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File: 1353319591500.jpg-(289 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image.jpg)
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We are Ned Salter, manager in thw XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, where millions worldwide tune in to watch super powered human beings known as Nova duke it out in the most popular pay-per-view since ever.

Billions of credits are moved weekly, as the XWF ratings keep soaring week after week. If you got OPnet, the brand new super internet, with access to 30 teras per second, FEELware, to let you experience what it feels like to wield strength enough to smash a tank, you ARE tuned into the XWF, because who doesn´t wants to know what it feels like to be hyper powerful, ridiculously famous, and adored by millions?
Last thread I got banned for a day when I mentioned some novas had cults of personality that trascended into out-right r3l1g-10n5. Wtf, guys, seriously? how do we do to discuss drow society or any other faith-centric society in a fantasy setting, then?
File: 1353320771001.png-(375 KB, 1000x700, 01-01.png)
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Uh... I got a warning about not being able to post with a subject... Really, couldn´t you warn a guy, so he knows what the subject is? it was a long ass post, guys!
File: 1353321154005.png-(991 KB, 1000x700, 01-02.png)
991 KB
Lets see... I was mentioning tonight´s the finals for the Omega division, and how millions would be hooked into their OPnet at home to watch it. Maybe it was the mention of the fighter´s names... but I´ve mentioned a certain B Lord before and that didint gave me any warnings. Goddammit I cant find any reference towards which words are considered wrong to post in the FAQ. Could someone link me to it (where those words are listed, I mean)? I just tried what I thought was a completely safe post and I still got a warning. Im not complaining about the list, I just want to know what I can post. Cant afford to get banned again on my own questhread

Are you sure you weren't catching someone else's ban? Happens to me every now and again...

I have no idea why you got banned for that.
File: 1353321762292.png-(919 KB, 1000x700, 01-03.png)
919 KB
Just in case I use a bad word and get banned again, you can reach me in http://www.livestream.com/magsgame

No, I think it was for me, because earlier in this very thread I got another warning, and Im fucking terrified because I dont know what is it that I´m saying that is making the system do it. Can´t find a list anywhere
File: 1353321851491.png-(711 KB, 1000x700, 01-04.png)
711 KB

Tonight the Omega division championship is fought for! Millions have taken a sick day, making tonight an unofficial holiday all across the earth, as well as in the space, moon and mars stations.

After tonight, a new Omega champion will be born (maybe), and thus those interested in challenging the title will know who they have to fight.

In the Gold division, we have Paladin vs Python for a place in the finals, facing against the Brass Reaper.

And in the Silver Division, we have quarter semifinals, all across the night, massive quantum-powered fights are expected!
File: 1353322180235.png-(991 KB, 1000x700, 01-05.png)
991 KB
Alright, the previous post was originally much longer, detailed and fluff-loaded, but that version gave me a warning so that´s why you are seeing the new, skeletical version. The hell, seriously, what did I say?! I´m not arguing that maybe there may have been a reason for the ban, but even a dog gets its nose rubbed into what it did before it is punished. If I dont know what I said that got me banned, how is the ban a lesson?

Anyway, B Lord´s opponent is the Nova Santo. The grandchild of the mythic-like mexican wrestler, who followed the family tradition, and joined the XWF upon erupting into novahood. Practically all of mexico is watching the OPnet right now, wanting to see their hero take the Omega belt!

Did you ask on IRC for clarification? It's where Mods usually hang out

Ned has blagged ringside for this. He wants to see Bomber in action, especially now his senses are nova-honed
File: 1353322659471.png-(962 KB, 1000x700, 01-06.png)
962 KB
The Nova Santo is an already legendary Face fighter in the XWF. Having joined just this year, his impressive air maneuvers (jumps, he doesn´t fly), lightning-fast reflexes, clean fighting-style, charismatic presence and general good manners and disposition have already earned him a place in the fan´s heart. Not just in mexico (where he is practically a religious icon) but across the world

