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Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/QXuSBgGp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Knight_of_TG
Deviant Art: http://knight-of-the-realm.deviantart.com/

Here are the Pastbins segments for the story so far:
A Matter of Discipline: http://pastebin.com/qMLCh4zf
A Night in the Land of Nod: http://pastebin.com/11QmDNgH
First Knight: Martina: http://pastebin.com/uxHtXHsf
First Knight: Aimèe: http://pastebin.com/MnibYbMm
First Knight: Sieghild: http://pastebin.com/tybDT8Eq
First Knight: Felìcita: http://pastebin.com/sPfwT93U
First Knight: Rina: http://pastebin.com/nWB7keKy
First Knight: Veila: http://pastebin.com/G9KAsFJd

Writing resumes soon.
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I'm going to start things off with a list of the characters because I feel like it, and it might help people keep them straight, since I'm adding so many into the story.
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Sir Knight is the nameless and faceless (so far at least) protagonist. His personality however is kind and loyal. He won’t lead his friends into danger and won’t hurt people who don’t deserve it. Sir Knight is a competent swordsman and an excellent tactician, a byproduct of his military experience and training, but a terrible archer. He also has a tendency to make poor decisions when drunk. Currently he is in an "arrangement" with the six women of his party, something he feels intensely guilty about. He personally believes that each of them deserve a man to love them as their one-and-only, but can't choose only one of them out of a desire to avoid emotionally harming the others.

The Knight is a tall and well built man, with fair toned but calloused skin, hazel eyes, and dark hair. He is equipped with heavy armor that was crafted for the finest Knights of the Realm and further enhanced and enchanted by some of the best dwarven workmanship. He fights with a magical sword that allows him to focus his desire to protect others into a fire that will burn his enemies.
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The dragoness Martina is a bit of a mystery to the Knight. She obviously has some sort of emotional connection with us, which is why she stays around, but never even seems to acknowledge it. While she is emotionally closed off to others, she does get quite angry when someone makes a move on someone she has feelings for. She is skilled in both enchantment and healing magics and can work both with ease. While she resents the fact that she has to share her time with Sir Knight with the other women of the party, she has accepted this fact… for now at least. Out of all the women, Martina is the one that Sir Knight is the closest emotionally to.

In her draconic form. Martina is a fire breathing beast, a great winged lizard beast capable of ravaging nations and armies alike. In her human form she looks amazing, “like the sort of girl who would be on a nobleman’s arm as he went to the seedier sort of parties, but less… sleazy.” Martina has red hair, yellowish eyes which sometimes glow when she is using her magic, fair and almost flawless skin, and a well rounded and ample body that is likely the result of her shape shifting. She normally doesn’t wear much equipment as her innate draconic nature takes care of most of her protection and offensive needs, usually shape shifting into a red robe with a very revealing cut when around Sir Knight.
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Aimée is a young maid that Martina (while under the influence of Princes Emile) abducted and used her enchantment magic on to enslave her as a servant. Sir Knight rescued her when he killed Princess Emile and she has clung to him since. Evidently her father taught her how to be a serviceable thief and she has proven her use and loyalty to Sir Knight time and time again. Aimée's physical appearance is that of a young human woman with dark hair, green eyes, and fair but milky pale skin. She is very slender of build but has curves where it counts, although hers are often lacking compared to others in the group.

When not expecting trouble or not out in the wilderness, Aimée likes to wear her maid uniform and tries to make herself as useful to Sir Knight as possible. When in danger or the wilds she had taken to forsaking her armor and wearing skin tight leathers. However after a recent injury sustained at the hands of a guard, Sir Knight took her aside to figure out why she wasn't wearing her armor. When he found out that it was part of a desire to impress or attract him, he counseled her that he would rather not see her hurt and that he cared too much for her to allow that. After that, Aimée returned to wearing her armor, a light mithiril chain shirt with cloth threaded through the rings for stealth. Apart from the maid’s uniform and the armor, Aimée usually has a small assortment of knives on her that she can use with almost uncanny accuracy. She has a tendency towards childish behavior that she is trying to moderate but frequently spends her time practicing her stretching and acrobatics where Sir Knight can get a good view of her.
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Siegbert is a young male dwarf alchemist with an obsession about the new brewing techniques used to craft Lagers. Until recently he and his father got along well, the only argument being about how much time Siegbert spent listening to his Uncle Wolfgang's stories of adventure. However with the development of Lager, the traditionalist father and his innovative son found themselves at cross purposes. After a particularly bad argument Siegbert left his home and joined up with the Knight. While he respects the Knight and enjoys his company, he doesn’t care for the arrangement he has with the women and resents that his sister is part of it. He didn't realize it until recently but he missed the company of other men, Sir Knight is always busy with one woman or another and the women are great conversationalists, but there are something that you'd rather not bring up in front of them.

Siegbert has reddish brown hair, blue eyes, and always reeks of some mixture of alchemical supplies and hops. He typically carries at least a few beers on him at any given time along with his regular alchemist equipment. In addition to this, he wears light leather armor and carries a crossbow, although he rarely uses it and isn't particularly skilled. He has recently created a special alchemical compound known as Siegbert's Challenge, after a talk that Sir Knight had with him, it creates a powerful endothermic effect and coats the area and anyone unlucky enough to be inside it in a layer of ice.
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Sieghild is the older sister of Siegbert. When Siegbert left home, Sieghild went after him to make sure that he returned home safe. She initially was staying with the Knight out of a desire to protect her little brother, however after he risked his life in the elven city of Albero Città, she found herself so impressed by his honor and integrity that she began to fall in love with him. Sieghild exemplifies the dwarven virtues of loyalty to kin and clan, possibly to an unhealthy extent as she is over concerned with protecting Siegbert. She was a former member of the Hammerburg militia and retains a god sense of tactics and strategy from her time there. Siegbert told the Knight that her time in the militia was marred by some traumatic loss that she didn't want to talk about and the Knight hasn't pressed the issue so far.

Sieghild is a young and very buxom dwarven woman with blond hair, blue eyes, and well developed breasts and hips. Her hair is typically braided in a traditional dwarven style, a single braid down the back. The various knots and beads in her hair tell her life story, from her birth, her education, her training with the militia, and her eventual shift to working in her father's bar. The very end of her braids show a knot and bead combination that indicates that she is on a quest. She typically wears heavy dwarven armor that has been enchanted to some degree and wields a magical battleaxe and a tower shield.
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Felìcita is the Crown Princess of Albero Città and a squad leader in their border guard, a position she gained and kept through the power of pure nepotism initially. She ambushed the Knight and his compatriots as they entered Albero Città and was knocked out by the Knight. Her companions succeeded where she failed and captured the party. However later that night Felìcita freed the Knight and his friends because they were due to be executed in the morning by the mysterious Mr. Aldric, a figure who slipped into her nation’s political scene seemingly overnight. She has followed the Knight since and despite one easily solved disciplinary issue, she has proven to be a loyal member of the team. She is very eager to please "Master Knight" and has often allowed her desire to do so to supersede her own desires, something that Sir Knight recently talked with her about. He told her that he didn't want her to purely follow his orders, but rather to think as well. Since then she has been trying to contribute more to the group's ideas and express her opinions more often. Despite her incredible improvements, she still is too quick to yield on her opinion in an argument.

