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The Year is 2014, June, 13th, a Friday.

In this timeline of Earth, on December 21st, 2012, the sky's color changed. Beyond the explanation of science, and much to humanity's alarm, the blue sky became a shifting array of hues, much akin to the Aurora Borealis.

The people panicked, rioted, lost hope for the day of their destruction, had come... However, aside from what humanity performed upon itself that day... No one noticed an inherent change.. Save for a few people that had reached their breaking point that day.

These people awoke to powers that could deny the very fabric of reality itself.. Many of them kept it secret, as under wraps as possible. Those that exposed themselves were taken away by their governments to keep the populus unaware of this phenomenon.

These people came to be known colloquially as "Overhuman."

The events to follow were only halted by this government intervention. Overhumans continue to appear... And there are those that have banned themselves together and formed highly dangerous terrorist cells.

You are Petre Lupei, an unfortunate gypsy in Hollywood that made a stop with his brother and father to sell some of their wares in the city.

Within an open, mall with a skylight, an explosion rocked your vision and the next theing you knew, over half of the building came down upon yourself and the non-gypsies you had been peddling your wares.

A man with Halos upon his back held a main support column as you and your brother dug your father out from the rubble. Disregarding the other people, you hurried out of the building, carrying your father.

Outside, You came face-to-face with a golden-eyed, masked man. He offered life for life. In this case, the life of your brother or yourself for your Father's.

A deal not haggled is no deal worth accepting. You and your brother began to attempt CPR to resurrect your father from his near-death, only for the man to turn his hand to you, declaring intention to kill you.
Grippong your father's dagger, you rush forward to stab the man, you won't have a man threaten you or your family.

The man shoots light from his hand, and you feel nothing.

You drive the knife into his body, yet no blood is spilled.

The man moves away from you and turns his attention to the other survivors within the center.

Putting revenge on hold, you and your brother take your father and rush him away from the scene...
(Last Post, Last Night)

There is a moment... but a moment that you'd so revel in the chance to drive your blade into this man's back.

Exposed, ignoring you, distracted by the prospect of others... But you know better than that. A knife in the back does not mend lost family. Uncle on Mother's side was who needed that lesson when he threatened Pali for killing her. Father set him straight. Father always knew the right thing to say and always looked out for his boys... Now it's your turn to look out for father.

You withdraw from the man, backing off slowly as he begins to unleash flashes of light that yield pained screams.

As you and Pali pick up your Father to turn tail and run, you notice that Father feels much, so much lighter than before... Almost as though you could carry him yourself.

You glance at the back of your own hand and see that you have a small white crescent moon shape upon your hand, softly glowing with varying intensity.

The two of you begin to run away as Susej goes about his business, getting farther and farther away... You hear him call out from afar, his voice resounding, yet quiet as a whisper," They shall all come to understand suffering..."

With the roads broken and uneven, you and Pali find traversing to be quite difficult. Between burning buildings, crashed cars, and streetlights, this is an entirely different "world" What the hell happened within just an hour?

As the two of you head for the nearest hospital, you notice that there are no police, no firetrucks, and people that were in their cars are being pulled out by men and woman of various race, most appearing African.

They beat the people with car doors and some scream at those they've pulled out in some broken English, very little being fluent.

They're angry about something...

You notice that a group of them's taken attention of you and Pali as you run by with your father, seeking out a hospital....
You pull your father's shoulder's back along with Pali as you see a distortion in the space along your path, and a crackling conflagration before the two of you.

Heat washes over your bodies, and your nose catches the smell of burning hair.

You glance around, heart pumping, and see an African woman with boiling yellow tear-marks on her face walking towards the two of you, a palm facing outward, and two men walking with her.

She calls out," You, have you understood what suffering is? We shall show you what pain is."

One of the men holds a chain that's wrapped tightly around his forearm, moving like a snake as a gill-like mark on his neck burns a bright white.
The other stares you down with deep crimson red eyes, as he gets closer, you can see that his pupils are like cat-eye slits.

