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[ Rules: http://pastebin.com/ygvwRe7w , includes link to archive

Last week didn't quite work out, so we're picking up from there! I'm never abandoning this quest, so fret not.]

Mikitaka took you within the house, and for the past while, you and Macha heard the stories about one of the Joestar Blood who lived almost an eternity ago: Josuke Higashikata, who using his Stand, 'Crazy Diamond', stopped a serial killer who also had Stand Ability.

"Crazy Diamond," he told you, reminiscing about bygone days "could, to my knowledge, 'return objects to their original state', so it had healing properties, as well."

"To your knowledge?" You ask.

Mikitaka nods sagely. "I cannot 'see' Stands, for some reason. I never quite figured out why, considering I have a similar skill I developed while in this town. 'Earth, Wind and Fire'...which basically allows me to do things like these."

He hands you another of those fizzy canned drinks, cold to the touch. You pop it open and let the liquid flow within your mouth.

"Wow...you can...create something out of nothing?" Macha ask expectantly. Mikitaka shakes his head as you continue to down the drink, its refreshing flavor filling your tastebuds.

"Not from nothing!" He raises his arm.


Where's his hand?

File: 1384967182671.png-(130 KB, 500x474, tumblr_ms4adlJEQB1r2umvdo(...).png)
130 KB
130 KB PNG

You spit out the drink, drenching the furniture where Mikitaka was sitting. He just chuckles lowly. "I love doing that." In a flash, his hand seems to regenerate. "I can shapeshift into objects and regenerate at will, too. So don't feel bad about finishing that drink."

"L-like I'd drink something of such dubious origin!" You manage to stammer out, still startled by the prank the millenia-old Eldar played on you.

"Oh, please." He scoffs lightheartedly. "It's not so big a deal, Joachim."

"I JUST DRANK YOUR HAND!!" That sentence alone was already insane enough as it was!!

"It stopped being my hand when I transformed it, though."


"My, my, you do get rather worked up over small details...quite unlike Josuke, really." How was that a small detail! It was a big one! BIG ONE!

You turn your gaze towards Macha. Her expression carried a mixture of disgust, curiosity, and amusement all rolled into one.

"In any case..." Might as well change the subject, you think. "there are other things I'd like to ask you."
File: 1384967266032.jpg-(492 KB, 480x600, tumblr_mw2bigyPTT1s4qvrdo(...).jpg)
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492 KB JPG

"That woman who was working on the vehicle, Fio'ra...I've never seen someone like her before. What's the deal with her?"

"Joachim, have you ever heard about the Tau?" You respond that, yes, you have heard of them, but had never quite put a mental image on them.

"That's just Imperial Propaganda at work. Poor girl belongs to the Earth Caste, and was in charge of proper equipment and machinery maintenance for a Tau Fire Caste detachment here in Kronus. Her unit was all but slaughtered, though..she was lucky we managed to save her. She doesn't seem to be very fond of humans, though, although that might not be the word...'scared', more like. So I always keep an eye on her as she seems to get along better with a non-human."

So she was all alone, huh? You couldn't help but feel bad for her. Somehow, when you met, you realized she was absolutely terrified of you...to react like that by the sheer virtue of being 'human' meant that whatever she had seen before must have left her scarred for life. For that same reason, you had become a guardsman...to protect people from such horrors, to become the Imperium's shield for the innocent...

That's right. 'People'. She was a 'person', too, that Fio'ra. So why....were the people of the Imperium taught to hate other 'people'? This question is one you'll tell yourself 'I will definitely unearth the answer to it', but for now, you settle for deciding you will never hate a person for the sole virtue of being born different.

"Mikitaka, tell me more about you. Why were you here in Morioh such a long time ago?"
File: 1384967370543.png-(62 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ljmgyqWKV31qdiw9jo(...).png)
62 KB

"I was an 'explorer', trying to find new planets for my people. When I found Earth, though, I became friends with Josuke and the others...I hoped us, the Eldar, and the human race could become friends, so I reported my findings back to the proper authorities...only for them to scoff at the notion of both species befriending each other."
Macha decides to interrupt your exchange, her soft voice serene to the point of monotony. "The first 'Intergalactic Explorer' of the Eldar to make contact with the Mon'keigh, the young ace trailblazer with more important discoveries to his name than others in the same profession who had lived fifty times as long... 'Nu Mikitakazo Nshi'...warned about the barbaric human race and how they were underneath the Eldar in intelligence, longevity and worth. His premature disappearance shortly afterwards as he sought to visit their planet once more just shows that even as far as thirty-thousand years ago, nothing good would ever come from getting involved with the Mon'keigh."

