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File: 1353201559633.png-(94 KB, 1299x543, Base Map - tg.png)
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A few days ago I created a thread on /tg/ showing interest to GM a freeform nation building game. Eight players answered the call. Over the past three days we created a system from the ground up, from combat to economics to politics to create a fully customized roleplaying experience. Our first game will take place next Saturday, and I intend to create updates every Saturday when we play on /tg/ to describe that weeks antics. Hopefully, you /tg/ goers will enjoy the reads every week and perhaps help interact in the game and give players ideas and influence of what to do.

The world itself is based on 14th-15th Century Europe, along with the technology present in it. There is magic, and we did not want to classify it as "high" or "low" fantasy, we basically agreed on "there's magic, but don't be THAT GUY", which so far has been pretty damn nice for the spell lists that my players have been creating. Gods, magic, and rapidly increasing levels of technology -- this world has it own. If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to ask

Without further adieu, the people you shall be reading of every week:

The State of Slovalia is a city-state based on magic, education, and research. Its society is heavily Caste-based, with a major discrepancy between the higher class (the Magi), and the lower class (everyone else). Their main city reflects this fact, with the center being clean, wealthy, and generally "modernized" (however modernized this time period can be), with the city becoming progressively more crime ridden and poorer as you move out into the lower class neighborhoods. The Slovalian's are a diplomatic society, fielding an almost non-existent military comparatively to the other powers. They focus instead on alliances, spheres of influence, trade, and innovation to drive their society along with their intimate understanding of magic to ward off weaker enemies.

The Varemi Tribe is a society which little nothing is known about. They, from a distance, look very human but as approached their elven features become more pronounced. They have very little muscle definition, with an elongated structure, described as "lanky" by most. Their society, what little is known about them, is extremely primitive and shamanistic. They have a line of succession based on a Monarchical system, but with with Chiefs instead of Kings. Even their domain is unknown by the commonfolk or even the governments of the known world. However, sightings are most commonly in heavily forested terrains. Common tongue also spreads rumors of those unfortunate to fall victim to their raiding parties are being consumed, both alive and dead, and those who are not eaten are subjected to horrendous brutal rituals to their gods.

The Confederate Cities of Dal Riata is a civilization based on a conglomeration of desert cities aligning under a common banner. They worship both Resources and the Sea as the givers of life. This reflects in that wastage is a social sin and that most of the towns, cities and culture revolves around the ocean. There are two peoples who make up the Dal Riata Cities, the Ritians and the Skeavens. The Ritians have an almost olive-drab complexion and are the city dwellers, the ruling caste essentially. The "desert goers", otherwise known as the Skeavens are former barbarians who joined the Confederacy. The Skeavens contrast well with the Ritians, with their (literally) black skin and dark red hair. To prevent absolute ruling of a single man, there is a cabinet of 12 advisers who elect two men to rule together, who have equal power to check each other. While magic is used, these are mostly technological innovators with rumors of almost unbelievable combinations of the two.

The Roadati, or more commonly referred to by common tongue as "Rat Elves" are a burrowed civilization of elves. While they do have surface cities, most of their lives are spent in the underground portion of those. They have grey skin and have far more defined muscles than the Varemi due to their environment and upbringing. From a young age they are put into a strict program of survival, where stealing and fighting for food and respect are common between the children. If the children succeed through their teenage years, they are pronounced "Proven", and those who fail are tossed into the street to fend for themselves as the "Unproven". There are those with a rare genetic trait who are born with Albino skin, and, from birth, are put into a guild called "The Watchers", the Priest Caste who also elect the ruler based on merit and not hereditary. The Watchers are not permitted to hold any office nor have children.

The Kingdom of Acheron used to be a civilization of outcasts, legend says, thousands of years ago. No one knows what exactly happened, but the people were locked into their city in the deepest corner of the Earth to be subject to their fate. After thousands of years of dormancy, this undead kingdom has broken out of its great Mausoleum City, lead by a Lich. In recent years, numbers of their undead warriors have been raiding settlements in the surrounding countryside killing and subsequently turning them into undead as well, bolstering their numbers more. No one knows exactly what this "Lich King" has in store, and perhaps that is what is most terrifying.

The Order of Sainto is a group of human crusaders, some of the greatest religious zealots in the world. They worship a single god, a prophet which came to their civilization before it became a Theocracy years ago. He claimed to be this god, and the people took him as their savior. When he rose up against the secular king of the city, he managed to succeed and the Nobles, wanting nothing more than Peace, accepted this mans ruse of being god, and brought him out to the people, proclaimed him king, and then executed him in front of the crowd to signify him returning to heaven after his "message" had been delivered. Now every ruler of the Order is thought of as gods messenger, and is worshiped as such.