Felìcita is a young elf with platinum blond hair, green eyes, and a graceful but well curved body that finishes with a nice bubbly end. She prefers wear enchanted light armor of elven construction and uses her magical bow. Until recently she has a tendency to use it far too close to her target, however instruction from Sir Knight in tactics has mostly driven that out of her. She remains inexperienced in combat but is learning quickly.
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Captain Rina is the Captain of the Albero Città city guard. She is a competent leader of the guard, a skill most likely passed on to her by her late father Captain Rinaldo who was killed by Mr. Aldric/Isocrates. After his death, she joined up with us to seek justice for her father. Rina is an intelligent and capable woman, she can work through issue logically and clearly. She is also a good tactician and strategist, and often can act as a second in command for the Knight. She is probably the woman in the group who is most alike the Knight in temperament and attitude, they both view the world in similar ways and seek the same goals using similar means.

Rina is a young elven woman with auburn brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and a good set of legs. She typically wears a set of Albero Città City Guard armor while in danger but in social situation she has shown a tendency towards low cut, backless dresses, her way of flirting with the wild side (and the Knight) as it were. While in combat she uses a longbow or sword depending on the situation and is adept with both.
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Veila is an elven rogue from the city of Albero Città. The Knight meet her when he needed some local assistance to infiltrate the city palace. While there, the infiltration attempt was countered by Mr. Aldric/Isocrates and Veila's fellow rogues were killed or captured. Afterwards Sir Knight recruited her to help free the city from Mr. Aldric/Isocrates and she has been helping him since. Veila has a very… playful personality and often will make caustic jokes at others' expense. In contrast to the other women, she is more… open with her desires than most. She seems to have bonded best with Aimée but is getting a bit closer to the other's with time as well.

Veila is a slender elven woman with a body like a dancer's and the grace of a cat. Her well toned brown body contrasts with her red hair and green eyes and draws attention to her whenever she enters a room. Veila tend to wear loose fitting harem pants and a small vest at all times but has recently succumbed to pressure from Aimée to get some proper armor and has acquired a chain shirt similar to hers.
File: 1383955193159.jpg-(143 KB, 500x684, 19-man-archer-illustratio(...).jpg)
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Gaël is a mercenary archer and traveling bard who, along with a few other soldiers of fortune, attempted to ambush the party on the way to Hammerburg. He claims that he was hired by an individual known as Mr. Aldric who only contacted him through messages. The Knight spared his life under the condition that he never returns to Hammerburg. To his credit, Gaël complied with that, instead heading for Albero Città where he took advantage of the warrants issued by Mr. Aldric for the party’s arrest to… embellish his story. The party again encountered him in a tavern where he wound up blowing the Knight’s cover. In the ensuing chaos, he was knocked out again and made his way to the druidic grove where he once again met the Knight. This time he elected to sign on with the Knight and is now accompanying him on the off chance that some of the Knight's luck with women rubs off on him. Gaël became a bard to attract the attention of a girl in his home town, his failure to do so started a long string of failed efforts to woo ladies that is one of the primary reasons for his fascination with the Knight. He is torn between bitterness, jealousy, and awe of the Knight, but is grateful enough for his life that he's still loyal. Gaël is a consummate storyteller, he lives for keeping an audience on the edge of their seat, his desire to get a good story from the Knight is the primary reason for following him.

Gaël is a thin and slightly built half-elf man with straw colored hair and blue eyes. He prefers to wear comfortable leather armor and wield a bow at most times, but will occasionally dress up for performing. He's familiar with many musical instruments and carries a lute with him, but prefers to use his own voice whenever possible. He's a decent archer and can use his bardic skills to perform taunts in battle to great effect.
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Captain Boniface was the captain of the Appât Flottant, the ship that was supposed to take the Knight and his companions to the druidic grove. However the ship was sunk by Michi's raiders before it could arrive. Captain Boniface wound up accompanying Siegbert back to civilization and along the way they became friends over a shared appreciation for lagers and other alcohol. He paid for Siegberts trip on a new ship and continued traveling with him in order to get verification of the claim that he was raided. Along the way Michi attacked again and captured Boniface, Siegbert, and Nadja. They escaped and made their way back towards the grove where they met up with Sir Knight and his companions who were worried about Siegbert. It remains to be seen if he stays with the party any longer. Boniface is a flirt and a would be womanizer, however of late the women he's been trying to attract have been either taken by the Knight or dangerous dwarven assassins who wanted nothing to do with him.

Captain Boniface wears a light set of leather armor under his navy blue captain's jacket and wields a cutlass with some surprising skill. He used to own the Appât Flottant, but it was sank and until his claims for reimbursement are verified, he may not be able to replace it.
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Nadja was the right hand woman of Guildmaster Vinzenz. She was tasked by him to kill the Knight and his friends. Although she is a dangerous warrior, she was defeated both times by the Knight and fled combat. She now desires to hunt down those who caused the death of her former Guildmaster, and until recently she thought that was the Knight and his companions. Nadja is certainly a vindictive woman, but she also is reasonable enough to think and listen to others before she acts. While hunting down Mr. Aldric/Isocrates, who was the actual killer of her Guildmaster, she was captured by Michi along with Siegbert and Boniface. They escaped together and have recently reunited with the Knight's party. It remains to be seen if she will stick with the party beyond this point.

Nadja is a stout dwarven maid with brown hair, green eyes, and a sleek build that emphasizes what few curves she does have. She prefers to wear fitting but sturdy black and red leather armor and uses daggers and a crossbow equally well.
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Regulus is the senior member of the Dragonmoot Council and effectively the ruler of all Dragonkind. Although Maximus seems convinced that he is a fair ruler, the Knight noticed that he seems to set up situations so that it’s almost impossible to refuse his wishes. He also is capable of creating a ritual that can bind another creature to a mission, an ability he used on the Knight before he left on this quest. It has become apparent that Regulus has been keeping a close eye on Sir Knight and his progress, and believes him to be a critical component of an ancient draconic prophecy known as the Time of Vengeance.

In his dragon form, Regulus is a massive beast with black and gold scales. In his human form, he appears akin to a wizard or another spellcaster of some kind, with the same black and gold color scheme.
File: 1383955489387.jpg-(200 KB, 707x1000, Dragon_Knight_by_porco2 (1).jpg)
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Maximus is a friendly dragon that we met in the Dragonmoot Fortress. He was the one who assured us that Martina would likely come out her trial okay. He has a bit of a fondness for terrible puns but is otherwise quite friendly. His natural form is that of a mighty red dragon, but he often took the form of a human warrior wearing heavy red armor when talking with the Knight. He appears to have noticed that Martina and Sir Knight were… compatible shall we say?
File: 1383955553216.jpg-(25 KB, 400x364, 101364.jpg)
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Guildmaster Vinzenz was the dwarven crime lord and leader of the Schatten Gilde. He was hired by the mysterious Mr. Aldric to deliver the orders to kill the party to Gaël and his friends. When that failed, he received a follow up contract to kill the party. When that too failed, Mr. Aldric used his enchantment magic embedded in the payment that he gave for the jobs to force the Guildmaster and his closes aids to kill themselves.
File: 1383955624982.jpg-(170 KB, 711x986, dark_mage_by_forge_td4wl9c3.jpg)
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Hundreds of years ago Isocrates was an archmage who ruled a land known as Édra ti̱s Exousías. By all accounts he lead a totalitarian regime and ruled the land with force and magic. However in later years he came into conflict with the draconic race. This war was waged ruthlessly for a time it appeared that Isocrates would win against the dragons. To combat this new threat, the First Dragonmoot Council was formed and an alliance under the leadership of General Martinus, Martina's father, to fight Isocrates. The tide again turned and soon the parties were at a stalemate. In order to break this stalemate, Isocrates created a powerful rod that would be able to seize control of dragons' will and turn them into his servants and slaves. It is unknown what happened next, but according to Martina the dragons had to resort to some pretty dark deeds, however in the end they did win the war against Isocrates and destroyed his seat of power.