Around you are ruined streets, cars overturned, burned bodies, buildings aflame, and the same shifting colors of the sky that seem to, oh so smoothly, not care...

Pali panics as the people approach.

Your heart beats randomly as something in you tells you that these people are dangerous, your face is still water, but your mind is a hazy storm.

>[] Drop father and Attack the people with the Ornate Dagger.
>[] Try to negotiate with them, you have the silver tongue of a gypsy after all.. (Write in)
>[] Tell Pali to go, you'll hold them off.
>[] (Other)

Oh, and last thread.

Negotiate nigger.
Make up a sob story about some shit. Maybe about how your mother died, and then bluff/intimidate them into fucking off
"Suffering? Since my birth I have been a outcast, cared about only by my family. My mother died and my father is soon to as well. So if you want it come and fucking get it!" Then give your Dad to Pali in case they call your bluff
Its kind of cliche and shitty but hey fuck it
You shake your head at the approaching people, you contort your face and twist out tears as you tell them your story,"Suffering? Since my birth my whole family's been an outcast. Everywhere we go, all that we see, we're the Romani, the Gypsy. No one but my family cares about me. My mother died, and my father is soon to as well. . ." You put your father down as another conflagration rips past you, the woman pauses to put a hand to her forehead, her eyes nearly glazed over from some kind of exhaustion.

"Suffering you say.." She says wearily as she and the other men are halfways across the street. Pali's eyes widen at their approach and he fidgets with fear, sweat dripping from his face from the heat of the summer sun coming through the Aurora.

"In my country, they take a blade to the genitals to prepare women such as I for marriage. I've spent the last five years with barely any food, in some fool's home that sought to take me against my will and beat me if I resist.

These men by my side fought in wars they never wished for, shot and shot at for the gain of some scum in the world."

You ready your knife and stand your ground by the only family you have in this world.

The woman's yellow tear blazes again as three more conflagrations crackle in the air, exploding outward and sending furious flames around you, yet for some reason, it seems like a warm breeze..

You look to your right and see that the flames have caught onto your father.

Suddenly you feel a heart of burning fury within you, even as you kneel down to slap out the fires with your hands.

You notice, the entire time, the crescent moon-mark upon your hand has been glowing...

The woman chides," He is so desperate..."

By the time, you and Pali put out the fire, they stand before you.

The woman just out of reach with the two lean mean standing before you, White-gills and Demon-eyes staring down at you.
>[] Stab with your ornate Dagger!(Select target
>[] Plead for their mercy.
>[] Throw the dagger and flee.
>[] (Other)

Secondary options, do not interfere with the first.

>[] Shout for Pali to run.
>[] Ask why they're doing this.
>[] Nothing

Hah, perhaps I started a little too early...
Stab demon eyes with the dagger and shout for Pali to run, this is probably a horrible idea and I really hope that I get out voted
"And now you do the same to others? Hypocrits"
And then shank the bitch

Requesting verification on this,

Boiling-tears is standing behind the two men.

Petre could attempt charging through them to strike her...
Alright shank some bitch, any bitch
Trips confirmed
Rolled 2, 70, 17 = 89

Need a roll higher than any of the three. Bonus for all.

Petre currently receives a +10 for close range attack with a sound mind.
Alright ok
Rolled 31, 52, 95 = 178

With a sudden clarity, you grip your knife as your eyes flick to Pali.

In the moment, it seems like he's moving so.. slowly.

As you look back to the three dangerous people before you, their eyes had turned to Pali.

In that moment you lunge forward with the knife, striking at the demon-eyed man's throat, cutting in deep and felling the man in one movement with the smooth blade.

The woman shouts in an almost sluggish rage, and White-gills' chain makes a dart for your eyes, your free hand manages to divert the chain with a block, yet it catches the side of your face, the sheer friction, leaving you with a cut even as you continue to deliver the knife to the man's throat.

His movements begin to speed up, and his hand moves to catch your wrist.

However, with a twist, and with the woman's slow motion, you manage to slash her across the face with the blade, cutting her from her cheek to her temple.

