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File: 1383215209746.jpg-(33 KB, 600x450, Tau Bounty Hunter.jpg)
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Hey there chaps. There was this cool thread last day about one anon asking about Tau Bounty Hunters and how often they appear in the Empire.

After a lengthy discussion, some anons came up with the idea of a secretive Tau Cadre of Bounty Hunters known as the Black Cadre that is made up predominantly of former Fire Warriors from various Septs, and who conceal their origins by replacing their Sept symbols with those of Tau'va. They are led by Ethereals that only Aun'va himself know about, have black armors and are few in number, yet are also cold-blooded scrotum crushing badasses who have limited freedom outside Tau norms.

They have wargear that are a combination of Tau, Imperial and what little of Eldar tech they could incorporate. Get also paid, because they undertake missions even the most die-hard Tau Fire Warriors consider suicidal and get all the bitches for this...and those are not limited to Fire Caste ones.

There is one problem however. How to flesh out these guys, for there are things in them that somewhat contradict, as well go into Deathwatch territory.

From my point of view, this idea is actually nice, yet it would require work on it (if not modifying this).

Here is the link to the thread on foolz: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/28021907/
> Come up to /tg/.
> See this.
Anon, you just got me interested.
I remember that thread. Nice, but...didn't they replace their Sept symbols with those of T'au?

Dang, you are right!!! Sorry for the mistake.
File: 1383217442762.jpg-(80 KB, 1024x768, 3192336-boba+fett.jpg)
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So of what I read from that archived thread, the concept started out as Tau Fire Warriors going rouge, yet still fighting for the greater good.

Then that changed into aforementioned Fire Warrior being one of few that were part of a retinue of a disgraced Ethereal that still had contacts with the Earth and Air castes, and who decided to do things for the Greater Good in a different way (aka The Bounty Hunter way).

And now they became somewhat of this crossed partially with a paramilitary secretive organization that only Aun'freaking'va only knows about, and who terminate specific targets, which in turn dumbed a little that Bounty Hunter theme...

The idea is actually great, but it really needs some work on it. And the prospect of a Tau cross between Vindicares and Boba Fett seems promising.
Have to admit, it's fun.
Maybe I can do something about it. Give me some time.
OK, I have it.

The Black Caste is a mysterious formation founded immediately after the Damocles Crusade ended.

Seeing how much destruction the Imperium unleashed on the Sept worlds, there were those among the Ethereals that were skeptical about the successful negotiations at Dal'yth, as the Ethereal caste saw the true nature of the Imperium. Yet the naive nature of most of the caste members clouded their Judgment.

Thus a small group of Ethereals sought out Aun'Wei and convinced him that in order to not let another Damocles to happen, or at least to weaken those who would wish to destroy the Empire, there should exist a specialized force to eliminate certain targets so to protect the Tau race and the Greater Good. Aun'Wei saw this with skepticism, yet he too knew that something like that would be needed in the future.

Thus the Ethereals that were the founders of this organization scouted for unique warriors who didn't fear to bend or even break the Fire Caste's ways of handling combat situations in exchange for better means of fighting when met with dire circumstances. Many of those warriors who would make the core of the Black Caste were presumed death during the Damocles Crusade, yet somehow survived the battlefields and the time after the crusade ended. These warriors were scouted out, rehabilitated and induced into the fledging organization.
The Black Caste differentiates from the four primary castes in that the methods of dealing with the enemies of the Empire and its structure. Compared to Fire Warriors or even Stealth Suit Hunter Cadres, the Black Caste fights a neverending Shadow War. The most notable characteristic of the Black Caste is that when compared to other castes, the members that make up organization are given greater freedom in how to act on the battlefield, resulting in the end justifying the means. The Black Caste being made of various individuals from various Septs, pain their armors completely black, leaving only the symbol of T'au and the Tau'va creed written under it.

