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File: 1376789787125.jpg-(3 KB, 259x194, chapter-master-start-screen.jpg)
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Anyone remember this game? The old one, not the remake that may or may not ever be completed. Anyway.
>Start up new game
>Things going alright, purged some xenos, stopped a Khornate cult.
>"One of your new recruits is Warp-sensitive!"
>wow, a Librarian this early?
>Start training him, he's doing pretty well
>"One of your new recruits is Warp-sensitive!"
>wait, what? Another?
>Go on a couple more missions
>guess what
>another librarian
>This keeps happening, with a new lib every few missions
>Eventually get 10 total, form a squad
>squad willpower bonus lets them wreck shit with really reliable casting
>"A warp rift has opened near your homeworld!"
>Luckily only a few squads are off on missions
>start fightan daemons
>try to have the libsquad banish them
>warp instability
>Homeworld torn from reality and thrown into warp
>no survivors

Anyway. Post your stories here, and may the Inquisition stay the fuck away from our suspicious dealings.
The Design Document, for if you are interested and want to see the game done some day.

File: 1376793575247.png-(355 KB, 800x600, Prefect.png)
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355 KB PNG
I hadn't seen this before - who made it and when? When was the last time VB was heard from?

last I saw of vb he was being awesome. I believe it was yesterday
File: 1376794180451.png-(32 KB, 330x394, Sprites Jan 2.png)
32 KB
That's good to hear. He still making progress? Someone keeps posting the alpha thingy from waybackwhen as the most recent version.
Where can I get this game?
Is this thing still being doen in Visual Basic?
There is a reason putting Visual Basic on your resume makes you less likely to get a job (even when the company in question uses VB)
Chapter Master For Real will never be a thing
>want to create games
>ideas guy
>to lazy to relearn coding
aurora use vb
>download game again after last dwarffortress game got a bit on the Fun side.
> every time some one mentions it someone reinstalls harhar
>any way roll up ultramarine successor chapter
>boring, roll for purpose combat specific threat
>orcs, this could get interesting
>given feral world at edge of segmentum a weeks warp travel from anything remotely intersting
>get upto company strength no small feat
>considering I get resupply about once every year
>nothing - I thought there would be orks
>only thing in the whole subsystem is a fucking agriwold that tithes once a year
>fifty years pass I sit on my ass and dont waste fuel
>have five compaines and a over strength scout company
>still no dreadnoughts, no bikes, no tank, no jumppacks, no orks,
>just bolters, flamers, grenades
>I've been playing this fucking game for a little over two weeks and I'm running out of bolter rounds from drill, and I can't afford prometheum for fuel.
>can't get entire chapter off world in one go. have not relations so I cant do squat.
Welp. You got me. I was fooled.
That was the boat most of us found ourselves in after the project became a real project. Some of us had art or other reasons to hang around but most of us started feeling pretty superfluous after a while.
>such is life in the far reaches of the galaxy
File: 1376797874070.png-(276 KB, 512x512, 1339864896543.png)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>have not relations so I cant do squat.
>cant do squat
PS:the ideas guy, here
right now I am I am just coding chess variants on zillion of games
and most werent released yet, because I didnt found a way to implement non forced thressfold repetition, 50 moves captures.... a thing that a extreme amount of virtual chess games doenst have, but somehow I think I must include it
and aurora runs like shit.
File: 1376798145809.jpg-(135 KB, 587x345, 1358211234303.jpg)
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135 KB JPG
... you forgot
>do squat
>try out mobile chapter
>it's all pretty cool, win some, lose some, all in the glory of the emperor
>decide it's time to explore beyond where the Macharian Crusade went
>find archeotech
>pretty cool
>continue onwards
>warp travel is pretty much a crapshoot now
>keep fighting unidentified xenos
>find more archeotech
>warp travel gets really erratic
>find entire cashes of archeotech
>if i could only see the astronomicon's light, i could bring about a new crusade of technology

Escape, abandon game, delete save file, fuck this game, fuck the planet, GOODBYE!
>Install Ocularis Terribus, 'cos it had good reviews.
>Roll up Ultramarines Successor.
>Part of the Astartes Praeses, guarding the Eye of Terror
>Regular contact with Parent Chapter
>Regular resupplies from other Ultramarine successors.
>Bros with Imperial Guard from Descendant of Guilliman trait.
>Good relations with Navy after fightan off several mutant boarding parties.
>Excellent rep with AdMech after purging the boarding party vessels of their Darkmech tech. Donated what was salvaged too.
>Abbadon has launched a Black Crusade and has gained a foothold in Cadia and has sacked several dozen Kasrs.
>Steelrain it right down there, full Chapter strength with the serfs given control of Chapter Monastery.
>Fightan, killan and shootan plenty of traitor guardsman and mutants, but no Black Legion.
>Down to 2/3 strength now, scout company dead to a man, Devastators quite devastated.
>...No CSM anywhere.
>Hersey detected.
>Finally relocate to the Capital Kasr, finding it under siege.
>Fight all the way to its Grand Chamber, killing Chaos marines, heretics, traitors and the occasional demon.
>Find Ursarkar E. Creed dead and mutilated.
>Burn corpse 'cos PDF moral is collapsing, nobody else around to take over the burden of leadership.
>Finally rout the Black Crusade with help from the PDF, now below 1/10 strength
>Send out envoys to the surrounding planets of my intention, honorable and good.
>Slowly begin to rebuild shattered legion, spend nearly all time, effort and supplies doing so.
>Halfway to full strength, five hundred and sixty two battle brothers.
>The Inquisition wants to audit the spiritual well being of your Chapter.
>The Admech wants to audit the integrity of your geneseed.
>Codex Astartes does not condone my actions.
>Politely refuse them.
>They insist on the double-audit.
>To Be Continued.
>Cadia's moral is dangerously low
>Cadia is experiencing civil unrest
>Cult activity has begun to grow in Cadia
>Cults openly preach in the streets
>Abbadon has avoided Cadia and spreads out over the sector.
>Phew, give me a little while to build up.
>Six subsectors of Cadia Sector are in open revolt against the Imperium of Man!
>Battlefleet Cadia is in rout
>Hersey at 66% and growing
>The Cadian Population call for a new master.
>WTF? I'll replace my Chapter Master, that should fix it.
>Mfw my Chapter Master was named Alph Arius.
>Mfw I was Alpha Legion all along and didn't know it.

I never had a fucking chance.
Forgot to add
>mfw my envoys turned out to be Alpha Legion cultists.
File: 1376800465150.jpg-(458 KB, 994x664, Laughing lizards.jpg)
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458 KB JPG
>I was alpha legion all along
Oh fuck, my sides.
Okay, serious question; how am I supposed to get my hands on this game? Even if it's some shady-ass ctext-only shit, I still want it.
i have a story about the time my game got fucked up the ass with bugs and glitches, but i still managed to win (or at least play i until it broke)
Were you Chaos? Nurgling stack overflow messes me up everytime I go anywhere near a Daemon World of Nurgle. Makes starting a warband nigh-impossible.
>Boot up Fabricator General beta
>Roll random
>High-grade Forge World
>Roster has ridiculous amounts of skitarii and cataphractii
>Check vehicle list
>A motherfucking Imperator

Did I just unlock Princeps Maximus mode?
Do a purge, toot sweet. I've rolled that start, got hit by the Void Dragon Event within 20 turns. Get the forces you want safe into a battle ASAP.
File: 1376801210185.jpg-(15 KB, 200x322, space-marine.jpg)
15 KB
Nah, it's a common bug, you even get it in regular Chapter Master. Some planets just have titans, for no particular reason. Probably a good omen when it happens on your starting planet.
Hit the purge button, followed by a code-scrub and tech review. So far, we're clean. One Warhound is in the shop for cogitator refits, but otherwise, we're fully operational. Proceeding with fortification now.

>Abaddon has launched a Black Crusade!
>tfw short jaunt from Cadian Gate
This is either going to be a tough slog or a great source of crew experience. I've no idea what, yet.

Captcha: heretics iestaina
How do I get this?
naw man, even worse
>start up new game
>got to select faction
>screen fucks up and starts blinking
>after a few minutes the select screen comes up
>the options are imperiu*, ch$%!, #&$D&r, orKS, and an unreadable sea of text
>choose imperium
>game starts to go back to normal
>make a standard chapter, no crazy stuff
>all of a sudden a fucking warp storm appears
>random units from every faction (even the imperium) start appearing randomly
>most of them are glitched and dont do anything
>fight of the active ones, and destroy all the glitched ones
>warp storm dissipates
>continue to play, get my chapter fairly powerful
>build a fleet and get ready to go attack a nearby eldar planet
>building the flagship
>it glitches out and lists my homeworld as my flagship
>invade the eldar world
>another fucking warp storm
>this time only tyranids come out
>they attack the warp storm and die
>continue fighting eldar
>the eldar start glitching to
>decide to exterminatus so i dont have to deal with shit anymore
>exterminatus count goes from 3 to 99999 instantly
>all of them fire at once
>my entire chapter fleet is killed
>still playing somehow
>try to put in a command
>more errors
fucking crazy
File: 1376801671037.jpg-(483 KB, 1248x1355, 1375936915033.jpg)
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483 KB JPG
Bring me the sun in a golden bowl
Bring me the moon in a spoon
Bring me the sky in a cloudy quilt
Make me a suit of the stars.
It runs on imagination
Yes, and it's awful.
He's BSing you, man. My DL was Megaupload, since been deleted, but I know it's out there somewhere.
What expansions are you using? Are you using the Beta for AdMech?
File: 1376801969120.jpg-(44 KB, 680x400, 2349353538.jpg)
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Too bad this will just end up like /v/'s "Pressure" game, or whatever.
It's such a good idea too.
Adventuring into the abyss campaigns anyone?
>Be Imperial Fists
>Leave Segmentum Solar into Ultima Segmentum, killing enemies of man as I go
>Reach the edge of the Imperium and keep going
>Find assload of Orks and Tyranids, and purge them as I push onwards.
>Start reaching the edge of the galaxy, fewer stars, literally moving like 1 AU per year.
>End up in the middle of the Eye of Terror
>Still can't use warp travel effectively because Chaos
>Fight my way out of the Eye of Terror
>The Imperium is stable and has largely contained Chaos, while my chapter is welcomed with open arms as one of the lost legions.
I think I wound up in another dimension.
In the noblebright future of the 41st millennium, there is only peace?
I have now got to try this. I want to see what the Imperium of Man looks like when Ultramarines were the missing chapter (Probably much better.)
Weird. Last time I hit the Rim, I ran into a Hive Fleet in every system I stopped at. Eventually got ground down....
I ended up on Tatooine of all places when I did that.
Yeah, it is hell getting through the worlds on the edge of the galaxy (might be easier if you go through segmentum pacificus) with all those Tyranids and Orks. If you can get past that though it drops you in the middle of the Eye of Terror. I think it skips time forward when you jump to the Eye of Terror, because when I exited it was like M44.
the last chapter master update was more than a year ago.

if anyone is still working on the actual code, they're going at a glacial pace.
Anyone ever bump into any independent non-chaos human empires? They aren't common, but fuck are they tough fuckers. Found one world where everyone had carapace armour and plasma guns, another where like half of their army was psykers. Seriously I lost like 90% of my chapter conquering the latter world. Made a great recruiting world though, so many librarians.
Ran into one that was great. They had developed, get this, peace. Actually thought that they were safe. They got ridiculously lucky, all around their system were a bunch of Ork worlds and a couple of Craftworlds that kept fighting each other, and neither had the resources to take these humans. Was kind of funny. I dropped in, wiped them out, got some sweet archaeotech; lots of buffs to movement speed of all my ground vehicles. And, for some reason, a Relic of Leman Russ. Not sure how he got a pauldron there, but there you go...
The Space Station 13 remake is moving faster than this.

