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  • File :1220473442.jpg-(114 KB, 850x550, 1220394048591.jpg)
    114 KB Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:24 No.2496211  
    I need imagery of the Seven Sins.

    I know, I know, it's been allegedly done to death.
    But in all truthfulness, I can't think of anything besides Fullmetal Alchemist, Se7en, and maybe some throw away comic book villains. Oh, and Devil May Cry enemies, but they actually had very little to do with the sins themselves.

    I like the idea, I don't know why, but I just do, it's almost Freudian in the way you can twist them for some freaky imagery. And provided you're a bit creative, and you're not in people's faces about it, you can get some really good stuff.

    So, Seven Sins themed Image dump. Hopefully someone can turn up source for these ones I have.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:25 No.2496216
         File :1220473522.jpg-(34 KB, 850x550, 1220395157986.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:26 No.2496222
    Holy crap.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:26 No.2496226
         File :1220473615.jpg-(39 KB, 850x550, 1220395212982.jpg)
    39 KB
    I would never thought of having Gluttony be a tapeworm in a cadaver.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:27 No.2496231
    Mary, mother of God.

    Edward, you just got awesome.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:28 No.2496233
         File :1220473682.jpg-(39 KB, 850x550, 1220395548286.jpg)
    39 KB
    Last one.

    There are three more of them somewhere. Anyone happen to know where?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:28 No.2496234
    This reeks of Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:28 No.2496235
    ... Edward gets a step closer to redemption.
    Holy fuck, this is manificent. I'd like to see what this guy would do for the Virtues.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:29 No.2496237
    Don't let it fool you. He's about to do something retarded again that will piss you the fuck off.

    Though I admit our little tripfag is slowly learning.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:29 No.2496240
    Meh, I didn't make them.
    I didn't even find them. I do however have some textual descriptions for Envy and Gluttony, and could compile the descriptions I have for the other sins, if you'd like.
    Be nice if someone actually drawfagged them...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:30 No.2496246
    Probably nothing. People that typically put this much careful thought into "evil" such as the Deadly Sins have no time for anything that might stain their "badass" image... and that includes the Virtues.

    I'm just saying.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:30 No.2496247
    Maybe he spent the exp he got last session to finally raise his wisdom?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:30 No.2496248

    there you go guys prayers answered you can go back to hating him now
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:31 No.2496251
         File :1220473862.png-(69 KB, 533x400, EdwardPosting.png)
    69 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:31 No.2496257
    What does this have to do with pride? Vaguely humanoid shapes hanging from the ceiling and eating you? This could "symbolise" the destructive nature of stamp collecting, for all I know.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:32 No.2496265

    Eh I wouldn't pigeonhole creative types like that
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:32 No.2496267
    Ed kind of looks like Milhouse.
    >> Inquisitor Epynonymous Rex !!taqDd9490Ip 09/03/08(Wed)16:34 No.2496276
    Ed probably IS Milhouse.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:34 No.2496277
    No, but I've known enough artists of this type to know that once they've found their mojo in a particular brand of creative output, they usually come up dry (if even by choice) in other areas.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:34 No.2496279
    You make that out like it's a bad thing.
    I had once thought of a setting that was like Silent Hill's layering effect. One layer would be Purgatory, where there's only fog, ash, and snow. Then there'd be Hell, where everything was scorched beneath the snow and ash, and things didn't want to kill you so much as they wanted to make you hurt like they did. Everything would be in pain that they wanted to share, or for you to put them down.
    The last layer would be Paradise. Except /you/ don't belong in Paradise. So the Virtues would be killing you. And of course, angels don't always look so angelic.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:35 No.2496287
    Well, Pride goes before the fall. Maybe when you kill them they drop off the ceiling with a sickening thud.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:35 No.2496293
    There's no real way to make the seven virtues "cool." It'd just be varying degrees of angel types with their wings, swords and faces made to look more X-TREEM than previous artistic renderings of angels.
    >> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 09/03/08(Wed)16:35 No.2496295
    http://blackeri.deviantart.com is doing a series of women in dresses with a loose thematic connection.

    I'll see if I can't hunt down some other usable material once I'm finished posting in another thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:36 No.2496296

    well we can hope

    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:37 No.2496303
    I don't think you know -anything- about angels.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:38 No.2496309

    perhaps a transhuman/sci fi alienish concept with subtle or no religious references
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:41 No.2496327

    Hell the classical interpretations are so fucking awesome I crapped my pants. They usually go along the lines of "A thousand wings encircling a flaming sword that turns every way, with a million mouths reciting the names of the virtuous".

    And so on.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:41 No.2496330
    Does anyone else think Pride is a little weak?

    Granted, I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but...they're just cocoons with a flagellum. That doesn't scream "pride" to me. It actually reminds me more of sloth, just lazing around there all day...
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:44 No.2496346
    Look up the Ophanim, Cherubim, and Seraphim
    Angels look like cancer in their natural forms. It's a reason that people burst into flames at the site of them.

    I like this guy.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:44 No.2496349
    Slightly tangential, but also confirming that the early versions of angels are awesome. However, what i like most isn't their forms (Which are, admittedly, pretty cool) but the utter inhumanity of their actions and mind sets. Angels are as different from humans as they are from devils, maybe even more so, and i always portray them as Abhuman. They are Good, in the most literal sense of the word, in a way no human could ever be, or could fully comprehend. They are, however, fallible, which is why angels fall.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:45 No.2496352

    I don't think anyone who isn't an asshole could outright dislike him
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:46 No.2496369
    You obviously work for WotC. These are the people that can't for the life of them figure out how to make Aasimar cool.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:47 No.2496371
    Yes, we've mentioned it already. The design just doesn't scream "pride", it's just some random monster with the pride label slapped on it to fit the artist's theme.
    "Oh, I have an old design here, what to do with it..?"
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:48 No.2496380
    Some could be interesting. The opposite of Lust, Sterility, could be a figure obviously rendered surgically unable to reproduce. They spread radiation poisoning (which they also evince the symptoms of, at least somewhat) or something similar, and delight in nothing more than mutilating the fun parts of people who they believe to be engaging in premarital sex.