The Republic of Sencal is a coastal city with four major noble families vying for control. With the only truly democratic government system, the Republic has elections for a large Senate. The Sencalians are heavily agriculture and sea based, with some of the richest farmlands in the world and the most skilled seamen in the world as well, or so it is rumored. The two major social classes are the Sencrians, the city dwellers, nobles, seamen, and traders. They have very tan skin from their time spent out on sea as well. Then the Calians are the peasantry, the farmers and militiamen. Little is known about their military, except that they have warmachines that make the Earth rumble from those few who had to face their wrath and mysterious electric based magic.

The 8th player just joined recently and is still making his bio, I'll introduce him next week ^^
Now for how the game works.


Forest (Dark Green): +5% defender advantage, -15% cavalry effectiveness, +10% infantry effectiveness
Grassland (Light Green): +10% attacker advantage +20% cavalary effectiveness, +25% artillery effectiveness
Badland (Light Brown): -10% cavalary effectiveness, +15% attacker advantage, +5% infantry effectiveness
Desert (Tan): +25% cavalry effectiveness, -10% infantry effectiveness, +25% artillery effectiveness, +10% attacker advantage
Jungle (Dark Blue): +20% defender advantage, -50% cavalry effectiveness
Mountain (Dark Brown): +20% defender advantage, -65% cavalry effectiveness, +15% artillery effectiveness
Marsh (Cyan): Skirmish Only +15% attacker shock, -10% cavalry effectiveness
Snow (White/Blue): +5% defender advantage, -25% cavalry effectiveness
Attacking Across River: -30% attacker advantage

pre-skirmish and pre-battle phase, askplayers with the ability to use magic to see what they want to do, they can roll for it, and if they succeed it gives a modifier of sorts

If the player opts to build an army with their infantry having >50% ranged units:
+1 to die roll in Skirmish
-1 to die roll in Battle

If two players are within distance (GM eyeball's it) they are close enough to recognize presence of each other
At such point, players will roll 1d6 -- highest number gets to move their army first

Each army gets a General automatically, players will get 8 points to distribute between Shock, Fire, and Maneuver. Can be increased through research.

Modified Roll: [# of Inf * .01 * TM] + [# of Cav * .01 * TM) + [# of Art * .01 + TM)
Scouting Roll: (1d10 roll + General Maneuver)

Winning Scouting Roll lets you have initiative into next phase or disengage -- winning party gets detailed numbers of enemy army

Skirmish Roll: ([1d10*general shock] + Modified Roll/5) + Equipment/Buff Modifier Percentages + Defender/Attacker Advantages
Loser Skirmish Casuality Roll: (Modified Roll/10] * Difference^2) <--------------- 70% inf / 30% cav distribution, if no inf hits artillery
Winner Skirmish Casuality Roll: (Modified Roll/10] * Difference)

The winner of Scouting Roll gets +1 to Skirmish Roll (Initiative)
--- if winning army tries to disengage and fails in Skirmish Phase, other party automatically gets the above initiative in Battle Phase


Battle Roll: (<[1d10+Initiative]*[general fire*2]> + Modified Roll) + Equipment/Buff Modifier Percentages + Defender/Attacker Advantage
Loser Battle Casuality Roll: (Modified Roll * Difference)
Winner Battle Casuality Roll: (Modified Roll/5 * Difference)

If winner of Skirmish Phase decides to go into Battle, they get +1 to their Battle Roll (Initiative)
Settlement (250 pop min.): 1.22 pop growth / season
Colony (1000 pop min.): 1.20 pop growth / season
Town (2500 pop min.): 1.17 pop growth / season
Polis (10,000 pop min.): 1.25 pop growth / season
Metropolis (50,000 pop min.) 1.01 pop growth / season


.05 gold per season of tax per pop (can be increased through law)
250 gold per season per trade port controlled
100 gold per season per trade post controlled
10 gold per season per trade post accessed
25 gold per season per trade port accessed

.05 gold/season per infantry
.09 gold/season per cavalry
.3 gold/season per artillery
.5 gold/season per warship

