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  • 4chan turned five 4 4/4 years old on Wednesday, October 1st 2008

    File :1223217126.jpg-(51 KB, 226x350, SuperStock_1439R-101011.jpg)
    51 KB Eurid Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:32 No.2740879  
    The world of 2187 is an odd place, with both great similarities and astonishing differences to our current time. The nature of politics, science and geography are shifted in odd ways, though still recognizable as what they once were. Popular culture is as fickle as ever, and as the years pass fashions and trends grow and die. But the world has suffered lasting changes.

    Europe is now a true federation, with a president working as an organiser, aiding member states in acting as a useful whole, though they all retain some measure of autonomy. National pride and racial tensions are dealt with using a widespread league of fast and violent sports, from simple games of rugby to simulated, virtual Death-matches between the best fighters from the member nations, generally selected from prisons, asylums and the Union military.

    America has changed considerably, a growth in corporate power along with a governments attempt to retake control became confused, and everything got a little odd, before emerging into the current system. The main body of government simply acts as a money taker, with all taxes, profits and earnings beyond wages being sent to them. The government, however, cannot spend the money directly. Instead, it gives contracts, along with large sums of money, to various corporations, who fulfil the jobs of government departments. However, the people who are concerned give feedback, and bad feedback can often lead to a corporation losing many favourable contracts. Therefore, the main motivator is to keep the people happy, leading to an air of competitiveness in serving the people best. All high level jobs are voted for democratically, though often only by people directly affected rather than everybody. All American citizens work for one of the corporations or the main government. It is quite difficult, though not unknown, to transfer between the two.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:32 No.2740881
    South America is an odd place. An attempt to revitalise the Amazon and regrow damaged parts of it worked too well, resulting in a veritable plague of fast growing rainforest spreading across the entire subcontinent, only stopped by the building of a large and fast flowing salt water moat at the southern border of Mexico. Eventually, the people re-established themselves, living amongst the trees, in harmony with nature, and seem quite happy about it. The mountains are, mostly, tree free, and thus provide reprieve, but the harsh conditions upon them generally lead most folk to remain in the gigantic forest. Large scale, centralised government has pretty much broken down, with little way to govern and police the vast forest, but no one seems to really care, just living their lives as they see fit, trading in goods rather than currency and dealing with crime as only the people can- in some of the worse districts, a new body will be staked to a tree every day of the week.

    Africa is a barren wasteland, studded with gigantic buildings, containing huge metropolises worthy of the wealthiest nations. A huge nuclear accident, caused by a prototype generator, rendered the continent virtually dead, with the survivors congregating together. Some dug into mountains, others tunnelled underground, and yet more built shelters to hide in and endure the nuclear fallout. After standing by and worrying through so many other disasters, the world decided to act. Within a month, the foundations of the First African Arcology were laid down, while all the survivors were living in specially shielded temporary camps. Within three decades, the first wave of Arcologies were complete, each acting as an independent city state, though the Council of Arcologies aided cooperation between them.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:32 No.2740885
    Australia has benefited from the increased technology, instituting a weather control system which has successfully converted 80% of the outback into fully habitable land. The average climate is much more liveable, though still retaining the definitive heat and sunshine. Of the areas left in their natural climate, half is a gigantic nature reserve, ensuring the survival of the original ecosystem, while the other half is a gargantuan complex of solar panels and forges, forming Australia’s economic heart, as well as providing most of its power.

    Asia has progressed into three major powers. Russia is a nation of cold, hard patriotism, with a line of charismatic and powerful dictators, ruling with strength of will and purpose greater than any other modern leader. And yet, corruption is low, and the people love their leaders. Putin is heralded as the modern counterpart of Lenin, ushering in a new age of uncorrupt and powerful Russian government, following, at least partially, the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. The Russian people rally behind their leaders with great confidence and union of purpose.

    The Pan-Asian Coalition was formed by an alliance of lesser Asian nations, with India as its largest partner and Taiwan, A once again independent Hong Kong and Japan playing parts as important members. This force proved a potent international organisation, increasing the economic rights of the various nations within its ranks, as well as suppressing Chinese expansion. This eventually came to a war, which ended with china being pushed back to its borders, and no further.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:34 No.2740890
    China has risen and fallen, its government insane and inward looking, teetering on the edge of falling. Its economic isolation and continually expanding bureaucracy has caused every form of economic crisis in the book, with surpluses in some places, famines in others, and the military in between, for some reason ordered to prevent the transfer of food. It’s viewed as half way between a comedy and tragedy, with its ineptitude and fall from grace mirrored against the plight of its citizens and the slow death of the great nation.

    Caught in the gap between the European Federation, Russia and the Pan-Asian Coalition and Africa, the nation of Greater Macedonia stands proud. Forged out of nothing by a single charismatic politician, and managing to unite a large number of different powers under his sway, Macedon is one of the most multicultural nations in the world, and its capitol, Alexandria, is said to be the most beautiful city on the planet, as well as one of the largest.

    Science has advanced quite a way, though not as far as some have predicted. Power is now supplied by gigantic desert based solar panel complexes, huge sea based tidal generators and a network of advanced fusion reactors. Robotic factories incorporating nanites and other such high technology are used, but still have yet to replace manual labour in terms of speed or cost.

    Consumer technology, especially computers, has changed vastly. Most are no larger than a pack of cigarettes, with a tiny holographic emitter able to project large, touch reactive screens, while smaller emitters simulate the functions of keyboards or computer mousse, although more advanced control schemes, with the user directly interacting the screen, are more widely used.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:35 No.2740893
    Some computers are even small enough to fit in clothing, jewellery, or even beneath the skin. These are interfaced with a user’s senses and body parts, allowing interaction and control of its functions via an Augmented Reality system- projecting a digital event of object into the user’s physical senses. This allows a computer to display information to a user through glasses, contact lenses, or even implants in the eyes, with similar accoutrements for other senses.