    The opposite of Gluttony would of course be Famine. These include the lords of the various biblical locusts, and range from bulemics to somalians in appearance, though bulemia-spirits might be heavily associated with the opposite of Pride, which would be Shame. I'd envision the latter more fond of mutilating attractive people who dress provocatively.

    And so on. in b4 "angels are ass kickers for justice" (most the time they're just butchering tons of humans)
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:51 No.2496398
    What I have set up for my Pride is a large man with a boulder chained to his back. His body is misshapen, and his arms reach the ground and look like some kind of fleshy hooves. His face is obscured by disheveled hair, and is flat, with two slits instead of nostrils. On the back of the boulder are taunts and insults in various languages, and the thing is so heavy that he has to stoop over and almost walk on all fours, a feat that is helped by his elongated arms. From beneath him is a sort of 'aura' of words that flow over everything as if there was a light coming out of him that showed that they had been hidden there all along. He mumbles the foreign words to himself while he walks, and if anything comes near him, he bitchslaps it with his powerful forearms.

    Also, I say again that I'll post a short bit of writefaggotry if anyone cares to read it.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:55 No.2496427
    Actually, now that I think about it, my enemies are more the opposite of what their sin is. They're supposed to be based on the penitence in Purgatory.
    Here's Envy, as an example. In B4 no reads it.

    Lesser Envy
    The streets are silent, save for your footsteps. And of course the sounds from the fog. You can't be entirely sure that it isn't your imagination playing tricks on you. It's out there, low, nearly imperceptable, but it's there. There's a noise, and it's coming from the fog itself, as soft as it may be. The sound of wind blowing gently, even though the air is still and the smoky mist turns of it's own accord.
    At first you don't even notice the sound. Too focused on your footsteps. And your heartbeat. The panting of your breath. It's not until you slow to a standstill that you realize you were running. The awkward weight of the copper piping in your hand is uncomfortable, and you've grasped it so tightly your whitened knuckles ache. That's when you finally notice the sound. You think, hope, that it's just a cat, scrounging for scraps. You've seen glimpses of things in the mists that you wouldn't want to meet this close.
    >> Picture not related, I just keep forgetting it Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)16:56 No.2496430
         File :1220475376.jpg-(151 KB, 374x1005, capricorn.jpg)
    151 KB
    That's when you see it, crawling from the underside of a boxy old car. It crawls across it's belly, a sort of grey, tannish thing covering it. On it's back are two pieces of bone jutting out from the shoulders. Flayed skin and feathers still hanging in tatters from the broken skeletal arms. It struggles to it's feet, awkward and grotesque. That's when you realize what it's wearing.
    The... thing... is bound in strips of human flesh, sewn together with wire, arms pressed tightly, and at odd, uncomfortable angles, to the chest. It might have been a woman, at one time. You can see the outline of hips and breasts as it writhes up to a standing position. The horrid monstrosity's eyes are sewn shut, and it's once full lips are tied loosely in the same manner. The eyeless thing looks at you, the light of your pocket torch shinning on the taut flesh of it's bindings. You catch a glimpse of a navel, and nipples and shudder. The metal strings that shut the mouth stretch tightly as the thing opens it's mouth and gives out a deafening shriek that leaves you clutching your temples and falling to your knees.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:57 No.2496441
    perhaps for pride, a bandaged and cloaked telepathic humanoid that turns out to be covered in razor-sharp jewels and feathers that flare up to hypnotise and blind anyone who isn't afraid of it?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)16:59 No.2496451

    Dude. I'm a Capricorn. That's fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:01 No.2496467
    Its widely recognized that lust and sloth really are out of place as representations of evil. Originally, Sloth and Lust were Acedia (Despair) and Luxuria (Luxury), respectively. When the Church went from being poor to lording it over everyone else, Luxury became fucking inconvenient as a sin. Likewise, they didn't give a damn if the peasants were sad or not, but for political reasons (ie. GET BACK TO WORK) laziness should be made out to be something super evil.

    Conversely, the Church higherups were bawwwing about how priests would keep leaving their inheritance to their children, so they retooled Luxury (a favorite vice of the Church) into Lust, and bam.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:03 No.2496478
    >Actually, now that I think about it, my enemies are more the opposite of what their sin is. They're supposed to be based on the penitence in Purgatory.

    That makes a lot more sense.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:04 No.2496487

    Luxury is pretty easy

    Just make like, a zombie dude who is chained to a bunch of gold and jewels and shit

    only make it more gruesome

    Because we all get off on that
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:04 No.2496489
    >"angels are ass kickers for justice"

    >butchering tons of humans
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)17:08 No.2496510
    Well, I just like the idea of enemies being more in pain than wanting to cause pain.
    They only want to kill you because they're half mad and see you as a threat, and in some tiny part of whatever's left of their former selves, they want you to kill them.

    I mean, look at the Lying Figure from Silent Hill 2. Does that thing look like it's dangerous? Not really. It looks like it's in pain. They move like they're in pain.
    Pyramid Head. His helmet is uncomfortable. He's always seen messing with it. And when you first see him, he writhes and twists and convulses before he leaves.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:10 No.2496519
    I gotta wonder what Lucifer (whoever you want to call him) looked like. It talks about how he was made with like, pipes, gems, and precious metals. And who walked amongst the "burning stones." And of course he fell to earth...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:10 No.2496520
    That sounds pretty good, actually.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:11 No.2496529
    Yeah I agree. Its stuff like that that makes Pyramid Head really quite memorable to me.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:16 No.2496561
         File :1220476580.jpg-(21 KB, 400x313, GreedOrthon.jpg)
    21 KB
    Orthons are one of my favorite fiends, because they remind me of such guys. They've got plate armor nailed to their skin with maggots and stuff, and have a sweet array of powers, get stronger in groups, can lock down teleporters, etc. And they're always in pain. They strike me as Silent Hill meets D&D.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:17 No.2496572
    Read a bit more closely. Awesome stuff, Ed.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:21 No.2496604