The man with the chain wraps the implement around your torso, even as you begin to free yourself, your knife-wielding arm trapped in the chains, with the other one just barely free as he runs out of links.

He stares at you, he does not smile, his lip curls up as he speaks," Seems that this one is awake. You have killed Aysi, and wounded Hamut. This is good."

You gasp, as the chain begins to slowly constrict you like a giant snake," W-what..."

"It is good, because it means you are strong. The strong bring suffering to the weak, and in turn make them strong. It is good... But now I will have my own revenge..." The mane glowers at you, focused, and intent on crushing you with his chain. You resist, and feel well enough at first, however the pressure begins to bare upon you...

Roll 2d100

and, what will you do?

>[] Give in, there's nothing you can do.
>[] Spit upon him, attempt to strike him with your remaining free arm.
>[] (Other)

>[] Spit on him.
>[] Flip him off.
>[] Curse his mother.
Quick question rom last night...

Some groups of the Romani have rooted beliefs in Hinduism, with a focus on the Kuntari, or universal balance. That all things have a natural place in the world.

For that reason, the Romani tend to fear Hens and Frogs as they are things that are out of place. (Birds that only walk upon the ground, creatures that can easily live in either water or land)

Shall Petre be the superstitious type and have a revulsion to such things?

Aside from that, they have a belief in accumulated corruption from performing certain actions. For this reason, the Romani started with a bonus in Soul. It would also follow that overall, he would have a well enough tendency to resist contamination should he remain faithful to his beliefs. (Not necessarily these specific ones, mind you.)
Rolled 86, 85 = 171

Strike the bitch
And curse his mother
We ARE gypsies
Y. Also, curse his mother, attack him with your free arm.
fuck it.
Changing to Y>>24754293
Sorry op but I gotta split. I'll try to post whEn I can but I'm at work ATM. This quest is awesome so don't give up!
Between your gradually constricted breaths, you manage to spit upon the man's face, causing him to contort his expression into one of a sincere and honest... loathing.

You feel the chains begin to crack and break your ribs as you offer a bloody laugh,"I... curse your whore... Mother for giving birth... to you..." You wheeze out.

The man's hatred comes out all the more, "My mother is dead." his tone is flat.

"Good, you'll meet her!" You hear a familiar voice shout from behind as a rock is smashed over the man's head, breaking his concentration for a moment, yet not bringing him down as it very well have should...

Yet you take this opportunity to rip off the chains that constrict your right arm, and sink the dagger deep into White-Gills' chest, twisting it with all of the hate you have in you you.

The man twists around the dagger, with quite apparent discomfort. At first, no blood comes out, but with enough twisting, it begins to spill.

With the man's attention on you, he begins to replace the chain and you feel them press upon you, threatening to tear you apart.

You grip one of the chains just in time to twist it from the lock and deliver a blow across his neck, spilling his blood down his shirt.

You feel the chains loosen as he goes down to his knees, attempting to press the blood back into his neck even as it spills out.

It seems he even has some success...

You see Pali standing behind the man, holding a rock... he had mustered up the courage to assist you against the man's power...

>[] Finish him off.
>[] Leave him, it's not defense anymore.
>[] (Other)

(Also, let me know if you have any write in.)

Thank you, and I won't. I figure it must still be a bit slow around now.
Finish the fucker off. If he regains strength we're dead.
Brothers a badass btw
Tell your brother to finish the guy off, and go take care of the bitch thats still alive
Also say something like
"May your suffering end" for maximum irony
>>24754594 Is me
You stare down at the man as you feel the pain of your ribs returning to their place. You are forced to take a knee from the agony, yet afterwards, you only feel a sort of.. soreness from the entire ordeal. You kind of smile at that. All this, and you're just... sore?

You look from the man in front of you, to your little brother that stares at you with some measure of concern.

You put your hand to your throat and trace your thumb across your neck.

Pali goes white, but he understands as he looks at the man.

You whisper, just loud enough for White-gills to hear,"May your suffering end."

