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Previous Threads:

he Year is 2014, June, 13th, a Friday.

In this timeline of Earth, on December 21st, 2012, the sky's color changed. Beyond the explanation of science, and much to humanity's alarm, the blue sky became a shifting array of hues, much akin to the Aurora Borealis.

The people panicked, rioted, lost hope for the day of their destruction, had come... However, aside from what humanity performed upon itself that day... No one noticed an inherent change.. Save for a few people that had reached their breaking point that day.

These people awoke to powers that could deny the very fabric of reality itself.. Many of them kept it secret, as under wraps as possible. Those that exposed themselves were taken away by their governments to keep the populus unaware of this phenomenon.

These people came to be known colloquially as "Overhuman."

The events to follow were only halted by this government intervention. Overhumans continue to appear... And there are those that have banned themselves together and formed highly dangerous terrorist cells.

You are Petre Lupei, an unfortunate gypsy in L.A. that made a stop with his brother and father to sell some of their wares in the city.
Tulpa: Crow
The Crow is Petre, and Petre is the Crow. The two are one in the same, and yet different.

>Arms of the Father: The Crow has developed humanoid arms that can manifest within a personal range to assist in melee attacks and blocking. Increases the reinforcement and lifting potential of its user.

Additional set of arms for grapple and striking.

>Cloak of the Flock: An upgrade to the Crow's Mantle of Family, the personal range has been increased with no further proportional change to the amount of corruption it would accrue. More evoker attacks can be resisted, and the more allies it protects, the stronger it becomes.
“Birds of a flock, Fly together.”

>Claws of the Avenger: The Crow has taken in Petre's need to avenge his father, and twisted it into a weapon. Every blow, every slight that Petre or the crow suffers, these talons become more powerful. These manifest in addition to Arms of the Father.
“An Eye for an Eye makes everyone blind.”

>Mask of Death: Donning the stoic mask of death, Petre is capable of hiding his emotions to some extent in his interactions. Due to the edge of wearing a mask, the Crow has become better at reading people, and is more logical in its approach.
“Death rides upon a pale horse.”

>Soul Thread: Training in this specialization has awakened Petre's ability to craft threads out of his own aura. Though limited at first, this threads allow him to stitch wounds and bind enemies. Further training into this power will allow for things such as retractable thread, increased tensile strength, the application of new properties to the thread, and increased control and range over its movement.
>Steel Thread: The Soul thread has been made stronger, to the point that it is like steel. Increasing its tensile strength and ensuring that it is significantly harder to break than before.
The Staff Sergeant guides you and your brother past the established barricade and takes the three of you to a tent with what look like other injured refugees, there are at least thirty other people within this tent, and you see that at least five of them have some sort of mark...

With the obvious marks of Sergeant Moreau, you could guess that they know what they mean.

Once in the tent, you lay the feverish Alexis down upon a free cot. Soon, a man walks up to you, with a gentle, though hardened smile, "I am Dr.Willow, I've been helping these.. people here after rescuing them from the terrorists, if you would let me address your wounds..."

You eye the man warily... you are tired, tired and you know what you are.

As a Romani, it would not be right to have a doctor outside of the tribe dress your wounds... will you allow the man?

Staff Sergeant Moreau stands by you and your brother... This med-tent seems to be fairly successful, though most of the injured resting seem to be distraught over the whole predicamend much like you and Pali. They all must've lost people as well.

The doctor looks at you expectantly, it seems that he would like you to sit down on one of the bedsides.
You look at the doctor's weathered, yet gentle-looking eyes. You search for some kind of truth within them as you weigh the benefit of this man's practice, against your own culture.

Yet, the searing pain in your arm leads you to accept the aid.. the claw of that Jaguar cut deep, and the Crow's told you that even bone has been cut. You've had to carry Alexis some way at that, using your offhand.. Rest and aid would be quite good now.

You take a seat at the bedside and you allw the doctor to attend you. Nurses likewise taking care of your brother, Pali and Alexis.

You hear one of the woman gasp after examining Alexis,"Oh my... She's.." You see her turn to the Staff Sergeant and the doctor, beckoning him over at the sight of her eyes.

The Doctor finishes disinfecting your arm with you uttering a series of your own hushed gypsy curses He leaves your side to examine Alexis and a nurse trades places with him, binding your wounded arm.

You see him scrutinize the delirious young woman,"My, my.. This is an interesting one.. Eyes with red snowflake patterns. Dear, what is it that you can do?"

Pali speaks for Alexis during his own examination and first aid,"She.. she can make things hot. She burned people that attacked us."

The doctor looks over at Pali, muttering out loud," How interesting... Another case that these marks appear and phenomenon occur. Is she why you've managed to survive? She must have exerted herself a great deal for fever to take hold."

Pali looks away from the doctor, holding his tongue. It seems that he's not interested in telling him..

You look at your wrapped, and burned hand, in consideration a moment, and decide to make no effort to reveal your own marks.

"She helped us survive." Your answer to the doctor.

The nurse before you looks at you, gentle blue eyes and she whispers to you,"Have you lost anyone? Any Family?"
You look down and away from her,"It's just my brother and I now.. We can't say our father's name anymore." You choke the words out.. this is a safe place... the time for grieving has come... or it would if your own heart didn't bear thoughts of vengeance... you've killed more than a few people since the attack, their souls weighing upon yours.

The doctor attends to Alexis, despite how obvious it is that you have worse wounds.

The Nurse's expressions begin to change... Confusion, surprise, bewilderment, as she examines your body for injuries. You remain silent and watch the woman carefully.

You still don't quite like the idea of these strangers helping you...

The woman stands up and calls the doctor," Doctor Willow? Will you take a look at this man?"

The man looks back from tending Alexis,"What is it Nurse Heron? I'm treating this patient."

"His ribs are broken, all of them."

The Doctor is at you before too long and thoroughly examining you as well, asking you to take deep breaths and feeling your rib cage. His expression says it all "How are you even moving?"
You stare at the man and say nothing to him, even as he looks over your body. You begin to withdraw from him, your expression beginning to turn into that of a scowl.

You look to your brother as he observes this, and you suddenly hear Alexis,"I... I fixed him... I fixed Petre..." She's still out of sorts, "I made him better, he can keep going.. because he carried me."