Well, lets hope someone else shows up. I missed one day because I had to go out, and one because of the ban, so I hope we didint lose the other players. When someone else shows up or I decide its late enough, we´ll start the fight with Paladin and Python. Whichever happens first
File: 1353322893274.png-(594 KB, 1000x700, 01-07.png)
594 KB
No, I honestly forgot, which comes to show how anally hurt I was at the time, since a old friend from years ago is a mod. Hell, he learned D&D with me, I totally should have asked him, but I hadnt gone to the IRC in years so I guess I totally forgot about it. IIRC theres a java app that lets me log into it from my browser, right? I dont even have IRC downloaded anymore

Yes - mibbit.com
File: 1353323587647.png-(702 KB, 1000x700, 01-08.png)
702 KB
Thanks, looking for a /tg/ channel... unsuccessfully. Any channel you recommend me?

irc.rizon.net is our server
File: 1353324271674.png-(689 KB, 1000x700, 01-09.png)
689 KB
You know, this reminds me of that time about a decade or so ago when a WizO (a mod in the wizards of the coast official chat) came into the room where I was running a game of D&D and warned me not to use "racist themes" in my games

I was running a game, and the party approached a gnoll tribe in the desert. I checked the (3e) manual, and typed "You see a fortified campsite. A wooden palisade surrounds the place. There is also a dry moat filled with spikes. You can see about 5 slaves of various races per every adult gnoll in the place. The bandits you have been tracking just entered the gnoll campsite to sell their ill-gotten goods and slaves from their last raid"

The WizO told me I couldnt mention slavery of sex in my games. I said "Erhh... if you look at the monster manual, it very clearly says gnolls always keep slaves in their communities. Why include that piece of knowledge if GMs are not meant to mention it?"

It was a long ass argument that ended with me getting the fuck out of there along with all my players. Since they were also pretty much all the GMs at the wizards chat, the place was a wasteland for years
File: 1353324549071.png-(736 KB, 1000x700, 01-10.png)
736 KB
Okay I´m in the server but can´t find the room. /tg/ gives me a 404 error, an just looking for 4chan doesnt really helps

Wow. Full on Mod Overkill.

Anyway, if you don't mind me asking, how'syour friend doing? The one you had to go visit?
The fuck is this manga? Also, is this quest set in the Aberrant universe?

Yes, Aberrant universe

The manganese is one of POp's favourites, about a real world army fighting a fantasy one, where tanks and guns > full plate and magic
And the, uh, name of the manga?
File: 1353325773222.png-(695 KB, 1000x700, 01-11.png)
695 KB
Well, he was terribly saddened by the news, of course. It was three friends in the same car. The guys in the backseat, one died instantly and one got terribly injured. The driver and his gf got out with barely a scratch, but the friend that was driving got sent to jail.
We have a brand new, super strict law about alcohol. Anything more than a single beer means you are drunk. I spoke with various friends that either came out of law school or are in law school (im 33, im around that age where me and my friends are either already with a title or getting there) and they all said to me that my friend (the driver) was fucked because since it was a brand new law, and his was the first case in my state/region, he was gonna be "made into an example" by the authorities, and he was looking at a minimum of three years in jail. Unless he got a super lawyer

Apparently he did, because right now hes under nocturnal house arrest and will apparently just have to go sign at the tribunal weekly. From what I understood, he was driving along the coastline when suddenly, from the darkness came a black jeep with its lights off at high speed into the road, and caused the accident.

But with the new alcohol law, it doesnt matters how/what/when. If your blood has above a (very low) set amount of alcohol, you are considered at fault. I´m glad he´s not going to jail. I fucking love that kid. I´ve known him since he was like 12-13 and he learned to play D&D at my living room´s table while I was learning to GM. He´s a good guy
File: 1353325948691.png-(773 KB, 1000x700, 01-12.png)
773 KB
Yes, the Aberrant universe. Its based around the XWF, the wrestling federation for novas. Currently we have a "BBEG" in the form of Bomber Lord, the current champion of the Omega Division there. Let me see... here´s the archives. I recommend you just check the first two threads to decide if you like what you see. We use that style, pretty much

The manga is called Gate - And thus the JSDF fought here. Fantasy empire opens a gate to a new world and tries to invade. Turns out legions of sword and shield soldiers backed up with wyverns and the single odd mage is not a good match for a modern army. The army goes into the other world to demand an explanation... etc. I´m enjoying it, tho it´s mostly "war porn"
I usually show up about now.
File: 1353327074589.png-(274 KB, 1000x700, 01-13.png)
274 KB
Alright, I will start the thread about now in the future then, I guess.