For the next few hundred years, Isocrates remained gone, however recently he has returned somehow, as some sort of undead creature. He has been going under the alias of Mr. Aldric for some time and has used this identity to wage a small war against Sir Knight in order to retrieve his rod. He has hired mercenaries and criminal syndicates, seized control of nations, and even hired vile mercenaries to retrieve his rod.

Isocrates' exact powers and abilities are unknown, however he has demonstrated a great skill with both enchantment and necromancy. These skills are further backed up by his authorship of a tome known as Binding the Soul, the Hidden Connections Between Necromancy and Enchantment which he used to enter the Albero Città Arcane Library's Black Section.

The current long term goals of Isocrates are a mystery, but in the short term, he desires his rod back. More answers can be found in the land of Omrachena Zemli where he used to rule.
File: 1383955720859.jpg-(48 KB, 570x678, Black_Knight_by_DaveIgo.jpg)
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The land of Omrachena Zemli is a hostile place. Although it's never easy to develop agriculture in a region as icy as that land, efforts to do so have been unusually unsuccessful, as though some dark curse has blighted the land. As a result famines and instability are frequent events in the land. The last famine that occurred a few decades ago caused a massive revolt that deposed the king of the land and plunged it into war and anarchy with lord and noble fighting one another. Out of the chaos emerged a powerful mercenary band, the Golden Saber, comprised of the evilest and most talented soldiers that could be found. Their general was a giant of a man named Zinoviy.

General Zinoviy is a cruel man who enjoys abusing his power over others. However he is a professional soldier first and knows that he wouldn’t have power to enjoy if he neglects his men and potential threats. As such he encourages a policy of working with every fiber of your being while on duty, and only enjoying yourself once your job is over. The Golden Saber has adopted this policy as their own and the discipline they have with work and training shows in their combat prowess.

General Zinoviy is physically a giant of a man. He wears the heaviest armor he can find and wields a sword that would require two hands if wielded by anyone else. In addition to this he protects himself with a massive tower shield. In short, he is a walking juggernaut and many who face him only find a quick death in the best of times, and are forced into servitude to him at the worst.

The Golden Saber and the General himself are currently working for Isocrates under his guise of Mr. Aldric. He has dueled with the Knight and lost once already, which was a pleasant surprise to him. He recently lost an eye to Rina when the Golden Saber was retreating from Albero Città and he promised to pay her back somehow.
File: 1383955794032.jpg-(280 KB, 800x582, army_by_chevsy-d5amj4k.jpg)
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Evengi and Kuzma are two officers in the Golden Saber who the Knight overheard talking. Through them, the Knight learned how depraved and vile the Golden Saber truly was. These two in particular had a fondness for making the elven queen give them a "dance" and expressed a preference for not using mind control as the discomfort it caused her was more enjoyable to them.

Kuzma later demonstrated an ability to fly a giant bird that the Golden Saber evidently had tamed and used this ability to abduct Rina and lure the Knight to a duel with General Zinoviy.
File: 1383955945525.jpg-(93 KB, 1297x1068, Medieval_Knight_by_lijinbo78.jpg)
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That's all the character bios for now. I"ll do more later. It's story time now.
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Martina swooped down and landed on the hill near me, she shifted back into her humanoid form and asked me with a smile, "Did you like what you saw?"

I returned her grin, "You're as deadly as you are beautiful as always, Martina."

We met with the rest of the group and shared stories of what we had been up to over the past few days, naturally the ladies and I omitted the facts of that first night for the sake of Siegbert's sanity, but we got a general idea of what each other had been doing. As we were preparing to leave via dragonback again, I turned to Felìcita.

"Felìcita, over here for a minute."

She came over confused, "Master Knight? What can I do for you?"

"You know that elven lord?"

"Not actually. His name escapes me at the moment, but -"

"Never mind, its just that I recently had a duel with him."


"Well, something struck me about his style during that duel. He was a complete incompetent. I'm sure you know the type, convinced that they know everything and doesn’t listen to their instructors."

Felìcita's ears were turning red and drooping with shame at this point, but I continued, "I figured, with a style that incompetent, he didn’t deserve to carry a blade like a warrior. So I decided to give it to someone who did. Here you go Felìcita. You could use a blade to go with that bow of yours."

Felìcita was speechless for a moment, then a grin that threatened to split her head in two emerged on her face and she gave me a hug so powerful I was worried that she would dent the enchanted armor somehow.
File: 1383956131886.jpg-(316 KB, 877x616, da___tavern_by_aimo-d4kpacn.jpg)
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A small cough from behind me broke the moment. I turned to see Aimèe there smiling, "If you two are done with that little moment, I think we're ready to go back to the grove."

Within a few hours we were back at the grove. We paid for an additional animal messenger to fly to Albero Città and give our report of the disasters and explain that we have an elven nobleman in need of arresting. With the river clear, it wasn't long before someone came by to pick him up. As the elf was being dragged off I decided to head to the tavern again. He called out after me, "YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THE LAST OF ME SIR KNIGHT! I SWEAR IT , OR MY NAME ISN'T -" and at that I closed the door to the tavern and ordered myself a drink.

A few minutes later the rest of my party, along with the people that Siegbert picked up, came in. I nodded to all of them and waited for them to place their own orders. One everyone was situated, I looked at the group and said, "So… now that we're all here, and then some, I think we should come to a conclusion regarding the new members. Which of you are willing to continue to accompany us and which of you would prefer to return to your own lives?"

Gaël was the first to speak. "I'm definitely interested in staying if everyone will still have me. I mean, I've only been here for a few days and I've already seen a Knight cut through enemy soldiers on a dragon! Where else would I collect stories like that?"

Boniface chimed in next, "I for one would gladly accompany you. After all, where else would I find a drinking partner like Siegbert here?"
File: 1383956216219.jpg-(133 KB, 1032x774, Tavern_by_MimiCat.jpg)
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133 KB JPG
The man and dwarf shared a grin and toasted each other.

Finally Nadja spoke up, "Well… I seem to keep running into you… and you're not dead yet. So I guess if I can't beat 'em, join 'em?"

I smiled a little in spite of myself, "Well we're grateful to have your assistance, Nadja. I look forward to working with you."

"I’m sure you do, Knight. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to get a drink. I'm way to sober to get used to the idea of working with this group…"
I wonder if Gael is gonna tip off Siegbert the events that happened while he was gone
File: 1383956529575.jpg-(190 KB, 1600x960, 1381609879425.jpg)
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190 KB JPG
Hey, I was just wondering, how do you all like the story still? I noticed that the suptg archive of that last thread was pretty unpopular. Is the story still entertaining enough?
I'm looking forward the the bromance development between the male members of the group.
Just how large is Martina anyway? I never pictured her as being able to pick up an entire ship.
River boats arn't as big as seagoing ships

still awesome
Most of the downvotes are probably just some troll with a dynamic IP. Don't worry, the score will recover after a few days.

heh, poor guy
holy crap, I totally forgot to vote

This guy has it right.
I noticed that a few of them have quite suspiciously bounced up to yellow after a few days.
I wonder if it's That dickhead from the first thread.
Given their sucess, He must be pretty steamed right now.
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>That first thread guy
I wonder whatever happened to him. I still remember reading his post that the thread was on Page 9 and I wasn't coming back. Heh, good times.

