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Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to be a monster hunter. Not your simple Van Helsing, no, those monsters are too easy; too human. No, I desire... Monsters.

Monsters killed with improbable weapons! Great Swords that are nothing more than sharpened pool tables, horns so big, they crush things when they hit. Crossbows used as support weapons!

Monsters that when killed, can be looted for their hides and bones, which are then fashioned into new armor for Hunters to wear. If you want better clothes, you hunt bigger monsters, something that requires a ship to even contemplate assaulting.

Herbivores, wyverns, elder dragons, I want them all. Question is, how does one go about designing a Monster Hunter RPG system that glosses over the grinding this and that and gets down to the careful choreography of monster fights?
This interests me. Bumping
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Bump for interest as well
File: 1387853633858.jpg-(93 KB, 800x640, 1282611877566.jpg)
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Someone once said something about how a monster would be best mimicked in the system: Interdependant body parts. Each one has it's own armor (Resisting crushing/piercing/cutting damage) as well as it's own HP. You cripple a Wing part? You hobble a Wyvern's flight speed or climbing (in the case of things like Tigrex and Nargacuga). HP is subtracted till you cripple a part or manage to remove it entirely (usually by repeatedly attacking a crippled part).

Though, this brings up the issue of attacking. Each part can do a thing, like claw with the fore/hind limbs, fly, breath fire, or deliver poison. How many attacks should a Wyvern get versus a hunter or party of hunters?

Thus enters an idea knicked from Exalted: Speed and Combos Each battle starts from tick 0 and climbs up, with certain weapons and attacks getting to attack every x ticks. Great Swords, while slow, do a good amount of cutting damage and combo okay. Long swords are faster, combo a lot, but deal a piddly amount of cutting. Same goes for dual swords, which have a unique ability to chew up fatigue and just attack every/every other tick. And then get slapped by wyvern tails. Hammers are slow, deal large amounts of damage, and have charge up attacks. You guys can see how this goes.
Well, this is what I came up with for monster drops: make a table for whatever monster you kill (lets use a Melynx as an example).

Let's say the Melynx can drop these items: Secret Pouch, Glutton Tuna, Felvine, and Map. First, you can put them in order of what you think the percentages of each item dropping could be (Map having 55%, Pouch having 25%, etc.) Then, you simply roll a percentile die. If you hit within the threshold of the Map item, then you get a Map, and so on and so forth.

Of course, this is merely a suggestion.
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Well, with something as big as a Rathian or Rathalos, it'd be easy to make a single suit of armor from the corpse, provided some people didn't get to triggerhappy with the arrow raining. Condition for boss monsters may have some factor on drops. Like intact wings get you a better chance of getting the webbing you need, better body gets more scales, and head more teeth, etc. Otheriwise, you could pull two horns and some hide from a Kelbi. Unless you cut the damn thing in half, then you get less.

I do wish to avoid repetitive hunts to grind up things because entire parties wish to have some Rathian armor and do irreparable damage to the surplus populations.

Also have Felyne player characters, because those guys are scrappy and cute,
Perhaps you could adapt the Last Stand RPG. It's about bio-armored warriors fighting B-movie alien invaders and grafting their severed body parts to themselves for new powers. It has most of what you'd want, I think. Enemies are defined by a set of four stats. These serve as their various health pools, too, with damage reducing their capability in that stat (players do the same, but are considered to always be rolling the full stat until it hits zero). Each stat can also have a specific body part assigned to it, with appropriate powers for it. Knocking out that stat removes the body part from the monster, and allows you to use it to craft upgrades for your character. Some body parts can also be used immediately after removal for a lesser form of the upgrade. There are also monsters so big they count as their own zone, allowing for them to be climbed on top of to fight individual body parts at a time. I think it would work pretty well.
File: 1387855474074.jpg-(500 KB, 1000x1300, 1294896151040.jpg)
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This seems to hit every design sweet spot I could wish for if your recounting is indeed accurate. Hopefully I can find a free copy to crib design from and toss in my looted tick idea and get some fast paced, reactive combat.
File: 1387857387989.jpg-(23 KB, 480x304, 1382492657158.jpg)
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Why stop there?
Let's fucking make an entire RPG
File: 1387858116022.jpg-(653 KB, 980x793, Rahtalos_by_kakotomirai.jpg)
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What sort of stats should hunters have? Stuff that matters. Obviously perception and some reactionary stat that would allow them to dodge. An interaction stat to work with the guild that provides them with quests to hunt dangerous beasts. A strength stat for melee damage boosts and some stat to hit with.

