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Good evening again, my fellow ladies and gentlemen. As promised, I have returned to attempt to complete the story that I have regaled upon you all this past week of the World of Darkness (nWoD) game I had the privilege of playing in. As last time, I will recap the previous entries before diving back into the tale of the Glass Detective Agency and their ordeals with shadow organizations, experiments, horrific monsters and their own clumsiness.

I hope you have a nice cozy place to settle, a warm drink (or cool, for those joining us from the opposite hemisphere), and a little bit of spare time to partake in the story I wish to tell....of the best game I've ever had the fortune to play in.
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Recap of Session 1
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Recap of Session 2
>put on pajamas
>make mug of hot cocoa
>dim lights, play soft music
>grab laptop, establish pillow fort on bed
>F5 /tg/
>this thread

Fuck, it's too perfect.
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1.79 MB JPG
Recap of Session 3
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3.3 MB JPG
Recap of Session 4, the Battle of Lumber Mill
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181 KB PNG
Recap of Session 5, Cleanroom Surprise
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Before I dive into the story, I wanted to do a bit more about each of the main PCs so far, a bit of Dramatis Personae, if you will, to really let you readers know who they were and how connected we were to them in this rather short campaign.

And because, like the Great Asshole himself, George R. R. Martin, I want my readers to really get to know and like the characters before they...befall mishaps.

First up is Allister, the one who I, unfortunately, knew the least about. This, I believe, was mostly by design. Allister's player had gone through an earlier edition of this DM's game before. He knew the dangers. So he was more content to sit int he background and lend support where he could, driving, shooting, tasering and offering helpful advice, without metagaming once. His character grew up a bit of a spoiled rich kid, but as he grew older, he found himself in much harder times, thus why he was with us. He ended up saving all of our lives with his smart thinking. Knowing he couldn't purchase a pistol again without weeks of paperwork, he bought himself a taser with his reward money, and in doing so, saved Alex and Bill from the scariest monster I've ever encountered in a game.

It should also be noted that Allister's player sports a mighty beard, that is the envy of all other attempts at groomed facial hair at the gaming table.
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Next is Alex, the character I played. I, of course, could wax poetic and fill this thread with the backstory and intimate thoughts and details of this character, but I'll keep it brief.

Alex was the son of a cop and grew up wanting to be a police office and while he went through all the motions all through high school, when he got to college, he found he much prefered, of all things, accounting. So that's what he went into after getting his college degree. He still kept up with the local PD, and kept a .45 Colt 1911 pistol for self defense.

Throughout the game, I tried to play him off as both bold, and reserved. When he had to step up, he would without fear, but other times he would be cautious and wary.

Really broke out of his shell when he got that AR-15 and had to make his stand against the Seeker. He knew that in that fight, it was either him, or that creature, and unless he ended the fight as soon as possible, one of his friends would get hurt.

Still fucking pissed that after that incredible battle, some no-named, easily killed off mook shot him four times int he chest and almost killed him. Bastard.
As someone that loves to cook, that seems like such a crude treatment for such good food. At the same time, it doesn't seem like they're trying to cook it and dry it out, so I guess I can let it pass.

>polite sage for off topic
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Bill. Motherfucking Bill. The pic says it all. He started out as a close quarter's specialist, not much in the way of personality, but when he did shine, it was like the goddamn sun. When one of the RPG wizened friends of mine heard that one of our party was a melee specialist, in a nWoD Hunter game, they laughed. "He's dead meat." They said. Bill proved them dead fucking wrong.

He was a football coach, a judo master, and also coached wrestling for the highschool. He knew how to break bones, and reset them, and his medical expertise came in handy a lot for our various injuries and keeping us alive. But his biggest strength was...well....his strength!

This man not only punched the seeker in it's vagina dentate face, he also lifted it like it was spare waste to help us kill this thing. And when it came to combat against humans...it was brutal. Snapped arms, smashed skulls, broken necks, mario-stomping a guy from the top of a shipping container and killing him in the dark. Bill was so ruthless when it came to killing Anubis members, that he had to keep making morality checks.

And he kept fucking making them, because he's the nicest SOB you've ever met. So long as he's on your side.
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Last up, but in no way the least, was the most colorful character of our party: Oakley. A professor of Ancient Egypt with background in the occult, he had been let go from his position because his mentor disappeared mysteriously and people suspected foul play. When stuff started taking a turn for the mystical, it was Oakley, almost literally salivating, to help decipher it all. He also showed the difference between intelligence...and wisdom. He constantly put himself into situations that could have easily been avoided and turned out better for him. Broken windows, driving off stairs, concussions, wtf-did-he-have-sex-with, and so much more.

I should like to note that the player in charge of Oakley is hands down the best example of Chaotic Evil...done right. Not randumb, not unthinking in his violence or his evil. He knows how to play the perfect example of CE. And I'm pretty sure he fits that alignment himself to a tee.

