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Last Thread : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/28928033/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/81DEsW1xz4N

Last time on EDEN City Blues,
You are Sergeant Warrick Locke d’Angelo, MC1309018, on indefinite medical leave from UNAAF and today is the worst day of the month. As a mandatory part of the draft, you were given a neural implant to interface with communications. Yours doesn’t work properly, and the powers that be decided you make a better case study than a soldier. They gave you an apartment up in Beta, which you now share with an old friend, welfare stipends you spend on pain killers and hookers, no way back into the service, no way outside the walls of EDEN again, and nothing to do with your life.

What you believe to be a rogue AI by the name of Fenix is running amok and getting you blamed for everything. He's entangling the entire city in some web of machinations, and has killed two investigators. So far you have only peered into the rabbit hole, and haven't taken the tumble.

You were arrested and charged with treason for the murder of the two investigators and the release of classified data. But you made your case, and are now on the run, lost in Epsilon, fighting bad memories.

Now, before we get to tonight’s installment, I have an announcement. Tonight, you won’t actually be Warrick, you’ll be his good friend Chase, for a small period of time anyways. We know you want to get down to Epsilon and help as Warrick wrestles with memories he thought he’d suppressed, but we’re contractually obligated to give other characters their due attention.

To help with this though, I won’t be alone. Chase, the man himself, will be joining me tonight to answer any questions you might have.

Chase : I can’t answer everything, but I’ll see what I can for you. I’m sure I can answer any questions you’ll have about me during tonight’s installment though. Take care of me, will ya?
Now, without further ado, tonight’s installment of EDEN City Blues

You, Dr. Chase, are riding down one of the side lifts of the hospital. The SMARTglass has been programmed to remain half-silvered to give the effect of a one way window. You normally look out and watch the city teem and stir, but everyone has stopped to look at something, presumably the train crash far below you. Instead, your focus is on a data file sent over too you through the Net by the military police. They want your approval on their notes of Warrick’s medical records that they stole from you.

When the lift gets to the bottom, you’ll only have a small period of time to catch up on the progress of the various projects you’re associated with. Then you’ll have to meet with your father. Your nicotine vaporizer is going to run out well before you meet with that bastard though. You sigh a lungful of water vapor into the dark lift and think.

You could pick up all the data at once and read over it, but that would eat just about all the time until you meet with General Chase.
You could go over and speak with Dr. Lockheart about the Landmaster program.
You might be able to find your associate in the Phoenix Initiative.
Or you could go buy a new vaporizer.

>How do you proceed?
Name : Sergeant Warrick Locke d’Angelo, MC1309018
| Height : 191 cm | Weight : 80 kg | Date of Birth : 4/6/2137 | Blood Type : AB+ | Sex : Male |

Known Ailments : Pain Suppressant Addiction, Recurring Migraines, tendency to schizophrenia, tendency to insomnia, [REDACTED]

Current Medication : 500 mg Hydrocodone as needed, tetrahydrocannabinol as needed.

Current Treatment Plan : Monthly check-ups to track deterioration or recovery of mental health as a result of [REDACTED]

Known Surgical Alterations : Implant of [REDACTED]. Replacement of both eye lenses for high precision lenses. Stem therapy for his nasal cavity refused. Sub-dermal potassium supplement to offset the depletion caused by [REDACTED].

Family History : Paternal tendency towards cartilage deterioration and failure of heart valves. Paternal and Maternal tendency towards type IV cancer. Maternal tendency towards type V cancer. Maternal tendency towards schizophrenia, paranoia, and bipolar. The mother’s mental health lead to minor physical and emotional abuse as a child. The father physically abused him, calling it training, until he was drafted.


21/10/2159 : Medication changed to include tetrahydrocannabinol once again, behavior seems to indicate that depression is not a concern. More exercise is needed. Request to have him reinstated in active duty denied again. He used the implant the night before and was effectively crippled, still no improvement in his recovery.

22/9/2159 : Mental health has made a large recovery since removing tetrahydrocannabinol from his medication. Request to have him reinstated in active duty denied again. Use of [REDACTED] is purely subconscious now, and further decryption algorithms have evolved. He discovered and removed all cameras placed in his apartment. Furthermore, what data was recovered has since been destroyed. Analysis of the corruption pattern is still underway.

21/9/2159 : Signs of depression and insomnia have disappeared. Testing on [REDACTED] can resume. Request to have him reinstated in active duty denied again.


17/12/2157 : Sergeant Warrick Locke d’Angelo, MC1309018 was removed from active duty in the Great Lakes Region indefinitely. An apartment in Beta, Indie was issued to him for the duration of testing on [REDACTED].

16/12/2157 : Initial testing on the [REDACTED] prototype began and ended. Firewalls on the testing equipment proved insufficient, 82% of all data was destroyed irrecoverably.

14/12/2157 : The [REDACTED] prototype was implanted in the back of his skull as a test subject for the Landmaster Program.