It is going, but slowly.

It will be done, we are /tg/, and we get shit done.

I wish I could believe you.
>Decide to play chapter master, haven't screamed in frustration in far too long
>roll up a chapter "://UNKNOWN" descended from ":ERROR//:code//_MISSING//"
>Okay, fuck whatever I'll give this a go
>one thunderhawk with a busted ass medical bay, and nothing but 14 geneseeds, some scout Armour and a immobile dreadnought
>dreadnought keeps falling asleep and cant pilot the ship so all I can do is wait and try to "steer" by putting fuel into one engine and not the other
>crash into some feral world, dangerous animals everywhere, humans are not the dominant species my anybodies standards
>Humans hide from predators in my busted ass ship and eventually my dreadnought waking up coincided with them being there
>they think i'm a god and try their best to serve me, so when awake I give them lists of instructions of what to do, and when The dreadnought wakes up I can see their progress
>over the next 70 years I slowly manage to get them to learn from the manuals and watch the holovids, passing along all learned information each generation until I have someone who can actually implant one of my geneseeds
>I only have enough materials on hand for 3 marines because lack of extra organs and black carapace
>Implant the 3 greatest men on the planet and give them the scout Armour

This story is just a long list of fail, do you guys want me to continue?
Be more funny.
Those with some Flash-gamemaking skills, how about making a relatively simple flash game about Chapter Management, only with Paradox Interactive style random events/similar to Space Ragners text adventure segments:

Create Chapter, with few abstracted stats about chapter power, mobility, relations and so.

Chapter Management Phase, where you improve the chapter with various options, but you can only pick one option, and then end the phase. Sometimes you can get a good roll and extend the phase.

Shit Happens Phase (what happens can be influenced by the Chapter's stats, but is mostly random), and you have several options on how to deal with it. What options are available or not depends on your Chapter's stats, same with the chances on what actually happens when you pick them (ex: Chaos Marines Invasion, option A) "Fight them head on" has: 40% Chaos owned. 40% Chaos owns and 20% Tie; Option B) "Flee" has: 20% No Casualties 40% Light Casualties 40% Escape ended failure and forced to take Option A with higher chances of Chaos winning). Sometimes, this Phase ends with single choice, sometimes you have to take several in sequence.

If you Survive, you go back to Chapter Management Phase, though sometimes you are not allowed to due either very bad roll or due to events in the Shit Happens Phase, and thus you go immediately into another Shit Happens Phase.

Rinse and Repeat.
Actually, one probably could make a paradox mod to make a chapter master game over a sector of the Imperium. Space marine chapters can be very militaristic vassals of the Imperium, the Imperium and its vassals will cover much of the map, with pockets or Orks, Eldar, Necrons, Tau, Chaos, etc. Not quite as fluff accurate, but the same general idea, a small force trying to keep the Imperium together.
EU3, or I guess maybe 4 now that its out, would make a great starter base for this game. It has a built in events system you can work from with nothing more than text editing skills and rote memorization of event structure even if you know no programming (techpriest, lol), and as long as you draw a custom map, with every planet/territory separated by water/space, connected with various straits/warp routs, it wouldn't be too hard.

It just takes time, but the files are easy enough to share between contributors.
File: 1376850286358.jpg-(99 KB, 759x1085, 1358800488147.jpg)
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>Start new chapter
>Salamanders Successor (no mutations)
>Get numbers mixed up in the organization
>100 companies of 10 marines
>Decide to stick with it.
>Send Battle Barge into deep interstellar space and decide to use it as the one static HQ, No fucker is ever going to find it out here.
>Assign 90 companies to 90 different guard regiments with 100 veteran brothers staying at home or going on special assignments.
>OVER 9000!!!! rep points with the IG
>Continue being Guard in power armour for about 1,500 years, use accumulated Requisition points to stick extensions on to the Barge.
>One of the IG regiments is fighting alongside the Genesis Marines. Super puritan Ultra-successors.
>Inquisitorial investigation.
>10 years later they manage to find where my HQ is. (now about half the size of a Star Fort because of all the upgrades)
> =][= Inspection Event
> Declared Dangerously Deviant.
> Inquisitorial Storm Troopers and Sororitas everywhere, fighting in the halls, fighting in the corridors, families of serf murdered in their beds, hydroponics farms and meditation gardens burned, machine shrines looted, relics looted (I had the Boot Knife of Olanius Pius)
> Suddenly 90+ IG regiments turn up and order the Inquisition to GTFO.
>Political Shitstorm happens.
> -rep with =][= and -rep with Sororitas
>Use last of spare cash to hire Navigators to tow the Barge to a new location. Oath of Scilence the Navigators
>Carry on as before
>Never got the Boot Knife back.
Sons of bitches need to die for the boot knife.
File: 1376850512987.jpg-(25 KB, 400x286, 1351785122559.jpg)
25 KB
>Second one company to share around members of the Rogue Traders
>Second one company to assist the Mechanicus Explorator fleets at all times
>Send 100 best veterans to assist the Deathwatch
>Appoint an entire company to the Adeptus Arbiters to use as heavy riot squads
>Appoint a company to the Adeptus Administratum to be Bailiffs with Extreme Prejudice. When a mercenary company refuses to pay for a Baneblade guess who they send for?
>Send a company to assist the Black Ships at all times.
>Send 3 companies to the Guard Regiments
>Keep one company at the Fortress Monastery on Hive World at all times.
>Bulk defense out with Citizens Milita, Fraternis Milita, PDF and about 3,000,000 serfs who all know soldiering.
>=][= keep threatening to go ape shit on me for owning a Fuckin' Legion of soldiers. I keep telling =][= that if they do the 100 Knights Crusading in the Deathwatch will take it upon themselves to enact proportional retribution
>Getting renown from everywhere all day, err'y day.
>=][= buttmad all day, err'y day
File: 1376850815313.jpg-(27 KB, 475x272, sam_neill_event_horizon.jpg)
27 KB
>Random Event: Pre-First Stellar Exodus ship exits warp
>Ad-mech demand assistance in securing it to recover what ever it may have in the name of the Omnissiah.
>Everything going ok, some of the cog-boys having hallucinations due to too much CO2. Nothing big
>Find mutilated corpses of either crew or last lot of cog-boys to come here: They Shall Know No Fear
>Find survivor with no eyes. Suddenly: Libra tutemae ex inferis!
>Deamonic manifestations.
>Leader of the Ad-mech becomes Deamon-prince.
>All manner of shit goes wrong.
>12 make it out of there before it sinks back into warp space. The 12 make report and commit suicide, Death Before Corruption.
>5th Company has fallen.

FUKKEN' WARP!!!!!!!!!!!
File: 1376851108644.png-(63 KB, 850x320, The Carp Stands Up.png)
63 KB

> the Boot Knife of Olanius Pius
> looted

Step aside, Khorne. You just got replaced as the god of RAEG!!!
File: 1376852826577.jpg-(337 KB, 1280x1024, 1242743622706.jpg)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
>Be High Marshal of 337th Terran Expeditionary Force
>Have (possibly the last) 200 Thunder Warriors, 3,500 Space marines of Legion XVII, 8,250 soldiers of Imperial Army, A few tanks, adequate ground to space craft, 3 Mechanicum Siblinghoods, 3 big ships 12 small ships and Navigators.
>No special Equipment of any kind (like terminators, Deradnaughts etc).
>Ork killing, slave freeing, wold conquering like a fucking boss.
>Encounter deamons for the first time. Add deamon slaying to list of accomplishments.
>Captain Jones is acting strangely.
>Captain Jones had shrapnel stuck in his brain. Apothecary removed it. Captain Jones recovered.
>Continue being a conqueror like a boss of conquest.
>Conquering more, per soldier, than any other Expeditionary Force.
>Whole swathes of space under Terran Rule because of my Expeditionary Force. Getting medals and Rep like a Boss.
>Down to no tanks, 2 big ships, 9 small ships, 5,900 soldiers, 150 Thunder Warriors and 2,600 Marines
>Not stopping now. Send one small ship back with request for replacement vessels and fresh troops.
>No troops come back. Come back with message "Logar, your primarch, has been discovered. He requests your oaths of obedience and authority over your troops"
>Fuck your noise, sir. Fuck your noise.
>Continue as was. Can't requisition anymore shit from Terra. Only high Rep prevented me from being Excomunicated outright.
>Down to 1 big ship, 1 very broken big ship, 5 small ships, 90 Thunder Warriors, 5,100 Soldiers and 2,200 Marines and one of the Mechanicum Siblinghoods defected and went back to Mars.
>Some considerable distance from Segmentum Solar. Way out past Ultramar on the Eastern Fringe.
>Find uninhabited world rich in minerals but with no life on it or anywhere near it.
>Set down the broken ship, we ain't going no further. Him on Earth has forsaken us, we can't ever go home.
File: 1376852932037.jpg-(191 KB, 620x877, 1355064168302.jpg)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>Mining like a boss, Fortifying like a boss, setting up satellite colonies in system on the other mineral rich rock like a boss,forging like a boss, civilization building like a boss.
>150 years latter. Message recieved: "Logar is acting strangely" Saw that one coming. Smug face; Activate
>Message received: "The Emperor is acting strangely"
>Message received: "Logar has fallen to Chaos"
>Message received: "The Emperor has fallen to Chaos"
>Message overheard: "Horus is rallying support against the Chaos Emperor"
>Vulkan, Mortarian, Alpharius, Conrad Kurze, Perturabo , Angron and Magnus the Red have all sided with Horus. Every other Legion has fallen to Chaos.
>Luther and Bjorn the Fellhanded and all their ships and warriors have defected to Horus
>Thank fuck I am out of that mess.
>Continue building little empire in secret. Build a ship yard. Building a small fleet. Population growing quite quickly (no television or broadcasting technology. Have to do something to pass the time). Occasional ork raids.
>2,100 Marines, 120 Thunder Warriors, 1 Big Ship, 43 Small Ships, 2 Venerable Mechanicum Siblinghoods, 14 Other Mechanicum Siblinghoods, no tanks, no dreadnaughts, no Terminators, lots of ground to space craft, planetary population 72,000 and 50,000 of those are part time soldiers.
>Keep building up forces through out the Heresy. Nothing but orks as far as the eye can see and Ultramar on the distant horizon.
>Heresy ends.
File: 1376853034778.jpg-(132 KB, 1280x1024, 1349634981063.jpg)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>Keep on building. Empire is too small to survive that mess, got to keep on building.
>002M33. Legati from Slavemaker Gulliman of the Ultramar Union demands audience with your Governor.
>"Gulliman is lord of all his all seeing eyes survey. Join us and we will make give you riches beyond your wildest imaginings"
>"Get fucked"
>"The Thousand Systems of the Ultramar Union will descend upon you. Whole worlds burn in our passing. Our bolt-shells will blot out the sun".
>"Then we will fight in the shade". Kill Legati. Abandon, strip for resources and recall Expeditionary forces from first few interstellar colonies. Abandon, strip and recall forces from off world colonies. Fortify like all fuck.
> Population 120,000 of which 80,000 are part time PDF, 2,900 Marines, 700 Thunder Warriors, 2 Big Ships, 78 Small Ships, Void Shields and at least 5 miles of rock over all settlements, Surface to orbit lasers everywhere.
>OH FUCK ITS NOT ENOUGH! What looks like half a fucking Legion on doorstep.
>Hold out for 10 years.
>Population 30,000 of which 20,000 are being soldiers, 900 Marines, 0Thunder Warriors, 0 Big Ships, 12 Small Ships. Most of lasers are destroyed. Most of the cities are grave yards. Still more Ultramarines, but I have killed an ungodly number of them already.
>Going down fighting, Like a Boss.
File: 1376853160726.jpg-(100 KB, 680x440, how adout no.jpg)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>Suddenly, World Eaters. World Eaters Everywhere. Also a few Salamanders.
>Angron: "Just passing through on our way to murdering Gulliman. Can we join in please?"
>And then we rebuilt and it was awesome.
>Become allied state of Terran Protectorate.
>Joined Angron and his merry band for the Purging of Ultramar.
>Become one of the big players on the Eastern Fringe.
>Gradually claim/conquer hundreds of systems and fortify each one of them to Cadian standards. Ork killing like a Meat Grinder/Boss
>Tell Tau they can survive if they stay in their reserved patch of the sky. When they get slapped back down a couple of times they eventually listen.
>Be bulwark against the Tyrannids for half the galaxy some considerable time later.
>Everybody loves that little Empire that said Fuck You to everybody.
File: 1376853359682.jpg-(182 KB, 550x778, Space marine pirate.jpg)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>Start new fleet based chapter
>The Pirate Lords
>Ally with multiple Navigator houses, give them 20% of my loot
>Autonomous companies, no Chapter Master, High Council now called the Brethren Court.
>Use Void Rum drinking like the Space Wolves use Fenrisian Ale drinking.
>Loot a master crafted power sword from some metal banging tech-adept
>Captain Jones is acting strangely. Of course he fucking is, Void Rum everywhere.
>Captain Jones has fallen to chaos.
>Expel him and his turncoat company from the Court
>Suddenly =][=, =][= everywhere.
>Declared heretic
>This is me giving a fuck.jpeg
>Raid an =][= storehouse and steal all of the relics, records, ships and equipment and also the drinks cabinet
>Never stop running.
>start game, send group on scouting mission to get a good idea of where i am as always
>look at the map i get back
>the eye of terror is missing
>no traces of chaos anywhere
is this a glitch or something
what the hell
File: 1376854560846.jpg-(781 KB, 1920x1200, 1363387707246.jpg)
781 KB
781 KB JPG
Reload and start again.
More time to kill Xenos.
>errythang is Eldar, just look harder. They never Fell, so your monkeigh ass is fukked.
i think i'll play through this one instead to see how much the game's changed without chaos
File: 1376854688456.png-(8 KB, 205x340, Capture.png)
8 KB

