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As Ned Salter, we manage a small stable of fighters in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, where super beings beat the daylights out of eachother in the highest rated pay-per-view in the history of mankind.

Having launched a successful videogame for our fighters, helped a old, washed-out star regain its former glory, and expanded our rooster from 1 to 16 fighters, we are currently choosing between spending more quality time with out fighters and getting to know them while overseeing their training, or arranging more business deals around them.
So... What was the verdict on how easily we could round up our new guys to go to the ranch? And, more importantly, does Mai think she could do what we're asking, in terms of assessing them?
I don´t see why it would have to be difficult at all. If they are at the XWF building, you just round them up and... uhmm... how many people are we talking about?

The new gold fighters are two
The new silver fighters are four
The jobbers are four more

I imagine we can use a studio bus or mini van? Somehow I doubt everyone can fit in a limo, and a train of limos just seem decadent, you know?
Anyway, I assume you call Mai. She is fine with it. It is her job after all, and she doesn´t has any reason to say no, but she wants to take a look at one, maybe two at a time. Who do you want to take, or you just give the address to that person and explain him/her how to get there?

If we use a bus, we can take everyone. But if she only wants two at a time, we can take the Utopians first, then the New Blood, then the jobbers.

Have the van going to and fro, bringing one group to the ranch and picking up the one that's just finished. If there's not enough time to fit everyone in, the jobbers can wait until tomorrow.

While Aura and Archangel are out, we can start getting people in to prep for the TV show.
Mai greets you as usual, and invites your group into her house. She says she would like to keep them there for the evening and take more people in tomorrow so she can do a thorough evaluation. Aura makes some reference to sharing beds if she´s staying, but by now you know not to take her words at face value.

When you come back to the office, Aritsu greets you and tells you that Dr Minamikami is seeing the Make A Wish kid right now.

Aritsu: "His parents were surprised and quite eager to take this chance. They had given up, after all. Any hope is good at this point. Shouldn´t you go greet them? they are with mr Wolfside in the medical building right now. Oh, and the player´s review of the game are starting to come out. They are actually much better than the gaming site reviews. There are some "troll" blogs that say its a dead game style, but from what I saw, those were just title words to get replies from angry fans"

We should check on Ami while we're at the ranch, make sure she's OK.

Then off to meet Brass and the Make A Wish team.
Mai: "She is in her room, but feel free to visit her, and could you take this to her? I am thinking I will be busy with our new friends"

She hands you a plate with a bowl of tomato soup and fried bread and cheese little cubes. You find Ami´s room easily enough. There´s only the girl´s rooms and a bathroom on the second floor, and Mai´s room is open so you can see it is empty right now: a spartan room, with few but high class furniture and a vanity mirror. The walls are mostly clear glass, overseeing the road going to the ranch. The room is as spotless as you could have expected.

Ami invites you in as you knock on the door, and when you walk in she gives a little yelp and pulls up the sheets on herself to her chin, sitting on the bed.

Ami: "M-mister Salter! I´m sorry I missed work today, I wasn´t feeling very well."

The curtains are closed, and just a bit of light spills through them into the girl´s room. There´s a lot of XWF posters in the walls, mostly of Brass. There´s also some framed pictures of landscapes and family portraits, and a shelf with books and stuffed animals on the far wall on the other side of the room.

She says she will go to work tomorrow without fail, but just needed a day to rest.
"I hope you didn't take the day off to play the game we just released, if you did, I'd be dissapointed that I didn't think of it first."
Ami: "T-that´s not it! I swear!" -she sits with her knees up against her chest, pulling the sheets up to her neck, beet red. "Thank you for coming to see me" -she says softly
Ami: "As you asked me to, I picked up miss Accussa and drove us both into town, and it was fine and fun and... uhmm... I just needed a day off today." -she looks up at you, her green eyes shining softly with a embarrassed expression. "Can you hand me that robe and leave the room for a minute, please?"
Once she´s dressed, she asks you back in. You and her talk a bit about her dancing lessons, then about her incoming debut match. Once she is relaxed enough, you manage to get her to tell you how it went with Aura without making her feel like she´s "telling" on her. Apparently, while Aura is fun and friendly, she is a bit too friendly, and touchy, and grabby, for the wide eyed redhead. And the ideas she suggested to her made it impossible for Ami to face Brass today. She assures you she´ll be back to work tomorrow.