The doctor removes his attention from you and then back to Alexis, the girl's lie sparing you from his further scrutiny.

You look over to Jacques as he guards the entrance to the tent, he's regarding you calmly. His overall expression a still mask.

You draw your hand away from the nurse before you the right hand with moon and stars.

She stares at you for a moment and you slowly shake your head at her.

While the nurse continues to attend to your other wounds with some haste, likely because of Alexis's lie, you call to the man," Man of steel, Jacques."

The man nods his head and takes a look outside answering,"What is it you need?"

You beckon the man over," Come.. come this way. I have secrets for you."

The man's expression does not change, yet he draws over to you, his hands still on his weapon at all times.

"We know of things, of the man named Susej and where he is."
With a calm nod,"I'm following, go on."

You report what you can tell to the man, leaving out the bits about directly fighting the other people, merely stating that you had seen them.

In your tellings, the man begins to show expression of concern, and some doubt at marks of your story, however he says nothing to the doctor of this.

That Doctor has since left Alexis alone to her rest, and Pali looks to her, while she smiles at you.

The soldier gives a nod,"It's good of you to tell me all that," It seems like he wants to say more," You and your brother rest easy now, I've got work to do.

As the man leaves, you grab his coat, and look at him,"I.. just want to mourn our father with my brother. That is all... Kill the man for me."

Jacques gives you a nod, his steel eyes showing through the side of his glasses," Will do, with all of my power."

The man leaves the tent, and you see two armed guards on the outside as he leaves through the flap. Another soldier comes in to replace Jacques' position.

You hear a man ranting and mumbling a few cots down, Alexis is across from you and Pali is right next to you...
You lay back in the bed, realizing your situation and feeling a sickness welling within your soul.

You begin to perform the self cleansing that the crow had taught you, determining that it should help this ailment.

It takes you a bit of time however you soon feel well again, and your wounds begin to bind themselves, your ribs feeling a bit better than before as well and your internal energy flowing better.

Afterward, you take the time to rest and relax.. as much as you can. You toss and turn a bit in your cot, much to Nurse Heron's concern," Are you alright?"

You look to her,"I am... not... I am restless... Leave me be."

The nurse looks back to you before she deals with other patients and you decide to explore more of your power whilst being discreet...
In your meditations, you make certain to focus upon the strength of the thread that you weave out of your aura. You saw how strong those men were, you can't have them just rip through this power like it's nothing.. it needs to be strong, and capable of properly binding them.

You focus upon it intently for some time, drawing the attention of the nurse as she walks by, however you pause when she reaches the side that your marks are on.

You realized rather quickly from Pali's observation that your marks glow through most sheets and seemingly cloth, something to be aware of.

As you feel the vitality of your soul return, you feel about ready to get up and move around again... Perhaps you could speak to some of the people in the room now?
You stand up from your bed, even at the nurse's expressed disapproval and that you should lie down...

You suddenly feel a twist within your soul, one coming from the crow...

It looks at you and a white mask bleeds to the surface of its face, turning its human-like eyes into pits of oily darkness and obscuring what humanity it had within.

Suddenly, your face is somber and you stare at the nurse, feeling her very real concern for your well being. It's... odd to you..

"I am fine.. Take care of the others.. They need you far more than I do."

The woman is hesitant at first, yet your change in mannerism has her taken aback.. She looks a touch nervous and she gets back to what she's doing...

Three of the marked refugees look at you warily...

You sit at Alexis's bedside as Pali sleeps, she looks over at you and actually makes eye contact now... Seems she's not scared of you anymore.

"Hey there.. Petre.." She smiles at you, her eyes finally focused again.

You tentatively touch her forehead, feeling for her temperature... she's back down to normal.. "Are you alright? You had Pali and I worried there for a bit."

She sighs,"The doctor said that it's normal for those of us like Jacques and I. We get bad fevers from using our powers too often.. they're still trying to figure it out... But it looks like so long as I don't keep trying to do it when it fails, I won't get like this.."

"What are you talking about?"

"Remember, when I said I was trying, but it wasn't working? I was trying to burn both of those men the entire time, but I couldn't do it. I wanted to help, since you were fighting so hard."

You bow your head and close your eyes," Thank you Alexis.. You helped me then, when it did work... and with the doctor... You're a good person...I would consider you a friend."

Alexis looks over at Pali across the tent,"I'm glad that you would.. I think your brother may feel worse about the whole thing though. He could'nt do anything.. He was crying you know..."
You chuckle a bit at that, and stand up,"The boy's still trying to figure out how to be a man. Alexis, I have a question for you."

"Yes? What is it" She shifts a bit in the cot, getting a little more comfortable.

"What will you do after this? When this is all over?"

Alexis looks at you at those words and then begins to tear up, bringing a hand to her face,"Oh god... Oh god...."

"What is it?"

"My... Everyone... No... Oh my god... Everyone I know... Everyone I know must be dead.. Oh god no..." The woman begins to take deep exaggerated breath, yet the tears still come out. Her snowflake eyes water and you can only offer her a hand upon her shoulder..

As she lets it out...

The rambling man from across the tent stares at you, marks upon his hands and chest glowing," I... Darkness will befall the city, a million lights extinguished, lightning will rain down upon us all, the shining man will rise from the death..."

You look at the man, making direct eye contact with the lunatic as he stares back at you.

The nurse comes by and urgently request that he lay back down and sleep. She tries to push her, though he pushes her out of the way without so much as a struggle.

"The Black Bird can save the metal man or doom shall be us all." The man says to you in a hushed tone, before his glow ends and he falls back down into the cot.

You stare at him for some time after that, and the whole situation halted Alexis' tears.

"W-what was that about..." She whispers to you, between sobs...
You look to the man, your gypsy senses tingling at his words... fortune telling had always been something that you've done, and only ever partially believed in... it was a matter of reading people, telling them what they wanted to hear... this man... he knew about the Crow... he knew about Susej, the shining man... You haven't even told your own brother about the crow and now...

He said that you can save the metal man...

~This one speaks visions of truth.>

You walk over to Pali, disregarding the nurse's desire to see that he rest.. the woman walks away, turning back to look at you only once.

With a shake, Pali is awakened. A light sleeper as always.

"Brother, what is it?"

"I had wanted to speak to you... about what's happened so far..." You say to him with hushed tones, and staying close, very close. This elicits stares from some of the other awake refugees.

