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As Ned Salter, we are a young manager in the Extreme Warfare Federation, a league where super powered beings the likes of which we would have been calling super heroes in a better world, duke it out with eachother in pay-per-view from Earth to Phobos!
Hey man. Alright, we had welcomed the last of the new guys, greeted the jobbers, and gotten a new dress for Mai...

Right, we had just arrived at the ranch

Mai: "Come on in. I´m actually trying a new recipe right now. You can tell me what you think. Ned, do you like spicey food?"
that was said as Ned?

As usual, one of Mai´s dogs is lazying about inside, hiding from the heat outside on the cool kitchen floor. She gave it a nudge with a soft feet to get it to move so she could open the fridge, and sent the animal to play outside.

Ami: "Mister Salter, do you know when exactly will my fight start?" -she means in the first, second or third part of the evening.- "I want my mom and grandpa to see my fight, live, and my grandfather doesn´t really enjoys wrestling other than mine"
"Yes I do." Tell her the time.
Fuck yea, XWF! Just what I needed for the last 2.5 hours of work!

Ah! You're here, excellent.

Are you still interested in the RT game?
Ami: "Thanks, I´ll call grandpa and tell him" -the bubbly girl goes upstairs to use her private line

Mai´s cooking is exotic but good enough to make your mouth water as she serves your portion, a few minutes later. Soft, square bits of meat float next to cheese and potatoes filled in with spices.

As you help yourself to it, you notice that while both girls seem so different most of the time, they really are alike (beyond the obvious fact that they are identical twins) at others. Both of them sit straight and properly, taking small, graceful nibbles off their food with flawless table manners. It seems perfectly natural for Mai, but it somehow surprises you to see Ami behaving in so feminine a manner as well.

Mai: "Is the stew good, Ned?"
Aye, but just been insanely busy the last week or two, since we're trying to get stuff finished before Christmas, and with the RT game slated to begin at 6pm my time, it's a squeeze to get there in time, since work finishes at 5pm, and it can take up to an hour and a half to get home.

But yea, if we can sort something out, I'm definitely up for it!
brb going to grab breakfast, and nice to hear that. Also hi

"Absolutely delicious, as always"
You want to write giving Mai the dress and inviting her and such, or do we just fast forward over a few days to receiving Aura and Okaba, the former utopia novas that you arranged to have join you.

Work is pretty hectic today, I don't think I have time to write.

Doesn't stop anyone else doing it, though.

Or we can Fast Forward
either way works for me. Once we get a look at Okaba's stat sheet, I was thinking we could take him over to see the "cheat goddess" I confidently expect Hilarity to ensue.
Alright, i´ll wait a bit while having breakfast so anyone can feel free to write meanwhile
File: 1354803544220.jpg-(116 KB, 991x816, Okaba Akpu-nku 001.jpg)
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Nigerian young man with large wings sprouting off his back. His powers may not be as awe inspiring as some, but he was well liked by his superiors at Utopia because of his ungodly sense of duty. He was one of the starving etiopian children saved of a death by hunger thanks to project Utopia, and as such is tremendously loyal to Utopia´s ideals, if he has become disheartened with what he feels is a corruption within it. Perhaps the reality simply could not stand up against his idealized dream.

A tall, young nigerian man with royal-like features and massive wings on his back. He keeps his hair braided short and is as attractive as could be expected. His surname loosely means "Great Tree firmly rooted on the ground"

His physical powers are on the low-mid range for novas, but his wings can hurl exploding feathers, act as shield, cut through forged iron and, of course, allow him to fly.

He has decided he´ll join the XWF and represent Utopia´s good name as a shining example other novas can aspire to. At least that´s his plan.
File: 1354803952952.jpg-(119 KB, 991x816, Aura Accussa 001.jpg)
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A russian girl from a wealthy family, Aura joined Utopia to travel, see the world, and have someone else pick up the bill.

Physically stunning, she´s the quintessential femme fatale in mannerisms and powers. Once she´s decided someone is fun to play w- ..once she´s decided there´s something she feels interested about, she latches unto it like white on rice.

Currently, she enjoys nothing more than to try and deviate Okaba from his self-imposed straight and narrow path.