As you walk into the medical building, you see Brass´ large frame sitting next to a couple. They introduce themselves as Timothy ´s parents (isint that the default name for the small sick child in most stories?). They are obviously grateful and excited about this chance. They went around with their child and Brass all day, and saw their child´s face lit up as he got carried around on Brass´ shoulder all day, having icecream, going to a fair, looking at the studios, and donning a (fake of course) eufiber suit to get his picture taken in the ring, "choking" Brass. Now he´s been undergoing treatment with Dr Minamikami for the last 30 minutes.
That was me, btw. Now waiting on your reply

>confirmed for hangover, which is pretty good going since Novas don't get drunk


"It's OK, Ami. I was just worried about you, that's all. After all, your debut's in a few days! Better you rest now, and be in top shape for Saturday"
She assures you she is alright and will be ready by tomorrow.

Check >>22038531

Also, as tonight is thursday in game, is the fighter´s christmas & new year party tomorrow, just in case you lost track of time.
Reassure the parents. Talk about the doctor and her passion and skill at research.
You are talking with Timothy´s parents, when the doctor walks out.

They immediately start asking questions of her and how it went. Roll 16d10 for Mako´s Medicine roll. Being incurable disease as since everyone else had given up already, you need at least 5 successes, as it was pretty much impossible. You can use her mega intelligence to lower that by up to 5, but then you don´t roll those mega dice.

So its either 16d10 with the mega dice (5) included, and aiming for at least 6 successes, or you can roll up to 5 less dice to need up to 5 less successes.
Rolled 6, 4, 7, 4, 4, 1, 1, 10, 6, 9, 1 = 53

do her dice explode? Rollin 11d10 need 1

Extend a hand to the parents

"Good afternoon. I'm Ned Salter, Mr Wolfside's manager"
Yes, but since we shrunk the difficulty, its already a success.

You greet the parents and after reassuring them of the doctor´s competence, you wait with them for a bit until the doctor comes out.

Dr Minamikami: "It was completely successful. Yes, I am sure. He´s sleeping inside the healgel tank right now, but in about 10 minutes he will be fine and you can take him home. I´d recommend giving him half an hour so his stitches dissappear and so he won´t even have a post-operation scar on him."

The doctor is kind and reassuring, seeming completely confident and telling the kid´s parents about such minor care details that they almost break out crying in happiness. So what if he can´t have icecream for a week, or swim in the sea for two? their baby is healthy and is going to have a good, long life.

Fucking phoneposting... Ignore that, the thread wasn't refreshing so I fell behind
Once Timothy and his parents leave, Brass gives you a pat on the back.

Brass: "That was real nice of you Ned, setting things up so the doc could take a look at the kid."

Dr Minamikami: "Well, now that is done with, so, since you are here, how about you step into the clinic and we get that look at you now, mister Salter?"
Yeah, but he might've been able to get a double success, which means the kid'd wind up with superpowers, or something.

I'm pretty sure that's how superpowers work, I've watched cartoons before!
Dr Minamikami: "Please take your shirt and undershit off and sit on the examination bed, mister Salter."

She starts running a few tests. Nothing seems unusual. She´s even nice enough to breathe on the stethoscope to warm it up first.

Dr Minamikami: "So how have you been feeling? any head aches? appetite increase?"

She gently checks you and then says you can dress back up.

Maybe if we had gotten, like, 5 successes or something like that. We could have said the trauma or the exposure to the dr´s nova powers woke up his own, sure.

Dr Minamikami: "Now, have you taken up smoking?" -she offers you another of her self-made strawberry cigars
"No, call me old fashioned but relying on modern medicine to fix my self inflicted mistakes never appealed to me."