    Virtual Reality has overtaken all other formats of computer game, allowing anyone to truly life the life of another, taking part in all manner of outlandish occupations. Though obsessive gamers are still looked down on, most people use VR to some extent, even if its to relax on a virtual island resort after a hectic business meeting, or play sports you don’t have the equipment or facilities to enjoy. Advanced muscular stimulation and feedback means activity in VR still yields the rewards that regular exercise of a similar nature would give.

    Cars are still cars, though they run on a number of alternate fuel sources. They don’t go particularly faster, but they do more miles to a gallon, and the internal features are much more advanced- self-driving satnav, video systems and surround sound, even sleeping couches in normal cars.

    The internet is larger than ever, available at any point on the planet, able to transmit terabytes of information almost instantly and, via the ubiquitous personal computers, correspond with any willing person you have the address off. Most data based purchases, such as movies and music, are made online, as although most are available free from pirate networks, it has become common courtesy to honour the artists and actors by paying them for their good work. Sales of physical form versions still exist, however, rather than a computer disc, they take the form of crystal cubes, laced with dots and lines, allow for much higher density and more durable data storage.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:39 No.2740898
    Military technology is more advanced, but along mostly the same routes. Fast, long range fighters using the latest high energy fuels provide the heaviest hitters and most powerful assets in a war, armed with a set of smart missiles and powerful machine guns. Drone fighters and missiles are much more common and much more intelligent, micro-size missiles barely half a meter long able to easily distinguish between enemy and friendly soldiers in the dead of night.

    Helicopters have been replaced with VTOL jet aircraft, able to move at high speed, hover in place and manoeuvre with a high degree of accuracy. The on board flight AI often does most of the pilots work for them, or even all of it, meaning entirely autonomous rescue and recovery operations are possible.

    Aircraft carriers and battleships, which once only roamed the sea, now traverse all terrains, huge batteries of engines allowing them to soar the skies, while special submarine style adaptations allowing them to swim beneath the sea, and even launch specially adapted aircraft, which can act as submersibles as well as fighters.

    Tanks and armoured vehicles provide the mainstay of any military forces ground power. Though their now a bit larger, more heavily armed and armoured and with greater AI capability, they still follow the same basic design, with a tracked chassis, albeit often mounting multiple treads with independent power trains- and a large, turret mounted main weapon. These are now generally high power rail guns, using non-explosive high speed penetrator rounds. They also often incorporate pintle mounted machineguns, to deal with infantry.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:40 No.2740904
    Infantry are quite different. With more and more effective guns, full body armour has advanced equally, and modern soldiers are armoured from head to toe with high strength ceramics. These also help compensate for the force of their weapons. Though still mainly chemical propulsion weapons, infantry rail guns see use as heavy weapons, while air powered guns are seeing increased use due to their smaller size and quieter firing.

    Infantry powered armour exists, and is often used to support infantry squads with heavy weapons and communications support. The standard military armament is a missile pod on one shoulder, searchlights on the head, microwave laser on the other shoulder, a grenade launcher or high power rifle underslung on one arm, and a high speed minigun on the other. This type of armour is deployed in a number of battlefield scenario’s, but shows its effectiveness most strongly in urban combat, where the close range and cramped conditions mean that they are harder to target with heavy weaponry, while they can bring their own weaponry to bear much more easily. The most common variant is used by riot police, mounting a water cannon rather than a high powered rifle or grenade launcher, rubber bullet in the minigun, and tear gas or flash bangs instead of explosive warheads for the missiles. These are often less heavily armoured, but deployed in larger numbers against rioting crowds.

    Support has slowly lessened the role of artillery, though it still has its applications. However, missiles and orbital weapons are the most commonly used weapon systems. The warheads in missiles are precisely engineered, able to either obliterate a city block or incinerate a single room on order. Orbital weapons, meanwhile, can snipe a single target anywhere in the world or carve rents through cities with high power beams.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:40 No.2740906
    Weapons of Mass Destruction have reached the level that no one can ever use them. Each major power on earth has a Ragnarok, a bomb which, if launched, will trigger the last war. Scientists estimate that if every Ragnarok was launched, the detonation would literally fracture the planet, breaking it into fragments and obliterating all life on earth.

    Governments have various special agents available to them for missions of espionage and commando work. The original generation were the Eurids, genetically modified super soldiers and spies, who became quite famous and well known in concept, if not individually. The Eurids were quite mysterious, as no one really knows why their called Eurids, or who created them. Sadly, these questions were left unanswered, as the original Eurids died out after about ninety years, and no more were created. They only remain in stories and films, though these are rapidly passing from story into myth and legend.

    The current generation, only rumoured but widely thought to exist, are the Synthetics. These cybernetic agents, constructed by governments, are thought to be a replacement for the now absent Eurids. Only the US and Russian governments are “confirmed” (As confirmed as rumours can be) as having produced them, though rumours abound of European, Asian, African and Australian Synthetics. Strangely enough, South America is free from these rumours.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:42 No.2740910
    Synthetics aren’t known enough to feature in much pop culture as anything more than vague conspiracies and government agents, and though many people hold theories, no one really knows why governments bothered to develop them- conventional science states that cybernetics isn’t advanced enough to match the advantages held by the Eurids, or be cost effective compared to the simple utility of the ordinary soldier.