I got into IRC 4chan and sent a PM to a mod (I think). Now I got to wait until I get an answer.

Will go grab something to eat meanwhile. Want to go to the fight between Python and Paladin, or watch Bomber Lord vs El Nova Santo?
Lets watch the fight Omega fight first.
Oh, and If you turn your text into a picture and upload it, you can ignore the wordfilter which is giving you the warnings. Don't ask what word it is the word ban list is a secret because if they told you the words, the spammers could avoid them.
Ah, thank you for the title.

Back to lurking.

File: 1353328272204.jpg-(123 KB, 500x711, 14_001.jpg)
123 KB
Want us to go through the El Nova Santo vs Bomber Lord fight, then? Edric, Bookie votes for it, you want to with that too?

Should I writefag it or roll it? there is a chance that Bomber Lord could lose if I roll it, which would be interesting, too, but I feel we have spent too much building him up as the BBEG to get him taken down by someone else
Thematically, the best thing to do would be to have him win via Jedi Mind tricks. Also, might want to write up us meeting him.
File: 1353328625016.jpg-(305 KB, 1300x1291, Rohan drawning tools.jpg)
305 KB
I show up around 7-7:30 4chan time, but I usually hold off on posting until I find something worthwhile to say.

I say roll for it, I want the chance to see Bomber lose hilariously quick.

Also damn you for bringing up the Gate manga, after the last thread I read the entire thing, and now I'm stuck in 'waiting for update hell.'

Story Mode is acceptable. Especially if the challenger is being pressured into taking a dive, or already suffering a nasty addiction, or otherwise being nobbled...

Take this opportunity to drop a hint l (or a red herring)
File: 1353329064433.jpg-(158 KB, 500x711, 15_002.jpg)
158 KB
well.. maybe i could instead storytime some useless meat? it´s anime got officially announced, you know?

So 1 vote for writefag and 1 for rolling it
I count two for writefagging

I vote Write.

And that's not just because I'll be offline for the next 40 minutes while I travel.
File: 1353329649891.jpg-(159 KB, 500x711, 16_003.jpg)
159 KB
Alright, I´ll start writting then. Please bear in mind that english is my 2nd language. Don´t tear me a new one about my fuck ups (but do mention them so I can get better)

File: 1353330119037.jpg-(171 KB, 500x711, 17_004.jpg)
171 KB
Commentator: "And now, ladies and gentlemen. The time you have been waiting for from this, our blessed arena, to the comfort of your homes all across the world. Yes, it is time for the Extreme.Warfare.Federation.Omega.Belt.Title.Fight!"

Tonight, as it is traditional for every Omega title fight since the birth of the XWF, we are once again breaking records of ratings across the world, our space stations, and terraforming bases on the solar system! Our sponsors would like to welcome to Phobos base into our family, and tell to all those of you watching this fight live. You are blessed, for in this shrine of violence, this modern-day coliseum, the greatest show of our time is about to start!"

The camera pans back and forth over the crowd, showing the gigantic arena full to capacity. All 80 thousand seats are taken, tho noone is sitting. All the fans are standing, cheering, crying, and jumping as they hold signs and merchandise declaring their undying loyalty to their idols and nova gods.
Commentator: "Tonight, I have the famous, or should I say infamous Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond team co-hosting for you who are watching this through the OPnet. Those of you here in the arena, can watch them "live" in the giant screens above the ring. Good evening, guys!"

Johnny Gomez: "Good evening John. It is with great pleasure that we are here tonight to ... Nick what the hell are you doing?"