"I understand that you wish I could have saved more people..." Pali stays quiet at this and you go on," I understand that you likely blame me for father's death, that I may have been able to save him... Know this.. I only did what was best for you at the time. If I had lost you, I would not have been able to go on."

Pali nods and puts his arms around you, the boy cries again and you give him a slight pat on the back, your expression unchanging.

"Now is the time to cry. We cannot say father's name anymore, but we will live...And we will even after we can no longer say Susej."

He nods against your vest and you pat him on the head until he's done.

This display takes the attention off of you, as people respect what privacy they can offer.

However there are things to be done.. you need to speak with the two of them about the man's words, and the part that you have to play in this course of events..

You hear a burst of gunfire from the barricade... and then silence... The sooner, the better.
"Pali, can you get up? I need to speak with you and Alexis."

The boy finally ceases sobbing after hearing the gunfire, you feel his heart pounding against his chest,"What about?"

"There may be things that I need to do... to protect you." You whisper into your brother's ear, wary of the possible listeners within this tent. You don't want that doctor to hear.

Pali nods, and you let him go, taking a seat by Alexis, he struggles off the bed after a moment and then takes his own seat... the two of you squatting.

You can tell by Pali's bruising that he must be very, very sore at this point.. he's been through a lot in the past day.. yet it's not over yet.

Alexis looks to the two of you, face wet with still drying tears," What is going on Petre?"

"That man, I'd believe his words..."

"What words? Pali asks and you fill him in on what he's missed due to his rest.

By your finish of the quote, he swallows hard. He may be defiant in the traditions of the Romani, however he is still wary of such oracles.

"What do you plan to do brother? Even if you save the metal man, you could die... It said nothing of us surviving.."

Alexis stares at you blankly, as though she doesn't know what she might say.

What approach do you take to this?

>[] A prophecy is given, it must be fulfilled. I will save Pali, the metal man, and take my vengeance upon Susej.

>[] The metal man can die, I need to save myself and Pali, that's all that matters.

>[] I will warn the metal man of the city's darkness. Whether he believes me or not will be his choice. I won't play out fate.

>[] (Other)

Your gathering has garnered the attention of a few other people in the room. . .


>[] Consult the Crow(Inbetween post action)

>[] (Write in)
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Perhaps this is... too early.. Perhaps..
Still here.
I'd rather this quest not die..
It is a monday, and you started it at a time most people are at work. I'm just a lurker and I've tried keeping threads going before and just decided not to do it this time. Most quest threads don't start until around 6pm 4chan time.
So basically your audience isn't here right now.

Noted, someone was saying in one of the previous thrads that it may be better to start earlier, so that's what I tried. Just bumping randomly until it gets goin. I'm off today so I'm just kind of watchin the thread for now... though I could just remake it later I suppose.
Didn't you start at like 11pm when they suggested you start earlier? I think they meant more like 8-9pm instead.

I said they should start earlier. This is a fine time, I think.
>[] A prophecy is given, it must be fulfilled. I will save Pali, the metal man, and take my vengeance upon Susej.
If you think now is a good time to start, it might help if you voted.

I did, this is true. However there was a day that I resumed the quest the next morning and there was aperson or two that thought it was around a good time. I forgot which day it was. I also did another that begin early after that with a bit of progress.

As it stands though, >>25222212
Will this be the deciding vote for now?
I'd rather my vote not be the only vote.

I'm currently reading the archives of BloodQuest, but yeah, I like that vote.

Motion seconded... Motion Carried...


For a while, it seems
"A prophecy has been given Pali." You look at the boy, your face a mask. Your gypsy blood swirling through your veins. "I must carry it out. I will save these people, as you have asked... and in doing so, I will save you. After all.. We must pay them back for what they've done to Father."

>1 Family point gained for Crow.

Pali frowns at you and rests his headin his hands, covering his face,"Brother... You need to live... or it will be my fault..."

Alexis puts a hand on his shoulder, looking at him before turning to you, her expression showing a pained concern," Don't worry Pali, your brother's strong." Her hand shakes, fear gripping her," I'll, do what I can too.."

You eye her hand, and then stand up, walking out of the med-tent once more against the Nurse's wishes.

The soldiers at the outside of the tent instruct you to go back inside, you stare at them as they begin to push you back. You set a hand on one of their arms and calmly say," I need to see Jacques Moreau."

"You need to stay in the tent where we can keep you safe. We can't guarantee anything out here. We'll have him come to you when it calms down out here."

"What's going on? I need to speak with hi-" You're blinded by a horrible light from the middle of the sky...

When your vision returns, one of the soldiers put a hand to their comm devices,"What in the hell was that?... Do you copy?.... Alpha Squad, do you copy? Shit... The communication's fried!"

The other soldier pushes you with his gun," Get back in the tent, things are about to get real bad."

"What's going on?" This is irritating you... They treat you like a prisoner rather than a free man...

You turn back into the tent and you see Alexis and Pali look to you with some worry.

"What's happening Petre? What was that light?"

You shake your head," I don-" Your eyes catch a strange distortion within the tent as the sand colored eyes of one of the marked refugees glow. The entire tent is slowly becoming a warped image...
You can hardly see straight anymore as two of the others rise up, their glow visible, yet not their marks.

Alexis withdraws into her own bed, scared..

>[] Walk through the distortion and strike the man with your all your strength.

>[] Cast your Cloak over Alexis and Pali, Prepare for the worst.

>[] Run out of the tent and make contact with Jacques.

>[] Call for Alexis to attack the man.

>[] (Other)

>[] Speak(Write in)

>[]Consult the Crow(Inbetween post)
>[] Walk through the distortion and strike the man with your all your strength.
Gonna vote for this.

Some of these can be combined as well. Within reason of course.
>[] Walk through the distortion and strike the man with your all your strength.
>[] Call for Alexis to Attack the Man

I think you should do a Q&A thing or talk in a QTG about your quest some more. Actually try and get more people in before next time.
"Alexis! Get that man!" You make point, and break out into a full run, your aura running through your body smoothly.

You feel a chill run through the air as Alexis uses her ability, a man's scream. Likely he wasn't expecting an attack of her like... Or you to take such pre-emptive action.

The distorted image dissappears and you suddenly find yourself intercepted by one of the other men that had been watching your party.