Another characteristic of theirs is the fact that the Black Caste is both a independent paramilitary organization, as well a Caste in its own rights. Firstly the Caste was made out of the Ethereals and Fire Warriors that made its core, but with time passing, other castes joined as well. The organization recruits from various battlefields (declaring those they recruited KIA) and breeds new warriors and specialists within its ranks. All caste members undergo a grueling training regime to cooperate with each other. Fire Warriors are the Hunters that terminate (or rarely capture) their targets with great efficiency. Water caste members are the Hunter's liaison and intel officers that give them informations on the areas, enemies and their mission objectives. Air caste members are trained to avoid enemy fire while transporting troops (yet when they are not transporting, they engage in dogfights). Earth caste members are combat engineers that aid the rest of the teams with their expertise. Usually a Aun (who doesn't officially exist) with the seal of the Ethereal Supreme gives them missions.
The equipment of the Black Caste differs dramatically from that used by either Tau or the Farsight Enclaves. The wargear of Fire Warriors themselves is a mixture of Tau, Imperial and the little Eldar and Dark Eldar technology they managed to incorporate. This resulted in them having standard equipment that was either modified/enhanced with the technologies they have claimed and analyzed, or gaining new wargear that will never be used by other Tau outside the Black Caste.

The Caste also has its own fleet and contacts in the Imperium.

The fleet itself is very small, yet equipped with technology unavailable to other Tau fleets, such as ship sized cloaking devices and advanced sensory scramblers.

The contacts range from lowly gangers, to even the few Inquisitors they have made contact with. Although the operatives distrust the Gue'la, it's essential for them if they are operating deep in Imperial space. Usually the diplomatic actions are undertaken by Water caste members that are also good linguists, or by the caste's Ethereals.

After finishing a mission, the Black Caste members enjoy the life that they get. Freed of their tragic pasts, they gain privileges that are second to those of the Ethereals. Still, they know that they will yet again go on another mission, probably their last. For not all Black Caste members survive their missions. Their true fates obscured by the false informations that they died only on the battlefields. Thus the Black Caste alway think of every day being their last.
That's nice, but the Bounty Hunter feel is still kinda weak in here...how should it be fixed?
>Be OP of that thread
>get distracted and the old thread 404 before I can see how it develops
>See this thread
I am happy.
Still there are little people interested in it. We really need some brainstorming here.
File: 1383237716665.jpg-(91 KB, 600x758, Firewarrior__Old_WH40k__b(...).jpg)
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Maybe add the thrill of the hunt to the Fire Warriors that make up most of the Caste. They probably even go beyond the Tau Empire's borders to get their prey. They go into places they barely know, they don't even know what awaits them even with the intel they got from their contacts and Water caste brethren and sisters. This both makes them slightly doubtful how it will go on, as well excited on what they are going to face.

When they return after their mission is successful, they get paid in the life-style they get, the greater amount of freedom and go and have quality time with the opposite sex (if you know what I mean). Bounty Hunters need the opposite sex badly.
Hmmm...Their hunts are not only serious missions, but it's also a form of sport of them when they off their quarry with concentrated Rail Rifle fire. Now that's something good.
File: 1383238411003.jpg-(692 KB, 2308x3276, Commander_HawkEye.jpg)
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692 KB JPG
> Bounty Hunters need the opposite sex badly.

Well, if their missions are that stressful sometimes then no wonder they need it badly. The females that attend to them probably like their badassitude very much.
Maybe they are also paid with new weapons and equipment that the caste's Earth Caste members? That would be a good thing and even closer to the bounty hunter theme.
What would their equipment be? A elite organization of bounty hunters also have uncommon equipment.
File: 1383242349412.jpg-(86 KB, 816x980, Tau_Commander_B_by_NachoMon.jpg)
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Opting for a heavily modified XV-15 Stealth Suits, while Shas'ui get equally heavily modified XV-25 or 22 suits.

The modifications that were added to them stem from deep analysis of Space Marine Power Armor and Eldar Aspect Warrior armor (in this case Striking Scorpion and Dark Reaper armors).

