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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Señor Jalapeño a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion.

You have your own steam robot who are named Garenn and he is quit hotheaded plus he is always wear his cool sun-glassed. Your own familiar Melphina is a small pixie who can unlock or manipulate electronic devices, she also little obsession with incest anime...

Your Current Favor: 13 points
File: 1355596433342.jpg-(11 KB, 211x300, my-brain-hurts.jpg)
11 KB
You are Genki! Right now you are hearing banging and moaning from Hito's room. They are making strange sounds and you think it sound very funny. You become quit curios what they are doing in the room....

But right now you have a serious problem... You are stuck in your room and you had forgotten how to open a door! Katherine sometime teaching you how to open the door but right now she is not here!

You go to the door and looked closely all over it. You tried to remember how Katherine taught you how to the open door. As hard to tried to remember, your brain started to hurt!

You take a small break from remembering something and instead you tried to come up with other solution... You are gonna kick down the door!

You start running into the door and then you double kicked the door so hard that you shattering the whole door.
File: 1355596507151.jpg-(83 KB, 640x480, babybird4.jpg)
83 KB
You decided to check out Tomoe because you don't had talking with her for few days. You walking around until you find her in the garden, she is kneeling near the three.

You waving at her, she wave back and it seem that she is holding a baby bird. You walking to her and asked, "Why are you holding a baby bird?"
"I found it near the tree and I tried to figure what I should do with it?"
The baby bird are piping and your little brain cell are slowly working on...

What will you do?
A: Suggest that Tomoe should take care of birdy.
B: Try to find what you call... Nest?
C: Go and get help from Hito.
D: Something else.
>B: Try to find what you call... Nest?
Maybe Genki will do something right for once.

>back from errands!

B: Try to find what you call... Nest?

Birds live in those in trees. Maybe the bird fell out.
File: 1355599524152.jpg-(601 KB, 2048x1619, Turdus_merula_-England_-c(...).jpg)
601 KB

With your feeble mind, you somehow figure out that the little birdy must fall off the nest. After While you finally spotted the nest with other birdy in the tree.

The biggest question is how do you put back the baby birdy back to the nest?

A: Jump on top of the tree and put the birdy on the nest.
B: Use your strength of stupidity to pull down the tree and put back the birdy on the nest.
C: Use large rocket for flying.
D: Do Minecraft style by making earth block and create steps.
E: Something else.

A: Jump on top of the tree and put the birdy on the nest.

But be careful; Genki is tough but the birdie isn't.
File: 1355600995728.jpg-(864 KB, 2000x1412, Konachan.com - 28996 sample.jpg)
864 KB

You picking up the little baby bird from Tomoe and then you leap up on top of the tree. It took you some moment to put back the bird back to the nest.

You feel pleased that you did the right thing, when you turn around, you could see Katherine through the window and she is undressing herself.

When Katherine notice you, you give her a stupid grin while waving at her... Before you know it, the window broke when Katherine tossed a chair at you. The chair hit your face very hard, even it don't hurt you, you fall off the tree.

You landing hard on the ground but because you are too stupid to feel the pain, you simple shrug it off and stand up.
After you had spending weeks with your maids, it is time that your servants will face against Mary Crownwell's servants.

You gain some info about the challenges, it seems that each challenge will be one-to-one challenges. The challenges include, Cleaning, Cooking, Combat, Entertainment, Repairing, Serving and Washing.

Which servants will take care of the challenges (Your currents servant are Genki/June, Katherine, Sasha, Akari and Rachelle)?

File: 1355601918779.jpg-(287 KB, 1280x960, spy-title.jpg)
287 KB
> Here is info of Mary Crownwell's servant that you got from Spy.

Rudolf Verne
Nationality: German
Age: 42
Specialization: Cooking
Notes: He seem to have passion for making traditional food but he despised for making modern foods.

Bella Mercandez
Nationality: Spain
Age: 25
Specialization: Cleaning
Notes: She is good what she is doing but she seem to have phobia for mice.

Anne Lombard
Nationality: French
Age: 24
Specialization: Washing
Notes: She come from family that had been working as servants for many generation. Her sister was a real lovely lady...

Albert Windstone
Nationality: England
Age: 58
Specialization: Unknown
Notes: He had been servants for Crownwell for over 40 years. He have even earned award for being the best butler of the year.
Before we choose, can we have a relisting of each maid's specialties?