What sort of dice system? Someone mentioned a d100, so it'd be easy to just couple up and use that. Also nets us d10s and d5s, which can go a long way for roll variations.

Should there be other perks for hunters to set them apart from others other than weapon and armor choice? Skills?
Yeah, like a perk that increases how many rounds/ticks/whatever the LS gauge can last, or being able to reduce stamina cost when blocking.
There's a thought, we would need a stamina stat too.
Could also put in (a) crafting skill(s)
Ehhh... I'm sick of this sort of setting that unrealistically powers the heros and underemphasizes the strengths of the monsters

>ie OP pic
This is obviously the best case scenario with a Deviljho fight. The thing is a walking pile of rape and hate for anything that moves. Any seasoned player will tell you that the only good Deviljho fight is one that you avoid.
>a walking pile of rape and hate for anything that moves.

That's about right.

I almost hate to bring it up, but Kingdom Death Monster had pretty good Monster Hunter gameplay elements. Each monster had a deck of action cards. We could adapt the system and make it a bit more suited for our purpose. Maybe even just make it a roll table instead of cards.

Say a monster lost its tail- remove the trail swipe action. Fight lasts X amount of rounds? Add in fatigue cards for free round of damage. Could work.

Also, starting in High Rank tier:
> Roll for Deviljho encounter interrupt
Jho is not that bad alone man, he just is an attention whore who fucks up hunts not about him.
even then he only fucks you up if you aren't paying attention(or he literally just appeared for the first time in the hunt and you are trapped)and forgot dung and paint.
I suppose that after a few times hunting the same monster it becomes a 'routine' hunt, which means you can hunt it with only a single dice roll instead of a fully-played battle.
This intrigues me. I haven't played any of the Monster Hunter games since the first one. Can someone link me to a good Let's Play of whatever game is considered best in the series?
If you stand under his feet it's REALLY hard for him to do much to you
I don't know of any let's plays but Freedom Unite is a great game as well as 3 Ultimate
File: 1387880247877.png-(73 KB, 600x600, G.I.Jho.png)
73 KB
Freedom Unite will feel really familiar since it's only a one generation gap from the first monster hunter, but it's still aged.
3 Ultimate is just as big of a game with 50% less recolors for extra monsters. Since it's the last of gen3 is a bit more advanced than anything we have in NA in ways of monster hunter at the moment. Hitboxes make a bit more sense, but nothing in it can 1HKO if you have armor at the level to challenge it. Oh, and it has underwater fights.

And then there is MH4, which there is no news of localizations. Likely to get news soon with 10 year MH anniversary coming soon. Still, plenty of japanese (and likely importer) lets plays of it bound to be out there.
File: 1387893977002.jpg-(266 KB, 550x800, Violating Deviljho.jpg)
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266 KB JPG
I awaken with a fresh head and thoughts on things. I have a simple system sitting around and it should be a good enough base to start building. Stats are rated from 1 to 100 and each stat has a Critical Threshold that's equal to 1/4th of the total, rounding up. So a guy with a Strength of 50 would need to roll under a 50 to do something relying on their physical power, and if they roll under a 13, they succeed critically. Stats can go up to 100, with skills adding more, but not increasing the Critical Threshold.

Borrowing from Last Stand, stats are also health meters. Monsters deal damage (most often to Endurance, but some attacks can hit other stats) and once it gets down to 0, it's considered a Crippled Stat. With one of those, you get a condition that's relevant to having a Stat at 0. 0 Strength and Agility is paralysis, 0 Endurance is Unconsciousness, 0 Perception is blindness, etcetera.

Crippled isn't dead, but close to it. Getting Jurassic Park'd by Velociprey and have End 0 is probably going to spell the end of your Hunter.

Here's the stats I've got down so far:
Strength - Used for things like climbing and throwing things. Adds more damage to melee attacks
Agility - Used for things like running and jumping and hitting with melee weapons.
Reflexes - Used for things like dodging blows and hitting with ranged weapons.
Endurance - Used for things like long term swimming and running. Translates into your pool of Stamina.
Perception - Used for things like scavenging and spotting monsters. Adds more damage to ranged attacks.
Bravery - Used for things like resisting fear and mental manipulation.
Charisma - Used for things like manipulating and diplomacy.
Intelligence - Used for things like crafting and monster identifications.
suggestion, inteligence should help on geting good/rare parts, becouse the smarter you are, the lower is the chance of crushing a gem or getin some complicated to get parts, like the some diablos parts (cant remeber witch ones are)
File: 1387895432691.png-(147 KB, 350x350, 1306864060456.png)
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147 KB PNG
That'd probably get mixed in with Monster Identification. Something like at the end of a hunt, you harvest and players roll MI+Int and can get the normal haul of goodies with a little something extra: Gems, plates, all the good Rare 5 stuff.