The suits have thus been upgraded with experimental power sources, have their stealth fields improved, added sensor scrambling technology, had their weight reduced and their exo-skeletons enhanced, giving them the ability to have more weapons.

The weapons they have are either miniaturized/enhanced versions of existing ones, as well weapons based off those of Imperial or Eldar forces (in case of the latter one, they tried...with mixed results). The Black Caste also studied the common use power weapons of the Imperials, thus they decided to give their Fire Warriors wrist-built power blades. Nothing better than a power stab to the face when in a enhanced stealth suit.

In case of Imperial tech, they are the only force that stands a chance against Grey Knights. Burst Cannons firing solid slugs and Rail Rifles having special ammunition. Ammo has melta charges the Black Caste built after studying melta technology. Grey Knights use Plasma Siphon. Battle Brothers suddenly die like flies.
Ok i like the idea at first but this is going too mary-sueish.
Well they are a scrotum crushing badass elite bounty hunter/assassin force of blueberries.

The balancing factor is that despite their murderous training, the tactics they use, their capabilities and enhanced/unique arsenal of even more devastating Tau weapons (as well completely new weapons based off Imperial and Eldar weapons), they are not invincible, as well only a small force that is further cut down into even smaller forces and send Ethereals know were.

They only deploy very small forces made out of Stealth Suits and they very, very rarely deploy things heavier than a Devilfish. They don't expect to survive a mission, they go straight for their targets, and even with their dirty fight tactics and awesome tech, they can be overwhelmed by their enemies. Thus they avoid any contact, eliminate their bounty (or capture it) and get back to their Orca/Manta ships and get the hell out. They weren't designed as a force like the Grey Knights (although if they were all put in the same place with all their stuff and fought, then they would've been a Tau version of the Grey Knights). They don't fight as a whole on the battlefield and if they did, then they would have employed a single Hunter Cadre and even then would avoid contact with both enemies and ally Tau (they are sekrit ya know).

I hope this balances out the MS factor. Maybe you would also help in making them more legit?

>Tau Bounty Hunters

I've heard this before. Oh right, someone's running a game with that exact concept.
File: 1383245644911.jpg-(19 KB, 480x360, Boreal - Dawn of Awesome.jpg)
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Well, the OP of the thread that went 404 >>28036737 himself is happy how this idea developed.

Just remembered. It's Shas'o's newest game, with Tau and Dark Eldar bounty hunters. Been happening since September.

Weirdly enough, it's very similar to what's here - a small organization, use of light fast vehicles, heavy focus on stealth, infiltration, and capture. It's just pure criminal organization instead of Tau Empire sanctioned.

The weirdest thing they use is called a Phantomfish. From the few descriptions he posted, it seems to be a stealth Orca. It definitely fills the need for fast hit and runs.
Sounds nice. Maybe we should invite him to this thread.
Nice. Have to look it up.
Southern quartern, but they're on the move.
There is no time to be lost. Deploy the Hunter Cadres. The Black Caste will scout out the situation.
La'rua D'yanoi quickly landed on the planet the humans called Arrentas. The flight was smooth and their Orca was not detected by enemy sensors. The void black stealth team disembarked for their transport on to the ground. Ten modified XV-15, one 25 and 22 discussed quickly their mission objectives before starting.

"Remember team, we are to locate the meeting point. We'll divide into two smaller teams to maximize our chances of finding the place. Understood." - said the XV-22 pilot Shas'ui Mon'wern'a.

"Yes Shas'ui." - Replied the eleven warriors in unison.

"After we locate it, the other team is to head to the given location and then we call in mission command. I don't want anyone shooting unless there is no other option. Our informers told us that the Gue'la are meeting with the Dark Eldar on some trading routine. There is a high probability that the Imperials have our Tau kin and are to sell them to those twisted monsters. If it's true, then the reconnaissance mission becomes a rescue mission. Are there any questions before we start? Did I made myself clear?"

"Yes Shas'ui" - The team replied in unison.

"Let us then earn our pay. Mission start. NOW!" - Mon'wern'a declared and the team divided into two six Shas'la teams, each one ran in their own directions.

