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File: 1356042846897.png-(400 KB, 600x600, IronHeartsCover.png)
400 KB
As we await the next chapter of this story, we've surrendered ourselves to the solstice as no war could hope to gain the favor of the relentless snow... save for a few notable exceptions anyway.

I would suppose that, for now we can look back, or forward or perhaps besides in the comfort of our homes, our barracks, our trenches or campfires. For in the turn of the year we'll see the skies light up with the screams of our enemy's munitions and we too must answer in kind. For it would simply be proper to announce ourselves for the coming spring, lest we besmirch the honor of valkyries.

So gather around, soldiers, civilians, observers, veterans, warlords and heroes for on this auspicious day we can even chance a meeting with those long past in the scattered pages of Tera's Historia...

>> more...

Winter 646

" Beatrix, I heard you worked for my father when he ruled -- do you have any stories about his adventures ?"

" Hm ? I hardly recall anything from that time ... I was young then, and the biting cold of those snowy towns didn't help either but I do remember fighting a strange enemy there back before Laboria ceased to be... when we cut off the head of the snake what we got was a reprisal of a thousand more. We would never have dreamt that an enemy would attack us during that cold day, but there was no doubt that these people were my ancestors with the same fire as the valknyres..... "

>> The Battle of Kruss .... In which we awaken the sleeping bear that is the Krussians. Is one such story we may explore

but wait theres more...
File: 1356045066869.png-(1.11 MB, 900x1260, SUCHISVOSS01master.png)
1.11 MB
Winter 756

>>continued from:

In the dimmed halls of the motorpool, the students of Isara prepare for their first exhibition match against a Vosskon opponnent. After 90 years of peace it feels as if that war is still happening to this day, thinly veiled through domestic school competitions with the realest monsters of war to come out from that time..

" What are you staring ahead in space for ? "
" Nothing , I was just wondering about what our last opponnent said, if we do not represent ourselves and who we are, then why do we fight ? what reasons do we have to win if our ragtag group just barely scrapes by with no unified flag to fight for "

" Everyone has their own flag, true, but I think what we fight for is an idea that no one's tried before. And I think that on that alone we should do our best to find out what that idea is -- and win "

>> From these two options; we may choose to run one of these games:

1. Kruss Battle Test - In which we try out the Krussian faction
2. ArmorFeight no. 2 - In which we play competitive tank sports


3. Fantasy Fight- In which I run a vs. Game with any faction in the IH canon...

4th Option;
Monday takes a fucking break and draws some comics. [See Image]

voting ends at 6:40est ; you may choose two things but you must delete your previous post if you change your mind.

The First thing you choose will recieve two vote
The 2nd thing you choose will recieve one

IH related posts are welcome in the meanwhile. Welcome to IH general.
File: 1356045407000.jpg-(435 KB, 800x1900, 1332911442162.jpg)
435 KB
First vote: Option 4
Second vote: Option 1
First thing : Option 2
Second thing : Option 3

If Option 3 wins we will launch into onerous debate on who gets to fight. This will be in versus format to make the pain worse.
>year of our lord 2012
>still haven't gotten your own forum for this yet
1. Option 1
2. Option 2
Because I want me second fight.

#1 = Option 2
#2 = Option 4
File: 1356047094704.png-(599 KB, 1200x800, VossCoffeeMap04.png)
599 KB

Who are the individuals depicted in this painting?

From the Voss Royal Guard, and in no particular order;

Targ [?]
Iceheart [CO]

There was definitely going to be more but I do intend on finishing this one if Option 4 hits.

Master Miller?

The man with the beard and mug was one of my recruits from Dar, Gustafo.
1. Option 4
2. Option 1

That was Blitz; he drove the lightest tank into some pretty bad situations. Survived.
Alright , time to count some votes...
Belated voting ho!

Voting option 1
I don't have a second vote

The man with the aviator sunglasses is Blitz? Then the rugged-looking man next to him must be Von Claude.


Tell me about Dar, Sergeant.

Go on.....


Dar... Dar was my first command, a trial-by-fire for new recruits to the Royal Guard against Kashir bandits. The operation went smoothly, with what minimal casualties were sustained offset by the Death Korps training we had recently obtained. It was also the first deployment of the Royal Guard's now famous zcifax 'mad doctors.'

What we hadn't expected was for the Kashir to be kidnappers more than thieves. They lined the children of the town up on the cliffs above the river to its East and pushed them over when the order was made to attack the cliffs. I sent a whole platoon of soldiers into that river to pull them out but the Kashir used incendiary grenades on them... We only managed to save 12 of the 30 children.