Speaking of skills, they would just add some better bonuses, like having a +30 in Running would add to your Agility or Endurance rolls to not get munched on during egg retrieval missions.

Now, to hammer out a skills list. Obviously each class of weapon would be in there, Great Sword, Sword and Sheild, Dual Swords, etcetera all covered under Agility related rolls, most wilderness survival things would be useful.
its KIND of aginsts the series but weapon realeted skills would be a good idea

also depending how many hunts you got on you belt and the kind of monster hunted you should get a related skill, like after hunting many kut-kus you got a good grasp of the species habits and songs (lets say that kut-kus sing for examples sake) or after using for a long time a hammer or a weapon of similar weight you got stronger and you dont get penalitys or get a bonus on strengt/stamina things
Such things would be covered under perks. Combo charge time reduction, smaller chance to fling allies around, and stun-on-cripple effects would be a few hallmarks of Hammer style weapons (Hammers and Hunting Horns). Things like increased ammo/coating capacity for bows and bow guns in addition to a pinning move. Longswords were touched on earlier as were dual swords.

The trick is nailing down perks for each weapon style, as well as adding in stat perks and a few things related to hunting a monster.
atually why not a "fling allies as wanted" skill? i think it would be usefull to get your buddies out danger, on hard to get places AND on top of monsters
also it pretty funny and monster hunter is 50/50 serious hunting and funny shenanigans (opinion)
How about this as a combat system:

Attacks are measured by three things - damage, which comes from your weapon, speed, which comes from your relevant skill, and distance travelled, where you end up after doing the attack.

The speed of an attack is a number of "ticks" it takes to go through the entire attack. Once you declare you're doing the attack, you're commited to it and cannot move or act otherwise until the ticks are up.

The distance travelled notes how much you move while doing the attack. So whilst doing an attack over three ticks, with a distance of six, you would move two squares a tick. Attacks could then vary as to whether coming in to contact with an enemy during this time counts as a hit (it would for a greatsword swing, but not for a hammer blow, for example).

If you then land in contact with a monster after completing the number of ticks, you hit and deal damage.

Moving would also work on ticks up to your movement speed,
>I spend the next three ticks running, with a speed of four, I end up 12 squares over there.
Rolling and jumping would also act like this, but as per weapon attacks, you are committed to the roll or jump from when you declare it.

I just feel like if this could work, and every character adheres to it - players and monsters - you could really simulate the "flow" you get in real MH.
File: 1387898774268.jpg-(155 KB, 800x978, 1323210160018.jpg)
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155 KB JPG
Might be better, actually. Fastball Special the DS user and let them ride'm wyvern.

Exalted combat has that sort of abstraction going on, with action on ticks being something you do, with it usually being wait time between attacks. You can always do several things in an action, but take multiple action penalties in doing so.