Notes :

The implant is still missing nearly two terrabytes of data of its total [REDACTED] memory. This shouldn’t be enough to allow for personality collection. Although the amount is growing. Hopefully, it is merely storage for further decryption heuristics. That, or Warrick is hiding illegal porn on it or something. Knowing him, it’s a coin toss.

Interfacing has reached a peak of [REDACTED] Hz, well beyond standard interface rates. After spending several week studying basic coding, the time delay for him to use the heuristic systems has dropped to a mere [REDACTED] milliseconds. We are still awaiting clearance to test him against at least a Class 5 firewall. To date, the Game Heuristics have overcome every other system.

The implant slowly accumulates pockets of certain neurotransmitters, and severely unbalances the ions in the cerebrospinal fluids. Subdermal dietary supplements have offset the imbalance rather successfully.

A colleague hypothesized about the capacity to establish memory storage outside of the implant through use of the Net to make up for personality space partition restrictions. Lead to a rather horrifying discussion on life fading in and out of control, and watching as your soul erodes away by existing. And the conclusion that cohesion would be impossible to maintain, creating scion which would have been discovered by now.

Removal of the implant seems to be perfectly possible, standard recovery therapy would be needed. But a new implant could be issued easily to reinstate him in active military duty. Data transfer, processing, and interfacing would be severely diminished compared to the [REDACTED]. In a few years the standard model may be able to compensate for the disability.

>buy a new vaporizer
Hope I wasn't being too intrusive there. You don't have to read the report yourself, it's mostly recap, but there's a lot of new info sprinkled in. Maybe you can find a way to capitalize on it, maybe not.

I figured you'd want the option either way
You lean back and take a heavy hit off your vaporizer, finishing the charge, just as the lift reaches the bottom. The data analysis for Landmaster and other confidential programs take place in the tower across from the hospital towers, right on the edge between Delta and Beta. Only the one foot bridge, which you’re walking across right now, connects the two until you get to the very top for the helipads. The two towers are practically the same if you go down to Gamma, but this way makes it a bit harder to tell just how many people move between the two.

The secretary greets you by name but doesn’t ask your business, so you smile to her and walk past. At first you head down towards Dr. Lockheart’s office, but you take a detour once you’re out of sight. In a small corner behind the water cooler area is a vending machine stacked with various goodies. Nicotine vaporizers, THC vaporizers, stim stakes, caffeine gum, and condoms if you know the right code. The stress reliever as it’s known.

AS you punch in the code and identify yourself to the machine to get your nicotine vaporizer, you overhear some of the grunts. They’re taking turns joking about the interview your father had with Warthaw the other day. Seems that Warthaw is outside, trying to interview someone about this tower’s business.

You have about fifteen minutes until you’re supposed to meet with General Chase.

>How do you proceed?
>Read up on the news.
Rolled 10, 10, 9, 1 = 30

Slow night on /tg/ it seems
>Category 4 Hurricane Threatens To Hit The Himilayan Sprawl. How this affects super capacitors and you.

>Early Snow Expected. Preparing for the ice over.

>Great Lakes Beats Rockies 2-1. Expert breakdown of this exhibition match as we await the War Games.

>Minor Train Crash At 31r, -10b. Expect Delays.

Would you like to look into one of these headlines?
>>Category 4 Hurricane Threatens To Hit The Himilayan Sprawl. How this affects super capacitors and you.
A category 4 hurricane has formed in the Pacific Ocean from a tropical storm. They cyclone has already swept over the remnants of the Philippines, whether international aid will be sent is still being discussed by the UAAF and the UNAAF. As you may know, the islands of the Philippines were largely abandoned during the outbreak and those that stayed behind quickly ran out of resources. Efforts were made to bring them into the Himilayan Sprawl for a number of years, but eventually they were simply left alone. Now, many fear for the survivors of this typhoon.

In the coming weeks, this storm is projected to hit the Himilayan Sprawl before breaking up before reaching the otherside. The destructive power capable of this storm is more than capable of heavily disrupting industry and destroying many sectors. This could cause a catastrophic breakdown in economy, harming one of their most important exports to us, mass produced super capacitors.

Life in EDEN runs on these tiny electrical compounds that are essential for storing and using the vast amounts of energy needed for modern computing. We could easily see massive spikes in commodity prices months down the line from now. EDEN is simply at the mercy of foreign economies and is far from self-sufficient. We are the world’s powerhouse of software and scientific advances, but our Achilles’ Heel will be hardware commodities until we cut down on military personnel and apply them towards manufacturing jobs.

-Lauren Draper
>Go to the meeting.
After wasting some time using your new vaporizer and reading a random headline, you pocket it and walk out from around the corner. The three men bantering with one another all snap to attention to salute you, but you wave them off rather than reprimand them for wasting so much time. The meeting room your father had reserved is just around the corner, one of the larger ones because he always loves being dramatic.

Monitors line every wall, all of them idling and synced with one another. Rather than simply disable the display output, the screens are running a simple program of a bird dancing and flying from one screen to another, occasionally flitting over to the holodeck. In the center of the room, built around the holodeck, is a long meeting table. After a short debate on where to sit so General Chase can’t take the opposite end for theatrics sake, you simply lean against the wall and pull out your vape again.