Nick Diamond: "I´m just taking precautions, Johnny. Have you seen Bomber Lord´s last matches?" -he opens a umbrella and dons a raincoat- "I dont want to get blood, flesh and unknown stuff on me, you know?"

Johnny Gomez: "Nick, we are in cyberspace. There´s no way it´s going to reach us all the way here"

Nick Diamond: "So you say Johnny, but I´m not taking any chances!"

Commentator: "Well, it looks like our guests are good to go, and that is just on time, because here comes El Nova Santo!"
File: 1353330631187.jpg-(162 KB, 500x711, 18_005.jpg)
162 KB
So you guys dont have to wait because I forgot the image. Typing the next bit
File: 1353331086550.jpg-(149 KB, 500x711, 19_006.jpg)
149 KB

Commentator: "If you live on the southern border of the united states, or the northern countries in southamerica, do not panic. What you are experiencing is the normal effect of 113,724,226,812 mexican fans standing up and popping out for THE NOVA SANTO as their hero makes his entrance through the southern gate!"

Nick Diamond: "This kid got a lot of spunk, Johnny, and he better. He has to live up to the legacy of legends!"

Jonny Gomez: "And he does, above and beyond, Nick. He has only earlier this year entered the XWF, but already he is taking his first shot at the title belt! with a persona built around hard work and clean living, El Nova Santo has become the de facto patron saint of Mexico, and already dozens of millions of candles are lit for him all across the land, hoping to please him and asking for him to perform miracles in favor of the people. Beyond a legend, all across the great country of Mexico, he is already a divine being"

Nick Diamond: "I certainly hope he can live up to his reputation, Johnny, because if he´s a god, then here comes satan himself!"
File: 1353331498404.jpg-(166 KB, 500x711, 20_007.jpg)
166 KB

Multiple, rapidly following tremblors shake the arena one after the other. Emergency lights go up as the regular ones fail under the continued assault of dozens of "small" tremblors. The floor, made of reinforced concrete gets smashed and turned into a road of pebbles and sand as the steps of one man turned a demon turned a god lead out of the northern tunnel and towards the ring. The fans are tranquil, for they know tremblors, electrical malfunctions, darkness and fear are all sure signs of the arrival of Bomber Lord, XWF Omega Belt holder and informally known as "the most bad ass motherfucker in the world" by fans (in the ages between 13 and 17).
If he crashes and burns, we must reinvent him as Los Tibarn! Shark of the land!

>Implying Brass couldn't grapple a Great Wyrm Chromatic Dragon with one hand tied behind his back
File: 1353333143308.jpg-(30 KB, 200x141, king of the costanzas.jpg)
30 KB
>Suddenly an enemy appears, dual-wielding Quantum Wrenches!
File: 1353333210141.jpg-(143 KB, 500x711, 21_008.jpg)
143 KB
El Nova Santo: "Bomber Lord! By the purity of this sacred mask on my face, I have come to end your realm of terror in the XWF! I know everything you´ve done, and you cannot be forgiven. Now get up here so I can beat you down and send you back to hell!"

Bomber Lord starts a fast (but still easily followed by the human eye) run towards the ring, jumping up into the air and landing on the lowest level of the concrete arena, his feet sinking in the floor as if it was wet sand. Every sincle fan in the arena is thrown to a side of backwards from the massive shockwave, tho El Nova Santo stands still as if it he hadn´t even noticed.

Bomber Lord: "Kid, by the time I´m done with you, a proctologist is going to be the only man capable of getting your mask back for you!"

The arena is made by four platforms of reinforced concrete, steel and titanium, surrounded by three forcefields, to allow the fighters to unleash their full might during the match.

Commentator: "The platforms rest on thick concrete and steel pillars. The Krew has worked extra hard to make this match´s stage the largest and toughest to date!"

El Nova Santo: "I want to dedicate this fight to the mexican people and my family. I am bringing the belt home soon!" -throws the mic to bomber lord

Bomber Lord: "I want to dedicate this fight, to myself. Because everyone else is fucking pussies!" -he throws the mic away- "Now let´s get started!"