You unleash the force of your fist into his face, only for it to give way like some kind of clay.

With a chuckle, the marks upon his body glow, bands of white around his torso, wrists, and neck.

A hardened fist comes around and smashes into the side of your body, moving your ribs and breaking through your strengthened flesh.

You land awkwardly upon an occupied cot, the refugee laying in the bed screaming and flailing even as you attempt to get out of the way.

Just as you roll off, the white-band smashes an extended arm down upon the bed, a hardened spike from his fist impaling the other patient.

The man with Sand-colored eyes and holds his face as he gets up. At the very least, he's been put out of commission.

A third however has risen from his bed and silver-white veins glow as he stands behind the White-Band.

The Clay-like pulls his arm out of the cot and stares at you as you back off a touch and draw father's knife from your belt.

These men.. they mean to kill you...They mean to take away your family as they took that man's life... You feel the resentment within you grow.

You won't let them do this to you...

~We shall avenge the man's death...~
Blade-like claws form from the Crow's feet, one of them with the appearance of your knife...

You shake your head slowly, they will not take another you resolve.

You hear Pali scream, and the rest of the Refugees as they just now realize what's going on...

The nurse ushers out those that can walk outside of the three men's attention..
Another swing of the clay-man's arm and the crow catches it this time, keeping it steady this time, though it seems to squeeze out between the fingers.

The man brings another fist around and you drive inward, avoiding the ceramic spike and driving you knife into the flesh, yielding nothing but a slow and impossible cut..

The Silver-white positions his hands with a rock floating between them...

>[] Force the Clay-man back, he's the grestest threat right now.

>[] Throw out your Cloak, you need to defend yourself and your friends.

>[] Disengage and rip out of the tent with your knife. Seek out aid.

>[] (Other)


>[] Speak(Write in)
>[] Consult Crow.

You hear gunfire ringing from outside...

Again, I repeat: >>25223638

Try and either see what will get your Quest more popular or wait until QTG and show your Quest off.

Honestly, barely anyone is here.

You're a good QM in my book, but it's not very popular.
Rolled 20

I'm here Dranule, but I'm at work ATM. The day you started a thread again in the morning was one the weekend, and i was only there because I hadn't slept. Voting for throwing cloak out.

ahh, gotchya. Well, I'll be mainting my normal schedule for it then.


Well, it was good practice overall, and it let me get the confidence to write it... I'm actually studying more art to see if I can't at least turn it into a comic format. I feel that that would be the best format for something like this, short of animation.

I'll probably pick up Alue or Grand Ocean if this does indeed die.

I know it's not a very good day and seems it's an even worse time, though it hasn't been popular since Omar.

I also feel like I do much better writing for fantasy settings... growing up with medieval rpgs and the like will do that to a guy.. heh..

I think it's just the lack of publicity.

Your QMing skills are good and I like the setting and character. (The setting does make sense, though we don't know much about it yet, and the character isn't a whiny mary sue cunt).

Lack of publicity and perhaps the turnout of Omar's story... I could see that being likely as well..
>force the clay man back
people always get mad when I'm DMing and i kill their characters. maybe you shouldn't have grappled the goddamn fire elemental.

True, but I think you could win some players back and maybe get new ones with some publicity.
You concentrate upon the man before you as you don your ethereal cloak, the crow facilitating it..

With his arms locked up in your grip, you attempt to push him back, yet to no avail, he smiles at you with a twisted sort of grin, he hasn't moved his face back since you first hit him...

You feel a sharp pain in the side of your head and only after, feel a disturbance from your cloak, you look at the silver-white and feel something leaking from your head, and your adrenaline pumping.

You look down at a sudden movement from the clay-man to see a sharp ceramic spine come up, yet the claws of the crow lock that up as well.

"Seems you've... had practice.." The Clay Man churns. You realize, based on what he's doing, his strength... he's an "eater." Then the other...

"Alexis, Burn Silver-white!"

You hear the man scream and the Clay man looks away, straight at Alexis.

He begins to force you away, however you grip into him more tightly,"You... Die..."

You shroud the man in your cloak, and his marks quickly cease glowing... His flesh snaps back into place, breaking with the result, and the knife within his arm begins to bleed out.

Your expression dead, the crow claims his life by digging claws into his belly, and tearing out the inside.

The disembowled man falls before you, trying to put his organs back in, and his blood staining your clothes.

You look at the two men that Alexis has had her focus on.

>[] Kill them too.

>[] Bind them with Thread, interrogate them.

>[] Leave them to the others here, find Jacques.

>[] (Other)


>[] Speak(Write in)
>[] Give Pali the knife.
>[] Bring Alexis in on Primary action.

>[]Consult the Crow.

>Current Corruption: Low.

The gunfire outside continues. You hear instances of thunder follow...
>[] Bind them with Thread, interrogate them.
A lot of thread.

>[]Consult the Crow.
Crow bro always knows whats up
basically this
i need to do a bit more catching up before i make any complicated decisions

I second this.

(I'm the guy who kept telling you to archive shit during Omar)

Crow needs questions, what will you ask it?

For the record, unless stated otherwise, the crow can be spoken with at any time.

it's a free action, just ask away.
how many can we safely hold at once? if we can get a lot of people to interrogate that might be good
Rolled 18

Ask Crow if they are worth the trouble of being interrogated.

~They are here for a purpose.~


~Thread may fade if you are too far away.~
so they all know what's up with one thing or another and as long as we stay put and make people come to us we can hold a lot of them. i can deal with that
Rolled 18

Does our thread weaken if we have a lot of it? We probably take a lot of corruption if we have a bunch of the stuff out.
Rolled 19

Interrogation time?
You weave out thread between your hands and fingers after consulting the crow. They were here for a purpose.. there are things that they must know.

You approach the two men that Alexis blinded and make your move to wrap them up.

Yet suddenly, you feel a hand upon your arm.

You turn to the feeling and see nothing before a fist smashes into your face, knocking you to the ground, even as you still feel the hand on your arm.

Out of sorts, you remember a power like this from before...

And a familar voice hums into your ears," Getting cocky boy... your friends can only help you so far... You two, your eyes will be fine in time, get out and to the others."

You see the men rip through the side of the tent, you hear more gunfire from outside and men screaming... Pali screaming..

