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As Ned Salter, we are a young manager in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, where super powered beings who would be called superheroes in a more ideal world where people doesnt really needs a job, beat the daylights out of each other in the most popular pay per view in the history of mankind.
To confirm the schedules:

Brass v Santos

Python v ??
Ami v Equitas
Archangel v ??
Aura v ?? (Paladin?)

Our 4 rookies v Our 4 jobbers

Now the game is a success, Ned can focus on the show. Same as with the game - Buy a share in a likely-looking company, and get them to make the show.
>Aura v ?? (Paladin?)
That would be fun to watch

Well, I thought we werent going to focus so much on the fights. We can just assume most of them "happen", while actually worrying just about a few important fights.

Ami takes Aura out for sightseeing and shopping. The next day she calls in sick, which is off because with her metabolism she´s pretty much immune to ebola.

Aritsu: "Sir, mister Wolfside says he´s not coming to the office yet. He´s going to take the Make A Wish kid on a tour around the studio first."

Right, of course. We should check on Ami later.

Let's leave the Make A Wish crowd to do their thing, although if Brass wants to show the kid a preview of the new cartoon pilot, Ned still has it.
Fine By me, but I think Debuts, Rivalries, and Championships should be considered important fights. Plus, I find the fights fun. I vote we set Archangel against Kali for milkable rivalry
That sounds like a good idea
Sure. Uhmm-- Im not sure whats the angle... it´s hear cheating vs his straight-forward style, or a goddess vs angel thing?
Well, she is the one who pretends to be a Teragen member right? Or was that someone else?
Anyway, Brass is busy, Ami is absent. That leaves us with Python, Okaba and Aura to handle if you want to talk to them.

There´s still HOBBYSHOP Japan calling and asking when the next series of figures is going to come out and who´s going to be in it, and of course, you (or rather Aritsu´s desk) are getting flooded with japanese fans asking for a fight in japan soon.
Oh right, I had forgotten that.
I think the answer to that question is after all of our fighters debut. And after we make some business rolls. As for the fight in japan we just have to arrange that with Godzilla.
you mean King Monitor, and sure. You going over to talk to him or his manager, or just making a phonecall? is just normal business, in a sense, but since it involves a premium fight (Omega Division) and such, you may want to have a more personal touch on it
I suppose we could go over and talk to him.
You have your secretary arrange a meeting with King Monitor´s manager and agree to meeting on monday.

Meanwhile, Dr Minamikami wants to know for when are you scheduling your visit to the medical building
... Whenever we are scheduling it?
Could you please stop asking things that our character can be assumed to know but we as a player don't? It makes responding kinda difficult.

Book in ASAP. But not today, with the Make A Wish kid coming in
Sorry, I´m used to my players just saying "alright, we´ll call her and set a date" or "let´s say tuesday"

Alright, let´s say tuesday?

With the most pressing business taken care of and the game selling like hot bread, you are mostly free to see about relatively minor stuff. Want to go talk with one of your fighters (Aura, Okaba, Python?), arrange interviews for some of them, see about their training, endorsement, talk with general management about what rivalries and such you want to work in this year, discuss such rivalries, something else?

Unrelated, but anyone has the fucking script to Pacific Rim? I´ve been looking for it all morning on google
aha! finally found the fucking script. Let´s see how bad it really is. I´m hoping not much, if for nothing else, because the female lead is called Mako, like the XWF doctor

So, want to deal with our fighters or go into money issues?

I think the plan was to hobnob with senior management more, to build up Ned's personal profile.

A meeting with Upper Management would be good, face time instead of just memos. if we can get The Man himself, that's even better. Let's see if Artisu can break us into their schedule for a dinner somewhere

Can we sort out getting the crew in to shoot the initial eps of the TV show?

And the other thing we forgot was getting *everybody* out to the Ranch for Mai to put through their paces. We'll book that for whenever Mai can manage, but it needs to be before the fights. Say, Wednesday in-game?
Sure. In game time, it´s tuesday, I believe

Alright, so meeting with upper management? remember you are going to the end of year parties this weekend.

You spend the morning seeing about the TV show. There are two possibilities, having a rough script of "more or less we want this to happen" or just filming whatever happens and hoping it´ll be funny
Oh, and roll 12d10 about the tv show, once you´ve chosen if you want a script or not.
Rolled 8, 3, 1, 10, 4, 1, 3, 5, 1, 9, 5, 5 = 55


No scripts.

We don't want forced-funny. This was supposed to be an entertainment show, but not a reality one. Documentary-esque, even.
Rolled 10, 5, 10, 6, 9, 7, 7, 2, 7, 6, 8, 3 = 80

This is for the reality show right? Then I simply vote we ask Aura to ensure that it is "interesting" but remind her of the censors. I'm sure she will ensure its a hit.
Rolled 1


Alright, you order your ideas for the show and prepare to present it to management as a documental rather than a comedy, will ask for another roll to...
nevermind. You present the idea and management agrees, trusting your judgement on it.

This eats the whole morning, however.

Want to have a lunch meeting with someone? check in how Brass is doing with the kid, take your new gold (and silver?) fighters to Mai, or just eat something quietly in the cafeteria and go to your evening part of the work day
Actually, my bad. The fighters party is on friday night. Management´s is on saturday after the fights are done with
really slow thread today, uh? you guys want to spend time with our fighters or break some deals on the evening?

Should we stop for today?

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