Ah, nicely timed actually. I've recently restarted work on a completely new build of Chapter Master.

Honestly, I wasn't good enough a programmer to pull this project off back in '11, when the whole thing started - recently I've improved tonnes and I'm fairly confident of my ability to deliver a functional if simple game from which we can work forwards.

Between the design doc and a new group of guys I've found to help, development ought to go a lot more smoothly.

Also, Pauldron, if you're interested in arting again, please sling me an email. I did a small program using your sprites from ages ago and it works really well, would love to have you around again.

Sure it does, chap. Sure.
Anything people who know exactly dick about coding and art, but are willing to write endlessly (though perhaps not brilliantly) and hunt down plotholes and contradictions for editing purposes can do?

Also, welcome back, we all thought you were dead!

Good thing about EvE online is that the place is filled with ruthless bastards willing to mortgage their grandmothers soul for a cold beer.

Just empty some of the Chapter coffers and buy whatever you need to survive until the warp gate burst open again.
File: 1376855117355.gif-(435 KB, 801x481, ilikepixels.gif)
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435 KB GIF
Not quite. I got really burnt out due to the disorganisation/scale of the last project, and just couldn't bring myself to work on it any longer, so I moved on to other things (pic related, though outdated) until my motivation was back. Also, taught me reams about programming strategy games.

As to usefulness, sure! Just we/I've not really reached the stage where writing is yet needed, I'll definitely be posting threads about it when that day comes, though.
So, where can one try this thing? I just got out from under a rock
So it sounds like the most complete release of Chapter Master was on Megaupload and when that site got shut down, surely someone had downloaded it, why can't they upload what they have for the rest of us to try?
Well, just make sure to keep your focus, otherwise the project will bloat the fuck up. Even if you just get a good basic game up and running, it'll set the tone and pattern for future work and make it easier for everyone to stay on the same page and expand it later.
sounds like someone rused you.
It wasn't a game.

Will try my best.
Then what was it because I downloaded the latest release and it just looks like the bare bones for any game when you start up the application.
Think the yahoo address I was using for the old project has lapsed, I'll set up something new. Not sure how much time I'll have in the coming semester but possibly interested in arting/writing/talking about 40k fluff with deeply nerdy internet people in the small hours of the morning again.

Are the old forums or the old IRC still relevant to the project?
An alpha. It would generate a sector and populate it with planets etc for different factions, and let you move ships around but very little else. You could create a chapter too, but it wasn't all too fantastic. Not worth my time to salvage, to be honest - so I'm just starting fresh and doing it correctly from the outset.
Sure thing, glad to have you. Uhhh, not really. At least, I haven't been using them at all.
So... I know stuff like this is always a chore, and always takes a thousand times longer than anyone expects. Do you actually expect to have anything worth bothering with in less than a decade, or what? (assuming only you work on it, cause after all, you can NEVER guarantee anyone else's help)
>Star off a new game, want a different sort of flavour so I pick a feral world for homeworld
>My space marines eventually develop to be some sort of archaic Space Wolves, little to no research so all I have are hands-me-down armours from other Founding chapters repainted
>They're flimsy and barely holding together
>No power tech of note, can barely scrape together a thunder hammer for my Chapter Master etc.
>Decide that my theme is going to be BLUNT FORCE, TECHNOLOGY IS HERESY and equip my melee forces with claymores that are essentially giant slabs of steel
>Ridiculously low penetration ability, but jesus do they pack a whallop as using them causes all my marines to be essentially mini-hulks
>A Sororitas garrison world nearby asks me for help repulsing a Khornate traitor force that's assaulting them and using their vaginas for decoration
>The war goes well, as my spacebuff marines are hewing the Khornate berserkers almost apart with raw strength
>The loot lets me equip a lot of them with chain upgrades, but a lot of the stuff is tainted by Khorne
>Decide to risk it, I am now a rape machine incarnate, take a few more worlds and almost turn into a fiefdom in my own right
>EVENT: Khorne's will is strong, your Chapter Master has declared his allegiance to the Blood God!
>'Well that's not any wonder, he is sort of standing atop of dead militias that he single-handedly ripped apart with his own hands after his thunder hammer fucking broke (THANKS, ULTRAMARINES)'
>Say fuck it, willingly turn my entire Chapter to Khorne
>The buffs turns my hilariously powerful marines to become nearly Juggernauts, even if I can't control them worth shit
>End up taking Macragge before the Imperial Navy can intervene
>that feel when boarding torpedoes full of my berserkers capture two battleships, four cruisers and a single boarding torpedo filled with some of my most veteran marines literally tear apart a frigate, sending the ball of flaming debris and MAD to the ground

That was fun.
Yeah, hopefully. I vehemently dislike setting deadlines or promising a build by <x>, though. It's hardly going to live up to the stories, but to start with I'm pretty certain something solid's going to get produced this time.
Well, as far as stories go, if you can just get a mechanism by which you can quickly add in new events or event trees in some fashion, I guarantee we'll all write you reams of material to work with. Linking it will be the challenge, you need to have.... subheadings or groupings for related events, like a bubble for Inquisition, one for Ecclesiarchy, one for Chaos, etc, to organize the event chain.
>tfw owning a supercarrier
>Be in Pandemic Legion
>Like to think our capital fleet would be quite capable of taking on Warhams 40k due to the sheer number of titans and supercarriers

I mean come on, each supercarrier can launch 20 fighter-bombers firing thermonuclear torpedoes (Like, it says so on the fighters themselves) and the titans fire enormous doomsday devices once every ten minutes each capable of ripping sub-supercapitals apart.

I really just can't see any 40k fleet could take it on, and that battle gives me unparalelled nerdchills.
and then you can maybe have events link to other events unexpectedly, depending on random mood and chaos.

Inq Events A B C linking to Marine Events D E F.

A normally links to D, but there's a random chance possibly affected by other modifiers on a % scale, that A will decide to link to E or F.

For example, A is the Inquisition investigating. D is passing inspection. If you go chaos, then the odds of getting E, Excommonicated, goes up. If you defensed the holy lands or whatever, Event F, the Ecclesiarchy intervenes might happen.

Like wheels with events stuck to the edges, rotating like tumblers in a lock to tell a story one cascading link at a time. It would give some of the interconnectivity that all these stories seem to depend on without requiring you to script every possible combo.

oh you pubbie

RIP gudfites

Hard to judge, neither EvE or 40K is anywhere near easily understood when it comes to yield or abilities.

But Eve have an advantage in that it can produce battleships in a few hours. And a disadvantage in that its bound to be some traitor out there getting a chubby when thinking of how he would screw someone over.
>I mean come on, each supercarrier can launch 20 fighter-bombers firing thermonuclear torpedoes

Numerically, at least, that's pebbles to the output of an Imperial ship with some squadron bays. IIRC. I'd have to look up what Imperial squadrons use for offense, but I think they'd be pretty capable of handling 20 fighter-bombers defensively.

And the offensive weapons on Imperial ships can get pretty stupendous.
Plus, when Imperial fleets come up against things they can't really figure out, like in Badab, they'll dig up some Mechanicus friends who'll figure out some clever solution like hurling a stellar core at the enemy.
An Imperial battleship is about 4km long.
A titan is "several kilometers long."