    Lucifer was a Dorf??
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:25 No.2496623
    Dorfs are made out of precious metals, gems, and pipes...?
    >> Meh, here's the one for Gluttony again. If anyone wants, I could write up the others. Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)17:25 No.2496624
    You hear the sickening slurping noises before you see the cause. You should have turned around. But no, you had to give in. Such a human trait, curiosity and the temptation to give into it. You turn the corner slowly, the sound getting louder, like meat caught in a grinder and being sucked through. That's when you see it. An emaciated man with a swollen, distended belly, eating as if it hadn't ever done so before. He wasn't wearing clothes, and was covered in blood and dirt and grim, his skin looking like something from a garbage can. It's not until the man lifts his head to let the rotted, festering meat he's ravenously tearing into slide down his throat that you notice he's not exactly what you thought he was. His neck is long and sinuous, and ends in a blunt face. There are tiny little beads that might be eyes next to it, and they're almost covered in blood and blinking against the thin light of a streetlamp.
    At the end of the fleshy tube that makes up it's head is a razor lined tunnel. Three sharp teeth still chew at the still night air. It goes back to it's fetid meal, large talons tearing chunks off and stuffing them down the throat. It doesn't even care when it's own hand gets too close, and snaps at it before digging it back into the corpse. When it runs out of large chunks of meat, it reaches it's cylindrical head down and starts to clean the flesh from the bone. All this takes place in the span of only a few minutes, and the thing is soon nothing more than a skeleton. It couldn't have weighed more than a small child, and yet it's still as sickly thin as before, it's belly no heavier even after devouring a corpse. It snorts out, digging into any crevice it can for a missed morsel, but finds none and throws back it's head in anguish, still sniffing all the while. The head flops back, twists. The thing falls over and quickly scrabbles to it's feat, long arms dragging across the ground as it hobbles with it's bloated, gassy stomach toward your corner.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:27 No.2496640
    Do write more.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:27 No.2496643

    Perhaps he was just made by Dorfs?

    "This is a legendary Lucifer. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is covered in adamantine pipes and encrusted with various gems. It menaces with spikes of various precious metals."
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:31 No.2496659
    ITT Edward redeems himself?
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)17:31 No.2496664

    Which one next then?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:31 No.2496665
    Where does it say that?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:32 No.2496672
    see Grandia II for the dreamcast
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:33 No.2496678
    Shit reminds me of The Suffering
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:37 No.2496700

    But start with... Wrath.
    >> Koraboros !!OQQktRg6ogO 09/03/08(Wed)17:37 No.2496702

    Depends on who's version you read. In some descriptions he's just an angel that got burned. I'm guessing from the cabalist version he'd only have 2 wings being a Cherub. In Dante's inferno he's got 3 gaping mouths with the three greatest sinners of the world constantly being impaled by his sword like teeth, and is bound at the bottom of the frozen hell of betrayals, the sins of the leopard. Since Judas was the worst of the three, he was put in head first and only his feet are seen by the pilgrim. Then there's the typical Christian version where he basically is the Greek God Pan, because if it was from the old pantheon it has to be demonized.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:40 No.2496724

    >typical Christian version

    You mean the typical American version. Or more technically the Catholic version. The actual Christian version of Satan describes him as a creature of great beauty and allure. As "demons" are actually fallen angels in the technical sense. But people are idiots so what are you gonna do?
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)17:40 No.2496726
    Don't get your hopes up. All I do is think of villains.
    Ah, Wrath. Good one.
    I don't have a proper, minion version of Wrath, but I do have a Boss version.
    The few times I've mentioned it, that's been a good one.

    I think I even have just the set-up for his introduction.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:41 No.2496731
    Awesome game was awesome.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:46 No.2496753
    out with it!
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:46 No.2496762

    The controls are kind of shitty, the graphics are old. But the atmosphere and the design of the enemies is pretty fucking nice. And the game world was freaky as shit while still being moderately believable.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:49 No.2496772

    >You mean the typical American version. Or more technically the Catholic version. The actual Christian version of Satan describes him as a creature of great beauty and allure. As "demons" are actually fallen angels in the technical sense. But people are idiots so what are you gonna do?

    Hurr aren't we clever?

    Satan and his demons being characterized by the Catholic church as a bunch of horned, fanged monsters with the legs of goats was a propaganda move to subvert the native pagan religions while reinforcing their own followers against them.

    Hardly idiotic at all. But people don't know any better nowadays, so that's just ignorance, not idiocy.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:53 No.2496797

    >Satan and his demons being characterized by the Catholic church as a bunch of horned, fanged monsters with the legs of goats was a propaganda move to subvert the native pagan religions while reinforcing their own followers against them.


    I wasn't intending to construe that as idiocy. To be honest I'd personally characterize it as subversive, non-Christian bastardization of the religion for personal gain. Or at the best, misguided fear-mongering based on misunderstanding the basic principles of Christianity.

    I was just making a general statement. People are stupid. And ignorant. And frequently a blend of the two.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)17:53 No.2496801
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:04 No.2496852
    What the fuck kind of deadly is that?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:05 No.2496856

    "Hi, I'm a Paladin."
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:06 No.2496861
    Instead, use Aristotle's seven excesses:

    with respect to acting in the face of danger,
    courage {Gk. andreia [andreia]} is a mean between
    the excess of rashness and the deficiency of cowardice;

    with respect to the enjoyment of pleasures,
    temperance {Gk. swfrosunh [sophrosúnê]} is a mean between
    the excess of intemperance and the deficiency of insensibility;

    with respect to spending money,
    generosity is a mean between
    the excess of wastefulness and the deficiency of stinginess;

    with respect to relations with strangers,
    being friendly is a mean between
    the excess of being ingratiating and the deficiency of being surly; and

    with respect to self-esteem,
    magnanimity {Gk. megaloyucia [megalopsychia]} is a mean between
    the excess of vanity and the deficiency of pusillanimity.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:09 No.2496875
    >hurr goat Satan is just there to demonize pagans

    Bullshit. Azazel was the lord of goat demons (the seirim) long before Christianity. Have you ever heard of scapegoats? Have you ever heard of Yom Kippur? Back in the day, they'd perform two sacrifices of goats. One would be the goat for the Lord and killed. The other, the goat for Azazel, would have all the sins of the tribe placed upon him and cast into the wilderness, towards Azazel (who was equated to the wilderness where he was imprisoned much like Hades or Hel are equated to the realms they dwell in).