It was fifteen years since Mon'wern'a became part of the Black Caste. Believed to have died while fighting the Ultramarines near the Empire's borders in his Crisis XV-8 suit, he survived along with his friend Mal'caor. However their Shas'O and the entire force was wiped out with Stormraven and Thunder Hawk runs. The two tried to survive on a unclaimed planet controlled by Imperials and their chances seemed to be dim. That was until they were claimed by the Stealth Teams and presented into the caste's teams. The two Fire Warriors, originally from Sa'cea, were presumed dead. That was one of the conditions to be part of the Caste.
To leave your old life behind, all the glories made in the name of the Tau'va, was something that he swallowed with difficulty. Yet he was presumed to be dead, and the Ethereals already announced that nobody survived the massacre on planet Templehoff. He and Mal'caor had to start anew from scratch. They removed their Sept insignia and uttered the creed of the Black Caste. The training they underwent was harrowing, yet it resulted in their knowledge of warfare to expand.

With their unique skills and experience that the two Fire Warriors used in order to survive, they were put in the role of Shas'ui of a squad of seasoned warriors.

"Mon'wern'a. Do you copy me?" - Mal'caor, the XV-25 pilot, contacted Mon'wern'a.

"Hearing you loud and clear." - Replied the XV-22 pilot.

"We detected strange power signatures. It's probably the Gue'la and the D.E. We're going to check it out."

"Understood. Me and my team will join you soon. Wait for us there."

Mon'wern'a switched channels to that of his subordinates.

"Team. Head for the designated coordinates. Shas'ui Mal'caor and his warriors must've found the meeting point."

With that the team rapidly changed directions to the where the coordinates were. It was dark when the Tau made planetfall. Even if their Stealth Fields weren't active, their black armors would've melted down with the pitch-like darkness.

The suits were amazing. Not like the ones used in a regular Tio've. These were cutting edge pieces even more advanced than those he was used to. The speed, the capabilities...even after these fifteen years he still was amazed by it. And the weapon systems...unlike he used at all.

"Mal'caor. Do you have visual?"

"Yes Mon'wern'a. It is the meeting point we were looking for."

"Understood. Give us two Rai'kor and we'll meet up with you."

"Roger. Mal'caor out."

The dice were cast he thought. When they reach the destination, then the real action is going to begin.

When the XV-22 and his 15's arrived to the location that was given by Mal'caor, he assessed the situation while being stealth a analyzing from a distance via zooming. There were a lot of strange looking Gue'la and some Dark Eldar corsairs. Mon'wern'a set his comm-link to the mission control channel.

"Por'vre. Can you hear me? Por'vre Ko'vash. Shas'ui Mon'wern'a reporting. We have visual on the meeting point. What are our orders."

"Take ease Shas'ui. What are you visuals?" - replied Por'vre Ko'vash.

"Over forty Gue'la and twelve D.E. All equipped and ready for battle. Mal'caor and his team are behind them. We're awa..." - Mon'wern'a suddenly stopped when he saw seven more of the members appear. To his surprise, among those that appeared was a Tau! Not a slave of theirs, but a Tau that was actually freely moving. And those who were with him were Space marines. These however were different from the Ultramarines he fought while he was 'still alive'. These were decorated in bizarre markings and the flesh of their own kin.
"Por'vre! We have a unexpected development. Switching to visual feedback."

From high orbit, on the Lar'shi class cruiser Shade Fang, Por'vre Ko'vash and Ethereal Aun'el Monat received the visual feedback from Mon'wern'a. What they saw was indeed unexpected. After fifteen Rai'kan, Monat responded.

"Shas'ui. What you said and showed is clearly a unexpected turn of events. The Tau present here is no one else as the long lost Shas'O Mont'yr. In our database, he figures as a renegade to the Empire and presumably he disappeared after the incident near the Vash'aun'an near Vior'la controlled space. His reappearance is of grave concern. Switch your sound sensory systems to long range eavesdropping. We need all the information we would get."