Oakley started out as our occultist specialist, not combat ability what so ever. But when he picked up that rifle in the lumber mill...something definitely changed. Despite not knowing what the hell he was doing, he scored a critical hit. And when he got his sword, that little tidbit in his backstory and on his sheet about fencing came to full fruition. In combat he was suddenly a pinpoint weapon of destruction, slashing, stabbing and sniping our foes with ruthless abandon.

Nothing would get in the way of his quest to know more.
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And now our story resumes where it left off, with the Glass Agency members (Alex replaced by the Hunter who called himself Killer) fleeing the torch that was the horrific laboratory in the warehouse. Back out into the woods they drove, to the cabin, where they met back up with Dr. George Loditz, the slowly recovering Alex, and the remaining members of the Candlelight Vigil. The party presented the vials and their findings to Loditz, but unfortunately, the professor was unable to verify what exactly Anubis had made from the result of their twisted experiments on live subjects.

But Alex had been able to talk at length with Loditz while the others had been away, hearing more stories about why the man had gone on the run, taking his research with him. These men he apparently had all known from years ago, when he first learned of the...inhuman things that lurked in the dark of our world. When the pale Anubis leader (Douchey McFuckmyasserson, as we dubbed him) was described, he didn't know him, but it did match the usual idea of vampires, of which he had faced before. And killed.

Wooden stakes through the heart would kill them, but so would truly destroying the head. That was why DMF got away, even though Alex swore he landed a clean hit on him as he ran from the battle.

Armed with that information, the team packed up and went to the only place they could (sort of) trust to get more information, and the one who sent them to the warehouse in the first place. Al.

Pic Related: Loditz, Tree and more DM Drawfaggotry.
Back to Purgatory we went and immediately the party was admitted to go directly to see the red-headed beauty in her meeting room. The report intrigued her and she was most grateful to us for destroying the blight on the city, and on her turf. We presented one of the vials to Frank, her burly, bearded butler/retainer/bodyguard and she promised to let us know as soon as she found out what that stuff was.

We left and things quieted down, in-game at least. We had a full day or so where we could settle ourselves, Oakley practicing marksmanship with Allister, and even Bill. Alex trying to make progress in his recovery. And Loditz continuing his research. We were all impromptu members of the Candlelight Vigil and learned that there were still more hunter cells they were affiliated with in this city. but they were being hunted down. And should we get word, we would have to be the ones to try and help any of those cells should trouble befall them.

Sure enough, we got word over the radio, panicked, gunfire in the background, coming from one of the teams in the city. So the PCs, (with me using Killer instead of Alex, again) heading into the city to give our assistance.
We were tense and nervous the entire time we had to search the designated alleyway, looking for the markings the Vigil left to help each other find their safehouses. We parked our van across the street from the alleyway, so it could be seen (and run to), just in case. Oakley kept all of his alchemical things in the back of our van and after some searching we found a manhole, down into the sewers, marked with the correct symbol. Resigned, we headed down into the dark, smelly, wet sewers.

It was slow going, the tunnels lit only by our flashlights. Each corner was a potential ambush as we searched for the clues to guide us on. Then we found a small boiler/storage room, long abandoned. But inside, in the normal mess of sewage and trash was something on the wall. Something splashed on it. Something dark brown and crusty.

Dried blood.

Unnerved both at the sight of it, and the lack of a body, we continued on, the mood tense and nervous, our DM filling our ears with shiver enducing music and the much too loud sound of people sloshing through the water as we walk along. We find more guides, more paths, and occassionally, more splashes of blood, until we finally reach door to a room, much bigger than all the others we'd found. This one actually branches out. We carefully enter, ready for anything. Or so we think.
Now...most of this session is difficult on my memory, there was so much going on, and we were strung out from paranoia. We walked into a room with two branches out, one to the left, one to the right. In that center room we found the body of a hobo, tattered clothes, all bloodied up, shot to death. We didn't recognize him as a Vigil member and we assumed he had been killed by Anubis when they came through the area. Two went left, two of us went right. I can't remember much, if anything, they found in the left path besides a dead-end room, but in the right room with found that it was elongated, like a hallway. Maybe about 30 yards long. And near both entrances were barriers. tables, chairs, pillows, and more, obviously made to slow and impede people trying to come through here. Taking our time we crawled over them. I want to say we found more bodies here, one or two more hobos, but I can't be 100% sure.

Carefully we went into the next room...and found the epicenter of the battle, the final stand of the men we had come to save.

Bodies covered the ground, most of them looking like hobos but a couple, off in the corner, looked like what we came to expect. Bullet-proof vests, firearms, baseball bat, their guns empty and their bodies looking like they died in horrifically violent, bloody manners, surrounded by these homeless people.

And that's when, with a shriek, something tackled Killer.
Sewer level time!
>something tackled Killer
"You call him a survivor, but he's not." - Bushwacked, Firefly.
It was a violent fight, with everyone having to rely on their close quarters skill and their scrounged MP5's (courtesy of Anubis) to fend off the savage, howling attackers. Only when a gun mounted flashlight swept Killer's attacker did we see what it was.