We can pretty much assume, by scale/size of guns on the ships, that lances are equivalent to XL turrets.

i.e. An Apocalypse Class Battleship (40k) is effectively equivalent to the non-DDD firepower of a titan, which would probably be analogous to having a nova cannon.
Yeah, good point, but such is the life of game balance. It'd be much more realistic if a supercarrier, roughly 4km long, would be able to launch more than 20 bombers, or a carrier at roughly 2km, to launch more than ten fighters that are 10m long each. I think we could time the numbers of flights a couple of times to have it "realistic", but when you throw that word in both universes sort of fall in on themselves no matter how much pseudo-science you try to cram in.

m8 no hate ok
*the DDD would be analogous to the nova cannon.
But then again, in PL alone we have 270 titans (even if over half of them are unsubbed due to lolnerfs). How many Apocalypse battleships could the Imp Navy field?
This, right here, is why people despise EVE players.
vb, you always have my sword.
Excellent, great to know.

Keep in mind that since the weapons don't scale between Imperial Ship Classes, even an escort is a 1.5km long ship with multiple gigalasers. Which is to say, Destroyers are the Dreadnoughts.

Throw in boarding actions with space marines and the fact that the Imperium is but one force amongst the myriad powers of the galaxy, and New Eden has almost no chance of taking back the Milky Way whenever the Gate reopens.
>tl;dr 40k wins by appending fuckhueg numbers to everything.
File: 1376857650874.jpg-(322 KB, 800x800, nowthatswhaticallheresy.jpg)
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322 KB JPG
I hate these threads.

It makes me sad

Because I want this game to exist
Then make it exist.
Help Vbcoder now.

In many ways the ships have few ways to meaningfully engage.

EvE ships move at FTL speeds when moving around a solar system and do not use the Warp for their extrasolar FTl.

So probably there wont be any big fights.

It would probably be better for both sides to trade and exchange ideas.
If I had any idea how to code I would gladly help.
I wasn't bashing Vbcoder for not having finished, just saying wouldn't it be nice if it did exist and I could play it right now.
Coding, ideas, art, all are needed.
File: 1376857981695.png-(234 KB, 301x366, Blanche_Technicians.png)
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234 KB PNG
>It would probably be better for both sides to trade and exchange ideas.
Get a load of this heretic

The whole Imperial Navy? Probably a lot more than that, if you gave them time (years) to get the word out. I don't know what's proportionate to PL, though.
>And in any case, the first response would probably be a counter-attack by nearby Space Marine fleets, bringing their modified ships that don't usually fit the standard Imperial Navy classifications.
Where would one go for help? Last time this thread appeared I went looking for an official status and there's so many front sites for the project I didn't know which one was being updated/regularly visited.
*where would one go to help
can i download a beta of the game or they're still making the primary thing?
>It would probably be better for both sides to trade and exchange ideas.


EVE Universe would destroy Imperial civillian vessels for bragging rights. Literally everything in the EVE universe is heresy at the strongest level (except maybe the Amarrian religion as an analogy for the Emprah). They'd tear each other apart. Empire from initial numbers advantage but slow reinforcement time, and EVE from massive productions capability (remember that every ship that was ever built in EVE was done in the last ten years of the game's existence) and immortal ship captains and leaps-and-bounds better FTL.
EVE ships are reliant on the Jumpgates for extrasolar FTL. The Imperium would only have to quarantine a single system to hold the invasion back.

I'm also going to point out that EVE is set somewhere around 25,000 years in the future. New Eden wouldn't go against the Imperium in 40k, they'd run up against the Imperium at the absolute height of its power in the midst of the Great Crusade.

However, if you wanted to do a vs. thing, with New Eden against 40k, then the Imperium wouldn't have to do much more than quarantine them in a single system. There aren't enough Capital ships in New Eden to jump-carry the fleets New Eden would need to engage the Imperium.
If you want to help, find vbcoder on Rizon.
He usually goes to #Risingsons

I...I think that an exchange of ideas with another society with advanced cybernetics might give us access to implants that dont require mouthhoses.
More like, New Eden ships would pop through the Eve Gate en masse because THE PATH IS OPEN TO THE PROMISED LAND.

Imperium assumes it's a second Eye of Terror, overreacting to the nth degree and just spams it with as much duders as they can muster. Chaos goes for it too because like any insipid sibling it wants what onii-chan wants.

Then the node crashes.
What are force recons and covops frigates precious

When the only thing that can prevent EVE ships from warping away are interdiction fields, and I strongly doubt the Imp Navy would have that from the get-go (maybe they could reverse-engineer it out of necessity after a couple of years of war,), EVE ships breaking out of the quarantine would be as easy as activating their cloaks.

Ingame most are dependent on jumpgates, but that is because the game mechanics only consider a system change when the jump gate is activated.

The insystem FTL can get ships to move up to 20 AU per second, which is pretty OK.

Also there are Cynosural fields, Jump Drives and Wormholes.

Mouthhoses are a sign of the Omnissiahs favor.

Mouthhoses are too good for you.
The problem would be expanding into Imperial space due to the lack of jump gates. I've always assumed that the ships can warp between systems, only it would take hours at the average of 3.0 AU/s, and building a jump gate in hostile space would be suicidal at best.

EVE forces would have to use starbases as staging points for weeks as they build the gates as they go, and that's saying they could withstand the Imperial Navy's counter attacks.

Man, imagining this war is giving me an enormous chubby.
20AU/s would still take 11 years or so to traverse the milky way.

Not bad though.

Granted, we don't know if the Warp technology works as expected given that we just don't know if the fictional physics is consistent between the two. Also we don't know what limitations there are for Warp to activate in the specifics. (E.g. you can only activate against something your sensors can identify and qualify as a large enough celestial object, but why?) And these limitations could easily rob the advantage of EVE Warp.

As for Cyno/Jump drives; could work.

Wormholes; we don't know that there are many/any active natural ones.

The Imperium is a lot, but not fast or agile.

It usually uses months to react to any threat and there is often infighting about the resources used.

Honestly the most likely scenario is that some Capsuleer finds a way to cross over du the the fact that there is a lot of them doing exploration. And then the Imperium start wondering why some systems start sporting all kinds of ramshackle space stations and mining operations.

Then some day an enterprising Caldari lands on some frontier world and tries to make the inhabitants sell the rights to their asteroid belts for some glass pearls.
You're entirely right. I forgot about those.

Alright, so, it would be limited to a single sector. Probably in Segmentum Solar, since the EVE Gate's Milky Way end had to be somewhere in that neighborhood.

The Imperium's first reaction would be to freak out, mistaking the EVE Gate for a new Eye of Terror. Their second reaction would be to realize(possibly correctly!) That the people of New Eden are from the Dark Age of Technology.

Battlefleet Solar would be marshaled, forces collected, while on the other side, the Empires and Capsuleer groups are gathering their forces for an attack on this hostile human force on the other side of the EVE Gate. The Imperium would attempt a Quarantine, and fail, thanks to Stealth Frigates and such.

The Imperium would have a big advantage though, in that their ships are absolutely enormous compared to EVE ships. Sure, EVE's Titans are a bit bigger than the Imperium's battleships, but an Imperial escort ship is about the size of one of EVE's battleships. It'd be like trying to get through a gatecamp consisting entirely of dozens of Battleships and Dreadnoughts, plus maybe some carriers in there for the Imperium's fighters. Problem is, you don't cloak when you go through the EVE Gate, so you'd go through and immediately be open to bombardment.

The Imperium would eventually decide that the EVE Gate needed closing, and detonate a Cyclonic Torpedo or a dozen, maybe even a Starship warp engine, to close it.
No game is perfect hombre

altho the guy making it promised that Aurora 2 doesn't run on visual basic so there's something,

"Why are they so unreasonable, those are some awesome glass pearls. Well, i cant be bothered with this any more, i am on my third clone due to these savages. Better check out the neighboring system."
IIRC, warp can be activated when the warp core can lock onto a gravitational signature, or a simulated signature by such as coordinates or bookmarks. There is nothing saying you can't warp between systems, though the energy requirements would be tremendous as it's percentage based. Ships would have to leapfrog between stars as they recharge their reservoirs, unless specifically built for that purpose. You'd think there would be ships for this that just weren't included in the game purely for gameplay reasons.

But, purely for entertainment reasons, let's assume the Imperium can't just choke the EVEverse at the Gate, and they set up a base in the New Eden system and set out to expand. They could throw up a station in 24 hours with freighters and equipment, which would give them quite the stronghold to base out of. Keep in mind that each EVE ship can blow up, the captain detonate his pod and be back at the undock in 2 minutes after his first ship exploded. Then there are stealth bombers; How would the Imperium protect against bombing runs? They have cloaks, no need to worry about bubbles or anti-bomber ships (when was the last time you hear of an Imperial ship react in the sub-3 seconds it takes for a bomber to drop its bomb and warp out?) and they had a free reign to dictate engagements. Let's assume that the Imperial Navy could deter them with just sheer volume of fire due to no need to have an actual lock to fire, but how long can they keep up a full 360 degree saturation of fire to keep the bombers away as they cloak up, regroup and warp to a new perch? The Imperial 'quarantine' would be quickly rendered impossible to maintain as wave after wave of bombs wilt them to shreds.
New Eden just won't give a shit.

They would quickly realize they haven't the manpower or experience in dealing with ground battles or the rest of the aliens of the galaxy, and thus have zero point in trying to take territory in the Milky Way.

They also would be ignorant of the Chaos threat.
More likely DUST mercs would drop down, plant orbital bombardment beacons and a dreadnaught (assuming this will be possible in future patches) would jump in, siege, and volley every important infrastructure building before jumping out again. Unless there are the usual fuck-off sized anti-orbit guns on the planet, there'd be no way for Imperial ships to intervene in time.
And then the Ordo Xenos would lure an Ork Waaagh into the EVE Gate.

And then the Orks come back with Clone tech and non warp based FTL.
Which died twenty posts ago. Chill bro.
The existence of Jump ships rather says you can't warp between systems.

It can be fairly assumed that sensors can only lock Warp capable gravitational entities within 500AU, while the distance between most solarsystems (e.g. Our Sun to nearest star is 4ly+, or >250kAU.) is too much.
>Warboss with clone tech
>Every time he revives he is STRONGA because the mad dok keeps upping up the clones
The furthest jump range is a carrier with IIRC 14 LY. Capitals can only jump to cynosural beacons, which can only be activated by ships that had already arrived to the jump-in point, or by a stationary building such as the cynosural beacon. A ship would have to make the journey the old fashioned way, and I highly doubt that would be by sublight engines as even the most specialized ship (links, officer-mod Vagabond) would do 15km/s, which would take decades between stars. Though it could light a cyno, which is all the EVE verse needs to literally flood the system, but that's just way too impractical.
Important infrastructure would be protected by planetary void shields, and there are frequently both ground and orbit based anti-orbit weapons.

Not to mention the literal tens/hundreds of thousands or even millions of PDF standing between the handfuls of DUST mercs and their objectives.
cynopiggybacking off a 15km/s ship would indeed be impractical.

Pretty sure that ship based jump tech is a new development. When they were building jump gate networks, they had to explore new systems by warping to them.

Also, I've read some EVE fluff suggesting that ship based jump drives that do not require a cyno are in development.
Well, on a 6 AU/second stealth frigate with a Cyno carrier, it wouldn't take more than a few years to reach the nearest star.
Now do it for the 7E9+ AU of the Milky Way.

