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As Ned Salter, we manage a group of super human fighters in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, where those who in a better world, where people can hide behind a pair of glasses and noone would recognize them as they save the world while somehow keeping a high paying job despite their long and repeated absences, beat the daylights out of eachother in the most popular pay-per-view channel of the OPnet!!

Was there no thread yesterday?
yeah there was but noone replied anything
Hell, i was waiting an hour, now i just started a lol match =(
Well thought you weren't done with the introductory posts, so I've been waiting on you to finish the summary.
I had exams. They came first I'm afraid.
And I was watching The Hobbit all afternoon

Anyway, here we are now. What's next?

>Mai runs the rule over our new blood
>Record some pilot episodes of the TV show

Additionally, what are the ethics and politics of a Utopian fighter doing contract work for DeVries? We kept Ami away from esort work, but Aura would probably jump at the chance
Alright, won the match. Closing lol now
I made the thread but noone posted, yesterday

>Additionally, what are the ethics and politics of a Utopian fighter doing contract work for DeVries? We kept Ami away from esort work, but Aura would probably jump at the chance

DeVries would love that, but Utopia competes with it and I am pretty sure they would not. Also while Aura may be okay with being arm candy, Okaba would admonish her more than she´d like, so I doubt it.

Anyway, let me see... we were at the doctor´s office

Mako: "If you have questions about medical information, you should find a better source than that lab assistant you had smuggle the data for you."
"Duly noted"
"Well if you're offering..."

(XWF Quest starts at 4am where I live, I waited for about an hour, then went to bed.)
Alright, let´s see... we spent the morning arranging the crew for the tv show (actual television doesnt exists anymore, tho. Now everything is through the OPnet), and the evening on the doctor.

Ouch, sorry man. Want me to start a bit earlier, then? I used to start an hour earlier but noone else showed up that early, which is why im starting at 7 server time now.

Moving to the next day? we have the morning free, then the evening, but the fighters end-of-year party is tonight.

Also, do you guys think we should organize a christmas thing with our fighters, or assume everyone passes it with family? (including Ned, so we would fast forward a few days, at least)
Mako: "I am only giving you this hand up about Lord because I think he is a honestly evil, corrupting influence in the federation. The personal data of those under my care is otherwise sacred, mister Salter"

If (some of) our crowd are with Mai, I say fast forward and get more of them through the doors
and arrange fights for our fighters. If I remember correctly it was:
Ami v Equitas
Aura v Paladin
Archangel v Kali
Brass v someone

Mai says that Okaba is a very hard worker, but is not particularly gifted for violence. Most of his offensive abilities are ranged, and in combat, he mostly tries to hit things with his wings. It would be a problem in small, cramped places, but it should be fine in the ring, tho she would like to work in getting him out of that habit.

Aura is a "bit" too playful, but she can actually excel when she tries. Her bones are HIGHLY resilient to injury, but she´s not sure if her horns are bone or keratin, or something else. Either way, she´s very, very well made for physical violence, with rather obvious advantages for headbutting, if she ever does.

Brass vs King Monitor in a Japanese arena. I assume we are playing Ami/Equitas and Brass/King, and fast forwarding the others, right?

Want to have Ami´s debut in america or Japan, since Brass is going there anyway, so it would probably be easier to have most of the fights in at least the same side of the planet.

Ami needs to debut now. So do out newbies. Thinking we might pair the non-jobber silver folks off in a mini-tournament as midcard matches for Big In Japan

BIJ itself was provisionally scheduled for a few weeks' time, we've not even started promoting it yet.
"To be fair, the only person I went after was Bomber Lord, and that was only because I heard rumours about him having mind-control powers and wanted to confirm it for myself."
I want to rp at least the prematch banter between Aura and Paladin. I can't wait to see what she does when she realizes the crush he has on Ami. Also, the discussion, both on rink and off, between Kali and Archangle should be... interesting.
I thought we did...?

Oh, right. Well, let´s see... we have today to do stuff, then tonight the party, then tomorrow the fights (except for Brass that will be a special event as most omega fights are)

So, promote the japan event, drive more people to Mai, that should use the morning. Lunch with anyone? some of the fighters, a visit to someone? right now we could go to Yakazawa, the Medical building, visit the old style gym (whose name i shamefully forgot. Golden glove, was it?), arrange something else?

>I want to rp at least the prematch banter between Aura and Paladin. I can't wait to see what she does when she realizes the crush he has on Ami.

Oooh, some pre-fight stuff sounds good. Do that on the evening, then?
Your secretary is wearing a smooth-looking black version of her secretarial uniform, with a short, small open jacket over a professional white shirt with a small tie.

Aritsu: "Do you want to rent advertising space in japanese shows, do a traditional, old fashioned poster promotion on the streets, have people hand out flyers, or something else for mister Wolfside´s fight in japan, sir?"