Later investigations made it obvious they were buying time for a blood ritual. Possibly to summon these death gods we had fought twice before. But at the time those were still unknown to the public, and I suffered some malign press. And you know? I could've sent in another platoon, but I didn't. Some sort of desire to conserve soldiers or something, I don't remember any more. I learned my first command lesson there: You don't hold back. Your enemy is that way for a reason, kill them before they do worse to you.

Needless to say every bandit on that battlefield was a corpse at the end of it all.

Did your soldiers give a good account of themselves? Were there any casualties?

You want to talk to some others that were there at Dar? Most of them have transferred out of the unit now. Those that haven't are dead or undead. Hell, I guess Lennox at least preferred it that way, considering how much he's enjoying being a skeleton. His team was the one leading the effort to recover those children... Guess you can afford to forget a lot of things after death.

Other than that though, I suppose I'm the last living person here who was on that field.

They did, they did. The only casualties were Elfriede, who became a werewolf at this time, and the platoon of men I sent into the river after those kids. And the children themselves of course... In return the enemy was wiped out entirely.
Vote 1: Option 4
Vote 2: Option 2

How many werewolves have you known so far, Sergeant?

Of course, everyone knows about Elfriede, the White Wolf Scourge. I've worked with her often enough, and as the representative lycanthrope of the royal guard she has gained a little bit of a following from undead deregulation fanatics that see her as the perfectly integrated undead citizen. Don't ask me about that, I'm not allowed to have an opinion on the matter.

Other than that, the only werewolf utilized by the Royal Guard was my brother Kurt, though I never actually met him. The story usually goes that he was cut down tearing apart the command structure of the Kashir forces at Dagram. Back then it wasn't well known that the Kashir Shieks wielded silver swords, and he dashed himself on one as he hunted their Shamans.

Ah, but I hear the delegates gathering. This is a picnic after all, and as a guest it'd rude to not heed the gathering. I'm afraid I need to end this interview to get some more uh... 'punch.'

>Back to your regularly scheduled game
File: 1356053623923.png-(388 KB, 900x1350, KRUSSIARULESWEB.png)
388 KB
It was some years ago, a generation after Ascheron von Voss had liberated the Valknyres from the grips of the 4 corners. Their first taste of vengeance was ravenous, quick to take back what had been taken-- the Voss would expand aggressively East towards the heart of Laboria under General Asmodeus of Hellmarch. The name Laboria was long burned under our treatise but east of that were their surrogate lands who reformed themselves from their old masters and united under a banner more elusive and unbreakable than a simple Flag.

They called themselves Kruss, a monster with many heads, a beast that could walk tirelessly through the snow. But the Millitants would have none of it, and under their new rule would call that wasted region part of Voss.

Aggressively they struck, with a speed and ferocity matched only by the fear driven soldiers of his armies. Asmodeus rode out to meet this little "rebellion" his pride and lust for destruction barely hidden by this provocation.

Little did he know that the Kruss were more than ready to meet him in the cold blizzards of that Solstice. ...

>> How to Kruss; pick 3 units to form a SQUAD. Mind the number if troops under command since Orders are "limited"

[SSS] - 3 Soldier Units
[KKS] - 2 Skolly Millicents and 1 SOldier unit
[RUSu]- an Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and a Suka.

Those interested can roll a Squad with a named leader identify as the First letter. Everyone's rank is Comrade.

[SSS] Comrade Fidel
[TSK] Firebase Squad - teamnames are fine too.

Thank you for your time, Sergeant von Claude.
File: 1356053856858.png-(1.43 MB, 900x1800, KRUSSSHEETweb.png)
1.43 MB
Gather Everyyone and let us be of meeting
these demons unearthed by our predecessors. They come to collect for their lost children, women and families, but they wont have it. Not even with our blood they will never get it. With snow on our backs we will bury this monster in white !

Now forthmarch ! FOR TOMORROW, FOR KRUSS !
Where's the Kruss armor at.
File: 1356054631517.png-(996 KB, 900x1199, KRUSSIANARMORweb.png)
996 KB

Just gonna leave this here for those tank enthusiasts among you considering glorious Krussian armor.

This is for the infantry.

>Soldiers man the top gun and the outside-facing rear guns of each tank
>Yes I am crazy.

"Oh yes, I will enjoy this."

Mm. Actually make those the front guns. If I get flanked we're already lost.
>Soldiers crew Su-kas to capacity
>Otherwise march alongside or ride on tanks

"Do you need another artillery section here Bellic?"
captcha: possible kingsCh

Any help against this mess is great, but at the rate we're going we'll need something that can move faster than the glaciers themselves! Not to mention I doubt we'll have sufficient flat terrain for many more heavy vehicles.
> Use soldiers to fill crew slots.