>Gomez & Diamond

Dammit, now I'll be imagining this match modeled in plasticine...
File: 1353334807889.jpg-(160 KB, 500x711, 22_009.jpg)
160 KB
>Dammit, now I'll be imagining this match modeled in plasticine...
I don´t really have a problem with that

Johnny Gomez: "And here we go... El Nova Santo starts the fight by jumping upwards into the nearest platform and then back against Bomber Lord! A scene that could have come out of a old comic book as El Nova Santo challenges the laws of gravity and common sense, tackling Bomber Lord from above and causing him to fly back and into the concrete...!"

Nick Diamond: "It looks like a good start for the good guys, indeed!"

Bomber Lord suddenly simply explodes, a massive quantum explosion launching El Nova Saint through the lowest platform and into the second level of the ring.

Commentator: "And that is why you don´t try to fight a good clean wrestling fight against Bomber Lord!"

Bomber Lord blasts the pillar on the platform -over- the one where El Nova Santo is, and a 300 tons reinforced concrete platform collapses on top of the mexican idol, making the largest, bloodiest hamburger in XWF history!

I miss popcorn mariachi

Ned's Notes #1

Figure out if that Quantum Explosion is Absorbable
File: 1353335786879.jpg-(165 KB, 500x711, 23_010.jpg)
165 KB
It probably is. It´s energy after all

The Nova Santo punches his way through the lower platform and lands, seemindly unhurt, back on the first floor of the ring. He immediately blasts Bomber Lord with beams of sound coming from his left hand, and pure light coming out of his right hand.

Nick Diamond: "And it looks like El Nova Santo is about to blast Bomber Lord with two different types of energy. Can the lord of disaster get out of the way in time?!"

Bomber Lord: "Dodging? I haven´t dodged shit in my whole life and am not going to start now!"

Bomber Lord counters with his own quantum attack, unleashing a barrage of energy at El Nova Santo, both competitors are locked into a contest with the blasts half way between them. The arena is starting to grow white hot right under where the blasts meet, but El Nova Santo is walking towards Bomber Lord, getting closer one step at the time!
File: 1353336514395.jpg-(167 KB, 500x711, 24_011.jpg)
167 KB
Quantum Lord starts walking as well, moving from his landing spot for the first time in the fight! his steps cause minor temblors that can be felt dozen of feet around the arena.

Commentator: "And neither fighter is retreating. In fact, they are both advancing against eachother, growing ever closer until they are pushing straight into eachother hands, using both their powers and raw strength to try and gain an advantage... El Nova Santo has twisted Bomber Lord´s arms! El Nova Santo is causing Bomber Lord to bend at the knees, he´s almost kneeling now! noone in XWF history has succeeded at making Bomber Lord kneel, or even less thrown him yet...!"

Bomber Lord gives a cry, and the world seems to turn itself inside out before El Nova Santo. Up is left and down is inside as the directions and gravity seem to go stupid. Suddenly, it is El Santo who is in his knees, pushing Bomber Lord up while thinking he´s pushing down!

Johnny Gomez: "I think Bomber Lord has destroyed El Nova Santo´s sense of balance, Nick. That man is in trouble!"

Nick Diamond: "Just because he´s down doesnt means hes losing. Remember Johnny, he still thinks he´s pushing Bomber Lord down, and Bomber Lord hasn´t really beaten him in strength yet!"
Never made him Kneel or thrown him? Bomber Lord has lost at least 3 times by my count. (Twice to Brass and once to that titanium lady)
File: 1353337242002.jpg-(134 KB, 500x711, 25_012.jpg)
134 KB
But he wasnt thrown or knelt, was just beaten quite unconscious. You can knock someone out with a punch. Wait, would that count as being thrown?
*shrug* Either way, it makes the boast about never being thrown much less impressive.
File: 1353337758028.jpg-(135 KB, 500x711, 26_013.jpg)
135 KB

El Nova Santo lifts (in his mind, pushes down) Bomber Lord off the stage. The massive "monster man" has his feet off the ring. Who knows what El Nova Santo thinks he´s doing?