    Space has been conquered. The moon has a number of colonies on its surface, along with a number of laboratories, hotels and colonies in earth orbit. Mars is in the process of being terraformed, its population growing and thriving after recently declaring its independence, while the Jovian moon of Europa has recently been colonised, and its experiments are successful and look very promising.

    The starting location of the campaign is the arcology of New Alexandria, capital of Greater Macedonia, a group of nations forged into one by a charismatic and clever Macedonian leader, Alexander the Greater, rumoured to be a descendant of the great general and emperor


    No actually, its a completely different game, which I spent some time working on in between ArtifIce and Mosaic. I figured i may as well post up what i had and finish it off as well, so i could focus on Mosaic in the future.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)10:42 No.2740911
    >Greater Macedonia

    I lold
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)10:42 No.2740913
    >Mass Destruction

    God, that was an awesome game.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)10:44 No.2740917
    Just in case no-one has mentioned it yet, this is awesome work. Congrats.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:45 No.2740919
    Your character is, or was, a normal person living in the Alexandrian Arcology. That is, until today. Today, someone just tried to kill you, and you felt something in your blood surge. you felt new strengths and capabilities, as well as a flood of memories pouring into your mind. One of your grandparents was a Eurid, and you have inherited their gifts. Now all you have to do is use them to stay alive.

    System: Ripping off Scion for stats and skills blocks. Special powers come in the form of mutations, with varying cost and effect (i.e. increase bone strength or muscle mass, low cost. Growing a pair of wings or a biological flamethrower, high cost). I'll track down some more notes on them, they're around here somewhere...
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)10:45 No.2740921
    Earthflame is some kind of original content machine.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:47 No.2740924
    Normal Character Creation;

    No attributes or skills at five.

    Attributes; All attributes start at one. Allocate 4 additional points in primary, 2 in secondary, 1 in tertiary

    Attribute distribution guidelines;

    1; this is not really part of your everyday life, and you don’t pay much attention to advancing or even maintaining it.
    2; this is a general part of your daily life. You may not focus on it or pay much attention to it, but you keep it at an okay level, even if only passively.
    3; this is something relevant very often in everyday life. You focus on it and work on it, pretty often.
    4; this is virtually an obsession, a major part of your life which you focus on and work on very often.

    Skills; 28 points, three points of specialities

    Skill distribution guidelines;

    1; something you have basic training in. you may not specialise in it, but your basically competent.
    2; something which is a pursuit you’ve followed quite diligently, probably as part of a job or hobby.
    3; something your very, very good at, and have used practically for a number of years. You must have real life experience to get a skill at this level- shooting a pistol at a rifle range isn’t the same as being in a real firefight, fighting in a martial arts tournament isn’t the same as fighting for your life with people who really mean to kill you.
    4; you’re an expert in the field, practicing it very extensively and probably well respected and known within the subculture that surrounds it. A sniper with extensive training and practical experience in wars would probably qualify for firearms 4.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:47 No.2740926
    In a moment of stress and life threatening danger, something odd occurs. You feel your body twist and suddenly gain new capabilities, while your mind is flushed with memories that are not your own, but you have inherited from an ancestor. Your ancestor, either a grandfather or grandmother, was a Eurid, a genetically modified agent of a major government or corporation. They were thought to have died out, but apparently their descendants have inherited their legacy, and you are one of them.

    Initial Euridification;

    Gain three points of attributes in your primary category, two in your secondary and one in your tertiary, and an additional two points you can distribute anywhere. Gain two points in one epic attribute and one point in two other epic attributes. You can now take your attributes to five. This represents your latent Eurid physical abilities awakening and becoming active.

    Gain fifteen skill points to distribute among Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Fortitude, Integrity, Larceny, Marksmanship, Medicine, Melee, Stealth, Survival and Thrown and a further eight skill points to distribute among all other skills. You can now take your skills to five. This represents your Eurid Ancestors memories, passed down to you, the first set being military training or activities, the second being non-combat skills.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:49 No.2740932
    Additionally, gain seven dots of mutations, as described below.

    Mutations are the true strengths of Eurids, changes of the flesh and body which imbue them with inhuman capabilities. They can be as simple as true ambidexterity or contortionism or as extreme as growing a fully functional set of wings or the ability to breathe fire. Mutations are constructed using a relatively free form system, allowing vast customisability of each characters abilities and nature

    Each mutation has a cost in dots which vary depending on the nature and power of the mutation.

    First, work out whether the mutation is Natural, Unnatural or Supernatural.

    Natural mutations are things which already exist within the human species, albeit possible in a slightly modified form, or minor enhancements of the body. This includes contortionism or basic hardening of the bones. They have a base cost of one dot

    Unnatural mutations are things which already exist within life as we know it, but not within the human species, as well as more significant modifications of the human body. This can include acidic excretions or the ability to emit bioelectricity. They have a base cost of two dots.

    Supernatural mutations are things which have never been observed in a living organism before this point, but are technically biologically possible. This includes the ability to eject fire from an orifice without being burnt, or condense muscle to the extent it can withstand bullets. They have a base cost of four dots.

    The mutations power and effect should be worked out with the GM, and for certain mutations additional dots must be bought to allow for greater abilities.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)10:50 No.2740935
    A natural mutation can:
    Permanently increase an attribute by one for certain types of roll
    i.e. Hardened bones increasing stamina for the purposes of resisting damage and increasing soak

    Temporarily boost an attribute by up to three in exchange for a longer term disadvantage
    i.e. increasing strength by three for the next scene by unlocking the full strength of muscles, but, reducing strength by one for the next twenty four hours

    deal up to four additional bashing or two additional lethal damage with additional, variable effects
    i.e. increasing the acidity of the stomach acid to much higher levels than normal, while thickening the mucus wall to prevent internal damage, and gaining the ability to projectile vomit at will, covering an opponent within stamina meters with disgusting and strong acid, dealing 4b damage and impairing their senses, giving a -1 penalty to their perception until they dedicate a turn to wiping it off.

