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he Year is 2014, June, 13th, a Friday.

In this timeline of Earth, on December 21st, 2012, the sky's color changed. Beyond the explanation of science, and much to humanity's alarm, the blue sky became a shifting array of hues, much akin to the Aurora Borealis.

The people panicked, rioted, lost hope for the day of their destruction, had come... However, aside from what humanity performed upon itself that day... No one noticed an inherent change.. Save for a few people that had reached their breaking point that day.

These people awoke to powers that could deny the very fabric of reality itself.. Many of them kept it secret, as under wraps as possible. Those that exposed themselves were taken away by their governments to keep the populus unaware of this phenomenon.

These people came to be known colloquially as "Overhuman."

The events to follow were only halted by this government intervention. Overhumans continue to appear... And there are those that have banned themselves together and formed highly dangerous terrorist cells.

You are Petre Lupei, an unfortunate gypsy in Hollywood that made a stop with his brother and father to sell some of their wares in the city.

After surviving the collapse of the building from an unknown explosion, you and your brother, Pali are unscathed thanks to your father's sacrifice.

With the streets ripe with new havoc and destruction, you resolve to escape from this Hellhole.

You have acquired a strange power and a friend within you that you know as, "The Crow."

You will use this power to help yourself and your brother survive.

Last time: Petre Lupei killed off 3 strange people with powers, spouting off nonsense of suffering and awakening.

You encountered a man with reticules in his eyes that nearly shot you and your brother dead in an alleyway.

Following the ruins of the streets, Petre found an enemy encampment...
Apologies for the hiatus, I said last thread that I had a friend over this week. That friend was an ex and we had good times.

Her boyfriend is so mad now.

Alas, the Story of Petre Lupei continues!
You couldn't possibly bear the thought of hurting your little brother... With one powerful sweep of your thoughts and emotion, you push back the crow's influence.

<Don't you ever suggest that again.>

~We are the same... We know he is a hindrance. How we could get away from here if it weren't for him.~

<I wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for him>

~We helped earlier, we could not have caught that snake, had I not intervened.~


You reach to grab Pali's hand, yet he draws back," Petyre... What's happening to you? What was that?" He begins to shake his head back and forth.
"What's happened... to you?"

You hear Footsteps approaching, Pali does as well.

Despite the tension between you two, he gets up and you run away from the camp, together.
Keeping to the backstreets as you had been doing yields little in new information, yet has allowed you to elude much of the superhuman terrorists roaming around.

Pali has shown to be more and more mortified with the state of the city and its people as the two of you make progress.

The sky soon becomes red as the late afternoon becomes an early evening.

Much of the city is in ruins from where the superhuman insurgents have traveled, they seem to just be destroying things without any concern for themselves and rounding up survivors whenever possible.

In the back of your mind, you hear the Crow whispering,~We are hurt. We are very hurt...~

And its words ring true. Your entire chest aches from where the last superhuman you encountered had smashed your ribs in. With a touch, you find that the ribs are firmly in place, yet the aching doesn't stop, and neither does the glow of the moon and stars on your right hand.

~We hold them together now, for we must.. Yet they grow worse by the moment... Please.. we must rest...~

>[] Ignore the Crow's words, you cannot let them hold you back, continue on.

>[] Heed the Crow's words, you must attend to your wounds, find a place to rest.
>[] Heed the Crow's words, you must attend to your wounds, find a place to rest.
"Pali, we need to find someplace to hide for the night. I'm wounded."
>[] Heed the Crow's words, you must attend to your wounds, find a place to rest.
>Session 3

Wait wait wait...

Session 3?

When did the other two happen?


here you go man
There's an archive link for a reason.
It was a week, week and a half ago.

A reading I will go!

(I'll be back later.)
>There's an archive link for a reason.

No shit.
As you and Pali turn into another alleyway, you touch your brother's shoulder, bidding him pause.

"Pali, my brother. We need to find a place to hide, at least for the night.. I'm wounded.." You hiss out through your teeth as you begin to truly acknowledge the pain.

Pali throws his hands on your shoulders and looks into your eyes," Brother, I... I am tired as well. This is a nightmare you know? Maybe we will wake up when we sleep, right? Is that what you think?"

You give Pali a stare that only Father used to give, A stare that often followed with the words," You are the only fool here right now, my son."

With a shake of your head , you grab Pali's shirt and take one of his hands, placing them on your chest to feel the heated swelling of your shattered ribs."I have... no idea ...how I'm even... standing.. Right now... Pali, this is no dream, we must hide and rest or we may die."

Pali begins to tear up, however you give him Father's look again and he resolves himself somewhat.
"Brother, I understand. Where will we go? We have none of father's maps for this place... And with these people breaking everything, where is safe?"

You hear the crow. ~The Tiger does not look in the prey it has already eaten its fill of~

You look around yourself, The buildings that you and Pali have found yourself among are not yet destroyed, it dawns on you that they may have been overlooked, or they may in fact be next.

You have moved at least a few miles from the ground zero of the insurgent assault, maybe it will be safe to hide within these buildings?