It was one of the hobos, his eyes wide and deranged, practically foaming at the mouth as he tried to claw, bite and beat us to death. Oakley, who had been in one of the other rooms, looking at evidence we had found, found himself taking on a ragehobo by himself and with expert skill, ran the assailant through with his sword, while Killer and Bill used their melee skills to bash and stab their opponents until they finally stopped moving.

Once the combat was over, and we took stock of ourselves, we went to the fallen members of the Vigil. Bulletcasings surrounded them, magazines laying where they had been dropped, mid-reload, they had taken down multiple enemies, but had just been overwhelmed. Reverent of the dead, our party relieved them of their weapons and gear, they wouldn't need them anymore. Killer loaded up the most, taking the pistols one Vigil member had been duel wielding, and also picked up a new shotgun. Everyone else loaded up on ammunition and supplies that they could. And as we explored the desks and personal items for clues and data we heard something against the far back wall.

Very very faint calls, and pounding, on the other side of a solid brick wall.
I called it. Oh yeah, totally psychic.
It took us some figuring out, but finally we were able to figure out how to open the secret panel behind the wall and inside we find...

A Seeker!

Nah, I'm just fuckin' with you. No, inside we found, of all people, Tavi! Some of you might remember him as the smarmy little shit that led us on a merry chase through that college campus. He's panicked and scared and clutching a big backpack, blabbering about how when the crazed people attacked, the leader of the cell had shoved all the important information into Tavi's hands and shoved him into the hiding hole to protect him. We gently (well, sorta) got him out of there and told him that it would be alright, and that we were going to get him back to the cabin. When asked what he was doing here, he told us he had been doing messenger work, going to the cell to pass on important information they couldn't transmit via radio or internet or any method that could be hacked.

And while all this was going on...Oakley was all alone. He was physically okay, but something gnawed at him. He wanted to know what those vials did. What was distilled so perfectly and needed so much death to perfect. Was it the distilled essence of the philosopher's stone? Immortality in a vial?

he still had three of the vials left on him. And as he stood over the body of the slain homeless person, he uncorked it.

And drank it.
>Demonic possession
>Evil Super Soldier Serum
All of these and more from Unmarked Vial Co.!
Both Oakley's player and the DM walk outside for a while and all of the rest of it are cursing up a storm. "Goddamn it, Oakley, you sonuvagoatfucker..." etc.

They come back in and we continue on where we left off, with the party packing up and going to get the hell out of Dodge. And as we reach the room with the barricades, Bill, who is leading, runs into Oakley. And in that moment, Oakley's player stands up, walks over to the DM, hands over his sheet, and sits back down, laughing like the utter lunatic he really is.

Oakley's eyes are bloodshot, crazed, his breathing is a harsh panting, his blood soaked rapier in his hands still. And with a cry he lunges at the poor, hapless Bill.

The two duke it out while the rest of us are either too far away or unable to intervene. Oakley's rapier flashes and stabs deep into Bill's thigh as the big black man tries to grab him and pin him, yelling questions about why he's doing what he's doing. Then the DM rolls...and rerolls. We know it can't be good.

"Oakley lunges and stabs Bill right in the chest."
I called it again. Three more and I fill my Horror bingo card.
Oakley's blade lashes out and stabs right into....Bill's scavenged Kevlar vest, also courtesy of Anubis. The blade pierces through the material, but almost all of its momentum is gone and the blade tip only penetrates an inch or so into Bill's chest, which is covered in fat and muscle as most heavyweight fuck-your-shit-up athletes usually are. And with the blade momentarily stuck, Bill counterattacks.

He grabs his deranged, homocidal friend, spins him and slams him hard into the solid brick wall behind him and Oakley's already severely concussed head meets it with a resounding *TUNK*

He's out completely, not dead, but he's so far into dreamland we're not sure he'll ever wake up.

The rest of the party gets there, late of course, and much yelling is had about what the fuck just happened. We quickly bandage up Bill and hogtie Oakley good and tight so he can't escape while Bill carries him.

We head back out into the tunnels and listen carefully. And that's when we hear it. Splashing. Something running at us from the north. And more from the west. Fortunately our escape is south, so we immediately start hauling ass, not wanting to find out what's running down the sewers at us.

The chase is on yet again.
Bets that the serum is some sort of hivemind instant connection or something.
Or else it's The Trace. Good luck with that!
Can't possibly be zombies you hear, can it?
We run for our lives, Tavi and Bill being the fastest and getting out ahead of us. Allister and Killer hang back and at one point flash our lights down the sewers. Now, when we fought the crazy hobos in the room earlier, there had been, maybe, 2-3. This time there was a horde of them, easily 25-30 chasing us, gaining on us. We poured on the speed, running as fast as we could as they howled and pursued.

Tavi was the first to make it to the ladder and shimmied up in a flash. And even with Oakley strung over his shoulders like a dead deer, Bill hauled himself up the ladder as well. As Killer and Allister got to the ladder, we could hear them coming from the other end of the tunnel as well, this was our only way out.