"Susej would want a look at you. I do not think he needs it." You feel another hand upon your shoulder and then your face meets the ground, the man now behind you beginning to twist your arm out of its socket.

"First you, and then I'll kill the fire girl.. She's watching you know... burning herself out..." You feel pain flow through your body as he twists your arm further, it even puts the crow out of sorts... You can't see him either... Why..

You hear Pali screaming again... and then the man lets go with a savage pull.

You start getting up and see that Pali's standing before you, his form rippling with power, and a clawed moon upon his neck..

"You won't ever touch my brother! No one will touch my brother!" You hear him screaming, and punching... no slashing into the man... His hands.. they're claws?

"Why, why won't they tear you!?"

You see Pali suffer a blow to his chest and get driven back in turn.

You see the man now, standing, his upper body partially visible, and fresh blood upon his neck, "A newly awakened, killing me? You dream boy."

The man vanishes and you get up, though your right arm is useless. You cast out your cloak once more, to protect Pali.

Corruption would be accrued with a lot out, which could cause it to weaken.
The man appears once more and he stares at you, scowling," You..." He whispers. And then Pali gets up again, fur sprouting over his form.

He lunges at the man, and has him by the throat this time.. Though hs apparent transformation seems to stop once he has the man.

"It's... leaving?"

You see the man's shoulder and see the White-star, it was him...

He punches Pali in the gut, and he's let go, yet not before you grab him with your good arm... and the ones of the Crow.

"You won't ever touch my brother again." You slit the man's throat with your knife and wreak havoc upon the wound just to ensure he stays down.

The two others escaped.. as did the other refugees. Alexis is sweating again, though Pali seems well for the most part... His change seems to have been stopped up by your cloak..

The Crow pops your shoulder back into place forcefully and you scream.. It hurts... but there will be much more to do this day...

You notice that the rambling.. Oracle from earlier is still here...

>[] Rush out to chase those other two, alone.

>[] Regroup Pali and Alexis before heading out.

>[] Head out to the barricade to help Jacques.

>[] (Other)


>[] Speak(Write in)

>[] Consult Crow(Ask Question)

>[] Give Pali the dagger.
>Corruption: Medium-Low
>[] (Other)
Remove the cloak from Pali, he's clearly an eater.
>[] Regroup Pali and Alexis before heading out.
Rolled 19

Regroup, give Pali dagger. Also, if wE ever come across another invisible foe, throw our cloak out in all directions if we think they're near. It'll hit them if they're solid and we can just murderdeath where the gap in our cloak is.
Rolled 8

Woah I missed that. Yeah remove the cloak
Rolled 8

My vote is for this.

Finally Pali will stop being useless. However considering his tendencies, he might overestimate himself and get himself killed.
You take the cloak off Pali, at least so long as he doesn't need it. You usher him over to Alexis after he recovers from the blow, which is fairly quickly, with the marks upon his neck glowing.

"Alexis's fever breaks within around ten deep calm breathes, you check her forehead and she's at least in the clear for now.

"What is this all about, I though we were safe... I thought we were going to be okay..." She whispers, clutching her legs into herself upon the ground, her eyes away from the new bodies.

"Alexis, we all thought we were safe. THat is not now the case. So now, if you want to live, you must fight. We will live together, or die alone. The way of the Romani."

Pali clenches his fist," I have power now... I wanted to protect you brother.. I didn't want to be powerless.. and here I am now..."

You put a hand upon Alexis's shoulder, and the other upon Pali's.

"We will fight, and we will live. They will die, and we will live. It is grim, yet it must be. Get up Alexis. There are things we must be doing."

You stare at the young woman and soon she rises, her snowflakes seem to have gained a bit more character,"I... I'll do what I can."

"And more Alexis, we go now. Pali."

"What is it brother?"

You sheath Father's dagger and pass the blade to him," You may be needing this more than I."

He puts his hand up and refuses,"No brother, I cannot take it... I will use my own power. It is better in your hands."

You set the dagger back in your Sash."We will go now."

The three of you leave the tent, and see that Jacques is fighting the Silver-white from before, pressing an attack with his assault rifle, as the bullets seem to hit something before the man.

"Goddamnit, I need back-up soldiers!"

You see that down the road the other soldiers are preoccupied with shooting down advancing insurgents. Yet the air twists and shifts out there... you are sure that they are missing their targets..
Yet they are returning their own fire, rocky shrapnel spraying down the line and against their barricades.. You see that there are a number of soldiers dead or bleeding out... the nurses and the doctor are tending to the wounded the best they can under cover..

You see the glow from at least a handful of powered people as debris is whipped up and thrown by winds...

>[] Approach the barricade and cast out your cloak to protect the men.
>[] Deal with the man that's tying up Jacques.(May state how)
>[] Seek out the Mirage-man.
>[] (Other)


>[] Speak/Give orders to Pali and Alexis.(Primary actions may be delegated to them)
>[]Consult the Crow(Ask Question)
>[] Deal with the man that's tying up Jacques.(May state how)
Go around to the right of Jacques to try and flank him.
>[] Speak/Give orders to Pali and Alexis.(Primary actions may be delegated to them)
Tell Pali to try and flank the man to the left. Tell Alexis to watch our back and alert us if any of his friends come running.

Guessing that the others like this?

You lurkers you.

Speak now or forever hold your peace... writing in 5 mins.
You set your eyes upon the man that's keeping Jacques off of the front lines, his bullets being stopped in midair by what you'd think could be like the Crow's arms.

You turn to Pali and Alexis," Pali with me, take his left. Alexis, tell us if someone is coming. We're helping Jacques."

Alexis nods and you and Pali rush forward, you note that Pali's changing again as he runs towards the man, longer strides, and fast as well.

You ready the Crow's claws along with your dagger as you meet the man on either side, Jacques delays his attack for a moment as the two of you cleave through the barrier he was holding.

You draw blood from the man's chest and throat as Pali's claws rip into his stomach. The combined effort of the two of you tear apart the man.

Jacques aims his rifle at Pali, cautiously," I figured you two for having something... Friend or Foe!" He yells above the fire of his own troops.


Jacques nods and fires, a flash of his gunmetal eyes and a bullet whizzes past Pali.

Pali growls," What?!"

Jacques turns to the barricade," Mirage Bitch was hiding there, barrier was stopping. I'm runnin hot. Cover me while I ice!" Jacques takes a knee and reloads his gun, before drawing out a pack from his thigh and breaking it, placing it upon his forehead.