Actually you can get near 25 au/sec with the right skills rigs and implants.
They don't need to get across the entire Milky Way.
You do have the micro jump drive, but that's pretty unfeasible. It's a battleship-only module requiring a spin-up time before it plops you exactly 100 km in front of where your ship was pointing (which is pretty hilarious if you get bumped).

Not every planet, however. And I think a sieged dreadnaught would be able to wear down void shields given enough time, but if void shields are comparable with say, the shields of a POS (starbase), then you'd require a lot of them to zonk it in one siege cycle.

As for PDF vs DUST mercs, then it's all down to equipment and soldiers. DUST mercs are said to be largely on-par with space marines. If you read Templar One, about the first DUST soldiers, you see them able to take on entire platoons by themselves and able to wield stupidly oversized weapons such as forge guns, which are basically plasma cannons, not to mention instant reinforcements thanks to mobile clone vats. DUST forces could drop pod in, call down a clone vat bay and sieze and hold an objective indefinitely.

It would be a long war.

Force recons do, if I remember correctly, more but I am unable to find the number outside of the game at the moment.
>call down a clone vat bay and sieze and hold an objective indefinitely.
Until the clone vat bay gets wrecked by an artillery shell.
The Eve Gate opening, and CFC streaming through to zerg Imperial assets while piloting rifters should definitely be an event in Chapter Master.
Call down another, yo! We ain't got time for losin'!
So it becomes a matter of who has control of the orbital situation.
just got to tell you guys, I love all of you
I love you t-too
>zerg every, last, fucking, thing,

And then the Imperium lures a Hive Fleet through the EVE Gate?
>Brave Newbies runs head-first into Imperial formations, shouting into the comms, playing airhorns and generally being retards before being rent apart, only to come back ten minutes later

>Imperial commander's face when they're fighting frightningly stupid people from time to time and they need time to contemplate their jobs
"Sir... some sort of signal is jamming all the vox frequencies..."
"Is the Arch Enemy flooding the channels with the corrupt ravings?"
"No, sir, it looks like... it looks like every ship is just broadcasting blocks of symbols that look like giant penises."
Fucking Slaanesh.
>Never enjoyed playing conventional campaigns. get bored too easily
>Decide to play an elite chapter, tons of highly equipped veterans and scouts
>Start a game as an Ultramarines successor chapter.
>Send all of my tactical, devastator, and assault marines to join deathwatch
>Make as many scouts as I can
>Marines sent to deathwatch drop like flies (like literally 150 die a year on average for the first few years)
>Marines start to return from deathwatch
>Hardass mother fuckers, can fuck up my veterans easily.
>Make them vets, send my old vets into deathwatch
>Continue making scouts, any promoted scouts are sent to join deathwatch
>Create a chapter of about 300 vets and 700 scouts with perfect relations with the inquisition, and great relations with several space marine chapters

Seriously, sending a few guys to join deathwatch is terrible, they will almost certainly die only to improve your relations a small amount. If you are going to send guys to join deathwatch, send 100+ at a time, most will die, but it will boost your relations by a lot, and the 10 or so who survive will be better than veterans.
>Play Dark Angels Successor chapter
>Board a giant space hulk with my entire 1st company
>Find some cool relics and shit, nothing major, but I got a couple suits or artificer armour, found some dead terminators and stole their armour.
>Suddenly the space hulk goes back into the warp with my entire 1st company on board
>mfw I lost 100 veterans, including 100 suits of terminator armour
That was not a fruitful endeavor.
Check back on your homeworld. Sometimes, to represent the whole "Arrive before you leave" thing, warp stuff just tosses you back there. They haven't really implemented the time travel yet. Only a small chance, but worth a try.
>Ultramarines Successor
>Taint immediately discovered in indigenes

Well... that was quick.
Nope, they are gone. I just hope I don't have like 100 chaos terminators drop by my homeworld one day.
Think of it as a donation to the 13th Company.
your bro here

sorry for not reading whole thread, i only got here. when is next update? the last one was promised like 4-5 moths ago
I believe it's basically "vbcoder grabbed new people, new skills, and new enthusiasm and will produce an entirely new build whenever said build is done."
cool, i remember when i was starting this kind of threads....weekly

if vbcoder would attend all of them i would continue till today

vode an
>start a chapter
>decendent from DA
>Start on mineral rich world, complyant people
>300 tac marines and 200 scouts
>good with everyone exept =|=
>vehicle armoury contains land speeder tornadoes and a tonne of bikes.
>start running as a chapter of bikers in black and read armour
>keep recruiting and killing
>help guard and admech with their shit.
>Inq shows up
>things are good
>they leave
>told by DA to attack a world where the fallen are.

And thus begins the saga of shit rivalling the Lamentors.
Please sir, may we have some moar?
>orbital siloes fuck up the fleet
>We land regardless having lost 250 scouts and bikes.
>enemy charges us
>those that are on bikes and speeders survive, the rest (50 scouts, 100 marines) die.
>we push on
>get to the city and dismount vets
>find the fallen leader
>turns out it's cypher
>we restrain him and get off the planet
>hand him over
>we are down to 150 marines and 50 scouts
>time to go home to replenish
>goes home
I think this was happening on the return trip.
>Tzneech smiles to itself, another chapter to fuck with
>On the way home we find a space hulk
>Raid it and get 5 terminator armours and a contempter dred with an assault cannon like thing and power fist.
>lost 25 marines
>get home
>rebuild to 350 marines and 60 scouts
>population rebels
>bezerkers arrive
>find a new world
>feral world, hot and dry
>get re-supply and a trickle of warriors from the populace.
>find xeano-tech
>ad mech arrives in force
>turns out it was a necron world
>we run and exterminates the world after we get our men and the ad mech off
>we go from war to war getting civilians to become marines anywhere until 1000 safety mark.
>save some spees wolfes
>become broes
>DA gets fussy.
>join a crusade at full strength
>either by enemy CREEED or the warmaster's blunder we get knocked down to 300 again
>start wondering why we are getting set to 300 numbers ALL the time
>Chapter master is fucked up
>chapter master becomes dreadnought but still leads.
>shadow in the warp
>chapter master becomes beta psyker
>nids arrive
>DA and sucsessos arrive
>fight and die
>our allies turn and run
>chapter master runs on a damaged frigate with gene seed stocks.
>shit powers down
if you think it's the end, think again.
Where can I get a download?
Any of you guys has had some crashes on launch? I'd like to know how did you get it to run
If this thread lasts until morning then I'll let you know.
Saint and a mechanicus scholar.
(can you consider them scholars?)
Or you could say it now because it's 2 am or so here and I won't last that long on the computer. I have tried all the compatibility modes and installed framework 4
I'm nowhere near my pc atm, posting from my phone sorry.
Damn, well I hope there is another CM thread soon again
Welp, this worked, in case anyone is still lurking here and wants to know, from foolz, said by vbcoder in january (and run as admin)

Install the XNA redistributable.

I'm still lurking in here. Been trying to... Figure shit out.
File: 1376873711618.png-(134 KB, 708x582, 1376330896086.png)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
I am learning!.... Slowly.

There's a mod called Macharius' Wrath
Get it, it's fucking awesome.

>Be part of Lord Solar Macharius's General Staff
>Roll good stats and blitz the opening leg of the campaign
>Rout several Xenos from my clusters, two having been exterminated outright.
>Get given command of the Third Army Group outright.
>The Catachans already gained the Furious Attackers trait and gained a moniker from the rest of the Army Group.

> 2 Regiment of Cadian Heavy Infantry. 423th 455tth
> 3 Siege Regiments of Kreig's Hallowed Death Korps. 1352th, 1354th, 1355th.
> 5 Mechanized Regiments of Brimlock Dragoons. 56th, 55th, 62nd, 63rd, 77th.
> 1 Regiment of Catachan Junglefighters, 66th - Laughing Ironhearts.
> 7 Oaths of Support from Adeptus Astartes Chapters.
> 1 AdMech Explorator.
> 3 Titan Legions. Legio Temestum, Legio Venerator, Legio Praetor.
> Lesion to the Officio Assassinorum.
> Imperial Navy Battlegroup, 1 Battleship (Flagship), 3 Cruisers, 5 Escort Groups, 1 Ironclad.
> Two Rogue Trader dynasties, Relikein, Dominorls.
> Not a huge army, but enough to impress.
> Let AdMech do their own thing, given wide operating parameters in everything they do.
> The AdMech find your actions above satisfactory, three requisitions have been sent to Forge Worlds.
> Allofmyyes.jpg
> Make planetfall on two supply worlds Irone Primarus and Secondus.
> Leave Cadians and Kreigers in the Ironclad, above Fortress World Irone Tertiary.
> Supply worlds crippled, sacked for supplies.
> Make planetfall with Kreig Korp, supported by the Titan Legio Praetor.
> Dig in and hit the bastards hard. Cadia waiting in high orbit waiting to crack the capitol.
> Break it in record time, Rand dead all over.
> Continue through, purgan Xenos, liberating cluster after cluster of planets!
> Don't need to call in any of the Oaths of Support.

> The Inquisition is suspicious of your success and requests access to your general staff.
> Let the Inquisition do a Stalinist Purge of my officers?
> Nope.jpg.
> Not after getting reinforced with MOTHERFUCKING Mordian Iron Guard, two badass regiments of.
> Begin to logistics and fleet placement for next stage of crusade.
> Sir, your senior officers have been declared Xenos Horribilis by the Holy Inquisition.
> Which ones did they leave me with?
> Mfw all my senior staff and regimental commanders have the name Stealer.
> Mfw all the planets I liberated are about to be nommed.
> Mfw I kept ignoring all the urgent calls for assistance outside of my zone of control.
File: 1376880485463.gif-(11 KB, 210x230, 1301509505378.gif)
11 KB
>Boot up Farseer expansion for the first time
>Wonder how they'll work the psychic divination mechanic into the game
>mfw Load Game menu half-filled with save files by devs
>Save constantly, quit whenever anything major happens and start playing from an earlier save with knowledge of what will happen.
I.... I think I hate all of you.
Fucking casual. Heard the next patch is going to prevent save-scumming, one save every half/hour of play
I really don't get why people have such a problem with other people save-scumming. People play games the way they enjoy, thats the fucking point.

What's the point of having random events if the players go out of their way to negate the element of surprise?
The point of a game is to have fun. If a person wants to know whats going to happen to them then thats their choice. Its stupid being judgmental that someone enjoys a game a different way than you do. lol

Then why play the game at all? Why not go play something with no random events?
Because they don't want to...? Why the hell do people have such a big issue with people who don't play games the same way. Maybe they have played it multiple times and just want to play out a specific scenario at one point. I don't know. Tons of different types of people play the same game, and everyone has their preference.
>Start up new game
>Create custom chapter
>Unknown progenitor chapter
>21st founding
>Significantly Understrength
>Poor Equipment
>Fleet Based
>Horribly mutated, no Catalepsean Node, no Omophagea, no Betcher's Gland, no Black Carapace
>Begin game
>30 marines with scout armour in a strike cruiser
>No immediate source of recruits
>No extra equipment
Lets do this
Nice, this thread actually made it into the morning.