She follows you around with small but quick steps as you walk down the hallway, holding her hand on the small ear pad that lets her control her terminal from afar, and holding her datapad on the other.
Well, I´ll go grab a yogurt and some fruit while you guys answer
rent add space.

A bit of everything, but our biggest weapon will be Word Of Mouth hype.

And crosspromotion, of course.

>Create promo video for BIJ
>Watch video, unlock free DLC for the game
>DLC is new Japanese-Themed costumes for Brass, Python and Ami
Are you aiming at adult shows, or children´s shows? children love the colorful suits, and the violence. Adults love the violence and the female wrestlers

>Watch video, unlock free DLC for the game
Clothes? hats?!

Aritsu: "Yes sir, do you want a few high profile shows, or lots of lesser ones? I believe it is soccer season in japan now, and the matches are quite popular. Should we shoot an advertising with mister Wolfside?"
Aritsu: "Should we hire a japanese crew? I understand their sensibilities are different from ours. Miss Morrigan grew up in japan, and you said she filmed that video of the training, right? maybe she could do it"

"Good call. Maybe we could get dirigibles flown above a major match or two."

"Although that reminds me, we should check that the legal department have signed the contracts with Tokyo's municipal government. I hope they managed to get the 'custom floating arena' approved"

"If Mai has the time; Otherwise, we find a group Stateside with the right cultural nous to do the Japanese video, and we'll get our guys to cut the US one"
I was looking for japanese wrestling advertising, and found this. My soul cannot be the only one to die. I must share my pain with you all


Aritsu: "I will call them and ask about it. Are you taking more people to the ranch today? I could do that, there´s no reason you have to drive them all the way yourself"

(It was Ami that did the video, Ami, not Mai)

Aritsu: "Will you promote this weekend fights as well? Are you planning in starting a storyline this weekend, or is it just a weekend of matches?"

"Thanks, but you're far more useful to me here, keeping me up-to-date. We'll get a company van and driver"

>What are we doing, storyline-wise, with our guys?
(aaumes we arranged the fight between Archangel and Kali at some point.)
"I was planning on beginning the Archangel and Kali rivalry this week. The storyline of that one should be rather obvious."
I think it is time we decide that, indeed. This is entertainment after all.

Are we doing something with just our guys, or wanna do something as federation? then we´ll need the approval of the higher ups.

Someone said something about Aura teasing Paladin. That sounds interesting, not the less because she can shapeshift to look like anyone and copy even personalities, so she can get up to much mischief.

>Ami dressed in tiny daisy dukes and a white bra with an open jacket, flirting with Paladin and making him nervous. Its actually Aura. Ami finds them, hijinks ensue.

But Ami may not want to do such a story. Still, was just a random idea

Aritsu: "Yes, that seems easy enough. Should we arrange a press conference for them, or let it start at the ring?"
>implying that Aura wouldn't do something like that on her own without our instruction once she figures out Paladin's crush
or she might try to play matchmaker. That would be amusing. As for Archangel Vs Kali. I was thinking some pre fight promotion. Archangel announces he is here to clean the league of TERAGEN SCUM! Kali takes exception, snowballs.

Aura doesn't need a storyline beyond trolling everyone by shapeshifting and flirting. The entire XWF would be her playground for mischief.

That would, of course, require authority from Upper Management, but the extra ratings/PPV buys from the Fanservice element would be relevant to their interests... Aura can do Telepresence, can't she?
>or she might try to play matchmaker.
She´s actually not a bad person, so this seems likely. She just doesn´t gets along well with personal boundries and thinks people is much too worried for such thing, so this sounds very much doable. Doubly so because she can -also- copy men.

Step 1: Seduce Ami as Eldric (Paladin) and invite her out
Step 2: Seduce Paladin as Ami and invite him out
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit?
Not -right now- but I´m not finished upgrading her to the power levels we are using in this game, so sure, why not?

Anyway, do you want to start a storyline, or just go with fights, grudge matches and rivalries?
...This is hilarious,
Maybe Ami and Equitas as friends/rivals storyline. Other than that I just think Kali and Archangel should be the only main storyline match

I'm just saying that if she can use her super-seduction powers through a screen,Ned will be making *millions* off our share of her advertising revenue.

It'll be Eva Herzegova's car-crash-causing Wonderbra advert, but taken up to 11
That sounds okay.
So a friendly rivalry thing with Ami and Equitas, let Okaba and Kali do their natural thing, and have Aura trolling all around...

Well, let´s see, that would be the morning, then

Do you want to go out for lunch, order something to have with Aritsu while working, or go to the cafeteria and have lunch with someone? Michael Killmaster is in the cafeteria, as is Aura and Brass. They arent together, tho
Guys? Oh its about the time when the thread dies I guess. Remember no thread tomorrow since its wednesday. See you guys on thursday.

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