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As Ned Salter, we are the newest manager at the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, where Homo Sapiens Novus, those who the comic books of the past called "super heroes", duke it out in pay-per-view for the entire world and its colonies to see!

Today, our fighters duke it out for the Gold Division Title Belt. Two old friends will fight, and one will get a lot of bragging rights
Oh, here we are.

Since you have the better connection, shall I send you what I wrote for you to check over and post?
I just thought of something. When Python suppresses his nova powers he is basically a baseline right? No powers or mega anything? I wonder if python would be interested in an exhibition match against the current heavyweight boxing champion.
Sure, but people wouldnt "believe" him. Remember he was a boxing champion when he erupted, and he got kicked by the boxing association and his titles taken from him because they didint believe he wasnt a nova before



I thought his Appear Normal ability just suppressed his aberrations, not his actual powers?
No, that ability supresses powers too. Is actually useful in the aberrant war and when things like quantum detectors start popping in airports and such
*shrug* you mentioned that at least one person knew enough about boxing to know that he hadn't erupted. I'm willing to bet that plenty of his colleagues thought it was bullshit. If one of those colleagues were to ask for a exhibition match, it doesn't really matter what the boxing federation thinks. I sorta thought of it as step one of trying to force the Boxing federation to give him his titles back
Sure, but the smart minority gets trampled by the loudmouth assholes all the time, you know?

Just because you are right doesnt makes you right, sadly

Also, just checking the file... goddamn wall of text, hit the enter from time to time. Hold on, reading, gonna take a while to order it
Still, from what you said there are all sorts of ways to prove that he really does suppress his powers in that form. Heck, you could just put him in a G-force simulator and record when he passes out.
People would say he faked it. "people" as in "the drooling masses"

Sure, experts would know, but the masses´ opinion run the boxing federation judgement same as any other business that sells a product to people. Going to go grab some breakfast and brb
Nick: "And here we are, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for YOUR main event of the evening! The XWF Gold Division title fight between Rob "Brass Reaper" Wolfside and Samuel Rodruigez, the Green Python! I'm Nick Diamond, and next to me is Johnny Gomez"

Johnny: "Thanks Nick. And what a match we have coming up! Two men, long-time friends, will go head-to-head to see who's the best."

Nick: "There's no such thing as friendship in the XWF arena, Johnny. Before and after, maybe, but not during a fight. I'm wondering if what these two men have can survive a battle like this!"

Johnny: "Brass and Python are both veterans, Nick. I'm sure they can separate the professional and the personal"

Nick: "Well, we'll find out soon enough... The fight's due to start any minute!"
"Which means there's just enough time to introduce our special guest commentator. Fresh out of hospital and straight back to the heart of the action, please welcome Omega Division's El Nova Santo!"
"Thank you, gentlemen. It is a privilege to be here with you"
"Mr Santos, before we start, I'd just like to ask you-"

Nick: "No time, Johnny! Here come the fighters!"
And a manager's main job is to convince the drooling masses to buy his fighters story. Not saying it would be easy, but I think that giving Python his titles back is an achievable long term goal.
Sounds good

The two men emerge from the locker room together, saluting the fans, who go absolutely insane. Cheering, hollering, chanting, singing, waving signs. Only the conspicuous presence of Silver Division Novas filling in as extra security prevents the massed crowd from trying to rush them for autographs.
Brass: "You ready?" he asks Python as they bump fists in the middle of the ring

Python: "To kick your ass? Always. Let's go!"
Johnny: "And there's the bell! Python is quick off the mark, using his patented Time Warp technique. It's a sign of how seriously he's taking this bout, he normally saves it until later in the fight!"

Nick: "He advances towards Brass who responds with... Is that shapeshifting?"

Santo: "No, Mister Diamond. If I'm one to say, Brass has just used Density Manipulation to make himself into a *real* metallic man! The ring is already sagging under his weight!"
"I just hope Python wasn't planning to throw Brass any time soon, Johnny"

I swear it was line-broken when I wrote it... Text Editor must have fucked it up.

Sorry, bro... Should I try to resend with breaks intact?
Johnny: "Unlikely, Nick. Python is probably the greatest pure pugilist we've ever seen here in the XWF arena! He won't trade bodyslams with a brawler like Brass."

Nick: "The two men are circling each other, looking for an opening... There! you blink and you miss it, but Python just made the first move! A flurry of punches, and Reaper was only able to dodge half of them."

Johnny: "It is the... How you say... 'Rope-a-dope strategy'. Float like a butterfly."