The fa/tg/uys are watching good sir, so don't concern yourself too much with keeping their attention. Just relax and write the story. You will know if you've done something wrong.

Can I put a vote in for Nadja not jumping on the knight's dick? Dear god, this man is just about booked to capacity as is. Lucky number 7 be damned. Save that for some time way later down the line.
I'm loving the image of not just an adventuring party, but an army kicking in the Big Bad's door.

Keep it up you magnificent bastard.
You still have the full support of the British Empire and its Commonwealth, insofar as I can represent it, which is to say, not a whole lot.

You've got my personal support and interest however. Good writefaggotry is always a pleasure and there's the chance it might just guilt me into shaking off my 2-year fugue and actually putting fingers to keys for reason other than making pathetic attempts at being witty on the internet.

Yeah, I'd like to put in a vote for this too. Seriously; it's getting ridiculous and two rogues is already more than enough. Though the lens of her own enmity towards the knight, coupled with his hinted-to-be-supernatural attraction for women, could prove an interesting angle to explore.

Any exploring to be done though, I'll do in the morning. Nighty-night, /tg/. Sweet dreams. Love you all. Yes, including you, over there in the corner, thinking no-one cares. Stop that. People do. I do, just for starters.
That guy's your elven noble KotR, he's obnoxious and no one cares about him, but he continues to chase your tail.
I agree with this anon, Seigbert could use some love too
Seconding support from the empire here.

KotR, your writing is just the thing to cheer me up after a long night shift. Thank you.
Yeah, my internet is doing its best zombie impression. It's moving, but ultimately it is dead. Next update may take a while.
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Updated via phone by the way.
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So long as it doesn't cause your phone to try and eat your brain, you should be good.

Also, you have support from 'murica here!
Also also, gotta go with the others and suggest Nadja avoid's becoming number 7
Also also also...
>Seighild wears heavy plate and wields a tower shield/Axe combo
>mfw delicious dwarven deathmachine
bump for Seigbert and Nadja
Dedicant bump
File: 1383986945364.jpg-(99 KB, 768x1040, abandoned_legionnaire_by_(...).jpg)
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After that we broke up into smaller groups to spend the evening relaxing. We were going to spend another evening by the hot springs, for what could only be my benefit, Gaël took Siegbert and Boniface over to another pool to chat with them while I got the ladies to myself. I'll have to thank him later, very helpful of him.

I spent that evening sitting in a warm pool, were listening to Aimèe, Veila, and Nadja argue about thieving techniques, when I overheard a little of the conversation in the other pool, "So, Gaël was it?"

"Ah, yes Captain Boniface? What can I do for you?"

"Ah, it's just Boniface for now. After all, I can't be a captain until I get my ship back, now can I?"

"True. So how can I help you?"

"You said that you were a story teller?"

"Indeed I am. Why do you ask?"

"Great. Perhaps you could settle a little debate between me and Sieghild here. You see, a long time ago in an ocean far away there was an ancestor of mine. He specialized in robbing dwarven trade caravans. Now Sieghild here says that he only was able to raid one hundred ships, now I always heard that he was able to raid thousands of ships…"

I turned back to my own pool with a satisfied smile. Somehow I think things would work out with this group.
File: 1383990752642.jpg-(186 KB, 500x600, DrunkKnght.jpg)
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186 KB JPG
Right, the good news is that my internet access is back. The bad news is that I've been drinking since it went down. As such I wouldn't trust myself to write a story, I'm way too drunk. Remember, a little bit of alcohol will help drive the story, Too much will give you terrible ideas.

Thank you all for your patience,

Knight of the Realm
Answer some questions you drunk bastard

ps i love you
Well I'm going to town now, so have this "waiting 'til the knight sobers up" bump
Gods above, Knight, how much did you drink..?
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File: 1384033193261.jpg-(67 KB, 600x432, Pirate_Tavern_by_Hofarts.jpg)
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All right, I have a little time to write today. I've got errands and a game later though so it won't be a large update.

I love you too, sir or mam. And ask away.
Hard to say. When I cleaned up this morning I found 12 bottles of various ales and lagers. Since they contain roughly 12 fl oz each, I'd say that I've had 144 fl oz of beer. That would equal 1.125 gallons of beer, or for my readers outside of the United States 4.258 liters of beer.

All right
>/tg/'s Bittenfeld of storytelling.
How's the head? Last time I did that I had a dandy hangover.
File: 1384034490820.png-(288 KB, 850x1100, Knight of the Realm 2.png)
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Okay actually. I've been blessed with a resistance to hangovers so far.

>Frantically searches for wood to knock on.
File: 1384034842932.jpg-(188 KB, 749x998, bronzeknight_by_mabuart-d(...).jpg)
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188 KB JPG
A few hours of ordering drinks and relaxing later, the three men got up and followed Siegbert out.

Curious I turned to them, "Where are you guys going?"

Siegbert looked at me with an obviously intoxicated expression, "Oh don’t worry about us, Sir Knight. I've got something I want to show these two. Something pretty impressive."

I waved him on, "Go on then. Have fun!"

Boniface gave me a equally drunk smile, "Don't worry! I think we will!"

In hindsight, a drunken alchemist having "something impressive" to show someone should have set off a few alarm bells. As it were, I didn't think anything of it until one of the senior druids came in and demented to speak to me about the "reckless pyromania" that ran rampant amongst my associates.

One lengthy negotiation and large payment later, and I was talking with Martina about creating an enchantment to prevent drunks from accessing Siegbert's alchemy equipment, Siegbert was still insisting that the explosion shouldn't have been that large, and Gaël and Boniface were still unconscious.

And that was the end of the first week of our "relaxing break,"
Well I didn't expect that last half after having read the first half.
The Knight's verbal rusemastery knows no bounds.
File: 1384036679380.jpg-(209 KB, 900x643, dark_souls_knight_8_by_ne(...).jpg)
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209 KB JPG
The week after followed a fairly predictable pattern, we would wake up late, spend the morning sparring, practicing, and otherwise keeping our various skills sharp, break for a lunch at the tavern, and then spend the evening in the hot springs and relaxing. I will admit that many of the nights were enjoyable too, but I feel no need to go into any particular detail at this time.

By the end of our two weeks there, I'm pretty sure that everyone, my party, the druids, the other guests, were ready for us to go. The day we were to leave, I spent the entire morning running around, gathering my fellow party members' lost equipment, thanking the staff, and leaving enough gratuities that if we had to return this way, we would at least be welcomed back.

Then I met up with the rest of my party at the edge of the grove. "Is everyone ready to leave? Martina, do you have everything? All your spell components and scrolls?"

She smiled at me, she had been packing them up diligently since last night, "Yes Sir Knight, I do."

"Excellent. Were you able to customize that bag appropriately?"

Martina held up a bottomless bag, this one with a significantly larger opening than usual, "Yes, I was. Not a bad piece of work if I do say so myself."

"Good to hear. Aimèe, do you have all your knives and various tools?"

"Yes Sir Knight, I do."

"Sorry, I just need to ask. Siegbert, were you able to restock your alchemical supplies? I heard you were having some trouble with that."
File: 1384036760378.jpg-(135 KB, 800x956, random_knight_by_blewzen-(...).jpg)
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135 KB JPG

"The trading post wouldn’t sell me any until this morning when they were sure I was leaving. But yes, I did."

"Great. Sieghild, were you able to pick up those maps I asked about?"

"I was Sir Knight. Here they are now."

