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File: 1360816950315.png-(149 KB, 500x500, Kurage Maru titlescreen.png)
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Hello again! Welcome to Epsilon Drive, a bullethazard game that currently puts you in the shoes of space pirates. Yes. With swords and stuff. They're called the Cayman Pirates.


For those interested, this thread is currently a discussion and fluff/RP thread, not a mission thread yet.

After being contacted by Captain Hoshino, a small group of fresh new pirates take part in the assault of a defenseless freighter. Soon it became apparent that the freighter isn't as helpless as they thought, and they went toe-to-toe with the conscripts of the Triumvirate. Surprisingly, the new pirates display a good sense of combat prowess, and secured the freighter. What is exactly the reason why Hoshino wanted the freighter? Does it have a connection to the 'Epsilon Drive' the Triumvirates are protecting? And why did the Triumvirate send it on an unarmed freighter first of all? These questions come to mind while the yet-unnamed pirate crew rests in the safety of Blue Angel, a Cayman Pirate hideout in the asteroid belt...
File: 1360817171488.png-(114 KB, 500x500, Static.png)
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114 KB PNG
"Come on man, can't you fix that thing?"
"Dunno, the channel just went static like this..."
"But the game was getting hot! It was 3 -2 right?"
"I dunno man, vidya soccer ain't as hot as the real thing, knawmsayin?"
"Why I oughta-"
File: 1360817259546.png-(249 KB, 500x500, EDQ-Portrait-MrJackShowOPdist.png)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
"Hold on, something's happening!"
"You fixed it?"
"Don't think so..."
File: 1360817467211.png-(37 KB, 500x500, EDQ-Portrait-MrJackShowOP.png)
37 KB
*A jingle*
???: "Greetings, everybody! Sorry to interrupt your Aquila News Network or the Triumvirate Propaganda Channel viewing... because it is time for Mr. Jack's Ragtime Show! That's right, the one untraceable, unhackable pirate channel, bringing you news without bias. And our top story today..."
File: 1360818075241.png-(93 KB, 500x500, Mr Jack - KURAGE.png)
93 KB
"...is the recent 'disappearance' of a freighter! According to trusted and anonymous sources, the freighter left Tharsis sometime yesterday with some unspecified cargo, heading for Ganymede. For you who has been out of the loop, Ganymede is Triumvirate territory- but that didn't matter, since it went 'missing' en route in the Asteroid Belt. We all know that the place is infested with Cayman Pirates, so no surprise there... another contact of mine has confirmed that it is indeed a Cayman raid that took the freighter."
"In other news, Aquila Union traders were caught near Mars space for trespassing, could this renew hostilities between Aquila and Triumvirate?"
"That's it for the news today... this has been Mr. Jack's Ragtime Show! See you on another unnanounced time!"

the signal jam clears, and soon enough every television in the station resumes their original broadcast...
File: 1360818634796.png-(225 KB, 500x500, Hoshino 01.png)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
"Well, it seems like we just got a few minutes of the famous Mr. Jack. Anyways, you guys decided on a name for your crew yet? Makes me kinda iffy calling you guys 'you guys'. Also, it's about time for the Captain elections... basically, you guys choose which Captain you want to work for. I'll patch you up with the others in a bit."
File: 1360818844037.png-(247 KB, 500x500, Malik 01.png)
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247 KB PNG
"So these are the new 'recruits', Hoshino? Seems quite wimpy by my standards. What? They got a freighter? Well good on them, because I don't see how that tips the scale. Wait, how many? Twenty-eight Triangles and four of their sentries? With just TWO casualties? Well, they oughta count for something at least..."
I'd vote for the Shadow Raiders, based on a story I've read in my youth. Entire planets of people stealing from one another, and this is where I see is end up, the greatest pirates in the galaxy. No offence Captain.
File: 1360819267698.png-(216 KB, 500x500, Psycho 01.png)
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216 KB PNG
"Ahh, been so long since I saw such... enthusiastic flesh on them bones. Fresh meat's good for killing stuff, yes... Sadly the Shadow Raiders are but a myth. Nothing more but old bones and space dust... I made sure of that. But. The question in my mind right now. Why should I care for you?
Let me clear this out with this... yet-unnamed crew. Well? You've got a question in your doorstep, are any of you gonna answer it?"
Why you should care about us? Honestly, you shouldn't, we killed did jack squat really, unless our first raid was more successful then yours ever was but I doubt that. We're eager, we're on a roll and I'm sure we're a cut above the average stock and we will only improve from there really.