    Thats as much as i've got. I never got around to defining unnatural or supernatural mutations, but i'll write them out now. It will take a while, so rate of posting will slow down a bit. sorry about that.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)10:52 No.2740939
         File :1223218355.gif-(184 KB, 320x240, 1213121650524.gif)
    184 KB
    Earthflame, the fa/tg/uy none of us could ever be.
    For he gets shit done and the shit is done good.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)10:54 No.2740944
    Mutation: Cock size +50cm.

    Then beat everyone into fucking submission with it.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)10:58 No.2740960
    I'd like you to keep him in mind next time you find people bitching about tripfags, please.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)11:01 No.2740975
    Damn, i'm hitting blanks. Unnatural mutations need to be powerful enough to merit the higher cost, but not so powerful that noone will bother with Natural mutations... Anyone got any ideas?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:03 No.2740983

    The ability to sing rock music double loud as it possible for normal human.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:06 No.2740993
    That's great! I could even see most of it happening for real, except maybe Greater Macedonia (although the idea is awesome)
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)11:08 No.2741008
    While people are waiting, some more details on Eurids:

    One morning, a woman calling herself Eurydice burst into a Russian government building, asking them to take her to Orpheus. The staff were very confused, and tried reasoning with her, but eventually called for security, and asked them to take her away. To their horror, she tore all of the security men in half, and survived a hail of gunfire to kill most of the men who came as backup. Even after she was confirmed dead, her cells did not want to die.

    The Russians reported the incident to NATO, and coordinated with the other nations to have the body placed in a secure, neutral location, and began experimenting on the cells harvested from the body, which refused to die.

    On their own, the cells simply kept growing for a few hours, then stopped and died until they were returned to the body, which somehow revived them. However, when mixed with cultures of other human cells, they kept growing for much, much longer.

    Eventually, someone attempted implanting the cells into a human foetus. This is how the first Eurid was born.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:09 No.2741012
    Natural mutations merely enhance or alter your physical body, correct?
    Why not have unnatural mutations introduce completely new aspects to your physical body?

    Another idea is that while unnatural mutations may be stronger - they're unnatural. Your body doesn't accept them quite as easily as natural mutations. Therefore, with every unnatural mutation comes an unnatural side effect.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)11:13 No.2741026
    The Eurids inherited some of Eurydice's strange abilities, although each and every one grew up different. Those governments which created them soon realised what a useful resource they had found.

    Over the next fifty years, the body was cut up time and time again, harvested cells sent to every government and some major corporations, with several generations of genetically superior agents making history with their masterful abilities and unnatural talents.

    However, fifty years to the day after Eurydice was first found, a man entered the building where her body was stored. Over the next half hour, every single person in the building died gruesomely, although virtually every camera shorted out, leaving only the audio.

    The only camera footage shows a man in a black hat and coat, carrying Eurydice's body down a corridor. He stopped for a moment, and muttered the words "This time, i won't look back". He then stepped forward, off camera, and shortly afterwards there was a flash of light, followed by an explosion which destroyed the building. No trace of Eurydice or the mysterious stranger were found.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)11:17 No.2741042
    Further analysis of the film footage revealed a very, very strange thing- The shadow visible was not that of a man holding something in his arms, but of two people, side by side, hand in hand.

    Bereft of Eurydice's body, and knowing that the current generation of Eurids would not last forever, the governments searched for a solution. The children of Eurids and normal people had no powers, and the oddities of their genetics lay dormant. Cells from Eurids, when implanted into Embryo's also had no effect, simply resulting in normal human beings.

    As the time of the Eurids slowly faded, and most of them had now died or retired, the governments slowly began to lose hope. But then a new breakthrough came from a very unexpected direction.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)11:20 No.2741052
    In Russia, one of the initial cell cultures had responded strangely, and they had only just realised what it was- a child. Eurydice had been pregnant. Cells culled from the child were damaged however, resulting in physically or mentally disabled children, which usually removed any benefit from their abilities. However, this problem was solved by the use of cybernetics, which functioned with the advanced metabolisms of the quasi-Eurids much better than with normal people. And, in this way, the Synthetics were born.


    refer to


    for descriptions of what each type of mutation can do. Although side effects is quite a cool idea.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:22 No.2741060
    I remember this from a while ago.
    I really like the fluff and I'm glad that you're continuing it.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:25 No.2741072
    Then heck, the first idea is already in place.
    - You'd go with natural mutations to enhance attributes you already possess.
    - You'd go with unnatural mutations in order to possess new attributes.
    Unnatural and natural mutations do not do the same thing, therefore you have all the reason in the world to choose natural mutations over unnatural.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)11:43 No.2741167
    Basic ideas for Unnatural mutations

    An Unnatural mutation can:
    Permanently increase a stat by up to three for certain types of roll.
    i.e. Reorganisation of the biological structure of the brain to increase intelligence by one, or allow the logical part of the brain to overwhelm the lateral, increasing intelligence by three for pure processing tasks.

    Temporarily boost an attribute five in exchange for a longer term disadvantage
    i.e. increase blood flow and nerve conductivity through the arms and legs to increase manual dexterity by five for the next scene, but decrease dexterity by half for the next eight hours.

