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You are Princess Lydia Tannhäuser Von Cygnus Gates the third, duchess of Tannhäuser and executive director of the Royal Rocketry Corps of Midland.

Second Lieutenant, Dame Kateryn Cobham, has just returned from the first manned space expedition. Orbiting the earth once in her Pathfinder space capsule. For her meritorious service she shall be granted the title "Hero of the empire" from your mother, as well as "Order of the void, first class" from yourself.

>Wiki with archives and info: http://emlia.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=WhatGoesUp.SpacePrincessQuest
>Rules: http://emlia.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=WhatGoesUp.WhatGoesUp

All posts must use the royal we. Any suggestion unfitting a princess will be ignored.
And the press? They are properly covering this historic moment?
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You have completed your goal of putting a (wo)man into orbit, just in time for the summer solstice. The press have been clamoring for pictures, and your budget has been raised to 38 points per turn. You also feel rejuvenated by your success and gain another luck point, bringing your total to 3.

What shall you do now?

Current Equipment: RRC officer dress uniform.
>(+Professional, -Militaristic)
Current Inventory: 1 Pathfinder capsule
38 RnD points, 3 luck points.
We will, of course, allow for pictures of Dame Cobham.
Also, of course, we must arrange the ceremonies for the granting of the titles.

As well, we shall have a picture taken of the RRC, of everyone who took part in this historic flight.
For the RRC commemorative photo, we shall dress in the normal Princess Frilly Dress.

Also, now is perhaps the time to invent the next stage of our rockets.

We should start using Reusable components, since the parts are becoming more expensive and we can't afford to keep building new ones.

Let us assume a Capsule of Mass 6. Minus 1 for being reusable, and minus 1 for Capsule limitations, it can carry a payload of 4.
That's enough for 1 RCS, 2 people, and 1 Rations or Camera.
But is that enough?

A better payload would be 2 pilots, 1 Thruster, 2 Rations, 1 Camera. Mass 6, and the Thruster would require 1 Fuel. So a total of Mass 7.
Add in 1 for the Capsule, and another 1 for Reusable. A total Mass of 9.
At that point, we may just want to go up to Mass 12, so that it can carry a payload of Mass 9.
Per house rules, capsules (and anything inside of them) are already re-usable provided they land properly. If a spacecraft has an engine with enough thrust to land on earth (good luck) it is also re-usable.

The only parts that have to be built specially to be re-usable are first stages, the extra weight is adding parachutes and reinforcing them so they can survive the water landing.

So a Mass 6 capsule will have 5 mass worth of room inside of it, You will however need to build a mass 24 first stage!

The Colonel also informs you that if you had a rocket that large, you could also build a mass 1 engine, and two units of fuel to put a mass 1 capsule into polar orbit and then back to earth. This would be able to photograph any point on the globe. You would need to develop a thruster to make the plane change burns, and a power source that would last long enough (The computers estimate it would take no less than 20 orbits)
>You will however need to build a mass 24 first stage!
Well, if we're only using a Mass 6 Capsule, then the Orbital Insertion Stage only needs to be Mass 6, meaning that the First Stage can be as small as Mass 15.
Not really getting the math on the spy satellite.
Is it an Upper Stage with Mass 4, that sticks with the Mass 1 Capsule? The Mass 4 being 1 Capsule, 2 Fuel, and 1 Thruster?
The second stage has to be as large as the payload, and the first stage has to be as large as the payload+the second stage. So putting a mass 6 capsule into orbit is 6+6+12.

I guess we both got our sums messed up.

Using the pathfinder capsule loaded with a camera and power source gives a payload of 3. Then an Engine and two units of fuel is another 3 mass. Then just put a Mass 6 second stage and a Mass 12 lower stage.

This would also require a more advanced guidance system to be invented.
>Using the pathfinder capsule loaded with a camera and power source gives a payload of 3. Then an Engine and two units of fuel is another 3 mass
By Engine, don't you mean Thruster?
And doesn't the Thruster need to be incorporated into the Capsule?
So we would need a new Capsule with a Mass 6?
And a new Guidance System would push it up to Mass 7?
Either I missed it when the rules changed, or read it wrong the first time, but Unmanned guidance systems don't take up space, they do however count as being mass 3 for the purposes of building or upgrading them. In any case the old guidance system is a special case and represents a really primitive and bulky system.

And parts can be stored outside of a capsule, although this means they are not re-usable. Like the service module on an Apollo capsule.
None of that is detailed in the rules. Good to know.
The rules are a work in Progress.
If we limit ourselves to max payloads of Mass 6, we can continue to use the Mk4a with a Mass 15 (Reusable) Mk4c First Stage. Should we go with that, or start on a completely new series, with a much larger potential payload?
A mass 16 rocket could also carry an escape tower. However remember that anything larger than mass 12 will not be able to gain the technology transfer bonus.
Yes, but then it won't be Reusable.
Wait, it takes 3xMass RP to invent something.
A Mass 12 Rocket would cost 36RP to invent; since our budget is only 38RP, we can't build a Mass 15 Rocket anyway.