    He was also the one that taught humanity metalwork and was heavily involved in the Nephilim fiasco, etc. "Azazel has corrupted the entire world; to him ascribe all sin."
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:09 No.2496876

    Er, remove the "seven", because I edit the good.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:12 No.2496886
    Browning once wrote a poem called "My Last Duchess" about a beautiful woman who loved everything. Her looks went everywhere, goes the poem, and she like what e'er she looked on. She showed the same joy at the sight of her donkey, the sunset, the branch of blossom some yokel picked for her in the orchard, and her husband, who with marriage had bestowed on her his nine-centuries0old title. In the end one can understand why he got so irritated by such blanket appreciation and did her in.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:12 No.2496890

    and one for reverse sloth and reverse envy, I have no idea.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:13 No.2496895
    Ah yes, Conformity (for opposite of Envy) and Servitude (for opposite of Sloth)
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:14 No.2496897
    But virtues are good things.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:14 No.2496900

    >reverse sloth

    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:16 No.2496912
    If you encounter an angel, its there to kill you or to order you around, not to be your homeboys.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:17 No.2496914

    >Conformity (the opposite of Envy)

    Never heard of "Keeping up with the Joneses", I take it? Conformity is spurred by envy, you want what everyone else has so that you aren't abnormal.
    >> The Former CC !KV3AHi5DOQ 09/03/08(Wed)18:17 No.2496917

    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:18 No.2496922

    Annoyance wasn't his reason for killing her, it was jealousy.

    The man was jealous that the smile that should only be for him was being given to the orchard, and the donkey, and the butler. The man wanted his wife to be his and only his, to smile only at him and no time else. That's why he had the picture of his smiling wife covered with cloth; now, he can remove the cloth whenever he wants to so he can see her smile, and she'll only smile for him.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:20 No.2496938
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:21 No.2496947
    Yes, that's what's what I mean, but you see this is why I said Charity and Cleanliness as deadly virtues, in excess it brings out the worst in other people.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:22 No.2496955
    Yeah Edward don't lose all the non-hate you've built up here.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:28 No.2496986
    Naw, each vice springs from a flaw, gap, absence or failing in a virtue.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)18:28 No.2496988
    Had to help fix a stove.
    I'm almost done.
    >> Hell Wrath (The Bandaged Man) Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)18:39 No.2497047
    The building is quiet. It used to be a school, but... well, now the walls are peeling, and paint is flecked all over the wapred tiles. As if the whole building had just been pulled up from the ocean. Thick, black mold clung tightly in some places, making sickly patterns on the walls. The smell is thick, pungent, earthy, but also diseased, with the air of rotting meat or a dying tree. Childlike crayon drawings decorate the walls. They're ugly and simple, and yet you can already tell what they are. They're large sctions of black and white, with streaks of red and brown and grey and beige. You've seen the things represented before. A reminder of what waits for you. Out there. A bound figure screaming in agony. A pack of horrid dogs chewing at each other. A disgusting tube of flesh and teeth. And a large, red man with his face covered by white. You see more and more of him as you go on. A cartoonish stitching around the man's shoulder. And a downturned mouth and eyebrows made by running several lines of black crayon over one another.
    You learn to ignore the drawings, and only focus on the sound of your footsteps. Which is when you start to wonder where that rumbling came from. It's deep, but low. Easy to miss. It's like breathing. Soft, deep, breaths. Curiosity gets the best of you. You go to the source of the sound. It's the principles office. You take a look in, and see it. HIM. The creature from the drawings. He lies on the floor. Sleeping, it would seem. The snoring stops. His arms push out and lift his massive body from the ground. He's almost twice as tall as you are standing up, and still he slouches. His body is muscle, from head to toe. He wears a robe drapped about his waist made up of bandages and chains and half latched belts. His arms look sewn on, a stichting running all the way around his shoulder. As he leans back, stretching, his bones give a sickening crack. His head slowly rolls along his shoulders, twitching, as he cracks his neck.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)18:40 No.2497053
    His body is badly burned, knotted scars covering one side of him, waves and roots and tangles of singed flesh. He's covered in bandages. As if he was patched up and tossed out of the OR. They're bloody, and wrapped about his waist, and another seam goes up from his kidney. They're wrapped around his forearms as well, soiled and bloodied. They're mostly on his face. Long strips of once-white cloth, now dirtied and soiled with blood and other things. With another roll of his head he stops and looks at the window on the office door. One eye is left uncovered, downturned and yellow, with a slit like a cat's. It burns as much as his flesh once did and it pierces through the glass.
    You stumble over yourself trying to get away, and can't help but take a look over your shoulder in time to see the door splinter outwards as the thing follows you, dragging a large weapon behind it. The chains and belts around his waist clink together with each step, and he swings his weapon wildly, carving gashes in the walls and cracking the tile. A roaring moan of pain and fury escapes his bound lips and you move your legs as fast as you can, anything to get away from the behemoth you leave behind.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)18:43 No.2497067
         File :1220481798.jpg-(180 KB, 692x594, tikbalang.jpg)
    180 KB
    I have to go cut my neighbor's grass now, but I think I'm going to do lust when I get back.

    Picture not related, but I just like this guy. A lot.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:47 No.2497091

    Not bad but not as well done as the others. I guess it seems too... normal? Like a zombie or something else you'd expect to find in a typical fantasy RPG, it just has the "big undead guy wants to beat your head in" feel to it.

    Do want to see the others.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)18:58 No.2497168
    I'm gonna drawfag the shit outta these when my PC get un-fucked up.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)19:10 No.2497254
    Ah, well, I will admit that I sort of tried to hurry it up near the end. It was ending up going over. I spent too much time focusing on the kiddy artwork.
    He's supposed to be a sort of "Reoccurring Boss" monster. Depending on where or what the setting is, he'd be seen by the PCs or main character quite a few times. He's basically the guardian of the thing that did what it did to the town.
    And he sleeps a lot. He's either killing or sleeping. He does nothing else.