By luck of the dice, Killer is first up and he hauls himself up and out. Allister grabs the rungs to pull himself out...and critfailed his roll.

With a shriek, one of the crazed hobos, ahead of all the others, flies in and tackles Allister as Killer just pulls himself out of the manhole. Allister is cursing up a storm and shoves the hobo off and again starts to pull himself up the ladder...but his roll again isn't good enough to get him out of danger as the rest of the horde approaches. Desperate, Killer has Bill hold his legs while he reaches down, upside down, to try and grab Allister's hand.

Their hands reach out to each other, inches apart. Allister rolls one more roll.

And fails and is pulled into the horde, screaming as he is torn apart.
Okay this is getting weird, I shouldn't be this good at prediction. But I think I'll keep the count at two since I didn't see zombie hobo reavers coming.
The most used to death of the pair, Killer pulls back and shoves the manhole cover back into place. He knows they have to leave. We start to make our way back to the van when we see it.

It's Tavi. Already by the van. And he's standing next to two people. We recognize one instantly. It's Douchy McFuckmyasserson himself, with another pale, imposing sonuvabitch. Shocked, we watch as Tavi takes the backpack full of research information, data on the Candlelight Vigil and whatever else was in there, to DMF, look back at us and give a wide, smarmy smirk.

His teeth glint, canines elongated.

All three start to pile into the van (-our- van, no less, the one that has all of Oakley's alchemical equipment), Tavi in the driver's seat, since Bill had trusted him with the key's since he could run faster than any of us.

Killer is absolutely livid at the betrayal and runs down the alleyway, unslinging his hunting rifle as he goes. He reaches the end of the alley as the van starts to drive off. He's got one chance at this. He aims...fires....

It should be noted here that part of this games houseruled combat is that for successes that beat the enemy defense, but are less than 5 successes, the DM rolls a d10 for where the shot hits. If we get five or more, we get to choose where our shot hits.

I roll four successes, so I hit the motherfucker. But I don't know where, as the DM picks up the dice and rolls.

10. Killer shoots Tavi in the fucking head.
Aw yeah.
Ludicrous gibs.
Traitors get their just reward, vampire skum! But now you'll have to fight two vamps. Hope you crit.
fucking nice
I mean he did do it for science
The van screeches to a stop, driver's side window shattered. Coldly, DMF opens the driver's side door and shoves Tavi's body out onto the street while his other partner jumps out, obviously to deal with us while DMF drives away.

It's just me and Bill versus this pale, scary motherfucker and the enemy vampire rushes in, much faster than any human and unleashes a brutal punch right into Bill's chest, literally sending the 250lb man flying, off his feet, into a big pile of refuse. Killer gets some distance and starts pumping shot after shot of his bolt action into this guy and while the rounds strike true, punching holes, breaking bones and doing damage, the vampire doesn't even seem to notice as his shoulder sags further than it should, or that he's got a hole through his chest.

He rushes in, obviously meaning to rip Killer's throat out, but an excellent defense score means he dodges, quickdraws a pistol he got from one of the fallen Vigil members in the sewers and fires away at point blank range. Then the vamp's talon-like hand lashes in and hits Killer right in the gut. But again, Kevlar bitches. Killer grabs the vamp by the neck, jams his M9 to the creature's skull and pulls the trigger repeatedly.

Brain and bone spray everywhere, but still the vampire fights, throwing Killer away in time for Bill to football tackle the vamp into the street, both of them punching and grappling and trying to gain the upper hand. Killer came up with his shotgun, yelling for Bill to disengage so he could get a shot. Bill was suddenly thrown away, the vampire rolling to his feet, his body a mess, half his skull missing, soaked in blood.


Before Killer can do anything the rest of the vampire's head explodes as a report Bill heard once before echos in the street. The two men turn, looking down the road and see a large figure laying on the ground with a long battle rifle.

Slowly he stands and jogs over and we see our rescuer's face in the streetlights.

It's Frank.
I know it can be a pain sometimes, but please pretype your story times. Everyone will thank you.
"Al thought you might need help again." He said. "Hurry. The cops are probably already on their way."

Beat to hell, tired and confused, we gathered up our things and the bodies. Bill grabbed Oakley, Killer the dead vampire, and Frank grabbed Tavi and he led the three of us back towards where he took his shot from. We can hear the sirens in the distance again, getting closer, and he leads us to a door he unlocks. Inside is just a small room with a couple cots, some crates and not much else. Frank binds Tavi up in chains and we realize that even though he got shot int he head, it went mostly into his face, knocking him out cold, but not killing him.

We settle in and Frank tells us to get some rest. We'll be there a while.

End of Session Six
I know. I've tried to do so in the past and was able to do some of it with the last two storytimes, but today I simply did not have the time to do it. My apologies for my slow typing.
I think it's okay. I'm imagining the comforting clacking of the keyboard as I wait.
>In a small room with a vampire who could wake up at any moment.
Good luck with that. Don't turn your backs.
A week later, session seven started right where we left off, holed up in Frank's safehouse. There was some ammunition, food, water and medical supplies for us to patch ourselves up a bit as we waited for the heat to die down outside.