He looks up at you with a desperate look on his face, his chest soaked with his own blood.
Pali brings down the rock.

You rise up, and look at the man that was mentioned to only be wounded, Hamut, was it?

You see Demon-eyes staring at you with what you would take for a burning hatred, only his eyes really seem to be burning. The blood-flow on his neck is slowing, yet still spilling, and your cut doesn't look nearly as bad as when Father's knife peeled away that skin.

It's then that you realize, the man's healing.

He's healing, however he still looks pale. He's lost a lot pf blood, and likely won't be in shape for more trouble.

It's with grim satisfaction that you realize that had this group not gotten so close, you wouldn't have had a chance, yet their arrogance was their undoing.

What will you do with this man?

>[] You have questions to ask... with your knife on his neck. (Write in)
>[] Finish him, this man threatened your family. He deserves no chances.
>[] Leave him, Father can wait no longer.
>[] (Other)
Kill him quickly and move on. If he lives he'll come for revenge. The life of a murderer isn't worth the worry
finish him quickly then go to your father
good to be back, Dran
Father needs help, quickly end this and let's move one
>[] Finish him, this man threatened your family. He deserves no chances.
If he recovers, he'll just seek revenge. Gypsies have no mercy.
You grip father's knife and grab the man by the head, as he begins to rip away from you, yet your strength seems so much more.. impressive than before.. and his? It's waning.

You reopen his recently healed wound and let the blood drain out.

To ensure his death, you cut down his throat with the sharp blade and even go so-far as to remove one of the resulting flaps.

Your hands are bloody, and so are your brother's. You wipe their blood off on the clean parts of their clothes, and check on father.

He hasn't been breathing since the building fell on him.... and now his once mighty beard, and long hair have been singed short.

You take the sheath of the ornate knife from his person and sling it onto your own sash, with obvious gloom that your brother picks up on.

"B-brother.. We got them.. What's wrong?"

You kneel down and pull out father's pocket-watch, checking the time on it... It's obviously broken... You estimate that he hasn't been breathing for over ten to twenty minutes... It's.. not likely that he'll make it..

You notice the mark on your hand in your silence to Pali, it's been faintly glowing for some time now, it reminds you of the people that you've seen so far... The man with halos, the man with golden eyes... Demon-eyes, Boiling tears, and White-gills.

Your intuition tells you that you're one of them... and the Golden-Eyed man said that he could return father.. Could you do the same?

>[] Try it... You don't know what, but you'll try... SOMETHING.
>[] It's too late, tell Paki of father's death, and take the possessions that he no longer needs.
>[] Continue on to a hospital, wherever there may be one.. Even a non-gypsy doctor will do.. Even though father will be mad for it...
>[] (Other)

You hear a fear explosions in the distant background... The mall in which you were inside before finally collapses... Could the Halo Man's strength have waned?
SSo tg how did we manage to make a gypsy and NOT be an envoker who's gypsy curses are real?
>[] Try it... You don't know what, but you'll try... SOMETHING.

Never give up on family
i know this is a bad idea but that would be meta as fuck so for Rp's sake
>try it

That is actually a daaaamn good question.

With the right skill-building, they still might be.. though not as effective as if an evoker used it... Goddamn, that would be a neat character...


Roll 1d100
A guy told us he could bing him back earlier, the guys we fought said we awoken, and we know the hospital won't work so it's not REALLY meta as we are somewhat superstitious
yeah but our guy seems to act on impulse quite a bit, and is loyal to his family. i think his first respons would be to try and save his father, especially since he doesn't yet realize that there are even consequences to misusing abilities
Rolled 5

Rolled 81

Rolled 7

yeah pretty much the same way I felt
Rolled 80

You press your hands upon father's chest and focus on something anything... You settle on seeing him live again... Smile, laugh heartily, breath, yell, whatever it takes.

The mark on your hand glows as brilliantly as the crescent moon itself and soon you see the landscape around you tear away, replaced by a twisting ether of color, no unlike the sky that the world has been cursed with.