A bright light is starting to shine in front of El Nova Santo...

Commentator: "El Nova Santo is getting ready to use his Heaven´s Cry!"

Bomber Lord explodes once more, throwing himself away, and tainting the Nova Santo´s white suit black with sooth, waking up the mexican superstar from his confused state.

As the Nova Santo gets his bearings back, Bomber Lord blasts him with a series of explosions that the Santo is too confused to block! Massive explosions punish the Santo, leaving deep marks in the arena.

El Santo is getting ready to counter attack, when Bomber Lord starts charging the loose concrete platform with Quantum energy!

You know, like Gambit. By the way, you guys had already read this manga before?
Krav Maga lurker here, I've gotten up to the Japanese jingoist guy and the capitalism ho bit before my link died.
File: 1353338612558.jpg-(154 KB, 500x711, 27_014.jpg)
154 KB
Hi man, welcome back

Santo: "What th---"

Bomber lord smashes the concrete platform on top of the Nova Santo, a terrible, wet sound rolling across the arena. Then he lifts the platform and does it again, and again. When it looks like the fight is over, the Santo breaks the platform and stands before Bomber Lord. His suit is torn and burnt, but his mask remains as he runs over the platform towards his opponent, tackling him to the ground at the time he blasts him at zero range, over and over.

It looks as if the Santo has done it. He stands up from the prone figure of Bomber Lord, and raises his hands to the air as he celebrates his victory. His native country is lit in green, white and red, making a mexican flag that can be seen from the Mars colonies as they celebrate with their idol
Nick: "Do you think the Nova Santo will be alright, Johnny?"

Johnny Gomez: "Who knows Nick? last I heard, the doctor says he has brain activity. It appears he is dreaming, tho she says it is unknown if he will ever wake up"

Nick Diamond: "Well folks, that it´s for tonight. As you saw, Bomber Lord smacked the Nova Santo with the second and third platform over and over before exploding right on top of him while el Santo stood there, at least until Bomber Lord broke his legs."

Johnny Gomez: "It was a terrible scene, Nick. I cannot imagine what the mexican people must be feeling right now, but one thing is for certain. It was one hell of a beating"

Commentator: "This just in... the fans that were connected to the Nova Santo are just logging out of their FEELware program to CELEBRATE. It appears they saw what the Santo saw, and what he saw was a very different fight, guys. Could this be final confirmation on Bomber Lord having mental powers!?"

Ami: "Do you think mr Santo will be alright, mr Salter?"
File: 1353339013886.jpg-(186 KB, 500x711, 28_015.jpg)
186 KB
forgot my pic

>Utterly battered
>Mask intact

Very nice. Eufiber mask?

>inb4 Bomber's not done yet

"Ami... What are you talking about? Santo won!"

*checks results on phone*

"Wait, what?!"

*speaks into earpiece*

"Amitsu, I need you to grab feed of that fight from as many different video sources as you can. Torrents, streams, whatever. Something went seriously awry"

File: 1353339864410.jpg-(182 KB, 500x711, 29_016.jpg)
182 KB
Japan can´t into trailers
Seriously, they can´t

Aritsu starts compiling as many different versions of the fight as she can get her hands on. Meanwhile, it is almost time for the Python / Paladin fight
Should we go.. no, its about that time when people drops out. I guess we should stop for today and start with the Python v/s Paladin fight tomorrow? I didint see Brass Champ posting, I hope he doesnt thinks the quest thread died because of what happened thursday and friday
File: 1353340609022.jpg-(174 KB, 500x711, 30_017.jpg)
174 KB
Ah, im just 2 pages away from the end of the chapter.
File: 1353340725798.jpg-(177 KB, 500x711, 31_018.jpg)
177 KB
And thats the end of the chapter. Going to archive the thread. You can contact me on the stream if you need me, guys

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