Your way seems pretty intuitive, though I think weapon classes would determine distance traveled (usually just a square or two, with weapons like dual swords being unusually mobile.)
im not familiar with exalted, but it sound kinda complicated
That was me! FATE's large monsters rulesets would work okay for it.
File: 1387899573655.jpg-(1.09 MB, 1497x1229, MONSTER HUNTER ILLUSTRATI(...).jpg)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
It's pretty easy, but keeping track of who's where in what tick a bit of a pain. Throwing magic exalted powers into it makes it complicated.
ah, the monoblos! such a beutifull wyvern
make me think how we can work the ambient interations? like horns stuck on a Wall, rocks fall wyvern K.O. or the tigrex munches some rocks routine?
File: 1387900330815.jpg-(829 KB, 1553x1229, MONSTER HUNTER ILLUSTRATI(...).jpg)
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829 KB JPG
The enviroment would definitly be part of a Hunter's plans, I feel. Lure it into a small canyon that can limit movement and flight, get the waterdweller out of it's element, plan ambushes and traps. The game plays it up a bit with stun and pit traps, but an RPG should go more in depth with enviromental attacks.
mmm, the mosnter could do sometind like that to, the agnator lava armor gets solid the momento it gets out lava, so it kinda counts
also enviorement should be something to beat too, a hunter that has been hunting a long time on mountains and tundras should have a hard time on desserts and volcanos
but im just throwing ideas here
File: 1387901326405.jpg-(658 KB, 1529x1229, MONSTER HUNTER ILLUSTRATI(...).jpg)
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658 KB JPG
I was going to put in some environmental perks; just a couple about not needing hot or cool drinks for running around in extreme climes.
for those i see the requirements being born in a desert/icecap village or doing a FUCKTON of missions on them without going any other area (number up to GMs, but gotta be high)
Been playing a lot of P3rd lately, I guess I'll ramble about how I think each class should work in
's system;
SnS- more or less stationary when attacking, fast attacks, 1-square/hex range. Unique thing- can use items/etc behind shield.
Duals- Hella-mobile, fast, 1-square range. Can enter Demon mode, which burns stamina, makes attacks slower, multi-hit, and adds to the zeal bar. Zeal bar lets you cancel out of attacks with rolls.
Lance- 3-square range, little motion, reduced mobility while drawn. Unique thing- has attacks that move through monsters' attacks and parries.
Gunlance- Similar to lance, but instead of parries you get shells, which can be charged for more ticks to increase damage. Possibly similar to a bowgun, but with less shooty and more stabby?
Hammer- Mobile, slow attacks, unique thing is charge attacks whilst moving. Also lots of dizzying attacks.
Hunting Horn- Buffs, all the buffs. I never use them in-game so I have very little idea how they play beyond that.
Greatsword- Stationary charge attacks, wide sweeps, poor mobility.
Longsword- Fast, medium range, normal hits build the spirit gauge which can be used for wide-range special hits. Not sure how you'd do the SRS thing from third generation; I'm more familiar with F2/FU which didn't have the passive attack boost levels.

Expanding on this:

1 tick goes by as each character takes their turn, so an entire round is made up of ticks equal to the number of characters in play.

If a player has finished their attack/movement from their previous turn before the round's ticks are over, they can use up the remaining ticks as "reaction time" - meaning they don't stand there like a lemon if something is charging them, just because they finished rolling already.

For example, say there are three players taking on one Monoblos. On your turn, you set up a swing with your sword that takes one turn. Another player takes their turn, within which you finish your swing. The Monoblos then takes its turn and ends up facing you, so you use your two remaining ticks of "reaction time" to step away.

This also leads to charged attacks that stop being able to use your reaction time, should you have any. Meaning if you committed to swinging your hammer and now you're being jumped on - tough.
well shit, I was in this EXACT fight. barioth fighting then out of nowhere DEVILJOE APPEARS!'

god I love that game.
File: 1387907752186.jpg-(157 KB, 1211x879, GaiaDragon.jpg)
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157 KB JPG
This could be cool.
TL;DR but if you guys want a system that you can kit bash into monster hunter try Earthdawn rpg the game had mechanics for harvesting creatures for items built into it. So all you would have to do is get the core earthdawn books look for pdfs off net and the monster hunter strat guide and you is good to go just need to translate stats of stuff over to p&p.
probably if we put a monster like this it would have Elder dragon/lao style fight
on that Elder dragons would be like BBEG fight or we make a standard?
File: 1387932372483.jpg-(298 KB, 1600x1200, url.jpg)
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298 KB JPG
File: 1387934235094.jpg-(64 KB, 960x319, MH Nyan.jpg)
64 KB
File: 1387944757305.png-(19 KB, 819x460, Monster Hunter Hexes.png)
19 KB
Here's how I'd do it:

The game takes place on a hex grid, with players being all 1 hex, while monsters would be much more (Great Jaggi might be 2, Barioth 6, and so on).

Combat takes place on a tick system,with many basic actions (rolling, running, etc.) taking one tick. When a new tick arrives and you're not currently in the process of taking an action, you get to decide what to do next.

Attacks, drinking potions, etc. take multiple ticks, as described seperately for each action: downing a mega-potion would be two ticks, while a full greatsword charge might take 6.

When attacking, your attack actually lands in a given shape at a given time: Greatsword charge hits 2 directly in front of you, while Longsword sweep might hit 3 hexes, the one right in front of you and the two adjacent two it.