Very well, we shall invent the Mk4c Ziracah Mass 12 Rocket.

With 2 RP remaining, we shall invest them in radio-reactive power cells. 2/6
Wouldn't the proper name for the C type be Cherubim?
I supposed.
Mk4c Cherubim.
Budget confirmed. Plans are drafted for a rocket twice as large as the old Mk4b
So, is anything else going to happen today?
Probably not, slow night.

I'm sorry I haven't been putting much in myself either. But most of the regulars also seem to be busy.
Oh well. Goodnight then.
Still want to progress to the next turn, though.
And more reactions from the press and public about the successful launch of the first human in space.
Both for having the first person in space, and for it being a woman.

I'm just lurking like always till more Character interaction happens. This KSP you guys kept talking about vexes me so much. can sem to keep my Kerbals alive on landings, oh well.
Yeah, those things will happen tomorrow.

What happened today is that I expected everyone to be planning for the next launch, so I didn't plan any character interaction. I shouldn't have done that.

I'll have something tomorrow. It is the Summer Solstice after all.
Why would we plan anything when we're have just launched the first human to space? It's about time to talk to press, wear a frilly dress, look awesome and ask someone for more money.
We need to determine if we're going to go Reusable, and have a long-term plan for rocket development.
OOC Question, is this supposed to be Royal Homenese Space Force the Quest, or more "We went there," WRT the quest to visit the Moon. (Are we using Gemini style capsules, or Soyuz generals), because our suggestions should adjust based on how we intend to reach the moon.
Long term plan: build bigger rockets. Simple.
Switching to reusable would stall our development, but I think we have the necessary time to do it right now, what with having launched the first person to space and so on.
The former. It takes place in a world with a culture similar to 19th century Europe and technology similar to the early 20th century. The current capsule is comparable to Vostok or Mercury. There is a lot of room for improvement.
Ah cool. We suggest, dear princess, that we design a larger rocket, able to put up a slightly larger payload, and launch a space probe to orbit the planet. With this probe, we should mount advanced cameras, and we will have the ability to track any military movements, thus gaining the support of the military factions.

For manned rockets,weI support using this larger rocket to launch a mission to place a "space station," a small sustained manned outpost, in outer space, while researching a even larger rocket to place a craft in orbit around the Moon, and return them to the Earth. This will use the same common rocket platform, the Cobam (named after our dear Pathfinder rider), and the station will be named the Tannhauser Gate, which will be or massive orbital presence.
>which will be or massive orbital presence.
You intend to do this before we can defend ourselves? Such a facility will not go unnoticed by the Foe Stars.

Have you forgotten that we are the Commander of X-COM as well as Director of the Royal Rocketry Corps?
OOC Question 2: Have we found how to make nuclear fission, or not, this will alter our second proposal, because fission makes sustained space missions easier (because we can mount a fission reactor/decay heat/power source on a long term rocket.
Again, we will mount rockets, and "Meson Ray" weapons, using the power of high energy particles to defend our homeland and our planet. I assume we have found atomic theory, and know how to produce a sustained or at least cause atoms to divide, producing high energy particles.
We already have fission weapons, no reactors, and we've only just developed radio-thermal power cells.
I'm going to bed now, I suggest the new player read the archives.
Oh yeah, and I'll be back tomorrow at 8 with actual content I promise.
We must research a fission reaction system, in parallel with our latest rocket, to produce energy from the decay of highly unstable elements,which could produce unlimited energy for our people.

(OOC: I work with both nuclear reactors and rockets for a living, this quest is fun to me)
Are you just throwing terms around or do you actually have a particle weapon design in mind?
And the power output that the Foe Stars can must simply for propulsion purposes is enough to glass an entire continent.
Since God Mother went to bed we will not go into details, but yes we do have a design for a bomb pumped X-Ray laser,. According to tests, when photons are exposed to mediums, such a gasses or crystals, they produce x-rays. These x-rays can be triggered as a defense means to the foe stars, thus using their own weapons against them, We can produce rt for a fairly low cost as a means of defending our planet.
Radio-reactive elemental Theory was developed by your Governess, Professora Minerva. In the last great war she invented the Reaction bomb which turned the tide of the war. However the reaction against such a terrible weapon caused her to be shunned publicly and she was never able fulfill her dream building a radio-reactive engine for peaceful energy generation.
However with you as her student she may yet get her chance.

The Faux Stars are mysterious lights in the sky that hover 5au above the ecliptic before vanishing. They disturb the royal astrological society greatly because they are the first astronomical phenomena in thousands of years which has not been foretold in the ancient scriptures.
Cursory examination reveals that these strange objects are only a few dozen meters across, but burning hotter than the sun.
The Astrological society kindly asks that you not share this information with anybody.
You mean Project Excalibur?
Besides us still lacking some of the basic technologies and metallurgy, where are we going to test it, when any attempt to militarize nuclear technology further will be met with our funding being cut?

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