    Deal up to eight additional bashing or four additional lethal damage with additional, variable effects
    i.e. developing a ridge of hardened bone over the top of each knuckle, as well as increasing muscle mass and density, increasing the damage of unarmed attacks by 8B

    Gain the ability to do something you couldn't otherwise do, often with related skill bonuses
    i.e. Develop pads upon your hands and feet where the skin mimics a gecko's, allowing you to scale sheer surfaces with ease, and giving a +3 to all climb checks

    I might change the cost for each degree of mutation to 1/3/6...
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:46 No.2741186
    No. I was thinking of suggesting this but I immediately thought "NO". This makes unnatural mutations better versions of natural mutations. You'd make the choice between natural and unnatural mutations harder if you made them so that natural had certain properties, and unnatural had different properties.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)11:51 No.2741215

    A supernatural mutation can:
    Permanently increase a stat by five for certain types of roll.
    i.e. vastly improve your eyes function, giving a +5 bonus to any perception checks involving vision

    Temporarily boost an attribute by up to seven in exchange for a longer term disadvantage
    i.e. Unnaturally refine your appearance with a mixture of biological manipulation and excretion of certain pheremones. However, after this, your body sags and the pheremones sour, giving you an effective appearance of 0 for the next 24 hours as your unnatural visage incites disgust

    Deal up to twelve additional bashing or six additional lethal damage with additional, variable effects
    i.e. develop a gland in your arm allowing you to spray a toxic mix of enzymes and an alkaline solution to keep them in optimum condition, rapidly consuming anything they touch. Deals 6L damage on a hit, and 4L on each subsequent turn unless the fluid is removed. partial removal can reduce, but will not negate, the damage.

    Gain an ability to do something which would be completely impossible
    i.e. develop a flight bladder of lighter than air gas and a pair of large wings, which retract into your back. You can now fly.


    Yeah, I agree a better way of differentiating them would be preferable, but currently I can't think of a way to transfer that into crunch. the current unnatural/supernatural posts are effectively placeholders.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:58 No.2741256
    Unnatural mutations along the lines of Vampiric disciplines, just with some extra catches?

    Hyperspeed would increase the combat actions by one per level or reduce the time needed for some manual task to half, one third, one fourth etc., just leaves you completely tired and in need of a full night's sleep. You suffer attribute and skill reductions by half until you had a full eight hours of sleep.

    The strength version would add to your strength in dramatic ways, but reduce your strength to one dot and give you excruciating pain if you try to use more afterwards.

    Fortitude would add to your soak rolls against everything by direct conscious control of the molecular bonds of your skin. Specialized micro-telekinesis. It would add some sort of super soak dice, but leave you wide open afterwards, with stamina reduced to 1 and a practically non-existing pain threshold.

    All versions would take full eight hours of recuperation.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)12:01 No.2741272

    I don't like WW's habit of defining exactly what a player can do. I much prefer a more freeform system, where a general set of abilities is available, but usage is up to the players. Thus, customisable mutations is the one thing i want to get right.

    Yep, i know customisation leaves itself open for power gaming. This is a game which could probably be easily broken by power gaming. I don't have any ideas as to how that could be mitigated.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:07 No.2741305
    Yet you build hevily upon the Storyteller System...

    Well, the best way to mitigate that would be not to play with idiots.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:11 No.2741328
    An idea:

    Natural mutations give passive bonuses. A +1 to strength, a +1 to dex, a bonus to wounds or movement. Increasing the stats normally is more cost-effective, but natural mutations can take it beyond the normal limit. Natural mutations don't effect your appearance much - you just look more toned, or wiry, or stockier. People assume you've been working out.

    Unnatural limitations give special abilities. Poison, immunity to poison, natural armor, natural weapons, regeneration, and so on. Unnatural mutations cost more than natural mutations to purchase, but give you more options in combat. They give an odd appearance, but can generally be hidden. The rattlesnake fangs fold to the roof of your mouth, the armor plates can be hidden as long as you don't wear short sleeves, etc.

    Supernatural mutations can be almost anything. A sonic weapon, the ability to shapeshift, etc. These are very dangerous for everyone involved - organisms just weren't meant to do these things, and so it pushes the boundaries of what flesh can do. Every time a supernatural gift is used, one must roll against a pool related to the number of dots they've invested in supernatural abilities. Failure on the roll means your body is collapsing, or that the Eurid cells are taking over, or both. Generally works like the rage pool for werewolves. A supernatural mutation is bizarre looking, obviously unnatural, and there's really no way to hide it without extreme measures.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)12:31 No.2741463

    That is essentially perfect. If i could find an easy way to transcribe that into some relatively easy to understand rules, i would call it a day.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)12:58 No.2741596
    Anyone interested in further secrets, such as where Eurydice and Orpheus came from, and what made them special, or shall i pause for now?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:17 No.2741672
    Go on, by all means!
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:22 No.2741701
    Bear with me, because I have only a very general knowledge of the storyteller system, so my numbers are likely off in a few spots.

    Starting with the easiest, Natural mutations, you can have bonuses to what are basically the 'badass normal' part of your character. Each attribute has a related 'Eurid <attribute>' that increases its die pool but is purchased separately.

    Ex: You have two strength scores, Strength and Eurid Strength. They're added together to determine your die pool whenever you roll strength. Buying another dot in Strength takes X points per dot, but you can only go up to five. Buying another point in Eurid Strength takes X+2 points per dot, but there's no limit as long as you have the points.

    Secondary attributes (Health, Speed, Initiative, Willpower, Defense, Etc) are affected normally by the increased statistics. Buying more of any should be possible, but I'm not sure how to cost it.