HAHAHA, fear me, peasants! Enjoy the taste of my treads as I crush you beneath them!

> Ursa Minor master race reporting.
Glorious zoldiers shall handle ze veetle problems.

>Taking Ammo Crates x2
Reporting! We will take the hot potato.
File: 1356064194511.png-(195 KB, 1200x638, MELENAMAP.png)
195 KB
We will intercepting here on the frozen reaches of river Melena should we needing to fall back we may do so, There being always more land to fight on we can only fall back two times. The Voss will hard hit us but we must bide our time and wait for our friends to gather. Defend and protect, and if brave, attacking.

With our teams we are powerful enough to build up great strength and roll steam the enemy. But watch our numbers and be sure that our lines are protected well enough so that our friends may getting here in no less than one piece.
[SRR] Ivan Bellic
[SSUSU] Grischa
[UUS] Katyusha
[SSS] Koffee Katronsky
[KKK] Ekatarina Ivanova
[SRR1] Ivan Bellic
[SSUSU2] Grischa
[UUS3] Katyusha
[SSS4] Koffee Katronsky
[KKK5] Ekatarina Ivanova
File: 1356067865223.png-(324 KB, 1200x638, MELENA01.png)
324 KB
Morning has arrived, comrades and all's quiet in the Western front..

But I sense it, that murderous intent, just on the other side of that bluff...take your time, friend... And Gauge the enemy.

Phase Action
Take your time and relax, Comrade there is plenty of snow for everyone.


CO may end turn.
Alright people! Friends, komrades! Fire shots into the fog, clear out hidden threats, slow and steady! After shots are fire, infantry in position!
>Move 3 hexes W
>Both tanks overwatch W with cannons.

Tank 1: 4 crew
Tank 2: 4 crew

About Reinforcements:
They are to be coming in strange order, but worry not for soon time everyone will arrive to the fight, kommerade.

It takes one order to !assign or !Get the oncoming unit from the lot to a friend or your squad. They will arrive to your rear at the end of the turn like magic friendship power.

SImilarly, you may !Hurrying them up so they can arrive immediately at the starting of your turn. Doing so will exhaust them after phase. Sometimes they may even run into trouble in their rush.

Remember that you get officers every time you carry more people. Use them well, make sure they do good for those coming after
Aya! The cold feels nice! Ekatarina moving, slowly.

>Order, split 2 K's moving 4N
>Rest of K's move 4W
>Everyone overwatch West
I thrust in great ursa pilot. You get 1 more!

>!assign R to SRR1
>!Order, send 4 normal men 2 west, fire on anything in sight.
>Everyone overwatch.

>!assign K to SRR1 instead of R
>All Drive forward W 1L
>All Guns (2 main turrets, 2 Side guns, 2 Top Guns) overwatch W, 188mm Mortars loaded in main cannon

[R1-right] Crew:
*Filled: L. Driver, R. Driver, Gunner, Loader, R. Side gun, Top Gun (6 crew)
*Empty: L. Side gun, Rear R. Side gun, Rear L. Side gun

[R1-left] Crew:
*Filled: L. Driver, R. Driver, Gunner, Loader, L. Side gun, Top Gun (6 crew)
*Empty: R. Side gun, Rear R. Side gun, Rear L. Side gun
>And last order to assign !R to uus3

>Infantry Board Su-kas' empty seats
>After S have boarded, move Sukas 2S, 1W
File: 1356071974049.png-(397 KB, 1200x638, MELENA02.png)
397 KB
We stand out rather dangerously over the buff, perhaps our spry Skollys can get by undetected.

It is said that they play a mean game of "hide" and [seeks] rather legandarily, so long as they retain the innocense of children.

[Skollys may take an action to remain invisible from the enemy, however it goes away as soon as they [hurt someone]]

File: 1356073639737.png-(424 KB, 1200x638, MELENA03.png)
424 KB


Action Phase !
Drommer has decreased turn time to 15 Minutes.

Rolled 3, 7, 10, 2, 8, 6, 2, 2, 9, 9, 3, 1 = 62

>!Order Bears to me.
>!Order Soldiers to uus3 to fill his light tonks.
>!Regroup everyone in my unit at the western-most unit. Move everyone there if need be.
>All units fire at the 2 dogs and enemies.

