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Sorry guys I´m starting 20 minutes late. Got distracted.

So, we were visiting the penthouse-studio and talking with Okaba and Aura on the rooftop. The place is a expensive luxury environment after all, with a edgeless pool that seems to spill over into the city to the north, and beautiful plants and decorations hiding the air vents to give the area a exotic and luxurious look.

The furniture is 2018 art deco, and looks just as expensive as it is comfortable, with the latest designs and materials to make the simple act of sitting into a memorable experience, but of course, the "succubi" that just walked to the rooftop and joined you is by far the most memorable sight in the place, dressed in a barely legal designer swimsuit.
Aura: "I can give the viewers a intro and tour of the place"

Okaba: "Not in that, I hope?"

Aura: "Why, are my sandals too old fashioned? I could take them off"

You can already see these two lovebirds pushing the ratings up. There will be no need for a laugh track in this show.
So, want to discuss the designs for her new suit with her now? have her do the intro and tour in it, or take her and I imagine Okaba along with you to Mai´s for lunch?
Yeah, we can discuss her new suit design with her.
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With the success of our last game, I think we should make a new one, rather than doing an action game so soon after the last one was released, I propose we make a strategy game.

XWF Manager: The game, take control over a faceless XWF manager, and work your way to the top, featuring actual XWF wrestlers, as well as a create-a-wrestler mode!

Pic related, it's kind what I was thinking of, only with wrestlers.

Just us for Mai's, I think.

We can show Aura the designs now. I also question the value of Ned being on TV in the pilot - Just this once, give Aura an ear bud, connected to the producer in the editing suite
Uhmm... it would look like a ego-booster to upper management, or maybe they would laugh and okay it?

A few minutes later, you are sharing a light meal with Aura and Okaba in one of the tables by the poolside. Aura is wearing a small, soft robe now, and seems to enjoy the new uniform.

Aura: "Well, the one I have right now was designed by Utopia and is basically a super cop outfit. This looks much more fun"

Okaba: "I think it´s dignified. The new one... I don´t like it"

Roll 10d10 to convince Okaba if you feel you need to. Aura is fine with the change, so you could just go with "but it will be her wearing it" if you wanted
Rolled 1, 4, 8, 2, 3, 8, 1, 9, 8, 6 = 50


"Better Aura wear this, than go out to XWF press events in her swimsuit, surely?"

Does this include bonus Persuader dice?
Actually I wanted to hit a periphery market, as strategy gamers aren't the biggest fans of professional wrestling, and we might be able to widen the potential market.

I supposed you could do a XWF RPG, but I thought the whole XWF Manger-ception was too good to pass up.
Okaba: "Fine, I suppose"
Aura: "Hey, Ami is going to get the same design as well? are all the female wrestlers getting new uniforms?"

(Actually just Ami and Aura. Nike didin´t really show any interest in Mana, with her being a silver leaguer)

Oh, actually that sounds pretty good. And come think about it, should we get Okaba, Aura and maybe Michael added as downloadable content to the beat-em-up game?
Sure, we could bundle them together an call it "Rising Legends" or something, throw in some extra stages, and some more gameplay stuff, as we don't want a reputation of doing half-assed or overpriced DLC.
Ami has a similar offer. I don't quite know how she'll take it though.

Not necessarily Michael. At Big In Japan, we can put our new breed into a tournament against each other. Winner gets to be a Free DLC character in the game.

Aura and Archangel will be in their own Team Utopia expansion, which will have new levels, new costumes for existing characters (based off the latest sponsorship deals) and more
Well, the game itself was as cheap as we could make it, so I thought we would offer each new fighter as free, but unlockable material, based on achievements.

Maybe offer it as promotional material for some contest winners in advance of the general audience?
I don't mind having them be unlockable, or having an "early release" to some lucky people, as long as it's not some exlusive one-time-only thing that'll piss people off.
Sounds good. Anyway, where were we... right, Aura is okay with her new uniform, but of course it won´t be there on time for the start of the show in a few hours. Convince her to wear something else or just let her do as she wants?
Let her do what she wants, although we might suggest that she leaves herself someplace to go after the introduction. Don't want to use up too many of her tricks in the opening act after all.
Alright. I have to get ready for a job interview in 1/2 an hour so let´s try to hurry up. You talk with her and she agrees, so that is one less worry, but just in case, we are still broadcasting the show with a five seconds delay.

Okaba: "Your secretary mentioned something about some sculptures for the japanese. What is our percentage off those?"

"Decent, but unspectacular. High-end collector's items, not exactly mass market. It's awareness as much as profit with those things; The collector community is *very* passionate about their hobby, and that means Word of Mouth

(which reminds me, how is the Anime doing, in development terms?)
(Fuck If I know, I'll just make something up.)
"The rate's based upon the amount of figures made and sold, as the initial startup costs eat into the profits, basically the more popular you are, the larger your cut.

Small or poor selling runs can lead to little or no profit, while high sales figures means we can affort to give you a larget 'cut', your popularity directly ties into how much money you earn."
Well, I imagine season 1 is almost done by now. Should start showing on the air soon.

Okaba: "Well, I can just have you send my percentage to charity, right? our salary is more than enough for us"

Aura: "...right." -she makes a "dont mind him" gesture

After chatting with them for a while, you feel secure in the readiness of the show. Okaba shakes your hand and Aura kisses your cheek with affection as you leave for your lunch at Mai´s.

(I have to go now, guys. I´ll see you tomorrow. Will keep watching the thread when I come back if you want to ask anything or such)

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