Her physical abilities would qualify her for gold on every olympic event ever, before novas appeared, but as far as novas go, she is normally in the low-end of the barrel.

Her non-physical powers however allow her to drain power from others through contact (most effective) and at short range (not as effective, but still dangerous), as well as lower her opponent´s willpower.

She would be just a typical party girl if not for the dangerous combination of her powers and appearance kept under control by a mischievous intelligence
I sort of want him to have black wings to go with his skin color, and sort of want him to have white wings, tho im not sure.

Mai: "I tried some asian spices, this time around." -she said quite satisfied with how the meal turned out- "Ami, you know the deal"

Ami: "Yes yes, you cook I wash"

As Ami was picking up the dishes. Mai cleaned her ruby lips on a napkin and stared at you gently.

Mai: "Come think about it, since you drove Ami home, will you pick her up tomorrow? I assume there was some problem with her bike?"
I guess a training regieme revolving heavily around throws and grapples would be best for her then, to maximise her draining power?

I'd have her focus on Aikido and Jujutsu with her using throws early on to minimise risk to herself, and using grapples as a finisher. (To prevent the opponent overpowering her grapples.)
Remember that throws deal damage based on distance, and the ring isint that big, tho.

Grappling sounds good so she can continuously drain her opponent, but she should also do some sort of flashy thing, since her powers are quite subtle, visually speaking

Is this after we've given the gift? I'm confused...
The throws aren't for damage, it's to provide her with an opprotunity to drain her opponents via physical contact, while at the same time minimizing risk by quickly getting them away from her.
Actually you haven´t yet, no. But if you dont want we can fast forward over it. I left it vague on purpose. Do you want to (maybe triggering a flag with Mai?) or do you want to FF?

We're not trying to start a relationship, so Fast Forward to meeting the Utopians, IMOm.
I agree, fast forward.
You give Mai your gift and rest your lunch down before going back to the office and taking Ami along.

The following day

Aritsu: "Sir, the game is about to launch in OPnet in 5 minutes for preorders. There are already a couple million sold"

Your attractive secretary stands by your desk. holding various reports and handing them over to you.

Aritsu: "These are the contract for Gatorade, Men´s Health, Health & Fitness, Hobbyshop Japan, and Mattel. Mattel sent the pilot episode and want to hear mister Wolfside and mister Rodriguez´ opinions on it"

Check over the contracts (to make sure things are as agreed) and sign them

Where are Brass and Python right now? If they're nearby, let's call them up and check out the cartoon.
Brass is easy. He´s either at the WXF gym, or at the Ranch.

Python is likely at Yakazawa or his family´s house, since its thursday and he takes the evenings of thursdays to be with his nephews, brothers, and mom.

Asking Aritsu to find them, it turns out Brass and Python are both downtown together, instead.

Aritsu: "Mister Wolfside says they are getting new suits for the party this saturday, but they can be back here in an hour or two, if you need them. Mister Rodriguez could be here in 5 minutes if it happens to be an emergency, of course"
This is news to me.
Oh by the way, Gate - And thus the JSDF fought here, has updated, for those of you who wanted to see the latest chapter
Certainly not a emergency.
Guys? hello? you cant still be reading gate, its like just 25 pages if that
Well, I assume Ned has a suit, or bought one with Ami

The utopia people are arriving today. Want to meet them at the airport or will you let them come tomorrow in their own time to introduce themselves?
Meet them at the airport. Its the polite thing to do. We already grabbed the psychic shield power right?

Meet them at the airport.

Have they sorted out accomodation? Maybe we could put them up in the Documentary Complex at least for now.


No rush. Tell them what's arrived, and see if they want to watch it today or tomorrow.
>Documentary complex
>Aura with half a dozen super attractive men and women
>In a closed space

which rating are we going for, again? anyway brb
Okaba and Aura come down from the plane together. The tall black man is impossible to miss, of course. His wings make him seem almost twice as tall as he is, and he is already a tall man to begin with.

Next to him, the russian beauty is dressed in fashionable, simple street clothes and high heeled black leather boots. She sports a bright smile as she looks around in a manner so charming that a few of the airport employees walk into eachother as they look at her.