Alright! Kids! Stealth to the wretched ennemies of Kruss and save our kinsmen.
>Stealth everyone.
>!Move 4W both groups.
>Move max W
>Fire 2 Top MG and 3 Side Guns at revealed Voss infantry (10 then 6 dice)

[R1-right] Crew:
*Filled: L. Driver, R. Driver, Gunner, Loader, R. Side gun, Top Gun (6 crew)
*Empty: L. Side gun, Rear R. Side gun, Rear L. Side gun

[R1-left] Crew:
*Filled: L. Driver, R. Driver, Gunner, Loader, L. Side gun, Top Gun (6 crew)
*Empty: R. Side gun, Rear R. Side gun, Rear L. Side gun
Rolled 9, 9, 8, 8, 3, 5, 4, 4, 6, 8, 6, 8, 6, 6, 10, 8 = 108


Dice fail.
Rolled 4, 6 = 10

>South Su-ka calibrate to 7L, North to 6L
>Fire in the middle of northern Voss troops

"Bah, Voss rats reveal themselves too soon to run!"
Rolled 7, 5, 8, 5, 10, 7 = 42

>All tanks move 2 hexes W
>Fire both U cannons at the northern pack of enemies.
>Reload cannons.
>R fires machine guns at enemy infantry.

U1: 4/4 crew
U2: 4/4 crew
R: 4/9 crew
Rolled 5, 2 = 7

Clarification: At bottom of revealed area border.
Phase End.
Two Vosskon officers survey the battlefield, spyglasses peering through the thick flurry of snow.

" The Lieutenant panicked, he's already begun executing the Krussian civilians by the time the main force was upon them. "

" Using them as shields was not exactly a better fate sir, perhaps if the General... "

" There wouldn't be much standing after a fight such as this, they were doomed from the start. Send a runner to General Asmodeus, inform him we've made contact and are currently engaged. "
File: 1356078803797.jpg-(703 KB, 2400x1275, MELENA04.jpg)
703 KB
Enemy Phase... We fell squarely into their trap ! Now our Majors are in a ditch and fired upon ! Don't let them compromise our defensive stability !

We can't take much more of that. Skolly Millicents! Infiltrate their lines and find their officers, we can slow them down by executing their command structure. Set some charges along the way if you feel like it, and if you're discovered... give them a surprise before you die.

>Also don't forget to maintain your hidden status, not sure if it's an action to do so.

Oh, and the official policy on civilians is, if they're in the way, don't bother trying to shoot around them.

You don't hold back.

Hahahah March ! March ! my little demons ! If you're feeling a little cold, go ahead and warm yourselves up to the Krussian women. They maybe blue but they're warm like any other !

I hear that if you get their men to watch the whole population will feel it all the way up to their grand leader Hye hye hye and our jobs as Voss will be so much easier once the enemy declares war on us for once~ "

The sharp faced man goes still and with calm demeanor turns to his aide.

Adjutant, the enemy seems content to charge us, we better welcome them... with our own brand of heavy industry... "

In any case, this ditch seems like a good line in the snow. Get some spotters and shell them until we've got some actual numbers on this side!
Everyone, we can't be falling for the enemy's provocation, every Kruss they take down we feel it and gives them more power.. Is this how Ascheron won against such horrifying odds ? I can't imagine what would have back there ... "
>Dare you enter my magical realm?
File: 1356080520030.jpg-(11 KB, 268x188, 1356080000686[1].jpg)
11 KB
" General S-Sir! I hardly think those types of comments are appropriate here! "

Aura stumbles as a strong hand pulls her aside. " Easy Colonel, Asmodeus methods may be unsound, but he *is* known for his results. "

She shrugs off Brigadier General Khan's hand. " I don't like it Isaac. "

" We don't have to like it dear, we just have to do our job. General Asmodeus sir, shall we join the battle proper? "
File: 1356081161999.jpg-(17 KB, 223x226, 1356079241466[1].jpg)
17 KB
The women ? Gross ! They don't even have a penis !
3rd phase of day... watch for your men's fatigue they may not show it but drommer builds up fast when we fight on tired minds.
Order them to sleep for a phase and they'll be good for two more. Two, and they will fight for 4 and regain all their strength. For our bears, the same applies.