Second that. I remember seeing their stats posted once before, but I forget what they were.

Here is character's current stats with quick update http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master#Main_Characters

And yes... Rachelle got Trolling as her special traits...
We never did figure out the trigger for Genki's transformation, did we?

If we had, June would be the top contender for the Service challenge.

Went back and looked up what we had Miss Poppins focus on with each girl:

Katherine - Focus on Cleaning
Sasha - Focus on Cooking
Araki - Normal
Rachelle - Focus on Service
Genki - Focus on Combat

The girls' skills have become pretty balanced now, so I'm thinking:

Sasha for the Cooking Challenge
Katherine for Cleaning
Rachelle for Service
Genki for Combat
And Araki for whatever other challenge Lady Crownwell has.


Unfortunately, we haven't. It appears to be at random so far.

You had never figure out the true trigger for his transformation because Genki's transformation is extremely random.

By the way, for Repairing challenge, it will be Wits based while Entertainment challenge will be based on Affection, Athletic or Wits (It depend on what kind of performing they are doing).
Thanks for looking it up.

Cleaning: Katherine
Cooking: Sasha
Combat: Genki/June
Entertainment: Araki
Repairing: Sasha
Serving: Rachelle
Washing: Araki

I'm hoping that Sasha's Driving can help with Repair rolls. Otherwise, Araki's Luck stat would be of more use since their Wits stats are the same.
Then change Entertainment to Sasha, since she has the most balanced relevant stats.
Change Repair to Rachelle, since she has a Wits of 3.

I'll second that. Your logic looks very sound.

Ok, here is the current set up. Any objections before we carry on?

Cleaning: Katherine
Cooking: Sasha
Combat: Genki/June
Entertainment: Sasha
Repairing: Rachelle
Serving: Rachelle
Washing: Araki

That looks right to me. How does it look to you, fellow anon?
Yep, that looks good.
File: 1355604206797.jpg-(84 KB, 720x400, 5688-1497087172.jpg)
84 KB

You have finally set up for your servant's challenges. Thankfully, you recover enough so that you could walk around normally.

You and everyone are standing outside the school and you could see Miss Poppins herself along with James the Gorilla Butler.

Will you ask her before you heading to Crownwell Mansion?

"How do you think the girls will fare against Crownwell's servants, Miss Poppins? They worked hard."

"I never did figure out why Lady Crownwell is so angry about me forgetting...whatever it was I supposedly promised her. I still don't remember ever meeting her before."
File: 1355605270794.jpg-(348 KB, 1024x768, image007.jpg)
348 KB

"How do you think the girls will fare against Crownwell's servants, Miss Poppins? They worked hard." You asking her.
"Hmm... they are better than before and they properly win against Crownwell's servants." Miss Poppins saids.

"I never did figure out why Lady Crownwell is so angry about me forgetting...whatever it was I supposedly promised her. I still don't remember ever meeting her before."
"Don't blame yourself young master. Not everybody can remember when they were very young. I had heard' that Lady Crownwell is quit sensitive and also she is pretty lonely despite surrounding with her servants." Miss Poppins said.

You decided it is time to leave so that you bowed to her. Your servants also bowed to her before they enter the van.

After a while you finally arrived at the Crownwell Mansion. You suddenly have nostalgic feeling and you slowly remembering something from the dream.

Suddenly you got the call and when you looked at your smartphone, you see that your father Genma had calling you. What will you do?
Ugh. This should have stayed dead.

Go ahead and take the call. "Hello, Dad. How are things?"

Tell him where we're headed and ask him what's up. Dad stays busy so he must have a good reason for calling.
File: 1355606182181.jpg-(47 KB, 600x400, Apple-leading-the-global-(...).jpg)
47 KB

You decided to take his call, "Hello, Dad. How are things?"
"Not bad, we are still in the jungle. The hospitality of amazoness was real great but my only complaining is that they don't have any place to play golf." Your father answer.

Are that any questions that you like to ask your father through the phone?
File: 1355606523880.jpg-(15 KB, 316x234, AngryWoman.jpg)
15 KB

>Amazon women
>Mom's face when

Tell Dad about that weird dream we had, and about Lady Crownwell being pissed at us for forgetting some promise that we don't even remember making.