I'd say we could name the group the Flying Dutchmen, but perhaps that's being a tiny bit too full of ourselves, not that it's a bad thing sometimes.
File: 1360819900711.png-(224 KB, 500x500, Hoshino 02.png)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
"Heh, I like you guys, what with being humble and brave and all. And standing up to Psycho, well, that's one thing! I see that your group has quite the fearless ones. Psycho here, he likes scaring his underlings, haha. Also, nice name, I'd pick Shadow Raiders too, but well, Psycho obviously has a history with that name."
"Anyways, I hereby officially -snrk- name your group the Flying Dutchmen! Now, which one of us do you want to pick as a Captain? Or maybe, seeing your fearlessness, you want to say you've got a candidate already?"
A hard question ma'am! I'd love to know a bit about your histories before I have to chose! I know you're all big bad-asses, but, what's the story behind that, your call to glory and fame, shit like that ya'know?
File: 1360820532652.png-(988 KB, 1200x1200, EDQ-CaymanInfantryUL starting.png)
988 KB
988 KB PNG
Well, while we wait for more people to join, have a gander at the current available things you can play as next mission.
Questions and stuff will be answered!
I'm a bit lost, is this a quest thread or a proper game that happens to be on /tg/?

Either way is cool, because...you know. Space Pirates are cool.
A game, based on the same system as Iron Hearts and Skirmish Quest. Right now we're just having an intermission, but sign up and vote for a captain if you want!
File: 1360821077602.png-(464 KB, 1200x800, EDQ-CaymanUpgrades.png)
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464 KB PNG
Also, the full extent of possible upgrades for your infantry units, as of now. You can request for more stuff.

Well, bullethazards are part quest, part game that happens to be on /tg/. For other bullethazard games, there are Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, and Ten of Spades.
Also, I happen to forgot to put a link to the past threads, silly me.

So yeah, new players may jump in at any time, currently we're in an intermission thread where the fluff gets explained and RP happens. So probably it's the Quest part happening.
File: 1360821283901.jpg-(148 KB, 350x354, Harlock.jpg)
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148 KB JPG

Huh. I approve of anything that gets more space pirates onto /tg/, but I've got to get some sleep. I'll catch up on this tomorrow and try to join in if it starts earlier.

Sagin' for off-topic.
File: 1360821783404.png-(247 KB, 500x500, Malik 02.png)
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247 KB PNG
"Heh, smart choice. Well, I suppose I should start with Hoshino, she is the youngest of us three. She started out as a Skirmisher Crew, armed with that katana of hers, going on raids and stuff. She must've got extraordinary luck or somethin', since she always returned from a raid alive and in one piece. Soon enough, people start gathering around her, for her prowess in battle."
"Then we have Psycho. Truth be told, even I don't know exactly how he became a Cayman, but he was one hell of a hacker. Not just hacking computers, mind you, he's also good at both guns and knives. The thing is, he once killed a whole crew of Caymans, but turned out that they are actually Aquila moles. Don't know how he knew that, but he's crazy anyways."
"And then there's me. Oh, I started out a refugee, got two pistols to my name. Did nothing much, just protecting the refugees and such. I'm sure the others would fill you in on my achievements."
File: 1360822024704.png-(224 KB, 500x500, Hoshino 04.png)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
"Oh, stop it with your humble games. You straight-up went to your urban guerilla warfare mode whenever the hideaway you're on got raided by Aquila or Triumvirate. I think you even got a beef with one particular Aquila general, right?"
"So yeah, that's about the gist of us. Who do you Flying Dutchmen guys want to choose?"
File: 1360822856947.png-(707 KB, 800x600, promo - Hoshino.png)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
Also, have a little something. It's promotional material, see?

Also, things planned in the future: space battles. That's right, you will be able to pilot spaceships from fighters up to frigates!
[24 xp from previous battle]
[-20 xp towards Body Armour]
[4 xp to community pool]
I going to go with Malik, always fun to have some more defensive options when the going gets tough.
File: 1360824283591.png-(224 KB, 500x500, Hoshino 03.png)
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224 KB PNG
"Allrighty, so Malik for the moment, eh? Well, if you guys want to switch Captains, just tell us. These things happen anyways, and us Caymans aren't the rigid types.
Oh, almost forgot! Now, you guys still got my cargo from the Kurage Maru right? Handed it over to Bambang yet?"
Nah not yet, we should be arriving soon, most of us got busy looting shit and placing the things neatly in the cargo bay for unloading later. We may be pirates, but we have a minimum of organization. And I like you Malik, good choice really, no offence to the both of you other 2. Now if you excuse me, I have a shopping list to do and I need to upgrade Penelope with sharper talons and a bigger gun.
For new folks interested to play this thing, since this thread's an inter-mission thread, I can't show you first-hand how to play, but here goes.

