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Previously: A great wave crashed down into your city, wiping away people along with their glorious city. Asher Smith stood there in awe of the great tide that would reclaim this land in the name of the sea.
Amidst the waters he glimpsed thousands of blues more beautiful than he could ever dare realize. A Siren's kiss returned his breath, and before him stood the children of Susej.

Zealots that would take from him his left eye with their bare hands. The loss moved something within him, awakening a power he couldn't believe he had.

The survivors of their "lesson" were set to walk on in peace, unmolested by the children of Susej.

In their grim walk, they discovered their changes, two of the women finding that they could heal themselves, while a man named Alder lived on with a torn out throat.
Finding their way to the shore, they create a makeshift shelter, Asher using his power to give them a dry spot from all the water.

Now, it's a dangerous trek between he and Reina to scavenge for food.


>>Creating Character sheet
Nice to see you back Dranule.
Good to be back.
Typing up the next part.
Good to see this again. Hopefully we don't get ourself killed.
You and Reina begin your way through the ruins of the city, from the beach you can see the true results of the destruction, water still slowly receding back into the sea like a lazy serpent returning to its home.
Skycrapers have been blasted down, scattered into a wreck stretching further than they were tall. The force of the sea drags down some of the rubble, waves painted with the refractions of the aurora sky.

There's no life in these streets, and a lot of blood mixing with the water, the occasional shark flopping about, starfish uplifted onto land, jellyfish flat against the streets, and much other wildlife.

Now and then from the tops of wreck, you see one of the Children stand from atop a building, their eyes scanning for life, any life. Their gaze passing over you. One of them hops down from their perch, falling from a crippling height only for their feet and legs to illuminate, and their fall suddenly slow as if they became a feather.
A woman approaches you, now that you see her get closer. Dark skin like all the others that betray their ethnicity, her eyes though, are inhuman, wider than they should be and slitted like a cat's. Her arms bear fins, and her fingers bear webbed claws.

You tense, your eye throbbing with your heartbeat as she comes near, your hands shaking with cyan pulsations of your power.
"You two." Her odd eyes shift between the two of you stopping at your hand, her voice commanding yet gentle in a way.
"It is good to see that your lesson has begun."Her lips pull apart into a fanged smile as her eyes rest upon you.
Reina grabs you by the arm, steadying your tremble some,"Please, just leave us alone." She whispers.
The fish-woman's smile widens with some glee as she points a claw at you,"You, I am the one that saved you."

>How do you respond?
"Then I suppose I owe you my thanks. Drowning would not have been a pleasant end.

Though I doubt you came all the way down here just to inform me that you were my savior."
Huhm. Anyone else?
"Then I guess I should thank you?" You feel a lip curl and your fist start to clench. Pulled you out of the fryer and into the oven. Yeah, she did a great job of "saving" you.
"Got anything else to say? Doubt you came down here just to say that."

The Fish-woman's smile fades, her cheeks somber quite a bit. "No. I am here to tell you that as one that has begun to learn, we are willing to teach you more. We will leave in three days to teach the rest of your ignorant people. Follow the light in the dark."

Reina steps forward, though falters once she receives the woman's glare.
"Walk in peace, and you may speak." The woman offers, gesturing for her to carry on.

"What do you know about this? Did you cause this?" Reina's breath hasten, you feel her green illumination on you, something pulling away from you, though you aren't quite sure what.

THe woman raises her hand, a stone mask her expression,"Walk in peace, or you will die."
She lowers her hand,"I rode the wave that the others brought here. Look to the ones with shining eyes if you seek vengeance." She steps backwards to her landing point.

"It will be their pleasure to snuff you out."

With a flash of light, she leaps hundreds of feet in the air, kicking off of it a second time to return to her perch, her eyes lingering upon the two of you from there before returning to her vigilance.

Your heart keeps on beating hard, the pressure these people exude is getting to you. How easily she said that she'd kill you. Snuff you out?

>[] Return to camp.
>[] Keep on looking for food.
>[] Attack that woman, screw her and her threats.
[X] Keep on looking for food.

Starting fights with people who can jump hundreds of feet in the air seems like a bad plan.

And practice water manipulation as we walk, we may as well get sued to it.
This is looking like a bad night, is this a bad night?
I'm gonna write the next part.
>Keep Looking for Food.

Worst case scenario, grab any beached fish that seem edible. Pretty sure you can eat sharks too? And Wood, any wood. Shouldnt be to hard to make it burnable with our power.
Confidence partially restored.
>Almost done.
You continue on your search for food, some of your thoughts shifting to what that woman had said.
They caused this? All of this? How?
How the hell did they do this? A missile, a bomb?

You look to your own hand, and what that woman was able to do. No.
They did it. Just them. Through whatever means you, yourself are capable of using this power, they did the same to cause this disaster.

They caused a natural disaster.

That's the most troubling thing. People like them wielding that kind of power, and giving it to others? They can't be planning to recruit more, are they? No. She just went ahead and said it.

No, no, no. You shake your head slowly, trying to clear your mind. Reina's been silent, keeping to herself though she keeps glancing up at the ones that are watching the city.
"She mentioned others did this."
You nod your head, looking toward her with your remaining eye, squinting a little bit," She did. But we need to get some food."
Reina frowns, covering up her burnt stomach," We should help people."

The screams have since died down from earlier. Aside from the sound of running water, the city's been drowned.
"No, we need to look out for ourselves." You swallow, it's hard.
Reina frowns more deeply, clenching a fist with the pattern of her bones shining through her fist,"We've got the power to... What if we could find people we know?"

"It's unlikely," you admit. You feel the flow of water, there's a stillness like death hanging everywhere amidst the fish trying to return to the sea. The two of you continue to walk on in this terrible silence, the eyes everywhere, watching.


Upon a higher ground, you find a less ruined grocery store, a Whole Foods. Good food, though by god you're a looter.

>How do you feel about that?
>[] It's kind of liberating.
>[] Depressing, let's just get in and get out.
>[] We need food, simple as that. We take what we can get.
>[] (Other)
[X] We need food, simple as that. We take what we can get.

We need food, it's not like Whole Foods is planning on recouping their losses or coming back here any time soon. If we don't take it then either someone else will or it'll rot.

Prioritize getting food that lasts a long time.
Should I keep going or should I reschedule? There's like 20 quests running right now.
That's me, sorry.
It might be best to reschedule considering the lack of people.
Saturday at 21:00 Server time then.

Thanks for participating.
Hope more people tune in.
I'm up for playing now.
Well, I meant for next run. Thank you though.
Kind of can't believe this is still up.
Sorry I wasn't there for this thread. Hopefully I will be there for the next one.

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