"Does any of that make sense to you, Dad?" After we finish trying to get answers from Dad, see if Tomoe wants to talk then pass her the phone if she does.
File: 1355608090443.jpg-(10 KB, 259x194, oldbutler.jpg)
10 KB

You start telling your father about one of dream and also about Lady Crownwell who are angry about the promise.
"Does any of that make sense to you, Dad?"
Your father become very quiet until he spoke again.
"Well... Actually I was acquaintance with Lady Crownwell's father and you had befriended her before you..." Your father suddenly become silence again until he spoke again.
"Can I talk with Tomoe?" Your father asked.
"Sure." You said and you give the phone to Tomoe who are still unfamiliar with smartphone.

After a while, Tomoe finally finish with talking with your dad and he closed his call.

You and the other walking to the mansion entrance. Outside the entrance, you see Albert the butler along with much older butler who are waiting for your arrival.
"Hello young master! My name Jeffry Holmes and I'm from the Royal Butler academy and I'm here to serve as neutral judge." The very much older butler say.
When you looked at Albert, he seems to try to restrain himself from punching at your face for insulting Lady Crownwell's honour even you can't help it.
"Let me show you the way." Albert said as you leading inside the mansion.

When we finish Yukata's challenges and return to Japan, we need to get our little sister her own phone. We're rich; adding another line and phone to our plan is cheap, so there's no reason not to let Tomoe share in that, as long as she doesn't go on a spending spree or something.
File: 1355608968383.jpg-(63 KB, 640x360, 05-selnia-02.jpg)
63 KB

Albert leading you to the arena with two dirty rooms. You should see Lady Crownwell herself and a spanish maid who you suspecting to be Bella...
"So who you are gonna challenge my Bella?" Mary asked you.
"That happening to be Katherine." You say as Katherine step forward with smoking cigarette.
"Is she a real maid?" Mary question your maid until Katherine start to look very annoying so that she removing her cigar from her mouth while she say, "Why are you complaining drillgirl?"
Mary Crownwell become shocking that Katherine refer her as drillgirl and it seem to irritate her greatly.
Now Katherine and Mary stared each other and it look like it will become a cat-fight...

What will you do?
A: Let them smacktalking little longer.
B: Try to calm them down.
C: Try to excuse Mary for Katherine's insult.
D: Something else.

>Katherine: tactful as ever. *sigh*

B: Step between them and try to defuse the situation. "Ladies, ladies: let's not fight." Put an arm around Katherine's shoulders, turn her away from Mary, and whisper to her, "Easy, Kat, save your energy for the challenge."
File: 1355610622016.jpg-(198 KB, 966x714, dirty-and-messy-room-01.jpg)
198 KB

You quickly step between them and you try to calm them down, "Ladies, ladies: let's not fight."
They somehow calmed down a little and then you put an arm around Katherine's shoulders. You turned her away from Mary as you whisper to her "Easy, Kat, save your energy for the challenge."
"Yeah... You are right about it..." Katherine say as she tried to calm down but she still look pretty irritated.

"Bella! Give everything that you got!" Mary told to Bella and she bowed to her while she say, "Si, Señiorita Crownwell."

The old judge step forward and he started to talk. "Lady and gentleman! We shall start the first challenge, the cleaning. We have two dirty room and your goal is to clean the room in within 1 hour. All of you will be provide with standard cleaning equipments so that it will be fair match. You are allowed to use one special equipment so long it is not an electronic device. Those who have the cleanest room win. I will give you a moment to preparing yourself before we start the challenge."

What will you do before the challenge start?

Take a look at the cleaning equipment Kat will have available, and the special equipment.

"Good luck, Katherine. You can beat her."
File: 1355611530243.jpg-(118 KB, 470x470, 89d8c6426b365b176e6f40f38280.jpg)
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You take a look at cleaning equipment. The equipment is pretty old fashion and it don't have any vacuum cleaner. You don't see any special equipments, it seems that you self must provide with special equipments.

You notice Mary's maid Bella are bringing her odd tools... It look like a strange combination of three-section-staff and broom.

>You can fetch a special equipment for Katherine by defining which equipment (It can't be electronic device for this challenge) that you need and roll for Gadget (3d6).
Rolled 5, 3, 4 = 12


See what Kat has to work with and think of something not electric that would be helpful. I'm thinking maybe a wide-headed pushbroom might help.

