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File: 1354621935583.jpg-(289 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image.jpg)
289 KB
Here we go, mates!

We are Ned Salter, young and successful manager on the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, where super powered beings beat the daylights out of eachother in family-friendly fun throughout the human territories from Earth to Phobos!

Yep, the most successful Pay-per-view in the history of mankind, and the only channel that can still get away with having a programming schedule in these modern times when technology and the OPnet allow people to record, download, and watch shows whenever they want
My body is ready.

ISTR we were due to be meeting more of our new guys this episode.

We also have to book Ami her debut. I trust finding Python a match isn't hard, since he's the champion?
Right, but do you want to do a title defense or just a regular match? title defense, of course, brings much more money and viewers, but noone has been pushed enough right now amongst your possible rivals this season yet, so maybe just a regular match?

Let´s see... for our tomboyish redhead, we were gonna get her a match vs Equitas, right?

Brass and El Santo were already confirmed.

Last time Adam called to the office to say he was just arriving to town and was going to settle down in his new place and unpack, so he would come by the office tomorrow (today)

The angel and the succubi were still packing in Africa, but we already had the deal made between us and Utopia
Maybe a new guy?

Equitas for Ami, yes.

Regular match for now. Nobody can match Samuel (except possibly Ami). Of course we can expect Mamba to start trying to Backstage-Politics his way into a shot; And if/when he does,he can enjoy being punched off the planet.

Also, I think it was Brass Champ who said we needed to work on Ned's personal profile; Getting to know upper management, building his fanbase, making himself indispensable. We could work on that for a bit.

Alright, Adam should come to the office today, we can talk with him then.

Maybe we could organize some celebration for the end of year, or go to one from the company? it´s near christmas and new year so it sounds good to me
Already met with Mara, Carlos and Michael Killmaster (Ugh I forgot the lastnames of Mara and Carlos. I blame Killmaster for hogging all the "remember this name" neurons), Adam White is coming to the office today.

We had agreed in making a immortal jobber, and still had to make three more and decide on the other 3´s gimmicks
>(I blame Killmaster for hogging all the "remember this name" neurons)
That's what you get for giving a guy a name that vastly overshadows the others.

As for jobbers, if we're going with crappy themed novas, how about one that has the ability to reduce/lower energy of things around him, which he uses to reduce the force behind all attacks he recives, the problem is that it's always on, and it affects his attacks too, subconsiously, making him an utter wimp, offensively.

(Baiscally godly soak, energy immunity, and normal human strength.)
Personality-wise the guy's just afraid of getting hurt, and his powers are his desire to remove any real harm that comes to him, basically an unemployed actor until someone noticed and said "hey you could make money not being hurt!" He then proceeds to take his acting lessions and BA in the Arts to good use.
Sounds ok, I think.

Well, want to:

[ ] Meet your jobbers. Or should we assume it happens off-camera and get them a fruits basket?
[ ] Attend the management party in style. I imagine that inviting one of the girls to come with us, or hiring an escort for the night
[ ] Launch the game.
[ ] Organize a trip to Japan for the new series of sculptures.
[ ] Design the jobber´s persona and codenames. Come think of it, we still need to come up with names for our new fighters.
[ ] Marketing our guys. IE calling Nike, Gatorade, Adidas, etc and making arrangements for new product endorsements.
[ ] Something else

Choose two for today. I´m trying that "pick from these" approach for today. Let´s see how it goes.

Anyway brb gonna grab breakfast

Alternatively, Kinetic Immunity and Energy Absorb (Stamina)


Is there an Official XWFmas Party? If not, Ned will propose one. Even if it's just for the backroom staff and management, rather than for the Novas
There are three. One if for managers and executives, the other is for managers and fighters, and the last is for technicians and general staff.
[X] meet jobbers (off screen)
[X] Launch Game
[X] Attend Party
[X] Acquire two levels of Psy sheild b

Ned confirmed for two of those three.

>Roll willpower not to troll the fuck out of Bomber Lord's manager in front of the top execs.
File: 1354628379442.jpg-(276 KB, 877x772, post.jpg)
276 KB
"System thinks your post is spam, please reformat and try again"

I tried so fucking much. Trying something else now
yep. But if we are going anywhere near bomber lord I want to have psychic defenses.
I´ll take your list

I'm not a part of your system!