We asked a few questions, mainly if he was the sniper who saved us at the Lumber Mill, which he was. After a while we finally were able to get out and take the bodies to Frank's car, which was, of course, almost comically small for his bulk. He got us a vehicle as well so we could leave as well. The first thing to do was to get out to the log cabin to get Oakley some better medical attention. So out into the woods we drove and reported the betrayal of Tavi and the death of Allister. Everyone took the news of both very hard.

We described the symptoms of what happened to Oakley to Loditz and he promised to do what he could for him. We knew it had to do with that vial, since Bill found one of the empty vials on Oakley's person after the attack. Frank had taken both vampires and told us to meet at Purgatory when we could. After more time to recover, Bill and Killer went back to the club, this time in the middle of the day.

For the first time ever, the club was empty and Al herself was in the main room. She greeted us warmly and sympathetically for our tragedy and pointed to the two people with her. Giles, an expressionless, well-dressed man, and his companion, Leroy, who might as well have been his polar opposite, with his confederate flag huntin' cap and his southern drawl. These two men apparently had objectives similar to ours, and could be allies. But first...a bit of a show for the evening. With a clap, the lights on the stage came on, revealing a figure, bound and gagged to a sturdy metal chair.

Interview With A Vampire, the murder of the little girl vampire.
Except in Bioshock Infinite form.
Al informed us that the sample of the vials we gave her revealed that the main ingredient was vampire blood. If drunk by a normal human, it could lead to an addiction that's as potent as the culmination of months of heroin usage. Withdrawl symptoms were usually fatal. But the frenzy and the almost superhuman strength, are new. But Al wants more answers. And we have a source right her in front of us.

"Gentlemen...if you would please." She says, sweetly, as if asking for the table salt.

Ah, I did forget that Alex had been along with this, now able to move around, if painfully. So as the five men looked at Tavi, two stood.

Killer, and the newcomer, Giles.

Giles had some questions of his own. "Where...is...she?" He would ask, again and again and the negative responses from the traitorous bastard only ended with his pain.

I'll admit...the two of us were apparently scarily knowledgable about things to do with torture. We cut off eyelids, snapped fingers, covered him in dozens of tiny cuts.

At one point Leroy, apparently unconcerned with the violence, walked over to the bar to get everyone a drink. Cheerfully he called out, "Tavi, can I get you anything?" Only sobbing answered him. "No? Well, suit yourself. Ooh, this is the -good- stuff!"

We got more and more information out of Tavi as we tortured him. We learned that the Anubis headquarters was based in the the city's equivalent of the Empire State building, a skyscraper the city was famous for (whose name unfortunately escapes me. We'll call it the Tower). They owned the entire top few floors , the most expensive, high class floors, in the building. Tavi had been promised immortality as a vampire and had accepted, but he was still young, only about a week or two turned, so his powers weren't fully developed. He was the reason the other cells had been wiped out.
Giles' final masterpiece though, was the idea he had next. He straddled Tavi's lap, grabbed his face, and with his knife, cut a centimeter cash on each side of his lips. Think the position of the Joker's scars, only not nearly as deep.

"Don't scream."

And then he started breaking more fingers, slashing into the vampire more. And as Tavi screamed...it literally tore his cheeks open as the tiny cuts ripped.

Needless to say...there were a lot of penalties to our morality checks then as our characters either participated in, or watched silently as Tavi was tortured. Somehow Bill and Alex made their saves, still at a pure 7 morality. I'm not sure about Leroy and Giles, but I know that Killer took a drop in morality to 4, for his part in all of it.

Al just smiled and politely applauded for the show and the information as Tavi was carted off by Frank. We didn't care where to. She informed us that she would try to get us as much information as we could, so we could finish Anubis once and for all.

End Session Seven
After that session, we all looked at each other and wondered how the hell we hadn't become murders or something from what we did to Tavi. It really was scary. And the DM let us do it all. No goading, not ideas, it was all on us. From us being our most badass, to our most cruel, this game brought it out in us.

I should also note that Giles is being played by the player that had been running Oakley before he went insane, and likewise Leroy is being run by Allister's player.

I need a few moments to stretch out my fingers, get some food and prepare myself, for the final session is all that remains.
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>Cheerfully he called out, "Tavi, can I get you anything?" Only sobbing answered him. "No? Well, suit yourself. Ooh, this is the -good- stuff!"

Okay, I gotta admit I found that funny.
So, are these folks from the Abbey?
Alright, here we go, the final installment of our story.

I will admit, this part was utterly chaotic when the battles came right down to it. I can't, nor do I really want to, give you a play-by-play. Instead I will try to convey the situation as best I can, while not getting bogged down. To all the ladies and gentlemen who have listened in with me this far, I thank you for taking the time to listen to me. Now...let's begin.