In this place, you see a crow with a scroll standing atop your father's body, looking at you with feather's as black as ink, and running in the same way as its body shifts.

Its eyes aren't the beady black that you would expect of a crow, but human, hazel-brown eyes, not unlike yours.

It begins to speak to you, its voice quite similar to yours, yet different,"Father is dead. We must accept this, and move on. Hear his last words and memories."

The scroll unravels as the crow finishes and the place around you changed into the mall, before it came down...

A murder of crows would make a pretty bad ass tulpa.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You see your father, alive again, your brother, Pali is there too. The three of you are all trying as hard as possible to get so many faceless people to give you their money in exchange for some things that you and your brother hacked together. It was never important what. They bought it, and your family ate another day, got more things to assemble, and the process would repeat.

You notice your father smiling at you, long beard, and longer hair, you have a bit of a beard yourself, and your hair is long, though you tend to keep it wrapped up in a headwrap..
Some time ago, you were mistaken for a woman, it was embarrassing. The man immeadiately noticed his mistake when you turned around, however..

"Papa is proud of you, and Pali too."

The crow speaks now in father's voice.

"There were times when we struggled, when I thought we would starve. But we always had each other, and we would always get by. It never mattered so long as we were together. I am glad, I am glad that you were born my son Petre."

Within this vision, you see an explosion, and your father pushing you and Pali out of the way with all of his might.

The debris comes down on him and the place returns to that twisting ether of color.

The crow sits upon your shoulder, a knowing eye as its inky black drifts into your own body, "Death is not the end."

Your father's corpse is gone, in its place, is a glowing silhouette of his form, standing proud with his belly out.

"It is... a new beginning."

The glowing "Papa" nods and his light slowly disperses, fading into the rest of the colors.

"I love you Petre." The glowing "Papa" says before fading away for good.

You snap back to reality, and you're still kneeling in front of Papa's... corpse... You frown.. yet you see upon your hand, a new mark has appeared. Next to the moon, is a single star-shape that glows like a small burning ember.

You hear that Crow's voice again," I will be here to help you. But you know we must leave."

"Brother? What's wrong, you never answered me.." Pali's voice interrupts your thought and snaps you back to reality.

You look at your younger brother and hastily take the notable possessions from papa's corpse.

"Papa is dead. I watched him leave myself."You blurt out, not understanding how crazy you sound.

"What do you- No, he isn't." You can feel the knot in Pali's throat from where you kneel, you have it too. But now's not the time to choke on it.

"Pali, father is dead, there's nothing more we can do, we must leave."

You take the broken watch, a couple hundred dollars that Papa keeps in the sole of his left shoe, and a second knife for Pali, tossing it to him.

You find a compass on his body, however the road map that he had on him is cinders from boiling-tear's flames.

[Gained items]
> Papa's Pocketwatch(Broken)
> Compass
> 350$

Pali gained
> Carving Knife

>>Tulpa acquired

>The Crow: You don't quite know what it will do or how it will help yet...

What will you do next?

>[] Seek out some kind of shelter, the streets are just getting worse.
>[] Return to the mall, there were people there... but also the Golden-eyed man... Susej.
>[] Continue down the current streets.
>[] Travel via the alleyways...

It's getting to be the late afternoon, the California sun still beats down upon you and Pali.. Thirst is becoming more apparent...
brb like 15 minutes
Rolled 81

>stick to the alleyways
but if possible we should keep our eyes open for something we might be able to drink
I'm back.
>[] Travel via the alleyways..
As a gypsy, alleyways are probably a second home to us.

Nah, roll was good... Was going to ask for a roll on that anyway...

Anyone else have an opinion on this? Otherwise, it'll be down into the alleys.

Ah, well with that, I will allow two more chances for alleyway rolls... and if you have anything else to add on how to do it, be my guest.
File: 1368240579126.jpg-(121 KB, 682x676, 1353465664083.jpg)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Did anyone save that Alue, I... one?
Rolled 33

Stay low, move from obstacle to obstacle, hide if we hear anything at all.
File: 1368240848530.png-(505 KB, 551x549, 1353465787432.png)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
these two are the only ones i can find. i think i was on my phone for the thread where that was posted so i probably don't have it
I've been hunting for that one
One more roll. 81 is your current highest.
we should make more
Rolled 62

I see only Alue before me
Pali still seems to be shaken from the loss of father, you are too, however you can't let that hinder you.