I took the scrolls from Sieghild and checked them. They seemed to be the maps we were looking for, "Thank you. Felìcita, did you restock your arrows and your supplies? Do you have your winter equipment?"

The princess nodded and lifted up her considerably larger bag and quiver, "Got everything you suggested and a few items I thought would be useful too."

"Great work again. Rina, I trust that you're ready?"

Rina nodded and said, "I hope so. I also wanted to let you know that I picked up a few sets maps myself. That way both Sieghild and I can have a backup copy in case anything happens to that one or we need to separate or something."

"Good thinking, Rina. Veila, do you have all your equipment? All your winter clothes and gear?"

I had had Aimèe pressure Veila into doing some proper preparations and evidently it worked. Veila sighed and nodded. "All the tons of useless junk, ready to go."

"It might save your life if it comes down to it. Gaël, do you have everything? Arrows, and… whatever other equipment a bard needs?"

"Yes and mostly spare journals and ink."

"Makes sense. Did you get your cold weather gear?"

"Yeah. I picked it up yesterday."

"Good to hear. Boniface, how about yourself? Got everything?"

"Certainly Good Knight, this coat of mine can weather most environments and I've got enough other equipment stowed about me to get me through most situations!"

I looked at him carefully. I only saw a man with a large coat and a suit of leather armor under it, "And where do you keep this alleged equipment?"
File: 1384036835487.jpg-(82 KB, 498x604, 1383053281136.jpg)
82 KB
Boniface smiled again, "In my coat of course! Let me show you," he reached into his breast pocket and suddenly withdrew his entire cutlass. I must admit I was taken aback by that.

Martina leaned in to me and whispered, "It looks like the coat pockets are individual bottomless bags, it also may have an enchantment to produce minor mundane equipment as needed. "

I whispered back, "Very useful. I want one…"

She chuckled, "They're rather rare, but we'll see what we can find or cobble together."

I turned again to Boniface, "Well I’m satisfied then. Nadja, do you have your own equipment ready?"

The dwarf assassin looked bored, "I do. And before you ask, yes I do have cold weather gear. And yes I do have all my daggers. And yes I have restocked my crossbow bolts. Any other questions?"

"Not from me at least. In that case, let's get going. Martina, get ready to transform into your draconic shape."

I small chorus of groans came from the other party members. I turned to them, "I understand that you all dislike being carried in Martina's talons. I understand that and had Martina work up an alternative which she has just completed this morning," I turned to Martina and she tossed me the bottomless bag she had customized. I opened the large sack and turned to the others, "All right, now get in the bag."
>Get in the bag
Oh gods, I've been on /tg/ long enough to know where this is going!
>get in the bag
Well that isn't rapey in the slightest.
File: 1384037492312.png-(93 KB, 640x640, Troll_Face_Trollface.png)
93 KB

> "All right, now get in the bag."

U mad?
File: 1384038451311.jpg-(314 KB, 1323x1000, 1354498946677.jpg)
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314 KB JPG
On that note, I need to get ready for my game tonight. I'll see you all later.
have a good one, sir knight.
File: 1384040590599.gif-(529 KB, 350x180, 1321212555686.gif)
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529 KB GIF
>''Get in the bag''
The laughing.
I can't stop it.
File: 1384045486508.png-(352 KB, 727x638, oh my.png)
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352 KB PNG
"Allright ladies, get in the bag."
Truly a gentleman
File: 1384046522392.jpg-(16 KB, 348x232, backpain-1292835351.jpg)
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Dragon bagging, seems legit
Inb4 some of the party gets lost in the bag.
Everyone gets in the bag eventually
bumpin' for justice and bag-related shenanigans
Wait, if Boniface's coat is made of bags of holding. Won't putting him in the bag turn this story into Event Horizon?

>Get in the bag

I lost it, going back to monitoring.
I have this strange urge to talk in all caps.
File: 1384114114569.jpg-(156 KB, 3384x1438, yep hes getting laid.jpg)
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bumping with best wingman
File: 1384119219778.jpg-(417 KB, 754x1100, He is his OWN bag.jpg)
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Where we're going, we don't need bags.
Also Boniface is his own bag.
File: 1384123895052.jpg-(130 KB, 983x813, Warrior_2___Fantasy_Earth(...).jpg)
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130 KB JPG
>I'm back for a little bit. Have a quick update before I need to go again.

There was a little bit of arguing, but eventually they agreed. As I closed the bag, I heard them musing about how it was surprisingly roomy, and that they should really put a couch or something inside. I called out, "Don't worry, it shouldn’t be more than a few hour trip. I'll let you out when we reach the Omrachena Zemli frontier."

Martina turned her head towards me as I got on her back with the new sack on my back. "Are you sure you want me to only fly to the frontier? I can go further inland…"

"I'm sure. I figure that those Golden Saber people would probably be looking out for us, and I'd rather not give Isocrates any more warning than necessary."

And with that we set out for Omrachena Zemli.
File: 1384124002258.jpg-(151 KB, 900x1273, Wrath_Knight_by_Arcsen.jpg)
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151 KB JPG
Dear Journal,

We eventually made it to the edge of Omrachena Zemli. By dragonback, the trip was amazingly fast. We flew right over hills and mountains and miles and miles of wilderness and other rough terrain.

"You know Martina? I really appreciate this. You have no idea how much help this is."

"Sir Knight, I am always willing to do this for you. You shouldn’t even need to ask."

"…Thank you, Martina."

We flew on in silence for a few more hours, enjoying the moment. Then I saw a small trail of smoke rising from the snowy planes near a forest. A small village was up ahead.

"Martna, can you land us out of sight near that village? We don't need to startle the locals and I'd like to get a feel for the inhabitants of the land."

We landed in the woods, and I dismounted Martina. I opened up the bag and let the rest of the party out.

Aimèe stretched out and looked around, "Wow. We really did travel far in those few hours. You should think about buying some furniture for that bag. You know, some tables and chairs. Maybe throw in some playing cards or books. Something to pass the time."

"I'll think about it."
Wow, KOTR, I have been following your works on the archives, and I have loved every minute of it. Even if the knight abandoned chastity a little quickly in my opinion. To answer your survey, 18, male, Connecticut.
like a bump outta hell I'll be gone when the morning comes.
File: 1384134263352.jpg-(50 KB, 600x450, Knight_by_Spartan1989alfa1113.jpg)
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Martina transformed back into human form and the eleven of us slowly made our way into the village. The first thing we noticed was how afraid everyone was. No one was in the streets, not even a child. We stood there quietly for a few minutes, feeling the eyes of the townsfolk on us as they watched us from the windows and doors of the town. In uncomfortable quiet we made our way to the small tavern. As we entered we saw everyone inside turn to face us. We quietly made our way to one of the larger tables in the corner and seated ourselves there. From the back of the tavern we could see two barmaids hiding and debating amongst themselves whether or not to dare and come serve us or not.

After a few minutes one of them, a frail looking girl who looked barely into adulthood, came over. "C-c-can I-I-I h-help you, m-my lord?"

I gave her what I thought was a comforting smile, but the girl seemed more panicked by that for some reason so I stopped, "Just a beer will be fine. What do you carry on tap?"

The girl stammered her way through a small list of ales. Siegbert turned to her, "That's only ales! Don't you have any lagers?"

To all of our surprise, the girl burst in to tears of fear and cried, "Oh no! We're only a small tavern my lord! We don't have anything like that! Please have mercy on us! Please!"
File: 1384134842759.jpg-(287 KB, 600x900, Black_Knight_by_Hamsterfly.jpg)
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287 KB JPG
I carefully patted the poor girl's shoulder, "It's okay. We're not angry. We're not going to hurt you…"

She looked confused and dubious, "Y-you're n-not?"

