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File: 1356635069063.png-(484 KB, 700x700, KRUSSCOVERWEB.png)
484 KB
Christmas Chapter: A Snowy Recollection

" We are being playing the Kruss, and we continuing a battle that has barely started HURRY YOUR FROZEN ASSES UP TO THE LINE OR THE VOSS WILL BE HOTDICKING OUR DAUGHTERS !"
File: 1356635156291.png-(388 KB, 900x1350, KRUSSIARULESWEB.png)
388 KB
< On top of this being standard jump in and die skirmishgame there is being deployment rules for krussing.
File: 1356635460481.png-(1.43 MB, 900x1800, Kruss1.png)
1.43 MB
Glorious infantry is here!
File: 1356635621551.png-(2.5 MB, 1800x2700, KRUSSIANARMOR.png)
2.5 MB

Ready and able! We will drown our enemies in bullets and shells!
File: 1356636022662.png-(1.82 MB, 2400x1275, MELENA07.png)
1.82 MB
The Current Situations:

We are holding up against the voss in what used to being the Melena River. We may hev weakened their armor element but we do not knowing what they hev up their trenchcoats. Their infantry element has charged and we need squadleaders active in the line !

[New recruits will dip from the Population Meter and activated right away.]

[Everyone else take up your units or they will being botted by psychic Kommand.]
Rolled 4, 3, 10, 8, 4 = 29

Russia moves to invade Krussia for stealing our name, and adding a K to it!

And then they decide to rename themselves Krussia because that was actually kool.

And then they became psychic.
I will be here.
Oh zhis iz ztill going? Death to the enemink!
Young lady! You will booby trap some of our unmanned tanks, and send some of your girls on scouting duty! Lay low and be careful!
File: 1356638302840.jpg-(596 KB, 2400x1275, krush_them.jpg)
596 KB
Let me just pull up my notes on a plan...

1. All forces draw back. The enemy has superior firepower but we can outrange them by using Skollies and Sukas. Force their armor to cross this crevice to reach us, we can't engage them over the middle line without suffering heavy casualties.

2. For the Skollies, one squad move forward under stealth and attempt to infiltrate their lines. Watch out for dogs, they can sniff you out. One squad move to a position that is not about to be assaulted by infantry to act as spotters. One squad get inside those Ursa Major wrecks and rig the turret assemblies to explode if fired, or else a 1 phase timer. It's not likely that squad will survive much longer anyways with those dogs present.

3. Sukas, move up to a counter-battery position. I think you can outrange their static emplacements, take them out so infantry can advance!

4. Infantry set up a firing line. We will invest some forces in digging roads in the backfield if possible.
Alright people! Plan is simple, we will do a small withdrawal to consolidate our forces and let them crash into the might of Kruss, there is no sense in charging into their firing line! Everyone except our young ladies fall back next to the Su-Ka's.
" The Krussians send children to do their fighting? How deplorable. "
Hah! Those children can fight better then the majority of your own men! What does it say about the quality of your troops, vosskon dog!
Oh and for our sKollies I'll just reiterate, it's an action to maintain your psychic shrouding from the enemy. You might also want to use it before movement, though I'm not sure if that'll affect anything. Just to be safe.
Ready for deployment! We will drown them in lead!
Grenades, Medic and Watchmen will be brought in with us! (or cavalry if I can't have watchmen with Trenches)
File: 1356640319777.png-(499 KB, 1400x1400, DEATHMARSHALMEME.png)
499 KB

[SSSBB4]Koffee Katronsky
[RRR1] Ivan Bellic
[KKK5]Ekatarina Ivanova

To deploy:

To Bot:
[SSUSU2] Grischa
[UUSSR3] Katyusha

Krussian formation will decimate all foes! Surrender and leave, this is your final warning Voss! Or lest the might of the north steamroll your precious little men and toys!
Come on komrade! Leave the trenches and join the fight! Our land will not defend itself, just like our tanks will not move by themselves. Take arms and let those deadlovers feel the fear of our swarm!
With the current lack of hearty komrades available, This assault is post-poned to 8pm Est times! Do feel free to join the fight in the meantime and make your presence known! The dogs will die soon enough.

>Game Postponed till 8pm EST
Yes Sir! We'll get ready to boot them out of our motherly snowlands!
Very good, I know that -40 is a good temperate to sleep in, but wake up everyone!
"Those reinforcements are sure taking their time getting here. What, are they laying with the snow that birthed them?"