With another hard slap to his face, you see tears well up in his eyes,"Why do you keep doing that?"

"You need to keep it together. Father gave his life to protect us. He's why we weren't in that rubble with him. If we die now, father dies with us. We need to move Pali, there is no time for this."

You give Papa's body one more pat for good measure, and place coins upon his eyes. Likely some vultures will take them, however it is a good gesture nonetheless.

~He is already gone... You need not do such things~ You feel that crow speaking to you.. your image of its face shifts momentarily into that of a skull-like deathmask, before inky feathers swell back over its form.

You and Pali make way to head down the street, seeking an open alleyway to slip through, many of them have been blocked off by some debris or other means.

The two of you stay low and duck behind obstacles, never moving too far, and ensuring the way is clear.

You eventually find an open alley and the two of you head down it, cursing the light that still shines in the day as it leaves you with so few shadows.

You hear something and grab Pali in time to hide in the shadow of a dumpster.

You hear the slow steps of someone walking down the alley... Is it one person? Or is it two? Or is it three, like the last group?

~The number is one.~ The crow whispers to you again, this time, an eye appearing in the middle of its head.

<What is this? How do you know?>

~I am you, and not. I can see the person. They carry great death with them.~ The Crow's words are cryptic, yet that's fitting for how your father, mother, and elders used to speak..

You know little of the person heading down the alley, what will you do?

>[] Wait for them to pass all the way through.
>[] Attack them when they walk by.
>[] Call out to them from your hiding place.
>[] Flee out of the alley.
>[] Other
Rolled 66

Wait for them to pass
Rolled 87

>[] Wait for them to pass all the way through.
I'll trust crow-bro for now.

Interesting that you say for now.

I've already stated that animist Tulpas will never turn on you.

They'll only look out for your best interests.
They are a part of your soul negros
You give Pali a gesture for silence as the two of you hide in the shadow, tucked tightly against the side of the dumpster.

The person's footsteps move forward with purpose.. You can tell that whoever they are, they wear heavy boots.

The person makes not a sound, not even a mumble in the approach.

You catch a glimpse of them as they pass.

A black man with a bald head. Pali breathes at the wrong time and in one flood motion the man takes a silver revolver out of its holster and lines up the gun so that you're staring down the barrel. You can see that the man has a red reticule in his eye, and an eyepatch that fails to obscure a second red reticule glowing through the pitch black fabric.

" Where is Susej?" The man speaks to the point, his eyes do not falter. They are predatory, and you are a target...

~No, you're just in the way.~

>[] Answer (Write in)
>[] Attack him with your knife.
>[] Attempt distraction, Speak to him. (Write in)
>[] (Other)

-Warning. This man is about to pull the trigger.-
Duck and pull Pali with us. Then continue to pull Pali and run as fast as we can.
>[] Answer (Write in)
"He's at the mall, or he was last I saw him." It's the truth, as far as I know.
(Fuck mis-key ate my post, I'll summ it.)

You spill your guts out to the man, telling you know what you know of Susej, the Golden-eyed man.

Your hasty response causes the man to relax and he tells you to go where he's come from.

Your brother pipes up, beginning to ask how you and he will know.

The man with Reticules simply says, "Follow the bodies." and carries on his way.

The two of you are near your limit for insane things happening this day...

Father had always said that people were fools for believing December 21st 2012 was the end of days...

He ate those words on the date yet continued mocking it as the sky stayed t he same ever since.

No, June 13th, 2014 is your end of days.

This.. this is all bullshit.

Everything was fin just over an hour ago... Now all of a sudden people are dying, people with insane abilities are tearing the place up, and... and...

~And you are one of them.~

Yes, you are one of them...