Trying to work out why the ui doesn't appear
Because it's not a game.
It appears for me but goes black after a certain point in chapter creation.

You've downloaded this: >>26698578
It's not a game, its just a crappy alpha.
I know that, I just had hoped it had some kind of development in it instead of only generating a map. It does have like 4 buttons without names and that's it, not even able to select things.
That's not even an alpha
Am I weird in that I'm now editing these sprites into my own Chapter Master?
Please tell me that's not too weird
Did you write that? It's actually quite pretty.
File: 1376914783854.png-(5 KB, 76x110, chapter master.png)
5 KB
I spent way too long on this
I'm confused... Are any of these stories real or are people just making up what kind of things they'd like to have possible in a potential future game?
File: 1376916766676.jpg-(189 KB, 681x477, 1349981851732.jpg)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
you are a summerfag
Okay whatever.

But that doesn't answer my question.
You would know if you wouldnt be. Welcome on /tg/ newfriend.
>make loyalist chapter "Irin Warriors
>all smooth and easy start
>fightan orks and xenos
>heretics attack
>the real deal Iron warriors
>all attacking troops listed as my own due bug
>nearly 2k of marines
>inquisition knocks on door
>whysomanymenonfield, eh?
>ultramarines show up
>considers me as traitors due name Iron Warriors
>traitors treat me like loyalist due unchanged status
Didn't see that coming
That presumes that there are an arbitrarily high number of exact-copy-except-for variants of any given game, all of which dedicated to people with various likes/dislikes.

Which makes you a retard.
Yeah really weird and you should feel bad
Actually the blood angels style embellished knees and greaves never occurred to me and if I go back to working on those sprites I'll have to add them and also you should feel good
would some please post a link to where I could download this I've been looking with out luck for a while now
hey, guys, where can I get this game? I want to have crazy ass adventures as a Chapter Master, too!
In your imagination
And the future.
File: 1376948543721.gif-(Spoiler Image, 488 KB, 500x324)
Spoiler Image, 488 KB
488 KB GIF
Someone should edit this so it says chapter master.
Titan Legion guy here. Black Crusade went horribly.

>Start out fine, rack up infantry and vehicle kills, build list of veterans
>Abaddon starts breaking out his own superheavies
>Take minor losses due to Warlords, but veterans outmaneuver enemy forces most of the time
>Suddenly, Planet Killer's fleet breaks Warp near homeworld
>Shitloads of Titans and superheavies
>Massively outnumbered, my main force is several turns away, and the nearest Imperial reinforcements are a Guardsman stack and some Leman Russ regiments
>Activate the Imperator Titan
>Turns out the Imperator wasn't an Imperator. It was the Void Dragon in disguise.

What is this I don't even
I love reading these and I really hope they are able to make more progress on the alpha.
>Start game, pick random successor chapter
>Successors of Ultrasmurfs, darn
>Decide to play up the Roman angle for not-crappyness, marines colored out like Legionnaires
>Oh yeah, it's on now, fightin' Eldar left and right
>Minor Ork WAAAGH! random event hits home world, but almost immediately disappears
>Just forget about it for now
>"Lord, the 7th company is requesting to make custom aesthetic changes to their armor."
>Game continue normally, some Tau got into the fighting with the Eldar, becomes three-way stalemate in contested system
>=I= shows up to do a regular check in
>Well I haven't done anything wrong so I shouldn't-
>Inquisition starts launching attacks on home world
>Suddenly notice they're only attacking the 7th company, who have been in reserve on the home world this whole time
>Check description of 7th company
>7th company has armor colored green and vehicles colored red
>Their equipment quality is the lowest in the chapter, but their vehicles are faster than the rest of the chapter for some reason
>They have over a thousand "Ogryn" supplementary troops
>The Ogryns are also green with fast red vehicles and shitty equipment

Well great. So should I help the Inquisition and purge out the 7th company, or try to get the Inquisition off and keep my Ork bros?

Not gonna lie, I kinda really like the idea of having a bunch of Orks helping me.
>>"Lord, the 7th company is requesting to make custom aesthetic changes to their armor."
That is where you went wrong, you must have complete uniformity.
>Every space marine is in Mk VIII power armour
>Every squad of each type has the same equipment
>Every captain has artificer armour and a relic blade
>Every chapter has the same number of vehicles of the same pattern
>Suffer 3 casualties
>Sentence the entire company to death by sending them to attack worlds until they die for ruining your perfect organization.
Autism incarnate
can XCOM be modded to do this?
Yes but it would be a lot of work.
>Boot up Lord General Expansion
>Assigned heavy armor regiment
>Everything is a Leman Russ or Baneblade variant
>Attached earthshaker artillery platoon
>Oh snap son, we rollin in style
>Oh wait, never mind, we're in bumfuck nowhere
>Mid-grade Forge World, surrounded by dead systems, far from Imperial contact
>Cleanse minor Ork warband from sector
>Pass turns fortifying and building up
>Nothing happens
>Berzerkers, greater daemons, and traitor guard hit my planet
>Nearest allies are ten turns away
>Fight them off, lose a company of Russ Conquerors and four Baneblades due to Bloodthirster spam
>Allies arrive, fleet consists of minor Astartes and Guard groups
>Warp portal to Angron's base planet still open
>Allies refuse to enter, set up cordon

My pointer is hovering over the "For the Emperor!" button, /tg/. Do I become the first Imperial force in millennia to invade Angron's home turf?

>One Baneblade company, down by four Baneblades
>Eight Russ companies (4 standard, 2 Conqueror, 2 Executioner)
>Earthshaker (basilisk) platoon
>1 Vendetta and 1 Valkyrie wing each
>Shitloads of conscripts
I don't know if that's gonna be enough man, but I say do it and see how it goes anyway.

(If you really want to, back up your save first I guess.)
>Hit the button
>Drop right onto Angron's fortress
>Immediately hit by AA, flying daemons, and Berzerkers
>One tank company lost right out the door
>Clear a beachhead, begin bombarding the main keep
>Angron himself takes to the field
>Lord General's Baneblade takes him on with sanctified shells fired from a cannon engraved with prayers
>Angron has been wounded!
>Holy shit
>Order all Baneblades to focus on the Primarch while Russes handle the grunts
>Angron has been grievously wounded!
>Angron has been carried off the field by his men!
>90% friendly losses
>Send regimental standard back to fastest ship with records of the fight
>Standard returns home hundreds of years later and interred in the capital, repaired and with some additional honor markings
>New regimental slogan: "We tread where Angels fear to fly."

That'll do, soldier. That'll do.
Dude. Awesome.

>Start new chapter, random settings
>Repentant heretic chapter? Is this even a thing?
>Shrugandrollwithit.jpg, guess my guys decided Chaos wasn't so hot after all
>Name them "Forsaken Angels"
>Of fucking course my guys are constantly tasked with taking on Chaos, starting with "the cult followers of the Forsaken Angels"
>Fucking hell my cultists didn't change sides with me? Fine, murder them all
>Of fucking course Inquisition keeps showing up and suspecting my chapter of falling into heresy because of former heresy and all the Chaos I'm being around (while fighting Chaos)
>Almost every marine who gets to champion status either falls to Chaos or gets dragged off by Inquisition for suspected heresy
>Because of this it takes me forfuckingever to get even simple crusades done
>Finally have a champion who is neither falling to Chaos or being dragged off by Inquisition, named "Rogal Cryithi"
>Rogal proceeds to start being a total boss, singlehandedly taking on tanks and Chaos sorcerers

>Later, get pulled into some serious crusade shit, multiple space marine chapters, sororitas, grey knights, and a host of Imperial Navy ships
>We taking on Chaos fortress world now
>Shit goes to hell right on arrival; the world had way better orbital defenses than we thought
>Somehow manage to get a beachhead anyway, but things aren't going much better on the ground
>After tons of friendly losses while barely taking anything, everyone finally starts pulling out
>"Your chapter has been ordered to cover your allies while they retreat." Of fucking course we have
>Set up defensive positions, fighting down to the last man or falling back only after our allies made it clear
>Suffering terrible casualties, but most of the allies are making it out
>"Your allies are clear, Forsaken Angels, retreat!"
>No fucking way I'm getting everyone out, but the chapter can live on if the guys at the front stay behind and keep Chaos at bay long enough
File: 1377002381309.png-(316 KB, 1488x3245, Warmaster1.png)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
Anyone played the Warmaster expansion beta yet? Shit is so thrones. Pic related, it's one of the testers' more notable tales.
>>26730990 Continued.

>Check who's at the front
>A couple Space Marine squads, with a few heavy bolter troops mixed in
>Champion Rogal Cryithi
>TFW there's no way I'm getting Rogal or his geneseed back, have no choice
>Order them to stand ground while everyone else retreats
>TFW they take down over 10x their number in Chaos Space Marines, a fuckton of Chaos cultists, and a few minor demons
>Squads finally crumble and get taken down
>Rogal gets into a fight with a Defiler while still surrounded by cultists and Chaos Marines
>He nearly kills it too before finally dying

>After getting my surviving guys back to the home world, I see to it that Rogal is remembered in the Chapter records as one of our finest champions
>"The Inquisition has grown suspicious of this decision."
>Decide that if the Inquisition tries to revoke that decision, I'm going heretical on their asses
>Thankfully all the other factions involved in the crusade tell the Inquisitor to chill the fuck out, the Inquisition backs off
>Start rebuilding up from 1/20th chapter strength
>Still getting orders to take on Chaos here, there, and at that other place

... This is going to be difficult.
File: 1377002415688.png-(160 KB, 1120x2000, Warmaster2.png)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Please tell me there is a part 3 and a conclusion to this.

You found a Reaper? Sweet man
There is a part 3 but it hasn't been screencapped to my knowledge. Be warned, it doesn't get to the end of the Heresy, just the battle for Mars.
It will, soon enough.
>Leave half my veterans on Terra to aid in fortifications, take the other half with recruits to fortify nearby systems
>Corax arrives on Terra, reinforces with several full veteran stacks
>Titan and Marine stacks on every system connecting to Terra, with plenty of Army assets coming in every day
>Warp storms cut off most of my outer and middle rim allies, comm board slowly goes dark as turns pass
>Magnus and 1k Sons survivors retreat beneath the Imperial Palace to aid in Emperor's secret project
>Ultramar is under attack!
>See Nurglite and Death Guard symbols on various worlds
>Goddammit, what the fuck, Mort
>Astropaths have panicked!
>Massive warp signatures incoming to Terra
>Somehow, Lorgar's fleet bypasses my entire defensive sphere and isolates my outposts in more fucking warp storms
>Ten Abyss-class ships plus various battleships and cruisers
>Imperial fleet pounded to scrap, Phalanx and Vengeful Spirit fall back and take potshots to whittle down the enemy

Ground Force Org chart:
>Most of Blood Angels and Fists, 3/4 the Sons of Horus, several Spehss Woof companies, shitload of Army, full heavy Titan stack, various Mechanicus superheavy assets
>Entire Word Bearers Legion somehow at full strength (guessing daemon shenanigans), several greater daemon stacks, traitor Titan Legion stack, traitor World Eaters, Iron Warriors

>Incoming Warp signature, teleportation flare at the Lion's Gate spaceport.
>It's Angron on his knees, his Butcher's Nails torn out. M'kar behind him wielding Gorechild.
>Angron: I'm sorry, brothers.
>M'kar has executed Angron!
>Horus prepares to CHEW BUBBLEGUM
>Horus cancels CHEW BUBBLEGUM, interrupted by OUT OF BUBBLEGUM

It's fucking on, chaps.
File: 1377028300421.jpg-(73 KB, 1024x768, Event Horizon.jpg)
73 KB
Not as such.