Once they are through immigration and the rest of the circus international airports have become -it is hard to believe that Okaba was "randomly selected" for a more personal inspection-, they greet you.

Okaba: "It is a pleasure to be here, mister Salter" -the man shakes your hand

Aura: "Oh? you actually liked that?" -Aura leans into his side in a innocent gesture that somehow manages to make the people 11 feet around blush and turn around. "Did the guards had warm hands, then?"

Okaba: "It is the polite thing to say" -he shakes her off firmly but gently.

The girl stands nearly on tiptoes with ease, as if she was trying to grow as tall as her companions, or as if she could just float away, her toes barely anchoring her to the floor.

Aura: "Nice to meet you" -she says
Its television right? That doesn't really have ratings the same way TV does in the US. I mean they have them, but no one pays any attention for some reason. Kinda like how some parents will buy their kids M rated games but not let them see R rated movies.
It seems most of our Rookies already have accomodation sorted, so we might have to set up their rooms as "crash pads".

The light-manipulator might want to stay there more often, and maybe the Professor if he's still in Uni accomodatrion, but others might not.

We don't want full-on pr0n, but Aura adding some sexual sizzle could be good for the ratings... I figured going for US Big Brother levels of adult content would be about right. Or about where WWE's "Attitude Era" was
"You as well." I wonder how long it will take for her to realize that we are basically totally immune to her antics.

"Okaba, Aura, it's a pleasure. I trust you had a pleasant flight. Please, step this way."

Show them to the limo.

"I imagine you'll want to get yourselves settled. For now, I've arranged accomodation at 'The Studio', a complex just near XWF HQ. Shortly, the plan is to film a pilot episode for a fly-on-the-wall documentary about XWF debutantes, but for now it's just a deluxe pied-a-terre. I hope that suits"

>Implying she won't be fascinated with Ned's stoicism, and redouble her efforts to seduce him
If it wasn't for the workplace conduct clauses in our contract that could be a lot of fun. As is, the only realistic options I see for Ned are Mai, and possibly Equitas. Everyone else either works for us, or is Python's girlfriend.

Do XWF managerial contracts have those? Because Aura becomes physically ill if she has to behave, and we're contracted to keep our talent in top condition, so...
The problem is she has ungodly abilities for seducing, when she -really- wants to. A little thing like +6 or +12 automated extra successes to willpower would only make it "challenging", anyway.

Aura: "Of course it was a pleasurable flight"
Okaba: "It was alright, thankyou sir"

They follow you into the lime. Okaba needs to lean forth quite a bit to slip inside, due to his wings, while Aura soft of "flows" into the limo and finds her way to the larger rear seat, stretching on her back on it.

Okaba: "We appreciate you coming to pick us up, sir, but it was not needed. We are perfectly capable of taking a cab"

Aura: "I don´t mind. Don´t pay too much attention to him, or he´ll have us living in a bunk, to send rental money to a charity or another" -she looks at Okaba with a cat´s smile- "Then again, that may be fun, in it´s own way"

Okaba: "And please do not take her seriously. My friend has a tendency to run off her mouth, but I assure you she is a honorable girl, deep down. I am sure that whatever accommodation you have procured for us will be more than adequate"

Aura: "Can we see the sea from it?"
Eh, I see her going to nightclubs a lot in the future. I hope the nightclubs will survive the experience
... Can she? I honestly have no idea.
Sure. But she´s not really interested. She´s just poking at Okaba by playing "the bimbo wants an apartment with view to the sea, fun, parties, shopping and no work". She´s actually a smart, truly strong girl who simply happens to have a flaw. Which can be bought off with 7 exp, to reflect personal growth. Tho just because she won´t get sick if she stops flirting and teasing, it doesnt means she will stop teasing her best friend until he gets tired and picks her up and marries her.

Anyway, its 14:44 here. Need to go out now. See you tomorrow guys. We already have Ami vs Equitas and Brass vs Santo, but the other fights need to be arranged still. You may want to see the XWF´s doctor report on your new people, as well
I like this couple a lot.

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