    Lust will probably have a similar feel. The first two, Gluttony and Envy, were the generic monsters.
    I have a sort of nomenclature set up. regular creatures are "Lesser Sins" and boss creatures, the ones who were important people and have actual names and backstories as to how they ended up like they are, are called "Hell Sins"

    So far I have Lessers Gluttony, Envy, Pride, and maybe Sloth and Lust, though they need work. And Hells Wrath, Lust, Pride, and Greed or Sloth, I still haven't worked out which one fits the character better.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)19:13 No.2497273
    Well, I'll be checking back in a bit and will critique then.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)19:14 No.2497282
    You're like, my hero then. I've been wanting to see these horrible abominations in something other than my head for a while now.

    Also... this next one might have actual dialogue!
    I really should stop thinking of these in terms of cutscenes...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)19:35 No.2497404
    I like this thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)19:36 No.2497412

    I do, too.

    Does this make us Edwardsexuals?
    >> The Shattered, Agent of Wrath Inspired to Write 09/03/08(Wed)19:37 No.2497414
    Your body feels heavy, you've been moving a long time. Too long without sleep, without drink, without a cool breeze to chill the sweat on your brow. Too much heat... too much pain and your wounds only make it hotter still. And then you hear... no you FEEL the sound approach.

    It starts in the distance, a sound like nails on a chalkboard, of metal dragged across glass. The harsh sharpness of the sound tears at your already aching temples, and still it grows more intense... grows closer. You scramble for cover, the grip on your weapon harsh, but still the sound grows in intensity. Like someone threw sheets of metal into a woodchipper. And then at the end of the hall, you see the glint and glimmer and shimmer of a thousand facets reflected in the sour moonlight.

    It spins and churns endlessly, a rolling cloud of rust at it's base, kicking up plumes at each 'footstep', had it feet to step with. Tendrils of twisting chaos of it's 'arms' sway, cracks of flint-like sparks as it lurches ever forward, it's body a metronome to some hellish dirge whose rythem you have no desire to keep pace with. One appendage lashes out, striking the remains of a window. It feeds. Slivers and splinters syphon towards its core, and for a brief moment, you can sense it grow more at peace, it's grinding growing still as it adds more to it's twisting mass.

    You release the breath you held too long. You gasp for a fresh lungful.

    It whirls, the cacophony of torment shrieks into full cresendo as it boils and tumbles over itself towards you.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)19:38 No.2497422

    do a proper in-depth oldschool monster manual writeup on each of them.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)19:46 No.2497470
    At one time I had GURPS stats for all of them.
    I've actually mentioned this thing once or twice, or eight times.

    >Inspired to Write
    I feel warm and fuzzy. I like this feeling.

    Almost done, by the way.
    Does anyone have that 3d picture that's of a woman, only her crotch is something like a giant phallic looking insect with ravening teeth? That might make good inspiration for a Lesser Lust, instead of what I've got at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)19:49 No.2497495
         File :1220485768.jpg-(28 KB, 300x504, butt_teeth.jpg)
    28 KB

    I dunno about that, but your first picture reminds me of this one.

    Also. "Your ass, your face, what's the difference?" TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH
    >> Inspired to Write 09/03/08(Wed)19:57 No.2497543
    Eh, no direct criticism. I guess I went too much for the embodiment, not enough 'almost human' aspect. Aw well.
    >> Hell Lust || Picture related, I'll admit it. Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)19:58 No.2497549
         File :1220486300.jpg-(44 KB, 400x600, 1125689016_ssc2-voldo.jpg)
    44 KB
    The "California Hotel". You can't speak for what it used to be like, but it's now just a wreck, you think to yourself, as you close the door on one more room that holds no answers. A storm rages outside, and forced you to seek shelter here. It's a surprise that the lights still work, or at least, that the ones that do work still work. There's no point in leaving things unexplored, though. That's something you've learned well. One more room. Then you might as well lock yourself in and try to sleep. Maybe this nightmare will be over when you wake back up. You can dream, at least. The room is empty. They all are, for the most part. A few of them are filled with interesting things, but no answers. This room is a wreck, as well. Not the best place to sleep. The bed is covered with blood, as well as other things. The scent of cum and sweat hangs in the air. Tears. You can feel them welling up in your eyes, and you don't know why. You hold yourself, shaking. What's wrong with you? You turn to leave. To get away from whatever these emotions are.
    As you turn for the door, you're taken off guard, and with a flurry of chains and leather you're knocked backwards, onto the bed with a beaten cheek.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)19:59 No.2497558
    Before you stands an old man, skinny and greasy and dirty. His eyes are covered in a leather blindfold, and his chest is in the same black leather so tightly that he weezes with every breath. His groin is left uncovered by the tight leather on the rest of his body, and his genitals are scratched away and pulped, leaving burns and claw marks. His sickly ashen skin is almost transperent. You fight, trying to get away, but he presses you down. The room catches fire around you, and the monster grabs you by the throat and runs a long, sticky tongue along your cheek. He lets out a ragged moan of exstacy. He tears at your blouse and skirt, and youn can feel his flesh and leather against yours, every touch burning.
    "I remember this taste." the thing says, flames dancing along it's back. Every word is strained and gravelly, as if it hadn't used it's mouth before. "A little older than I usually like. But then again, I don't often get these with little girls," he says, roughly fondling at your breasts. He smiles, and you shudder. "Let's rekindle an old flame." he chuckles.
    As he climbs on top of you, you struggle, but to no avail. He holds your arms down with one hand as he runs that disgusting tongue over your body. With just... a little... more... you get a hand free, and take the lamp on the nighstand and bring it down on the pervert's head. You run to the door, now covered in flames and held fast by chains. You can hear him behind you. He gets up, rubbing his bald head with a wizend hand. Chains reach out to the leather bindings on his wrist and unceremoniously heft him off the now burning bed. There's no way out, and you collapse to your knees. You hit one of them on something metal, and wrap your hands around the copper pipe. Chains and flames block the exit, and there's only one way out.

    No problem with that. I like the tormented person aspect, myself.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:01 No.2497577
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:03 No.2497593
         File :1220486621.jpg-(220 KB, 1204x901, sevendeadlysins.jpg)
    220 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:06 No.2497616
    Looks like Valdo to me.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:09 No.2497632
         File :1220486959.jpg-(8 KB, 251x247, Yes!.jpg)
    8 KB
    Now THIS! This is good!