In these kind of games, you and the enemy take turns moving, shooting, and stuff like that. So, usually, the players start first, this phase is called Action Phase. In this phase the players type out what they want to do that turn, what to move, as well as rolling dice for attacking or some certain action. We use d10s around here. Then, after Action Phase, the GM does the Processing, which is basically drawing out what happened as a result of the actions in Action Phase. And then after that comes Enemy Phase, in which the enemy does their thing. Then the cycle continues until either the mission is won, or the players retreat/all die.

Each player gets to pick one Class (that's the topmost row of this chart right here >>23155245), and one Loadout of that class (which is the column below the Class). Players may change Loadout each mission, but changing Classes takes 50 exp, to reflect the fact that you have to learn/unlearn lots of stuff. If you look in the loadouts, weapons have some numbers in them, like, say, the Skirmish Crew sword:
1R [7]x1 -> skull [3]
It means that the sword has 1 range (that is, one hex away from your unit), and to hit, you must roll 1d10 below 7. If you rolled beneath 3, you instantly kill whoever's the unlucky bastard you're cutting.
If you look at the guns, there are something like '3x' with a six-holed circle next to it, that meant you get to use it three times before reloading.
>Buying Gas Mask
>Buying Flash Googles
>Buying Additional Armor
>Leftover Exp 7

Alright well now that we're done talking to our lovely captain, lets go make that little Triumvirate guy shit his pants a wee bit more, right? Damn fucking right. Cmon Penelope, we've got a bit of fright to dish out.

The eager young hacker grabs hold of a highly eviscerated body and drags it along with him to the engineer's holding bloc.
The engineer sits silently in a small room, the only illumination is a half-working neon light that constantly hums.
"Aiya! What you want, pirate? I tell you nothing, nothing anyways!"
*Throws the grotesque rag-doll of a body at the man's feet, guts spilling out, arm sliced off, it's face twisted in a shriek of terror from the last thing he'd seen.*

Well hello to you too darling, welcome to your temporary holding cell. Now we can do this the hard way, or the Cayman way. But I'm sure you'd like to tell me what is it that you nice lot were doing on this dinky ship we've decided to raid. Now, before you say anything, my pinkie tell's me it might be something called the Epsilon Drive. Is my pinkie right?" he asks, the kill-bot slowly walking in the room, it's leg blades still covered in caked blood and innards.
"AH SHIT! By the Three, is that? Oh no, it is Vladimir..."
The engineer panicked a bit.
"Okay, I'll tell you what I know! We were part of an ambush team. I only know that we're supposed to bring this Epsilon Drive to Ganymede, we left from Tharsis in Mars..."
He seems to tell the truth, his eyes fixated on the deadly piece of machinery.
"I don't know what this Epsilon Drive is, but my superior was acting strange when he heard we are transporting it. That's about all I know..."
See? I knew we could talk perfectly well together mister engineer. And as a nice present, I'l even let you go! This is your lucky day, you'l be jettisoned in space in a small life vessel and you'l hope that luck work its way around for you. Or I hand you to Funky D, he liked to shotgun people's face off and then dance on their corpses while singing. But before you do go back in space, which I assume you'l do, I'l need a small payment of everything you own, except the clothes no your back. Gear is not cheap ya?
"Ugh... you leave me no choice... can I ask to be a refugee, instead? Or at least clothe me as one? The alternatives are hard... If I'm caught by Triumvirate, the commissar'll get me to the firing range, and I heard it's worse than death if I get caught by Aquila..."
The engineer drones on.
"I hear they got these machines that straight up takes memories from your brain! They can even wipe your mind, turn you into brainwashed death squads! And then they make you find your own family, and kill them... I don't intend to die, but I've shamed my country too much. Jettison me not in this uniform, please!"
" Very well...I'm no monster...most of the time. Welcome to your new life as a bitch, props: you don't die nor do you get sold off or whatever shit Aquilla does. Cons: A lot, you're cleaning the shitters when we reach the station. I'm done here, for now. Penelope, pick the man up."

The robot shuffles and emits a strange noise before stabbing the corpse with 1 leg, dragging it back outside the room with the pirate preceding it. "Sleep tight, you'l need it." he laughs as the door closes again behind him and the robot.
Well, good job, Grog, we got ourselves another janitor or handyman!

Oh hey, we got a transmission... from a masked source. Hm. Lemme patch it into our firewall just in case. It seems that the signal's coming in from the Jovian subsystem, though. Here goes.
File: 1360831905480.png-(149 KB, 500x500, Dr Strazynski.png)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
"Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?"
"This is Dr. Strazynski, don't ask how I got this channel... I know that you now have the Epsilon Drive! Whatever you do, don't try and put it together, much less strapping it to a shipframe afterwards! There could be consequences if you do so... Strazynski, out."

The signal quickly disappears. Hm, mysterious. Makes it kinda curious, eh?
Hahahahahaha ok! Now someone fetch me that fucking thing. Captain Malik, are you still with us? Does Strazynski ring a bell to you?
"I could honestly go for either Hoshino or Malik. On the one hand, I like good pay, on the other? Pistols man, I gotta respect a fellow gunman."