Mikitaka just sighs dejectedly. "That's what they said about me, but my words were more along the lines of 'they are noble individuals of unmatched mettle and bravery that betrays their short lifespans.' I was so disgusted by the official statement they made and how they completely changed my words...that I left, back to my beloved Morioh, with my friends who would never present to the world such falsehood."
File: 1384967514191.png-(191 KB, 400x533, tumblr_ljmhk7MTG41qdiw9jo(...).png)
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191 KB PNG

"Mikitaka...this town..." You start, but he knows where this is going.

"Phantom Morioh? It is my memory, bound to Emporio's 'Burning Down the House'. Emporio didn't know it then, but in order for him to be able to recreate a place that has 'burned down', he needs to come into contact with someone who has memories of such a place. To him, I was one such person."

"So you saw Morioh...." Macha speaks.

"Burn? I did...that was something that was never supposed to happen, but it did. I wonder...Joachim, how many times do you figure the world has ended to be reborn once more? The existence of the galaxy as it is should never have happened, and yet here we are. Is this a blessing, or a curse?"

"...What?" What is he talking about? Is he merely rambling like a madman? What he's saying doesn't make any sense!
"...I'm sorry. I got carried away." The Morioh resident dismisses his previous comments. "In any case, Joachim, what will you do now?"

>Regroup with the others at the house Emporio's aide took you to.
>Go around Morioh with Macha.
>Go outside, examine the vehicle that Mikitaka said was 'Josuke's' and now your own.
>Look for a specific person.

[NM 5]
File: 1384968220938.gif-(2.87 MB, 426x240, 1380512150033.gif)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB GIF
>>Go outside, examine the vehicle that Mikitaka said was 'Josuke's' and now your own.

MFW this quest is back!

Please update your twitter. I wouldn't have noticed had I not checked /tg/ before classes

[I don't have a Twitter as I dislike the platform.

But I suppose I will need to make one, yeah.]
[I gotta help a bro with an emergency real quick but I'll be back with a Twitter account before you know it.]
Rolled 16

>Go outside, examine the vehicle that Mikitaka said was 'Josuke's' and now your own.
Rolled 90

>Borrow some more of Mikitaka's flesh-juice and test the effects of friction reduction on liquids
File: 1384980168339.jpg-(54 KB, 495x443, late for jojo's.jpg)
54 KB
>Guardsman's Bizarre Adventures is back

Fuck yes, I was getting worried.
Rolled 74

We forgot the threads Stand is CCR.
Rolled 77


>Go outside, examine the vehicle that Mikitaka said was 'Josuke's' and now your own.
Rolled 30

>Go outside, examine the vehicle that Mikitaka said was 'Josuke's' and now your own.
Sounds like a good idea.
File: 1384986635947.jpg-(124 KB, 800x800, Obama Abdul english.jpg)
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124 KB JPG
Here's the pastebin link for the Stands.
Oh what the fuck that made me fucking laugh
File: 1384988032383.jpg-(309 KB, 1065x573, IT WAS ME DIO.jpg)
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309 KB JPG
I forgot, is the vehicle a car, or is it that motorbike that fetured prominently against Highway Star?
Rolled 65

I still don't get how Josuke learned to ride a motorcycle that well
I figured with a Stand with A ranked Destructive Potentail and Speed and a B in precision, he used it to help him drive.
Do this already
File: 1384992140649.jpg-(408 KB, 1500x844, Kira riding Diavolo into (...).jpg)
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408 KB JPG
Super Pose!
Rolled 47

Overpose requires a gentlemanly action
That's why I said "Super Pose". It needs to be 100 or 99 to be an OVERPOSE!
Rolled 32

Or 90-100 if it's a gentlemanly action.
File: 1384995679538.png-(163 KB, 496x343, tumblr_mtkangPaWw1qdiw9jo5_500.png)
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163 KB PNG
Ah yeah. Guardsman's bizarre adventure quest.

Looks like number mode is full, so I can't contribute a suggestion for now.
Goddammit, Joey JoJo, you gotta stop with these multi-hour long delays between posts, it really kills the quest.
Goddamn it Jorge, first a Kars army now a giant flying squid
Woohoo I check the tinypage on a lark and there's actually a new thread
[Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit sorry guys, a close friend of mine was kind of in a life-or-death situation and I had to rush to help...his scholastic life kind of depended on it.

I'm writing the response now and gonna set up a Twitter, since I'm hoping maybe I can make up for time lost on Saturday. It's just that I'm busy pretty much every weekday except today, with getting into Uni at 8 am and getting back home 10 pm my time. I might quit my job soon, though. $540 monthly for 6 hours, six days a week really isn't worth it.

In any case, I'm writing again. Finally. Sigh. I'm sorry to disappoint y'all.]
File: 1385002636268.png-(226 KB, 420x432, 1359874227717.png)
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226 KB PNG
>a close friend of mine was kind of in a life-or-death situation

Yeah okay a quest is not important if your bud's dying. Don't worry about it, take the time that you need.
>life-or-death situation
Yo, forget thread, help friend.
Are you working for less than min wage? 6 hours, 6 days a week should be over 1000 a month.