    I appreciated the metal into a woodchipper imagery (okay, I'll man up and admit I winced after reading it). The nails on a chalkboard one was too cliche for me to even think about, mind you.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)20:09 No.2497636
    See, there is an actual backstory to this stuff, and this guy was the reason the viewpoint character left. Of course, she sort of doesn't remember that, and when she did know him, she spent most of the time locked in a closet while he raped a twelve year old. And he wasn't on fire.

    He was supposed to have a bear trap on his crotch, but then I wondered how exactly that would work.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:10 No.2497641
    hey Valdo is creepy as hell
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:11 No.2497652
         File :1220487119.jpg-(48 KB, 227x312, ackbar.jpg)
    48 KB
    It would work like epic win. I mean, that just screams "TRAP!"
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)20:15 No.2497666
    I like the fact that his feeds off of the area. Makes it all the more dangerous.

    Yeah, but when you imagine a bear trap on some guy's junk, bear traps are huge. It would either just hung from hi--

    Shit! I should have made it barbed wire. That would be creepy to see. Especially if it was tangled into him. A thong of barbed wire.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:15 No.2497668
    Are you posting/hosting all this stuff anywhere else? I'd like to use this for a little project I've got going; a compilation of GMing tips and campaign ideas that I've collected over the past few years. This is good stuff for the horror section (which is harder to fill than might be expected). So (1) Do you mind if I use it, and (2) is there anywhere else it will be when this thread inevitably dies?
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)20:17 No.2497674
    I suppose I could set up a wikidot real quick. Feel free to use these though.

    And there should be at least a full Seven, and probably a full 14 (Seven Lessers and Seven Hells)
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:19 No.2497685

    Is this an "eventually" or a "soon" thing? Because I'll toss your art into the pdf with the material and credit you if it's decent.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:20 No.2497692
    You could rewrite/repost it if you want...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:24 No.2497703
    Soon as in within the month, that work for you?
    >> The Plagued, Agent of Sloth Inspired to Write 09/03/08(Wed)20:27 No.2497728
    You've been scavanging all evening. This will be the third boarded up store you've broken into, looking for a morsel to eat, at this point you'd eat cardboard if it wasn't covered in mold and rat shit. Just something that will make your stomach quiet. Your crobar makes quick work of the rusted nails holding the boards in place, and you crawl inside, hoping to find anything untouched by this taint.

    The first thing to hit you is the humidity. Like walking into a marsh, it's hot and heavy. Too much so. Then the scent hits you. It reeks of shit and vomit in here. You fumble for your light in the heady darkness, feeling as if you've crawled into the bowels of some monsterous beast. And you very well could have, considering all you've seen today.

    The light flickers, you stubbornly smack the side of the flashlight and it's encouraged to stay on. though now you wish it hadn't. Filth covers the walls, bile and gore cake everything, with lichen and molds clinging to the horrifying terrain within this small store. And you notice it slithers and squirms, writhing as parts of the mass coil around your shoes. Like thick muck, it sucks back against your attempts to step away.

    A lash of sinew and snot flicks against your pantleg, and you jerk away, crying out at the burning pain of jellifish stings. Your thigh burns and your leg goes numb. You manage to akwardly fall away as another lash strikes the wood behind you, an acidic hiss as the wood bubbles and foams. A translucent tumorous mass slowly inflates, and another lash strikes out, and this time, you hear a loud pop before you realize that you didn't blink.

    Your flashlight bulb has just been broken by the landlocked invertibrate.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:31 No.2497747
    Yeah, this project isn't going to be finished quick. If you posted them to the wiki being made or post a link to wherever you'll host them, that'd be good. The odds of me finding them on here in a month range between slim and none.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:34 No.2497765
    Mind if I use your stuff as well?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:35 No.2497769
    i'll keep an eye out for a link to the wiki when its started and post directly there, most likely
    >> Inspired to Write 09/03/08(Wed)20:40 No.2497800
    Go ahead. Its not like I'm writing this out just to go ORIGINAL IDEAS, DO NOT STEAL.

    I think I futz up The Plagued. Not easy to come up with imagry for a bile and phlem excreting jellyfish-like tumor.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)20:45 No.2497826
    But would you really want to see it posted again just for
    >His groin is left uncovered by the tight leather on the rest of his body, and his genitals are scratched away and pulped, leaving burns and claw marks
    to be replaced by
    >His crotch is left unbound by the leather, and instead is bound in thin, rusted barbed wire, wrapped around his groin and waist like a freakish metal thong. The wire tears into and runs through the flesh of his genitals, leaving his member scarred and twisted. One testicle threatens to drop out of the torn sack of flesh as he crawls up the bed.

    >you hear a loud pop before you realize that you didn't blink.
    I like this line.

    Man, this is turning out to be a good thread.
    I'm not so secretly thinking of doing this again tomorrow with something like that Major Arcana of the Tarot cards...

    I liked it.

    Also, the link is aschroft.wikidot.com
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:48 No.2497836
         File :1220489290.gif-(184 KB, 320x240, Slowclap.gif)
    184 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:48 No.2497838

    Alternatively, you could go the morbid comedy route and describe it in greater and more flamboyantly horrible terms until people beg you to stop. Like this one chick I knew that would try to corner me and do horrible things to me. This lady had loose skin that flapped like there was a permanent jet of air that was keeping her aloft. Like there was some little gnome that was following around underneath her skirt and just holding up this fan to make the flapalappalappalappa noises. But, you know, somehow? That didn't dry anything out. You could hear this woman squish when she walked.

    True story.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)20:50 No.2497849
    Maybe not a repost. But damn is that barbed wire imagery sick.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)20:56 No.2497880
    >that barbed wire imagery is sick
    Then my job here... is done.

    Also I gotta game to run.
    I suppose I'll work on the wiki as well.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:06 No.2497954

    Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:08 No.2497969
    >>2497826 I'm not so secretly thinking of doing this again tomorrow with something like that Major Arcana of the Tarot cards...

    DO IT FAGET.jpg
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:10 No.2497978
    I don't suppose you'd object to drawfaggotry on the human characters listed on the wiki either?
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)21:12 No.2497988
    Haha, then I guess I will.
    Though I can't speak for how well I could write things for that. These creatures have been bubbling in my head for a while now.