When we returned it was all hands on deck as Al brought us back in with her contact, a man with a heavy German accent who had much of the blueprints of the Tower. The top two stories were owned by Anubis's front company, and it was well known that they had a lot of armed guards. Elevators would bring us to the bottom of the two floors, then we had to go through a lobby with a security checkpoint, complete with metal detectors, before we could proceed to the two guarded elevators in the back that would take us up to the top floor. We knew that there was a nice open lounge/lobby area, a two story level of offices (go down the middle, or up the sides), and then.....nothing. The blueprints show nothing, even though it can plainly be seen on the building that there is more.

We were joined as well by another companion of Giles and Leroy, a tiny, 4'10'' Asian loli who pretty much was hitting on everyone, but without being too over the top or aggressive (thankfully not That Guy territory). Her name was Sin and she was an NPC of Giles's player. There was much backstory that this player had discussed with the DM, who allowed them to be added. Essentially they were a completely different hunter cell. Did I mention that Sin was armed with a battle axe as tall as she is?

So we plotted and planned and came up with the guise of being maintenance workers, complete with tools and a cart full of paint supplies and such so we could smuggle all of our guns, ammo, grenades and Sin with her battleaxe.

No way this could go wrong, huh?
Frank would not be joining us, though he would be trying to requisition our escape, should our retreat be cut off. We packed grenades to destroy the elevators behind us if we need to, and Tree presented us some nifty little redneck toys. Essentially they were party poppers gone full retard. They were shotgun shells with the buckshot removed, placed on a handle with a cord that, when pulled, ignited the powder and shot a nice solid wooden shard out. The Redneck Anti-Vampire Stake. We each got a couple of these as well as our disguises and gear. So Bill, Alex, Killer, Sin, Giles and Tree all loaded up and headed up into the breach. It was time to finish Anubis, or die trying.

We got into the building just fine, and even all the way up to the floor we needed. But now the moment of truth...would our counterfit work orders and equipment hold up to scrutiny?

Hearts pounding we looked at the half a dozen security guards, half of them behind a thick, bulletproof glass pane. We start using all of our persuasion to try and talk our way past the metal detector. And the guard isn't quite buying it. We're all sweating bullets. This could all go wrong right now.

And then Tree, all seven feet of him, steps up. "You really want us to take off -every- single piece of metal equipment we have?" He growls and rolls a -ton- of successes. The guard quickly thinks better of trying to scan all of us and opens the gate so we can just go on through.

But now we have two guards in the elevator. These aren't rent-a-cops. These guys are Anubis, and they look the part.

One looks at our work order. "...I don't remember anything scheduled for today, I'll have to radio up."


Hey uh, come to think of it... You've given us the introductory spiel on the original set of characters.

Buuuut not on Giles or Leroy, the new PCs. What's THEIR backstory? Motivation? Personality? Level of experience with the supernatural?

We've mostly only got their brief introduction, and the interrogation scene, to go on.
That's mostly because the rest of us weren't given any information on them either. But what we do know is that they're a team together, and that Anubis took someone close to Giles. Giles is....basically I would sum him up as a professional serial killer. Completely sadistic and sociopathic and utterly emotionless unless you hit one of his few buttons. Leroy is the happiest drunk redneck that ever fought supernatural creatures this side of the Mississippi. And Sin is a tiny little ball of lustful anime cliche, and she's very obviously supernatural of some kind, but the rest of us didn't know what. (I think I asked at some point, but forgot the answer). We didn't really have much bonding time before it was time for the final fight. Speaking of...


Quick as we can, knives come out and the guards are quickly neutralized. That was too close, though. Our hearts are in our throats. If they got an alert off, then the moment the doors of this elevator open, we're going to die in a hail of gunfire.

As the doors close, the painters outfits come off, revealing body armor, magazine pouches full, guns locked, cocked and ready to rock.

The elevator rose...settled and pinged cheerfully as it delivered us to the final floor, the doors sliding open. Outside we hear a voice go, "The hell?"

In hindsight, 'the hell' is pretty much spot on.

Wait, was Sin another player's character or something?
Sin was an NPC, created and controlled by Giles's player.


We dive through the door and quickly realize that there are a lot of Anubis soldiers up here. The gun battle is vicious, with people maneuvering all over the place, trying to get good angles, trying to push deeper into the offices. At one point Sin leaps over a planter box, twisting in midair and giggling with delight as she swings her axe so hard into a wounded Anubis soldier that it lodges for a moment in his spine. After going through his armor and ribs.

It's an all out war in that lobby and Giles takes some hits and is wounded. Killer is wounded as well, and a critfail...and a subsequent roll of a headshot by Killer accidentally insta-kills Sin while she was engaged in melee.

We destroyed the second elevator up and parked our cart in the opening of the first, so it could be one of our exits.

We pushed deeper and when we got to the second lobby, we found that sandbag emplacements had been set up in front of a pair of massive ornate doors and Anubis soldiers with automatic assault rifles guarded it. It was a brutal fight, but somehow prevailed, most of us wounded in some way or another. Giles was bleeding out, barely kept alive by Bill's bandages, and Bill himself was wounded too.

