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    File :1217873486.jpg-(112 KB, 533x600, TOTALLYSERVITORCHANSRSLY.jpg)
    112 KB WHEN LAST WE LEFT OFF SUPAA SERVITORU ROMANCU... Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:11 No.2298030  
    Silence. It is regrettable, you reflect, after considering your options. You were coming close to something before the indoctrination.

    Two navvies. Flechette guns- one sawed off. In the cell, those whirring pieces of metal would make for an ad-hoc blender. Killing the two fools, small comfort as it would mean your's and the primary's death.

    "Does your silence mean cooperation, or do you suffer from some malfunction?"

    The simplest way would be to use the Exitus pistol- only five rounds in the magazine however. Reserve it. Three men, especially with the main threat drawing closer did not require expenditure of munitions.

    "Oh no," whispers Sister Sinai, "Oh no oh no oh no oh no," Her eyes widen in peripheral vision. She expects it. So does the tech priest, stepping forward, drawing some augmetic or another.

    Sister Sinai shrinks away. Good girl.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:11 No.2298034
    Your boot slams into his chest, meeting steel plating, causing the tech priest to stumble back, chuckling, brandishing a drill hand, and obscuring the shot of the two navvies beyond the narrow door. From the noise of it, the dermal plates were a slap job on his part. The navvies cry out, as the tech thinks that a drill is an effective weapon.

    You duck under, grasp the arm firmly at the wrist, then reach with your bionic arm. He struggles, has some enhancements, a tough one, the drill is spinning sputtering and kicking- ah.

    You feel the top of the dermal plate, and will your bionic to grip as hard as it can, and pull. The Adeptus Mechanicus shrieks. While the steel might be strong, the flesh surrounding it is weaker. The collar bone pops out before the left navvy, the bearded and jumpier looking one decides to just shoot through the tech priest.

    A few get sputter through the plate, embed themselves in your syn skin. The rest finish the job you started on the tech priest. The right navvy comes through, gun first as the tech priest starts to crumple. The drill arm is still going as you toss it at him.

    Hot blood spatters across your cheek as you roll into the hall, drawing inaccurate fire from the bearded navvy. He spares a second to see the red road of ruin running down his comrade's body left by the tech priest's drill before you're on him.

    He fires again, and you feel hot gunpowder kiss your cheek. One hand has to grab the knife he attempts to draw, the other the gun he holds. You bring your forehead into his nose, hard.

    Three times his breaking nose echoes in the hall, and he falters each time. First to his knees, then he is only held up by your strength alone, then before he can plea for mercy, you push the nose the last few inches into his brain.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:13 No.2298049
    sure is a lot of niggerfaggotry on tg today
    >> Attempt #4262353 to finish something I've started in my life Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:14 No.2298053
    A short step on the screaming navvy's throat ends his cries, the drill caught in his belly, uselessly attempting to turn through, jammed with gore and intestine.

    In less than a minute, the combat is over. Not quiet, but definitely quick. You step over the growing puddle of blood, to stand in your cell's entrance.

    Sister Sinai curls in the corner, wide eyed, blood spattered, shivering in her cassock, staring at you. Terrified.

    1) Calm her down.
    2) Go and do what must be done- she doesn't need to understand what you do to be saved.
    3) Whoopsie. Maybe go back before traumatizing her?
    4) Kill her. Complete all objectives, wait on your cot for the Inquisitor's assessment.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:16 No.2298067

    You'll never finish anything, you know that, I know that, but I'll keep reading anyway.
    >> Chaos Sage Marine Aspiring Champion Sagerius !!7sP5yPsAJXa 08/04/08(Mon)14:17 No.2298074
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:18 No.2298084
    As I am a colossal faggot, I still advocate 1, 2 and an Eversor
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:20 No.2298094
    Sounds like a song.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:21 No.2298098
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:24 No.2298120


    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:25 No.2298128

    This unit lacks the social training to calm trauma-stricken guarded primaries. Her understanding is not required, only her survival.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:27 No.2298142

    It's still daytime-/tg/ hope you got a thick skin.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:27 No.2298143
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:31 No.2298172
    I know how to bundle my depression and anxiety deep inside to fester, never fear. And aside from that, if it was overwhelmingly negative with few positive responses, I would not have posted cause I am not an asshole. As it is though, there's enough people who want this for me to keep going.

    Two for 2, two for 1, two for four.
    Cease fence sitting!
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:31 No.2298174

    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:34 No.2298210
    Link to last thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:36 No.2298229

    Sorry, I'm Chaos Undivided, it's hard for me to make up my mind.

    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:42 No.2298265
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:43 No.2298269

    You linger, for a moment in the door. She stares, gasping shallow breaths- a few of her stitches have come loose. For a moment, you step forward, reach out, to help her, to wipe away the blood, but she flinches, cries out, throws her hands over her head.

    Your hand, halfway to her face stops, curls up, then drops to your side. Back to the mission. You step by the shivering girl, snatch up your mask, pulling it over your face. You kick the ruined corpses clear of the door and into the hall, shutting the girl in your cell.

    Your last glimpse before door closes is of the girl staring down, color drained, shivering, looking at the blood spatter on her hand.

    The hall is empty, aside from the corpses. The Bloodied wasn't fully staffed as it was, and with the preparations for the drop onto Kronus underway, there was little sense in dallying when there was work to be done. All is quiet, aside from the thrum of the ship.

    1) Dispose of the evidence, before someone notices.
    2) Take advantage of the initiative, attempt to find the Magos to pressure him into sparing the girl before someone else comes to collect her.
    3) Find Inquisitor Madek.
    4) ?????
    >> Anonymous 08/04/08(Mon)14:53 No.2298318

    waiting for an epic showdown on a rain and lightning spattered plateau as the vindicare battles the heartless magos

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