>I am monitoring this thread and will answer any and all questions about how to play, to the best of my ability

>I will also help anyone get started who needs it, so don't be afraid to post if you're interested, or just popping by out of curiosity
I assume that is the case, but I do feel that an awful lot of them are having fun and not taking this fight seriously...
Wake up fools! I will share my favorite recipe of soup a midst this barrage of lead and fire!

-1 32-ounce container chicken stock
-A handful soft sun-dried tomatoes (not in oil)
2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-1 onion, finely chopped
-1 carrot, grated or finely chopped
-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
-1 bay leaf
-2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme
-Salt and pepper
-2 cup vodka
-1 28- to 32-ounce can of crushed Aeoni tomatoes
-A few leaves fresh basil, torn
-1 cup heavy cream
Only two cups of Vodka?! Need more Sir!
Now now, the rest of the bottle is to drink next to the soup. This is only seasoning.
Only Krussians would go into battle drunk.
Drunk? Nonsense, 1 bottle of vodka is a wake-up call, we need at least 4 to get reliably drunk. Even our reliable Skolly Millicents can tank 2 bottles before becoming unreliably drunk.

Krussians and men of Norr. The drinks might be different but they still both love that alcohol!
Roll Call ! Who's still Alive !
>Almost 2013
>Still don't have a forum for this IRC shit
And that makes Planes and Mercs a million times better than this snoozefest.

I thought something was missing from this thread...

>Here, and again anons are welcome to play, even you forum-troll

It's funny hidding behind anon-ness, you must be a cute old player, no?
File: 1356667141855.png-(105 KB, 505x519, VilkasSIXuh.png)
105 KB
... and then ?

And then what happened, Beatrix ? Your eyes went a little dazed there, even if you are wearing glasses.
File: 1356667336181.png-(88 KB, 505x519, BEATRIXMEME01.png)
88 KB

Oh sorry.. mein Vilkas
I guess I revisited this little memory a little too early.

You see, on that cold day ...
File: 1356668282887.png-(135 KB, 800x232, MELENAONTHATDAY.png)
135 KB
With my brothers and sisters dead around me, I ran and ran as nothing had mattered then.

And then the very next person I saw determined what I would do for the rest of my life...
File: 1356668896831.png-(56 KB, 500x333, MELENAonthatday02.png)
56 KB

" Little girl.. you come at us with hate in your teeth, but desperation in your eyes. Do you intend to fight us ? Or.. "

My hand stretched out then as if that was all the answer that mattered.

" My family is dead, dead to both my people and your soldiers' hands. So give me a weapon, I will live and breathe war. I will destroy all those who oppose me ! Now give me a gun or shoot me dead right here !! "

>> Chapter End.
File: 1356670751616.png-(97 KB, 505x519, Beatrixmeme04.png)
97 KB
" Wait, what happened to the Kruss ? And Asmodeus ? And- AND YOU !" Vilkas cries out, severely curious.

" Hm ? Does it matter ? The Krussians are still out there beyond the wastes, Asmodeus with his insatiable taste for war died of disease during his tour in the Southern Kingdoms because your father had brokered a cease-fire with the Kruss. And where was I ? I was hellishly trained under the Voss regime, my skin went pale as the idea of being Krussian left my blood. But still... every once in a while I would get echoes of thought from I do not know where and the blue would stand out from under my make up. And do you know what they say ? "

Vilkas shakes his head.

" When you're grown up, Tell you I will. Now going to bed young man I do not to be endorsing night missions for presents opening " Beatrix plays with her accent.
File: 1356671057895.png-(1.17 MB, 720x800, RAINBOWARCADECOVERwebmini.png)
1.17 MB
>well it seemed that a lot of people who were participating was on vacation or irregular schedules so I will conclude the Kruss test here. Since thats what it was.

A new Gen Thread will start, or perhaps a continuation of old quests.

[Rainbow Arcade comes to mind]
I vote with everything for Rainbow Arcade
>implying anybody remembers how to play Rainbow Arcade


Somebody get this hothead out of here.
File: 1356676219257.png-(109 KB, 505x519, Iceheartmeme05.png)
109 KB
"That's quite a story ma'am, you'll have to tell me more of it sometime, if you'd like..." Iceheart watches Vilkas depart, before turning back to her commander. "So, Asmodeus passed away huh? Tell me, do you know what became of his officers, Kahn and Aura? I had heard they were eventually killed foiling an assassination attempt on the Emperor, but... ah I suppose it does not matter."

She pulls out a small package, her metal hands inadvertently crumpling up the modest wrapping paper.

"H-Here, for you, to celebrate the winter solstice."
Sergeant von Claude, I don't think it's healthy to consume that much alcohol in one sitting...

