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A chapter is afflicted by sterility of the progenoids. Resorts to the Glory of the Deus-Mechanica .

Stage 1.

The skeleton of the Aspirant is replaced with a plasteel and adamantium framework. Muscle fiber and tendons are surgically cut to ease the replacement of the bones by the much larger Astartes Pattern prosthetics.

Stage 2.

The heart is replaced with a more efficient mechanical device. The blood is now siphoned around the body in a continuous loop. There is no more heart beat. A small micro-fission reactor similar to that used in power-weapons is also placed in the body below the diaphragm. This reactor becomes the true heart of the aspirant as they become less and more than human.

Stage 3.

The Lungs are replaced with a device for continually absorbing the oxygen out of the air in a steady stream. There is also an inbuilt ability to store oxygen for later consumption. This ability is essential for protracted missions in bad atmosphere or hard vacuum. With the Heart and Lungs now removed the aspirant can enjoy the Silence of the Omnissiah.

Stage 4.

The eyes are replaced by bionic improvements. A wider range of visual spectrum becomes available to the aspirant, as does low light vision and a better ability to focus on distant objects. The parts of the brain used in the interpretation of data from these organs are also replaced. The aspirant is now free to see the universe closer to how the Omnissiah intended.

Stage 5.

The ears are replaced by auditory receivers with a far greater range of detection than anything organic could be expected to. The portions of the brain responsible for dealing with sound are also replaced to better interpret the data input. The aspirant can now hear the hymns how they were meant to be heard.

stage 6.

Much of nervous system of the aspirant is enhanced or outright replaced by fiber-optic micro-wire. The aspirant’s reaction time is slightly enhanced, but they are still bound by the limitations of the feeble flesh.
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Stage 7.

Over the next year the marines muscles are gradually replaced by fiber-muscle almost identical to that used in the construction of Power Armour. Their strength is increased many, many times over and their bodies can now take full advantage of the enhanced in-organic nerves. The movements of the aspirant tend to become erratic for many weeks after this point as they try to figure out how much effort they need to move a limb without flailing like a retard or how much force they need to pick up a glass with out obtaining a hand full of ground glass fragments.

Stage 8.

The Pain receptors of the brain are removed and replaced by something almost identical but more under the aspirants conscious control. This is a prelude to having the skin stripped off and replaced by a hard wearing polymer/carbon-fiber mixture. The replacement skin is much more resistant to damage.

Stage 9.

Data-transfer ports are punched into the aspirants body and a re linked to the artificial nerves. These allow direct communion with the machine spirit of the Power Armour. Over time the Armour stops being armour and becomes a detachable part of themselves.

Stage 10.

A masterfully tailored plastic 'overcoat' is presented to the new Marine. It is form-fitting and the same colour as their original skin. They are to wear it on all ceremonial occasions and whenever they have to deal with outsiders. The ceremony in which they receive their Overcoat is the also the ceremony they take their vows. they are now and forever will be blessed by the Soul of the Everlasting Iron.

Is this a good idea or not?
Really great fanfiction, A+.
Interesting, but double heresy.

I think what you're seeing here is essentially what high level Skitarii are.
File: 1380307652686.jpg-(286 KB, 2500x1536, hive smog.jpg)
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I can't tell if you are being serious or not.

Have picture that could be used for a Hive City.
This sounds pretty heretical, but kind of cool.
File: 1380308520817.jpg-(1.04 MB, 1920x1200, 1347569624943.jpg)
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Should they be fleet based or homeworld based?

Advantages of a homeworld would be that they have easy recruitment, a stable industrial base and resources. If they have a long standing pact with the Mechanicus they might even be able to hide their lack of gene-tithe.

Advantages of a fleet: Always one step ahead of the Inquisition, broader recruitment base, not putting all the eggs in one basket.
Expensive servitors / high level skitarii are more or less this with a few changes due to the technological limitations of the Admech and IoM in general

While we are on the subject of tech heresy, how would a rogue trader finding a mostly mechanized / automated ship go? It has auto loaders, food producing / preparing machines, auto repair systems, deployable defense units similar to murder servitors and mining units to strip mine asteroids, moons, planets etc for raw materials

The one thing is that it requires an almost Titan Princepes type system where in the bridge in the heart of the vessel a dozen odd people connect directly to the machine to control it under the captain in his throne / link chair
Is this really even heresy? Techpriests often have most of their body replaced with mechanical parts, I don't see why a chapter of Spehss Mehrines couldn't do the same.
Assuming the ship has no objections

Sell it to the Mechanicus. Buy an entire inhabited solar system from the Imperium with the cash and become own little empire. Become allied state wit the Imperium but retain individual identity.
File: 1380309507994.jpg-(571 KB, 1680x1050, red horizon.jpg)
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The micro-fusion heart has inadequate shielding to reduce weight and mass into something manageable.