Mon'wen'a quickly switched his sound systems. After three Rai'kan, he was capable of hearing what the fallen commander and the rest of the scum were talking about.

"...and these are the slaves we were to take with us to the Dark City? Well, if those are all that you've got with them Blooded one, then we expect more from you." - said impatiently the Dark Eldar Sybarite.

"Patience partner. These Gue'la did a good job for us. I've inspected the slaves we found near Tau space and believe me, they will make perfect specimens for you. Now these. More for us to go later." - replied Mont'yr - "These Marines who call themselves the Red Corsairs made excellent work with attaining these Tau. You have to admit that."
"Hmph. You are really full of yourself Tau. If we are to work together on better terms along with the rest of your rabble, then we are going to need more slaves!!" - The Sybarite was clearly impatient, ready take out his Splinter Pistol - "Argh...very well. We'll take these slaves while we pay the Chaos Marines with what they want."

With a quick move of his hand, the Sybarite made his warriors to bring in the giant chest that was behind them. The Dark Eldar opened it, showing a ancient suit of Terminator armor. This one was colored blue and white, and had the markings of the Ultramarines Chapter (much to the distaste of Mon'wern'a).

"Hmmmm. I expected something worth from you dweller of Commoragh, but you surpassed my expectations by a long leap. For that we will give much, much more slaves. Tzeench has indeed smiled upon me and my brothers." - The Chaos Marine responded. He, like the rest of his brothers, had his armor colored red and black, as well armed with a power axe and bolt pistol.

"Hold it Mon'keigh. First the slaves." - The Sybarite replied.

"Very well. Cultists!!! Bring in the Tau!!"

"Yes Champion Regulus." one of the cultists replied.

Not much have passed and the cultists brought in the kidnapped Tau that the team was looking for. All civilians. Afraid, wearing only ripped apart rags, the Tau didn't know what would happen to them. Mon'wern'a counted twenty of them. However, one of them was different from the others. A female Tau was wearing a heavily damaged Fire Warrior armor. She of all was loud and really angry.

"Must be Vior'la."
The female was exceptionally bad tempered. So bad, in fact that she made the Sybarite become interested in her. The Dark Eldar approached the chained Fire Warrior.

"We have here quite the specimen. We'll see how you'll behave when we take you back to our Kabal to..."

"Quit yapping!!" - the female abruptly broke the Sybarite's speech by headbutting him in the face.

"Vior'la." - thought Mon'wern'a.

The Sybarite himself was surprised by the attack. His warriors held the raging female. He however restrained himself from killing her.

"Quite the warrior you are darling. Have to say, I didn't foresaw that coming. But..." - at this moment the Dark Eldar punched her in the stomach - "...you won't be so tough when our Haemonculi will start their experiments on you. Be glad that we need you and the rest of your naive kin intact."

The female bent over in pain. The punch must have been really strong to force her into this, yet the Fire Warrior didn't utter a single sound.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" - replied the female with difficulty - "My younger brother punches harder."

"Typical of such as you to hide your fear of the imminent behind a brash attitude. Prepare the Reavers!!! We're going to depart!!"

After this Mon'wern'a contacted Aun'el Monat and Por'vre Ko'vash.

"Mission control. What are your orders?"

"Aun'el Monat here Shas'ui. Objectives are as follows. Free the civilians, as well capture Mont'yr.and the marine designated as Regulus."

"And what about the rest of the lot?"

"You are authorized to use lethal force."

In that moment Shas'ui Mon'wern'a smirked under his helmet. He was waiting for the Ethereal to give such a order. He switched to a private channel.

"You heard that Mal'caor?"

"Loud and clear Mon'wern'a."

"Team D'yanoi. Divide into pairs. Mal'caor and his group will take care of the D. E. and these vehicles. I and the rest of the team will take care of the Gue'la and Mont'yr. Switch weapons to full auto and strike."

TBC next time.
Will end here. If there will be a similar thread, then I will give you the finished one.

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