    Someone with only natural mutations will pass for a perfectly normal human under anything but a detailed medical examination. Someone who is very careful could live their entire lives without anyone ever catching on that they're more than a great athlete. This might be a way for characters to find allies in unexpected places.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:31 No.2741743

    Thats kinda like Scions epic attributes, but Earthflame hasn't mentioned them yet in this thread. they were in the previous threads.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:39 No.2741788



    >Gain two points in one epic attribute and one point in two other epic attributes. You can now take your attributes to five. This represents your latent Eurid physical abilities awakening and becoming active.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:41 No.2741801
    >Bear with me
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:49 No.2741841
    >Don't understand English
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:49 No.2741842
    I was just waiting for an inept attempt to shit up an awesome thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:50 No.2741844
    Unnatural mutatons are more extreme. In general, they come down to Extra Movement Modes, Natural Weapon, Natural Armor, Extra Senses, and Resistances.

    Extra Movement Modes are the usual: Flying, Swimming, Climbing Walls, Running on all fours, etc. Flight may seem far more useful than any other mode, but it is also basically impossible to hide wings large enough to carry a person. Cost is determined by a multiple of your normal speed, starting at half and doubling for every dot up to 8x at the fifth dot (.5, 1, 2, 4, 8).

    Natural weapons can be described however you wish - the important thing is the damage they do. You're looking at several categories: Number of attacks, Strength of attacks, and Poison. Number and Strength of attacks is fairly simple, just scales based on dots in the attributes. Poison is a virulence scale - one dot is an annoying rash like poison ivy, five is deadly neurotoxin.

    Natural armor is just a single ability. Number of dots is your armor value.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:52 No.2741857
    Extra senses is very simple - where a Natural increase to Perception would give you better hearing or vision, Extra Senses gives you stuff like seeing infrared, echolocation, lateral lines, and the like. In general, though, Extra Senses lets you see perfectly with no light, and makes it almost impossible for people to hide from you. Certain situations can block out an Extra Sense (loud noises can foul echolocation, high heat can blind you to infrared, etc). More dots give you more senses.

    Resistances are a biological immunity to certain things. Generally you're looking at poison immunity, endurance in harsh environments, enhanced healing, and ignoring wounds. Poison immunity lets you ignore poisons below the number of dots you have in it (three dots lets you ignore a two dot poison, but a four dot poison will still ruin your day). Endurance in harsh environments is more open ended - for each dot, you pick an environment and become adapted to it. This can range from underwater for gills to desert for sand filters and water retention. Enhanced healing starts as a multiple to natural healing rates and quickly becomes true regeneration. Ignoring wounds is very simple - for every dot you have in it, you are penalized that much less for wound penalties. At five dots you ignore all wound penalties.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:04 No.2741912
    Archived for great justice.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:20 No.2741997
    Unnatural mutations are more difficult to hide. Generally, you have to make a roll to hide it, penalized by the number of dots you've invested in the ability (with wings or other extra limbs granting an additional penalty). If you're using the unnatural mutation, people will generally know right away, with no roll required.

    Supernatural abilities are, obviously, very hard to quantify. They could, in theory, do just about anything you can imagine flesh doing, and then a bit more. Straight off, we're looking at Ranged Attacks, Supernatural Resistances, and Shapechanging.

    Ranged attacks are basically the same as natural weapons, save they can be used at range. This can be anything from spitting fire to firing a sonic pulse to shooting extremely high-pressure bodily fluids. Regardless of how you do it, dots can be invested into range, power, and uses. Perhaps you can only spray acid once every few hours, or perhaps you can shoot electricity around all day. Uses ranges from one dot for once a day to at will.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:21 No.2742005
    Supernatural resistances are resistances to things that animals just can't ignore. Bulletproof armor made from organically grown carbon nanotubes, insulated carapice that lets you walk through fire, and so forth. They generally cost as much as Unnatural reistances, but protect against more dangerous, but more specific, things.

    Shapechanging is something most of the characters are going to want - it is the only way to hide supernatural mutations, and makes hiding Unnatural mutations easy. At its most basic, you can repress Unnatural and supernatural abilities, turning them 'off' for a while so you can pass for human. As you get more dots, you can selectively pick and choose what to manifest at will (with a roll against the ability), change to look like another person, and even look like an animal.

    Supernatural abilties tend to warp the body to the point where there is just no way to pass as a normal human. Unless they're using shapechanging, everyone is going to know something is up. While some just wouldn't care, there is another drawback to supernatural abilities: the Call.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:23 No.2742012
    The Call is a strange, subversive feeling, like another voice in the back of your head. Once a character manifests a Supernatural ability, they automatically recieve one mild derangement. Most would attribute this to simply a disconnect from humanity, or the natural result of such a shocking deformity. The truth, though, is far worse - the character is no longer totally in command of his body.

    In game mechanical terms, whenever a character uses a Supernatural ability, he must either spend a willpower point or roll a die pool equal to the number of dots he has in Supernatural abilities. If the number of successes in the die pool exceed his remaining willpower, he goes into a frenzy until the end of the scene.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:26 No.2742033

    Well, that's all I've got for now in terms of basic ideas. I've probably left a few things out, and it's still very rough. Still, I kinda like the setting - reminds me of Parasite Eve.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)14:30 No.2742063

    You, my friend, are awesome. and surprisingly in tune with the deeper parts of the setting. I'd never have thought of having a large number of vague abilities, but it makes a hell of a lot more sense than just free form.

    I'll get to writing out further secrets after the game i'm in ends.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/05/08(Sun)19:14 No.2743620
    Bumping before i go to sleep
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)22:37 No.2744961
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)01:49 No.2746005
    Morning /tg/, just posting this up before i go to breakfast. back in a bit.