"It's ok, jus' 'nog, not like 'at ever hurt n'one. 'Sides off-duty hours means boozin' time."


I'll have to go see if I can dig out s'me old maps uv that place..."

Beatrix looks around and as soon as she realizes that Vilkas is clear of the place, neatly opens up the thinly wrapped package.

Inside was a triangular bundle that held the red a red half cape together.

Unfurling it, Beatrix gives a sweet smile at the modest proportions.

" You got my measurements down, I am impressed, it's even made of spider weave... "

Beatrix crosses past Iceheart and picks up a box from under the red tree.

" It seems I've broken protocol by opening mines early, so here I'll let you open yours "
Iceheart smiles, for what feels like the first time in a long while, "Only the best for you ma'am."

She opens the box, unwieldy digits tearing into the wrapping paper...
File: 1356677521660.png-(97 KB, 505x519, BEATRIX06.png)
97 KB

Inside a thick pad of letters bound in rubber band fell out.

" They're intercepted letters from your sisters, I had a contact from civisec divert them to me after twisting a lot of arms. Why don't we read them together ? You know... for debriefing "
File: 1356677746355.png-(117 KB, 505x519, Iceheartmeme08.png)
117 KB
"T-Thank you ma'am... Merry winter solstice Beatrix..."

Well, Sarge, I think Lennox and his boys are putting on a tribute show over in the Corpse Brigade's barracks.
Alfie never really liked Winter Solstice, because it always reminded her her lonely and isolated she was. This year was particularly bad since this would be the first Winter Solstice she would be forced to spend without Axel. Looking at how happy everybody else was just made her even more depressed. There was von Claude getting drunk and wrecking the furniture, while Beatrix and Iceheart were trading gifts like giggling schoolgirls.

The feeling of being left out made her sick, and she had half a mind of just spending the rest of the night in her Beetl, where she wouldn't have to see everybody so... so... HAPPY.

If he were alive, Axel would probably flick her in the forehead and tell her she was being too negative. Well who was going to stop her now?

Then she saw Vilkas run past and suddenly felt like hitting herself. If there was one thing left on this miserable planet left to fight for it was him.
Realizing she had forgotten to get a Winter Solstice gift for Vilkas, Alfie felt horrible. She'd gotten so caught up in avoiding the holiday spirit.

Fortunately, she already had a perfect gift ready. Dashing back to her Beetl, she reached in and snatched a small item that was of immeasurable value to her. Besides the Beetl, it was her most prized possession. She didn't have the time or materials to wrap it, but she felt that she didn't need to.

On top of the pile of presents that were to be sent to Vilkas sat a crude, but lovingly crafted replica of a Beetl tank built out of spare parts and scrap metal. Years ago, Axel had spent months trying to build the thing out of scratch so he could give to her as a present in time for Winter Solstice.

Alfie felt she didn't need it anymore, now that she had an actual Beetl. It would do much more good in Vilkas' hands.

Maybe... maybe next year she could build him a much better one...
why not do Zombie Quest?
Because Zombie Quest has already ended

I thought it was just left on a very odd note. Not quite ended but not quite finished.

More Rainbow Arcade please sir

It is in quest limbo, yes. My circumstances at the time were a lot better too. If I wanted to pick it up again I'd have to do it with a new character / setting. That sorta thing.
will you ever finish a quest Monday?


The gates of the Corpse Brigade barracks sits imposing and dour, especially in these chilly months, but appearances can be quite deceiving. For the rest of the barracks are absolutely -lined- with tinfoil and decorations like it was pranked with tissue paper. So much tinfoil that the local Vossian radar almost sounded an alarm for an unknown mech squad in the midst of their base if they haven't been informed of it.
If one is to be very careful, one can sneak up and hear singing over from the howling winter winds rattling up the tinfoil. And if one is sufficiently ranked enough to open the gates, one can see that the undead of Voss have their own way to celebrate.
A globular contraption made of glass hung high under the chandelier (which only looks like it's made of bone, but in truth the finest wood outside of Iffram), reflecting myriad beams of light shone at it, bathing the room in specks of multicolored dots. On top of a stage, one can see skeletons, dressed up in various costumes. All of them seems to be dancing while playing an instrument, even though one is an oboe.
These are Lennox's squad.
"ALL RIGHT! One more time! Bring more 'nog for the werewolves, they'd be wasted on us skelts! LET'S GET GROOVIN'!"

Truly, if one has a tendency for a seizure after seeing that plenty of neon pink and green, or an allergic reaction to beats so funky, 'tis a sight and sound to not behold.

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