    Let's see, The Fool is obviously the viewpoint character...
    The Heirophant... I could think of something for that.

    ZA WARUDO of course will come up...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:16 No.2498015
    I admit, this got me hard.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)21:17 No.2498026
    They don't really have anything, but sure.
    It would be nice to know what the people looked like before they became horrid abominations.

    I'll toss some physical descriptions up soon.

    For those who didn't catch it:

    And yes, they are all named after people from Horror movies.
    And Bram Hellsing is Abraham Van Helsing, while Victor Franklin is Victor Frankenstein.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:20 No.2498039
    Whoo, bookmarked.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:21 No.2498048
         File :1220491312.gif-(40 KB, 232x628, 1219709484993.gif)
    40 KB
    I suspect Persona might end up coloring some of this in one way or another, although there, it's more like you've got a fuckton of random creatures classified into arcana, rather than arcana personified...
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)21:23 No.2498067
    Doesn't House of the Dead or some rail shooter use the Major Arcana?

    uh, Glad to be of service?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:24 No.2498068
         File :1220491460.jpg-(743 KB, 765x1728, Odds and ends.jpg)
    743 KB
    Wracking my brain (and hard drive).
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:24 No.2498071
    Oh I figured I'd wait until they were fleshed out a bit then I'd sketch them up, hopefully in a style similar to OP image, sketchy, Alex Ross-like.
    No Animu BS here.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:25 No.2498081
         File :1220491535.jpg-(188 KB, 502x1006, Odds and ends.jpg)
    188 KB
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)21:35 No.2498130
    That makes for the most unusual harem comedy ever...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:40 No.2498159
         File :1220492412.jpg-(632 KB, 796x4488, S_da___Sins_Intro__by_Endling.jpg)
    632 KB

    Oh Endling... when will you stop being sidetracked by DeviantART and finally get back to your webcomic?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)21:53 No.2498251
         File :1220493223.jpg-(219 KB, 966x830, Odds and ends.jpg)
    219 KB
    Bosch, Iron Golem
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)22:29 No.2498470
         File :1220495389.jpg-(495 KB, 537x1080, Odds and ends.jpg)
    495 KB
    >> Devil 09/03/08(Wed)22:44 No.2498569
    Just got back from classes, skimmed this thread, and all I have to say is

    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)22:50 No.2498619
    Any clue as to what the source of that first set of images is?

    Or, any other sin inspired monster images?
    I was originally hoping for an image dump. I guess what I got was a bit better.
    >> Devil 09/03/08(Wed)22:55 No.2498661
         File :1220496958.jpg-(144 KB, 520x681, lukavi_merfolk_devenecia.jpg)
    144 KB
    Nup. If I knew I'd tell. Dying to know. DYING.

    This is far better. I'll look a bit.
    Here, have some awesome Lukavi art. Found it during a 3-4 hour resort of a year's worth of 4chan and other site savings on my HD.
    >> Devil 09/03/08(Wed)22:57 No.2498675
         File :1220497065.jpg-(106 KB, 499x700, lukavi_merlin_devenecia.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> Devil 09/03/08(Wed)23:01 No.2498699
         File :1220497291.jpg-(159 KB, 586x800, lukavi_emperor3_devenecia.jpg)
    159 KB
    >> Devil 09/03/08(Wed)23:02 No.2498709
         File :1220497365.jpg-(193 KB, 586x800, lukavi_empress_devenecia.jpg)
    193 KB
    >> Devil 09/03/08(Wed)23:13 No.2498786
         File :1220498002.jpg-(113 KB, 519x700, lukavi_clockworkdolorim_devene(...).jpg)
    113 KB
    OK. No such luck. Can't find anything based on the image text.
    Source might be here, somewhere, for all we know.
    Here have some more Lukavi.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)23:17 No.2498814
    Nice thread fellas.
    >> Devil 09/03/08(Wed)23:25 No.2498869
         File :1220498742.png-(1.35 MB, 753x900, No_3231.png)
    1.35 MB

    I ran a semi-Planescape session or few years ago wherein the party goes to hell.
    You know how it goes, stumbling through random portals, and so on.
    When they encountered some fat damned souls I made spooky sounds of "Gloooooton! GLOOOOOooootoooon!"
    At first they were confused but then they remembered the cartoon Rocko's Modern Life....

    Pic is a demon of the sin of EXCESSIVE GAR.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)23:41 No.2498978
    Hedonism bot made from flesh and rust
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/03/08(Wed)23:47 No.2499010
         File :1220500037.jpg-(117 KB, 355x500, 121712042400.jpg)
    117 KB
    Everything rusts. No exceptions.
    Cloth, paper, tile, air...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)23:50 No.2499031
    It's not gar to kill loli ever, so why would the demon sent for garness be loli?

    The said excessively gar person could not kill demon in gar fashion and is therefore at a standstill with the inibility to be gar.
    >> Devil 09/03/08(Wed)23:53 No.2499047
    It is an incarnation of excessive GAR.
    GAR can't defeat GAR; that is the ultimate despair.
    When a GAR warrior dies they are taunted eternally by the indominable ultimate GAR-wielding foe.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)23:59 No.2499083
    but girls can't be gar, as gar is a expression of manliness and blatant man love. You fucked up when assigning your demons bro.
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)00:01 No.2499099
    No, see, it's redundant to have a GARdemon be just another manly man with big hair, loud voice, and so on. This is the antithesis yet equal in power.
    At least from what I've seen of GARlike men it's a bigger injury to ego to be outdone by a LITTLE GIRL.
    But, if you insist, fine.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)00:05 No.2499138
    sure it works as a demon for annoying burly and prideful men but just being that isn't what being an antithesis to gar is all about, any male can be gar, it's not a matter of size or looks but of action! the antithesis to gar would be being beaten up by an emo kid.. basically
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)00:07 No.2499150
         File :1220501276.jpg-(129 KB, 600x836, Angra_mainyu_by_GENZOMAN.jpg)
    129 KB
    Although, if this fits your concept of GARdemon...
    >> RAWK LAWBSTAR 09/04/08(Thu)00:10 No.2499167
    e.g. Shinji is the anti-gar
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)00:11 No.2499175
    not Dakka enough, but thats not the point.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)00:11 No.2499176
         File :1220501473.jpg-(456 KB, 1638x1031, 1213789972384.jpg)
    456 KB
    Someone say GAR demon?
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)00:13 No.2499198
         File :1220501608.jpg-(845 KB, 1732x1403, nana g 203a3b3f73e2eeb604e282b(...).jpg)
    845 KB
    Fuck yes we did
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)00:24 No.2499282
    Seriously, I want more Ever After. Though it's good to know that other people than me like his stuff. I actually picked up the rpg that he illustrated for. It's not too bad, though I can't find anyone who's willing to try it out.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/04/08(Thu)00:33 No.2499352
    Women can be GAR. Just ask Saber.
    Also, Trigger Discipline.