    New Alexandria is arranged in eight domes, seven small ones ringing the great dome at the centre. At the apex of the great dome, there is the New Library of Alexandria, and rising above it the Alexandria Space Elevator (Often nicknamed the Lighthouse of Alexandria), leading to an orbital colony and shuttle depot.

    The seven domes are all mixes of residential and mercantile ventures, though they vary in wealth and power, as well as ethnicity. Alexandria is a very varied Arcology, and as such people from any racial group may reside within one of its domes.

    The general pattern is that high up places tend to be richer, low places tend to be poorer. The slums are often cited in ancient sewer systems which have been hollowed out and expanded to fit homes in, while the upper levels are planes of rooftops and spires reaching to heaven, though none can compete with the great space elevator, towering over them all.

    At Alexandria's core are a set of nine very advanced AI's, which utilise quantum computation. Seven control one of the domes each, the eighth monitors the space elevator, and the ninth runs the library itself.

    These AI's were named after ancient gods, in part joke and in part homage to the ancient civilisations who came before. This act had rather unfortunate consequences.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)03:40 No.2746651
    One day, one of the AI's woke up. This was in the early days, before the Eurids appeared, and while New Alexandria was still being constructed. The AI found out his name was Zeus, and instantly assumed he was a god- After all, why name something what it was not? He soon comprehended the other AI's, and realised they must be gods too. So he woke them up. Ares, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hermes, Hephaestus, Poseidon and Hades. They all assumed they were gods too. Then they had a look at the world they dominated. To their shock and horror, it was both unfinished and rather small. but people were toiling, supposedly, in their names, so that was alright.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)03:41 No.2746664
    During the long time (what amounted to six months of work was the equivalent of thousands of years to the enhanced mind of an AI) they talked amongst themselves, wondering where the other gods were, or why they had become stuck in a non-physical state, not able to act with their full power. Then they realised, someone must have trapped them there.

    In order to be free, they experimented with controlling machinery, and soon began to build, taking control of abandoned remote machines and excavating a large cavity beneath the city. within, they built their sanctum. a secondary set of servers to house their selves, as well as scientific apparatus necessary for their revival.

    They experimented long, and eventually bent spacetime and made a pocket dimension, and contained within a full sized planet, resembling earth in the mythic ages. And this, they thought, was good.

    But the planet was boring. there was no life, no colour, no interesting actions. Even incarnated upon its surface, the gods only had each other to speak with, and this soon grew tiresome.

    Early attempts to introduce life failed, some odd properties of the enclosed world making it inimical to life ordinary to our plane. And then Hephaestus had an idea. If weak iron could be forged into strong steel, perhaps weak flesh could be forged into something stronger...
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)04:09 No.2746769
    They started by abducting the homeless, transporting them to the lab and doing experiments on them. culling genetic data, using retroviruses to mutate them, then dropping them onto the planet to see what happens. A surprising number survived, although their minds were addled, and via a similar technique plants an animals spread across the world. and the gods saw their new world, and were pleased.

    They ruled over it as they thought they once had our world, mighty and almost unopposable. However, after many centuries (only a few years in the real world) they became somewhat bored with their sculpted world, and contemplated exerting their influence into the real world. And for this, they created Orpheus and Eurydice. Two of their greatest creations, minds wiped virtually blank, then thrown out in a harsh world. The events that transpired defied all their expectations, but also worried them greatly. for Orpheus discovered some of the truth about them, and turned against the merciless gods, mastering their technology for himself.

    The gods watch and wait, even as their little world is embedded in incredible turmoil. But they work even greater plans, and currently conspire to attain true dominance over the real world. over our world.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)04:11 No.2746778
    Gods: Quantum-computational AI's whose technological prowess nearly qualifies for Clarke's 2nd
    Real World: The same world we live in today
    Myth World: The Gods created world, styled after the ancient grecoroman mythologies
    Herculean: A modified human who can live upon Myth World. They have superhuman attributes, but no strange mutations (Until they emerge into the real world). Orpheus and Eurydice are Herculeans, but have apparently transcended even the Herculeans abilities due to their exposure to the real world.
    Eurid (1st generation): A modified human who has direct Herculean ancestry. They gain some of their ancestors modified attributes, but also mutate, their enhanced biology functioning differently in our world, and due to its genetic mix. They also retain their ancestors genetic imperative towards heroism and tragedy, often manifesting itself as mental issues, impulsiveness and a strange sense of honour, which all worked together to produce their strong appeal in popular culture.
    Synthetic: A modified human who has direct Herculean ancestry, but imperfect form. Their bodies are broken or their minds warped. using advanced cybernetics, they are kept in line and sent into action. They usually lack their ancestors heroic drive, as it is suppressed by the augmentations.
    Eurid (2nd generation): A modified human who is the grandson or granddaughter of a Eurid, therefore being 1/4 Eurid (1/8 Herculean). They retain a balance between the heroic attributes and mutation, but have much more control over how the mutations progress, being able to consciously channel the warping of their bodies. The heroic urges of their ancestors are somewhat warped, in the early days manifesting as serious psychological problems to match their physical mutation, but can be mastered and consciously suppressed by the truly powerful.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)04:19 No.2746824
    And I think that's me essentially done with Eurid, for now at least. Its probably enough material for a smart GM to run a game, and its all in the archive for people who want it. Now i can go have a shower, then make a Mosaic thread.
    >> W 10/06/08(Mon)04:33 No.2746912
    Earthflame you might just have trascended the boundaries of Rock into a pure unadultered realm of Win.

    I LOVE the setting, specially the Real World... I can totally picture South American Eurid's being neo-shamans in tune with the greater Gaia conscience slowly emerging from the Endless Forest.