"Thanks but no thanks, Doc. Making deals is my anti-drug"
Dr Minamikami: -sigh- "Call me Mako when we are alone. How about doctor´s orders? You really should pick up smoking, specially during business meetings." -she looks resigned when you say no again- "Specially in business meetings with selfish Quantum division fighters with mind control powers and a crippling phobia to fire and smoke"
Mako: "Who also happen to dislike strawberries, for some weird reason" -really softly, as if that last bit was just silly enough to be embarrasing. "Now, Take.The.Damn.Cigars"
"It could be worse, at least he doesn't have a crippling fear of menthol cigarettes"

Chomp that cigar like a motherfucking Tatical Genius.
"I'd think any hypothetical selfish Quantum division fighters with mind control powers and a crippling phobia to fire and smoke, who also happen to dislike strawberries, might find it somewhat suspicious if I started taking up smoking strawberry-scented cigars uniquely made by a doctor who happens to have the medical and psychological profiles of all fighters, selfish or otherwise. Thank you for the advice, though. I'll be sure to pick up a pack of smokes from the corner shop nearby if I ever intend on crossing paths with such a person."

First thing I see when I pop my head in...
Also, I think we now know why Bomber worked so hard to keep Ami out of the XWF.
>Chomp that cigar like a motherfucking Tatical Genius.
I have to admit I chuckled a bit at that

>Archives, archives everywhere....

Ned raises an eyebrow slightly.

"Actually, you know what, Doc? Cigars do add to the look of a businessman. Maybe I should... You know, occasionally, social reasons... Or possibly as Preventative Medicine taken to an extreme"

Ned takes the cigar, and lights it.

"Just promise me I won't get hooked on these things"
Mako: "It´s fine, I swear. They don´t have even a little bit of tobacco in them. If they didin´t look like cigars, they may as well be sold inside cereal boxs for breakfast. ...why are you looking at me like that? I do a lot of experimental research, remember?"

She tells you how she had been waiting for someone who seemed trustworthy for a while, and had been keeping a close eye on you since you arrived. Bomber Lord has a lot of the staff at the XWF under his control, but "mind control" isin´t covered by the law (yet) and it´s amazingly hard to prove.

Mako: "Well, I could get you some strawberry candies if you want, but it wouldnt trigger his fire and smoke phobia, so it would just annoy him instead of blocking him from using his powers. This is the best I could come up with, alright?"

She continues, explaining how every other fighter in the XWF has cold, wind, magnetism, electricity and what not, but only Ami showed up with straight-up fire powers from the start. Kodiak also developed a fire aura last year, but he didin´t start with it, and he will probably never be Omega material anyway, so he´s been left alone.

Mako: "And don´t worry, I offer these to all my grownup patients. They even have a tooth-cleaning effect and help regulate digestion. I tried to get the federation to help me market them, but they said that they looked too much like regular cigars, so there was a public image problem"
"I can't belive my doctor is reccomending me to take up smoking, and with the tooth cleaning effect, I wouldn't be suprised if 4 out of 5 dentists do too."
Mako: "Well, now than that is out of the way, you are good to go." -she hands you a lollipop. "Don´t use those until you have to, alright? It actually takes me a while to make each new one. You could use a real cigar, but I wouldnt be a real doctor if I told you to, would I?"


Want to stop here for today?
Before you end it, I need to know what the colour of the lollipop is!

If it's that disgusting lime green, Ned should immediately try for a new one. Red's kinda iffy, 'cause cherry's low tier, but it could also be apple or watermelon.
>XWF Manager´s Quest Part 35
I am pretty sure it´s strawberry
Oh right, strawberry, how could I forget that.
Is it just me, or can you attribute way too many flavours to the colour red? Most colours only get like a couple, but red has a bunch of flavours associated with it.
That, and I´m 1/2 sure she made them strawberry to mess with Bomber Lord. Also, it´s a running joke in my games, you´ll get to expect it if you know me long enough.

Bad guys don´t like strawberries

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