I think we should start branding Ned as well. He's had a bit of exposure through that early promo with Brass back when he started on the ranch, but not much more than that. If the video game has Ned as a secret character, he will need to at least be SOMEWHAT known by the fans.
Perhaps "paparazzi" "accidentally" running into Ned and Brass having a business dinner at a local steakhouse (which already sponsors Brass), and Ned giving an impromptu interview.
We're definitely going to both parties.

Also, I still think setting up a fine dinner with the upper echelon of the XWF and Ned to discuss further business (really just make their asses adore Ned, more than anything) is a good idea.

I'd give a call to the software studio and ask them if there's any bright ideas they have that can add some bells and whistles to the game. Something that really makes it pop. Basically, delaying them to improve the game just a teensy bit more, so we can get Ned and Ami more popular before the release of the game.
On top of that, we might want to establish Old School as a separate stable by setting up a formal meeting where we'll give a speech to our new recruits. Make them know that we're not just a manager, we're the boss. And we treat our employees well.

(Also, snoop on their medical records, their criminal records, every record they have. Can't hurt. Maybe one of them is Teragen).

"Yes, Ari; And I'm tempted tpo gatecrash the third one, too, say hi to the people who really make this show happen.

And please tell the coders to unleash the beast. We should be just in time to crash the industry's End Of Year awards."
Aritsu: "One. If you are going to shorten my name, calle Ritsu. Is what my family and friends call me. Two, if you do that, you´ll make people feel uncomfortable in their own party, you know? What you could do is send a truckload of food and drink as a surprise, tho. And finally, should I call a escort service to get you a date for both parties, or do you have someone in mind already?"
"A date? Do we really need one?"

(this is just as much a question to you other anons in the thread)

We have our friendly journo at N!

He could probably sort us out with publicity.


"Apologies, Ritsu. That's a good though for the third party, please make the arrangements"

>I was thinking we'd invite Mai as our +1. Or Aritsu...

Remember, these parties will be going on at swanky bars and clubs. It will do wonders for Ned's profile to turn up with a stunner on his arm.

Also, it would be a nice gesture of thanks to Mai for all her work this season.
Alright, so you are giving a call to the report-... actually, why arent we sending demos to some game review sites and magazines first?

Anyway, want to try to take Aritsu or Mai to the parties?
I thought we did that a while ago.
I'm pretty sure we covered demo's in part 24.
File: 1354630573314.jpg-(453 KB, 958x1408, 1354522017669.jpg)
453 KB
Oh, alright... that was like a week ago... man I´m old and getting shark memory I guess.

Since we have had some demos going around, I dont think we need to build up MORE expectations about it. We should just release it at this point.

Reporter is for boosting Ned's profile.

The game is a different kettle of fish, demos to reviewers is a given. We already have some epic word-of-mouth hype going on, too...

I favour taking Mai, but we'll see what others ITT say

>mfw we show up, and Mai spots some ex-operatives among the managerial crowd
Alright, so we are launching the game on xmas week. It will be a bit before it actually happens, so will probably know how it went on the next thread.

Mai: "Ned, are you sure about this?" -she asks as you invite her.

Im not sure if you want to go in person or call her over the phone

Xmas week seems too late to make the Year End awards; Any way to boost that? If we're doing digital distribution, all that's needed is to put the code up on the OPnet equivalent of Steam...

Ned is super-busy right now, making deals. He can't really spare the time to drive, as much as he might want to. Phone call should suffice.

"Of course I'm sure, Mai. You deserve a special treat for all your work this year - I couldn't have done it without you. I'd be honoured if you'd accompany me'
I wonder if Steam survives.. tho I really dont see a reason why it wouldnt. Alright, so launching it this week before the fight, then?

Mai: "Alright, what is the dress code?"
File: 1354632721191.png-(391 KB, 500x333, 1354497687951.png)
391 KB
Just in case you haven´t noticed, I have tried very hard since day one to not have Mai use any contraptions in her speech. She uses do not instead of don´t, for example.

Not sure if contraptions is the right word. It probably isin´t

Is there one? Beyond 'A-List Designer Style', that it?


ContraPtions are devices.