"No. Why would you think that?"

"N-normally the soldiers that come here are either from Lady Eva or the Golden Saber… and I didn't recognize you as being any of Lady Eva's…"

It began to click with me, "So you thought we were with the Golden Saber."

The poor girl cringed again, "Yes! I’m sorry-"

"No, its fine. I understand. We're not with them. Can you tell us more about this Lady Eva? I take it that she isn't like the Golden Saber?"
>Lady Eva
>hates the golden sabers
Not only that, but we are probably going to end up picking up that damn female golden sabre scout/messenger sooner or later.


In all seriousness though, I think that we are jumping the gun a little here. KotR hasn't given us anything to go on yet to draw these conclusions (which I am personally hoping to be inaccurate). Frankly a normal woman should probably be disgusted with the knight at this point once they start delving too close into his sordid love life.
>anyone in the party
With any luck Eva will be an old crone.

I like how you think, and that was kind of my point in no details having been given yet. The world really isn't filled with just nubile young women of marriageable age.
They've all been strategically placed along our route though. I suspect higher forces at work here.
File: 1384142081035.jpg-(115 KB, 800x600, 1383093357475.jpg)
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115 KB JPG
"Oh no! Lady Eva does what she can to help us!" by this point the bartender and the other barmaid came over to our table too. The bartender nodded "Yeah. She tries to make sure that we always have somewhere to rest our heads and that there's someone to keep raiders and mauraderers away from our town."

The other barmaid chimed in, "The Golden Saber only shows up to cause trouble and… harass us…"

We chatted for a little while longer before the bartender realized that he wasn't getting us the drinks we ordered and got everyone back to work. Once we had another moment to ourselves, we started talking.

"So… I think that this Lady Eva might be worth paying a visit to.

Sieghild nodded, "We could use more allies against the Golden Saber."

Rina commented "And she evidently has an army of her own. Could be helpful indeed."

Felìcita said, "What's more important is the fact that as a noble she has some political legitimacy and can provide a connection to other potential allies as well."

"Good points, all of you. Shall we head towards her lands after we finish here?"
Bump at the Moon
File: 1384150413613.jpg-(88 KB, 600x900, Crusader_by_Obrotowy.jpg)
88 KB
Sorry about the slow updates. Today was a bit of a long day.
No problem, you've been writing for weeks now
nice story so far
File: 1384195895956.jpg-(12 KB, 289x352, bump.jpg)
12 KB
/tg/ is fast today
File: 1384204252413.png-(318 KB, 500x322, sanics words of wisdom.png)
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318 KB PNG
Hang tight, sir Knight,
page 9 in one hour and a half?
/tg/ is going places, it seems.
File: 1384218826184.gif-(965 KB, 498x266, 1378229364808.gif)
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965 KB GIF
bump from ol' blighty
File: 1384224645319.png-(760 KB, 790x1000, 1383073976561.png)
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760 KB PNG
When the waitress came back, we inquired as to how we might get in touch with Lady Eva. We found out that she lived on the other side of the forest to the north of here and the easiest route to her castle was along the western perimeter of the forest. We paid for our drinks and set off to find that castle.

We were just getting repacked to head out for Lady Eva's castle when a little girl ran into the village screaming, "Golden Sabers! Golden Sabers are coming!"

I acted immediately, "Rina, Sieghild, you two direct the others in getting everything stowed away and get ready to intervene should we need to. I need to find someone in authority."

I ran back into the bar and asked the bartender, "Who would you say makes decisions for this village?"

"Actually, I am a spokesman for the town with Lady Eva-"

"Good. You have Golden Saber soldiers heading towards you. Do you want our assistance should they prove bothersome? I know sometimes this can only invite reprisal and as such we won't act on your behalf without your permission first."
File: 1384225535673.jpg-(177 KB, 750x1066, My_Knight_by_SpecialFRED.jpg)
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177 KB JPG
The man smiled a toothy grin at me, "Good on you to think of us like that! Honestly, things couldn’t really get much worse. It would be nice to have someone on our side if they turn hostile. Don't start a fight though if you can avoid it!"

"I'm glad to hear that, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to stand by and watch those bastards."

I called out to the rest of my party. "All right, we have permission to defend the village should the Golden Saber threaten them. Get inside the inn and stow our gear there and we'll wait for them to come through from the backrooms. Felìcita, Gaël, Veila, I'd like you three to cover us with range and pick off any Golden Sabers who try to flee to report back about us. Nadja, Aimèe, can you two focus on picking off spellcasters or archers that they have with them? Siegbert, we can't use a lot of your lethal alchemy with all the civilians around. Can you use those webs to hold people in place? Good. Sieghild, Rina, and Boniface, you're with me. We'll be protecting the citizens and doing the bulk of the combat against their main forces. Does anyone have any questions?"

Nadja furrowed her brow in confusion, "Why are we asking for their permission? I get that you want to fight these guys, justice and protection is your gig I guess, but I don't know why you bothered with asking? Who would say no?"

"Good question Nadja. Does anyone know the answer? Yes Felìcita?"

"Because sometimes resisting a powerful force can bring reprisals?"

"Correct. Good job. If we protect the villagers now but in the process cause retribution to fall on them that is worse than the original problem, we didn't do a good job of protecting them. Does that make sense, Nadja?"

The dwarf assassin bristled at being talked to like a pupil, but she nodded sullenly.
File: 1384226684728.jpg-(434 KB, 1000x647, black_knight_by_eronzki99(...).jpg)
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434 KB JPG
"Good. One more thing to remember, these are the Golden Saber. We did well with those mercenaries by the grove, but they are nothing compared to the Golden Saber soldiers. I want you all to be careful, otherwise they can and will kill you."

There was an uncomfortable silence at those words. I hoped that my words were sinking in, but it was just as likely that they didn't want to think about the possibility of death and were putting it out of their minds. Understandable really, but not exactly helpful.

"Now let's get ready before they arrive. Good luck everyone."

I watched my companions get into position throughout the town and settle in to wait for the Golden Saber soldiers. As Felìcita got on the roof of a building on the other side of town, Martina approached me. "I notice that you didn't give me a job for the fight. What can I do to help?"

I sighed, "I'm not sure. A lot of your strengths are not well suited for a fight like this. Your breath weapon and natural weapons would only cause damage and injury to the town and its inhabitants. Your enchantment magic can cause confusion in their ranks, but I'd rather have you save it for emergency. I don't suppose you'd mind combat healing?"

"I'm fine with it. But why not aerial reconnaissance like I normally do?"

"First, I'd rather not frighten the townsfolk. Second, if a dragon is sighted, there is a good chance that the Golden Saber will just run away rather than come into the town."

Martina nodded, "And while that would be good for the town, it wouldn’t help our secrecy. Good point, I'll stay with you and provide healing."

"Thanks. Just remember to stay safe. If you're in danger, just get out of there. You can't heal anyone if you're dead."

"Keep safe yourself, Sir Knight."