You could remain in this alleyway for some time... Reticule-man seems to have cleared out some of the threat...
>Rest in Alleyway.

You could continue onwards through the alleyway and to the backstreets. If that man is to be trusted, you shouldn't run into anyone else, but you aren't quite sure...
>[] Continue to backstreets.

You could always follow the man, take revenge for father's death if this "Susej is the boss of these people destroying the city.
>[] Pursue Reticule-man.

Or you can return to the main street and continue forward that way, It'll be quicker back home, but stands to be open...
>[] Main road path.
Continue down the streets
>[] Continue to backstreets.
Lets just get outta here. Out of town. On the road, is a gypsy's home.
Forgoing rest, you resolve that you need to get out of this town.

You take out Father's compass and eye it carefully for north.

You and your brother head that way as soon as you hit the backstreets, all the while staying low, you only see more and more progressive chaos strewn about the streets.

The two of you can't follow that man's trail and continue in to the interstate, so while you follow it for a good while, that safe-zone ends up needing to be broken.

Slipping through another alleyway, you come before a large gathering of people, fenced in by barbed wires and guarded by people with those same strange marks upon their bodies.

It seems that this was once some sort of civic center, yet that purpose is entirely gone.

The people here have been rounded upo very much like cattle and they are dragging out one at a time to stand before a person that asks them a few questions, seems to wait a few moments as they answer, and snuff out their life not too long after with more of that...

~Magic. You know it to be magic.. You can do it as well...~

The power that the executioner seemed to use was a bit similar to Susej's, except it was invisible, more like a blast of air.

The blood upon the ground before him is wet, sopping wet, and the pile of bodies not too far from him keeps getting bigger...

From your hiding space, Pali whispers to you,"What are they... What are they doing Petre? Why would they do this?"

You... You aren't quite...

~They search for those like us.~

You can't tell Pali that...

What will you do?

>[] Attempt to cause a distraction to lead some of those people away. Fighting in an ally will force them into 1v1...

>[] Engage the captors head on, those people need to be free. Their lives are being snuffed out like nothing.

>[] Ignore them, you can't help these people and endanger yourself or your brother... Perhaps someone else will free them..

>[] (Other)
Geeze, it got really slow...
Ignore them, Pali's safety is what matters most
I'm still here man, don't know where everyone else went
>[] Ignore them, you can't help these people and endanger yourself or your brother... Perhaps someone else will free them..
We're a gypsy, they're not family.
Seconded. I'm almost done work, so I'll be able to actually post soon.
Captcha: suagrmen political
Clearly this is a sign
I'm lurking, but I'm distracted by family stuff right now.

Need some 1d100 for how lucky Petre's going to be right now..
Rolled 19

c'mon... roll well
well, shit
Rolled 22

We're not very lucky.
not today... not today
As you and Pali turn, you see a fist knock your younger brother in the face with force enough to drop him to the ground.

Your brother is down and there's a tower of a black man before you, A pentacle shining upon his right shoulder.

A second fist comes to meet your face, and with speed. However something within you anticipated the flow of the strike, and you parry it with a hand even as the overall speed slows with your touch.
The pentacle upon his shoulder dims, and he appears surprised that you were able to block him.

With the opening, you draw you father's blade and slide it between his ribs, finding resistance, yet piercing through nonetheless.

The man brings a brutish elbow across your face, even as once more the speed and power seem to wane with near contact.

You attempt to pull back the dagger to counter the blue, however the man's muscles have effectively seized it from you.

The strike sends you sprawling into a dumpster, emitting a resounding sound that makes you feel sick to your stomach... That'll alert the others.

The Pentacle-man stands between you and your brother, your knife is locked between his ribs, yet he seems relatively unphased, nor does he seem big on talking.

There's a trashcan lid near you, shards of glass and torn off guardrails.

Reinforcements are sure to come shortly... The way back to the other backstreets is clear.