2500 gold to build port (4 turn build)
1500 gold to build post (2 turn build)
2500 gold to build fort (4 turn build)
500 gold to build settlement (-250 pop, 2 turn build)
1000 gold to upgrade to Colony (allows pop growth over 1000)
1500 gold to upgrade to Town (allows pop growth over 2500)
2500 gold to upgrade to Polis (allows pop growth over 10,000)
10,000 gold to upgrade to Metropolis (allows pop growth over 50,000)
10 gold per 100 infantry (1 turn build)
15 gold per 100 cavalry (1 turn build)
25 gold per 100 artillery (2 turn build)
100 gold per warship (4 turn build)

I'll be spending the next week adding more building options. Some ideas already thrown out are:

Port, harbour, shipwright, Castle/keep/bastion, moat, prison/dungeon, Market, workshop, T own hall, Granary, Walls/Guard Towers, Forge, Guildhalls, Baracks, Library, School/Academy, Laboratory, Mage building
4 diplo actions, 4 admin actions, 4 military actions per turn

-Players can convert some actions into others (ie: convert a military action to an admin action)
-Takes 4 turns to complete, makes the option converting unusuable for those turns

Diplo Actions: Any action that involves interacting with another player or invisible neutral parties
Admin Actions: Any action that involves inter-nation control, includes trade and building things and starting research
Military Actions: Self Explanatory

10 points + 1d10 to distribute into the 3 stats: Diplomacy, Administrative, Military. These stats will play as modifiers for decisions pertaining to them.

Gold Mine: Incredible Wealth! +10% total income
Rich Soil: Bountiful Harvests! +15% increase to population growth in the nearest city
Stone Mine: A surplus of building material has been created! -10% cost for building structures across the empire
Iron Mine: It is cheaper to supply our military! -20% seasonly cost to all military forces
Rare Furs: More goods to sell on the market! +5% overall trade income
Silk: An exotic cloth that is wanted around the world! +20% overall trade income
Mine are the staves which shall pierce the heavens!
Greetings~ /tg/~ I am at your service~ and willing to answer any questions you may have~.
Mine are the leves that will strike the Earth!
Make that *elves, actually. Leves aren't effective diggers.
File: 1353202477427.png-(30 KB, 215x219, 1344125884234.png)
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Also, shoutout to my main nigga William for making this badass map in MSPaint for us. This game was destined to fail from the beginning man, but we trucked on. We have people from basically every damn time zone. One from West Coast, two from East Coast, two from England, one from Sweden, one from Romania, one from Australia. You have no idea how annoying it was to find a time to play LOL
P-please respond~
File: 1353202930052.jpg-(24 KB, 400x271, 1350260208085.jpg)
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>implying I'm not bumping this thread

I mean yeah it's just an intro, nothing really of worth to discuss but nonetheless.

Oh wow, that looks pretty fu-

>Quadratic equations for everything

Yeah, even as a player, I kinda just zone out when I try to read the combat formula.

Ill just trust the GM to do it for me.

The equations dont concern the players at all. Literally the players need to know is the 3 major stats:

Maneuver, Shock, Fire. Maneuver wins scouting phase, Shock wins Skirmish phase and Fire win Battle phase. Skirmish phase is low personal casualties and decent enemy casualties, Battle phase is medium personal casualties and heavy enemy casualties. That's like, literally all the players have to worry about.

The numbers are just there for me so I can make battles between armies something more than "alright both of you roll the dice and see who wins", I want some level of skill to be able to beat out a random die roll but in the spirit of fun and randomness I also want die to play an important role as well
Maths can be fun! especially when someone does it for you!

Also, I realize the economy is totally stupid with how it is. I fully intend on changing it around and I also intend on shearing the amount of bullshit in combat. Combat is going to be a relatively rare thing in the game anyways ^^
Years of D&D have atrophied my basic arithmetic skills. I rely on the kindness of others to steer me toward mathematic glory.
do you plan on archiving this?

Dunno yet, most likely. Dont know where I would though, first game really doing something on /tg/
File: 1353204714409.jpg-(496 KB, 1156x1626, 1317047083034.jpg)
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You make it sound like im some kind of Australian or something
Even crazier

He is a non-native that CHOOSES to live in Aussie.
Oh comon now Ducks, you are in the timezone of downunder, which means you are atleast as insane as the aussies. Which means that you are a honourable aussie of sorts
Made the economy bit much simpler so players can track their own progress.