Phase Will End when the CO calls it.
File: 1356082055351.jpg-(705 KB, 2400x1275, MELENA05.jpg)
705 KB
>Dat phase...
Rolled 3, 9, 6, 6, 5, 10, 8, 2, 3, 5, 8, 2 = 67

Botting [SSSB4] Koffee Katronsky
>!Assign [R] to [KRR1]; HURRY
>!Assign [B] to self
>All troops nap for 1 phase
>!Order Watchmen to board bears and overwatch W

>Skully Millicents crew the empty Ursa Major, R. Driver and Gunner positions
>All Majors reverse 0.5L
>All Majors fire the 188mm mortars at the clump of tanks near the officer (2 mortars per turret, 6 turrets, 12 mortars)

[R1-right] Crew:
*Filled: R. Driver, Gunner (2 crew)
*Empty: L. Driver, Loader, R. Side gun, Top Gun, L. Side gun, Rear R. Side gun, Rear L. Side gun

[R1-left] Crew:
*Filled: R. Driver, Gunner, Loader (3 crew)
*Empty: L. Driver, L. Side Gun, R. Side gun, Rear R. Side gun, Rear L. Side gun

[R1-rear] Crew:
*Filled: L. Driver, R. Driver, Gunner, Loader (4 crew)
*Empty: L. Driver, L. Side Gun, R. Side gun, Rear R. Side gun, Rear L. Side gun
Rolled 1, 9 = 10

>Reload AP shells
>Elevate both Su-Ka to 8L and fire W, 2N on Voss amour
Rolled 6, 1, 10, 5, 6, 6, 3 = 37

>Have the soldiers hop onto the R as extra crew.
>Both Us fire cannons at nearest armor.
>R fires double Klostovok shells at enemy armor to the W, focusing on the heavy armor behind the lts.
>Fire front minicannons at nearest targets.
>All tanks reload.
>All tanks move back 3 hexes.

U1: 4/4 crew
U2: 4/4 crew
R: 8/9 crew
Botting [KKK5]

>Act before all other orders so I don't have to delete earlier posts
>!Order Northern group move 2NW, 2W, go prone and Study to remove fog to tank officer
>Other Millicents maintain hidden status, move 4SW; if actions remain, study armor to NW to reveal
Phase End. Likely the last for tonight. Take your leave if you must, or stick around for the result.
File: 1356087412038.jpg-(848 KB, 2400x1275, MELENA06.jpg)
848 KB

" Radios are reporting upheavals ! We must've knocked out some officers ! Keep it up ! This punch in the nose ought to keep them back a few paces while our power builds ! Hahahaha ! Rejoice, Kommerades, the machines of our ancestors may see us through yet ! "

" We are reporting the onset of night , and we will be recieved our first Trench Battery Crew, treat them well, we'll need them to consolidate defenses during the night, and bolster our offensive in the morning. The more roads we dig in our rear lines, the faster our reinforcements come ! "

Game to COntinue at noon today on Enemy Phase;
Thanks for playing. As usual new blood are welcome, Hehehehehehe.

These Laborian makes pack a punch. And what's more, they're reusable ! Let's see what happens when we get our hands on it. Surely they'll let us borrow /just/ one ?

Hehehe, contact the Hunters, we have a bear to hunt.... "

" Hm ? I don't mind. Pick up a slave girl or two while you're at it, or something. I have post victory plans ...."
File: 1356109698010.jpg-(1.83 MB, 1706x1625, Voss.jpg)
1.83 MB
>Sees thread
>"Oh boy, oh boy!!"
>Reads new faction

Goddamnit, Monday! When are we finally going to have an arc that has Aeon as the main protagonist faction?

File: 1356109764171.jpg-(327 KB, 562x521, Aeon Cleric.jpg)
327 KB
Well shit!

Actually, I wanted to post this one!
Even in life Asmodeus is a total asshole.

Attention Soldiers ! There will being a snow storm. Unlikely if Voss can pull some bad tricks.

Game to be resuming Possibly Tonight. Meanwhile crank on your kalunka radios for this being general thread.
File: 1356121846462.png-(1.82 MB, 2400x1275, MELENA07.png)
1.82 MB
The fires of war continued to sizzle that afternoon, artillery guns pounded away at the Krussian armor, the heat of their blasts kept me warm despite the oncoming blizzard. Officers coordinate their men as if they were possessed with the [Snow] that the empathic Krussians had.

And there in front of me, the world was ending in fire and ice.

[Player Phase will continue when the game starts tonight ! Feel free to plan]

Ekatarina Ivanova, I have a job for you. We're not going to be able to hold on to these empty Majors up North for much longer. Get your northern Millicents to set demo packs inside of them. Destroy the turret assembly at the very least, but if you can scuttle the whole tank from the inside, do that instead. Set the Northern charge to go off a bit early, but go ahead and let the fuse run longer on the southern tank. I want to see if the enemy will take the bait, and that tank isn't loaded.
Any sort of ETA on when it might get started?

Tonight is unlikely since early morning tasks are required. But there will be a confirmation at 10:00
no idea why world is on there.

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