ContraCtions are when speech is shortened

Well, I imagine it could be casual nightwear, cocktail... it could also be a disguise party, a mascarada.. a disguise party may be fun, too

I'd guess the Novas + Managers party is Designer, though. Every fashion house wants their designs worn by Nova celebs
File: 1354635792515.jpg-(89 KB, 488x750, 1354511702470.jpg)
89 KB
That sounds very logica-- uhmm I wonder if we couldn´t get some fashion Brand to sponsor Ami, then?

Anyway, then the parties are both cocktail and nightwear, right?

Having invited Mai to go with us to the parties at the XWF, we are free to work for the rest of the morning. Talking with the game studio, you agree on releasing the game this week.

Aritsu: "Sir, Gatorade wants to have miss Morrigan sponsor their new strawberry drink, and Sports Illustrated wants to have an interview with mister Rodriguez"

After her full debut, Ami will be swimming in offers. We'll let her pick the brand or brands she likes the most.

"Done and done, on the drinks and the interview."

Has Ritsu recruited those interns to handle the tea-making/post-opening/etc work?
No, rather, she´d just organized herself better

Alright, so we got Mai to go with us to the end of year parties, and are launching the game this week.

Someone said something about getting a mindshield power? which one from which book?
Oi, why don't we just buy a dress for Mai?
She does deserve one.
Uhm, just be careful or it may seem like you want to start a relationship with her.

That being said, you want to take her shopping or just give it to her as a gift? you could get Ami to buy it since they have the same figure.
I think a gift would be fine.
As you said, there's no reason to make this anything other than a nice gesture from one friend to another.
Psychic Shield

If we do get her a gift, getting Ami's input would be good. Otherwise, we can just let her get whatever she likes.

We'll be using the limo to get to and from the party, of course.


Core book, the one that gives two free willpower successes per level
File: 1354638138808.jpg-(81 KB, 600x483, 1353769446039.jpg)
81 KB
Alright, will check the core book later

When you find Ami, she is going to the gym, dressed in thighs and a sweater.

Ami: "A dress for sis? she has plenty of really beautiful dresses, you know? she used to travel all over and go to lots of high class parties... but I can´t imagine her saying no to a gift. What budget do you have for it?" -she says when we ask her about it
How much of a budget do we have for it?
File: 1354639283137.jpg-(63 KB, 500x665, 1353769943864.jpg)
63 KB
Well, right now you have resources 5, which is a LOT. But most of it is invested in the stock of the gaming company.

I think you could buy a dress worth a good car if you wanted. I´d say your resources are at rank 3 right now (at least until you cash in after the game launches)
Then lets buy her a nice dress.
Ami: "Alright, I´ll go after I´m done working out. Could you lend me your credit card?" -leans in slightly, and reaches into her bag to get her documents and add your card between them

What do you want to do now? seems like your morning is all done. Adam should be dropping by this evening. Wait for him, or want to go do something else on the meanwhile? go with Ami to buy the dress?
We could wait for Adam.
File: 1354640828165.jpg-(39 KB, 486x269, 1353770053176.jpg)
39 KB

Aritsu: -on the phone- "Sir, are you in the building? mister White has arrived to the office and is waiting for you"
Then lets go meet him
Rolled 83

These snippets have proven quite clearly that Doom is the finest of villains.
File: 1354641511493.jpg-(92 KB, 799x407, Doom.jpg)
92 KB

Ami says you can go with her later if you want. She is going to work out for a couple of hours and have a shower so you have ample time to meet with the new guy.

Aritsu: "Ah, sir. Mister White is waiting for you inside." -she greets you as you walk closer, and hands you a copy of Adam´s file

Inside, Adam is sitting in your couch, reading a magazine (one of those where Brass was interviewed). He stands up to shake your hand

Adam White is a well built, nice-looking young man from Washington. His hair is black and long, with a clean shave and wide shoulders, wearing a business suit that fits him perfectly.

