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Previous Thread:

For a brief moment, you again feel the daisy fields, the fugue state you always enter when Helga is driving her car. In this state, you do not hear the panicked, girly screams of Karl up front, nor Hilde's smile rising to a grin beside you. Helga's car slip and slides through the traffic of Yggdrasil like Sleipnir on fire. When you came to the Pizza Hall, you can't even remember what you ordered no more. You only remembered that you ordered extra Hakarl as a topping when your snapped out of it, a few hours later as you arrive to the bunkhouse.
You are Freja-Signi Bjornsdottir, a 14 year-old Einherjar pilot.
You hear Karl puke out his guts in the bathroom, and you consider to do the same...
[ ] Yep, Hakarl is nasty. But we can hold it until Karl finishes.
[ ] Forget about Karl still being in the bathroom, barge in and puke with him.
[ ] Turns out that you can stomach Hakarl. Why puke?
[ ] Sneak out of the bunkhouse and barf in a bush outside.
[ ] other (fill in)
>[ ] Turns out that you can stomach Hakarl. Why puke?
Be strong shieldmaiden.
As Karl's retching taunts your guts, you remember that in old times, Hakarl are used for a measure of toughness. So, you hold your ground, and hold your gut intact; you can stomach it. Mind over matter. You remember how Hilde ate the Hakarl; she did not even flinch. Either she's seen things far worse, or she is truly someone to be respected.
Karl steps out of the bathroom, and looks in your direction, holding his stomach.
"How did you manage to eat that? I swear, that thing is some kind of war crime."
"I'll tell you how, as long as you don't puke in your bed!"
One good thing that can be derived from this night's event is that Karl is obviously too tired to bother you, in between Helga's Ride and the Hakarl Pizza. This might be a good time to talk to him, ask him why is he so wimpy and annoying.
[ ] talk about school, which you two are attending tomorrow.
[ ] talk about Karl's personality.
[ ] talk about how bad that Hakarl was.
[ ] just sleep, you're tired as well.
[ ] other (fill in)
>[ ] talk about Karl's personality.
As Karl stumbled into his bed, we ask the penultimate question. "Karl, why are you so annoying?"
"What?" Karl shifts his head to better hear you. "You think I'm annoying?"
"Yes, what with your immaturity, and being a pervert, no girl would like that."
He grimaces. "But I thought it'd make girls like me?"
"Well, I personally don't like wimpy men."
Karl starts to make a crying face. "But all I want is-"
"Don't you dare cry, or I'll smack you in the face, Karl!"
Amazingly, he stopped his about-to-cry face. "Okay then..."
[ ] about his past
[ ] about what he likes
[ ] about his dreams
[ ] other (fill in)
>[ ] about his past
"So, what past do you have that makes you wimpy?"
"Stop it with the wimpy thing first, okay?" He looks halfway between sad and disgust.
"Okay, now tell me about your past."
"I was little when my dad died, can't remember much except that he was a badass. Mom raised me alone."
"And then?"
"And then what? That's it."
You look at his brown-haired face, incredulously. "You had to have more than that."
"Don't want to think about it."
[ ] punch him for not finishing his story.
[ ] tell him your past.
[ ] shift discussion to something else (fill in).
[ ] ignore and go to sleep.
[ ] other (fill in)
>[ ] ignore and go to sleep.
>[ ] ignore and go to sleep.

"Whatever. As long as you don't wimp out when it counts I really don't give a damn."
"Alright, whatever, as long as you don't wimp out when it counts, I don't really give a damn."
You can almost hear a sob, but it was quickly stifled. "Night, Freja."
"Night, Karl."
That night, you dream about a glacier. You can see the ice moving about, but then you see the cylinder core of the Nibelwulf poking through it. And then another. And another. Suddenly, they all take the form of the crystalline wolves, and howl in unison. This startles you so much, you wake to the beeping of the alarm.
"FREJA! Wake up! Almost time for school!"
You scan the room in bedazzlement, and turn off the alarm. Helga's already waiting with two plates of Gravlax. Where does she get all this stuff? Karl's already up, and is sitting on the table. "This isn't half bad, the Gravad Lax."
Helga pipes up. "So, you guys want to get driven to school today?"
[ ] No, thank you, we'll take the bus/subway.
[ ] Yeah, why not.
[ ] No, we'll walk! Sprint, even!
[ ] other
>[ ] other

I think I'll run.
>[ ] No, we'll walk! Sprint, even!
You and Karl, in a surprising display of synchronity, both shout "NO THANKS!"
You continued, "We'll walk, sprint even!"
Karl covers, "Yeah, we feel that our legs need some workout!"
Quickly, you grab a Gravlax and eat it in one bite, then hopped into the bathroom to have a quick shower. After dressing up (thankfully Karl is already outside, waiting), you quickly exit, "See you later, Helga!"
Karl is already on the curb, jogging lightly. "Come on, let's run!"
[ ] "Race you to the school!"
[ ] "About last night..."
[ ] "You really think we're going to run? Subway!"
[ ] other (fill in)
>[ ] "You really think we're going to run? Subway!"
"You really think we're gonna run? Subway!"
Karl's face really brightened up. "You're good, real good."
Still, you both ran to the subway station, and rode the subway to one of Yggdrasil's areas, the educational sector. Soon enough you two ran to your school, because you are very close to being late; both made it just in time.

(whew, I'm pooped and it's getting late, we'll continue this another time, yes? Possibly this weekend? Thanks for participating!)

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