>[] Return to the ruins you have run from.
>[] Hide in the alley that you are in now.
>[] Climb to the roof of one of these buildings
>[] Rest within the buildings.
>[] Other
>[] Return to the ruins you have run from.
not an easy option to choose, but...

>[] Return to the ruins you have run from.

we just need to not run into any more trouble.
The words of the crow sink in, and you look back at the street that you and your brother have just come from.

"Pali... I... know of a place... that we will be safe..." You can't even believe that the thought is crossing your mind, let alone that you're willing to act upon it. However gypsies do what they need to survive, right?

You hear a thunderous explosion to the north of your location, the way that you had sought to escape originally.

Pali shivers at the inkling of what he's caught of your idea," W-where is that.. Brother, you can't mean-"

"I do... The... Tiger does not... Look in the prey.. that it has already... eaten..." You feel a cold sweat come about you at the madness of the idea, especially after what you'd seen of what those people can do.. However your intuition tells you, the ruins are safer than the unruined.

You turn and begin to go back even as Pali begins to object," B-brother, Petre.. Why would-" He stops himself and seems to have found a new thought.

"Petre, we need to... Can we help these people...?"

You glare at Pali again, looking at him as though he's a fool," Help? Help them? What are you-"

"I am saying... They were just.. Killing those people... what if it were Father that they had brought up next, what if we had to watch as they executed him?! We... It's foolish, I know.. But something needs to be done... You killed four of those people.."

"Not unscathed... Pali, and ...I caught them by surprise.... they did not know I.. had this... Magic as well."

Pali gives you his shoulder to lean on," Brother, we will hide in the ruins but... I don't.. I don't want to just watch."

As the two of you return to the debris, you hear the crow within your mind again...

~This boy will get us killed.~

How do you reply to the crow?

>[] "Silence Monster."
>[] "I know, the boy is a fool."
>[] "We must be strong."
>[] (Other/Write in)

How do you reply to Pali?

>[] We will help them, if we aren't in danger ourselves.
>[] You are a foolish boy Pali, the only thing that matters is Family
>[] We cannot help them Pali, I am sorry.
>[] We will help whoever we can. These people killed father, they must pay.
>[] (Other/Write in)
>[] "We must be strong."
>[] We will help them, if we aren't in danger ourselves.
>[] And only after I have rested. I could do no good in my current state.
>[] "We must be strong."
>[] We will help whoever we can. These people killed father, they must pay.

(Just finished reading the archives. The only thing I'm unsure of is where we are right now)

Originally around Holloywood, currently LA.

Petre and Pali aren't quite sure either. Most streetsigns are destroyed and they have not found any maps. Many streets are blocked due to collapsed buildings etc..
This, no sticking our neck out for strangers, but if we could easily save them then lets.

I also think you should set the scene a bit better.

Originally I thought the start of the quest was a dream sequence in a desert with a hot red sky.

(I could have been a bit shit at reading though)
<We must be strong.>

~So we shall be.~ The Crow replies, its voice surging with vitality. Within your mind's eye of the crow, you see that the skeletal mask of death it wears warps into a proud Crow with keen human eyes. Its inky black feathers begin to yield to developing arms, very human-like and muscular. They remind you of Father's.

You look to Pali, feeling the Crow's surge of Vitality translate to your own, your pain subsides for the moment.

"We will help them if we can. But we will not endanger ourselves Pali. The strangers kill strangers, and the Romani look out for each other."

You brother nods and the two of you set off as the sky darkens, the two of you stick to the shadows of broken streets, overturned cars, the rubble of buildings and thunderous sounds coming from somewhere in the city.

It seems that something is going on now, even as the aurora sky settles into the night. You and your brother pass by a store with televisions on display. despite the shattered glass of the store-windows and the lack of an outlet, the televisions are on.

Pali gives you a nudge as there are figures upon the screen.

You see that one is a masked man, locked in a grapple with a man that has the body of a god.

You recognize the masked man as Susej, with much thanks to the cold sweat upon your neck as the realization dawns.

The other man, you do not recognize, yet as Susej kicks away the man, you notice the twin halos upon his back, and it seems... familiar.

From the television, you hear the golden-eyed man's voice.

"-Behold what we are. Powerful, we who have suffered, we who have lost..."

Pali seems disinterested, and wants to move on, but do you?

>[] Remain and watch this... "program."
>[] Continue on, it is unimportant...

Cityscapes can be a bit hard to capture in the mind's eye. One needs to anticipate a lot going on, I'm still getting used to it, and I know it needs work.

I'm not sure how it could've come across as a dream sequence.. though the sky is very dream-like from the shifting colors...
>Its inky black feathers begin to yield to developing arms, very human-like and muscular.

That's just fucking creepy.

>[] Continue on, it is unimportant...
>I'm not sure how it could've come across as a dream sequence

Susej showing up and the other 3 fuckers arriving rather suddenly made me think it was a bit of a dream.
>[] Continue on, it is unimportant...
"I think that is the man who saved his wife in the mall. I thought he was crushed by a pillar."

Susej is the bossman of this group. Handles shit personally.