Adam: "Ah, mister Salter, a pleasure making your acquaintance"

He certainly knows how to enter a room
Adam: "I´m sorry for taking so long to come see you. I just wanted to get all my stuff unpacked first. So, can you show me around, should we discuss my schedule.. what am I supposed to do now? I was just a physics student before erupting, and I must confess I know very little about the XWF and what it does"
Okay quick XWF Rundown:
1. Silver Gold Omega, the different divisons and how they stack up.
2. Most, but no all, fights are real. All Title fights are real, but sometimes the challenger never had a realistic chance.
3. 90% or more of the outside the ring shenanigans are bullshit and were never real.
4. Pay works mostly on a bonus system.
And anything else he needs to know
Adam: "Well, I was told the fights were real, but it seems like a really good chance to get money to pay off my students loans and more in a short time. My contract is for just a year, but let´s work hard and make sure it´s a profitable year, yes? That said, could you explain me the bonus system?"

Adam proves to be a smart, nice enough person, with a lot of presence, which the fans will love, of course.

Do you want him to be a face too? are we giving him an angle, building him a character?
"You have a good (but not outstanding) salery but get payed large amounts of money per fight. The more you fight the more money you make." (I have no idea what his powers are, so its kinda hard to build him a character.)

Physics graduate? Some kind of scientist gimmick could work...
Reading his file, you see that Adam can use his mind to control things around him through both Telekinesis and Cyberkinesis. He can just as easily bend a metal bar with his mind, or operate machinery with a thought. In fact, it was a while before his cyberkinesis was discovered, since the doctors thought he was just using his telekinesis at first
That doesn't work so great on an empty ring does it?
You can use telekinesis against your opponent, tho. Just because he has one power it doesnt automatically means it has to be useful in a fight.

Besides, his physical and mental attributes are pretty good. He can get lots of things done with just his enhancements.

Totally unrelated, but this video made me think of Ami taking her dance lessons


Anyway, Adam is smart and willing to try hard. He gives you his contact info and new address.

Adam: "When do you think I will have my debut fight?"
Well we don't actually know any silver division fighters outside of our guys.
Yeah, his power levels should be fine in the silver division (once we have him train in some martial arts or the other) and his other skill should be invaluable if we get him into our inner circle.

Encryption? is that food?
I vote we just get all the silver guys to the ranch.
I think a professor stick would work for White.
Any ideas for a stage name?

Anyway, just letting you guys know that I GM tonight and will be probably way too tired to start the thread tomorrow early. Will probably start skipping wednesdays regularly.

Ned: "Well Adam, I may even get you a fight this weekend, but first I want to have you meet a trainer I trust, alright?"

Adam nods, and you talk for a little more before he leaves. Asking Aritsu for a place to shop for a dress gives you a few names of stores, and before long, you call Ami to learn that she´s just fresh off the shower and was going to call you.

Ami: "Are we using your car? I doubt you would want to ride on my bike with me, right?"

By the way, what do you call the "second seat" on a bike?

There's not really a "second seat". Being on the back of a bike behind the main rider is known as "riding pillion"
Well, I assume you take your car.

Ami: "You´ll drive me back afterward, right? oh, do you want me to deliver the dress to Mai, or are you giving it to her yourself?"

"I'll drive you home, and give the gift then"
Ami: "Alright then." -she picks her handbag and goes with you.

As you start the car, she asks you

Ami: "Say Ned, have you ever seen The New Guy?"

It is quite the fun evening as you get acquainted with Ami´s surprising movie knowledge. In the end, you pick a light black dress with an sleevless, elegant cut.

Ami got herself some new street clothes as well, and looks quite satisfied as she hugs her bags, sitting in the passenger´s seat of your car.

Ami: "Ned, did you had fun?" -she gives you a playful look- "I thought it would be a fun way to give you my thanks. Equitas told me you spoke with her agent about having a fight. That is going to be my debut fight in the US, right?"
"Yes, yes it will be."
I assume she meant this scene from "the new guy"?
Ami: "T-thanks. If you hadn´t helped me, I would never have gotten to meet mister Wolfside, or have this chance for a real fight, Ned" -she gives you a warm little smile.

Mai greets the both of you at the door, as usual, and has you wear some sandals as you go into the house. Ami just takes her shoes off.

Mai: "Ned, I wasn´t expecting you today, did Ami invite you to lunch?"


I think we should finish the thread here. I didint notice the time. Also remember the next thread will be the day after tomorrow. Take care guys
As always, I´m still monitoring the thread, of course, in case you leave any messages.

Also, it was the first time she called you Ned directly. At least I intended it to be the first time. Hope I didint slip before

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