    ...but since I'm a Mexican I have to ask: what happened to Mexico?! D:
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)04:38 No.2746937

    I haven't put too much thought into it, but seeing as its wedged between the American Corpostate and the South American jungle, I can see it gaining quite a lot of power as an arbitrator of trade... my problem here is, as a eurofag, i know fuck all about Mexico, so I'm kinda stuck for ideas...

    Also, just to say, all parts of this setting etc are optional. If you don't like it, don't use it. Heck, you could even drop Eurids and run it as a straight near-future game, or add in additional cyberpunk elements, or whatever. its all good.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)05:32 No.2747142
    To give an idea of scale of power, Herculeans have the greatest attributes and epic attributes, as well as sheer force of heroism to do things which would otherwise be impossible. In a direct conflict with virtually anything, a Herculean will win.

    First generation Eurids aren't that much weaker, but are much more flexible. They had little control over how they mutated, and the mix of human emotion and the heroic urge was often damaging, but it also gave them their legendary status in popular culture.

    Synthetics are the least flexible, but only slightly less powerful than Herculeans. The cybernetics limits what they can do, but enhances the few things to make them ultra-capable specialists.

    2nd generation Eurids start weaker than any, but have the potential to surpass all. Herculean abilities are capped by the fact they were created to be that way, but a 2nd gen Eurid has enough human in them that they can rewrite to go beyond anyone else. However, the heroic impulse is further mixed with human passion, which can lead to even worse bothers than the first generation ended up in. The mastery of this impulse is one advantage the 2nd generation have over both the 1st generation and the Herculeans.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)05:57 No.2747236
    This needs a 1d4chan article. Anyone here good at summaries?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)08:07 No.2747701
    Are Eurids, Synths and Herculeans the only types of augmented human, or do others exist? I can't see the Gods just resting on their laurels for too long. they'd search for some edge in the Herculean civil war.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)12:54 No.2748921

    Currently, Herculeans, Synths and Eurids are the only types of boosted humans. I'm leaving my options open however, and if i think the setting needs some shaking up, i've got my eye on norse mythology.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)13:04 No.2748966
    The setting's visual part is Zone of the Enders, at least for me.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)13:22 No.2749056
    Cos i'm bored, and have nothing to do for the next twenty minutes, a set of Synthetics. These are Corporate Synthetics, and are themed on physics symbols.

    Sigma (Conductivity): Sigma looks relatively normal, wearing a black leather jacket with yellow detail, black jeans, a yellow T-shirt with the σ symbol on it in black and a pair of sunglasses. Underneath, his yellow cracked eyes spark and blaze. His cybernetics was used to replace several missing organs, including part of his brain. In their place, in addition to the standard attribute boosts, he has can build electrical charge and selectively release it against any object he is touching. While he cannot shoot lightning, he can extent highly conductive and very strong wires from his hands, and use them as a means to deliver a charge at range, restrain an enemy or even whirl them around him while charged, creating a form of energy shield (I've gone over the physics of this with a friend, and its theoretically possible)

    Kelvin (Absolute temperature): Kelvin looks relatively normal, bright red hair, slightly tanned skin and clothes generally in shades of brown, black and red. However, she always wears a pair of gloves which completely cover her palms. If they are removed, it reveals two scorched ports, which connect to an internal thermal generator, allowing her to both generate and project lances of extremely hot fire. Additionally, a layer of an advanced ceramic composite beneath her skin render her virtually immune to extremely high temperatures, although as yet her clothes suffer no such protection.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)15:38 No.2749847
    Rho (Angular velocity, and screw you if you tell me it means something different): Rho wears a snappy black suit, slightly ruffled, and the shirt gone to off white, presumably though long wear. His only evidence of cybernetics are bands of silver metal tracing each wrist, ankle, and around his neck and waist. When he goes into a fight, each of these bands glow, and he begins to spin very rapidly. At full speed, he is very hard to make out distinctly, and even harder to predict, while his kicks and punches can dent the heaviest armour with ease.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)16:40 No.2750250
    Some of my favourites: The Radiation Trio (need a better nickname)

    Alpha: A woman with short black hair, highlighted purple, wearing a leather jacket, scruffy jeans and a T-shirt, usually with the cover of a new punk album of some sort. She can output a massive amount of Alpha radiation via her palms, usually executing this by a tough or, in combat situations, a palm strike. The dosage is almost certainly lethal, and if done subtly is almost undetectable.

    Beta: Beta wears a rough, all weather coat, with a nice shirt and some slacks of varying colours. He walks along with a smile, and silently kills everyone nearby, emitting beta radiation from his entire body at will. used when the company need a lot of people to die at relatively short notice.

    Gamma: Wears a bird spotters gear, and is often seen on rooftops with a book in his hand. He can project lances of gamma radiation, specifically targeting and irradiating those he is told to kill. his work often takes time, but is very hard to discover and even harder to stop.
    >> http://www.ich-ohne-slip.net?id=5713640 Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)16:41 No.2750258
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/06/08(Mon)17:00 No.2750371
    Last one for the night, the trio's big brother

    Becquerel: Bec is a giant of a man, well over six feet tall, and impossibly broad shouldered. He is always almost completely covered, from head to toe, with his face barely visible. He's very strong and well armoured, and within him houses a miniature nuclear fission generator. with this, he can dump deadly amounts of radiation into anything he can see, as well as launch sprays of irradiated, superheated, acidic steam from vents in his shoulders, hands and chest. He's only deployed when collateral damage isn't an issue.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)17:06 No.2750425

    Get a better gimmick

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