Nick: "The Reaper doesn't seem too bothered though; I guess his metal body hold up to punishment pretty well. And now it's Python testing Brass with some jabs... Goes for a shot and... No! Brass catches Python's arm on the way in, and bends it all the way back! And a toss sends Python to the floor! Brass is going for a hold... Cross Arm-Breaker, but Python's flexible limbs are hard to pin down."
"Brass has two of the arms now, trying for a Surfboard stretch, but Python is fighting through the pain, trying to gain leverage with his other arms... And he does! Python is able to shift enough of Brass' massive bulk to be able to wriggle free!"
"Slithering out of that hold like the snake he is, Johnny"

Johnny: "And now he's back on the offensive! Ferries of punches, but the Reaper somehow manages to block them all, and responds with a stiff right of his own!"

Nick: "A right hand that Python easily evades"
"And with that, the bell rings for the end of round one. Mr Santo, your thoughts please?"
Sure. Ill take the chance to eat breakfast
Santo: "Very close so far. What you see here is pure tactics; Each man knows what the other can do, and they try not to let him do it. For example, Python knows about Brass' ability to absorb energy, so he does not use his electricity powers."

Johnny: "That's quite different to the all-out offense we normally see here in the XWF"

Santo: "And more's the better. This is beauty, grace, style. This is art, my friends."

Johnny: "Well, I may not know much about art, but our viewers know what they like. The OPnet is absolutely buzzing about this match so far, Nick"

Nick: "Not to mention the fans in the arena going insane! If this fervour escalates, they'll be needing Omega division fighters to keep control of the crowd!"
Jonny: "Round two begins with a lockup, which Python wins. He uses two arms to keep Brass trapped, while unloading with a flurry of liver blows"
"But Brass counters with a headbutt, then leans backwards, flipping Python clean over his head, then following up with a big elbow drop and mounted punches, not giving Python a chance to recover-"

Johnny: "Ouch! a knee to the gut from Green Python buys him enough time to roll away"

Nick: "And what a roll! He covered half the ring! Was that Hypermovement we just saw, Mr Santo?"

Santo: "Almost certainly, Mr Diamond. Not surprising for a man as nimble as Python"

Johnny: "And now Brass looks to close that distance with a huge clothesline, but Python ducks under it and takes the chance to counter with a series of rabbit punches. It may be forbidden in the boxing ring, but this is the XWF arena!"
"Following up with... Yes! Hyperspeed punches pounding the Reaper here. You can tell that even someone as tough as Brass will be feeling those."

Johnny: "But that won't stop him! He's just grabbed Python by the neck and lifted him clean off the ground! Chokeslam by the Brass Reaper!"

Santo: "Again, tactics, Mr Gomez. Brass is trying to make Python play his game of grabs and throws."
Johnny: "But he'll have to wait for that, because that there's the bell for the end of round two."
"And there's Brass, working out with barbell weights during the interval. Some kind of strategy?"
"Almost certainly, Nick. It wouldn't surprise me if this is some plan by his manager, Ned Salter."

Nick: "Mr Salter manages both these men, doesn't he?"

Johnny: "Indeed he does, Nick. And being the new kid, he's had one hell of a debut season as their manager!"
Johnny: "So, we're now into round three, and things are heating up. During the break, Python actually took his gloves off!"

Nick: "Let's see if the gloves came out metaphorically as well as literally, Johnny"

Jonny: "And Python comes out swinging... Wait, what's that? His fists are surrounded with some glowing, awesome power!"

Santo: "Quantum Boxing Gloves, Mr Gomez. Weapons of pure Quantum. Python is looking to put the maximum hurt on Brass now."
Johnny: "And it seems to be working! Rapid shots to the Reaper's jaw, he's got to be feeling those!"

Nick: "Massive punishment inflicted here, Brass will have to pull something here! ...And he does! a Judgment Bomb out of nowhere sends Python flying, and Brass is on him in a flash, looking for a hold... Tries for a Sharpshooter, but Python brings his legs towards him, and flips it... the Python's Coils! He's trying to lock him with the Coils!"
Johnny: "But Brass reverses again, looking for a Figure Four this time!"
Santo: "Smart move, Nick. He knows Python's arms are too flexible to be locked in a lock, so he's looking to work the legs instead."
Johnny: "Brass gets the Figure Four, but not for long, as Python flips them both over, reversing the hold then releasing it"

Nick: "But why release? That was locked in!"

Santo: "But Python knows that Brass is the superior grappler, Mr Diamond. Staying on the ground suits him far more. Better for Python to escape back to a boxing stance"

Johnny: "And it's more hurt for the Reaper, as Python unloads with a hurricane of strikes! But the Reaper responds with ...a massive DDT! following with... Nick, it's the Final Rest! The most feared submission move in the business! It's locked in, good and hard!"
Nick: "But there's only seconds until the bell! Can the Green Python hang on?"