Alexis comes forward, staring at him,"I... I could help with that!"

Jacques looks up at the young lady and then towards the barricade. "Boys, Eyes forward! Need time!"

You and Pali snap to his vision, with a nod the two of you advance, Pali's form surging with more power as he changes further, a sheet of slick fur covering his body as his stride once more changes.

Beyond the barricade, the mirage is broken....

You see a Cyan glow in the far distance, and crackles of lightning flashing forward at soldiers that do what they can to hide... a few of them broken, unable to snap out of their fear.

The nurse is trying to stop someone from bleeding out.
Your cloak catches some shrapnel, glancing it off of your space.

There are small twisters flinging debris everywhere, knifes whipping about.. a man covered in a white armor advancing forward, likely protecting others.

Another with Dark gray spots glowing upon his knuckles holding black guns with concrete feeding into them upon his back...

This is an attack... an assault..

>[] Check up with the Nurses and the Doctors, see what you can do.

>[] Advance beyond the barricade, you will hold the line upon the field.

>[] Try to ease some of the men freaking out, they need to calm down.

>[] (Other)

>[] Give orders to Pali.(Write in)
>[] Continue your primary only until Jacques is ready.
>[] Speak(Anything to say?)
>[] Advance beyond the barricade, you will hold the line upon the field.
>[] Give orders to Pali.(Write in)
Tell him to follow us, we need him to take out Cyan hair if he gets the chance while we cover him.
>[] Continue your primary only until Jacques is ready.
>advance beyond the barricade
im not sure if we're dps or a tank but we sure as fuck aren't a healer
>>continue with primary

Soul thread would assist in the patching up of wounds, it'd be good practice with a practitioner's supervision.

I'd define Petre as more of a utility/rogue.

Pali's more of dps... and the man covered in bone is a tank.
You motion for Pali to come forward with you, he walks with long loping strides as his legs extend, he stares forward," We're going, eh brother?" His voice nearly a feral growl.

You see two men keeping low, advancing towards some cover behind the barricades.

Your eyes lock on them," You there! Friend or Foe!"

The two men look in your direction, one of them has black and red hands, like coals and embers, the other has a brick-like pattern upon his neck.

"Hey there man, we're gonna help! Do what you need to!" Brick-neck shouts back.

"Fuck off! Leave us alone!" Coal-hands returns.

~They are true~

You trust in the Crow as you have thus far. You and pali begin to advance into a run, then a sprint. You set your cloak before the two of you, causing more of the fired rubble to glance away.

The Gun-man atop the Bone-man focuses on you, taking heat off of the soldiers as you continue deflecting the shots harmlessly into the road.

~They are counting on you.~

<And I will not fail them.>

The Cloak of the Flock expands, you can see it as an expansive cloth, flowing like silk, yet its power increases for every man and woman that it protects.

You think back to that barrier-man and focus on something he may have been thinking of...

You feel your soul accrue some degree of taint, however you manage to advance this forward, Pali regarding your efforts.

"Whatever you are doing, it disrupts this flow of my power... Yet.. it keeps them safe, yes?"

You nod, concentrating upon the defense as the two of you clear the barricade.

Corruption Medium-High!

You attempt to advance forward, yet the gunman presses into you... and the knives whipping through the air threaten you, only for Pali to catch them with his now inhuman agility.

"Brother... I will meet them..."

"Pali... No!"

He dashes off, accelerating past the shots. You see a flash of Cyan rip through the air and into your barrier.
I hadn't thought of it that way obviously However, I still think healing would be something we could practice more effectively after the fighting has stopped, assuming we live.
Rolled 8

Farewell, Pali. We barely knew ye- wait....
It dissipates, however you're beginning to feel the toll it's taking upon your soul as you keep the barrier up.

You call back to the soldiers," I'm lifting the veil! Get your heads down!"

"You heard the man Soldiers! Heads down!"
You look back to see Jacques pressing forward, wrapped in thick metal sheets taken from the armored trucks. They float around his form.

"Time to push these shits back to the hole they crawled on out from!"

Jacques advances past the barricade, standing beside you and puts a hand to his forehead,"Keep me cool m'amie!" He lifts a foot and brings it down with a shout," Iron-clad Bunker!"

The plates ripple and shift. before spreading out and planting themselves down before each soldier, eventually constructing a series of pillboxes for each soldier.

"Fire at will!" He shouts out, as you finally let down the shroud to a personal range, you notice that the concentration of fire has shifted from you, to Jacques.

"Deep Impact." The man solemnly utters, eyes and veins glowing as bits of road whiz past him as he aims his rifle... With a single, thunderous shot the Bone-armor man drops backward, a bullet hole clear through his head.

The pressure is broken.. yet it isn't over yet.

Pali rips and tears, tangling with a panther-like man among the streets, the soldiers focus fire upon the other enemies that had lain beyond the bone-man that now use his carcass as a shield for what it's worth.

It seems that the enemy Gunman is out of commission as his pelvis was blown away by Jacques' shot.

"I'm at my limit," You hear Alexis call out.

Jacques calls back," You did good, m'amie! Take five and ice!"

You You see now that there are still at least five enemy overs... The knives in the air stopped with Jacques arrival, the wind however still continues and there are now wires are whipping up, these too Jacques tries to hold back, though you feel that it's beginning to wear on him...
>[] Rush to Pali's aid, full front.

>[] Seek out the men that Jacques' focused on blocking.

>[] Dive back behind the cover that he created, take a moment to remove corruption and then help the nurses.

>[] (Other)


>[] Speak(Write in)

>[] Throw up wire.
>[] Focus upon the cloak.
>[] Focus upon the arms.
>[] Focus upon the Claws.
(Will increase the selected's effectiveness despite the corruption taking its toll upon their manifestation.
>[] (Other)
Pick up a rifle from a dead soldier, surely there is one around. Try to give the bullets more 'oomph'. Use it to annoy/pick off any Overs approaching Pali. I think that falls under the purview of conceptualization and enforcement.

It does. Though they'd be exceedingly more effective with Possession.

Any other thing you'd like to tie into them?
Is there much else we can do with them at this point? I was figuring just try and make them hit like tank rounds.
>[] Dive back behind the cover that he created, take a moment to remove corruption
Then do >>25229170
>[] Focus upon the cloak.