Rollin for pushbroom
File: 1355612430502.jpg-(10 KB, 276x276, Pushbroom.jpg)
10 KB

>forgot pic
File: 1355613154865.jpg-(41 KB, 499x548, anime_maid_girl.jpg)
41 KB

Luckily, you had brought along a pushbroom for this challenge. You give Katherine the pushbroom as you say, "Good luck, Katherine. You can beat her."
"Thank, I will real need that..." Katherine say as she looked at the dirty room with less optimistic look.

When Katherine and Bella are in their room, the judge Jeffry pulled out his stopwatch.
"Are you ready? I will count to Go. 1... 2... 3... Something that go after the 3... GO!"

The match start and they start cleaning the room. Bella used her strange three-section broom and she skillfully used it to clean the room. Katherine tried her best effort to clean the room but it seem that it only irritated her when the bubblegum are sticked on the wall....

How will you encourage her?
A: Offer her reward. You will need to roll 5d6 against 20.
B: Do your best to cheer her. You will need to roll 3d6 against 12.
C: Give her tactical plans. You will need to roll 2d6 against 12.
D: Hope for miracle for her to win! You will need to spend 1d6 Favor points.
E: Something else.
Rolled 2, 5, 6 = 13


Go with B: Cheer her on.

That was close...
File: 1355614508842.jpg-(168 KB, 800x600, 2007-06-07-58069.jpg)
168 KB

You did your best effort to cheer her. As you keeping on cheering her, the maids, Genki, Croco-chan, your sister are also cheering on.

Despite that Bella seem to be more superior than Katherine, with your cheering, it give Katherine the needed push to make her clean faster.

After a hour, the cleaning ended and the old judge Jeffry started to inspect the cleaning. You and the other become pretty nervous until judge said, "Miss Katherine win"

You and the other was happy about but Lady Crownwell seems to be displeased. Bella who seems to be very impressed by Katherine so that she walking to her and holding her hands.
"Te quieres casar con migo?" Bella asked Katherine in spanish while she look very interesting on her.
Katherine seem to be very confused by her question because it seems that she don't understand her question.

Will you do something in this situation or just carry on next challenge?

Hug Katherine. "Way to go, Kat! I knew you could do it." Make a mental note to give her a raise.

Find out which girl is next: I think Sasha's up. She'll need a confidence boost, I think.
File: 1355616095021.jpg-(59 KB, 500x613, 1872321_110816142927_fat_(...).jpg)
59 KB

"Way to go, Kat! I knew you could do it." You say as you giving her a hug. Katherine blushed a little when you hugging her.

After the first round, you and other walked into the large kitchen. You see a very fat chef who are drinking his wine.
"My name is Rudolf Verne! The Head Chef of Crownwell household. Who is my opponent?" The chef said with german accent.
"That should be me." Sasha said as she step forward.
"Oh fräuleinwunder! It is my pleasure to have you my opponent!" Rudolf say as he kissed her hand like a gentleman.

What is your reaction?

Be cool about it. He's trying to throw Sasha off by flattering her.

When he's done, go talk to her and hug her. "Do your best, Sasha; you can beat him. I know you can."

Since there's seven challenges, does that mean best 4-out-of-7 wins?
File: 1355617148828.jpg-(139 KB, 1280x720, Mansam_knocking_anime.jpg)
139 KB
> Yes


You tried to be cool about it and you guessed that he is trying to throw of Sasha with flattering her.

When Rudolf is done, you go to her and hug her,
"Do your best, Sasha; you can beat him. I know you can."
"I will do my best!" Sasha say.

The Rudolf suddenly started to look serious and he say, "By the way fräuleinwunder... Even you are a women, I will no going easy on you... Behold my full power!"
Suddenly his fatness slowly transforming into pure muscles and his cooking clothes are slowly ripping apart by his growing muscles. Now the fat chef had transform into a muscle-building chef.

End of part 42, Continue on part 43

Ok I decided to ended it tonight.

Do you guys have any question or suggestion?
Ok, I will archived the thread and I will need sleep soon. Bye people and see on next week!

Great thread, ML. Can't wait to find out what the dreams and flashbacks are about, though I have a couple theories.

Something I've been thinking about: the last near-death experience with Homeless-Hito and the catgirl. Was that monkey talking to Katsumi before she left....Mike?

About the monkey, he could be Mike but from alternative dimension.

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