Johnny: "Yes, he can. There's the third round bell, and Brass breaks the hold. ------- And that's the end of the third round! Ladies and Gentlemen, what a fight so far! The viewers are certainly getting their money's worth, Nick"

Santo: "Both these men are giving absolutely everything to this fight, they both want that title, and I would expect no less. These two are men of honor, true fighters, unlike some despicable, underhanded scum"
Johnny: "I take it you're referring to the Omega champion, Bomber Lord, Mr Santo?"

Santo: "Absolutely. He has no regard for our craft, for the spirit of the fight. He has no soul. I hope whoever wins here will join me in Omega division, to help end the plague on our sport that is the Bomber."
Johnny: "Well, from the strength of this battle, Bomber Lord may have TWO new threats to his crown next season!"
Johnny: "And the bell goes for round four, folks! The fighters are somewhat refreshed, but the fatigue of this battle is clearly showing. Even Python is moving a little bit slower"

Santo: "That just means we can actually see him, Johnny"
Johnny: "And here we go, Brass wants to end this! He's using his abilities to absorb electricity right out of the lights!"

Santo: "A risky maneuver, Mr Gomez. Overstraining a power can have major repercussions. All that Quantum energy flowing, barely controlled, can be hazardous to a Nova's health"

Nick: "But so can be ignoring your opponent, Mr Santo, as Brass is finding out now! Python unleashes his Hyperspeed Punches once again!"

Santo: "Not just any punches, Mr Diamond. Those are Kalaripayat Pressure Strikes! One hit is enough to cripple a strong man for days!"

Johnny: "Brass' new strength doesn't seem to be helping him here, as he reels from the flurry of blows! He seems to be well and truly stunned... And this could be it! Python is signalling for Serpent's Bite! And here it c- NO! COUNTER! Nick, I can't believe what I'm seeing!"
Nick: "Oh, believe it, Johnny. That quadruple axe-handle strike was heading straight for Brass' head, when he actually grabbed all four arms by the wrists, and started spinning!"
"Ah! First the Playing Possum, then the Aeroplane Spin! Truly old-school maneuvers. I have not seen them used for many years, but I assure you, my father and grandfather will be popping out just like the rest of us."

Nick: "Well, it seems to be working. Python is being spun like a old vinyl record, with no way to regain a vertical base!"

Johnny: "And there he goes! Flung clear across the ring like a rag doll! And there it is... Brass is in ascendancy... He's calling it! The fans want to see it!"

Nick: "Hell, Johnny, *I* want to see it!"

Johnny: "Python's understandably dizzy as he pulls himself to his feet, can he respond to... NO! Reaper Charge, just as he was getting up. The Green Python has been speared clear out of his boots, through the cage, and into the force fields! Ladies and gentlemen, this truly titanic title tussle is now over!"
For future refrence, is there a way Brass can reduce the damage for Reaper Charge while increasing its knockback? Having Brass toss his opponents via charge out of the ring would be great for future shoots.

(When you didn't show up on time, I assumed you were taking a day off, oops.)
The referee checks on Python, and shakes his head. Then he gestures to the back, and accompanied by Red Jane, who's carrying the belt, out comes...

Nick: "Johnny! In the ring! That's our CEO!"

Johnny: "You're right, Nick. A true legend of the ring, a man who's held every title there ever was, the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair!"

Flair steps up to Brass, and shakes his hand.
"Quite the comeback, son" he says quietly, before taking the belt from Ami (who is almost overcome with emotion) and draping it over Brass' shoulder. Then he raises Brass' arm, and loudly announces

Ric flair: "Ladies and Gentlemen, fight fans everywhere, here is your winner, and *NEW* XWF.Gold.Division.Champion... Rob "Brass Reaper" Wolfside! Wooooooooooooooooo!"

Johnny: "And that´s it folks, but before you go swarm the gift shops at the exit for your exclusive holo copy of this fight, remember the shops close when people get trampled, so please try and keep your heads cool this time. It was a pleasure broadcasting this fight for you. And thankyou mister Santo, for being here with us"
Nick: "I am Nick Diamond"
Johnny: "And I am Johnny Diamond, Good fight, and good night!"