The other three were just following up with him.

Dream sequence did occur when Petre interacted with his father's body.

And the detailings of the crow are also within Petre's own mind.
>Dream sequence did occur when Petre interacted with his father's body.

That part was obvious.

The reason for the other bits might have been muh autist brain acting like shit.

You writing, Dranule?

Yeah man, sorry about the wait.

Not mad, just giving a meaningful bump
Without another glance at the television, you begin to walk away with Pali,"I think that is the man who saved his wife at the mall. I thought he was crushed by a pillar."

Pali is silent for a moment as the two of you find another stretch of shadows to sneak through.

"I wish... I had strength like that..." He mumbles under his breath.

"I hope you never need it, Pali." You whisper softly to yourself.

More thunderous explosions are heard from behind some of the collapsed buildings to your right. The ensuing echoes sounding as though they come from all around your brother and yourself.

You feel the earth itself shake, and in dim yet multicolor shadows from the sky, you see a trio of people, that same queer glow emanating from eyes, tattoo-like marks, and one even having an oddly colored lock of hair.

You and Pali hide behind a car and watch them through the windows...

They seem to be anxious and speaking rather loudly among themselves...

One of the men speaks, the one with green eyes," Who would have thought a recently awakened would have such power. Unfortunate his body could begin the breakdown any moment now."

The man with a white star-shaped tattoo grumbles out loud," Do not think that all of his kind tire so easily. He has shown strength several times my own. I wonder what he must have went through."

The Greed-eyed man speaks, they draw nearer to your hiding place,"He only awakened because of what we had put him through. As the Great Susej says, they must understand to become more than human."

White-Star spits," The Great Susej? Is this leader of ours really so much of a God? He speaks well, performs fancy tricks with light, why do you revere him? He is but a man. We know this."

As they pass by the care that you hide behind, the men stop, and you hear the green-eyed man speak," You would speak against Susej? I would put you down where you stand."

You feel the escalating tension among them as the earth shakes once more, rubble shifting, pouring further into the streets.

The three men ignore it.

White-Star retorts," If only you had the power. I can crush you, and I would crush you, like a twig. But I will not, nor do I wish. I believe in the man's ideals. But Susej is no god. Do not act like he is."

The third man, with a strip of cyan-blue hair mumbles," There are more people to find. While you two bicker, more flee and hide in the rubble. They must awaken or we kill them. That is our mission. If you two continue on as a hindrance I'll end both of you and work alone.

The two other men go silent, the third continues," We must be on our way to the University. It's a key place to educate and awaken people. We will go to the hospital after to rendezvous with Susej after he deals with the descended god. Many people will be there...

The men continue down the street with their backs turned to you...

>[] Get the jump on them, attack!
>[] Follow them silently, there may be shelter at the university.
>[] Continue on and check out what all the thunderous noises are about.
>[] Hide within the rubble liked originally planned.
>[] (Other)
We mop up the survivors.
>[] Hide within the rubble liked originally planned.

Fuck 'em. They're not after us, so let's stay hidden and wait until morning or until shit gets less crazy
Rolled 14

Hide. Though it might upset Pali, and our own conscience perhaps, there is literally nothing we can do. We're literally barely holding ourself together. inb4 Pali runs off and tries to do something heroic.
How do our ribs feel? If they still hurt, I say hide. Otherwise attack.
The guy with the cyan hair seems fairly confident he could kill the other two. I say we attack and take him out quickly, then mop up the other two.
You feel Pali begin to make a move, however you put a hand upon his shoulder, and he calms down.

You hear the men stop once more after they pass.

You see Cyan-Hair turn around, looking over your hiding spot, the other two men silently wait for him to finish.

They continue on their way after a moment and you breathe a painful sigh of relief as you feel some of the ache return to your ribs.

Despite your prior success, this pain makes your confidence wane. You are'nt quite sure if you could survive another encounter.

Yet, the crow spits your own words back at you.

~We must be strong~

With a nod, you agree. <Yes, we must.>

Pali stifles a building complaint as the two of you head into a ruined alley, entering a second-floor apartment through a fire escape.

Within the chamber isn't all that much. The rest of the apartment is effectively blocked off by debris with exception of the bedroom that you and Pali find yourselves within.

The TV is still on despite the power, and the broadcast is the same as before, only now you notice that those thunderous sounds you heard earlier are in time with when the Man opposing Susej throws punches. The resulting shockwave shatters glass and vibratess stone.

And the quakes are in tune with his steps upon the Earth.

Yet, what you find most horrifying, is that despite the man's great power, Susej seems to be toying with him

The television channels his voice,"-We have nothing to fear but men. And in the world I have envisioned of poeople like gods... There are no men...."

(Getting off a bit early, yawning like crazy. Gonna get a bit of art and see if I can make a simple map by next time... One that's easy to add shit onto.

Will run again Sunday( 21:00 servertime) So long as nothing comes up. If something does, I'll mail you guys.

Thank you for your time elegan/tg/entlemen, and good night)
Later Dranule.

You gonna archive this?

Ignore, I just saw the archive

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