Settlement (250 pop min.): 50 pop growth / season - 30 gold/season
Colony (1000 pop min.): 200 pop growth / season - 90 gold/season
Town (2500 pop min.): 500 pop growth / season - 250 gold/season
Polis (10,000 pop min.): 2500 pop growth / season - 1250 gold/season
Metropolis (50,000 pop min.) 5000 pop growth / season - 3000 gold/season

+250 gold per season per trade port controlled
+100 gold per season per trade post controlled
+10 gold per season per trade post accessed
+25 gold per season per trade port accessed

5 gold/season per 100 infantry
10 gold/season per 100 cavalry
30 gold/season per 100 artillery
35 gold/season per warship
File: 1353205085546.jpg-(72 KB, 800x600, lisko.jpg)
72 KB
I am intrigued, OP.
File: 1353205166888.jpg-(32 KB, 480x429, 521965_389535157762869_12(...).jpg)
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I've been running Nation Builder games for a while now and I can say but one thing, OP - you are brave man to go forward with a system like this. It looks nice and neat, but imho it'll fall apart once the actions starts. You'll have to either take shortcuts and white lie players that everything is according to the rules or you'll actually follow the rules and spend hours calculating one turn. I myself had to lose lots of awesome options in the game just so that I would save time and make the gameplay smoothier.

Anyway, that's just my two pence. I wish you look, OP, good project,
luck*, dammit. 3 am here.

Yes, I just simplified the economy a shit ton (see >>21629134)

Because there was no way in HELL that I was going to calculate the population growth of every character and then adjust their income modifiers and then add up the new income every turn. I'm not a damn computer, no way in hell is that happening. My players will have to track their own population and income, I will keep an eye on it but I wont be calculating it.

We're going to do a few playtests tomorrow and Monday (will be leaving for Thanksgiving to see family on Tuesday-Friday) to see how smooth it is. The only thing that I see really being an issue with me is the military deal. And I'm probably going to modify shit around a bit so that military action is so rare, or when it is it's so brief that i dont need to worry much.




Fine, I'll bite.

What is going to be your political plantform?

The Kingdom of Acheron's official political platform is one of harmony and trade. The living have many commodities which the undead require, most notably skeletons. We expect the skeleton trade to quickly become the backbone of our economy.

If however you mean plantform. then tulips.

I really should proofread my shit.

>backbone of our economy

Cheeky fucker.
I will trade you my people's Unproven dead for finished goods.
We accept this trade agreement. We hope obsidian furniture, tools and kitchenware are to your liking.

One more quick question:
What kind of undead are we talking about here? The mindless skeleton and zombie minions and or perhaps the sort of sane walking corpses or combination thereof?

I live in the sand britannia, wheres the gardening tools?

Will post results whenever I finish.
i'm lurking hungrily.
Sorry about the delay good sir. The vast majority of undead are semi sentient. When given no direct orders the go about their daily routines, cleaning their quarters and maintaining themselves. when ordered however they form into unthinking legions which co operate to achieve the goal they have been set. the only beings capable of free though within the kingdom are the Lich which oversee everything. there are sometimes misc. other beings in the Kingdom which cannot be accounted for such as necromancers and some small unaligned towns and villages which are often raided for bodies.

I'm about halfway through right now, just got the Skirmish and Battle functions down. Going to get the casualty equations down and then I'll show off my masterpiece.
Shame its closed. All of the old nation builders were shut down.

We'll be adding more players in the future. Stay tuned!
Alright, excel sheet is complete. Just proofchecking.

I'm personally working on a larger map good sir!
File: 1353214190238.png-(93 KB, 1024x768, Nation Game Excel Sheet.png)
93 KB
The reason some values are negative in this example is because the way I calculate casualties is I multiply the difference in values rolled, so for Army A it would be left value - right value if he won (aka 1453.5) and for Army B IF he were to win (which he did not in this scenario) it would be (right value - left value), but in this case since he lost it goes to a negative number of course.

The reason one of the skirmish casualty losses are not negative is because the difference is squared.

This saves me infinite amounts of time by the way for combat. Literally all I have to do is plug in the size of the armies, the terrain modifiers + magic modifiers and I'm done. That would, if I had the numbers typed in front of me from a player + my notes, take about 30 seconds total to plug in everything.
I might be interested in joining as well, what times were you guys planning on scheduling?

Well we can't take any more right now, unfortunately. We got 8 people on what may be a pretty crowded map soon, depending on how fast expansion is. Depending on how smooth the game is, we'll definitely be taking more in the future though.

We'll be playing Saturdays 11AM EST (04:00 GMT I believe?)
Final bump before I go to bed to garner any final interest.

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