[It wasn't that drastic, actually. It's just that he's a med student, he was having tech problems up the wazoo and needed me to lend a hand so he could hopefully finish an important assignment for tomorrow.

I used to be a medical student, myself, and we both met in med school. I dropped out when I realized it really wasn't my thing, and that I was idealizing the whole 'helping people' aspect of the profession and making myself unhappy. How can you help others if you can't help yourself first? But yeah, for us who experienced the medical education system of this country...grades are life-or-death. To pass one semester one has to do so by the skin of one's teeth, and a superhuman effort might not be enough. Sure, it's free if you pass the entrance exam, but with many professors (many of them doctors themselves and seeing us as potential competition) trying to put you down like a rabid dog...most don't make it. Shit is absolutely bananas and I'm glad I got out of there. I was really, really unhappy. ]

[I live in Panama. Ya know, the country with the canal and whatnot. Minimum wage is $490 a month over here. Still, I'm very underpaid and I'm trying to apply for a job at Hewlett-Packard over here. That'd be a lot better; actual weekends off and about $1000 a month.

The saddest part is the fact that I work in a call center who is doing a project for Capital One Auto Finance. It is not a particularly difficult job, but it can be very exhausting...if someone calls you to make a collection call because you're past due, please don't hang up! Specially if the guy that calls you is named Diego.

Okay, enough life story shit. Gotta write some more.]
File: 1385003788868.jpg-(22 KB, 279x284, 1344834059515.jpg)
22 KB
Damn son.
I work at a call center too, and I've experienced some of the horseshit people can put you through when they think you're just a voice over the phone rather than a human being. So I sympathise, just to let you know.

But yeah, on with the story!
I am enlightened. Carry on then you fabulous man.
File: 1385004869262.jpg-(148 KB, 1000x1960, pouring-a-glass-of-cola[1].jpg)
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148 KB JPG

You realize that you don't have to drink Mikitaka's 'beverages' to get some use out of them.

You pick up the can of coke and inspect it. An idea springs into your mind.

"Mikitaka, can I ask you for an empty glass?"

His hand contorts, turning into a transparent container which he then offers to you.

"That's... not exactly what I had in mind, but that should work, thanks."

Using Low Rider's ability, you touch the hand...can...thing, and decide to try and up the liquid's friction.

That's...not quite right.

There is one thing that most people back home didn't know about you. You were the sort of person to spend hours on end reading books on different topics, trying to gain as much knowledge about the world and the Imperium as possible. It just so happens that, unlike many other worlds of the Imperium, Stella Platina does indeed provide access to a public library. The fact that it was barely visited by your common citizen was another story entirely.

Still, you remember a concept you read in one of those books. One of 'viscosity'. A fluid's resistance to flow. Essentially, liquid friction in layman's terms.

Now, this beverage was about as thick as water when you (unfortunately) drank it. If your theory is correct...

At first the dark caramel stream dropped from the can with its original consistency, but once you managed to get your eye on it, Low Rider's ability came into effect, and it became goopy, reminding you of 'honey'.

Time for act 2. Low Rider's finger goes into the glass. With a thought, the liquid regains its original properties almost out of nowhere, earning a few 'oohs' and 'aahs' from Mikitaka.

Macha stares at the glass, kicking her legs in front of the couch. "You've gained a hobby in testing the possible applications of your Stand, haven't you, Joachim? You definitely look like you're having fun."

You scratch the back of your head sheepishly. "I just figure it might be better to be prepared and know just what I can and cannot do beforehand. I don't know, it just might save our life someday."

It was true! You definitely felt that knowing your Stand's skill for friction control affected 'viscosity' by extension was important information.

"Don't get me wrong, Joachim." She rubs a stray strand of her crimson-orange hair between her fingertips, focusing on it as if it was the most interesting thing on the world. "I think that's a good thing. It's just when I met you, you never struck me as the methodical type. The way you handle your Stand betrays the image of a rugged Guardsman that dashes headlong into danger without thinking, that's all."

>"Appearances can be deceiving, Macha. I learned as much with you."

>"Who says I'm not impulsive? I am as valorous as any other Guardsman, and should danger arise, I'll be the first to fight. But discretion is the better part of valor."

>"I'm also pretty reckless, to be quite honest.."

>"Most people wouldn't know this, but I'm actually quite the egghead."

>I had never really thought about it.


[NM 5]
Rolled 28

>Appearances can be deceiving, Macha. I learned as much with you."
Rolled 92

Rolled 58


"Appearances can be deceiving, Macha. I learned as much with you."
[Okay, by suggestion of the players, I got a Twitter now. That'd be @NewerDCD. I'll try to post about new thread there. Keep an eye out on it this Saturday, as I'm going to see if it'll be possible for me to make a thread then as well.]