Players have a number of Stamina tokens, which can be spent to run, dodge, and so on. You start at max and gain one every 6 ticks, but your max drops every 12 ticks (starts between 4 and 6, falls to minimum 1).

Dodging and Blocking are reflexive actions - you can take them, even outside of your turn, provided that you have enough Stamina tokens to execute them. However, some actions (the entirety of potion drinking, parts of most attacks) cannot be interrupted - so if the monster launches an attack at you while you're doing them, you'd best be able to tank.

All players have the following stats: Attack, Defense, Health, and Max Stamina. These all start at a default value, but can be increased or decreased by equipment

Monsters, meanwhile, lack an attack stat - each of their attacks just does fixed damage. They still have Health and Stamina stats, however, and each body part has it's own defense stats. As such, a major part of the game will be maneuvering to hit the weaker body parts while dodging attacks.

Equipment can, in addition to providing ATK and DEF, give skills, which can be positive or negative. You can also acquire skills by eating food, or being given them by companions.

You could even have option advancement rules - allow players to increase their base stats and gain permanent skills every now and then (If we were running Tri as a campaign, I might say give levels on Great Jaggi -> Barroth -> Rathian -> Lagiacrus -> Ceadeus -> Deviljho, or something like that). It's not true to the game, I know, but I think players appreciate the chance to customize their characters beyond just their loot.
File: 1387951242957.jpg-(211 KB, 1500x1508, 1377138671102.jpg)
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211 KB JPG
This sounds like a pretty damn solid basis for a system, but I feel like it could possibly use some more flexibility. It could be taken farther than it is in the games.

Any suggestions for ways to increase flexibility? At the moment, it seems most of the flexibility-of-action comes from weapons (that is, each swing is kinda like a power from 4E - in addition to taking time and doing damage, it can do something like "this attack targets a burst, but can only be used every 12 ticks" or "this attack moves forwards by one hex each tick until cancelled".

One way I can think of would be allowing players to modify their strikes - that is, coming up with customized swing "animations". A player might alter their lance, for instance, to have a downwards stab that can only be used from the air.

Another possibility could be unique armor/food/training skills - for example, rather than just giving you ATK+ and Fire Res, the Rathalos Helmet might give you a limited-use Fireball attack or something.
Actually, you're right. In my christmas-based inebriation I forgot that weapons had multiple swings.

This is perfect. Anything else is just gravy.

Right - well, I guess the only thing to do is write up a handbook, and post it on /tg/!

Wish me luck!
Been playing this on the WiiU, god this game is addictive.
When does MH4 come out in the west on 3DS?

When Japan decides that America is no longer a bunch of filthy Gaijin who don't appreciate their glorious video games.

Or, just maybe, they'll announce it at the upcoming MH 10th Anniversary - that's possible too.
File: 1387994854626.png-(275 KB, 457x580, Blade-warzard[1].png)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
That looks just like Blade's lance from Warzard.
Some stuff does get ported over from Capcom's other franchises. Like, there's a Dante from DMC outfit. Back when he was CUH-RAY-ZEE and not an asshole. Also for women characters too.

Meanwhile, MH4 features a Link outfit for the player, and Mario and Luigi outfits for your helpers.
Maybe a reworked version of Mythender would be great for playing a Monster Hunter RPG with.
I eagerly await your delivery.
Don't forget P3rd having Big Boss and The Boss as special armor sets. All while cat companions get Solid Snake clothing and a box.

It seems like it would be a good choice at first, but I actually feel that monster hunter is one of the few systems that really would benefit from being quite crunchy - the game is all about precision and careful management of your health, fatigue and time, and switching to something rules-lite could lose a lot of that.

I'll admit I'm not normally a huge fan of systems that demand battlemats, tick counters and so on - but Monster Hunter is a special case.
File: 1388030265872.jpg-(324 KB, 900x1882, by_mickking.jpg)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
keep in mind the whole video to paper conversion. You don't want to fall prey to the same problems as pokemon tabletop did.

remember that you no longer have a computer running the numbers for you, a crunch heavy system could make what would have been a ten second occurance in game take twice as many minutes do to too many variables being calculated.

Its in instances like these that the spirit of the original should be put before mechanics
>It seems like it would be a good choice at first, but I actually feel that monster hunter is one of the few systems that really would benefit from being quite crunchy
Um... so why wouldn't Mythender be a good choice?
File: 1388030951276.png-(7 KB, 311x240, 1330051460207.png)
7 KB
I dunno what Mythender is, but I feel like Monster Hunter has mechanics unique enough to justify having it's own system.