No, I just stayed up lastnight playing LoL. Was horribly pissed because I got 3 leavers in my placement matches for Ranked
In League of Legends, there´s a "ranked" system (if you want to venture into it) where your first five matches per season determine GREATLY at which level of skill you are said to be. I was just so fucking pissed when in three matches in a row (3rd to 5th games) someone in my team just disconnected. Goddammit, why do this shit in ranked. If your computer or connection is shit, stay in fucking casual normal mode! I was so pissed I stayed awake and kept playing until I got back to even for wins and losses, but the damage is done. I´m ranked horribly low right now at the beginning of the season. Is gonna be a long climb up, too. It´s not called "elo hell" for nothing.

Elo is your rating, btw
I wouldnt mind if we did that. There isin´t an official way I know of, but wouldnt be against doing it
Watching from the front row, Ned grins with satisfaction

"Just as planned" he mutters quietly to himself.
Aritsu: "What now, boss? we are getting interview requests already" -she points to her earpiece phone
Actually, I wonder if we would have sub-dermal implants by then. Not everyone, just those who want to
"From who?"
Aritsu: "Practically everyone. Men´s health magazines, wrestling magazines, talk shows, sports drinks, nike, and the 21st century Fox"

"Post-fight press conference with Brass and Python. Invite only, top tier journos plus anyone we're particularly working with."

"Interview-wise, we can set aside some time tomorrow for that. Let the networks and publications bid for spots in terms of how much prominence they'll give the piece, and factor that with the reputation and market position of the bidder."

"We've worked our asses off to get here, time to milk it. But we'll enjoy it, too. Aritsu, once the interview schedule's drafted, you're coming to the Celebration Party with the rest of us. No arguments, you've earned it.
"Well, it looks like we have some interviews to arrange then don't we?"
>"Post-fight press conference with Brass and Python. Invite only, top tier journos plus anyone we're particularly working with."

The young woman nods, and starts writing down names in her data pad

>"Interview-wise, we can set aside some time tomorrow for that. Let the networks and publications bid for spots in terms of how much prominence they'll give the piece, and factor that with the reputation and market position of the bidder."

She nods

>"We've worked our asses off to get here, time to milk it. But we'll enjoy it, too. Aritsu, once the interview schedule's drafted, you're coming to the Celebration Party with the rest of us. No arguments, you've earned it.

Aritsu: "Do I have time to change from this bimbo suit?" -is how she calls the XWF secretary uniform. A predictably chauvinist dream, with a tiny microskirt, high heels and a tight shirt and short jacket which barely covers little more than her shoulders.

Meanwhile, Brass, is signing autographs with Ami hanging from his left arm, literally

"Absolutely. Posh frocks for this party! In fact, as of now, the Bimbo Suit is officially retired. If you keep it smart, you can wear what you want to work."
Aritsu: "I wonder if you -can- do that. Well, I will be there later, then. Need to go home and get changed"

Brass: "Hey Ned, come here, we need to get our picture taken!"
Lets get the picture. On the list of things to do:
1. Press Conference. Play up the upcoming Tag Championship.
2. We need to have a talk with Paladin soon. If he is planning to be Brass's doubles partner in omega he deserves to know the whole story. Plus, he's smart, he might have an idea on how to catch Bomber's hand in the cookie jar.
3. Meet the new kids

"No harm in trying."

Ned goes over to Brass and Ami, slightly surprised en route by someone asking *him* for his autograph

>Appearance and Charisma 5, he'd be turning heads even if he *weren't* the most successful young manager in XWF history
>mfw Ned develops a full-on fan following, known as the "Ned Heads"
Alright, that seems good. I need to go out for a while soon, tho, so that means we need to stop the thread for today. You said you wanted to play RT? it seems we are having trouble finding a common time. 4chan time says 11:43 right now for me. You guys can play at what 4chan time?
15:00 4chan time would work well for me.

Usually around 14:00 4chan Time (7pm GMT) is my start point on any given weekday.

Weekends, depends
alright, 15:00 4chan time, then? alright... how about mondays? mondays at 15:00 4chan time through openrpg.
Server Tantric. Pay attention to the server list because if theres noone on the server, the name will be gray, but you can still log unto the server. Regardless, we will coordinate for it on mondays on the thread. Rank 1? One of you guys is making a rogue trader, I hope?

Sadly, Mondays are off the table for me until after Xmas :(

TBH, I'm pretty much limited to Fridays and bits of weekends right now, so you might need to start the game without me...
Actually, that was for friday only, my classes go later on Mondays. (Also, Post Thanksgiving is crunch time in the US collage system). I'm not very experienced in the system, but I know enough to get by.
Well, okay, sounds like fridays are best then. But I cant today, so it would be from the -next- friday on, ok?

I think that can be worked, at least for now.

OpenRPG is text-only, right?
it can be used with a map, but i havent really needed the map for RT yet.

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