Well there's bound to be something you could do. Though it'd be a bit more effective with more training..
Could we, I don't know, put a little spirit energy into them to make them get through magical protection easier?

That's where the extra force would come from. Writing now, no worries.

Nothing terrible is going to happen.

Oh! Can we harness the corruption we've sustained and try to harness it to make our bullets poison our targets?

There's some thinking with magic. I hadn't even considered that.

True though, you could fire corruption into targets and it would disrupt their power. However that could increase the spread while simultaneously requiring you already bear some spiritual corruption.
Save it for Cyan hair then, I say.
You glance again over at Pali, he needs help, though you're in no condition to go into this field.

You see an arc of lightning break the sky and thunder behind your behind you. Down the road, you see Cyan-hair's glow.

This is not the place to be... You vault over the barricade and take cover even as you hear Jacques' resounding gunfire as he takes his shots.

You see a wall of pure concrete assemble itself before you, ripping up and layering in turn from the ground, and then a burst of flame running down the road.

Seems those two other refugees are giving it what they've got.

You need to do something as well, Pali is out there.

You focus upon your cloak, drawing what clean power you have into it, keeping it within a personal range and trying to clean what you can of it.. and then you see the gun of a dead soldier...

You've never fired a rifle before.. Father had always said that they were too loud. If a man had to die, it had to be in the dark.. Where no one would hear him.

This would be a time that father is wrong.

You grab the rifle and look over at the other soldiers, the way they hold it at their shoulders, the kick... You'll need to be braced for the kick.

You take a few cleansing breathes as you imagine what needs to be done with this.. weapon.

>Corruption: Medium.

You think to what Jacques had done, the sheer impact of that shot that he had performed. You doubt you could match that.. yet you could put more power into it...

You put the rifle through a slot in the metal pillbox that Jacques established and take a shot, your natural power absorbing the recoil.. Though your aim is a bit.. wrong.

This isn't something you'll be able to pick up on the fly. You buckle down and fire at exposed targetsm, staying away from shooting at Pali as he continues to tangle with the Panther, his body becoming more beast by the moment.

You see Jacques duck down behind his own box and breath heavily, snapping an ice-pack and throwing it on the back of his neck.
You see a soldier stand up, he looks fairly young and he puts a fresh clip in his rifle before running out of the barricade. You hear hoarse screams for him to come back, yet he presses forward, a long, sickle-like pattern upon his thigh.

You see him close the distance to Pali and the Panther and shoot the panther point blank in the head, only to get pounced in return, and then wires wrapping around the two of them, The soldier and your brother, pulling them back.

You begin to rise to run out to aid your brother. . .

Yet then you see another flash of lightning break across the sky, before a series of them crash right on top of the soldiers behind the metal walls.

You saw a silver flash from Jacques a blink before the hit, most of the soldiers turn out to be alright as the shellshock from the thunder passes.. You blink away the blindness and see that the attackers are gone.. and so is Pali and that soldier.

Pure rage and panic surge through you...

>[] Calm down, take some deep breathes, cleanse... regroup with the rest of the camp.

>[] Run out there, you'll take back Pali. No one will touch your brother...

>[] (Other)


>[] Speak to... (Write in)
>[] Consult Crow.
Out of curiosity, any other lurkers?
>[] Calm down, take some deep breathes, cleanse
>[] Run out there, you'll take back Pali. No one will touch your brother...

>[] Consult Crow.

If he recognized what kind of power that was that made Pali and them disappear, where he thinks they mostly went (University is my guess), and what his recommendations are.
<The flash made us blind, they retreated upon their own legs... The only other ripples being from the eaters...>

<I.. know not where they have gone... likely to their... leader.>

<We... must rescue him... they have taken the last of our.. family...>
Rolled 10

Did we kill the mirage bitch? It might just be that they're invisible.
Captcha: huggyMe scandal

Jacques killed him as soon as barrier was dealt with.
You take a few calm, barely calm breathes as you try to regain your composure.

It's really not working, though you feel a touch cleaner.

You throw the strap of the rifle over your back, for whatever good that it'll do you and bound over the barricade at full speed, you hear the protest of those behind you, Jacques' voice as one of them.

"Stand down! Come back! They will kill you!" He calls, even as you press forward.

You see a wall assemble itself before you, cutting off your pursuit. You punch into it with futility despite the inhuman strength that you have.

You scream back at the soldiers of the barricade," They took Pali! They took my brother!"

Jacques comes out onto the field.

"They'll take you too if you pursue them alone. We've only got so many people on our side, and our communications are down.! If you go now, you go alone and you die! Would your brother want that!?"

"What the fuck do you know, Army?! I lost my father Yesterday, and my brother today! I can't lose him!"

Jacques is upon you now, he throws off his aviators and stares at you directly with his gunmetal-grey eyes.

"I know... all too well what it's like. Lost my whole family years ago to a fucking disaster of nature. You curse the world now as I did then. You will change little alone." Jacques raises his rifle and his eyes shine.

"Deep." He fires, blowing away a portion of the wall. "Impact..."

"Your choice." The soldier walks back.

>[] Find a way around the wall and continue on.

>[] Take Jacques' advice and regroup at camp... You'll take his orders,.. for now..


>Speak to.. (Write in)
On the side... this is the first time I took some notes for the general course of events/characters.

Makes a biiig difference.
>[] Take Jacques' advice and regroup at camp... You'll take his orders,.. for now..
Also, I seem to vaguely recall we have Shift 0, and that the cost to advance a power through meditation is its level x2 or something. Could we get shift 1 for free, then?

It'd consume a part of a meditation period only allowing an inspired/mentored skill for the rest of it... and then it'd only get one roll for it.
Oh yeah, I've gotten a better feel for Petre as a character.. So as you've seen, dialogue has been more natural.

I keep putting in the option for specific dialogue if you'd like, however I'll just leave it out and let ya insert it should you feel like it.
Rolled 1

I'd say we don the mask. They will pay for this, dearly they will. But he's right. We LITERALY cannot beat them all. Work with grey eyes for now. We also need time to cleanse.
You stare back, through the hole that Jacques had blasted for you. You tighten a fist and utter curses under your breath before striking a loose piece of the wall down with your fist," Damnit! Fuck these pieces of shit... Fuck them and their whore mothers... I will kill them... I will save Pali... I won't lose anymore family to them..."