It was definitely of human origin.

Pic very much related and dreaded.
Forgot my clip.


>Horus prepares KICK ASS
>Horus and his Legion have sallied forth!
>Grievous losses on the side of WB landing party
>Horus uses KICK ASS on M'kar!
>M'kar's corporeal form has been destroyed!
>Horus retrieves weapon: Gorechild
>Lion's Gate spaceport has been recaptured!
>The Sons of Horus have returned to their posts on the walls!
>No losses, prepare for the next wave as we repair and reload our AA guns

>Dawn of the second day! Shit-tons of hours remain!
>Lion's Gate spaceport has been destroyed by orbital bombardment!
>A warp portal has opened in the Lion's Gate crater!

The Khan has joined the battle.
File: 1377028869614.png-(86 KB, 700x992, HellYeahMotherfucker.png)
86 KB
>mfw I just summoned the best Chapter Master storytiem
Bizarro Doomrider is actually Jhagatai? Oh fuck
>Holy shit, that is a lot of bikes. I wonder what I'm supposed to do--Oh wait.
>I'm behind a dozen huge walls.
>Except the bikes have ridiculous traction and repulsors
>Khan and his boys start driving up the first curtain wall
>His bike somehow has enough firepower to be considered a Demolisher cannon on repulsor plates
>First wall garrison exterminated in seconds as the Glittering Horde tears through its defenses
>Suddenly Sanguinius
>Sanguinius: Let's see how high that bike can go.
>Air joust like it's Ace Combat all up ins
>They break the sound barrier
>The sounds of their blows meeting rival the Titans' weapons in sheer deafening quality
>Fight looks like a giant fireworks display as explosions of sparks from power weapons dot the night sky
>Golden and red blur slams into the ground with a gigantic explosion
>The dust clears
>The Angel stands atop the Khan, the Spear of Telesto rammed through the latter's sternum
>Sanguinius: Second blood to the Imperium.
>Sanguinius has executed the Khan!

>Horus, Sanguinius (injured), Dorn, Corax
>Lorgar, Perturabo, and a shitload of daemons

Round 2: Imperial victory.
File: 1377030254706.jpg-(22 KB, 215x176, 1343903105573.jpg)
22 KB
Day 3: Fight!
>Pull remainder back to second curtain wall, rotate injured into inner levels while fresh troops man the walls
>Next wave: Iron without.
>Titans, ordinatus guns, daemon engines, and the Iron Warriors themselves lay down the pain
>1/10 of the Fists lost in the opening salvo
>Artillery emplacements destroyed by infiltrators!
>Infiltrators? Wait, wha--
>Sigismund has slain an infiltrator!
>Bat wings.
>Oh, it's on now.
>Have Dorn and Horus handle ground duty, Angels watch the skies, and Corax runs internal security
>Massive shadow war inside the Palace complex
>Numbers fluctuate as Raven Guard are killed or go missing and return
>Corax has engaged the Night Haunter!
>Corax has been injured!
>The Night Haunter has retreated from the battlefield!
>Corax has been struck with a deadly poison!
>Dorn and Perturabo throw down
>Stalemate as Horus and Lorgar take to the field to aid their brothers
>Greater daemons and possessed tear through even my veterans
>Lose Aximand to a Bloodthirster
>Abaddon taken back to medicae, massive limb damage
>Loken has slain Erebus in single combat!
>Horus beats Lorgar down, the latter retreats
>Perturabo kills Dorn with ridiculously good roll, but gets out with only a sliver of health
>Pert escapes from the field before Horus can land the killing blow
>The Iron Warriors have retreated from Terra!
>Raven Guard and Angels mop up Scars

Round 3: Pyrrhic victory
File: 1377031149574.jpg-(57 KB, 704x396, 1343904018352.jpg)
57 KB
>Dorn is dead
>Day 4: A New Hope
>Message from Nocturne: Vulkan and co. are on the way.
>Message from Caliban: The Lion is victorious, en route to Terra.
>Other Imperial Fist vessels from outside Sol make it back, including an experimental superheavy ship, North Star.
>We can do this, motherfuckers.
>Increase attacks on Lorgar's fleet
>Unleash the Fists on the retreating Iron Warriors while the Sons and Angels deal with the remaining threat.
>Corax in sickbay, poison slowed but he won't survive another week.

Paused here. Will post more later.
File: 1377032746610.jpg-(58 KB, 472x604, 1347461981067.jpg)
58 KB
>Abaddon taken back to medicae, massive limb damage

His arms I'm guessing.
So would you say that the ship is the North Star of the Fists?
File: 1377033283223.gif-(783 KB, 233x173, 1376677103280.gif)
783 KB
783 KB GIF
Eyyyy, thanks, man. I'm a really shit spriter, and I was basically trying to replicate my custom CM model as closely as I could, but glad I've ~inspired~ you.

F5ing hard
Has anybody else played that mission with the crusade into a system with a Chaos Star Fort?

>Be Master of a fleet-based Chapter
>Be called into a Crusade
>System has a Fortress World and a Forge World, amongst others, and is very important to the Imperium
>However, it also has a fuckhuge Chaos Star Fort that came out of the warp 6 months ago and started dropping CSMs and cultists everywhere
>So powerful that it's severely hindering Imperial attempts to take back the system, as it can rapidly wipe them out as soon as they're within its "line of sight"
>Understrength (750 Space Marines), but have all of them with me, so decide to commit entire Chapter
>Exit warp immediately in front of star fort, crash into it
>Wipe out most of remaining Chapter, but severely damage Star Fort
>Approximately 200 men left
>Get choice: advance (and get wiped out) or abscond (and rebuild chapter)?
>Manage to prime most of the star fort's warp cores to detonate
>Slay enemy commanders in single combat
>Use comms system to send final message
>"I do my duty, for the Emperor!"
>Blow warp cores and tear fort apart
>"Your chapter has been martyred"

I thought that was a nice touch: representing that the chapter sacrificed itself for the Imperium rather than crumbling
Yes. And its residents are the Fists of the North Star of the Fists, all equipped with Power Fists.

>Emperor claims 90% completion on his secret totally-not-the-Webway project
>We just have to hold on for a little longer
>Lorgar intercepts Vulkan and Lion's messages, kicks invasion into overdrive
>Full greater daemon stacks at the Angels' side of the wall
>Night Lords harassing Raven Guard
>World Eaters and Word Bearers clawing at the Fists and Sons of Horus
>Loyalist fleet elements arrive from outposts as Warp storms slowly clear
>Phalanx, Vengeful Spirit, and North Star lead the charge
>Omae wa mou shindeiru.
>North Star unleashes a rapid broadside against Fidelitas Lex!
>No visible effect
>Fidelitas Lex is breaking up! Lorgar's flagship is down!
>Lorgar has entered a rage!
>The Eternity Gate is down!
>Greater daemons and traitors pouring in, but flow stemmed
>At the gates are the Angel, Horus, Sigismund, the surviving Mournival members (including Abaddon with new arms), and the Sanguinary Guard, backed by my Imperator Titan
>The tide stops
>The tide ebbs
>The Word Bearers are being pushed back!
>Too many dudes outside to hold our advantage, have the hero units stay back and defend while the Fists rig up a barricade
>Fight goes on for whole day, lose 90% of Sanguinary Guard
>Turn ends

Round 4: Imperial Victory. We're almost there.
Holy Shit, I was there for that one!
You must remember me, I was the one who didn't get the Blues Brothers reference.
I do, good sir. How go your Chapter Master adventures?
Pleasure to meet you again. I got kind of put off when I clicked the "Use pre-existing Chapter?" button... and rolled the Lamenters.
Then I tried the Planetary Government expansion pack, and landed governor of Armageddon the week before Angron turned up.
Lamenters? Shit, that's just the game's sly way of activating hardcore mode. One of the old CM threads even had a Lamenters player who reached Legion-tier numbers and firepower. Difficult, but not impossible with the favor of Lady Luck, Commander Awesome, and the Emprah.
I downloaded the newest release and the damn thing crashed on me several times :/ also how do you even select things or tell whats yours? because no amount of random key pressing or clicking on things did anything for me
>Roll random chapter
>Salamander successors
>Located on large planet with two moons
>Understrength, but otherwise pretty normal
>Start recruiting more to get to full strength
>"The librarians sense something on Moon 1!"
>Fight them off with losses, pretty straightforward.
>Chapter is at like three hundred.
>"Sensors read high-density metals on Moon 2" (Now the only moon)
>Okay, sounds good, just let me get these miners commiss...
>About three hundred marines against thirty thousand necrons?
The random element can screw you over hard sometimes.
>the beta tester for the alternate heresy pack is back
>30,000 necrons in a tomb world vs 300 mahreens
>not immediately calling for EXTERMINATUS
you stupid stupid man.
Well, there's the problem of them being in spitting distance of my command, on the fucking moon. I think it was like an hour between discovery and total assfuckery.
It was a surprise that Corax got beaten by Curze, seeing as dear ol' Konrad got the shit beaten out of him by the Lion, and Corvus came agonisingly close to killing Lorgar at the dropsite massacre.
Who is the Warmaster of Chaos in this particular divergence of the timeline?
True, but Kurze had the upper hand when he fought Corax at Isstvan, and this was a surprise attack. Also, Lorgar is technically this universe's Arch-Traitor.

>Day 5: The Imperium Strikes Back
>Eternity Gate assaulted again
>Dorn and Horus pull back and lure WB and WE into kill-zone
>Angels run interference with assault teams on ground
>Imperial Fleet above takes hits, order them to fall back with a cunning plan
>Horus has engaged Kor Phaeron in combat!
>Horus has slain Kor Phaeron in single combat!
>Captain Trollaghast decides to order that KP's corpse be sanctified, cleansed, and adorned with religious iconography from back when Lorgar worshiped the God-Emprah. Incribes "Coward" and "Lowly Lickspittle" on KP's breastplate.
>Wheel KP's corpse out to the front gate
>Lorgar rages. Hard.
>WBs and surviving WEs charge, but fail to penetrate defensive lines thanks to an Army fellow named Creed
>WBs and WEs fall try to run back to ships, Lorgar teleports to another Abyss-class.
>Emperor reports 100% completion on pseudo-Webway gate, with Magnus and TSons maintaining the portal and Golden throne
>WBs and surviving WEs charge, but fail to penetrate defensive lines thanks to an Army fellow named Creed
this can only be the work of a tactical geniou-
I'm a little unclear what you are trying to tell me here, would you humour an old fellow and please clarify?
sorry i meesed up my quoting here
but lorgar seems like the arch heretic with his going to go be a demon prince and everything.
That's fine, thanks.
>Forces scattered throughout the ship due to wonky Warp shenanigans, Emperor and Sanguinius teamed up with Army and remaining Sanguinary Guard
>I have a cunning plan.
>Horus and elite skitarii nearest to command deck
>Corax is...somewhere. In the vents, I think.
>Raven Guard elites teleport into main barracks, take down at least five for every one lost, and are killed to a man
>Abaddon and Loken buddy-cop it through the lower decks
>Sigismund teleports instead to Phalanx and commands the fleet battle
>Creed given temporary command of Vengeful Spirit

It is dark. We are likely to get eaten by grues. But fuck it. Let's roll.

