32 No.2908170
    Except that it is, faggot. Accept it, or keep sucking Goto's cock.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)08:10 No.2908253
    There's demand for MOAR. Ignore the fags.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/08(Thu)08:23 No.2908303
    .75 cal =/= 75mm
    .50cal is about 12.5mm

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