Taking the basis we have here >>29068728 and >>29068817, things which need to be accounted for are weapon sharpness, traps, monster attacks, elemental weaknesses, hitboxes and damage zones, blunt/sharp damage types, terrain types, and trapping.

Skills should also be fairly diverse, and should alter core mechanics in interesting ways as opposed to just '-1 to stamina cost of running'. Not saying that is a bad thing, but not every skill should be like that.

Of course!

The system I'm looking at seems about on the level of 4E in terms of complicatedness - I figure that's about right for Monster Hunter.
Mythender is a dice-based game where you play as mortals with a smidgeon of divine power who fight and slay gods. It's pretty crunch-heavy, though not battlemap based... and it's designed for 4-on-1 play where the players fight against the GM.

Unique to Mythender is the fact that the GM is encouraged not to hold back. They are given a god's stats and expected to go all-out to kick the crap out of the players, while the players have to slay them in kind.

There will admittedly need to be a few changes. Mythender PCs have abilities that corrupt them over time and eventually turn them into gods as well, and you should probably eliminate those mechanics entirely. Also, it might be wise to replace the perk system with an equipment system... players earn perks through crafting new gear. And since corruption is no longer a factor, a few other mechanics need to be changed (no more escalating powers mid-fight, no more self-resurrections, probably slightly toned-down monsters). But I think it's completely doable.
File: 1388032153279.jpg-(4 KB, 150x120, 1384373562991.jpg)
4 KB
Sounds like it'd end up being a somewhat clunky homebrew. Maybe it would work, but I don't think we'd end up with a system that feels like Monster Hunter.

Weapon Sharpness - add +/- 1/2 to your damage multiplier for each level above or below base.

Traps - an item that gives you a single-use power that immobilizes an enemy

Monster attacks: Like player attacks, except generally larger and more damaging (but players can dodge, while monsters can't.

Weaknesses: some areas have Resist/Vulnerability to certain elements.

Hitboxes&Damage zones - Given that a given monster is equivalent to a boss encounter in 4E, each can be as complicated as a given encounter - which means they can be statted up with each hex having its own resists. Plus, some attacks can say that "hitting this attack counts as hitting the tail" or "the head is invincible during this attack.
I only recommended Mythender as a base because it is designed for players playing as big damn heroes fighting against bigger damn foes. It seemed somewhat appropos, given the themes of Monster Hunter.

If map-based tactical play is what you want, then it probably won't be good for you. I was just thinking about the setting at hand, and the first game system that comes to mind when I think of something similar in kind.
File: 1388033577680.jpg-(20 KB, 720x409, exercise.jpg)
20 KB
I personally like the idea of using dice pools.
The hunters have more dice, as they advance, where as monsters have larger dice, but a smaller pool.
The player would need to use actions, skills and bonuses along with their dicepools to stop or avoid the larger roll potential of the monsters' single attack

it'd need to be tweeked a bit probably


Just finished reading through the Mythender rules.

It's a very good "heroes slaying monsters" game, alright. Unfortunately, the kind of mechanics it has and the way the battles flow just doesn't really feel like it would be a very good Monster Hunter game.
I don't know if this helps, but I'm mastering a MH campaign using FFd6 system. It's pretty awesome. You can use it without magic users and with some creativity you can make the weapons of MH into FFd6, like bowguns get gemini (knockback and range), great swords are just huge weapons and things like that. And the rest is just roleplaying and your word as gm.
By the way, for now is going great, they are lvl 3 by now.
>Unfortunately, the kind of mechanics it has and the way the battles flow just doesn't really feel like it would be a very good Monster Hunter game.
Really? I thought since you were discussing how Monster Hunter is all about resource management of health, fatigue and time, Mythender would be perfect. Health and fatigue is not only how you survive in Mythender, it powers your most effective attacks. And fights are limited to 4 turns per player; the Myth always goes first, and kills everyone/escapes/becomes invincible on their 5th turn. So time is definitely a factor. And it completely and utterly requires teamwork... certain resources can be shared among players, and sometimes it is better for a player to sacrifice their chance to attack to make sure that another player can hit harder.

Plus I like how it's based on piles of d6s. Everybody can get piles of d6s.

Very well, however. What sort of core mechanics are in mind for this game?

See >>29068728 and >>29068817

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