Slowly we approached the doors, made sure we were all loaded up and ready for whatever would be on the other side. And then we opened the doors and walked in.

GM: Sin was an NPC that was a "part" of the cell that Giles and Leroy were from.

I talked with the player who ran Giles and Oakley at length about this, and why Giles and Leroy were involved and their agenda. Sin was a story-NPC essentially that helped to solidify that backstory and the organization in question. Also, since it was well crafted and REALLY fit with the hunter cell the two-new characters were popping in from (and the character just sounded fun), I allowed it.

When the story is over, I'll try to answer questions on anything everyone's still confused on. Many details were not discovered, or revealed purposefully, by/to the players.
We walk into a massive hall, the entire interior un-lit save for the beams of our flashlights as we all step in. It's quickly apparent what the centerpiece of this hall is. Raised up on a platform is a throne and on it sat a man we had never seen before. Older, wizened and looking down on us with faint amusement and interest. The guy drips Big Bad Evil Guy. He seems amused by us. He calls off to his side and Douchy walks into view, looking angry and sullen as he looks at us. Giles demands to know where 'Natasha' is the BBEG just smiles and gestures to the other side where we see a woman, shackled, three feet up off the ground on the wall. He's smug, he's self assured, he's just sitting there, scoffing at us.

Killer tries to shoot him in the fucking head.
Unlike any other time when killer shoots someone, there was no blood, no gore. Hell, there didn't seem to be any effect at all!

"It's been a long time since someone has tried to kill me like that..." he rumbles and glares at Killer and the murderous, torturing, experienced and jaded hunter stops. He's completely frozen by a wave of soul-shredding terror. He shakes all over, eyes wide as his body is literally paralyzed by fear.

The BBEG turns his attention back to the others and pretty much says if we can get Natasha, we can have her. He also tells DMF that he is disappointed in him, and if he hopes to survive, he'll kill these pathetic humans.

So with Giles slumped down from his wounds, Tree runs over to help get Natasha down while Bill, Leroy and Alex are attacked by DMF in a close-quarters all out brawl. We grapple and Leroy tries to shoot the vampire through the chest with his crossbow, because stake, while Tree gets Natasha down and brings her back to where Giles is.

Then we find out that Douchy McFuckmyasserson was well nicknamed. He fights dirty.

Really dirty.

With vampiric speed and strength he gets in under Leroy's guard and unleashes a truly savage uppercut.

Right into Leroy's testicles.
With a squeak, Leroy crumples into a fetal ball on the ground and Bill judo flips the vampire to the ground as Tree runs over to join the fight. Alex grabs Leroy's crossbow and puts an arrow through the vamp's chest, but it doesn't hit the heart. We all essentially dogpile DMF, trying everything we can do to kill him.

And off in the corner, the dying Giles looks up at Natasha. "Please...do it..." he whispers. She hesitates, but eventually gives in. As the rest of us fight for our lives, she leans in and kisses him. Then bites him on the neck and begins to drink.

The rest of us don't notice as they fight, or in Killer's case, stand there, still petrified. Alex shoves one of the redneck explosive stakes to DFM's chest and pulls the cord, but again it's just a hair off. Bill tries to get the crossbow bolt already in the vampire's chest out and then back into its heart. And then Tree grabs one of the redneck stakes, slams it to the vampires chest, and rips the cord.

And with a sharp report of the gunpowder going off, the vampire jerks, spasming, and then goes limp. Dead. Finally...
>And off in the corner, the dying Giles looks up at Natasha. "Please...do it..." he whispers. She hesitates, but eventually gives in. As the rest of us fight for our lives, she leans in and kisses him. Then bites him on the neck and begins to drink.

Please don't tell me we're going from Delta Green vibe into cliche' Underworld vibe...
The BBEG seems completely unfazed at the loss of his peon. "Obviously this operation was doomed to failure with such incompetents." With an 'oh-well' air he disappears, releasing Killer from his paralysis and ending our party's brush with what could only be described as an Elder.

Still on the ground, most of us start to pick ourselves up and suddenly Alex has a hand extended down towards him. He looks up and stares at Giles, grinning down at him, looking perfectly chipper and fine, his canines elongated. He helps Alex up and they help Leroy, who had only just been able to achieve motor functions after getting nut punched. And together they can hear the sounds of pounding on those massive doors behind them.

The police have finally arrived.

Going as fast as they can, the party goes deeper into the room, until they find a staircase that brings them out to the roof. Seeing them emerge, a helicopter rolls in, Frank at the stick and everyone piles in and off they fly into the sunset.

The battle was done.

It was over.

End session eight.
File: 1381658312949.jpg-(72 KB, 450x450, b844da20eb0ce43853266a8ac(...).jpg)
72 KB
I appreciate all who listened in and enjoyed, or didn't enjoy this story. Even now I don't feel like I've done it its full justice, particularly the end, but at that point we did a marathon 9 hour session to finish up the finale of it. I've done my best to remember those things that happened at 3am, but my memory is nowhere near perfect.

Hopefully we've inspired a new brilliant game to arise.