Gradually the body is irradiated. Everything must be replaced in the fullness of time.

Even the brain one very small piece at a time.

You see the problem now?
I was thinking yes it had objections
It wants to travel and serve a master, not be locked in a research facility while the Admech poke and prod and deconstruct it for the next few thousand years before declaring it heresy and scrapping it

Anyway rogue traders being chased by the Admech for holding onto secret stuff is more fun than them just giving it to them

Ask it if it wouldn't mind hauling cargo.

If it is fine with this job adopt it into the fleet. Just remember to give it an Imperial looking paint job and you are fine so long as no one looks too close.
Delicious heresy.
would work for a iron hands successor chapter, all the others wouldn`t be able to convince the mechanicus to ignore the lack of gene-tithes.

another point is that if someone finds out: they are technically not space marines and normally wouldn`t be independent from the inquisition.

also, the very characteristics of a chapter are passed along with the gene-seed just as much as with their tradition. i see two possibilities: they would become too diverse, possibly damaging cohesion or they would very heavily rely on hypno-indoctrination, possibly turning many into madness and at least midly deranging the rest.

altogether my opinion is that the chapter necessarily would be a very radical one, behaving very strange even for space marines

another option which in effect is similar to the one you present, but averts some of above problemst: they ask for the damaged progenoids of friendly other chapters which cannot fully develop some organs and fix the rest with excessive bionics.
I like it. Might steal this for my Deathwatch game.

But what about gene tithes.
Aren't the progenoids kind of neccessary for their survival? Like the Lords of Terra would sent the Minotarus after them because they'd lose the tithe to keep them in check.
File: 1380316200387.jpg-(1.36 MB, 2560x1600, 1273160397511.jpg)
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Has anyone got any more fluff to add to these?

They could be good.
Heresy and purge-bait. Also, one would be curious as to how their body produces blood without bone-marrow.
Ad-mech are responsible for collection and inspection. If they are friendly with them, and if any chapter is it is these mechanical brotherhood, then maybe they can have the records altered a little.


They are. Their loss is why they are embracing the machine so hard.

Setting a chapter on another chapter is a last resort because they might have a pact some time in the past and decide to team up. Then you have a bigger problem.
The bone-marrow could be repositioned to elsewhere in the body.

Eventually, when they reach perfect apotheosis with the Omnissiah, they wouldn't have any reason or ability to produce blood.
Maybe as soon as they get their bone upgrades they also get auto/prosanguine. Doesn't seem like an impossibly rare upgrade for them to have.

Not >>27451063, but agree. B+ grade.
What if they are not-not-space-marines?

See, there's a planet somewhere in the back water of the imperium, mostly forgotten, where some marines crashed 10,000 years ago. They've had their traditions corrupted by time, and distance from the inquisition. The personal level tech is basically ok, but the warp drives are all done for, the librarians are all dead, and ship tech has been scavenged into the marine tech from OP.

Workable concept?
File: 1380318488590.jpg-(323 KB, 1158x1152, 1282927065272.jpg)
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323 KB JPG
Could be good.

They only saw what a Marine could do but never got a clue as to what they were.

They try to make Marines for themselves.

Mechanicus sends missionaries every now and then and so the tech-level of the planet is quite high. Mostly its old magi looking for somewhere quiet to retire. Maybe take on a student or two in their twilight years sort of thing.

They create Marines.

Its centuries before they realize they goofed and by then its too late to own up. To make matters worse their pet chapter shows up on official Imperial documents so they can't just pretend it never happened because an entire chapter vanishing without a trace is even more suspicious. They have to maintain the charade because if the Inquisition or the other chapters find out all manner of hist is going to go wrong.
What about a planet infested with necron security drones?
>a planet, desert. the seat of an impoverished necron dynasty
they entomb themselves, but the tomb main computer systems are shoddy and fail during the ages of sleep
> The necrons never wake but the security system does.
> Its files dictating the edge of the tomb are set to the entire planet because of the failure.
> the drones are set to patrol the entire planet and encounter the not-space marines.
> high jinks ensue

Sorry for the bad English i hope I got the idea across.
File: 1380321028322.png-(189 KB, 685x414, 1309473977380.png)
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189 KB PNG
Should they have more or less automation on their ships?

What do you think their view on servitors be like?
File: 1380322281411.jpg-(490 KB, 1124x1600, 128266417866.jpg)
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Maybe the tithe is still in place. Since robochapter can't produce their own progenoids, they have to acquire some from... other sources around tithe time.
So they're just Thallax that call themselves spess murheen? 0/10 wouldn't play

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