    So tomorrow we do The Major Arcana?
    Should I start finding image now?
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)00:36 No.2499374
    Good topic. Go for it.

    Also, I find this hilarious: >>2496237
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)00:41 No.2499408
    >the rpg that he illustrated for
    Tell me now.
    Uh, please.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)00:41 No.2499412
    Go for it, I know Im interested.

    Also, archive this thread?
    >> dice 1d100 Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)00:47 No.2499459
    If you've ever looked at any of the pictures with titles that start with S13, or Seven 13, those are the pictures he did for the rpg.

    This is the site for the company that made the game. Check it out if you want to know more. And no, I'm not viral marketing, or regular marketing. I'm just too lazy to try and describe the game for you myself.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/04/08(Thu)00:52 No.2499486
    I was actually thinking about it myself, but that might be considered bad form to archive my own topic.
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)00:54 No.2499500
    Bad form? This is 4chan. Do it!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)00:59 No.2499542
    Well, I've requested it. I'm the only one so far, though.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:01 No.2499554
    Nah, don't be so defensive. Besides, they're not even marketing, the site's kind of... bare.
    Anyways, thanks. I'll have to hunt it down. With gun and camera.
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)01:03 No.2499582
    Only art I see is the title splash.
    >> dice 1d100 Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:04 No.2499583

    Good luck, I think I got lucky in managing to find my copy. It was wedged in between some random books. I'm thinking of using their forum to see if there're any people playing near where I live. The guy who came up with the game and started the company lives in Texas, same as me, so that might help.
    >> dice 1d100 Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:06 No.2499606
    I meant on Endling's DevArt page. Go and look around page 6 and 7. Any art that starts with S13 is stuff he did for the book.
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)01:10 No.2499629
    Ohhhhh thanks
    >> TSEG 09/04/08(Thu)01:11 No.2499643

    Another RPG book that needs to be scanned, mate.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:21 No.2499736
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:23 No.2499751

    Obviously, you don't know your Virtues. The Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Virtues are solidly defined.

    The opposite of Lust is Chastity, Pride is Humilty, Gluttony is Temperance.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:28 No.2499798
         File :1220506113.jpg-(156 KB, 1327x450, Odds and ends.jpg)
    156 KB
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)01:31 No.2499818
    Not everyone knows the Virtues were even plotted out.
    Sins are much more popular because, well, evil is fun.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:37 No.2499867
    Only by fanon.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:38 No.2499871
    Or if you're a fucking catholic, I mean.
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)01:41 No.2499895
    fff fffff ffffffffff
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:45 No.2499919


    He looks a LOT like Fuuka.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:55 No.2499983
         File :1220507724.jpg-(197 KB, 1083x768, sin amon.jpg)
    197 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)01:58 No.2500013
         File :1220507933.jpg-(558 KB, 644x904, Odds and ends.jpg)
    558 KB
    Endling, do you ever finish anything?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)02:00 No.2500033
         File :1220508057.jpg-(351 KB, 1600x1200, sin lucifer.jpg)
    351 KB
    And that's it for the ones who's sins I remember. Well, Amon has it written right on the picture. Lucifer is Pride.
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)02:02 No.2500044
    I have the rest.. somewhere... lost in the Abyss of my HD.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)02:11 No.2500092
    I've got the rest too. But I don't remember how they relate to the sins.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/04/08(Thu)02:18 No.2500132
    What are those from?

    Also, in my not-so Silent Hill setting, the main villain is based on Pride, and by extension Lucifer. He's a decent guy. eh wants to rewrite creation, and doesn't afraid of sending himself to Hell.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)02:18 No.2500134
         File :1220509139.jpg-(963 KB, 1600x1200, smt_wallpaper_03.jpg)
    963 KB

    Fuck yeah, MegaTen!

    Lucifer is the shit.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/04/08(Thu)02:21 No.2500155
    You post them and I can probably figure them out.

    Though I don't see how that Amon is greedy.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)02:47 No.2500313
    I still like this thread.
    >> Devil 09/04/08(Thu)02:48 No.2500317
    This better be archived when I wake up tomorrow.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/04/08(Thu)02:54 No.2500373
    It is
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)02:59 No.2500406
         File :1220511580.jpg-(1.94 MB, 2214x4144, 1188778945089.jpg)
    1.94 MB
    high-res version of that pic (WARNING HIGH RES)
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)03:35 No.2500607
    Nevermind the easy ones like lust or pride and stuff. What about a good art ideas for Envy? Edward's wasnt bad but I'd like to see more.
    Sloth could be some sort of venus-fly trap beast that doesn't move and uses a scent or some kind of bait to lure you into its clutches
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)03:43 No.2500651
    I was thinking sloth could be a fatass dude nailed/chained/fused onto a large industrial metal throne who attacks via hooked chains, barbed wire and various metal tentacles
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)06:25 No.2501382
    to the previous rantings of how angels all look the same I'd like to introduce you to vox's art..


    check out azrael.
    >> dice 1d100 Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)09:10 No.2502162

    I'll scan my copy when you send me 1,000,000 monies, as I just have a crappy scanner/copier/printer combo that belongs to my mom, and I'm not ruining my copy of the book if I can't find another one.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)09:19 No.2502204
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)09:26 No.2502227
    bumped for win
    >> Anonymous 09/04/08(Thu)10:37 No.2502510
    I believe that is the P3 Protagonist as a girl.

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