>Horus and skitarii tied up with Gal Vorbak for a good deal of time
>Abaddon and Loken tearing through conscripts and cultists, decide they can't make it that far so they might as well kill as many as possible in blaze of glory
>Fleet returns, blasts at the engines of remaining traitor vessels
>Emps and the Angel just cut through the decks to link up with Horus
>Horus finally cuts down the last possessed, kicks down the throne room door
>Lorgar: Ah, brother. Welcome...to DIE.
>Horus: I should say the same for you. What happened, Lorgar? You were once a man!
>Lorgar: What is a man? A miserable pile of secrets! But enough talk! Have at you!
>Horus and Lorgar have entered single combat!

>Meanwhile, Corax has engaged the Night Haunter in single combat!
>The Night Haunter has been struck with a fey mood!
>Konrad Curze: Brother, what's happening? What is going on?
>Corax: Ohshit.jpg.
>Corax approaches the Night Haunter.
>Corax: Curze? You're lucid? You've done terrible things, brother. But father can help you. Just come with us and--
>The Night Haunter has snapped out of his fey mood!
>The Night Haunter has mortally wounded Corax!

Oh shit. Is this it for our beloved primarchs? Will we finally get off Namek? What happened to Rob, Ferrus, Fulgrim, Mort, and Al?
GODDAMMIT CORAX! See what being the last good man in a galaxy of arse-holes gets you?!
>The Night Haunter has been struck with a fey mood!
>Konrad Curze: Oh gods. What have I done? WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOR
>Corax has armed a fusion bomb!
>Corax: Enough. I have peace enough for both of us.
>Corax has activated a fusion bomb!
>Corax has died!
>Konrad Curze has died!

>Emprah and Sanguinius still three floors away
>Abaddon heavily wounded by Dreadnought, Loken takes it down with a thunder hammer
>Lorgar has summoned daemons!
>Horus has been lightly wounded!
>Daemons killed
>Lorgar has sucker-punched Horus!
>Horus has been mortally wounded!
>Horus deactivates his holo-field! It's actually Kardan Creed!
>Lorgar: Creed? What the f--
>Kardan Creed taps his belt buckle!
>Creed: Targeting beacon.
>Lorgar: For wh--
>The Vengeful Spirit has opened fire on Lorgar's flagship! Bridge hit!
>Lorgar has been mortally wounded!
>Lorgar: CREEEEEEE--
>Vengeful Spirit fires again
>Lorgar has been slain!
>Horus: Tactical genius, motherfucker.

Aaand the fifth day ends. Day six coming post-haste.
>curze almost went back to being loyal
>corax fucked it
well shit.
did they just nuke sanguinus and the emperor?
along with failbaddon and loken?
well thats some shit.
also i think horus is now officially the second emps?
Hey Lorgar! When you get to hell, tell the gods you failed! (Loud cackling ensues).
Nah, they just blasted the bridge.
Nah. Sanguinius and Emps were far from the bridge. Abaddon and Loken are still on the lower decks. They're still active, and Emps has the master teleport control, so he can bring them all home.
>creed premptively shits on the alternate heresy
This game sounds a lot like dorf fortress in spess.
Ahem. Forgive me that small outburst, it's very unprofessional.
>Day 6: Return of the Warmaster
>Most of the day spent on cleanup, repairs, and funeral services
>Promote Creed's number two officer to Lord Commander Solar of the Army. His name tag reads, "Pius, O."
>Abaddon becomes Dreadnought, Loken promoted to Legion Master in his stead.
>Horus and Sanguinius prepare their legions for their march on Macragge
>Warp storms clear, Salamanders and Dark Angels link up and prepare to meet us and the Wolves at Calth
>Receive message from UNKNOWN
>"The Plague is not the Reaper's."--Hydra

Al had better not be fucking lying.
I believe that's the idea. Y'know, that reminds me of a story I found on here some time ago, where this fellow was bored because of how well his fortress was performing, so he loaded the macarena up on his stereo and readied his fortress' arsenal of deathtraps. As the song played he cycled through the dwarves in tune with the beat and whenever the guys shouted "EY, MACARENA!" he would fling a dwarf into one of the traps.
I've had some trouble keeping track, in your next update could you copy/paste the Primarch and Legion Status Table? I think it's a neat addition in the Heresy mod but obviously it's not something we have at hand reading your AAR.
>Day 7
>Arrive at Calth, find it safe but scarred by Nurgle plague
>Al's message contains encrypted coordinates
>Leave token garrison, punch deep into Death Guard space
>Wolves, Salamanders, and Dark Angels sent to link up with Rob and the gang, while Horus and Sanguinius hunt for the coordinates
>Stumble upon them in deep spehss, it's an abandoned Mechanicus installation
>Teleport in, find that it's actually a functional Alpha Legion HQ
>Alpharius, Omegon, Death Guard loyalists, and an injured Mortarion meet at the teleportarium
>Alpha Legion can't infiltrate Death Guard due to not being horribly disfigured and diseased
>Has location for the Plaguemaster and its Great Unclean One master, however
>Mort: Now we can behead the snake while our allies strike. I shall go to redeem my sons.
>Horus: Good. Because I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more bolter.
>Sur-fucking-prise, the enemy HQ is on Barbarus
>Toxic fumes from all the rotting crap
>Oh wait, what's flammable again?
>Mortarion: I am done with this planet. Let this gigantic corpse be cremated.
>Horus: As you say, brother. Let the galaxy burn.
>Incendiaries and lances burn away at the planet for fifteen hours
>Coat bolter rounds in space-penicillin and drop
>Horus, Sanguinius, Mortarion, and Abaddread land on the enemy HQ while Loken, Garro, and Angelic-Name-el lead the main body
>Engage the Plaguemaster, Calas Typhon
>Turns out Mortarion wasn't just injured, he was infected
>Typhon pulls cancer mage shenanigans, accelerates Mort's disease
>Unload on Typhus, slowly whittle his saves and health down
>Mortarion has been mortally wounded!
>Mortarion has been swallowed whole!
>The Great Unclean One has been mortally wounded!
>Mortarion emerges with a smoking melta gun
>Mort: That was for corrupting my legion. And THIS is for doing it before my morning coffee.
>Mortarion has incinerated Typhus!
>Sons of Horus: Legion and Primarch combat-ready, engaged
>Blood Angels: Legion and Primarch combat-ready, engaged
>Imperial Fists: Legion at low strength, Primarch dead, garrison duty
>Space Wolves: Legion and Primarch combat-ready, engaged
>Dark Angels: Legion at half strength, Primarch active, engaged
>Alpha Legion: Fuck knows. Primarch(s) active, though.
>Death Guard loyalists: Low strength, Primarch mortally wounded and infected, engaged
>Thousand Sons: Legion at low strength, Primarch active, garrison duty
>Salamanders: Legion and Primarch combat-ready, engaged
>Ultramarines: Legion at half strength, Primarch active, engaged
>Iron Hands: Legion and Primarch combat-ready, engaged
>Emperor's Children: Legion at low strength, Primarch active, engaged

>Death Guard: Overstrength, engaged
>Word Bearers: Legion at low strength, Primarch's corporeal form dead, retreating
>Iron Warriors: Legion combat-ready, Primarch dead, retreating
>World Eaters: Legion at half strength, Primarch dead, retreating and raiding
>Night Lords: Legion strength unknown, Primrach dead, retreating and raiding
Thanks, also nicely fucking done man, any playthrough where the top half is bigger than the bottom is a thing to celebrate, and yours is twice the size!
File: 1377046179009.jpg-(208 KB, 729x800, 1360914282671.jpg)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
>Stick Mortarion in a stasis chamber
>Send him straight to Terra with his loyalists
>Teleport back to ship for detox as entire planet dies due to lack of Warp influence
>Ultramarines and other legions reporting rapid advances and gains, but much of Ultramar rendered uninhabitable
>Death Guard traitors retreating to Eye of Terror
>Black screen

>Screen blacks out again, boots up regular Chapter Master screen
>Hit Load Game, see a new Import Save option
>Oh snap, my Warmaster save is on here.
>Boot it up, screen begins with:
>In the golden light of the 41st millennium, there are only heroes
>mfw second Imperial golden age

Many thanks, Anon. I still can't believe I got this lucky. Just one tiny scratch on Davin and it would all have been grimdark as usual.
>you made 40k stop being grimdark
warmaster you are best warmaster.
>Horus: In this era of peace, I believe that the mantle of "Warmaster" is no longer appropriate. More apt, I think, would be the less belligerent "Lord Commander Imperial".
>Title change, Imperium mostly rebuilt and better than before
>Mechanicus innovating under new Fab-Gen Stark
>Non-aggression pacts sealed with Eldar Craftworlds willing to accept such terms, cooperate against Necron outbreaks
>Tau agree to non-aggression pact and to deal with alien threats near their sectors of space
>New mission!
>Category: Exploration, Andromeda Galaxy

Ah, space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Imperial Spirit. Its five-century mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Ooh, I like the sound of this!
Can anyone loan me a reaction image for squeeing like a little girl? Because I apparently don't have one and it would really come in handy right now.
File: 1377048132017.gif-(457 KB, 500x500, yaaaaaayyy.gif)
457 KB
457 KB GIF
Here ya go.

OH FUCK I FORGOT ABOUT THE TYRANI--Wait, Primarchs, never mind.

Well, that's it for me tonight, ladies and gents. I'll have more...sometime in the future. I hope.
Having some trouble there?
Yeah, three tries and I can't get it right.
File: 1377050057558.jpg-(39 KB, 538x494, 1368417016755.jpg)
39 KB
You mean like this?
That'll do, Rob, that'll do.
it's ok bro. happens to the best of us.
That's good, no one'll accuse me of being Matt Ward again.
>Fab-Gen Stark
Why the christ is there no Iron Man techpriest art?
Also, forgot to mention an inconsistency. Here, I mentioned that Mort remained loyal while in the foolz archive post, he'd been spotted as a traitor. Well, turns out Alpharius' intel was faulty. The Nurglite he was seeing was actually just Typhus with mutations.
Also, wasn't Creed present during the battle for Mars?
Yep. He survived to spit in the face of Chaos itself.
Anyone got this archived yet?
Chapter SS-161 "Stinging Rays"
File: 1377064405569.jpg-(18 KB, 244x320, 1353370509656.jpg)
18 KB
This is actually the best thread i have ever seen on /tg/. Holy fuck. I have no words.

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