You turn around and breath out slowly, holding back your rage and tears. "Just live Pali.. don't do anything stupid... Just live... And don't cry..."

You follow Jacques back to the camp, neither of you say another word.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

You watch Nurse Heron healing the wounded, much to the doctor's interest.

She awakened during the assault, her mark a pair of pure white intersecting curved lines with a single line down the middle.

You observe her place both hands upon soldiers. Bleeding stops, then the concrete shrapnel come out of the wounds with only minor discomfort.

Flesh mending itself and closing up...

Doctor Willow even notes that she's fixing them on the inside too. Most of the soldiers barely having even a bruise left.

The Crow notes that she is like you.. The way that she uses her power, she does it with her aura. The Crow says that for every man healed, she's corrupting herself in turn.. and you do note that... she seems to be getting paler and harder of breath with every man she interacts with.

Alexis recovered from her own exertions without the nurse's help. It turns out that Jacques used her ability to keep cool so that he could create that barricade and keep firing while rejecting some of the other powers.

Knives and concrete shrapnel claimed most of the men on defense. A couple to lightning, though it could be that he was recovering between strikes..

Alexis consoles you, though you wear your mask as you contemplate...
Jacques says that he can't be sure of when reinforcements would come.. however if you wanted to leave, he wouldn't stop you or anyone else that volunteers.

You look to Alexis. She's still just getting used to her ability.. though she would likely come... even if it's for Pali.. for someone that she had just met yesterday...

The Brick-neck introduces himself as Walter, though claims that his friends used to call him Wallie... It's a shame that he says that they used to..

The man that had been throwing flame is introduced by Wallie as "Dickhead" Though "Dickhead's" nickname seems to be Robert Harken. He's been pretty stand-offish and a bit of an asshole, though he at least means well enough to kill crazies like those led by Susej...

You have an opportunity to meditate...

>[] Increase Skill.
>[] Learn Specialization
>[] Upgrade Specialization.
>[] Increase Skill.
Shift to 1

Could we, with enough points in appropriate skills
>attach our soul thread to a bullet, arrow, or other projectile
>Fire it into an enemy
>Use the connection from the thread to drain energy from them into us.
File: 1370322992356.jpg-(83 KB, 1440x818, Animist Tree.jpg)
83 KB
I think we should increase enforcement to 2, that way we can use Arc Lightning.
Nope, need to increase manipulate to 3 to do that. Your post made me realize we can afford Possession though.
In that case
>[] Learn Specialization

I could add that into a soul thread upgrade.

Though another idea could be using the thread to give the Crow a "Foothold" through the use of possession. That would allow it to bind someone from afar with the thread or dig the Avenger claws into them for additional damage or Spiderman.

I wanted these abilities to be fairly open ended and prone to evolution.

Mind you, if you train a stat beyond the necessary amount for a spec, it yields higher dice for the roll.
Learning Possession... Any opposed?
Nope, sounds good to me.
Sounds like a plan.
Rolled 1, 4 = 5

With the Crow's assistance, you seclude yourself within one of the tents and begin to work out more of this... power of yours...

You begin to meditate and seek to understand how to impart a part of yourself into another item..

The crow seems to have some idea of this...

Target Roll 6.

3+ reduces target by one.
2- no change.

Tutoring- 2 rolls, 1d6
The thumbnail in the catalog resembles a sonic OC with a hand coming out of it's gut.
Rolled 2

Rolled 6

For the dice gods.
File: 1370324144678.jpg-(28 KB, 343x424, Party time.jpg)
28 KB
You mean the hand from the sash?

I'll be changing the pic in the future, practicing my art a bit...

I'm a plebian-level drawfag right now..

Yeah, let's go with this. (Still trying to figure out a logical method of progression that makes sense in terms of time vs obtaining ungodly power within a week of meditation...)

Perhaps they evolve and learn their power more quickly while under severe stress?

Which would still explain why Omar advanced so quickly as he did overall...

In other words, periods of long rest would be nearly fruitless..
You spend time attempting to infuse your soul into items of significance... You still have your father's dagger and you focus upon that...

The crow imparts your inherent wisdom into your conscious mind and you soon feel the knife become as much a part of itself as your own arm...

You let go of it, and it floats.. Not even the crow holds onto it.

You turn over the blade, your blade, and look it over. It's become dull.

You sharpen it to how you remember.

Yes... Father would sometimes use this knife to shave... It had to be sharp enough to split hair... And now it is again.

You sheath the blade without touching it. and even after that practice, you feel clean. It took some time to get rid of all that corruption... it accumulated quickly with all the violence in the air...

>Is there anything else you'd like to possess?
Our sash and soul thread come to mind.
File: 1370325511513.jpg-(44 KB, 1440x818, Possession.jpg)
44 KB
>Waves: You use a smaller amount of your soul to Occupy a greater amount of mass. Proportional soul to mass increases by three times.

> Radiant Infusion: Less Corruption is accrued through possession of foreign bodies. Next to none in fact unless its explicitly tainted.

Cross-spec: Puppet. With the infusion of your soul along with the threads of your aura, you can command constructs to move at a range. So long as the threads are unbroken, you will have two bodies that can act as one.

>I'm also open to any ideas for advancements along any specializations.
>Radiant Infusion
Corruption seems pretty serious, gotta minimize it.

It wears down upon animist abilities.

They don't run fevers or break down like casters and eaters do...

However in more advanced cases... Well... let's just say that Eaters have their bodies to worry about, Casters have their minds, and Animists have their souls.
I gotta get some sleep. See yah another day Dranule.
You take some time to focus on possessing your sash with as pure an aura as you can muster. As you do so, you feel the force of your spirit pushing out all the bad... leaving it as one radiant entity.

You perform the same feat upon your knife, forcing out all traces of death and any other remnants that are not yourself.

This leaves these two things yours... and beyond reproach from that other world...

With the passed time, you find that Jacques eems intent on waiting. For reinforcements or to get communications back up... whatever it is... you have a bit more time to learn...

(Last post for tonight. My work-week is going to be retarded this week... I'll run again thursday, 22:00 servertime)

Thanks for keepin it on man.

Wanna see this story through as badly as anyone else...

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