(I bought armor last time, also the 5th raid thread is missing... this is why suptg is superior >_>)
File: 1360832512007.png-(247 KB, 500x500, Malik 03.png)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
"Huh, I haven't heard that name in a long while. I think he was that scientist who got kidnapped by the Triumvirate a few years back. Why's the enquiry?"
"He told us not to assemble this big old engine drive thing they left in their cargo hold. Cause there'll be consequences. But the sucker was left with an assembly manual! So we're taking our ship into some dry docks and gonna strap this baby on top pointed in the right way, fly it a couple light minutes away from the station, and turn it on. Sound good?"
No it does not sound good, this shit's the reason Hoshino sent us here, we get it to her, we get money. No one's fucking with it. But no harm in looking.
"Well now, reckless, dangerous and above all else. A challenge. Darling keep the pilot company while I go help Grog with inspecting this drive."
File: 1360833336684.png-(248 KB, 500x500, Malik 04.png)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
"WHAT? No, no, no! You'll endanger the lives of the refugees in the hideout. I know Strazynski, he's a legit quantum physicist, and I'm sure he knows the risk. On the other hand, you don't. So keep that shit disassembled until I can get a handle on Strazynski and know just -what- exactly this thing does."
"Need I remind you that even I find the notion of Triangle goons sending an unarmed freighter straight through the asteroid field is sketchy as fuck? Could be a big-ass trap! Now just... do nothing with it, okay? Just keep that crate in the cargo loading docks, or I will have to order Blue Angel's flak to rip your freighter apart."
"Aaaaah... fine, fine, fine." Growls and lets go of the crowbar witch stretches back into shape and hums and vibrates after being stuck firmly into the metal crate holding the drive. "Get us a low G corridor route towards BamBang's place and we'll scootch it along."
"Sure, just looking at it is fine. But if I ever find out you guys assembled it near any of Cayman bases... you know what'll happen."
"Or keep it in the cargo docks, whatever floats your boat boss."
File: 1360833696740.png-(166 KB, 500x500, Bambang Arms Dealer.png)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
After a few discussions, Bambang came to your place in his gun vendor van, along with a crew of people and cargo haulers.
"Ayy guys, I just got news from Hoshino that she'll be getting the cargo out. I assume you've got the goods from the freighter ready?" He smiles that salesman grin of his.
"Yo Captain? Hand it over?"
Yeah we do, that and any extra goodie of value around here.
Deep Blue crawls out of the giant crate that holds the parts of the drive and looks him over with a scowl. "Yes, yes. The cargo is all stowed away and Hoshino's pet project is ready to be moved."

"Pity, I was making some progress with it as well. Always loved machines and this here is a beauty. Wish I could assemble it."
"Go ahead, I've cleared this with Hoshino as well. Bambang's to move the cargo to a safer location."

Bambang just smiles at Deep Blue. "Hehehe, don't worry, the cargo is now in safe hands, yes? Also, I'll make sure to try and get the things you asked me... Explosive Rounds, right? And oh, I remember about your sleeping dart question, they're kinda instant takedowns, but some people may need more than just one. If you aim it at the neck or chest, guaranteed takedown! They'll be down in two turns or three."
With that, Bambang whistled, and directed the cargo crew to move the crates to the loader.
"Keep your loot, because it's pirate law; Finders Keepers! Unless you got ordered by your Captain to hand over stuff, hehe!"
"Calm down. I heard the good captain and I was given permission to look it over. I'm not going to assemble it."

Deep Blue slaps a dataslate against her thigh "not until I get access to a place that can make one anyway. Just because Hoshino is taking that one away doesn't mean I can't build my own."

She watches the crates beginning to be packed away for several seconds then turns away to head back to the cockpit.
"Sure then, sleep darts for me."

>New EXP: 18
You got a price on those explosive rounds yet? Got some cash buring a hole in my pocket.
"Sooo... next mission's gonna be to rescue the big guy right?"

"OH! GUYS! Let's rig up some firing tubes in the canopy of the freighter we got! Those big tube fronts on the top are perfect for it!"
This thread seems mighty relevant to my interests!
You should play then! Or have 10Spades again :3
>>You should play then! Or have 10Spades again :3
I wish... I do have things under my radar but alas, I have begun doing unrelated projects again as the work on 10Spades have grown up to be more than I dare to tackle. To put it bluntly I created such a mess that I think the whole 10Spades will need a serious overhaul!

But enough about that rambling, I am here because I felt it is my duty to drop by and pay my respects to Indonesian Gentleman for what he is doing.

I salute to you and wish all the best to you sir, and much fun to the players!

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