Fair winds and following seas, /tg/.
Thanks, Charlie. I enjoyed reading.
somebody screencap this shit if nobody's bothered to already. :P
File: 1381661964921.jpg-(187 KB, 1920x1080, 1315140374748.jpg)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Thanks for the story time OP.
10/10, would tell my grandchildren.
Thanks for the story, can't believe I managed to catch each thread as they came.

Well I had fun reading it.

How did the Hunters react to... well... Giles and Natasha becoming vampires?

Aaaaaand I just noticed that this actually hasn't gone up on the suptg Archives just yet. Uh. I have no idea how to do that, so I hope somebody else can do that.
Professional Screencapper, here! Give me two shakes and I'll put up the final caps.

Also, Charlie and GM, you guys are the bomb.com. Mind if I jack this for my own group? They've been begging me to run WoD and I think they'd go crazy for something like this.
File: 1381670493303.jpg-(2.08 MB, 1300x2820, The Candlelight Vigil Cha(...).jpg)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
Did character descriptions separately, for brevity. Now on to the next session!
File: 1381671123422.jpg-(3.02 MB, 1280x3780, The Candlelight Vigil Ses(...).jpg)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB JPG
Session 6, done. Bit of a long one, because of all that ACTION.
learn by doing
File: 1381671407998.jpg-(1 MB, 1280x1084, The Candlelight Vigil Ses(...).jpg)
1 MB
Session 7.
[TW: Detailed torture]
File: 1381671939186.jpg-(2.1 MB, 1280x2820, The Candlelight Vigil Ses(...).jpg)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
Aaaaaand session 8.

It's been a pleasure.
Oh don't mind me, just reminding all fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls that this is an excellent story and they should all read it.

>How did the Hunters react to... well... Giles and Natasha becoming vampires?

Bumping this, would have pushed them out of the helicopter.
bump for reading

Final bump for this
File: 1381695363469.png-(183 KB, 500x500, sgOgO6e.png)
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183 KB PNG
Alex was pretty much in shock at that point, but Giles and his crew had fought and died with us, and we had to get the fuck out of there, so we didn't say anything. Alex sputtered a bit when he saw, but didn't say anything after that. And the game ended with us flying away.

We were supposed to have an epilogue story told to us, but -someone- was a lazy bastard and never got around to it.

Pic Related, the crazy bastard himself.

GM: They were, as you might all have guessed, mildly disturbed.

Turned out Natasha was already a vampire to begin with.

Tree and Killer from the Candlelight Vigil weren't happy. Leroy didn't care because he already knew (with Giles)

The rest of players were wary of two vampries suddenly becoming their "allies" but with police essentially streaming up to come arrest them, no one really had the luxury of voicing any concerns.

They ran up to the roof, got flown out.

Oh, one other thing that is worth mentioning. Giles offered the party an invitation to join the organization they were a part of, which he simply called Tyrant. Giles, Natasha, and Leroy then left along with the body of the now dead "person" who was with them, Sin.

After this, the rest of the player characters (Bill, Tree, Killer and Alex) decided in the end to team up with Loddits and disappear from the city along with him and the remaining bits of the Candlelight Vigil in a hope of finding a cure for Oakley's madness and a way to fight back against these horrors they'd seen. They all knew that after what they'd done, none of them could truly return to how they had lived, and the only option was to either fight against this world of darkness tooth and nail... or simply lay down and wait to be consumed by it.
Was Leroy inspired by Bobby Singer?
It's possible, but I highly doubt that the player who made him watches Supernatural.

I'm so happy. I believe your description of this game contained no boasting at all.
what was purgatory?

Who and what was Al?

how did they manage to corral and process that many hobos?

Did Alex or Killer like peanut butter?

thats the GM or the guy who played Oakley?
File: 1381715548941.png-(739 KB, 1000x464, RadioShack Lable 2.png)
739 KB
739 KB PNG
The DM.

Purgatory was a club for those members of the seedy underbelly of life that the common humans didn't know about. It was also Al's base of operations from where she was an information broker and a manipulator from the shadows. If she wasn't human, we didn't know it. We can only assume that they used some sort of method to infect the hobos and then gave them leads to their targets, or just let them loose in the sewers and let the gunshots lure them.

Alex loves peanut butter, but Killer has had way too many MRE meals to really appreciate the nutritional value anymore.
File: 1381725583351.jpg-(407 KB, 800x1200, 1357458548439.jpg)
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407 KB JPG
This was goddamned gorgeous.

Good to know there's always a secret cabal of elegan/tg/genltemen fighting the eldritch horrors of shitposting.
Player of Leroy and Allister here. I actually hadn't seen Supernatural at that point, so no he wasn't. He was just sort of a dim-witted friendly redneck who enjoyed bow-hunting more than is probably healthy. Which is part of the reason Douchy McFuckmyasserson took him and his bow out of the fight as quickly as we could.

On a related note and as a bit of a epilogue, I would like to note that we determined that that punch was devastating enough that Leroy is now down a nut. Fukkin vampires.

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