At that point we were cut off by the noise of horses and armor. The Golden Saber had arrived.
I'm just waiting for shit to happen and the knight and his group massacring the Golden Saber mercs.
You seem to have mixed up the rogues. As far as I'm aware, Veila doesn't have any ranged weapons.
Archived, that seems to be my official job at this point.
Though the description isnt very good.
File: 1384238586478.jpg-(268 KB, 1600x1200, The-black-Knight-merlin-v(...).jpg)
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268 KB JPG
As the soldiers rode into the town I saw the familiar golden blade emblem of their unit and had to fight down a tremor of residual rage from the last times I had seen them. There were about four dozen men, not including their commander. Half their number were evidently front line soldiers, another dozen were archers, and the last were split into six arcane spellcasters of some kind and six clerical spellcasters.

As I walked out and towards my position with Martina, I saw that the rest of us had positioned ourselves well. Our archers were on rooftops where they could obtain clear lines of fire, Siegbert was also up there with some potions of his. Aimèe and Nadja were at the other end of the street and on the other side of the mass of soldiers. I met with Sieghild, Rina, and Boniface on the other side of the street.

Rina turned to me, "So when do we gut these bastards?"

I smiled, "Patience. We aren't going to start a fight here, we wait for them to make the first move and then act. Knowing the Golden Saber, it won't be too long."

I then turned to watch the soldiers. The first thing their leader did was form his men into pairs. Then with only a gesture, the men split up and immediately headed towards the various buildings of the town.

I turned to the others, "This looks like its it. Let's start casually heading over towards them. No need to alarm them yet."
File: 1384238651409.jpg-(273 KB, 1280x1143, Black_Knight_by_overdrivezero.jpg)
273 KB
273 KB JPG

However a scream suddenly increased the need for urgency, right in front of me, the Golden Saber soldiers were literally dragging women out into the street. This was clearly more than the "harassment" the waitress had complained of. The women were being forced to their knees in a row. The commander was barking orders, "Team one, get them pinned down there. Team two, ready your swords. Get ready to begin the execution on my mark!"

"Well this escalated quickly…" I muttered to myself before calling out, "EVERYONE! ATTACK NOW!"

Everyone reacted at once, I saw the enemy soldiers suddenly throw the women aside and draw their own weapons and shields immediately. At the same time Felìcita, Gaël, and Veila stood up from their respective rooftops and began aiming at targets. Siegbert was rummaging through his bag and in the background I could see Aimèe and Nadja moving towards the men.
File: 1384238714055.jpg-(23 KB, 272x400, mounted_black_knight.jpg)
23 KB

The Golden Saber soldiers were as disciplined as I remembered. They formed a defensive line blocking access to their casters and archers. At an order from their commander they began to march forward, attempting to encircle the four of us that they could see approaching them. However this was when our archers began their attack. The three of them fired at more exposed targets, such as the Golden Saber archers and mages. As they fell back to avoid the arrows, Aimèe and Nadja fell on them and began to drop them with precise strikes. It wasn't long before the mages were down and the archers were trying to find better positioning. I returned my attention to the approaching soldiers, now confident that I could engage them without a debilitating spell or deadly armor-piercing arrow dropping me where I stood. The Golden Saber soldiers were confused by our multiple attacks, but the commander knew enough to get his men into melee where our ranged support wouldn’t be able to safely pick them off. As they charged us, weapons drawn, I readied my own sword and shield and waited for them to reach me.
File: 1384239050440.jpg-(932 KB, 720x720, Knight of the Realm 5.jpg)
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932 KB JPG
>Why is it that all the things that inspire me to write also inspire me to go exercise? I'll be back in an hour or so.

Do what I do, and take an exciting excerpt from the story and use that as a quote instead.
File: 1384247764509.jpg-(265 KB, 800x500, battle blood fantasy art (...).jpg)
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265 KB JPG
To my surprise, not all of the soldiers wound up rushing us. Some broke off and headed towards the buildings with Felìcita, Veila, and Gaël atop them and began trying to scale them to engage the archers in melee combat. Before I could go assist however, the rest of the soldiers attacked me. I raised my shield and parried two sword strikes that would have at least rung my bell if not knocked me out all together. I realized that I needed to get my focus back on my own surroundings if I was going to survive this battle myself. I feinted towards my opponent on the right and then lunged at the left one's eye slots. I was rewarded with a gush of his lifeblood, but I took a strike to my sword arm in exchange. I fell back a little, shaking my arm to remove the numbness caused by the blow and saw Sieghild nearly lose her head to another soldier. As she tried to counter, one of the Golden Sabers moved behind her to flank. I called out a warning to her but soon had my own hands full. Another soldier was approaching, this one carrying a wicked hooked hammer, designed to punch through heavy armor like mine. I decided he was the primary threat, but the other swordsman couldn’t be discarded either, and the rest of the unit had still to reach me. This was going to be a difficult battle…
File: 1384247830230.jpg-(431 KB, 1000x667, 1000x667_4167_Three_Kingd(...).jpg)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
I dodged back from a blow from the hammer's hook that would have lobotomized me, even with my helmet, and was about to step in to strike back when the sword wielder stabbed at my eye slots. I instead circled around to the side of the hammer wielder, trying to use his body as a block between me and the sword user. This tactic worked and while I had to dodge another hammer strike, I was able to return a blow that left the man bleeding on the ground. A follow up to the swordsman took him from the fight and left me free to deal with the next targets. I saw that Rina and Siegbert had taken to guarding each other's back. Also our archers were doing their best to keep the soldiers away, but it was hard going. The rogues were nowhere to be seen. I hopped they had a plan, our strategy had already thinned their numbers by half, and the most dangerous half at that, but the rest weren't going to go down easily.
File: 1384250358356.jpg-(586 KB, 1224x1632, Knight of the Realm 4.jpg)
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586 KB JPG
All right. I'm done for the night. I'll be back tomorrow evening to write more. Keep the thread alive for me!

Thanks for reading,

Knight of the Realm
File: 1384251260645.jpg-(1.02 MB, 720x720, zinoviy.jpg)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
I drew Zinoviy, how I saw him. As a classy-ass fancy fucker. He's leading a group called the GOLDEN sabers after all.

also each kill counter is in the thousands
let's see how this plays out...
that helmet just reminds me of an EVA unit
a little too much barrelchest for my taste. looks a bit like a transformer
The Golden Saber must be stopped.
No matter the cost.

(I don't know if I'm phrasing the next sentence correctly)

Should the knight had the necessity of using a two-handed weapon, what weapon would he choose?
The better way of phrasing it would be
>If the situation arose, what sort of two handed weapon would the Knight turn to?
man, the group should really strengthen their anti scrying magic/gear after this encounter.
File: 1384306463390.jpg-(142 KB, 743x1076, 50c02b48c4c0b924c472dd80b(...).jpg)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Still at work.

Depends primarily on the situation, but I could see him using a claymore.
with seigbert in the party it could be either kind
Yeah. I googled Zinoviy and found out he was a Russian tank ace in WWII. Tried to copy his tank and incorporate it into his armor.

I'll mess around later and change it to something more spiky and sinister looking.
Thanks for the thread so far, Knight. I appreciate your writefagging quite a bit.
Might not be able to update today. Things have been crazy on my end.
Take whatever time you need
File: 1384359747000.gif-(2.74 MB, 400x220, 781cc1395f0ce2a7bf5b850a1(...).gif)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB GIF

File: 1384364168497.png-(559 KB, 812x1857, Black_Knight.png)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
I love it. In defense of Zinoviy Kolobanov, the only traits that my Zinoviy shares with him are a fondness with and skill for heavy armor and weapons.
Not the picture I chose but whatever.