>[] Abandon Pali and run, there's nothing you can do here that won't get you caught.
>[] Improvise(Write in)
>[] Negotiate (Write in)
>[] Surrender
>[] Other

Reach for the trashcan lid. We will use it as a shield while rushing him. While doing this yell to Pali "RUN NOW!!!"
Ooh, I like this. Yes.
>You attempt to pull back the dagger to counter the blue, however the man's muscles have effectively seized it from you.

>You attempt to pull back the dagger to counter the blue

>Counter the blow

Wow. that was weird...
honestly I did not see that until you just pointed it out
You stare at the man and grab the lid of the trashcan, holding it before you like a shield as you rush the man.

You shout out loud at Pali," Run NOW!"

Your younger brother begins ti scramble to his feet, still dazed from the blow.

The man begins to glance backward, however he meets you, eyes forward as you make contact.

He forces you off of him after some effort, seeming to weaken slightly from your proximity.

~Our presence stifles such a might foe. Yet that alone will not slay it.~
>Note: omit any quote of the crow that's its own voice and using "You."

You rush into the man with your shield once more, focusing on its resilience, you'll break through and hold him with this.

He throws a blow into the "shield," and shows some degree of surprise, he glares at you and begins to redirect the shield down with a grab, reaching for you open vest.

With a struggle, he gets a firm grip and quickly pully you in by the fabric, only to deliver a very short punch that emits the sound of cracking bones as it delivers force into you.

~Such a foe will not be defeated by this degree of violence....~ roll 1d10.

Also, tell me.

How much do you trust the Crow?
I believe heeding the crow's wisdom in these crazy times is fine enough until things calm down.
Rolled 3

for the roll

Wisdom aside.

Do you trust the crow itself?
Rolled 6

Hard question, but yes. He helped with father so theres at least some trust
At the crow's words, and with the breaking of your ribs, you feel your vision grow foggy, distorting...

In your mind's eyes, the inky-black creature dons that skeletal mask of death.

~We will show us... What measure of violence is necessary.~

You feel something spill from within you... a part of yourself, along with the crow. it takes the man aback as the hand that's gripped becomes gnarled and scratches by the reaching black aura.

The man draws back, but your body unwittingly pushes forward.

<I will send him to the next life,> you think to yourself.

You rip at the man, even as he delivers crushing blows into your body. However, with his body smothered by the proximity of your black-feathered aura, you inevitably win out.

Moments later, the man is cut and scratched as though he had been attacked by countless crows.

You turn to your brother, as he looks upon your visage... He had been knocked to the ground, and in the middle of all that, too scared to run.

He is a hindrance, you could have easily left without him.

~Kill him, he is a liability for us. He will get us killed! He will die anyway!~ The crow still wears the mask of death.

>[] Resist! 1d10
>[] Give in.
Rolled 10

Rolled 7

Also if possible I would like to force the crow to submit to me

It has submit to you.

It's just looking out for your best interests.

It will never turn against you.
Rolled 6

then it just needs to know that my best interests is my family
You couldn't possibly bear the thought of hurting your little brother... With one powerful sweep of your thoughts and emotion, you push back the crow's influence.

<Don't you ever suggest that again.>

~We are the same... We know he is a hindrance. How we could get away from here if it weren't for him.~

<I wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for him>

~We helped earlier, we could not have caught that snake, had I not intervened.~


You reach to grab Pali's hand, yet he draws back," Petyre... What's happening to you? What was that?" He begins to shake his head back and forth.
"What's happened... to you?"

You hear Footsteps approaching, Pali does as well.

Despite the tension between you two, he gets up and you run away from the camp, together.

(That's the last post for tonight..

Now, I was going to post the epilogue for Omar Denis tonight, however, I'll leace that for tomorrow so I can know my schedule for when I can run this next!

Epilogue will be posts at about 1800 or 1900.)
Alright man, until next time
First a nigro and now a gypsy, can we change this to minorities quest?
dude... really?

To be fair, Omar Denis was biracial. His mom was white, his dad was black, but it never particularly came up in context of the quest.

It just so happens that players chose to be biracial in the first one, and a gypsy in this one.

Why even make it about race?

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