Did you put that twitter handle into the quest thread general?

[Not yet. How does it work, really? I mean, I might post some not-quest-related stuff in that account. Is it still okay for me to go on and put it in the thread, or should I have one specifically for the quest?]
You can post the handle in the topic and the anon who manages the pastebin will contribute your handle to the list.

I think that's how it works.
File: 1385010758692.png-(996 KB, 685x1155, Jojo Part 2 vs Part 7.png)
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996 KB PNG
>Time for act 2
>act 2
Oh shit, we're fully Johnny Joestar, now.
Rolled 7

pleas, good sir, would you post moar of it?
File: 1385016698124.jpg-(238 KB, 800x1174, Steel Ball Dining.jpg)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
More what? That image is a stand alone picture.
If you're talking about images by the same artists, I think I got a couple more pics lying about.
Rolled 82

aww yeah, genltemanly action time!
[Aaaaaaand I actually fell asleep. Fantastic.

Well, I'm coming home for lunch today as well (around 12 PM CST, so if the thread can stay alive 'til then, I can sneak in a few hours of progress.

Now, I'm gonna wait about five minutes before defaulting to >>28408189.]
>>28408113 (Gentlemanly Action)

"Appearances can be deceiving, Macha. I learned as much with you."

Her cheeks flush slightly. "Whatever do you mean?"

"Our races have always seemed to be in conflict because we 'look different'. But, even then, the biggest difference I can see between us is our ears. Sure, our cultures might clash, but..It's hard to put on words. We've been indoctrinated to hate on others due to their 'appearance', but I see how much of a mistake that is now. We definitely have a lot more in common than not."

She does seem to take your words to heart. "A little awkwardly put, but...I know what you mean. I agree."

Right then, there's a knock on the door. "Come in!" Mikitaka yells towards the direction of the sound.

Into the living room comes Emporio, hands in his pockets.

"Mikitaka. Oh, Joachim, Macha, you were here too? Good morning."

"Emporio!" Mikitaka answers gleefully. "What brings you here?"

"'He' arrived just a little bit earlier. He's currently unloading supplies and whatnot so I was wondering if you'd go help him a bit, Mikitaka."

"Oh! Absolutely!"

>"I would like to help as well."
>"We would like to help as well."
>"I'll see you later, then."

[NM 5, will answer once I get back from Uni]
Rolled 3

Knowing who "He" is might come in handy.
Rolled 6

>"I would like to help as well."
Then ask who "He" is
Rolled 41

>"I would like to help as well."
Rolled 68

>"'He'? I would like to help as well."
Why not both?
[Hey guys! As it turns out, I didn't have to stay on my second class for the day because I was the only one to get a good result on our last exam, and the professor was going to make everyone do another exam to make up for that grade. My friends all got stuff like 15 and 10 on the bloody thing, and I get a 90 somehow. Really relieved, considering I thought I had failed that exam just as bad.

In any case, in about ten minutes I'll default to the highest choice. There's still one more post to fill the NM queue!]

"He? Who is this 'he'?"

Emporio flashes a smile at you. "Oh, the Rogue Trader I mentioned before. Metis' son. His name is Kath, by the way. Rather young for a Rogue Trader, but it just happens that his crew is entirely made up of people who used to live in Morioh. Hell, his Warrant of Trade is something we pass down in here, since the caravan gets us necessary supplies to keep on going. "

"Oooh. Well, that's rather interesting. Say, how about I give a hand as well?"

Emporio throws his head backwards and laughs heartily. "Well wouldn't that be somethin'? Still, I don't know if you guys might be able to help. This guy can turn into a crane and all. You could just go and meet Kath instead, you know."

>"I can control friction. Should come in handy."
>"I can control friction, and she can teleport anything between two places. We should be able to help."
>Ask more about Kath (specify what).
>Go meet Kath.
>Ask about Fio'Ra.
>Go back to your temporary home.

[NM 4]
Rolled 26

>"I can control friction, and she can teleport anything between two places. We should be able to help."
[Doesn't seem like that worked out for you guys...so I'll try and see if it might be possible to continue once I get off work. In the meantime, I'm archiving this thread.]
Rolled 87

Oh god, all the supplies are going to slip and slide everyone like some kind of bad slapstick comedy.
Cue Yakety Sax....
Or not, I guess we actually do pretty decent at helping out, then.

We should get Mercuruia to help out, her Stand has a A rank Strength, we might as well put it to use, since she doesn't have to worry about her Stand's terrible speed moving objects.
Rolled 54


>"I can control friction, and she can teleport anything between two places. We should be able to help."

We got dis.
[Keep an eye on my Twitter y'all, I'll keep you updated on my current status through it. For now the thread might restart at 10:30 PM EST.]

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