By the way, I'll be back to writing this evening. Hopefully.
File: 1384368051763.jpg-(334 KB, 1280x723, 952370_20090220_screen001.jpg)
334 KB
334 KB JPG

This means some other anon just posted a picture of a knight in a heated thread debate about story awarness or sth alike. I'm sure he'll be flabbergasted when there's a knight in his precious explanation
is it the day?
File: 1384382951939.jpg-(157 KB, 553x607, 327fcbbc91a657cc6488ba55d(...).jpg)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
As if to hammer my point home, I had to fall back further to avoid beings stabbed by a wicked looking halberd thrust. I retaliated, pushing the blade aside and stepping into strike the wielder but had to take another sword strike in exchange from one of his allies. This one left my leg feeling numb and I couldn’t fall back fast enough to avoid a third strike to by torso. Fortunately I was able to cut down the soldier who rushed in to hit me there, and I was able to fend the other off. As my leg regained feeling I continued to fall back to survey the situation.

There were about ten soldiers still surrounding us, with another six trying to reach our archers who were busy fending them off. The remainder of their archers used their time to get into a better position and were readying to fire as soon as they had a clear shot. The commander was circling, trying to find an opening to exploit.

I called out over my shoulder, "Martina, can you do something to disable some of these men?"

A shout of "Obstupefacio!" was my response and the men in front of me lowered their weapons and began to sway. I lunged forward and took advantage of my opening, cutting down four of their number. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Sieghild and Rina take down another four between them.

Suddenly I heard Martina call out, "Watch out, Sir Knight!" As she said this, I felt a cold and sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I turned my head weakly to see that while I was busy with the men in front of me, their commander had lunged and wedged his blade between the plates in my armor. I slumped over, in pain and the commander slowly raised his blade to finish me off.
File: 1384383648876.jpg-(416 KB, 1280x1024, 1383080500841.jpg)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
Suddenly Martina was in between us. She lunged forward towards the commander, and raised his helm and leaned in. For one instance in my blood loss induced confusion, I thought she was about to kiss the man. Then she spat fire, directly into his face and into his armor. The man shrieked and clawed at himself, falling to the ground in the hopes that rolling in the snow would put out the flames, but it was already too late for that. I could see Rina shouting for Sieghild to help Martina move me out of the archer's line of fire as the two of them cut down the last soldiers and as I blackness began to edge my vision I could see Sieghild tell Rina to go help the archers. Then came the sensation of being pulled. As the darkness was about to overtake me and I was about to pass out again, I suddenly felt a stream of energy flowing through me. I opened my eyes again and saw that Martina was healing me while Sieghild was standing guard.

"Thank you…" I said as I groggily sat up.

"You should stay laying down. You're not fully healed yet…"

"I'll promise that I'll get my bed rest after the battle is over."

"It almost is. Felìcita is finishing off the last of the enemy archers now."

"Oh…" there didn't seem to be much to say to that so I fell silent. I recall thinking to myself that I really should have seen that commander coming around.
File: 1384384843723.jpg-(213 KB, 720x450, knights-templar-title-image.jpg)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Alright. I've got another errand to run. I'll be back later this evening.
File: 1384396263700.jpg-(40 KB, 400x365, 1384104408312.jpg)
40 KB
Back. Will resume writing soon, in theory.
File: 1384396802297.jpg-(54 KB, 600x678, 1383075930186.jpg)
54 KB
"I'm sorry about that Martina."

"Sorry about what?"

"About letting that commander get in that close. I should have seen him coming and -"

"Why should you have seen him coming? He was using a displacement spell after all."

"What? What displacement spell?"

"I'm not sure where it came from. It appeared on him as he moved in to attack you."

"Could one of the wizards… no, they were dead by the time that he got near me…"

"Agreed. We should examine his gear closely. If we can't find the answer on him, we may have bigger problems."

"Such as what, Martina?"

"Well, normally a displacement spell can only be cast on someone who is nearby, however there are conditions where it can be cast and set to activate later when the caster desires. If that were the case, it would mean that we were being scried on, at least during that battle, if not earlier."

That thought left us silent. We stayed there until Rina gave the all clear and we regrouped with our companions.

Just affirming that you still have your audience, good sir.
Fuckin hate magic
"hey John, theyre doing it again."
"fucking really? its been like this for the whole week!"
"five gold he can last longer this time"

Welp, seems likely that this thread is going to slide into oblivion soon. I think it was already archived, but looks like it's going to end up as about 50% bumps.
File: 1384410157076.jpg-(127 KB, 774x1032, knight_by_ningyee7 (1).jpg)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Sorry about that. This has been a slow few days for me.
File: 1384411392893.jpg-(95 KB, 880x800, Ferd-black-knight.jpg)
95 KB
"Aimèe, can you help me search this commander? I need to look for something…"

As we searched, Martina filled the others in on her suspicions about us being scried on. Unfortunately while we found some significant magical equipment, which we divied up amongst ourselves, we found nothing that would allow the man to use that displacement effect on us. However we did recover a copy of the orders that the commander had been given.

"Commander Anatoli,

A dangerous enemy of the Golden Sabers is approaching our lands. This man is a Knight of the Realm and has apparently set his sights on disrupting the plans of Mr. Aldric, our current patron. His accompanied by at least one dragon, one human thief, two dwarfs, one an alchemist, the other a soldier, and three elves, one a member of the border guard, one a thief, and one a guardswoman. He may have acquired other allies since then as well.

He is expected to be arriving inside a small border village on our southwest frontier. Take several dozen of your men and head down there to intercept him. Should he be unwilling to reveal himself, threatening several of the locals, particularly young woman who he seems to have a weakness for, should force his hand. Take no chances against him in combat, he is quite dangerous. Should it prove possible, take the elven guardswoman alive.

I await word of your success,

General Zinoviy."
File: 1384411772085.jpg-(239 KB, 1000x1200, 1383077519582.jpg)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
With her suspicions confirmed, Martina decided to start to study some counter scrying spells for future use. We checked to make sure that no harm befell any of the locals and then set off for the castle of Lady Eva.

I'll update you again when we reach the castle.
File: 1384413754988.jpg-(90 KB, 360x360, 84bf76e10e73ab96ee4804baa(...).jpg)
90 KB
Alright. Today wasn't much, and tomorrow looks like its going to be another long day for me, but I can only ask for your patience and I hope the story is still enjoyable.

Thanks for reading,

Knight of the Realm

Don't worry too much. The fa/tg/uys will abide. That said, you might consider taking a day to just write out a section of story, that way you can feed a new thread with the reserves. That is, since you don't seem to want to stop for a day outright, maybe writing for a day and posting for a day might give you the best ratio of constructive feedback to continued progression.
Don't listen to this peasant!
Write! Write you knave! We're not paying you to slack off!
I am.
not yet, sleep on
The thread's been up a while, we might get autosaged soon.
We're only at 16x posts. So i doubt it
I meant that Janitors have been known to autosage a thread if it stays up for a certain time period, regardless of posts.
It's been up for almost 6 days so far. Pls don't spot this, janitor.
I see
by the way, sir knight, I'd advise doing what >>28281240
bump of mercy
I might just do that. On another note, I just got off work. I'll see what I can do tonight.
Is that realistic? I mean that's a fuckhueg piece of metal being swung, sure, but there's a whole lot of flesh in the way as it goes down.

Plus, that other dude had a fucking shield in-front of him and was further away.

So I'm calling bullshit till proven wrong.
It's a movie, anon. Of course it isn't realistic.
Bump the magic dragon lived by the sea.


I see no problem with it cutting through the axe handle, the hand of the man behind, and most of the man in front (I think he doesn't wear armour). And I think the sword only graces the shield of the man directly behind.

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