“That had better not be cannabis,” General Chase says as he walks in the room, by himself.

“It’s nicotine. THC comes later,” you answer as you pocket the device and let him sit at the head of the table. You sit down a few chairs away, but close enough to talk with ease. The table is genuine oak, with a fine finish.

Staring at the grain of the wood rather than him, you let him start, “I hope you got the report I sent to you? I trust that you had time to look over it in detail.”

“I saw it.”

“Good, then do you approve of the data contained in it? That there would be no issues with giving Warrick cyanide orally?”

>How do you respond?

That sounds dangerous. Isn't that stuff poisonous?
It is THE poison to kill people with. What people attribute Cyanide as is usually potassium cyanide KCN.
Was that a question for us? Or an in character response?
"Yes I approve. Giving him cyanide is a-ok."
and why would we want to do this?
File: 1387514613857.png-(110 KB, 660x545, 1385058107138.png)
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110 KB PNG
“And why would we want to do that?” you ask.

“Oh, that’s because he’s a terrorist,” he states. You life your gaze to stare at him. “Or rather, we have to operate under the assumption that he is one until a more likely scenario is presented to us. The cyanide of course won’t activate on its own, unless his stomach can dissolve metal anyways. There have been a few people able to do that over the years, but I don’t think we have to worry about that.”

“That particular gene died out and he doesn’t have any alterations to his digestive track. Are you saying you already gave it to him?”

“Yes, just a few minutes ago actually. Right before he broke out of prison. Seemed like a better idea than letting him go free. Now, the real reason I called you here is because I wanted to address some of his concerns. Namely, that there might be someone in the Landmaster Program capable of spoofing his little signature he leaves behind. To your knowledge, is there any way this could happen?”

>How do you respond?
Are you sure he's a terrorist?
“Are you sure he’s a terrorist?”

“Certainty is a thing defined by percents. The exact number I do not currently know, that is why I have come to speak with you. I manage a very large number of things and the Landmaster Program is nearly beneath my notice. I can’t be expected to know these things, which is why I have people like you. But if you are unable to help me, I am certain I can find a dozen people ready to take your place.”

“Threatening to fire your son?”

“Threatening to demote a subordinate for inability to perform. I have come here for your help because I do not know the likelihood of some kind of replication of the data. Now I would like an answer before I am forced to kill him to determine whether or not it was him in the first place. The prototype will be retrievable regardless.”

>How do you respond

You can ask questions OoC
>Give him the info on the landmaster.
If I can't get you to elaborate on that, I'll have to cut perspectives over to Warrick
Sorry, I don't know what the landmaster is. I was assuming he would info dump to the general.
I've been staring at this post and I just don't know how to respond to it. So I'm going to take that as indication that my writing will be shot for the night, so I'm going to wrap this up in the next update
Did I offend you? It wasn't my intention.
“The Landmaster Program was made to create a heuristics system capable of predicting enemy movements in real time given the sensory input of the user. The hardware wasn’t quite up to snuff when we first rolled it out, because certain other projects have been classified for too long, and it was a failure. The device was put on ice and Warrick was kept for observation. Since then, the data from it has been broken up and sent to half a dozen different groups so they can further their work on a hundred different projects,”

“It learns and builds and replicates and simulates and has become very distinct over the years. But the fact of the matter is, I can name a dozen different ways you could have gotten a false positive, but all of them are less likely than if Warrick had done it himself, excluding his behavioral patterns.”

Your father nods. “So we have a leak.”

You are Warrick d’Angelo. You were born in the slums and hell of Gamma with a life as bad as the worst of them. Every day you were driven by one thing, the need to get drafted and get out of Gamma. It was your only ticket out of the ensnaring pit. Your father beat discipline into you, and forced you to train down here in Epsilon in some misguided attempt at helping you.

Every day after studies you’d crawl down amidst the pipes and tunnels and maintenance drones and work until you collapsed. But it earned you a ticket through the draft, out of EDEN, then back to Beta.

The tunnels of Epsilon are dark and winding, lit by infrared to guide the automatons within. The vibrations of people and life above you match the groaning of pipes and fluids rushing past you. The aging and damp infrastructure coating everything in rust to the point of every floor panel flexing beneath you as you stoop to fit inside.\

The worst part is; you recognize these tunnels.

****** : 61
as I said, stopping it there

not offended, just saddened. The fact that you don't know what the Landmaster Program is means one or more of a few things.

1. You're new this thread. Which means I lost all of my other readers, since you're the only voter.
2. You didn't pay attention. Which means my writing is in fact shit at keeping attention.
3. I didn't explain as much as I thought. Which is bad, because I thought I explained this rather clearly.
4. There's been too much of a delay in my threads. Which means everyone will be lost.
5. You just don't care, and nobody else does. Which means this is soon to perish.
I'm going to be bumming around for a while if you have questions/comments/discussion
Euro-fag from a few threads ago, couldn't participate because this thread started 3:30 Am and i am just out, on my way to work.
Please, dont abandon this!

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